The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 6

Will Bjarnar and Vinny Asito discuss unsigned NFL rookie contracts. and the impact top picks may have on one another. Next, they discuss Andrew Luck and his forever up-in-the-air health. Following that, the boys run through today's installment of "Lists," and wrap up with some news on Carmelo Anthony's buyout. 

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Rochester sports leader 957. Yes yes. Hello everybody welcome back to the sport for after hours a good early evening to you along side if any the one and only. Can think of anything that they would need to talk about this before senator Harry and that's my fault. Vinny that one and only as CEO RU and god it's Friday and a nickname that's the sun's out. Now the sun is looking forward to the weekend attack. By that we couldn't play and I really know about you well. Pilot breaking down and connected appears. Okay and think about for awhile are big the not what I saw a common big big change. Why though your Xbox and higher switching over well that well I was an Xbox-360. Lou there was 360 vs PS3. I thought if you had a PlayStation there was something wrong. And Xbox was the gold standard so what you're telling dollar viewers out there is there's something wrong yes. At least. Twelve year old mean who dropped 500 dollars Xbox sixty. Times have changed I'm a changed man and I'm eighty years removed from that purchase. And the 360s. Not great shape two games there in an amount that the red ring of death yet not not yet. It's Colin L I feared I had fear for quite some time and it hasn't it so. The odds that it does eventually I don't know. Could be but I'm Michael edit because I'm just I'm an Obama friend see how it works. In the end we mistreated deal. Sounds like a plan in and had a four withdrawals since. Since the end of last year at school now it's it's become. Not a big part of my life but it's become something that I do pastime I don't know you know before and I got not at all. I don't even play video games as it is not guilty via sports go play Madden the only UK you'll excuse me I typically will play our sports. I'll I'll play. Semi to have a council those less thing what's that out of counsel I don't have as well I don't know off nothing. I respect that salvo has banned a lot of kind of and that outlay when it comes of it means the whole life okay. It is what it is I told myself. For the longest time for an economic that's. Stupid stupid. People thinking way too much time that don't understand it does make sense to me it doesn't look fun. Am Seattle myself the same thing but stick your soon to head out still here but I don't play it. That's that's him in my original receipt of the pits works on the one and Chicago on Monday. Ago. In his first two games there's holidays those campus back following week a look for that yet to be fun you know the big guys big media guys. Should be Kathleen great experience for us as interns we get to. As they're they are just tell us after the show today when the time to shine might have. Oh there's Ian Rapoport over there they're so and so they're go grab and get him on the show so. British its talks is a big names that's out there real quick before we get into today's top stories what's brewing hot topics. As a fan and kind of accused grown up watching sports media for entirely now we're not allowed to be fans next week right it's distributed. This for me at least is kind of my first not test like. My whole life whenever I go to sporting event I'm immediately think in. All ought to catch John autograph for gay and content to some legal talk to this person imbued fan right that's where workers now we are out of that we are amongst them. Our contract in a lot of us economic progress. Look I didn't ask what pictures. Yet but I don't if I see if I see Hillary as Kevin Clark and snaps that. To be am I don't know maybe some self is here in the day here in itself with Rappaport of medical price we could primate that Arafat's Steve today and or Max Kellerman ideals got to hand sewn up plus 250 what was it was a lash at him before first taking through their life through Fisher answer we'll see. Steve are. Four and everything as fans who you most excited seat on your. In the meteors as a player the bills in the media in the media. We'll first modeling know who's gonna be there is necessary RFID but if if everybody I mean danger danger mentioned the Rappaport thing about a week and a half ago. That was the first time something like that even what do I am I like we're gonna have a chance to talk to someone like that her. That's someone I filed on social media for awhile now and I've always liked his work he is clearly made it and the sports industry world so he's the shams and he's going to have. The NFL image shot there I mean they're there they're the news breakers out of the NFL with the I wanna meet and I'd love to meet the Dziena did contact for us off to a phone number of networking networking on back. South whenever I don't care we. Ian. Look let's actually talk about the info OK a couple things happened at the talked about for a little bit sports bar. Which injured again Anthony's picture. Ninety it's. It's become Qaeda uncommon or at least comes on the that not allowed Hubert talk about the fact that. A lot of NFL rookies remain on