The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 5

Vinny Asito and Will Bjarnar talk all about the end(?) of the Kawhi Leonard saga in San Antonio, and attempt to answer the biggest question of all: who won the trade? Next, they discuss NFL news, such as Revis Island's shutdown, and Brandin Cooks's new contract, as well as another installment of "Lists." Finally, the recap the not-yet-official trade of Manny Machado to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Rochester sports leader now in 57. Yes yes. Welcome back into the sports bar for after hours on video CTO alongside will first place beyond our. Even your reds are all. Thank you I was reckoned by brave man in the elderly target that I appreciate that. I I don't like to deep right now that hey thank you as relentless in his view and I'm. The little tears as rumors ran untouched resilient thinking how are you on that I'd I'm doing just fine. To me another person plays soccer and copy. We got a lot talk which is which is odd because they they mentioned this couple times in the show the sports bar to injured ten and if I sent us. Talked about the fact there's nothing happening today if not there's not a games sports which happens pretty much every other day of the year it's that one Abdullah of that day but I mean get espy's and a couple of story lines. We advocate today from. NBA and a much all over the place and that's all around sports beautiful thing about sports is even when there's nothing going on there's so much. That's a podcast at me yeah ought to knock this is leader really touching beat attributing podcasts were. Is glowing about the story lines but the building ourselves -- was that we are bill English this shall. Work. Violent yes that's the big story line clearly a round all sports and Kline Leonard has officially been traded to the Toronto Raptors in exchange for DeMar DeRozan you texted me this morning bout time. I don't think they could put any better myself. Eight ounces of meat we finally we kinda cut that we have NBA confident something to talk most of our NBA conversations tend to be some longest and NBA and at NFL. And go along with so it's it's nice that we actually have something finally. A touch on with the fact that. While added Danny Green to give you specifics. While Leonard and Danny Green are headed to Toronto. Or. Parker isn't Tim Hortons and Yucca pull rule and the obviously bigger name and star of the raptors who wanted to retire once as a raptor DeMar DeRozan will be heading. To San Antonio's was a 20191 round pick. Protected protected yet which is you won the route to one yet. So. First reactions I guess offer some action. I mean I was shocked that that was my as we saw. Over the past few days there was kind of the speculation circulating a round. All the MBA injures our social media that. This might actually happen there were reports big time and it was hard there's an raptors at as the number one team to land why yeah. It. How many people were barn into a special myself I can easily meant that so when I saw it I was shocked like I said. My and my immediate reaction. Was okay cool one streak Kirk and try to figure that out all day and I've been listening to. Just just different outlets recently yes with in the past few hours and I can't make up my mind because if you think long term. We don't know we think we know Kweisi nadu. We don't have an answer yet as. I mean yeah right and we don't 'cause we healthy we don't going to LA have an answer we are the keys don't LA after this year but then again. You myself included and millions of other people also thought O Paul George he's spending one year ago Casey and he's going LA. It is but it didn't happen but I that's rock kind of stuck. Should I agree with you you make your point the thing that I a run into that is. Kinda. Have a different opinion is the fact that. Paula George wasn't necessarily unhappy where he was and you they wanted to be somewhere else when he was fine in Indiana and he I think he just wanted to eventually. Move on and go somewhere that I'm not only had a bigger margin is fine in Indian I don't assists and five is I think. Broad terms used but I mean I don't think at the end of the day he would have grown miserable and run run into problems with. Larry Bird when he was the president operations and Frank Vogel when he was head coach and then to have the office never would have threatened not solely team which is why letter by all accounts has done he has and specifically set ups. It easier said. But he's sat out and his injury by all accounts and from most reports as people said. You know it's fine he's healed but his campus said you know disconnect. We're a layoff that make sure everything's okay why made the decision to sit out. So Paul George. I think is a different example just because he wanted to move to bigger market which shockingly OKC is bigger market obviously than India and I think eventually. The prime wanna move on LA towards the end of his career. But you're right we all expected him to spend one year old Casey and now we side for a three year with a option deal. So who knows it's complicated. You know it's it's it's just complicated business. Net jets thinking long term yeah short term. It and immediately I just don't think it makes sense quite thing now