The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 4

Will Bjarnar and Vinny Asito talk all about the confusion behind Le'Veon Bell's contract instability, and what the future holds for the Steeler's star RB. Next, they run through the top NFL running-backs in the first official installment of "Lists." Finally, they wrap up by discussing the MLB All-Star break, Home-Run Derby predictions, and potential Machado/DeGrom trades 

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Rochester sports leader at 957. ESP yet. Hello everybody welcome back to sports far after hours I am in turn will be on our alongside fellow intern in the one in the only Phineas CEO of O'Meara and we're back here the week how are you good area. I'm doing just fine. We're in that summer low and that is just about kind of the signal that the MLB all star break is that. Right approaching. It begins tonight all the festivities begin ha yeah up. We at the moment derby tonight we got the author game tomorrow but we're gonna talk with them a little bit today we're gonna lead off obviously with kind of the biggest story. On the world of sports Agassi it's there right now and that's the fact that Levy on bell. In the Pittsburgh Steelers are doing here we go again a yearly dance. Where nobody can figure anything out and let him though is now again and of awkward the injury a year not really knowing where he stands or at least with the Steelers. They haven't agreed on a long term extensions so it's likely that hole now will be coming. At some point kind of just. You know I have some loose ends on this. They don't reach a long term extension and Chester said it is possible. That he sits eight games this season. Possible. Knows what to make of that but that's tennis and and keep it out for. His agent a decent Macquarie. Has said that it's clear that the Steelers wanted to pay the position not pay the player. He also mentioned that it's likely this has last year in December of the Steelers which is pretty which is eye opening yet huge. He said that in the past his intention was to retires stealer and it's obvious that that is not likely scenario. For bell for. L.'s camp and for the Steelers it's just not something that they can. Maybe you work out at all. Especially not this year. Dessert entering another dance and they seem to do this every single year and we talked about this. Previously and uploaded podcasted Libya and now and guys like. Him and Julio Jones kind of emerged as one of those guys this offseason as well and you know it's it's one of those things the dead is a recurring theme in the NFL mainly over every other league is. Okay are we gonna play her are we gonna just kind of set by end. Expect to be paid something that the team whether they can't afford you're. Don't dean used to be worthy of that Brett eat it's just an ongoing tango players and teams aren't. As did you get your yeah. I mean it's just it's a tough situation for or not only the Steelers put in on about himself. And at the same time it's kinda it's kind of hard to argue the fact he's not being selfish because. He's still getting paid what's it fourteen. Point 75 this year on tag. I believe I think that's what I mentioned Eden in the sports bar danger looked at a soul around fourteen and a half million it is just for this year right. And it's just like it comes to the point where. You gotta put the team before yourself. I would say in the situation especially. Its I this is a bomb team at the Steelers they're going to be contenders there contenders every year and it's a matter of having Ballard not it's gonna put them over the edge so hopefully this year that's what they hope for her. And it's just frustrating and I I don't as a fan of of the week I don't like to see these kind of things happen because they're always just ongoing. And you don't know where it's gonna end up. I don't know if this is it palladium bell and he he came out he Tweety said this is going to be his best year yet and he still steeler nation totally dies or whatever he says it. He said to always steeler fans my desire. Always has been to retire stealer both sides worked extremely hard today to make that happen to the NFL's a hard business at times. If you can't. You can't seem because we're not time cast but I'm just I'm squinting. To the fans that have hope I'm sorry we let you down. But trust me Tony team will be my best season to date. Really nice. Extremely sincere reproach. Your Steelers fans to him yet knows to confirm yet he's going to be making fourteen point 544 million by four or aka. He's still. Raking in quite the hefty payday. Yet but that's a problem for him apparently no look I understand. Part of me kinda understands. At least the intended logic behind. His his agents statement. Saying they wanted to pay the position enough player because. It's been kind of. A little too are guaranteed tomorrow he's come out and said that he wants BP not only as a running back as a seasoned well he does get the most a right on this and I I I I can side with him on that in that sense because he is truly one of its kind in their are not many backs that can do. Near nearly close to what he does on the field. So he has a point right as an argument would. Listen that's the current highest paid running back it's not a franchise tag in the NFL is Dovonte Freeman an eight point 25 million. So it's just kind of something that the NFL and their fans in the players and their coaches and anybody involved no. Running back is not devalued or undervalued but just they don't get paid as much as other positions. And so the fact that the bet the