The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 7

Will Bjarnar and Vinny Asito talk the majority of recent MLB trades and how the balance of the league will be affected. Then, they dive into the biggest storylines from the early days of Bills Training Camp, as well as when this years rookie QBs will first see the field in "Lists." 

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Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back onto the sports bar for after hours on video CEO locks and my partner will be aren't our. And we are back what is up. We're back after. How long hiatus is that week that the whole week and you did that particular day I came on solo effort and even shot Attica. It was it was deathly harder than when I expect I listened to about ten minutes of you. And I'd really appreciate that bush. I don't know which is something I want to try cry of relief. Know much about how's that work out cheer went live on FaceBook and the answer Graham at same time. I gotta I gotta give you props there. Just to do it in the first place a Q&A lives and just recording live for everyone to see. If I mean. The luxury of having audition. Which is the program that we use is if we do is screw up we can make its weak in the end we don't often do it now and I think we've already done it at that we may have that it. Once. But. I don't even know what that were pretty good at just recording in the end our pilots edit and post it. When it's live though anyone can see any mistakes I give via. Held a lot of props for that. Thank you get a it was just I don't know I wasn't really surely people are gonna tune in here so. Yeah I was up in the year as far as how fast people were gonna be asking questions if questions are going to be asked all next thing you know I. I think at 51 viewers on answer Graham and yet another 37 on FaceBook so that you got people with in the comments have been there are their own side conversation season. You're just looking for a question and answer by. I don't school experience some different. Matt. Executive department we are asleep and knowing this is something we might want incorporate shouldn't may be goal lie we put. The camera summed them up in the studio as we're talking and people can listen a lot. Ayman. Which I definitely wanted to give our there's a tease for you you don't know when it's comments come but yet you don't know when but it is but it's coming. You're in Chicago I was well while we were gone I was. I had these theories on cubs game and did not help but ultimately cost him who has what it is the best live baseball game I've ever event. Absolutely I mean. How does that stadium compared to other MLB stadiums even it doesn't in a positive way so I mean I've been a federal and I have to put Fenway. You know in baseball lore when it comes to say it is because of you know. It's so iconic that Brinkley's older and Wrigley is. It's got his own kind of set of iconic little things like and in Bosnia got Huskies fall yet. The monster obviously got. You know just kind of that is aura that Fenway Park brings a Wrigley man I'd be. IV and just go look at that and looking out over the city that is beautiful based it is a beautiful park. I did it's that I'd never been new stadium like it it's and just kind of that the other thing though right. Had attached to it we were talking about this earlier when I was kind of on you guys Obama application. Upstairs. The payments. Are insane it's like. Playoff game in the middle is a lot in the middle of a lot of it was as I went to the Thursday game which was 1 o'clock or war I think it was a 12 points are we wanna be specific. The plane the Diamondbacks. So it's it's a it's a decent series that's pretty good it's a pretty pretty good match up with two competitive teams and but it's a Thursday at one point it was. Hacked solid there was not an open seat in the place there may open but you can tell you to look. From the outside looking loved you so it was the game was osment. At one point the Diamondbacks had. In a Grand Slam going up 61. And it was not Q did it was looking like are right if we need to and we wanna beat the traffic we pride and a it looked like that's woes come and then cubs. It was meant to be it was meant to be 200 codes. It's magic came back and if there is over the cargo walk off home runs awesome balls. It was back to back bring Dodi hit two run homer to tie it in the bottom of the ninth and then Rizzo comes up and picture perfect it was awesome. And the cubs and jungle I mean just to get into a mile beach right now here. That's team an hour and announced after what was he could argue pretty shaky start of the season. And yet they didn't come up they didn't come out the way people watching Texas and no not at all the a lot of people thought that this who I mean they didn't have a bad year by snow last year the line amid playoffs it heated up they ran into Dodgers to. There ended the Dodgers who were on a collision course the World Series. I mean base of past years last year wasn't. Mean yeah in when the grocers. Previous you'd add so last year was disappointment. This year coming in. They were expected. To be one of the more dominant team is the NL and they came out awkward and didn't look to be themselves and you know. Have had problems with Javier Baez is as an injury woes Chris Bryant having them right now. No they ran ended