right yeah yeah backed the quite. If as the raptors they're willing to give up. DeMar DeRozan who. Mean we should we speak loyalty around the MBA in that's one of the guys that comes up because. Of he's given to the city and the whole depth throughout the years. And it. It's just tough because. If your DeMar DeRozan. What is it what what is he like what's going through his mind right now. What it what it's most reports have said is that he's. Felt like he was stabbed in the back he got lied to because he signed. Toy sixteen he was garnering interest from the lakers and the clippers and plenty of other teams when he was a free agent. He said no I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna sign a long term contract. With the raptors. A free agent of his caliber and he's a very good player he's very good defensive player he's very productive offensively is my top. Fifteen top twenty guy in the NBA are now. You have just a talented guy and he's part of the cornerstone of the Toronto Raptors franchise the he elected. A state. Prolonged period don't even listen stimulus on there and the lakers lakers and clippers. Had their offers being reported at the time I remember seeing all of that into when he sixteen when everything was coming up the lakers were willing to give this. I camera specific right now but the lakers and the clippers were willing to give this sport Marta rose. It offers because he's a cornerstone type guy you can build your team around or at least put into apiece long term or create him. Use him and from where we use him as a piece to kind of build a foundation that has the ability to win in the long term situations. But he elected to stay in Toronto because that's team that he wanted to spend his career with and now they basically I'd I think. Where most of its frustration even kinda disappointment and cost the sadness is coming from is the fact that. Not only did they ship them on first place they should the offer guy who everyone is assuming he's gonna end up and LA next year and might not exactly this that's what's tough. That's the bigs that he might not play this year it's a it's a very real possibility he doesn't wanna be and Rocco Klein talk obviously and DeRozan to Colombia's San Antonio because he wants to be. In Toronto it's not like DeRozan doesn't wanna be in San Antonio because once beat Houston wants to be in Boston once in Philadelphia. He doesn't wanna be in San Antonio because he wants to be with the team that he spent. You know his career in since 2009. Whereas Hawaii doesn't wanna be in Toronto or San Antonio or any other team because from all reports and from everything is episode in what's been LA. So it's it's it's a rental. And there were I mean there is. All around the league a lot of lot of guys came out when sent what they said said how they feel about how they felt about the situation. You had Isiah Thomas tweet just learn from my story loyalty is just a word in the deem SM each yet. But cheek and roller ball there. On Damian Miller SMH cold game. Rather be your response AF which if you don't know that means as a blank. If the film Edwards Hampshire. Angela we can't. Lou Williams Lou Williams if I says former teammate unhurt bro I'm hurt. My dog gave that city and organization his heart and soul he was loyal to the soil got stabbed in the back. They go that's facts. Are right now it is mean but that is where the NBA's moving at that point. The NBA is moving to a place where on four players yeah and 'cause money talks money talks players. Have been doing it for awhile in teams. Have been doing for awhile too late there there are instances where. They don't necessarily look at it as much of a betrayal but. A lot of people do when Danny Ainge traded. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in toy thirteen for traffic's. Those were two legacy guys that I wanted to finish their careers Celtics. I. Let me ask you this so. Let's say we get a health equalize. Sure he puts all of society goes out there he need please EE place this year he plays for the raptors. Does this move. With Toronto adding quiet losing to mark. Does this team. First of all question one I guess park are one and the question is where we're kind of CDC and getting in the east and is damn having. Why instead of DeMar. Is that typically edge it can they compete and make a finals run with that team. I think they can compete don't think that you make I think they can make a run towards the final topic they get there and I think they're private to three seat range. Oh my that's exactly why this doesn't make sense now because if he's only get a state for this year what's the point they're not gonna win the east. And I the I could buy confidently say they can end of that result argue just because they won the east last year in the ages all know I mean in the playoffs. Well I mean like at the end of it to be standing. In the as the Eastern Conference representative in the India that's just another that's just another topic right there in itself because they won east they were glad he's here with a lot on forces served its other teams yeah yes they were they were but I also Justine. Share they've if healthy walk the second best player in the league Weiler is best player and he succumbed trying to Alia and he hasn't played out