putter not the. Hi Matt is I mean you see guys like. Yes the giants just six take one yes Dallas recently took Zeke. Course jags took for an hour and these are all hooked up to include all the cookies were all what top fifteen picks yes but he took a running back but then again. Look at the saints Camara you are what do you third round a third of their Florida. Three hunt. But these guys you can find talented top running backs deepen the draft then you're not get a wanted to be situation. Those guys those guys might be diamonds in the rough just from the standpoint where teams practicing our right we need to kind of fill a need here who knows how to how to turn out or their scouting department of saying this is actually. Right best guys in the tractor at least mow most overlooked and they turn out like we're looking at guys like you said cream on and public morrow who were some of the top backs in league. Where to talk about list and a little bit that ranks them and both of those guys sitting in the top ten and rightfully so because they both sold last year in their rookie seasons. That they are some of the most prolific players and football not just at the running back position. But like you said it's. It's just a difficult scenarios that it's it it's a difficult it's a difficult situation for teams to run into to kind of I guess I'm trying to say is the Libyan rebel thing. It is kind of something that you. End up having to deal. Yet and as an organization you need to bite the bullet SA RU but it doesn't make it's actually your guy. And as as a Steelers organization if they view leaving our battle as. Their top franchise player right sentiment arising from the Steelers him pointing need to say all right let's step it it's time I mean it has our creator. He's worth it because of her but it too and Sally in its not like he's old either he's not mean running backs. They they devalue at all the youngest age of any player or racial point six years old if he has time. Yeah around that thirty year old age you start today. Normally see decline but. An athlete hasn't happened yet he still. Clearly in his prime. I'm just reading the Steelers statement from GM Kevin Colbert. They tweeted out that memory the whole thing it says even though we could not reach a long term contract agreement with let him though we are excited you'll be with the team when he eighteen. We worked very hard to find common ground but we were unable to accomplish that prior to today's deadline. Levy on will play this season under the exclusive franchise tag designation. After the Tony eighteen season is completed we again will attempt to work out a long term contract Libya in the hope that you continued his career with Pittsburgh Steelers. See what. What you tripped it okay. Your interest in and maybe accomplishing that next season but are we gonna just keep doing this over and over Ghana to stir more interest and he really interests me the most is. Where are they as far as. Even a they closely tracked up what what cut numbers are we got an owner and his agent calling around and what kind of numbers. I the Steelers are acting you know it is interesting to find out until it's got to do need. Really have to scale if it's if if it's taking this slide this many years of systems I two straight years were sitting in the same spot. They must see is under no way they're even close campy. If were running in this every single year and we've readiness team sort of scenario where we don't know of Libya dolls and playing week one. Or showing up the training camp. Because of this same problem they they can't be close and if it. Is close and say say it's a few million dollars potentially. And screwed it'll it's holding out there and that that's to that's just bad. And that's that's all only got a night NetApp absolutely it's if this is just a few million dollars and he's still let's say Blige. Right let's say. You know the Steelers are like look we're with will look were willing up. This alike fifteen million that type deal. Meaty in even that. Per running back is pretty ridiculous. Let's get the Steelers are sitting at like. We can only the Steelers are offering a fifteen million items like now it's going to be got to eat. Retarded are we kidding but I'm not saying that that's what's happening yet I had I what has and our notes. Just kind of expanding off what we just talked about but now it's. I don't. It image shows Steffi is no mention CO unfolds. I'm entry if this is as last year than. I see what he has offered I think that's. The mean. We're issued to me the main kind cloud hanging over. This this whole side they have. Let him Dole's camp and the Steelers the fact it. One of these years and his agent has said. This is likely has last year now Olivia bell saying different things in the Steelers are saying they wanna work towards the place where they can make sure that this is not his last year. Imagine if it is and if it. Imagine maybe if it's not it just keeps continuing and it down the road it becomes his last year officially. And the Steelers are out a guy who's a franchise changing player. And we've seen that since he's been in league is 26 year old guy now running back shelf life. Not not much beyond that. You still get 456. Super productive years out of a guy this is a team that's a perennial powerhouse in the AFC are ready. You need Levy on they'll keep that out. It is just it's you that's what James Connor is not gonna give you that I said he's proven year after year how important he is so that team. And you could you can make an argument that Antonio Brown is the best player on the