The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 8

Will Bjarnar and Vinny Asito talk the long awaited return of football, as well as the continuation of Bills Training Camp, and then they run through possible future Hall of Famers in "Lists." Finally, they round it out with an Urban Meyer/OSU controversy update, and by talking a little Yankees-Red Sox, including: should Yankees fans worry?

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Rochester new sports a leader not 57. ESP yeah. Good evening everybody welcome inside the sports bar for a little bit after hours as always I am will be on our coming to you live from a brand new studio. Downtown Rochester alongside the one and the only Vinny the CO howry I'm good. I'm fantastic yeah. Marty because football is back officially it's back last night kicked off the ravens I don't entertainers pre season and a pair with a whole theme of yours I got to hear the broadcasters voices. The sideline reporting. The players the coaches it was all back yes it was the batters in the agreement to let that football is football. And it is here to stay. Until February to have her. Take it. I'm thrilled. I'm really thrilled now yet you you mentioned that it's a scrimmage and it doesn't mean a darn thing and really the ravens in the bears are not two teams that apply going to be talking about come the time that you said football season will be ending in February. It's very unlikely at least now unless. I'd some sort of grace is unlikely if not like you know what I'm just gonna say definitively it's not gonna happen. But these two teams that. How interesting story lines than them all they able to I was intrigued yeah. As a football fan I mean for the bears mr. misty wasn't playing the which which a lot of people do is gonna patent. Joseph Flacco didn't start by. Robert Griffin the third. Big name everyone knows and then obviously Lamar Jackson which I think is obviously played at peoples are excited about if you guys raise it I think they are not a bears or ravens fan. You probably watch that game to see Lamar Jackson play absolutely and is essentially played the whole second half. He had some ups and downs but like they get eluded to on the show earlier with. Danger but Hadley and they are saying it's his first team bright lights hall of fame a lot of story lines but they were touchdown. Threw a pick later on but. I don't know is good to see him out there. The business ally for Jackson used their first round pick. Last pick the first term. Yeah direct trade back India. Four for ten from the field 33 yards. Touchdown and an interception. And that's and what eight carries ran over the 82500. Urgent as long as long as rooms and arts. That's a terrible outing it's not horrible. Again it doesn't mean anything. You know gives it just did what psychiatrist and an era but what I immediately cinco when I see that. I had lied when I wanna try to think of his arms or is that step yet there's that when I see that's that line. And if you didn't tell me that was Lamar Jackson that's one of the teams I would guess of who that was because of how many times he ran the ball. Compared army times he threw the ball he ran for eight yards less than me through right exactly what he does. Terry did it yeah but that's something that I think for him to be successful he needs to get away from you got in the NFL mode to be ex says because quarterback yet to be a run first QB and I found it just won't work. And I finally let me set this is his first game by Franklin is out it doesn't exist anymore no you don't see you can point out one in every guy that still runs. Has an arm and he can. Running has to be a second option even Cam Newton who is probably about the best running back Kirk running running quarterback. In the NFL he's right now yeah you could argue Russell Wilson goes and has size scale and he's got the size and he's got the bill and he's got the arm apparently to dissent. An existing or less got a really do effectively and her and then layered with I was Michael Vick in and everybody knows he had is issue. Off field that and that's the compares and the NFL comparison we've heard exactly Mark Jackson is oh he can be Michael Vick 2.0 which I don't really know if you want to have accumulate that in this dialed NFL now it is an don't know if you wanna be. The way that the league is. Maybe not even moving that just more straying away from his it quarterbacks are making more plays with their arms and they ever have before it. Or at least have since the running Erica and elect if you're starting a team in this day and age you want a pocket passer. And that that is Alex's what do you think I guess my question would be like when you think about. Just every single time there's a running quarterback. There immediately compared Michael. Is that fair I don't think it'll ever be another Michael Vick in my opinion. I just I highly doubt so he had absolutely hand yet you see the video pop up on Twitter at least once a month of the opening play. He was on the eagles' Desean Jackson's return another thing. Just threw just seven ER Hain maker downfield. Touchdown firstly game app. But then you see videos of him with these 360 Spain's running and outfield it is just. Matt oh wait he's impossible he's incredible cup I don't think anyone ever touch. Michael vick's status. And I don't mind the comparison especially she's someone like Lamar Jackson yet because they do a lot of the same things. But. I don't know I think like I say that you need to get away from that style football to be successful in this day and age of the NFL. You do it's that simple every quarterback that we see right now that's really you know held. Hi in noddle not only current NFL low orbit at a polo or is that as an entirety. And you know in the history of the league the