deadly game we don't know how healthy is but he's easily. The policies such. But he's best conference I would. Lightning TDs and him at. I don't know yucky there aren't that. I it it's kind of toss of it is due to the right changeable wise more complete a just directly now missing offensively children it's mode. That's that's that's such as of yet another argument. It on air off air when there's less stores talked about but now I don't think they get any higher than second seed because I think I think that a healthy Boston. With a growing Jalen brown and growing Jason Tatum Tyree back he were back on a percent. That's the best team in the east. I think ideally by the second this team needs because they're growing year by year by year mark helpful is gonna be healthy this year can pride it will pride to the starting shooting guard team. Is going to be very productive I think because I think he. Was largely overlooked just simply because of the shop thing and everything else that went on with him right rightfully so but I think he's going to be productive and indeed has that. And healthy for extended periods of time now yes he could play sixty more games in his entire NBA career not a lot of people would be surprised because as history but he also could be. A perennial all star. And the best center in the league which can make an argument that he is right now. I don't know I'm just. I think come playoff time and I know the raptors in the playoffs previously do not have. A good record to show for what I'm about to say but I think come playoff time with Kweisi experience. If he's healthy if he just puts had done puts us all Syed. I think this raptors team can beat the sixers. Double make a bigger run than the sixers got less apt to be done to in the Eastern Conference finals sharp but. I had yet I personally think it'll be Celtics. If healthy raptors. Is quite healthy. Think gotten low light is it the reason it's just. Yeah I guess I mean. The raptors as such but it's just he's a big question mark to use Christmas in the rafters and the raptors. By my art has smartly or artist told the media I don't once he is a first call antibodies myelin they've years. Out that a warming and cried as. Produced more. No I mean. He kind of was given the name of the nickname quiet. For our primary thing and took it doesn't talk and his people have spoken. More than he has in his entire NBA career in the past like two months. You know. So I don't know the raptors are question mark. Hawaii has always been a question mark to me I've never really understood him I thought for a long time he's going to be spur for awhile that's just because of his demeanor just lined up so well with what the spurs have always been like. He was kind of Tim Duncan 2.0. In a more athletic. Player's body. And this held it was just tell the owners and that I've I remember long time ago or whenever he was I think it was after. Day eighty either beat the heat finally in the finals or the year that they lost to the heat. In seven when ray beat the series where Ray Allen hit the British on finals history. Why have a report came out takeaway wanted more money and was like demanding more money from the spurs in an. Area. As I thought for so long every time you and mrs. shoddy when show emotion he'd dunk on the broader dunked on Chris Sanders that are. Completely just a literate Norris Cole and didn't even show anything to write. Linked space walks on the current. It also doesn't like yours like you know this is done this I've done this a thousand times before what value they liked that there is nothing wrong Ashton and the other that's tight you should be brought but I thought and I thought that's how he was going to be. Now with all these reports out of all of all this is coming from him or all of this is coming directly to awaits its Asian session to see what he has to say about oh I just want press conference like just yet everything that's gone down on the past. 23. Months on its. So beat up listened to deal OK so do you think you have a definitive answer of who you think one trade at this point. See it if you if you tell me that lies leaving after next year then to lay under and I'm percent the spurs one tree yet. I doubt that B Meyer if we know something there if heat is they know something that we don't it's weird eighty quietly both Toronto and LA are so confident that they're getting him next summer. Toronto's like yeah we're gonna resell them were very content I don't know how I don't nonconference thing arm they've they've made reports they've stayed said some things today I don't know they'd think they might just be putting out front just to say like. Is obviously they're gonna go trade goes I don't know about us a lot of you know we've realized this a rental by Arnold chief market yet that's where I am right now. If he leaves at 310%. Spurs when the street if he's stages then. That'll be Sutton that I can't really say wanna trade until we see how he produces air but sir I would probably argue that the raptors won a trade he states. Right now the spurs have DeRozan for three years guarantee. Seven million each. So yeah. Missed his funny tweet from Tommy beer the martyr Rosen salary ease in the next two seasons is 27 point seven million. Now there's only one player on the raptors roster