The Sports Bar After Hours- Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Sports Bar After Hours with Nick Kobel and Frank Whyte. No Frank today, but Nick addesses the release of the 2018 NFL schedule for the Buffalo Bills and gives you his game by game predicitons. Next. a focus on the Amerks as they being their run for a Calder Cup tonight in Syracuse for the first time in 4 years. Eager to see Nick's way too early record prediciton? Check it out here.

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You're in the sports bar would to come through and hits close to expire after have alliance he got a franchise quarterback. That's one of the main jobs. Fijian is two to find it franchise quarterback it's quite rightly so it's time to get that they've come full. Think it's time he gets shot you have to take that shocked at some point as a franchise you have to take that shot in the senate how. Yams and how many head coaches come in and out of this building. Because they haven't had the quarterback Blaine needed to take that next step as a princess grace why. Compare that draft a quarterback who had to stay focused. Stay below my original plan of McNeill yeah. On 957. Yes he would. Oh well welcome sue another episode of the sports bar after hours. I'm Nicole will again riding solo today no prank what it would mean unfortunately but you know what. Hopefully I will be enough to. You know make you guys happy listening to you this the sports bar after hours of course. Easier just to be a little you little guy if you're trying to catch up to what you missed with the sports bar would danger we tag the if you miss the show. I'm here to recap what you missed in a little bite sized form if you will. On of course the sports bar danger protect you always weekdays from three to 6 PM on ESP en route to united by seven. F am. 9:50 AM. Or could take as ESPN Rochester dot com that's where you found me. And Israel by all the episodes uploaded of their show as well some exe check that out too. Because they are actually the professionals and I'm just I'm in the Internet they got a bone thrown his way so thank you for listening to my show however and hopefully it'll be a good one a lot of news. Coming out of us as a sports completely if you will especially if you are an NFL fan yesterday night the NFL schedule was released. And it's depending on your team you could be heavy can be said. Your bills fan. You probably not feeling too great about the schedule released right now just because of just how it happened and you know how the seasons laid out and I was season ticket holder so I like me some early home games the games. I did not give any early home games that's for sure it's two of the first seven games of this season. Are at home the arrestor on the road that makes a little bit typical for the bills especially bills team that kind of doesn't really have an identity right now. No one knows who the quarterback is going to be complete roster turnover I mean look at the offensive line to the quarterback position. Libby did the offensive is third all the defensive positions like pressed him Brown's gone EJ gains is gone we brought Denver Vernon Davis. To replace him we have starlet to lay down on the defensive line. It's different Millstein every year's a different team but this team for sure it's completely different than the team that ended the drought and whether or not it's a good thing is yet to be decided. But it's. You can't expect seem results. Of the bills had last season this year and and they do quick rundown of the season. And I've of course you that you guys have you picks out there as well and if you if you're somebody out there who say at all. All it's not let's not predict the season now we don't know what's going out of the team of course nobody knows what's gonna go on with the team but. As of then how do you not look at the schedule and it's had to say oh yeah no we have a shot to win that game we can win that game too. There's no way we can win this game and in you go through then ultimately you end up with a record so. To say that my predictions right now will be what will be. It's. Well it's. Why wouldn't we do this is fun it's a good time it's like much rest if you're upset about looking at the schedule right now but your mock draft fan. Reevaluate that a little bit because. Me with a mock draft it's GO speculation. Of nothingness in the percentage of accuracy is still low so. I don't know I mean there are people out there who predict the Buffalo Bills to be the worst team in the league next year because of the schedule and lodging debts. I think it's a little far fetched it's easy to think how the bills keep struggle next season especially. Earlier on in the season who played some tough opponents double let's get into that so. Everybody buckle up and get prepared her mind but first season prediction of the Buffalo Bills on the 2018 cease any via. We opened this season in on the road against the