team. Mean I would disagree with what happened a lot of people would. May I argument I I would agree that Antonia around the best player on the team but I. I would argue that leaving out and l.'s most important that a team I think I think it's fair for me for me the most important thing kind of goes. Hand in hand because when he plays. His best this is playing service. And you could make it's it's a similar argument for a total of players. And that's a case for exactly. It's just I don't know I come down to if you don't have a B. Still it ju ju oh yeah and the Steelers it's always seem to find receivers but if you don't have bell got James how orange are. They're light years away from. Each other to now wise 100% and from what we've seen from what we see Connor is a sensible and James Connor with the coming into its third year. Taking your second year as a rookie Lester yeah so I mean he's not gonna he's been through Allen back with the with cancer in the knee injury and yet. You commend him for that Brett 100% by. He's not going to be let him go now not known at times and now I'm not ever had not now. But moving on from this it's it's just kind of rapped on these thoughts habits. It's one of those things. Just wait. And wonder. And confused one team is no I turn him and would loved I would love deceive. There's a scene in the office where. Michael Scott is meeting with there'll about agrees. And Michael says Darrow like you to slide a piece paper how much. You want to. And it is ultimately not slide the paper and see how the meeting is going to. The death of Darryl Darryl slide it is is she'd over earned Michael's as a c'mon I don't make this much. But to see if that's how elected that's I'll go to downtown Arabia Amber's going with Libya and Alan Levy on in this situation is Darryl. Wanting. Raised just because it's important to Wear out in this case the Steelers yup Liu whole city. We'll see I thought that's all you can really say all right it's less time we seem to figure out. Or find at least one list. Per week right sided with the numbers and rankings. We'd just created segment for the sports bar after. It's list time lists. What is well let's say got shots we gutless yes. Is heard as tall. Every week we seem to the scoured the stories that show specialist army air to pull this does give us something. To pull together content. You amazing listeners. Today we found the hole it's not power rankings it's running back rankings. It is it's. The top five. Walt Walt. Will give them the top ten I would get in the top ten this is the Dow top 32 so when are gonna show on alone. But the top ten running backs and this is witnesses. By a guy goes in the all of at a product. He's around the NFL editor s.'s official wanna do on a list that off. Sure you have not yet I pattern here on our struggle from time to water one to ten and one and the one. It's an anxious right course of our number ten mark gave her breath yup. I'm not my Internet and number eight cream on. Number seven Delonte Freeman. Six LeSean McCoy and some and that entering the top five we have all the Camara five. David Johnson for. Todd girly it's the re. With a top Q. The one and only Levy on ballot to which means ZQ Elliott tops off the list at number one. Immediate thoughts. No. We need to know that number one for people out there and I. I didn't know Vinny it's at sea and on inside and show it that's fair if that's really go wrong with that I wasn't. I was just we need to note that the fact that this list is excluding rookies because I think a lot of people were prematurely be. Sick Barkley. Yeah kind of if you got a new one of those crazy fans are you would that's why. Before I did you know about that was actually and I was impersonation of me it was yeah in the sports bar and went to we went commercial and I mentioned the list and that was the the first you can hear me to studios over screaming in the in the buzz studio to put. His camera to video okay. You'll about the talk about sequence after tonight giant guy that you guys claws are. Immediate thoughts why no. Why no. I have I don't mind music and unbiased and I'm interested to hear our. Unbiased. Clearly because you hear me talking up seek god and I was Dallas cowboy that rounds up the list so that's around in a little. Little fishy about this list but personally. Right seeks an incredible talent phenomenal back. He's a top three back I don't have met one. I honestly think girly especially column off the year he had last year should be number one I agree with I mean it could've been MVP. Are you should about it BP. Does not argue he should have been in the habit but Tom Brady Brady is Brady sixty Brady's injury with a 11 functioning at the end was it busters so I would put girlie one. Ballot to where he has an Alley at three. And then making my way back down the list a little more David Johnson for yes I agree with that. I think she eighty and Camara could flip shady could be five Harvard could be six discusses. Experience first rookie what he's proving locally and he's at a phenomenal career. Pending what's about to go down in the next few months right but I think cheating can be at five Freeman at seven I like that. I could flip for knack for heart really yeah I think I'd say I personally am taken for and how my team owner cream on from what I've seen so far. On my team I'm taking an Berkshire. Or what so why did you I'm descend like if I like fans are eager for you know it's not necessarily paying deceive the lake just preference. I'd 100 to I'd rather if I'm building a team that ran them back like format than them back all of