side. We come for Texas the top four picks so come on some of the notable names that are still on side. Topic mayfield sequel Barkley since Arnold said Claude Barkley. I don't get the shark when shark week that yet. He just loves the guy I think he may have put that game I think that's I think that's I don't think there's much to it aren't. Cool. I never really knew where it's acre lots no it's a quads I am with them I'm with. So not to cut you off their daughter and editor alum mayfield Barkley and Arnold n.'s award as the top four picks that are there on site. And Josh Alan Rick wants Smith and Mike Quincy so of the top ten picks the only ones who have signed a Bradley Chubb Quinn Nelson. And Josh rose. You have seven out of ten topics who haven't signed. So the beginning of the day every day sports bar as interns we go upstairs in the says I would we have for today. Normally it's audio. Normally takes and this guy and he knows you know protect on this person today it was kind of just go do some research on. You know YE maybe this is happening is this a trend. Kind of in the lead right and has this happened to this extent in the exactly are they as they're not specifically but have there ever been. Scenario similar to this where. There are seven rookies in the top ten picks or numbers somewhat similar to that. Where they haven't signed by what's today's date. To let points the week before training camp at an outside. In October 1 Eugene the ravens and bears within the whole thing in thirty in training camp exactly they got that week head start. Iran's advancement that's another nick. Outs and picks yet the sorry dangerous not thrilled and he has been practicing now EU can't practice masseuse under contract just hit it either you do your own stuff. Which if you follow. Any NFL related or sports related in program you're seeing that sick on Barkley has been quite active itself threatened. But beyond that lets you can't. You part of team activities you can't be going training camp in camp practice preparing for game. That yes means nothing but it's still a big spectacle to start off the NFL season. And not just those teams playing in the the hall of fame game the teams entering training camp. The bills are training camp next Thursday less than a week away. Josh Allen has figured this out now what we did find. And we looked at. An article actually from 2014 buy into programs. Sports Illustrated for many of which fourteen. How to describe how it used to kind of be rookies. A lot of power over what happened of them aimed at agreeing to these contracts they had the ability to negotiate bad. The ability to kind of bring their agents in the room and say are actually which they should do which they should. They're becoming the becoming. Professional I professional level you should have a say I was at becoming men that my father but now it. You know they're becoming professional athletes and their entering the realm where they are going to be handling this themselves Brett college high school that doesn't happen. Mean to a certain extent sure because. Mr. incisions in college of but it the entirely zero YU but this is why you shouldn't agent as well exactly that's what happens when you enter the NFL decides to. But as of 2011 Wednesday the NFL and the NFL PA agreed in the new collective bargaining agreement. The I don't know what happened is the rookies had no voice in that CB day. And so now instead of each team having a lot and I'm actually reading the direct quote from the article instead of each team having an alarming each pick as a pre determined amount. In other words a player and his agent know the exact dollar figures the moment he is drafted. So what that gives. With that kind of provides is that gives a web sites like spot tracked the website that we were kind of looking at today to kind of CD estimated value and the determined value of kinda context they're gonna be signed it have been signed. They give them the power to predict those kind of things because they just expect. What's coming in the know what's coming in that because these picks are you know look at the what say right now this this draft you know you look and no more pick speaker mayfield. His total value. Right now the estimated value of his projected contractors 32 million or 32 point nine million OK to close to 33 missile. About 33 million and that's for this year. So we were look at this other website so called business insider dot com well that's for that's not for this year that's for naught dog that we that's our goal for this year in the draft. I don't know. I'm saying and according to that website that you just read Baker's projected. Our contract should be around 33 million correct yes okay so this article our listeners to know you get. On business insider talks about the 2016 draft class where. Your golf whose top that he signed his contract. As you know he's quarterback. 