twelve. Ravens. I hope this will. Partly helped us get into the postseason last year because they allowed Andy Dalton escorts. It's down that push them up bulldozed into the post season. The ravens team that is also true. And me holding. Quarterback Joseph Flacco. The Buffalo Bills start his season strong the Buffalo Bills. Other road in Baltimore heading into your focus on the Adelaide started. Home opener for the Buffalo Bills the bubble drills play the late charges. On the chargers. And that's an interesting team for the chargers of course the war starts this season last year or third in the season born. It was playoffs and they almost took it right on the bill's hand to build again we'll victorious in the post season I'm gonna go. And at home to Buffalo Bills will upset the Los Angeles chargers. New pair of field Phil rivers throws two picks previous like it's one of them. And the bills. Hold that. They start the season to note here coming in between eighteenth season. Seven bills through a hot you know heading into. Minnesota. Kind of stories are coming up. Since Kirk cousins two games into the Minnesota career. Place the Buffalo Bills. Now the global bills come with a full head of steam after two wins. One on the road one at home to play in the Minnesota Vikings now. A familiar team definitely good team and I would say that the the advantage on paper goes in the Minnesota Vikings what you know what. Pick in the rose to win again big victory gets the Minnesota Vikings to just sit in the Buffalo Bills and now we have the national media's attention. What's below it these Buffalo Bills the you know they just beat the vikings. But then music next opponent. Lambeau Field the Green Bay Packers. See the bills are a three game winning streak to think they got a full head of steam in the beat the vikings why can't it be patents. And Roger's wife can't beat the Packers but we'll stick a loss on the road against the Green Bay Packers. We'll look who's quarterback AJ they care and struggles in this game in all the sudden. Polls in these games start to arise in people involved full do not like with the seed however they are heavy with their three and one record. And we move in. Against the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee Titans are a team. Up and coming team we shared. The other wild card is seen when the Buffalo Bills made it made the playoffs it's seventy. The Buffalo Bills made the playoffs last year. Bills at 31 right now. But losing at home to Tennessee Titans. Star power that the titans have put together is just a little bit too much for the Buffalo Bills. And yet again AJ McCarron struggles. Under center for the Buffalo Bills. Questions begin to rise as a rookie quarterbacks it's on the bench and wait for his opportunity. Bring into doubt the Buffalo Bills that hit the road and head over to the used to be played at Texans October 14 buffalo bill's experience you had. Trying to take on this John Watson. These insurgents. After his injury is particularly by storm and the bills have no chance the bills. All the bills starting so hot there in three is now director. Three and three this after this was the Texans. Not sit down. Not sit down around your organization and bad days and AJ McCarron. All of a sudden. The bills go to Indianapolis to play the colts. And now. With speculation and then who would should be under center. Sean McDermott pulls the trigger and three at three is not where the Buffalo Bills wanna be right now and all of a sudden AJ McCarron right time. And a rookie quarterback comes in through them predicted. Down the Indianapolis Colts have a lot of holes on the roster Andrew Luck is back. The tight. Contest but the rookie. Opportunity and bring the bills that W here against the Indianapolis Colts for entering the record it and everything's right in buffalo once again. Announced Sunday comes. But no game to the bills. Because they're waiting for Monday nights in new airfield against the New England Patriots fans are feeling high. Hi after the rookie quarterback's first win on the road and they wanna see the action in person. Monday Night Football. Got his chance to really become a star for the New England Patriots do with the New England Patriots do and they destroy the Buffalo Bills in this game. Really destroy the heart of this city this game but don't worry fans don't you where. This rookie quarterback will and I. Rubble under one loss to the New England Patriots. Have now built or four. Going to Chicago. Are outside. Playing at home again after losing a Monday through the patriots. These fans what they were looking for against Chicago Bears and a rookie quarterback that's. Is back as three touchdowns against the Chicago Bears and the bills are yet again victorious by the board for the Buffalo Bills. Now the bills head over to the jets. The road MetLife stadium. And with a full head this team the bills yet again pull it off. Behind their rookie quarterback. Six and four is the record