that's all I'm saying I I agree with you up clip of I kind of agree with you with the flip between Hun forums on the fence that but no fun to build team on a GM I'm going for porno on. That's just my opinion I'm not a yet I'm not saying there's any sort of difference between an I bar examine Mark Ingram. Ten. I mean 1010 is tough because there's a lot of guys that can crack into that spot. I like may be a Melvin Gordon there sure he's very to twelve. But that Anatoly about it lots and lots that would be all right with an attendant up. Sayegh and that's I feel about the list of the guys notable guys outside of the top ten you may be able to make an argument for but probably not. Alvin Coke is coming off. Bad injury for yeah Rick as a rookie ACL I felt that Google felt that right in the heart when. My fantasy team how. The battle it's still want to be that. Ego and on the economic proposed torn Howard. A really good season last year prior to build off of that is gonna get a lot of touches to step. The fact the plays for the Chicago Bears. Don't have to be a ski and grow his quarterback that. You know that's just Chicago is they have to get the ball and running back because. That's kind of the office of cholera and Kevin Coleman then. That's kind of where it stops I wouldn't even really can't. An outbreak of fourteen that's ingesting now behind it is. I don't know you'd put him though because it out of the kind of the other guys I mean it's impressive that this is his this is his backfield hope. In Miami notice it is we'll see that is often see in any shown quite the flash. Specially as an actor yeah. The one this is what. What Gregg Rosenthal actually wrote in the little yes it obviously description under every single player and under Kenyan draped his final. He sentences as he practically beat the patriots by himself it's a small sample size but I'm sold is right that he did. Think that Monday Night Football game was Kenyan drinks Monday Night Football game. That support really. How do you feel about top ten. The top. I agree with you. Putting girly. And I don't know why because. It's weird because I don't know that I would take the suspension really into account with Zeke but I'd. I'd part of me puts him number one if you never. If you didn't miss games last year if you get an equally productive or better season. In his rookie season last year and played all sixteen games is that he's been my number one. Easily. Mad he's just. Is that tough to be as he's he's deemed out countless that taught put him to an Ayatollah via third. That's in my top three kind of changes from yours opened early Zeke. And now. David Johnston I like. Right now. Like we've talked about with the things pending with shady that doesn't really come into how skilled he is as a running back I guess. And that is if you like the dire will be playing next year but the skill wise. Tomorrow with all the upside that he has. I'd probably still put him five just simply because she these kind and during season where. If he does play. His offense and his team probably won't give him some of the same opportunities that he with a give him more opportunities but. Not for success necessarily with kind of what key that line he's running behind the quarterback is playing with Brett who whoever it maybe. Whether B McCarron. God help us Nate Pearman our Josh Allen who nobody knows a thing about so but beyond that the Monte Freeman I like. For an I would flip with punt. Ingram stuff. But I put limits and just as maybe court and it and that would be kind of on the flop there in the foot that I would make. You on that I'm okay. It's got a sister and it's a good I feel so this reminds me we talked about we did go wide receivers rankings earlier yes prior to this and we did the cores. Once your course yeah yeah no I've talked about topic receive constantly well talked about them. This wasn't upload an Odyssey but we tie I think we did talk about attitudes like China and rank the guys in the league. Usually reminds me of that in the sense that it's very top hat because when you think receivers all you automatically think EB Julio del Hopkins kinda like those like the guys apart and I have more analysis and. Is relevant right on the outskirts I'm just such except on days. Yet you guys dig got a strategic just outside of that. Agree I've right. So there's tears as what I'm trying to sell and that we think running backs a lot of times you think Zeke you think now we think early. I think we keep loading docks I think there's even more defined tears running yes there are but. Though it feels like the same type of thing where you got those. Those big big name top 34 guys. And then there's another tier with up in common rookies are a rat race for net Camara. And on. One of any if you wanna even throw if we wanna. Mean this list excludes. Take one Barkley in some of the rookies coming in this year but if we want even throw them in the kind of the rookies up and coming guys displaced were expecting that we if we were to include them in this list. That be something to consider as well if you're kind of in the in the in the league tears as it stands. I think Condit and there there's like four guys like you said early Zeke bell and David Johnson if there on the field. They're playing and they're healthy. They're gonna be the best guys in the league they're going to be. Unstoppable. While accounts then you've got coming in next year's conflict. His what his situation shaky kinda depends but he'll still be productive at the end of the day in the beyond that it's it's kind of knows at this point yeah I mean you look