kind of just the Wear and terror a baseball season but it came a lot earlier that I think you'd expect that people expected. And they had expected the cubs jumped out. To have pretty sizable lead I think it a week of there and in a week league being the NL when we've talked about that I don't even know how many times at this point. People expect them to be better and they work on this but you look at him now and you know baseball season is long for a reason they've hit their stride and by no means they'd. The Red Sox of the Astros or yankees now they're not there yet but they're certainly in the conversation because they are the best statistically and record wise in the NL at this point the earth. They're looking like that team that's. Kind of get a get over that hump because we've been talking especially on the show before. That. Pale compared to an out lately have that powerhouse but right. I think the cubs are there common along. And there's been since we've at least had a show there's been a few. Major acquisitions that have happened. I mean the cubs they acquired Cole Hamels Turk. It's so that pitching rotation automatically news. The day the day of the walk off to yeah I'm going through millennium park and I get a notification of a vote cubs acquired Cole Hamels. He's been busy today and big day for coach since. And then in the AL the Yankees ended up landing happen and that Britain so. Too hot to AL east. Pitchers do is change in team into a solid pitchers yet nothing lashed I mean Britain's Britons to Tamils yeah brings kicked he's flashy play JA happ. Isn't. He's no. Gram know but he's depth and good need and they don't have pitching depth. Exactly two guys a Canada guys that ball he had his first start yesterday six strong innings one run. Only two strikeouts by ease in pinstripes for the first time in any fan but we'll take that an RP. Yet the strike out thing is. You know that's something you'd like to kind of see I guess to add a little bit of her flashing has to do things like UC guy like Chris Sale at 200 cadence. Couple hours before scherzer had two hurricanes this season but that's just unheard of at that pace. And those are numbers you'll reach but I mean that. A line like that one earned run. For the Yankees daily that and Red Sox as well acquired its novelty when a really nice day as I was yesterday he'd performed below so. I don't know these are all teams that are already in the hunt and yet they're just looking for more and more to just bolster their roster compost season and make that historical run and a two run. And the thing is. You look at some of the teams that are making most of deals and the aster is actually just acquired sooner from the losers who you suspended until early August but becoming back. From. Trees can doubt. That any I'm just glad and free feature well they don't need hot. They don't need another eichel and her land there my colors they'd just stop. Stop. You've done all need to be held its Butler but. You see some of the teams that are making. Of them the bigger moves and they're the teams that are vying for spots late in the playoffs it's not teens and elect our. How can we make this jump I think the brewers with a team that are different than they trader from a socket so as to which was a big move for them to kinda just. Toughen up that hitting rotation that kind of needed a little bit a life of late just kinda say. All right we're brew really in this solid word just hanging around top for a little bit and were eventually fall off been. I made maybe be that last team to make it in but. Will be there and will be around they want to be there at the end and the sockets is the guy who you knew that he was highly coveted last year. During the offseason the Red Sox were linked to him before they were linked to JD Martinez. God only knows along the league the. And teams that are making the moves of the teams that everyone has. Assuming are going to be there at the end the Yankees the Astros in the Red Sox Almeida move to improve. Something along as well as it has. Reds are taught in that this site out of art as have been talking about this just kind of hit me we're talking about all these big moves. And the last podcast we did was I believe the twentieth which was two Fridays ago. And as we were done we are you and I let just left the studio or walking out we check our phones and intimate chat about it. Aren't we went through an area that is something we did touch on on the show and mow we grads out. Acutely I think we wrapped up the show with like. Is it gonna go through there is in the you know five minutes later I minutes later. So pathetic that that's a dollar and that's that's by the biggest thus far out and say yeah easily biggest name is Nina and he had added to contender. It's like seven contenders have made the biggest moves during this trade window. I think we're setting ourselves up for a Dodgers cubs. Announced and no idea that yes I see happening. With the with the moves they've both made accountable playing. And that's I mean that'll panic because eighty times the two the past two World Series teams Maya Alba. I don't know talk about a match up but it has recently that sort. I don't keep coming back to a partner but that's just stayed in which can you imagine if we got Dodgers cubs yankees red flags be awesome. Talk about franchise real life. And then what would be the