with a guaranteed contract that extends past the 201920 season Norman Powell. Well. If there I know him because I've played with the raptors in two K and he's been automatically sub didn't. I'm not a lot of people or do I mean I know him because I watch basketball. But other than that ain't. The raptors such a question mark meant. Spurs are two and I think this spurs. And the reason I think the spurs on the strait is because number one I do think I'm pretty confident that wise to go. If I'm wrong I'm wrong but I I just think that with a everything that's been said and done. And reported this summer I just don't see a scenario where he remains in Toronto I just I just. I see him in LA next year. And I see the lakers for a championship point. Now. If he does stay we have a different conversation and I eat my words and people tomatoes to deny him but. I just don't see it whereas in this with the spurs I just don't see DeMar DeRozan putting up such a fit. Earth much of the fit just kind of because of the guy that he is now he may not be happy you've been. Traded to San Antonio. But you'll planes hit Tony that no matter in Toronto for that though still in it is still under such as he's in good position they're great position because number one spurs on the and the spurs are as coach yeah the pot. Obvious is that the industry he's going to be gone a couple years. This might be even as laster yet we don't know DeMar DeRozan just went from having the coach of the year to having. Arguably the coach of a century or so the coach of the NBA just it's just kind of that's a crappy way to put it. Well phrased but I mean that's. Knowledge you know the NBA back into the matter and hard power its best coach nick hey Gregg Popovich and he's not gonna win coach in your coach of the year every single year just because the spurs are. Gonna have you know. Steam success every single year. But he is the coach of the year but. Bio means every single year he's best coach in India. So the spurs are also entering a rebuild. It is very different from other teams rebuilds in Sydney sixers rebuilt back in the early 2010. They were awful and one year they won nine games a year Malacca. Pretty bad because you play 82 games or regular season at the people at 65. Something around those lines in you're the lockout. The 19 games there really that now look at them. It took them a couple years but they're a proud. They processed and it's a chemical appears another place where they can be dominant force music congress for a long period of time. The spurs are at a different place because they have guys that the judge Amory and there's still been prime plastics here. It I eat well on 2% like they have a good team all around. LaMarcus Aldridge is still there. DeMar DeRozan Marta rose and he's very good players should average at least. Point six I would say so I was gonna six point five tech which same thing all with one half point. Which I have yet. Alba I mean were wrapping up on this but. Says a lot of question marks around it though and there was some requests Marshall we did no work while I was gonna end up and now that we do we might have even more perfect when pitched out of that asset to. For all the viewers out there just one last fun fact that I shared with you off air. Now with this trade has happened and DeMar DeRozan is on a new team as well as day Audrey like this is crazy. The 2009 draft class. Staff curry is the only player left it is still aren't his original team there. How about that and we confirm this because I don't know where what did you see this this is a tweet that I received so on and Amir I looked it up because I'm Derek. Are we sure that there are sixty guys who are drafted in that while Heidi I was out there about under the Darnell brother Carter leave I want a book that's the only guys. Are taken one in every single NBA draft there's really one that is because the likes of Blake Griffin would take net draft its trees. Mine is that's just the way the NBA's movement in trades and signs and and as. One guy that will not have a new team anymore. You know if Owens Darrelle Revis that's right he announces retirement different. Incredible career. You could call it perfect. Just if you're reading a few of his few big stats here this is career stats on your own forty pass breakups and nine interceptions. 411 tackles three touchdowns. Seven time pro bowler and four time all pro. Answerable chant. I mean. First ballot. It's tough absolutely 131 of the greatest quarterbacks in the in the history FL. But the pilot bile accounts he's one of the greatest defense of players in his native. It great career. Eat and any idea what the patriots but right everyone it's always remember him as Revis island usage on the jets. Nobody's gonna remember it. Ten years from now people are gonna remember more things that he did with the New York Jets over. Two big things people remember him for now the Super Bowl and with patriots not going to be held in you know the highest regard amongst his accomplishments and the giving up on that touchdown against air and rain and giving up and when he missed a member of the chiefs' practice those kind of those lazy plays that he made at the end and it does little stint with the book right then. Nobody's gonna remember. Mainly jets yeah won a ring with