guys in the league right now to delist off on the bigger names Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers those are two obviously. Of the best quarterbacks of all time and probably two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now easily. You got Drew Brees. You've got guys all around the league that are constantly in the pocket Wilson even a no injuries they make plays outside and they in no way am I telling him not to Hewitt never hear this put in no way by saying Russell. The block Lamar all the talk and no way in my. Saying that he should get away from this yeah because. Would like we just said. Drew Brees yes he's pocket passer first but he uses feet to his advantage and makes plays a lot of odd QBs can't. And Lamar is gonna have that same concept. Where OK I'm gonna have to stick in the pocket but it. When IE maybe there's no one open I need to take off. There's going to be things that only the Mark Jackson we over the do yet that's why he needs to keep that stuff in his pocket but. He needs to stay right. And he has an incredible pockets an incredible Mata but a schism that gives him the opportunity to do that. But I think what were he special that is exactly very spot and what are basically both of us are saying without literally explicitly saying is that. Did he doesn't necessarily need to get rid of their running it's just not it needs to become an option rather than a first resort so. You know in college kid in college it was perched first nature to him absolutely because college is different game. That simple palace the defense is a weaker and that's just old that's all part of a acting NFL maturing. Learning the game and that's what he's gonna have to do when you see quarterbacks often times. Not all the time you mean decked pressed on his rookie year had. One of the better rookie years that any quarterback really has ever had he does or unsuccessful he didn't make a lot of mistakes uses is. Just proved that he probably should not been a fourth round pick. But a lot of quarterbacks that come in. Whether they're drafted high or low struggle right out of the gate. Because for pre season games and such and one training camp is not doing enough to give you a good taste in public that your golf. He was the time he was historically bad does it every game that he played. During that his rookie season and when he sixteen and then I have seen or less he's he's from Leeds is fantastic and teams eleven and five it's not easy this whole NFL things saudis and now it's not that not now. I can do it. Arcandor. Usually put on high school Seattle it's no big deal it's at. HM taste that's just what the sums it up so that what it's like 99 point something percent of people are just not army tent now. The gift button. One thing that sure about football that it's back. Gotta give you specifics but in your dog but this game last night ended 1716 there was fine had its moments. Announcers meant that they don't wanna be there that's okay. I mean really that's it there's there's not a heck of a lot that's touched this game notes attached the hall of fame the hall of fame induction which is exciting and I think a lot of people probably won't watch but they know the names that are going in. You know. That's really it. Football has been brought back into our lives in a very nice way and I'm happy kicked in a little right. Next week when everything starts from a full circle and all the teams are playing them it'll really feel like it's back McConnell will move and into right now at this. Conversation and what we've move would plan a moving into is that next Thursday and so weak from last night the bills will begin their pre season. And obviously were. Working a lot at training camp enough I'm looking up at the TV right now and their their life from Newark to and I did so they're back on the while they held the red and blue. Scrimmage tonight which. Popular excited about kind of return of that on. For two straight days AJ McCarron has been taken the first team quarterback reps. Now. Is taking them against Knight yes. Does that say anything you. It does in the sense because watching. Watching the competition so far between the three of them. I would say he's hands down but the most consistent yes absolutely. The most flashy if I even more flashy would probably be Allen. Has will be times where almost by default yet the only times three throws. Sixty are beautiful bond downfield but then the next play. He overdose a screen pass lake. And that that's again he's a rookie it's gonna take time but those are just the things that. McCareins not gonna do as a veteran in this league exactly opposed to someone like Josh Allen and Peter man. Peter and hasn't been awful but he hasn't done anything that has made me or any other reporters say. OK I think he's going to be the guy over care. A. So I mean I think it means something and turned in the wraps yeah but the saga though I agree with you because if he was. If you can't nanny or as the candidates is McCarron has taken the third string reps we don't need to talk about like crazy and that would mean something. So the fact he's getting the first team maps yet meaningful. But it's training camp that's what happens right they could it could mean everything or could mean nothing. I agree I don't know which was more likely I mean that's discount it. Kind of would become accustomed become accustomed to when it comes change you know everybody's in their their rotations everybody's getting their reps and especially for the bills. We talked about this numerous times and it's been a hot topic down in the ESPN's studio with that the guys to danger of attack it's. Who's going to be the quarterback this year. And are we one step closer to knowing that. Who knows. You know AJ McCarron I think for a lot of people