at this list number eleven is genomics. Yeah you know I shocks me I won't kick him out of line. It now like if not yet no not yet if you wind up from ten to fourteen. On this list Mark Ingram genomics and Melvin Gordon. Alvin coat and can injury in that order now even for Jordan Howard and I'd pick. Each of those over genomics. As that I each of them as then I donated to this question about it. To mix and I a lot of these are usually as need be I would take Nixon over Drake but take a look at and taking code Goran men. And Howard of 100%. All right this is the analysts. Brought you buy it. Lists. The sponsors aren't. You. One way to do one day we'll get there and we are well we we talked about this kind of at the top of the hour with a summer lull. That's completely. Personified by a mobiles or break my best Easley right is generally my favorite thing in sports. The movie host. All my I'm a big derby guy. I like her home and editors. Alec and I'll watch probably thought she would boomer used to call it that. Less loved it was love was definitely more in the and I am. With who is our Ravitch yeah I like Bradley. Is good they do a good job is great I love car out I like the atmosphere brings that was that's what I like that's about it that's a sports bucket list ago to go. Go to go to a derby I'm on the it's tough for me to watch live if I was there I'd Scalia. But it can go. There is we got eight contestants and tonight we do we must have off four BI and you are the brewers harper. Muncie of the Dodgers looked at was. Paula price apple that guy with the hair. The most overrated player and I thought yeah. And we like I said months of the Dodgers Bragman of the Astros chore wrote the cubs' eyes of the cubs Freeman of the Braves in the Hoskins of the Phillies. I like the lineup. Who is your prediction. I thought about this in mind keep in mind the all star game is in the nation's capital. Washington which is harbor harper plays as. Familiar with the park for the overrated Washington Nationals. But that's Scalia fanned fever kind of conscious and always he's got and a lot I mean last year judge was rally fan favorite taken he did end up winning so it does happen but. Istar proved tough for me go against. And just kind of considering the fact that that's not a real baseball games so he's not really. Under a lot of pressure it's just kinda I mean who knows who Pittston can be added rather I don't innocent and then all the time. So it could be just casual tennis I'm I'm at home everybody here loves me every based here and beyond over everybody else at this time out goes this is my seat. But I'm not gonna pick him. A moment ago with the dark horse and my fever players. From last year's MLB playoffs Alex Bragman. And the one AL player. There's a holy war and yet so represented. Go get them. And see you at it like right now I just think more clutch base it factors like Heidi I completely due to but I feel like he's you know he's just and so he's gonna have yet that are as that would so that would shock the one thing. Alex Bregman is I feel like. In sixth grade when he was playing kick ball. Now on and playground back at school. Every other kid with the comic. It's its recess and so excited. Let's just go have some fun and it was a hit yet. And the development. It's open. In the and then when he's in the field. The light. Hits somebody and hit there and I don't care what admiral you're out and that in and I'm at the equipment to do I was aiming. I Phillies 21 I'd point that is a dark course record there pressure at all I'm only shorter. He's just he's he's a beast I actually at the top side top he's a rankings. And is on every power rankings for money. From a exit win pregnant harper and then former. I'll take short like a lock in that answer. Lockett is a solid pick his. He has. I like I guess that Alec a lefty that oh Berkshire do you look at that that. Pretty says that we wanna make all star game picks. Crapshoot I Els winning come I think so at that lineup is little. But we talked about this I think they're out in the balance in this if their health field and added. Their batting order was just outfielder but but he still Tibet's. And it's. Whole. Mother of the that is a pitcher's nightmare at the Condit sounds. Allen was pretty similar to the Yankees could open and does pretty depressing for its nobody is that's. The wheels have talked about others such imbalance in the in the beard in between the island on the absolutely rock. But that's it's not only so it's. I don't mail by at least in yet defeated at school our our final score. And nine to three score nine history. Must say. 74 but it's not his closest. Currently 71 internally seven and what it's like the top of the ninth in the annals. Bottom of the ninth because. That's. Someone gets a hold Chapman's 104 mom passed ball in a Buick. Now Matt can hurt now he's. Yeah yeah okay Matt Campbell beat India. Billy the last batter in the bottom night before the final round no one in the last the goal and out there and it's. 74 we made it look a lot better than it is. You wanna know Mario opinion and those what's that and I think I could not care that's. And I'll watch it because I think a lot of fans citizens. It's mean. It's it's it's. Whatever. Canada around opium will be talked before you know. The trade deadlines come at the non waiver trade deadlines July 31. So that's. Fifteen days. And the two guys kinda on everybody's minds or at least. Everybody's tweets and articles are made in China auto inject a ticket to ground. Machado is kind of the prize in all of us I think that's just because he's been. Put