the pats. And that's them sudoku assign amazing actor that's urge. All agents that. That's one and apples and we got Brandon cooks eke out he'd. Hasn't played a doubt it'll brands yet but he's what 45 years now. Five extended an email it's nuts. That leaves. Although back in junior and tell them and humans as the last two. Big big names from that. That track does have fourteen draft. And not yet received an extension. Stone were deals Joseph Maddon has not yet won no bills now. Oh delegate vote does anyone next offseason Natalie and before. Then or or before before this season's start you think yes should past. Should an odd thing is if I let me just at the I had tonight easier on the my rookie contract we just read some of these numbers problem. Current players from that draft class these are there deals. Sammy Watkins three years forty mile. Mike Evans five years 82 and a half ago. Any coats just five years you know Jarvis injury recently with the browns five years 75 now. Dovonte Adams for years if ye know. Alan Robinson three years 42 now that's from an often need CEO. Mark east suite four years 34 memo and Paul Richardson five years forty. All right well that's exactly what all those names I just listed at auto back and junior. Is the best receivers. In that easily and I would if I went once argued that. In golf twitters. That act as a seat open and he AS ITO via and I am so. Bring your arguments that Twitter if so by all I'm saying. If reigning coach just got five years eighty memo yet O'Dell's look at that five years. At least. At least. And I and I imagine that's something and that should be bottom line any orange where he should fall more valuable. 100%. That's just. Simple as that he's more valuable that is. So it'll happen don't worry I'm not OK I just don't measure on Mitchell. You think he's a career giant did you pick a candidate it's got all like oh giddy day here. I just want that dubious things settled. One we here in lake FitzGerald yesterday calm now but yeah we'll. Would EC. It's been fifteen years now he says I wouldn't Alan Krueger if it's not Arizona not playing and so. He said that's what set so I envision a set of finishes yet if I'm not playing Arizona won't be playing anywhere mr. rove said. I'm a bill a good life for myself down their playing the same place for fifteen years is true blessing yup. Doesn't really matter about the age it's about what you put into your mind set everybody kind takes numbers and assumes this is when it's post and as an athlete fortunately you write your own script. At. And O'Donnell about two weeks ago was out of the Yankee game and hit some BP yet. And Al each year on yet. He did he put a post on NC Graham in New York guy any in his New York here and it's just said that and why on me for life that he wants you there. And I think that title since they were Smart they want it to be there too but I don't think if and they're not. In giants fans there. Here. Just like you know no I don't sick of as much as once home what is it like he can easily certain. What's that and it paid courier like. And training camps Ritter on the corner and I think that's what negotiations shall release star. Bolstering want to see it could happen in real with the award distractions. Saturday that distraction dot but it's just something that's I was only there in your current thinking about it wondering when it'll happen. What else. It's only a new from a tournament that's right. Oh when do we think this is boom do we think the curse holds up. I'm not actors on the idea I never I never touched or hit or miss in like danger set on the show earlier it's coincidence that the releases its. You gonna I mean the past four years we've had rule. Counting AD we had O'Donnell. And rock and greedy. None of them doctors banged up a little bit no doubt out last year yeah but that was but that's not to curses the year you're on yet and right it's not eventually outline if it's you know just beat up. I. Added he Madden I'm just goes further south they're rival yet players in the yet. He's never had a problem. At a couple of development. Look it up easily via the meal. We got you know but series. I just want those out there about mad and become much more. Aware of kind of where players our. At that time. What their ceiling will be kind of that they can improve ratings are saying no I'm not even saying that I'm saying leather cover guys. They've just been much more. Safe with him if it right. Like some of these the lord of the passport now. BJ. Our number eighty AB AB so you have arguably the U2 or face as of yet get the you have the two best. Wide receivers Nia foreign you have. The best tight and argument history now and yet the best player in the history of those of the four most recent guys leave that. Now let's wrote rewind it beat Hillis who could have written. Article that have a atom. Vince Young what happened and I still have my mad and away copy on the week Alia I vented plastic it's. What happened and Shaun Alexander started to go to an Ellis second he was on the cover to Mattis has become much more safe and that I think they realize like our. We got a bad rap for now let's let me pick some guys that we know work to be did. For an extended period of time at least get a right now and will be the next couple years. So