equivalent. You can't beat that. If you're talking am obese you like you semantics those those Celtics sixers. Spurs lakers and even not even pepper talk an old time idea as easy. Sheets. That's. The thing is October is going to be fungus grow item much regardless of I mean our luck none of those fortunate in it will be senior Strachan aren't World Series team. Briefs merit a couple of guys hell happened there though jinx us. Let's let one of our teams being in China I hope so you know live predicted all the way. At this point. You the Yankees well taken well yet. Fortunately unlike the un American about against and so I think I think if I'm if I'm speaking as an objectives twister. Entry. Hectic. Than I'm speaking. We're gonna have to address and very reject as it yankees here Reid have to revisit these podcast later on even when internships overs. We will find a way to see how we did and in the Super Bowl pick. Out of pocket school excuse you a lot of the recurring guest who can we can call it was absolutely. So now does and be on the lookout for all that yeah. That's to specialist more for our viewers exactly so or keep in the future are keeping them here and I had our predictions. Dot texting and what do you do when they are delighted to have you don't know what it's happening but it will. There's a lot to look forward. I mean MLB. Season slowly but surely not completely and by. Back half of the season and now NFL. Finally starting up so common training camp finally began here in Rochester we have the Buffalo Bills in. Reported at saint John Fisher last week if you there I was or others say yes which was the first day and pretty surreal yet talked a little bit about it because I don't know mean you've been talking about this in the kind of behind the scenes and we grew up huge sports fans as have probably a lot of listeners. Listeners to have debt problem. It's it's it's different because growing up word the the classic fan boy all I want this autograph yeah at this picture. Well now that's that that's all beside us and that the window yet we're professionals now at least striving to be professionals we have. Tired can't media credentials and yet we have enable access media passes that were on the field were. In the press conferences were taken pictures. I mean myself Thursday I was in the studio with the guys with Mike in gene there. Live from Fisher as they were doing other sports are show. But right I would say probably an hour prior to the show I was the air and Brent dean had a a joint press conference with tournaments ago I was right there and came on the show yet I was prepared for that press conference. And then shady McCoy who many people thought. He was not even talk to media. Just because a lot of people both outpouring of weather report came in you think he might. Show up yet they were we were richer and then he comes out of the press coverage and if you listen to that you understand. At least his sense was this is strictly football. Odyssey had those reporters that asked the tough questions. Find in watching it turned down yet he is not either frustration on his wash over space and understandably so. Maybe I don't look it's. What were deceased post. That's my question I mean he he'd take he handled it the only way I think to you how he guilty right there meaning that's that's how he's looking better now. That's how a lot of the fans that are now because they don't want I don't wanna let you Obama guy I mean this is the best player on the roster. By far there's already question marks on this team but if you lose locally as a running back yet. At another one talk about maybe three. Men were already talked about that. Exactly. But no he handled it the only way could. I mean that's you know getting getting an up close and personal look at that. Like we're gonna have like you Adam third that's the and that's. I was leading into which. It's deftly it it's it's a cool experience for us as young reporters you could say because this is what we're trying to do what we're trying to become and we finally got temperature needs. I mean were round professional athletes and a major professional franchise so yeah an equal for us. Com other than that mean we had. I I would say the big story lines surrounding bills camp but other than Osama Kuwait is that he's more recognition right so. I don't really know where you stand as far as we know where you think this is gonna turn out in the future. With McCarron. Peter Main an Allen and the battle they're gonna have right. Think. The battle is definitely. The thing that everybody is most excited about. Everyone that I've heard from and everyone that the guys in the studio Mike and we have heard from and talk to and everything I think everybody sought at training camp and season trinket is everyone's eyes on Josh. I don't think a lot of people are taking. Quarterbacks battle as seriously as they're taking Josh down tight. I think a lot of people are saying our Josh Allen rookie he's exciting we spent a lot to get him by giving away a lot. You know we took a lot of risks because he's an unproven guy who had Sheikh college career. It's kind of got a cheeky background when it came to the tweet saying or past that. Let's watch this guy he's got a gun he's been compared to Jim Kelly he could become our guy. Let's just. Every but let's go all in on Josh talent so come the intention has been