27 point nine million. And then eleven picks later with the two while the twelve overall pick his contract was less than half that at twelve point eight million. So that kind of puts things in perspective just today get an idea of where we're going with these rookie contracts. So that's the top quarterback who's kitten just about twenty million. Acres projected is around 33. Inflation's and that's significant drop off with the with the top pick and then just bought in the twelfth overall answers your cotton that. Less than half like we got a few minutes. If you look at even. In the top ten. Number one pick the projected value obviously it's a bigamy field he he's got 33 million close to it. So if and that well every Johnny and tenth all of us that drop to twelfth and what's twelfth has had a number twelve it's fourteen million but even number ten. Is 175 for Josh Rosen that's half of maker may feel its contract and it's ten picks later. And even if this is right the projection is right Ryan baker Lee making about. Five more million and way off did two years ago and and twelve picks Macon. Like one point five more than what the twelfth pick made to the sixteenth so. Prices are going up but my question do you end to a lot of NFL fans in general is what's the hold up why or why are there so many players this year that. Haven't been signed is it it agent thing is that the player himself but he is a Condo. Demanding more money than what. I'm writing off birth or or is it teens saying is that teens lake. Like like to giants. Mean yet granted they took a running back but is teams like the giants were thinking. OK let's see what the browns are ready to give baker and them will move on to get sick on his money back to that why compare. That could be exact loses and that's that's kind of with a broken in the showed today. When their talk much Josh Allen because obviously we have that local ties sort of focus primarily on Josh Allen in his contract. His agent they talked about. Tom Condon he's kind of had a history of some of these guys all hold off and making videos too we both have had a whole contract situation a couple of years ago. But he also had a good track record with Drew Brees and pain Manning Eli Manning so these are some of the guys that's kind of tough to judge based on the aids alone. But European you can be right I mean judge Allan is one of only. A handful of prospects. Q do math that quicktime will mark seven Matt. 891010. Players in the entire first round haven't signed contract Josh Allen is one of them. And he's top ten pick. So it's possible like you said he's kind of holding off. To say okay what's baker economy. Or at least his agent is okay what's baker enemy obviously American them money. Our it would startle gimmick that's a little bit closer let's see what happens there in those the only two quarterbacks taken at a Josh Allen. And I only I don't know if what if I the world wide about it that my only problem with that is. OK I can understand that they want a week in compare to what the top picks making. How much say do they have or even does that Egypt have to counteract with. That much of. Argument because. They've proven himself yet they're getting this money as a rookie and it's. I think about when we see in this article from business insider that just alluded to. They said that in 2016. Only players in the first round received contracts that were at least seven east 70% guaranteed. So they're getting money they're getting paid but how much leeway do that hat. Or I don't know that's a question mark. The bill is. Some somehow lead off with like something that leaves us on both. And the we hit that a lot we don't have the answer yet but we don't know yet so nobody and nobody does so that's obviously. Obviously something. We're gonna wonder and until you know depend hits the paper for Josh Allen and baker mayfield and Arnold in even take one Barkley in some of these other guys. Even does the bottom of the traffic there there are unsigned players who were trapped in the final three picks Mike Hughes with the Minnesota Sony Michelle. From new there who got this from Georgia and got drafted by New England he hasn't signed yet. Terrelle Edmonds to remain Edmonds brother he got draft by the Steelers these guys haven't signed and there are draft in the bottom five. So who knows and we're not gonna know until these guys actually put you know. Signed their names down on these contracts and say all right this ordeal and let's go political ball. Now personally if I were them price today. All right we had this predetermined amount that is pretty just says he's only three cents own subjective or objective that's. Strategist. Fact of the matter is this is what I'm going to get paid. And this is how it has been for the past will be years with a steady increase that we just talked about golf to me field the contract if it's. Fund them on saying let's just scientist article play. While it. All the off you don't want enough that it's a distraction but for some teams is that you don't want that leading can't it's unnecessary now. Those of its really has much of a distraction is kind of fans and media make out of right 'cause again we don't know the I don't know behind the scenes stuff know what goes down. There could be they all cavorting conversation with your organization and they've agreed whole like we'll get this done honesty that's what it's gonna happen. And they've just a living a life like there's no big deals though is that they are a number of do you like it's gonna happen it's not like that's why we're here speculate. Off that point sports bar after they any any listeners a few of the take on this even comment on. Comment on Twitter. Don't have a following here it's economical and also this is lives that problem