was that guy that you'd just kind of expected to be out there these safe bet you know he parliaments of freeagent for a reason that. You short of the quarterback position so you go get a guy who's shown capabilities in the past you know it has. And I talked about this last. The last time we were on. He's his playoff experience now to bills are gonna get anywhere near close to class this year but he's got the experience that you know while minimal. This proves that you know you have something to show for your skills have jumped something the chauffeur for the fact that you were a high profile free agent signing. When the Dothan Havel now you know it kind of came came down to him entrant Murphy in those of the two headlines that people as in aren't these the bigger changes that we made and Vontae Davis as well these are some of the bigger changes that we've main. Trying to strive towards something but it's gonna be rebuilt and people need to understand that. And so. You know it cut all starts with. The quarterback position and beyond that it's gonna continue into what's going on the so McCoy. Can this defense continue to do what they did last year there were one of the best defense in the N Thelma. Be you know a defense yet. One thing I can tell you from being at training camp instrument and means is an absolute freak of nature oh my god the guy is massive. He flies around. He's been doing everything right I. The other day he dropped interception runs up the field does is push ups for drop the ball. After practice he's signing autographs I did you know at least an hour and fifteen minutes stay an test only guy out there that's fantastic. And then if I was one years old and I was lucky enough for it was it was just yesterday yesterday morning I was a practice. On it is 20/20. Practice adjust them on the older than me. Practice that just concluded yesterday he's come up to feel I have had the opportunity go up sit in on an interview them recording his interview. Here comes shady car bombs in the mean. Excuse me. And just interrupts he says you know it in two years this is going to be one of the best players in the league on the defensive side of the ball on the whole week. And after watching these done in this week and a half. There's it's I can't disagree with Sean does that guy is a freak. IQ points in play. I'm excited and when they drafted him number number one I'm just gonna throws out there and I'm proud to say enough how proud I am to say it but I'm OK with saying it and I've been. Much an advocate for anybody but Josh Allen at that quarterback spot at number the number seven pick when they were taken. There is obviously we're gonna take corps back when they traded bomb. I'm pissed I'm not happy about the touch on Dick I never have then I don't really get it. I'm hoping I have to eat my words down the line and I'm hoping he's phenomenal he's franchise quarterback but what I do know is that. While my face was buried in my living room being back at school when they pick Josh Allen. It immediately a rose and a big smile was on my face and I such mean had been named how could you not oxygen not a happy he is probably. Simultaneously the most underrated and the best defense a prospect in this draft. You can make an argument that is Bradley child but remain Edmonds. Like you said and like LeSean McCoy said has a real opportunity to be phenomenal player the ceiling is the route the routes through the roof it is and the roof Michael Jordan it is truth. She is like gene I have the same pick for defense plays the current defense the rookie of the year I think it'll be him. You know Brad -- obvious was taken number five and number four was dens award which was way too high but when are gonna talk about that. He's a freak and use you said it. I haven't been at practice quite yet I'm going on Monday and I he's the one guy I'm going to be watching so intently while everybody else is there. Wondering how Josh Alan's doing and freaking out about that. I'm going to be losing my mind over to me and I. Cannot and it's ironic because just this past weekend Sunday I was at giants camp out in East Rutherford. And house with a few buddies Australia and I was just I didn't see Ogletree who is one of our biggest free design yes from a round sites they are but the New York Giants. It's fair and I had okay yeah I had my team my team right there's one my my good friends from school I almost got really big fight. Our freshman year because I was watching because watching the Celtics. Celtics series I think price gets the wizards. In the playoffs two years ago. So when Isiah Thomas. Was having kind of his best round match and I kept my thing what are we doing like that sort of stuff now believe this is not what you're on the tendency chic that which I swear to god I could return at. I turnaround as of and and she was it's not you you're not playing. Why why you refer to them as we elect its passion I it's. And then I was I immediately left and anyway my own but any and continued I was talking about Ogletree. And I was just looking at him I set aside a lot of like massive. I looked it up. He's 62235. My buddy just. He he's got got a friend he was yeah. Dude are you kidding me have you seen Jimmy Edmonds yet at how I hadn't had time yet he goes to he's 65 to fifty. And I didn't wanna like. You see guys listed like that but then when you seem in person. My body was right I was looking up the guy just think Mike can you imagine getting hit by this man running down field full speed. Because I thought that she's twenty years it would not matter how is that that was an eagle and treasuries. Two wild. Some of these guys it's it's nights and two main Edmonds and no exception not really excited I'm really fed. Can't wait he's pride thing I'm most excited about this year the Buffalo