going into the bye week and the Buffalo Bills are feeling all right. And the bills see another. Rematch here at home in Fairfield and as I talked about very many times in these little tainted the Buffalo Bills. Made the playoffs last season so now they get to re live that magic at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars feel and good. Six and four right now with the Jacksonville Jaguars team is just too much for the Buffalo Bills they had. Handle and they fall they've all the death of a dead horse at home and other record is six and five. And others questioned on whether or not the ball we'll miss him yet again return to the promised land that they were. Last year. Am playoff hopes begin to wind. But limited the road in Miami Miami is Big Easy for the Buffalo Bills to overcome in the past few seasons and this is no question that remains the same. The Buffalo Bills will be victorious over the Miami Dolphins and other record goes to. Seven it's seven and six. Handing over back in new pair of field the New York Jets now. Yet again they want revenge. Want revenge for what happened to them. But you've bed not new air field that would his rookie quarterback against the jets rookie quarterback who is now we've played the New York Jets look at baseline. What still are rookie quarterback. B is victorious and the bills are now 86. Heading into it to the next game still new pair of field as the Buffalo Bills played most of their home games later in the season. Week fifteen down the food you shorten. Come into buffalo. The lions still don't have an identity of the net Patricia yet can't hit it figured out the Buffalo Bills go over them. Now these. Here's. Their record is set. 96. Weekly team. Behold. Who is it again no it's the New England Patriots December 23 on the road. At Gillette Stadium the Buffalo Bills they need this win to get into the postseason they need this win. Pull off the rookie cornerback. After his upset on Monday night the rookie cornerback. Pulled all over the New England Patriots at home and wins this game. But the bubble builds. At this game. Now now. I'm sixty does it feel kind of all right but they need a big win at home to end the season against the Miami Dolphins and we. And down the Buffalo Bills win this game in front of their fans to go to a ten and six record if you heard it here folks the ball. Will bills ten and six at the end of the season and that will do it. For my first scheduled prediction for the Buffalo Bills I'll be at a good time aideed as well. 106 is my prediction for the Buffalo Bills and that is optimistic and I definitely understand that that. Does not mean they're going to be tendencies I mean there they play a lot a lot of good. Opponents this season ended they adapted ask for a lot to read the you really get to their but I think it could be possible I mean if if all goes planned in the rookie quarterback does what the rookie cornerback should do you. After AJ McCarron struggles early on in the season and Niko my kids. You could see that is bad story age limit care and struggles early on in the season after a hot start. And then Sean McDermott pulls the trigger rookie cornerback comes in and leads this team to the second straight season the playoffs. You can read a book about this stuff guys and me is the stuff that I think about all the time in. You know that's the stuff that keeps me invested that's it's it's it's like Kitna a good short. Good shot short gaming golf and it is late rate up there on the green you know it's going to be easy putt. The kind of stuff that brings you back. So tennis six is my prediction for the Buffalo Bills this season if viewers differs. I understand. But that's going to be mine I know dangers danger ahead is it seven and nine. And gene. Is modest evening. But I'm gonna go 106. That could be affected I'm a diehard bills fan and I just always think that they're gonna do well I mean I'm I'm one of those bills fans that says all right this is the year. The last four years so. You know taking it as you will edit six. I ain't roll the tape if you will because I mean. The sports bars all about accountability the sports bar after our result of accountability. Still on the end come December 31. Next year. I think will find that I was I was pretty right on my predictions in the Buffalo Bills will be ten in six and heading into the playoffs. The second straight year in a oh. Like you know who who doesn't mean the bills delegates at the bills have been predicted to be the worst team in the NFL next season so it could just be. A little optimistic let's let's move off of the Buffalo Bills stock because isn't exciting stuff going on in Rochester. Right now when it comes to their sports and it near Buffalo Sabres manual enjoy this too is gonna talk about the Rochester Americans for awhile and today a sports bar with danger to take we're. A special guest came in earlier on in the show. Amber's in game host and reporter Erica White joined the sports