focused a lot on him whereas AJ McCarron. And neat Peerman two guys who you know have NFL experience while not great. They've kind of been swept under the rug. I don't know how much of a battle it is for fans I think a lot of fans are set on our we've seen AJ McCarron and hasn't gone pre. We've seen eight Peerman and that went. Importantly wrong. Let's just go with Josh Alan this is already kind of a lost season on paper. Give him try let him go and you know what comes will come. For the bills. I think the safest bet. Would be to start agent care because you've seen him play for the Bengals multiple times in playoff scenarios as well he's been fine. This is not going to be a fun season. It's not we don't have talent on this roster and or at least enough. On the offensive side especially. To make any sort of discernible impact in the AFC or the league at large not gonna make the playoffs. Unless some sort of miracle happens I'm hoping for as bills fan. I'm not ashamed to say that sometimes I am power right now it's just you know it's not gonna be fun season for a lot of reasons. To be much more learnings yes it really learning season in a before I think it'll be fun to kind of watch everything behind the scenes more than anything else. I think watching and kind of paying attention to practices and kind of quarterback battle and just how in flocks this team really is when it comes to rotations nobody really knows. What's happening with the quarterbacks nobody knows what's happening shady nobody knows what's happening at the wide receiver position because there's so many guys filtering and now everybody is saying Eric Talmadge was number one. I think that's obvious just based on who he is and you know. The stigma he had in Carolina he was the Carolinas the Carolina and is a once receiver until he got hurt. But beyond that there's so many question marks of guys who on drafted who Wear the fourth wide receiver on another team. There's not many other teams that. You you look at the bills is receiving corps they have there one. Other than that they don't have a lot further Q now only four of pocket it's just got a ways to its. You could throw a single one of them out there at any given time and likely that the light. The likelihood of anyone being able to name. The guy that even going out there and let alone. Tell you which number receiver he may be. Is extremely. Like die hard goes dead guy that's right Streeter okay that's Robert Foster. Beyond that. And that's not necessarily important but for bill's fans. And discount of the notoriety this team and just the impact that they'll make whether beyond the media are on the leak it's going to be minimal. And that's not necessarily a big story when it comes to kinda. I guess it is and how successful they'll be this year I don't know what's your take on the whole I I I know I went kind of strayed away a little bit from the quarterback question. The teams just. Yeah glory quest tomorrow we'll get back. Ended this quarterback competition. Discussion. Right now because remembering opera's newest exhibit we're going into a listen all right all right so. This is from an oval like com predicting one rookie QBs who will start so. These is this a seven QBs that were drafted this year. And it's kind of just I mean this is written by mark Sessler who is around and a fellow writer. This is what is post Willis right predicting when rookie QBs will start and each episode and if so. Acre mayfield number one. When do you think he starts. And what's gonna take. Oh okay did does he have the week he does soaker yes. Week. 88. I would be in my prediction. He's got leaked twelve. Which is the week after their boss and so that makes makes a lot of cents. But I'm one of those guys I don't wish injury upon anyone I just think Tyrod will not stay healthy. And cross ice that he had injury pass no but it enough to the point where it's kind of that something you think about I see something happen in nowhere baker comes in. Within maybe the first 56 weeks. And then. I think when he gets his chance he's gonna shine in that might be the end there I'm on the tyra area in Cleveland from training campus you know week six of the NFL season I'm hi I am bigamy Phil yes have been. And how can you know happy or I just think he's one of those guys when he keeps its opportunities. Like Watson. I agree with you I think would take is. Just a weird start to the egg that's needed on the where that I can take out it'll be weird start of the season for the browns. To the point I think hue Jackson's eyes. Tyrod. We appreciate what you've done. Or three and five and the schedule is not gain any easier. So thank you. But we know you're not our future baker mayfield the guy we spent a number one pick on is our future if there were gonna rye rye that their 35. You can still assets three wins yet that's. But three times Byrd 33 times what they've had what the past three seasons they've had their one and 31. Has two seasons. So you know let's say that say they're even two and six which is obviously worse like it's just gonna be all right Tara thank you. You've been productive you know. It hasn't and the ball very as the enemy states these conservative and not flashy and he's not exciting he's not that great he's fine he's deluded. He's gonna do that. Did you. But he is five hits and quarterback. I'm not there if I'm Bonnie and pick I got out