The Sports Bar After Hours- Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Sports Bar After Hours with Nick Kobel and Franklin Whyte. Today we talk about the QB's in this year's draft class and plant our flags for our Top 6. All that and more, check us out here.

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What a beautiful date field. Live in Rochester. York right after he. Actually the sun is here man no more rainy days or snowy days hopefully fingers crossed. You listen to the sports bar after hours with Nicole vehemently frankly over there how you do and in some don't and am I doing it ultimately earning a week as it. You know the weather is hereditary and servicing today and now look we got the best and the yourself and he had the best day of I'm not mad. I know I can't be up man as I got today as they lock in a row. Dig a double header over different teal. Frontier field for the Rochester red wings have a lot of people go out and support that as well I'd like to be going as a fan but unfortunately and fortunately it's a should be sing like that Robbie doubting them ready by this it looked liquid today. A lot of people kill to be your positions are and I'd you know like I I've done this for about a year now it's funny because now I like I believe it's we says there's a band but the entire time is up and threw what twenty years I've been thinking that was a QB in the press box do all that close though so I. I gotta remember where where I came from it if you will Bubba. Talking like them some big show I don't know Reuters Norton is brilliant I mean. If the Boston accountant you know it's I think I'm jealous of the fans right now it's so nice outside and go to the go to the feuding grab a beer have one of those chicken and waffle cones would mashed potatoes maple syrup in it. The good time and definitely deafening in Rochester native lower of of of somebody who is in the area and you deal goes support your local sports team. Who I knew. Who argue I say here rotate all about accountability here this was more after hours I see you all want that in there. These are well we got and it's only got a tad mean today Soviet Union to the show basically what we do here is we just we we serve as you're. As you were. Information center if you're looking for what she missed out if you miss the sports bar would danger imitate Louie has which is every every weekday from three to six and is peanuts in ninety. 57. I am ninety DA ME you'd check in. That we can prison where he was and us here on the immediate and obvious and register dot com but today it was a good show today it's at. Today one of the one of the first guests on the show was. The war nice joke like that name automatic talk about the same name as an hourly nights and then I Noual. This got done though stubborn name like door you have to live up to that name yet for sure doors don't mess around does a door. This guy knows that the laws on earth before like I mean I'm sold every talent whatever he's telling me humble lead yet definitely so the word came onto the show and he just wrote recent article called. The most underrated QBs in the NFL draft. The top the list in this so we're gonna talk about primarily today is quarterback Lamar Jackson from Louisville. He has seen as the most under rated court echoing the draft actually is number two unease board. And doesn't even think that he's gonna make it out of the top fifteen wouldn't be frank. I'm not surprised. Com. His potential as. Its potential is there is potential is like. It's it's it's it's scary almost if you can get that guided to stand up I know a lot of people think that he's just Banca. Armed athlete first quarter Mexican but. He actually does the first in a pocket first exists so happened that he had this argument that it. Olympian athlete he can scramble around and like create plays in this prolonged played. In. Better view in better passes down Phil. But I feel like if he give the right quarterback coach or give the right system this guy can be scary answering. Yeah I agree with you a 100% and a lot of the narrative with Lamar Jackson is the fact that he is run first pass later but that it's not true and anybody who actually watch is film in the cities that we realize that's not sure I mean if you look at he's rushing totals and where he. Where he counts for those rushing yards only a fraction of that is buying a you know by trying to extend a play running out of pocket the rest of raised by design run. And yes that thing out and touch and so a lot of teams are like dismissive or a lot of critics are dismisses the fact that when he did run it was. Clearly designed run like woody woody gonna do right patented design right so is not his it's like. It after lettuce is on people use that as a fall instead of looking at it as a positive thing from and I feel like. On door was right on a lot of things in on the south side is like tremendous mood like in this guy is in the right system like aspirin he said before. And is gate Acker C a little bit better complete impasse over like 60% in just you know as time I'm silly indicating he would be a rookie. And I feel like. Man in another thing that doors on us at best a thousand names like some teams know the potential of him yes they just try to play scenario that no no he's he's a later round guy. Just sold making you know get their hands on the price. Among the bills at twelve led love it if everybody thought Lamar Jackson was a late first round picking out if ever once they get all yellow mark Jackson's going to be somewhere between fifteen and thirty line again. And I'm sitting there at twelve like Dolly. I began to react totally to its debt and good for you and that brings you back to my next point. The seasonal. These guys aren't good today even had us like okay we'll match like that maybe the the order that his. I don't know I don't know I don't know how big enough forays away from the draft the youth. Door hits us with his nose right. Well wool on you guys have been lied to I know a few personal NFL teams that have their Iowa Mark Jackson the display its inherited debt. He's a late round back. And the Buffalo Bills can be one of those teams without a doubt especially sitting at twelve with a good spot form there I think you get good value from a twelve and you also feel pretty safe that he's gonna be there at