that we're not just. Completely ruining the careers of some of the pieces Nia now. I liked it though Michael Vick. That he didn't go down when injuries which has its own little bats to. It. In the lists lists still response that button. Which still working on the spot we sent an email I talked to stay the course. I talked. Staples and the Webster central school district get back to us. I don't think Zell a man I don't itself on its senate on Monday said one day someday. One day we do our part can be like we'll have the will be on about podcast will be aren't Vizio podcast spots by. Zip recruiter and rocket mortgage. One of those. Around or maybe staples give back to us from the actually make it big yeah. Knows. Annan now lists that get into this list is NFL's most indispensable offensive. Weapons players. So when you hear indispensable. Them personally wrote this Adam Schein who's an and a public found out columnist. He strategist in the beginning just making sure people realize what exactly this is to do that fifth grade yeah dictionary definition of indispensable on its not about who is most imperative in invaluable to his own roster is about. It is yes it is who carries the most weight in deciding his team's 2018. Feet. So basically it's just. You absolutely need this player on your team to beat it. To be successful this is the guy go all your six thank you don't make a run yes. You wanna win football games next year. This is the guy for your team that's gonna do you go begin to list them so I'm gonna read. I think we're just gonna make it clear that we always read from bottom yeah. Number nine is Alvin Tamara the running back from New Orleans Saints. Number eighty Julio Jones. Number seven Josh Gordon. Number six Antonio Brown number five Todd Gurley. Number fourteen under Hopkins number three Rob Gronkowski. Number two David Johnson and number one is Zito. So let's there's this couple disclaimers he has at the end analysts that you would do wanna get this out of the way right now discredited. Touch on some of the people we didn't include because of certain things yet so additional don't get in the bottom of the original notes is that letter form that was number ten. Following note OBJ is involved said I don't know if he's healthy and I don't consider the giants left teams that kind of skis on and dispense ability to lead me. Justices not to for you not to mention that one Barkley is huge value for the giants. Levy on Bell's next when he says he loves at Levy about which he had received a long term deal because now he has no where if he'd if or when he'll show up. Other guys dimensions AJ green. Doesn't think since he's going anywhere I think everybody program that. He couldn't separate Kelsey cream on and Tyreke hill in Kansas City so weakened on the mall together. Christian McCaffery he said might be on the list a couple of years and they said that. Mike Evans Kent by the bucks in Keenan Allen is now receiving locked him. That's as some additional notes of guys the you might have been reading the list music without this guy. The one guy that I think he avoided. Intentionally altogether or not even in the notes is the Shawn McCoy. And that might be the one issue that I take with a list. Yen mock I don't know mighty honestly my biggest issue is effectively beyond those not. On the actual witness chair because I would even put him. Above EB ghost on that team when you have maybe it still list. I can have mom I wish I think what he what he's doing here is he's not including two guys from the same team. Okay but even that's the case from swapping them because I think that's finite but I think we need to yeah hell more do you subscribe to that use the guys that viewer and I don't and Childs and that we talked about this last part. Yeah. Deputy your only issue with a list. Yeah I I think so I think. Zeke just as he kind of proved why he should be one last year so I have yet but a simple fact that he wasn't there for most that's right you can't argue that. The true. Backing Zeke write more importantly these eight were rookies they're what thirteen to three and that animal usually Netanyahu at a C. Just because the type of please he. Is involved with isn't involved with and also the cut of the plays that he's not involved with our honestly almost more important because. Having him in play action yeah and how good act has been in play action is just key for that off one that's that heading into this year they don't have been receiving corps. And Al Barnes and Terrence Williams is the 12 so. Yet and which okay. Fine. But imagine how and Zeke or an end without so guinier running rod Smith third. In those who are set up it's kind of a given one. It. David Johnson Johnson and all that to highlighted how can I sit in unless you're the sucked in the year before and earlier in the previous media after that yours previous it was. I mean he tried last year and they tried even when Johnson had originally gone her in some of its first three seasons when they went thirteen three and what the AFC championship game when Johnson was a rookie they'd tried the run running back by committee thing and they still found success because Carson Palmer. Was healthy and was cut at the top of this game at that time. But the story into problems when they faced a defense is