and don't don't call us after we put that these are posted on social media so. Army Twitter FaceBook we wanna hear what you have to say we do. Out by will be ours that's UYW I LL BJ they are and ARU. At a seed of any S I TO DI and then why shameless. Seamless. You'll see it there. Pretty quickly too fast and while we're walking over the Charlie I walked back to the cars or posts and got a couple minutes. Say up it's it's up near. We're not sure. Eventually we'll get there and these countries will be signed. That there's any doubt about that right. But it's just interesting to see Ener1 along some of these guys taken as and one to compare comparisons to another. Some guy who signed a contract can be years ago and drafted pretty high his name's Andrew Luck but he hasn't been around for awhile because and luck has not been on has signed a police car. She likes them yes. Bush complains a little drowns. One well yeah. Elect has not been an aside because he's had injury problems for rough we he. 27 years but he's cleared now he's could go with no limitation so your telling me and you lot can throw football he can. Well a while ago he was seen throwing a football now he can do so with no limitations whatsoever OK so. Kind of wanna see it to believe this and OK street from GM's now. He needs to play but it is a fine line. All right. So whatever that means has lined. On ESPN and is that. You know he's did go no limitations and there's ballot the GM of the schools comes announces he's played there's fun one not a militant. He needs to play with there's a fine line fine line between does that mean like she's gonna play and I guess that's it I get out of it that would kinda also. Take back the statement of no limitations because of the rightly getting a certain amount and he's limited. But he needs to play tenant of this but he needs to play. Which. He died he does. But that is something a lot of do you know if I don't contradict what happened right there in the media it's. It's really up in the air. It is your Lux career that the balance of the colts franchise. Where they're gonna be headed for the next couple years. And if he's. I don't know because they they kind of got to bank on him being healthy specially with that division now a division is with him being hurt a lot has happened. I guess I should say in a tie with him being hurt a lot has happened because this isn't especially now have the best defense in the lead in television with the Jackson would get worse. You have that's utterly cutting back to Shawn Watson who act towards EC which is completely unfortunate but. We saw what he did in the tiny did play she comes back at full and he's gonna continue Brett is silliness. Facilities there and severance. And then you had the Tennessee Titans who were a playoff team last year and won a playoff game in Kansas City and arguably one of the toughest places to play in the league. Young quarterback. I don't know. There's our lives in the from the time and thank you is locked battling back to the old block they're in trouble if from the time that Angela was battling Tom recently cable. This division is completely bolster its yet it's got a couple really want a year on year and complete 180. It is shocking the jag large just sought used to be the joke of the league it was like all right they worry they were the right there the brow he's there was joy with the jaguars Super Bowl. Eight years ago merged Jokester a thousand yard season. Was the last time I heard and even last year last year pre season what was clay is Campbell came out and said all we're gonna go to the Super Bowl everyone joked it worked hard and laughed really the jaguars were means that you're. And then there are. And a few plays away. They have a two touchdown lead on Tom Brady at one point. It's not enough but. Act that division is completely. Turned itself on its head and it's made. Life a lot more hellish for the Indianapolis Colts without it now flock comes back at full strength in can be himself like he once was. He can do real light turns that he's the toughest division football in the block. Is lock you really can't. Flex lock key is. A team change at quarterback who really makes that and a topic at best I know he has yet easily. It's like the collide kind of thing he comes back from. This injury stronger. Better or even just the himself. The raptors are powerhouse in the Eastern Conference in the NBA flock comes back from the injury that has been lingering for years yet obviously different than the polite thing it's a different sport. But if he comes back stronger better or even just. Total cigarette they're so similar. In the sense of what those players neither team exactly it's a little different because why. It's different and I know I don't write about I don't think it's good because it's it's close issues I would say the big difference there is the fact net. What doesn't really have a promising defense. Also. It's gonna kinda hinges on that he's going to be in the field line. A lot and walk while be on the court lives much less dangerous. To be on the court allowed the neatest young field hundreds of an ambulance and up. Does does he have no limitations or is there a fine line. Again I say that in our area and another guy we just actually talked about it is cleared to Shawn Watson to have adult photo. And that's a