world. Thumb but Hewlett drink today's for his big day for me I've planted my flag you planted that I know on my list. Did of the six quarterbacks and know the order in which I personally. No. I personally think against you could say of my personal opinion of how would the bill should rank their cornerbacks basically might not to assume that town to town itself. Sitting there nice and pretty not backwards welcome go backwards gone six starters you dramatic yet as a number six drum roll I got Mason Rudolph. Meant a pack Mason rose at six but I cut a lot of plummet five and I can also feel. Guilty about not putting it five but only has the president of five there because of how much media attention. So it's a lot. Lives are gonna say is that immediately turn to thoughts. Of I just think that you know I don't know I don't mean that guy name is. I don't know what are little people we have to question everything is there is talk that. I'd I think based roasting is it six though primarily because of the opposite played him before I'm worried about him being a scheme quarterback who doesn't transition well and the NFL affects a number five. If I got Josh Allen. John jail at five Coca-Cola put him at six what do you say about tort thoughts about does and I know there are dead on the money mailbag is we have we have similar views like I don't see the hyping judge Allan if I would there. I wouldn't pick him it's one needs do especially plan and that kind of division by Wyoming like how many NFL ready defense and that he play it and the point right now or I'm OK if the bills decide the judges on is is is worthy of either they're takes its laboratory to not trading up I'm not gonna be okay with that no matter what but. I mean the bills' front office. Knows way more than I do you mean obviously every move they made so far has given me every reason to trust them so if they'd make the move I'm not gonna be the one on Twitter goalie in these guys are crazy. Rob rob rob rob but yet I'm such a touchdowns whenever 50 four I think players. And the gloves I was just down but I think that his floor is more realistic option. Number four I have. The appliance and Arnold. And Arnold and perform at San Garland on our I don't think I think right now he may be the most down to quarterback in the draft and I think we look five years down the road. C.s and Arnold having down hole being creative doing. And for him. He's got a lot of turnover issues like his decision making I do like what he can do you like the way you extend plays a like the way that he's one. I mean he's a winner you know you can't get away from him but I just think it's not there and I've had had in the entire time let every I almost let the media control me and if date thinking that that he's going number one that maybe I should think and higher. I think Sam Donaldson number one for the number four quarterback in this class number three number three I have. Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson is my number three. Not because tomorrow it's. Not a good. Saying that they too many things to corn. Bigger mayfield is in my tattoo would open finishes OK I need to he tallied up my dad to come into my top five I volleyed OK I've been so I at large Texas whenever three I think he can succeed and any office that he goes on my worries for him for the bills. Is that just seeing them with Tyrod Taylor and I'm not saying that he's Tyrod Taylor says is acting which is now I'm not same day. On the way to the bill is used to but it was wrong and I think they might do the same thing no question how can Matthews I think they we use and we skills sets because of an outside is -- my suppliers and I would be very happy that goes strapped to the margin changes I would be very very happy I don't or just peace based on the past in this sabotaged his skill set exactly how can and the Jason needs to go somewhere at worst they will utilize him or he won't succeed. So the sound Watson yeah it's it's some whenever sue. And it's and Josh Rosen. Are you baker may fill our boy why baker may feel that's mine number one quarterback had to use. Fuhrman ever won easily number one. Just rose in the UN is wild wacky predictive what are you talking just. You just Roseanne is my number two. And the only reason he's my number to commit these so close to being number one is still closed but I've heard a lot of things about. Coach is not liking the way that he carries himself and I don't say they can't strong has strong character it shouldn't be used against him and that's why I think that he's never too I think he will succeed in the NFL their foot in the culture for the Buffalo Bills I don't think that you want somebody who wouldn't buy and I think you need somebody who would be about bill's mafia OK take a road going after it and isn't known waiter and as baker made you Heidi baker mayfield will succeed in buffalo and I think he's in a choice. I mean flat out we might have missed that test and he did not. People this guy explode baker may vote. All of hay over you didn't you didn't convince mean Nicholas only there it's fun OK so where we know we Starr from the bow out. Or is the bottom of that day I started refine refine them have to go away in flood as they would six Mason Rudolph the six. Okay what happened to six the mistakes just haven't always go to viewers story I have nothing against that. From justice the type of defense to play. And staying at the big. Army guitar around soup line. Known. It's really different is some of the game so much faster these DBZ safeties are so much we hear this almost smarter. Homemaker breed you know if you stare down of receiver for even. A tip of the second song that's interception. So affluent. And still has some development things that go through and development just developed in the better. It's a sense of lack of room in a so type of system and office so that's why he's embassies Mason Rudolph number five bomb. A packet he can sling it man he really he actually single as the best people listening in here Kinsley is. He doesn't com sack away from competition. Like that is still a couple days they need to work. As far as getting acclimated and cyanide NFL type of offense and like a pro style offense when CV to get under the senate. That is run sap company could win it would have to Europe Pittsburgh it is raining in. You know it's