like Carolina and that's why didn't make it to Super Bowl because they can pass and Palmer couldn't enough space in the running backs they had out of backfield. Ran into a lot of problems when they had to face aligned it. Was anchored by Luke nuclear stand Europe I'd practically. Practically. On no Johnson a solution to. Rocket three weird I don't know about that I think. I can have my on the list under I don't know Rio will be lower interest because Hopkins should definitely wrong. And grow our his and her whole lot in the past and I actually there isn't a better quarterback they can just. Utilized whoever other targets and make their own name into literally literally you guys who are okay Chris Hogan. Sutherland pretty. Please open which was was treaty. We just use this. Eloquent word borderline trash with the Buffalo Bills and then is one of the more coveted fancy why isn't though. You're right. You're right every bill wicked streak dispute comes rod. It's always of the patriots do for you'll usually is a beast or at least once the beginning the year before his. Use content whenever and in his one year. He had just mean the way Clark has been able to go down and then pre east villages. Is Berry arrives. Incredible the in the very. Early on above aren't as well. Early. Is definitely the most indispensable player on the reagans. Penalties. That top guy you've. I know he's pretty eggs I don't know if he's top five he's on this list. But I mean the rams you know they've got some guys now. They're growing into a power house. Yeah they're becoming a team that a lot of people are scared of incurred no guys are mainly on defense of the ball and it you don't have early right no right I agree on you don't have earlier not great but I still think they find success. I don't I don't think he's. And I know the ad I think he's fine I agree with you there. I don't think he's like. To victory or 304. Which I get the that's like one little ranking but still the same time I think he's got five. He talked about him that our Josh Gordon IE honestly I I agree a lot with this guy can agree more especially in the fact that. You don't have late jock people don't realize. First of all how young he still is he still 26 years old. And how could Josh courting can be and will be this year if he stays healthy and out of trouble. But if you have Josh Gordon on your team that brings them to a whole lot of things. Actually what China actually wrote in the beginning of his little piece under the Osborne's name at seven. Now before your head explode three my intro again review what indispensable means to me that Josh scored in the files up by saying. If Gordon stays on the right path and played sixteen games. The crowds are into the playoff hunt and finished second in the AFC north I think I would agree with that statement if he doesn't they are the browns exactly that's. Great minds think alike it's it's true the job atom. Better job any. So yeah that's odd to me just aegis incredible. And he's one of those guys that change your teams from one where and then finally to mirror image of Gordon Jones eight. Without him he could be even high dad to be higher I mean I have seen you. Toni Gabriel's OK. You have Julio took only 33 that's what you live for us what receiver in the NFL. There. There. You know why Hopkins now. You deal is my guys. That's a shot outs in the vikings I love that under stand Jeremy producer. Extraordinaire. Runs the board for the dumber each one. Has been Russia won't idiots that's it made me pay. And and yet and tomorrow cops acted like. I'm fine with the list as a homeless at the loser of the ones that instinct. As long as we get a list that makes this thing doesn't just tell us. Hate this is your supposed to agree with us. Cool. As. It was sponsored. It's a dvd. To be through the do it via phone in and I'll be. Which yeah we can discount the use quick reason we're not sure what's happened in the we'd we thought we did I believe he's and a dodger. It is a snag in that way is by. Every time this happens but this is eventually works out it's billed to assist. The committee which auto. Both be traded to the doctors that broke last night during the all star in actually which was. Instinct. That was the game it was awesome we're both wrong and our predictions for both you you got close that I did the home run derby thing courtesy on the no but. Yes and admitting its auto news broke the news being traded to dodge for a number of prospects I think they said Ken Rosenthal said of the five players would be in the trade. And some of those prospects. NA and a bump with their medical inspections come comes back that. They might not be and is due to shape or as ready negotiate that's possible early as as previously reported. So. After view that actually are tons happens in sports. Nothing ever really falls through. At prom and I and I the other medium of these different than the NBA but there and a new promise Isiah Thomas last year Virginia being traded insults and that's the danger with his hip injury in that end up turning turning out fine. It was a day or couple hours before they're like yeah okay it's good. It's finally gone through but ended up. Turning out today or at least working out quick question though if this does happen. Are the Dodgers immediate favorite