really good sign because like you said that's an up and coming. Quarterbacks in the NFL I'm not it has tea party's best young quarterback you know if are now I don't know what ages are. Where is trails off but he is. Unbelievable. Doubt about it. Now you could go he's back in his football activities and notes. That division. Via. That's going to be could be a division of restaurants reckoned with in the future. Overrun two team league we just don't know why the India. For about lists oh god at least we got lists. Let's get lists are lists. We're still in the NFL when a movie idea in your steadily got shots we got a list yes list sponsored by you still talk to staples from today's list is brought to you from. It felt like com which we CNET every week we were told it was from there it registry dissident votes Brett they have that they seem to have whatever suit that I know. From Chris Wesley is an around the NFL writer it's NFL's biggest position groups. Bills offense shall list. The next three words that follow the so. It's any NFL position. Or. They what's the title the article against her though at the list finished position groups I'll go this position on this specified this can be offense defense or the whole. Or it could be something as they're wide receivers corps I just scored what he's done is this your your back he Kantor's special teams York. Secondary I be anything like act. Re from the Obama can give away the importance of the title but reef and he ranked. Seven. Aka at seven Seattle Seahawks secondary. And come and I thought wait too high which you hire was too low. Hot right they hate they need to be like two or three when our area because we used to on this list where that secondary once was still. Let's do this let's do this let's let's do the immediate thoughts for okay so enough to come back. So yeah Q okay so what yet out I was Hussein means that used to be regional booms and Alex legion of doom if you ask me it's completely gone downhill. Richard Sherman. Now a member of the 49ers. Can't chancellor. Think he's put is less than a voting right as he's yes if you're more than likely retired but he's there. Earl Thomas has openly said multiple times he's willing to get traded and you watch the plea for the cowboys is what is his mr. Graham post the other day say like. Yelled you're obviously it is let's I understand that any other bay is. LA and then you even at LA teammates coming out insane yet we know much girl loves Dallas. I mean if you're teammates know. It's not that he does want to be in Seattle but he understands that if they don't want America yeah get rid of me so gets it. It's that the business I don't know that. I think that position group as a whole run I would since CN secondary leads to yet strategist comparing what they used to BG yeah. It's unfortunate. It may remain happy. And Sherman came out what was it last week saying he admitted to the fact that things just didn't go right a lot of things crumbled down within. At least the defense has got the ball in that within organization. And unintentionally. Yes the date this this. This group this position group is meant to be around for a long time they were built for. And they see what's it like Iraq super bulls won one should've won a second the chloride and that happens near adults and unpredictable week. They haven't sports to an unpredictable game pressure. But I will say this. I'd we have a red and the rest of the list so we got to see kind of who comes before them but I wonder if we kinda have. This idea in their head that they should be higher on the list of position groups currently weakest. Position groups in in a vote is based on kind of what they used to be do you think that could possibly be out of a factor in this is the fact that they used to be. The most terrifying. Got a guy that's allowed that that was my owner and that was my main argument because I think that's why they should be higher because they had. Such a dominant. Aura of guys. That. Mean they're not going to be together and or not it pretty much on an even if Earl Thomas days on this year. I mean yeah that'll help these or is it SAT illegally that he can't stick around forever indeed just vehemently unhappy that for the rest his career. Not happen that these talked about it these players have control over their own careers. Most of the time and less obvious who the injured. Our number six. Philadelphia eagles' linebackers. Yes. That's adjusting but I can agree with that I don't have much to say about this one because like I said I agree with that. Their secondary is. Mean their secondary flew around last year obviously leading them to. Freaking Super Bowl win but. And up front. That that might be why because behind. As a linebacker in front of you'd had a phenomenal line yeah none do behind one of the hasn't yet behind them they have guys that. And lock up a lot of receivers are well on the same day that supple about the junior because you know it goes off an excellent. And he's still in a full. On the same day that owner Henry got hurt in the chargers practice field. This is directly from the article the Eagles lost all wore a load he tore his ACL or at least an easily injury. And hours later they got rid of Michael Hendrix was thirteen games started last year. And was one of their most high caliber guys on that linebacker corps. You