The Sports Bar After Hours- Episode 8

Episode 8 of The Sports Bar After Hours with Nick Kobel and Frank Whyte. We can finally talk about who the Bills take at QB... but is it the most popular answer? See what Nick and Frank have to say here.

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I. Gift and you didn't you report is still with us here this fly after hours on the global with the yes always in my body crank idea frankly. It's a great did you. Anyway he felt that if we're with race has come upon us no game. No more NFL draft to talk about it and that's just not true because we're gonna talk about a month and month to month until. It starts that you can't strategist begun. Definitely. In some ways as well. Besides you know the Buffalo Bills getting their quarterback. I think the biggest thing in the draft the bill staying differs. Argued they're troopers trumpets. And trading and again in the first round victory for twelve to seven to get judge Allan. And trading for toll to sixteen. It's from me and means. Who remain Edmonds I mean I wasn't surprised him. Am I mean we all know that the bills had a plan any damage and it's a tree out into that top ten. A draft slot to get their quarterback. Guys have only you know those shatters and he is with the bills alive and you know it was a strong possibility of the death he was gonna go after room so I wasn't really really surprised. Arm I'll tell you limping a surprise me that's the Dow and in acting Cleveland woodgate take a bomb. Bigamy film won yet they me off a little bit because if you could gat you can have drafted him for no. Notably left lateral load that I they baker mayfield was at the top of the jets' list eating so. Yeah and that's what that was coming out before the draft and and weekends they're hearing baker the browns until it's the day before the draft released and you have steamy day of the draft. And then obviously when the first you know world became it took us weeks and the first pit of your once you IEA. They obviously do and they're taking definitely. When nobody still look like the last few minutes to admit their pick and and it like brought his name. And like ancient no definitely want to picket in Sydney taking it tied to. And Ozzie well want to Allen surprise designs of all was saying on Barton squirm part numbered Q school. Still I still think it's a crazy idea to you know running back timber TU. Running back that one even if he is the best running back in the league next year's game. You're telling me that that running back is more valuable to you long term temporarily to either quarterback. Or say three or 41 round picks. The one running back more important that at least all those other positions. I'm limited zionist proudly resisting his short term it was everything a long term because they were obviously user data drafted a quarterback. But I feel like Eli probably got one or two more years left in them. And also I can say quo on gets on the giants and become. And is ought to he automatically makes it seem that that much better so I would like receivers out there. Indeed classic one buyer amends he would say quad come on the next though. You know that this admits next honestly because you can't Gharib dad gum and also as was seen as an out and and it's ending UK and you know you can run with say Kwan Barkley. Let us at play open of the Phil Dow down so we Eli Manning he's a veteran saucer like you know maybe the last year was hit and I'll quit the giants after the season. No question that Barkley makes the giants' roster Altman's a 100% better first fantasy pay awesome. Yet I agree that's an IQB that workload in the office but all right so here's here's a perfect example. And while it's also perfect example. Completely driven pardons. But it's a perfect example. Of what you're saying trying to wing it is the new and sing it straight up in the draft is big markets Davenport because there in position to witness who will next year do you in the giants are Amber's position to win this it will last year. Right now hi I said in a position away but this makes it does make them that much better. Obstacles when they draft a player ice but you Manning easily got a few. Years left in these. I'm if you will until he retires. Then. You have to be making his move with the idea things that you can't wait and column to any team. This east this season. Means is it and are never yet for the eyes you know use the new media. It would say comes the pressure of winning now we're gonna we're. The type of so and so is his would have definitely. In lately has been let's be honest they saw. Yeah horrible. In you know injuries played a role in that on Eli Stephanopoulos Roland I feel like he's a veteran two time Super Bowl champion. And this. For the demon and basic need to add value to the team. I hope so blood. Personally I just think that the instate at the giants are in right now their entire roster this thing that you and many in right now Tibet for them. We're in more than now is wait at least your back into baton for them moving forward and tries to build their roster. Maybe try to draft capital for the future even if you don't like do you quarterbacks in these stress or take one of the quarterbacks and distribute the number two overall pick. You have little the second best quarterback in his draft class. On your team that can be a new team for templates is moving forward so let's just say my head scratch your when he teams while Barkley never tuba. His talent justifies it it's just his position does and that's where becomes interesting and and it's how'd you know I'm waiting go back more than that but obviously the giants sentenced audits that if so who lets it. So like. He has the possibility to have the Ezekiel alien thing agreed egos. Immediately make your team better immediately causes had for those polls and team's defense immediately is this. I'll work cores and it is a mismatch for the defense aside. Do the giants make the playoffs this year. In them diligently on mobile among laws say yes in a division where it with Philadelphia. Dallas one is tough to mourn the most tough this and an NFL definitely. While higher at 1 o'clock to six record are at Ireland seven possibly. Now you can get in the panacea 9:7 record you know evening let's keep for realty and it seems a little crazier is kind of nuts yes went bills are drowning