of a lot of quarterbacks be mice are. Two or three in five and I'm looking for that one thing. Maybe we want Iran to squeeze into one wildcard maybe bigger maybe that guy that's. And who knows the browns had just abysmal seasons the past two years that we descent and the fans know that anybody. Maybe that maybe at some point what John Dorsey in Q Jackson decides all right. We've had a better year than we haven't passed it's not very hard did you. I think that it's obvious that that's we we see the talent that they have on this roster Josh court and comes back from. Whatever he's dealing with the sort of its training camp harvest landry's itself. They've got a running back corps with Carlos Hyde do Johnson that's really good even joke I'm just talk at the office yet the defense itself it's also really good. At least on paper we haven't seen as giving in to perspective about. Which quarterback does start right whoever does stark look at these weapons there and there have around and that's why it might be a little later in the season. That they say are right speaker. Let's keep your shop I think baker may feel it's gonna start. Yet he has won but it's a matter of when and I think he could be later because they could be find that could go five and three. Within I'm just going and doing the first seeking to that would be my prediction. They could be five in three. And they're like. All right. We're fine right now. Because pulled bills and say all right. Rookie quarterback. On AP auto 500 at JP him in the fourth round pick so it's a load different I mean they could say are right. Rookie go give it a shot let's see how you do. And then we'll kind of see where we're at that point because the bills were Zachary last year it. Cleveland Browns are five and three at any point seasons and there's no shopper changing anything and within the team they could do that any record they could say we're sticking with Tyrod the lets you baker does. Yemen after five and three they want to wood and the notion. That shouldn't would be dumb let's move on here. Sam Arnold yet who is newly signed in and ask you beat a sign. What do we think there when we start. This says all the rookies to Arnold has the clearest path to be the week one starter. Yes yet Toledo's so many question marks are on tapers Al. But I disagree there because I get the clearest path and all of the rookies war who what Alan I think Allen just because. Arnold has. Up through vin flattering to be ego and made our own okay Packers. And I just think. Mean yes Carol could start like weeks McCarron is against diseases that are in by. Issues done. I mean it can't had a pretty good year yet here and with the talent that he had had the defense around and sued the jets defense is not bad. It's fine it's acted C Donald took a ride home I don't see happening I I think him beating out account is more. Unrealistic than an island beating air so. I don't know he thinks he has he hasn't starting weak ones that's in stark. It's possible. But I think that that to be kind of conservative and that's the tar balls has spent his entire ten years in your jets coach Pete pride go with McCown weakland. And then I think Donald. Him. But the I think Donald. Is the most obvious choice. Because we know we're gonna get from Hemmer at least we think we. Whereas Josh Allen will be really knows. He's been fine in training I think. The roses are yet I think to Arnold and Rosie and the day kinda have a similar. On path yeah path or competition because Bradford bullpen that people have proven quarterbacks in front of him. No one that's gonna bring thirteen of the promise and no Bradford Bradford I would say is definitely better than what the jets have going. Just because. I think yeah the cardinals all around her better team they have better weapons. At least in totality connecting David Johnson's. Weapon and himself. And Bradford what we said I mean we saw what he did to at least start the season with Minnesota and I think it once when Rosie gets in it'll be once Bradford hurt. When Darden gets in if he doesn't start week one will be in my town it's. Finally our. This might be honest he's just not playing well is careers. It's winding down he's and old quarterback and then to Arnold comes in and revitalize this thing at least 1215 years yet it's his team. The future of the New York Jets is in the hands. And now it's just a matter when it officially. This place OK so we've talked acre. Arnold. Just touched Rosen yeah out of touch on Josh down a little more now he has him. He says quote unquote it's a total dark thorough but week fifteen against the lions would give the bills. Late season three week and the quarterback of tomorrow. So he I'll he has Allen apparently playing until week fifteen. I don't see that he's the people's champ right now but teams don't really take that it. Not these two magnified accent maybe a little bit by. Only rely on mass that's happening if com pre season and a couple weeks he goes out there and he he lights up. No it doesn't owe it doesn't let oh you'll only see that yeah I always say it is happening if he just goes are there in Ecstasy apps masks. Then I can see our he's not ready but will let him develop all throughout the season. See how our season's going EB calm week fifteen and we have. Handful winds and yes Almonte notes into. The bills actually did that two years ago cart O Jones. They