bar to. Highlight amber experts post season appearance in four years. Righteous Americans travel to Syracuse tonight to play the right there I'm sorry to play the Syracuse crunch. Ants she adds some some. Some positive words to say about this Amber's team this is really a different team then that we've seen in years past and it's got. Got a lot to say but the future for the Buffalo Sabres as well. But we have much they never closed out the season. With a 42 win over Syracuse crunch last night glued to their place in the age of north division standings. Else's set up first round matchup between YouTube. After the first round of the Calder cup playoffs. One player really wanted to highlight going into this. Defense exact Redmond. Close the season with points in nine of his last thirteen games. Was one of just three HL defenseman delete his respective team in scoring. If 47 points for the hammered the season. Also lord of the Tony seventeen Tony eighteen HL's second all star team. Erica White thinks that he is. The most underrated HL player in the league and did and was pretty surprised the bubble sabres didn't give him more looks pursue middle of but. I think the exact regimen is somebody in the Buffalo Sabres looked for in the future blight. Likes what he's doing in Rochester and lightly soft and cool we liked what they saw from Nelson. Ends. They didn't really need to bring him up when if you look at all the players that the Buffalo Sabres had from Rochester. A lot of home were on the offensive end of things due to a lot of injuries there. Another thing to talk about lean this'll mark. Named MVP and most popular player for the second straight year for the hammers only player in franchise history eater bowl honors in back to back years he. A lot to prove in these playoffs I mean. GM for the Buffalo Sabres Jason bilateral said that he was he already said that. All mark will be one of the goalies for the Buffalo Sabres next year so what he had left to prove it DHL leveled he's gonna be an eight an NHL goalie next year well. If he wins a Calder cup this year. Does that give him the starting goaltender in job in buffalo. Will that do it form is if I mean if you could face adversity in the playoffs at DHL level. You killed as did you we will work with what you're given in the NHL as well I think. That would lead to long term career success release hallmark. If he hoist that called the cup above his shoulders come the end of this post season I think he's got a bright future ahead of them in buffalo. Other guys highly as well all black ball and Tom Blackwell as registers top point getter for the final month finishing with 22 points. Eleven and eleven and a plus fourteen on ice rating over the last fifteen games. Netease Cooley neatly under Bailey. All back from from buffalo. Giving the group back together. Doing a lot of great things since coming over here with the exit accusation of our ams are. From the transaction with San Jose with. Evander Kane he's got a lot of Tyson this team and he's former roommate of Carl Blackwell for BU team mate of John here Gil. And Rodriguez and Jack eichel. And we also got sink clouds will boredom. Or for college players to be selected for the US Olympic team. Com. He said we are delighted to replay the Olympics this year his Saint Cloud team was limited in the first round of the playoffs they were favorites in that tournament. Now he comes to Rochus he got a shot he's got the NHL playoffs to try to. Win that championship that he didn't get the opportunity to weed these college teams Saint Cloud so so let's be excited over the register Americans are hoping to remain. You watch any HL website you can stream it on there and root for. If you're in the Rochester area. And your bills and sabres standing you show support for the bubble area. Even if you're not a sports fan but you're in in in Rochester you should be supporting Rochester sports should be hoping that the embers go a long playoff run. And they hallways that Calder cup that just brings great things to the city of Rochester these small things. Well smalls it is is a bit workers and be huge for the Rochester Americans if they can pull off. Good Calder cup run and bring a championship back to Rochester for the first time in a long time. So join me and rooting for the Rochester Americans this post season. Because obviously. The mobile series can give you much or report. Let's go do it for me here a sports bar after hours again no frank what it would be underneath Coble thank you guys are listening so much again head over to ESPN Rochester dot com to listen to all these all these episodes here for the shell and also. The uploaded episodes of our on site updated hours of the showed its sports bar with danger imitate me we gays do this basically tune in 957. FM. 9:50 AM ESPN Rochester is the place to listen to the fourth got a sport where a danger particularly the guys are professionals thank you for listening and of course have no idea.