in. The AFC's. I think the bills are looking pretty good BSE. Re in public so let me backtrack a little bits away his assignment insensitive remarks Davenport where you want to drive alive the drive the draft and Noah came later on got so I watched it draft alive I see this ain't straight up. The saints are trading up and Lamar Jackson's on the board and picture featuring their next year's first overall pick. Think in. The scene to do it and this community will march 6 and it's oh cool. Piece of it was such a good fit. And you Drew Brees he rides often decides at our access to ages of yeah. Annual state is ready to rule for the more Jackson in New Orleans Saints. Sonim like. Agree with your pick there I love Davenport I think he's a great pick and I think the saints needed him I think it's good for the next step. Date. Ice man 21 round picks for that guy. That means the draft so ratings passed them up for some reason and you paid high priced warm. I was just. I was led down there was will Mark Jackson I just think that story could have been so much fun. Lamar I would have been hi I'm surprised they failed Baltimore. Com from Boston Baltimore now. Yet has agreed. They sign RG the race they did. Didn't come in and day am thinking OK Joseph Flacco. IG injury RG three in naivete. Mired Jackson them also offers coordinator Greg Roman. Is this that OK so. I don't know bill's old offensive coordinator Gregg who is the offensive coordinator for the first year Tyrod Taylor in buffalo okay. Saw him look you know and I am and I am trying to put the pieces together these guys played down their boss more. I think they see the writing on the wall and Joseph Flacco that he. Was good enough to win UC Wimbledon but none ineptitude again. See I kind of you know Joseph Flacco and embassies in at least quarterback he's their ears hearing good quarterback he's the next year the quarterback is just at the stats of the show. It is posture and feel he doesn't have that quarterbacks swagger he's Joseph cool. That's OK go play overtime to other also last year's Aussie dollar lawyers but Joseph Flacco lost soul. Lately he has a misstep and emphasis LeBeau is seems he's progression has been going down its ratings are always just an outline and they're always trying to buying that day guys that push in the next step forward but for some reason their entire team just hasn't clicked since they won that super. He had he had in this incident were Ray Rice is seen as just had to let him since that. So Tom did look at the fit Lamar actually play for the saints plane that don't hold itself on just. Yeah Clinton offered people of New Orleans but you know. As the legal trouble in he's in Baltimore and come before the scene within the season or career he's gonna have refused. Now we got talk about it aside guys talking about it man. I mean tired do the draft and freaking out the whole day. And lamb does bug in my few odds and hold daily she does care about feelings UK's I know who she has previously idea what's going on but nothing. You definitely review in the entire time testing them talking about these guys these these mean nothing to work and it's like Josh Rosen my guy just shows with my guy until one a viewed it regards as proposals to bills he was. There bullets or I'm going to hold it is CNET and like maybe 2 PM my two week. Bill o's trade to up to number seven. And draft Josh Rosen so the whole track is going along at Oprah well and the bills trip to number seven sitting in my account. And I'm for wreaking I'll. Unlike these and I've told it. Josh yeah own. With a number seven pick in the NFL draft the mobile bills select Josh gad yeah. IR. I always. Literally I guess I'm sitting there. And just I was quiet bird. Maybe two and a half minutes is I just I was dumbfounded. And some. You know I've taken a lot of time I've gone back and I'll watch a lot of film I really haven't watched I watched at least three hours. A film like judge island since the draft dubbed the stuff that I watched before. And I it is. I just wish my biggest things I wish I saw would days off you know the entire title like there's no way that they're seeing through this judge lake. I don't see why Josh Elin should be the guy I don't see I don't see it and then they etiquette and respect that I think. I think when it comes to either bring Andy beans mine or my mind when he goes in the future the NFL for the bills. Brandy be Jamaica decision and he did it any draft having grabbed his guy at which a boy on top of that is he picked him. Over Josh Rosen Josh Rosen was there and have been picked Josh Allen over Josh Rosen which means that his guy. It drifted up and drafted his guy so I'm heads up I mean that's fine I root for Josh and the rest of the way it couple have had had a knack for sure couple. I have to I have to think about this realistically like he is literally the guy that hired to make that decision and I'm just some cute he's so it. Well I guess I wish I could just agree with the point of view and be like I think that's the right move. I just have to believe it's the right move and for from now on I'm Josh and then. Data bugs us and it is Brandon beings okay this is it takes you got to live and die by the scary yeah so. My concern about Gaza. And number one did envision any blade and the roots or will the level competition he played against. Number three accuracy issues. Number four. How well. He needed just an NFL game. SaaS is real quick he didn't have this very thing is that SEC ACC. Evening. The Big Ten you know saying so how can you what what what. How long is gonna take you to progress together NFL level because you have on that the McCain he's not the size but. It also say he's meant so he read can you recent progress in south. He looked awful corner safety in stroke clicks away we know you have to be armed now Phil does about the smog dinky passes to sling style routes the screen passes. That's my only concern with the guy. So it's digital. You be OK but he doesn't have that wow factor right them when I think about quarterbacks in them trade not in employ a number seven and I'm. On this chatter about Rosa is you know and understand and I just want Cordoba that Powell factor. And it I don't know he doesn't have to allow factor in me enough so late. I don't know was ever to Brandon being guy. That was it pressure you out of my biggest