started him. They did they had him run with the ones later in pre season and need to outlook it and they said okay let's. Pulled off the Nate Thurmond in the late season I think by the last game of the year and let's hope for a two picks let's just hope that Josh Jones no card you know let's hope Josh Jones a little bit more than. Five cargo jones'. Ornate Peerman and his five interceptions like well alt I don't know the bills. It. Hi this one I think this is depressing I think this is the most interest in them and you want Lamar Jackson. By far I'm not gonna tell you what he says yeah I want when European. When you start. He doesn't. At all. Yeah. I said it's a matter fact announcing estimates up now right. If the ravens were Smart stick to your gut he says yes one of 2019 cats though yet you guys agree if the ravens were Smart. They play and just to see if things go is again the rate all of these teams or teams that are kind of just not sure how we're gonna dale. Can be really bad could be mediocre not meager. I think the ravens have the height ceiling and. Maybe the browns. And I mean there may be to Karl recent reports coming out of Baltimore are that Joseph Flacco is having the best start to a training camp those holed from exactly. So this might be something that is where contract here yet. And Flacco might be looking at the whole situation like. IE kind of losing confidence in me they went out there are traded back into the first round to take this guy bottom line I need to shell out Joseph Flacco needs to be like. All right screw all this I wanna Super Bowl here. IA at one point in time for about two weeks with the highest paid I beg you let it out I think flash over this he's doing all out. Yet I thinks it's him he's feeling the hype around the margin actually because he's gone through the roof for which makes cents. He's won a Heisman. He's a really good quarterback people got pissed that. Anyone was ever suggesting that he should be wide receive. Everything Flacco was not yes he's literally everything that Joseph Flacco has never and never will be. So silly watching Michigan changed literally polar opposite is a change in play it's a change in culture and Baltimore could probably use that but I think that Joseph Flacco. That's why I would say that mr. because I think that the coaching staff has been one of the oil disallowed goals. To the cows were. And one thing that surrounds Lamar Jackson that I see as being. Is maybe is biggest question mark is how Smart he is calm football. I don't know hole. A lot of the stuff he did in college was it seemed like on him for the most part where he was and just take off on that your. But I don't think he had yeah I kind of keep in mind today. Develop his mind into what it's like to be an FL quarterback he just needs hit the books learn the playbook like the back in his hand. I just don't think he's gonna be ready yet but I agree in the sense that I think this is flakus team and a absolutely his job to lose at this upset. And I'd be surprised if Mark Jackson it's. As I must pending an injury if something happens and Roman there and has had RG three to whom and so who knows what happens there. The last two of these will be quick because I don't think anything can happen here. Mason Rudolph the Steelers Kyle letter of the giants I mean. You and many in the clear and big Ben's plan earlier barring injury. There either of them see and I'm assuming Davis web yet he's the backup was the leading and it's so. Let's not act act. Since our ray geno back you know. I am from LA. Later I do like. On the bachelor when they're like all right this this challenge today we've got a special guest and they bring out public rock. Then Maggie gets off the plane in east and for all of his players I'm back and I brought a guest. 00. Walk off the plane with a broken nose and just. If that happens to pickup truck that bridge we walk across walk over here dive off catch me jump and I have to bet as a ask to have it. Then MacKey used names ever again affiliate with your giants. Gonna go on and really Farley and hear the beauty far. In case. Hold your idea I'd hope accurate for your sake connecting the sake of well actually no I'm just gonna say for giants fans takes because that would be held story and I would love to talk about it but. Your sake. I won't be no milk cook. Not angle moments ponders the fact that. Ever. No don't do that you now into the into the early on did not either they're taken us out. OK what don't you can't think about that OK I'm not gonna leave this studio it now aren't we can. I never again will happen you'll even be. He won't even be coaching. Ever. Who is a bold prediction goal. It's not even bowl like I was a ball absolute bomb. My friend Sosa has been on record saying last year he slicked his head back and he was Bellman in a brick and an emirate. That's. Our kittens. BC I am. I strongly dislike a bad MacKey knew dispersed the stock recorded a pet as you get out here before you break some. Will be back down on one's. Since Wednesday or Thursday our schedules change and now the bills are around. The camp thing is candidate throws everything into double figure regardless. Would Beck. We don't know when. We don't know a lot of things will soon we'll see you soon and meego will be live streaming OK we'll we'll discuss leave them. Will be on our confidence. Have a go on capitol.