know so. Again this directly from the article. Much is gonna be expected and it can agree more with this from Nigel Brennaman Jordan nix. These guys are gonna be expected to be the anchor of this defense or at least part of it. To kind of continue what they bill last year there weaker than what they had. But at the same time it did a lot is expected abuse in the sleek. It's discounted analog around him you know the level that a lot of around them year old punches. Do we can. And you know unfortunately things happen they didn't expect to lose or low and fans didn't expect the rhetoric Hendrix. You go you go with the flow and lawfully at. Odds I think that is a form gyms sports. You know. One of the better defense of political figures from the ago that a network yeah. And even if they don't profits but. Kind of we just talked about it number five analysts losses chargers tight ends are Henry went down into the gates is no longer. Have any remnant. Of being Antonio Gates. So who else. Do they have. Henry suffered an ACL terror on the first day of routier's. So. In seven NFL seasons. Virgil green. As on the racked up 200 after not even 250 yards in any of its seven yet that's that's a problem because told rivers likes his tight ends also you know a lot of you can you can make a significant argument that Antonio Gates became interview gates in his prime because of the corporate are yet. And because they all the target each other out so much throughout their careers as salute. Chances so yeah that's deftly Sutton that's a need that they're gonna need to fill whether they trade for one. I see a chance on someone in Tampa who know yes. A guy who hasn't been able clips to fifty in Indian descent and Brett and of those who had no problem who knows how many reps this guy's getting. Yes and he knows a round of Chicago's thriller was around the provost for a little bit and he got enough. Got enough run the economy some sort of discernible impression that same time. You'd much rather have on there I think a lot of fantasy owners are going to be. We're pretty sure I'm pretty sure Stony Brook grad will ties out there in charge Wanamaker called him. Just Janice every day I gotta had a slight. And now it's the only. Houston Texans offensive line is number four this is I like the spot and I liked the fact the on this list because. You know these the the best thing that always Shawn Watson yeah Alex till the patriarch doesn't like it but that's the best thing to always do when. Your quarterback is being hit more than anybody else in the league is to trade away your best office linemen assets that he talks brilliant. We've brownie traded last Seahawks. And now they have. And well they have a dwindling supply of available starters. Rates. For Christmas went. They have Zach Fulton senior local elementary. And Cha Cha Henderson. My god. Think he can be himself ever again. I know. You have to go without or two so you know they traded away the best last year for nothing and another step with a bag misfits and a quarterback coming off its ACL injury which you know that that quarterback is protected by the office. All that's an hour that's yet okay yet to Shawn Watson and as confused maybe he might need to buy them by the the nice gift or something. It's the seamless at all at a sod farm yeah there are easy you do don't you brought bought his office can lead of running back media for helping about self. While somewhat Samantha by the house they peace nuclear. Okay. Number three on this list is the Dallas Cowboys receiving corps and that he wielded that was all that I was weigh in on that does right or at least he wasn't himself plays when retired Jason wins gone. There are left really with Terrence Williams. Pull Beasley. About Austin they're kind of headlined Al qaeda's Allan Chernoff has a skin and I mean terrorist acts must problem if Terrence Williams and Ellen lit up Elarton Terrence Williams of the one in two. It should be a three and four team. Yeah I mean Terrence Williams had has Ben. Up pretty consisting go to number two in the past he also had. Up in their prime Dez Bryant yeah right so you're so united that you guys are shell out even more of a good compliment that right receiver. But this is a test it who knows maybe. Little Austin sucks OK she's one of the worst. He's a good fur I'd say. Are probably a kick return this year and then at least one yeah. And am most to coal burned some bomb deep back. And prides score like an eighty yard touchdown anatomy. And her. Cold Beasley was awful last year this all makes cents. It does not really even like there's nothing to always there you know there's nothing partisan about it core. Now and the I think the only thing promising but that cores that Brusca. Have really good core iMac core hasn't received all realize that yet no absolutely the only way that anything positive comes out of this for this for the cal was it. The line can. Remain the powerhouse that they've been in past years and keep that press guy healthy and open and free to do what he wants and and he can maybe pick up these guys it's going to be. Dak and Zeke often it's 1% disease prior to lead team receiving the Tyler Texas. Our number two on the list were nearing the top and the queen and Indianapolis Colts defense up. We artist doctor is and then finally. Buffalo bills' offense the