fourth and is forced into you need to gain in Hannibal and not gonna go in the shotgun I want to cease and play actions and things like that. And look and off receive on TVs in the Baghdad. Where a man of four hmm number four. Bickering for them war like baker from one to four listen acre main food is a style. His height kinda scared again and retirees serve us listens to me I mean here in that pay the bills that are inception. Com bigamy for yes he has them off to sue issues yes he can be a home yes he's cannot be considered a little. Irrigate but guess what. McCormick is into this winter and order reg is there. I mean it pays his he needs it is just evidence that he is you don't today. You gotta be a little wacky little little cycle as a quarterback but to all of you also have that. A balance you can maintain your time is in key in and be focused so that's why he's number four number three. Who should I go. Cools level mark Jackson's Rosen. It's and seemed to Arnold's number three tenderly with three seems parliamentary. On instant Arnold. The turn over issues. Yeah am I don't know I mobility Blake can you give out of the pocket key dual role well that's what he's an northward really I know button. He seemed a little slow via. I'm told him I'll really get out Wikipedia article and I'm not only to roll out in college level but I'm saying these DV DD DD is is that these Limas and defense. They're gonna force fours a four fives. Would you be able to do that would you be it would. I don't know. It is make better decision making. You know when it comes down to the throne of water on filled in just reading the fences and days I bet I mean I won't be surprising is number one. When it's awesome at guns I don't yeah. Hey I've projects and are a growing number one overall yeah I won't be surprised but this is this in offering slightly. So numbers so I'm a goal Marge accent I like it outside ally. Does too scared me he's ski area Fijian. If my pastries. Sneaky bill. Continues would this guy oh my goodness what sound enough now. On he also hasn't been easy to work awful work. From his decision making rather run or pass things by day NFL back to even make to a break cute and I'm going to ask Rosenblum. Just is UCLA man talks and not hand out lists are the ones that do men. I know his personality can be little wacky at times or some people who does the venomous headstrong and irrigate like us Iowa quarterback is it. And I feel like. Where he's gonna bring its I NFL team is. A spot is also a day when starter I don't think it's arguable I think he starts they want to bring to you why he's in his pocket don't bring a certain time energy where Manila give this kid in the night. You know you gonna make mistakes along the row. But I trust you know you don't get on the keys to the Ferrari just yet might he might just start over on day CI am saying I had guys translates to a deal that. Ankara. You know they they give him a BMW. AG get the Ferraro Devern may be like game eight or nine hole now or next season but after I I like that here. I had rose and it's you and baker won and in the only public well I see. I think Josh Rosen is a clear cut day one starter connecting to their way he goes he starts they won I think baker make field also does the bigger mayfield wins the starting job. You draft just Rosen knowing you're gonna start him bigamy do you like guys we'll up open competition to Tammany baker mayfield wins are over Wilson type and I think he wins that job no matter what I'm so that that's just my prediction that's my brakes takes on the quarterbacks obviously this week's the drafting a where we stand. William Stan and after a socialist a little bit more in depth about Lamar Jackson and like interest the rest of them and door. Or says that Eli Agassi is a problem for just our effort Lamar Jackson. It can president suggestion on who also has a lot of troubles with that you see boat with the differences. Is that he thinks that Lamar Jackson's accuracy and efficiencies can be coached out of them because it's just me or mechanic yeah he's the only president to get the end of a level that real easy to change which judge Allan. There's a lot of stuff that needs to give based he's got pork Crockett president. Presents poor decision making and he was saying this went bat always high school demographics right yeah it's relied on the big arm and just you know isn't it doesn't get better year to year doesn't it look like Jackson he. The way that the word nice term talked about it. If you go back to high school Mark Jackson he played a pistol style where he basically ran all run pass options and so when that unique it's a college level you're kind of raw and you don't really understand game plea that load and once sort of system. But you see the my Jackson a debt and keep better every single season definitely definitely. So that's what you wanna see if your coach you wanna see somebody who is coach double and two improves year after year. Editing is about these young quarterbacks whom is an NFL. One team that was standout or one being that puts you ahead of the curve is reading decent system if you could really defense of Google prior an audible to a slant left. Do or outright c'mon man. Yes that's and that's would Josh Rosen submitted to this we actually want so badly and that's what makes me think he's going to be who like. Overall in the mall quarterback like when the sauce and then I think he's I mean like. The number one Derek. I also agree with you because is like. If you come in today NFL already being able OK and that pressure from over here laudable intent be alignment and the extra block over here was an audible. On he splits in. The he's in his own three you know once you want to pick a defense apart and Nestle may pay me any so. Does being able to sat on it audible at the bomb line of scrimmage in his Tacoma power. Ruled that death Smith so you know and that shows. Vessels like the extra work he put in a glass of films and last and how the defense of schemes are handle you know. Yet without doubt and you know we're we're gonna keep just continue to speculate speculate speculate as the F billboard days and they have little jet just inches closer and closer that's gonna do it for us here on sports bar after hours is always a nickel wow frank why and that will tune in here on sports bar after hours.