fear is that mr. Pogue who is acting biggest audience is that it was a decision made by the ownership happening and push down through and and that was what ultimately to find out. My acting as though he. Yeah there for thirty it's eight years of my. Ask you about this. Just based and you know your personal experience you would handily because I wouldn't be able answer in the same way of thumb. So when he with the morning of the draft came and Josh silence tweets get at least did you do you see us EA EA and definitely. So one how how does that make you feel if it's that you were just. Saying years Shea but boy here in the locker room and the bill's sister adds this guy how would that make you feel and and TU. Would sway you if you were general managers to draft bad guy. OK and one how that may be soon disarm. Even believe I'm with some core. We have to have some type of respect has to be a level of respect it has to be a little a level of honesty. So immediately I am concerned with some disguise what why do you draft is daddies you know I'm saying NN com. Owl wanna get to know personally. Bomb. In atomic general manager. It's a fine line because of business that didn't you have to celebrate mostly from business and so is this guy and the best. Product that can help us win and help grow the brain of the business. Also we still have that conversation so that's my thoughts on. Right and I agree it's not to say that doesn't matter because it totally matters definitely. But you know you think back and things that we've done it when we were younger in snow stuff we have we don't we regret it would like to take back and you know that doesn't represent who Josh Allen is as a person now and and it should be used against him. Because he did that equity dump fifteen year old. Boy you don't have to answer for your actions and mean debt goes through. No matter how old you are all the way through life you you you perform these actions and you speak for the actions that you in his own set the analyzes so yeah well is that that behavior obviously is unacceptable and all ages for sheer especially when you're you know you're. Somebody like him he's just looked down with such a magnifying glass and why wouldn't you think that book. Back in your younger age you it thinks are listings are funny you know understand the world completely gate. Just in time did you states to Stanley if there's certain phrases to stay away from in the that he grew up to it definitely changes it also worries me too because. You know he wasn't exposed to. You know a bunch of diversity you're eating into farmer in California. Is a I mean honestly how much how much technical background do you think decades guy also. A kind of worries me about his upbringing like you know and I was pretty sure use the people of different races here and everything that area is that he was great locker room I've also heard that he. He let calmed some some. Student from it was a Hispanic descent mama crash with him fully glee monitors and is the key to his house. So there are plenty and plenty of things to talk about against. You know those tweets and so I'm sure. It won't be a big deal in the future but it's definitely something that was a red flag especially the day of the draft. And then you know it's just it's for the negative. Like you knew drafting animal over on headlines of the newspapers like. You know it's a Dicey first round pick in you you're taking a risk with this guy because character issues all of a sudden be hit of these tweets that came out and you know it just would have been nice. If it feels good just to wrap it. Is it instead of emotion into this is the businesses business but on the flip side the one. This guy of that kind of personality if dad. One SM is still ism. To be leaders afraid to face different at this lots ulcer on ethnic background group of people to. But I guess it had a conversation beyond this in have a firm conversation. Changes. Let him understand let them know that that time behavior. Not susceptible. Won't be tolerated. So the illustrated haven't got the guy that was seven traded up with the Buccaneers got the quarterback. And they treat you first are you second round picks to move up there. And they keep there were 22 and used and the third rounder just wondered just 13 and 22 and a third round pick. To trade up six spots. Detract from me at means. Monster line backers in nineteen years old yeah example in the us where we don't want our life has certainly it is all the bills linebacker. And first hole of the talks about this guy I mean let's let's slow all of our share I'm not saying that's your instinct what to do that kind of of value. The first round and you'll. It's just completely comfortable with the idea that we were only we drafting once in the we're gonna trait of blah for this quarterback you know so the bills got their guy. Obviously this guy because they want to take judge Allan aunts. Another at linebacker they were hoping to get to. So that's that's due huge oriented team is here he said he's he's sandy GM so give me a lot of believing in the as the bills fan and that's was a lower with the judge oh they also say. Also. As the buffalo sports and some I have to brought about accountability here it's. Ralitsa. Amateur it's the battery two is the man who said. If the sabres can win the first overall pick in the NATO drafted takedown and will support judge islanders and. Area are decimated and the sabres. Have a lottery and maintain my Twitter. Pro club background to Josh Allen pulled of the the bowl logo is number one fan now or will we are seeing an Agassi I'm just opened I mean anything again. Of course of course a hope for Josh and turn into the person that everybody thinks some people think that he can be. But I by I have my reservations about it I'm very concerned. Play it again I'd bring him being put my life in your hands and you've got this you you took the guy. I'm just here to watch and so. Fingers crossed rated game I hope he did it but he I don't know. I see able oh I guess we'll see you tell us it's ever. And an accident that. Love this course or after I'd think you guys are tearing it we had a last year. Of course me and frank frank thank you for for being around no problem we always have a great time here in the sports bra there was everybody feel. Have agreed there and keep listening east. I.