entire. The local ties in fairness the Buffalo Bills just offense as old guy yeah the office hole. I don't blame them. Running back huge question mark though I might even be on the team probably not quarterback three guys it could possibly start in week one receivers. Oh. Tell management and his one ankle. And that's damaged and to see how fat. A mental outlook are in camp yeah does that really photo we can get out innocent every year's stomach seems to grow and grow it and that the teams with this. Offseason diet. All right so. It's got to give you specifics they are stuck and I'm just use that as that proper clause they are stuck with AJ McCarron who. Doesn't want to be there. And does away hear anything like. Solar. And who were here you won't be there I don't wanna hear anything about the fact that he might not start. That's simple the only time he's ever smiled anything relation to the bills when it's OK to eat cheese when he was posing for a picture from what's. New computer man who. Might be worst quarterback in NFL history Josh Allen who. No one really knows could either be Jim Kelly JaMarcus Russell has drawn both compares unproven rookie is improvement so. He's kind of their best backcourt. So McCormick is a huge question mark passed beat Indian team. And and Kelvin Benjamin. Might be fat and has won functioning lag. ZL owns is just another few almost crossed his arms deal was a big problem nobody knows who is gonna have more than. Robert Foster is their undrafted rookie who's gonna steal this is just really gonna steal reps from. He might starters are all positive role he could be huge surprise when he role is one of those guys ray rim a cloud from Clemson so there's guys there but they're all young unproven likely set how many of a way to make the team Charles clay is. Not bad he's not great. And he's pretty injury prone as well Barry he's run into problems of missing that he's been bills at least. They're offensive line is the other thing that I think a lot of people aren't talking about is they just I don't think a lot of people folks in fact there was some clothes in trouble right now so we don't know what's happening with him. And if quarterback issues. And I know that the bills are a big story. It kind of the thing that people should be focusing on most over everything is affected they lost their three best offensive linemen last year in the and the reason at some point. Was even functional in that offense was somehow able limp into the playoffs is because of that office for a and we just talked. That's the cowboys. Yet they have a pretty bad on paper at least some bad receiver core idea as the bills but at least the cowboys can. Like they know we're gonna rely Zeke the bills don't know what's gonna happen with McCoy you know. Have anybody to reliant right now they're gonna have to pool together everybody that they hand to kind of make it. You know for lack of a better cheesy term a team effort. It's going to be team offense and that might even though. Although I agree with this list now. I think we can probably make yeah into my seven and six with the Seahawks but I think he's got about I am giving Tebow and the Seahawks up. Got my opinion there should be a top five but I think the chargers tight ends I think that the league thing just because of how. Had. Their lives after hours besides that idea you know and really and then I think that you kind of stop at the Houston office and like I think. I think they're taking into account it. Shawn Watson but it now. Is how his new look Howell ginger he may be on that. They may need an office 18. So I agree I think we definitely can move them up vegetable. Right now we'll move on now starting to now move on real quick movements that world through kind of the big story from yesterday's NBA. It was not. My guy my savior. And my god market Smart resigning with loss of four used to to to me and time. All about in nice big smile on its face that and that picture of him signing his contract won an outline as what is the only one game eleven unions giving the TT eleven million a year of being 52 I'm okay. A resigned the thing that's problem and be. Map that no one's happier than Kamal I don't know because she put for Atlanta where he was traded and he's also gonna make twenty million dollars from not doing crack. Literally he can't you see assessing its cores going that he's if freezing got to go to Houston is a freeze of pride and Houston reopened might Antonia that happy is well. So the most traded to Atlanta for Dennis shooter Mike let's go Hokies who also gave up a tweet suite to protected first round pick. She sure all the specifics there and so tunnel Casey bolsters their bench was Schroeder they're they're going to be sending a scholar to 76ers for Timothy ball wobbled cover row. He's. He's fine and NBA two K when addressing the nation. A daughter I just heard Marv Albert's a thousand times well and cover oh. On the wing. Through oil and oh. Like we said Pomona at these can get all just when he nine about. It's unbelievable. Are you kidding take. And props of the thunder for finding someone to buy it out on us honestly it's like yeah let time. I think both reported it in in in the in the long run scan and the saving them just about a hundred million I think it was a even 110 some so. That's wild so there they're gonna have a lot