on the market rather early and lot of teams want Tony kind of bolster their rotation put them over the edged me if you think about. The two teams kinda. Seemed to be the front runners in the title sweepstakes I guess you call it on the Yankees. Who. If they somehow pull that off. I mean just and it now. He did I'm. Just I don't think there I don't think it's gonna happen I think they get and that will be next year reason freeagent just makes more sense I think hole and up. I'm really seen the Phillies a lot lately that's what I think that's what I think happened though have to give up. It's kinda the Phillies are kind of in a situation where it's like all right we're fighting for a playoff spot here. As the NL as to toss up basically they are obviously in his vision they are leading that is what how many games. And not by much but I know Washington coming into the all star game right there in the at all separate so it's it's just kind of like our it would lead in the division at this point. What were if we keep up what we're doing. We have a slip by playoff spot in its not like we need to fight in the wild card match. In and we have a chance to. You know fight for spot in the NLCS and then beyond that if they get tired the World Series because the NL like we talked about multiple times now on the podcast. Eighties. Really just trying to up in the air. We can't do. Don't have them powerhouse he can't help or you know you can that the history yet exactly and so you can't really pinpoint that team in the NL that's gonna make the World Series. Let's say the Phillies and made him a child he's number one immediately their best player. And number two. Got a just puts them to a point where maybe if he works out. And discount everything goes according to plan he could actually put them over the edge and kind of say all right the Phillies are the favorite you know Lorena the prime the most quiet. First place team in the meat in the majors right now. A lot of people are talking about them and that's just because they've been sold. Portly bad over the past couple years but adding match somehow. Every net trade forum. Except heck of a lot of sense for them and our guys endured dime. And while he's gonna leave next year. I don't I don't any and then getting a player like Machado. And done very varied. Week and now when now mention. That's a player that can honestly put them over the edge to make a playoff run in and might sound crazy but. Bring the thought the Phillies are world seriously. You never know. There's an article on the ringer ran notes that's why no team will regret trading for half the season main image of the kind of thing the thing that jumped out at me. Is that. The line that says. But that doesn't mean that 23 months worth of Machado is talking about other than previous trade rentals. It's direct to I don't like the cubs ran to check exactly that's kind of things that do work out don't work I'm happy they rent a shadow and when he says he got a ring in the exact act grant and he was a pitcher has different play. Michael Baumann rights. That doesn't mean that two or three months with a potato can be valuable even though it is only two or three. Calling the child or rental makes himself on the attempt while he's in a stopgap he's Superman he's right. Like Obama is right Machado is a franchise. Player now he's not to be Phillies franchise player is gone a year. It's likely go to New York which. And it then I can just scarlet and that's it but. He makes a lot of sense it is a Jakob of gram he's more fox whether or not he's going to be traded in the title things pretty airtight he's going to be at. As the yea I. From the Yankees. I gotta go to ground more I don't Otto you need another starter but I just don't see that happening either because the matches are as problem Gatt and the Macs are willing to help out the Yankees hope Y replacing Versa why would you say all they know as well let me your underwear he. As well as the hole and I'll be fan base that if they give the Yankees to ground one way or another. That's gonna put them on the edge in their immediate wheel series favorites of their dollar. 100%. Are probably right now there my favorite get out of the jail. You get the ground there might hear it. And I it's just because they need another starter as it is. Another starter could be a guy like. For. Some Hamels somebody. Packet that got by those if you don't pull a lot when you can drop. That's why it's so vague that but the thing is the Mets are gonna. And that's because they say hey that's the better New York team is our best possible player and if they did help them it would be they would why. It's probably or. Someone the Yankees are only give up but if it was and you are the keys are confident enough that Dexter that much out of it. Outlines a we will see this can be an interest in interest LB office makes a lot of adding. Excited for the playoffs but he. Just because there's no baseball for the next few days that it's it's great. Specially. And helicopters. Attitude. Teams are in the race for the thing are you could say. We will see and we will see everybody all of you wonderful listeners you can find us. ESPN Rochester dot com under the podcast on the side it's little drop down. To scroll audio on demand podcast the sports bar after it also well. On iTunes if you search the sports bar after about that play by plan to give us like it. Elect. Let's traction don't we we do. A finalists will be back on Wednesday. I'll be here any have a good night that you use well thank you all of you enjoy your home run derby go Alex Bragman. True.