c'mon now. Rob I fear it but they horror. In the race for the pen and colleague might second favorite and definitely. OK a playoff team that's right disagree because if they get the channel and I am giving them a lot. And he's left with no go to we went on to win the NL really. I don't know what it is about me right now I'm a cubs train. For some reason. And that's just kind of comes back to the argument that we just continue to keep making is that the NL's really. Kind of weird right now and we were not really sure. And that's not I mean doctors I think it just puts the Dodgers of the session how well he's complained yet no absolutely he's. And one of the best players in the jail I mean results are so it makes cents earlier the best player on the Dodgers automatically Dodgers are second best team in the NL right now. Or third best and sorry behind the cubs and the brewers who are. Quite close to 1 another in the central the the first. And the dodge save the goal is to just start getting hot well sir I bought it's good spot to get a guy like which got its when the the steady incline the year on. You're approaching kind of where it gets down the needy greeting you actually you know baseball starts become like OK the races on has obviously for. The most part of the season it's a 162 games fans are taking a lot of gains into account but now your surrogate the point where it's like this series matters. Alec Machado is guy that's when a series. With one swing of the bat or one play the field he's one of those game changing eyes right. And that's just another reason why is. Sometimes you get a guy who OK all hope offensively but a guy like Machado he does at all. He's in the field and he's making play after play reach its jaw dropping from the pleasing. I mentioned the article that I read. The other day on the Monday August radical and Superman which has he has because he does everything. And he's going to be the best player on the Dodgers and the best player in the NL probably. Can think of well Bryce Harper maybe but I also think he's rated so. That's just me. And that's that's. Another conversation and get somebody conversations table. But no I think our favorite. Think he. Added I need to see. And I need to trade that yet I have to divert the tricky is that so. The so that would be some believe we read is. If you keep an right by the time maybe we have Friday. Last pockets of the week it will. The of the actually talk about the possibility of us are actually going forward. Whether it be because the other way tickets canceled at. That millions of Levy's aunt Stella that the Phillies he. Does that Auckland story. Visit the reports today said this does open door for other teams that it's still possible because this trade is not official yet it's been essentially offered and accepted. It's not final. Keep an item will be back. On for an apartment fronted. Her start here are yet oh my god related off. I would tell you to go home and I actually gained nine. Arnold game you watch the SP is but that's does get into you watch we got the espy's IN and I love the espy's everywhere I look forward to. I just love seeing all the big names from different sports on the gathered here to share the moments that happened last year you know. Like the video montage is more than I like anything else yet and I'm interested as well Danica Patrick first ever female to host this season and you know every year. The host comes out and just starts rip into US and they got jokes on joke you just want us. Would Danica has got reports that the audience by tonight they'll ride and he's you know the price wooden award quick but I like how. And well. And sign up for it you know. And we do have big local Thai. Jim Egypt will be receiving the G media award so deserving of its not evenly there's not panic as little as chills just went through my. Just let him talk on us talking about it. It's trees you heard in the if you listen to sports bar today which hopefully you do every day. These six Rochester. You heard it and I thought that he's. You heard. In the intro in him talking about the award and how honored he he was and how. Amazing and made him feel. That simple it's one of those things that you know it's it's like some years there's a couple of stories that you're like RA. We think Jimmie he'll go like there are some years were in this Odyssey this passes to my mind that was the whole summer I'm like where we won't lose the Jimmy V gonna go to was bleeding. Got here when it went when it was announced that was gonna go to that than past abuse this year if it does go to Kelly. Andy being here and seeing New York I mean I've all we've heard yet. It's just people excited cyst in everyone's talking about it and looking forward to speech. Should be a great moment. Catholic too. Much of election that's the audience gets life it is. ABC ESPN you choose what's not lives this podcast but no you can find us. And the audio on demand podcast tab on the ESPN roster website and you all smiles on iTunes which I found out the other day it's averaged just search sports bar after hours. In our lower salaries and subscribe. Five star ratings only thank you very much to gain there. Slowly but surely the pitcher nick in Ireland. And do for today though we'll be on our obviously don't. Have a going.