of cats is going forward because they'd dump that which shocked the dated but the real winner this trade. The Atlanta Hawks. Because they just give and give up his tank tanked anti tank. Yeah must tray tray on no painting takes its promise no. It's. So with Carmelo now on the free agent market not officially the will be its Melo will likely go to Houston. Another guy who's been attached to Houston because he played there but because that's kind of the team that everybody's assumed he'll sign with Clint capella. Yeah he's available and and kind of the other two guys that are at the Rodney hood Dwyane Wade. Marc Crawford's in their nick young's in the Rodney hood. Is authorities back. Cleveland is he a beliefs of the bureau. Thought that happened. That little bit later or a little earlier. I wanna say a couple weeks ago they are just they're continuing. To negotiate with a pen as Avaya a photo became an and he's. There's reported interest. From. The other negotiating with the cast but there's. You have running hood cause some of those guys. He can probably tell about his tee now NBA and you get how team Jesus actually seventies he still balls out. Alec peck he does what he does a great follow on Twitter Cuba Casey's hysterical. I like him. He's a good like franchise mode free agent pick up in two day and I'll act he gave the actress has but he. Those guys gets you nine back handles nine and three at night and he is nine points at three threes crunch time. We're about done. Believe we touched on just about everything but before we go I do wanna get one final thing in. The opened the open up dates. The machines scores. And well there are scores out there I glad I can get mama computer okay. Tied for first Johnston and his hair at minus six. We had that's not his name is name is that Johnson and Kevin. Johnson can Isner I don't know I don't you're out there is a bus and then we have fleet would. Arrives. Tied for third. Rory tied for sixth neck future type a six speed tied for eleventh Fowler tied for eleventh. Hoffman tied for eighteenth Adams got tied for eighteenth Bruce got got tied for eighteenth. Some of the bigger names. Who's here which a prediction. Pulled off Sunday. Obviously would. Stick with Lee went on here because there. No it's not because it's not because of the salad as. Well now it's these do. Inky he holds this course record which I don't think you'll reach but I think it's something he's familiar with you know it's his home. He's not an American. Super. I think in I think he's one of the best golfers or I think Rory is due. That would make a lot of sense we ought to call or email that while he's two back to lead. I'm not a pick Rory I just want we would finally get what he deserves I think it. With everything that he has as much in the last two majors I mean when minus six David he shot. The lowest are tied the lowest. Score in course history should cock. As the keys kind of in backing for quite some time. To time and I'm I'm here and I'm going to be right there with you the stairway to whoever's in the lead. I would like to fix beef. I'd does he still try and over the top five and I really want to win it this is and his major relief the past that we years. But actually it's likely. Again we will see we shell to on the final thing this will be a quick segment this week we're gonna call yes yes or no why. Yes and were. A may not live on past today either try so question that I saw on the TV in the sports studio. LeBron lungs or heart whose mind Ingram. An unknown Laker executive. NBA executives that the lakers try to make their own. Death out of those guys is that a debt lineup yes I don't know why. Yes well. For what the lakers have okay aren't. I don't know gas because. What team won wanna try to make a death lineup especially when you have that it tried to throw on a team with the worries. Eased that one is that dislike. Out of the league roster it's the third death lineup. I guess of were taking the I got to take into the value answers that question. If we're taking the quotes old literally with a late were making our own version of the death on up. And it absolutely is because apple when they ask. Out of top players and then you hear that lineup no one's going to be hull. Did you imagine that was five on the floor together once does that to you think when you think about this for the warriors new line of but note the you don't have the same reaction when you when you hear the warriors and apps compared lawyers does that whoever needs to be and everyone knows that. That's the lakers depth and maybe that's about it but that's about it that's about it for us. Gone for the weekend you'll be back next week beat a podcast that we saw our I don't know Woolsey mobile an employer I Michael's solo if you want. Jimmy taught try to get away sites sights and sounds Chicago firm. Forty some odd minutes. See we can do not try to have some some sort of content out next week he appeared Rory Rory didn't flee with our market in my answer. We're gonna lock in this podcast for all you listen as you honestly he has been roster dot com and audio on demand dropped down tab under podcasts. Can justify its iTunes and to search sports bar at. After subscribe five star ratings only word done. OP all have a great week into the open enjoy your sports enjoy baseball which is back. He had. Yeah.