Bills and he's a freak in line and not the only one job. Is that depressing. You're excited about lyme bacteria. And it's a depressing is not anti depressants are Hayward. It's different. You're different will there thanks for eternity. All right let's get in the list then the list we found today is from ESPN at the operator assisted individual writers are writing just on us. It's called deciding top whole fame debates. Following names in the headlight out there like Revis rivers he lied beast mode and more you can indeed your shot you on. I haven't read this list yet neither guy I just on the outside we're gonna go kind of just one by one with a payment. Trump their own who knows what will find our number one they having unanimous vote for the offensive tackle one of the pride better in the league in league history and Jason Peters. Well absolutely I think there's no yeah I think he's a hall of Famer I mean two time first team all pro nine time pro bowler. How could you really argue against it I mean that's just one of those guys. We've set up before offensive linemen don't really get much much credit in Jersey you know he's one of those guys when you hear that name you know we will skip. If your team gets Jason Peters that's big time. You know you hear names a lot about earth if you like kinda think about defense of linemen they get a heck of a lot more credit. And you were given offense linemen it's just our shows just how it always has been. I always will be because the defense won their bigger names and they're actually making plays and putting in stats match stats that people know at least off the linemen are obviously putting up stats. But it's not the same as deacons won and he's one of those guys that if you hear his name Mueller okay yeah I know the key is one of the best. And has been hit quite in your team's signs an offensive lineman. That he's maybe not a big name you might think OK that's good depth for all right if if he if you signed Jason Peters. Your your lines held a lot better just due to the fact he's up there with those guys yet warrior signing dissolve up actually it is I mean Jack but like let's say. Beside DeMarcus Cousins it's like if the cowboys were assigned Jason Peters. I would say pretty similar but only because the cowboys the cal oh win championships. Scott who. You add their talent in the rush all my cowboys fans out there who just lost. Eleven. Years. Are dealing Peters gone the patriots August at least as parents to be talking like the unit itself if it's the offensive line of the cowboys which. Everybody considers to be the best in footballer. Warriors I said I act I this year is the odds that line up. But again warriors when things I was. Low blows. Skim or all of the whole let's. I just wanna throw little disclaimer in there obvious it was a giants fan in New York Giants fan who also known popularly NFC east yes. I'm Alex. Around. There are many of them are right next on the list is mentioned in the head by Darrelle Revis who recently retired and is widely considered one of the best quarterbacks. Of all time and I think rightfully so he had. Very storied career with New York Jets at least yet you know Israel's own Fuller trailed off and he won a suitable eventually got his championship with a New England Patriots. Who has an and you know trailed off at that point you became. Not enough forgotten but he became. The deepest deepest feet into the box. That was awesome boxer she said you know people accused him and really idolize you think the Revis island. Here stats you think of the lot in the gallery and it costs you think of between Ankara interception you don't think of when he gave up on that play enough in Cigna. He's that jet and that's when he four tied first team all pro I think Wilkes. I mean we talked about this when he retired yeah like percent. It's the Caribbean and can you have the veto all the help chemical they use are in the polls are gonna totally the tactic international. Commute have a nickname like Revis island and I'm not only well named Anna is now but. We'll we'll get back to that later because you can have a nickname like actual get and are now you have a nickname like beast mode would not get in because. I don't think he didn't. Marshawn Lynch I don't I don't think so. I would probably a pardon. Now these are the book he. He made five pro bowls he was a one time first team all pro. Great one time second team all pro he's 3031. All time rushing QP one of the more well known running backs of all time but I don't know that because of his play. She at all time rushing touchdowns with 81. Impressive. And then ranked in top five of total fee and he's going all the I don't stop right there arguments over an alternate. A that's round going with this of one of your stats needs to be a fantasies that united to bolster your hall of Famer as of may enough stop I don't know. You know I think beast mode is. Least mode in this case. Many votes to get from the writers via three. To more than actors on the five on the so I don't I disagree. Look I think he's more well known because the rain there yet. And I think. I mean Marshawn Lynch one but the and beast mode that everyone knows beast mode everybody knows that the Korean doesn't make them whole thing I know it doesn't now think it will he. I think one thing you remember two things you remember about Marshawn Lynch if you wanna think of something that's not important football speck he's nicknamed beast mode which is terrifying but. You can actually use this that you get in the game like that and told me I'm he's gonna be more remembered for. Being nicknamed beast mode eating skills are on the sidelines I was just yes and driving that golf cart at Hal which was well in Iraq yet which was awesome all right let this topic to talk about that's out there. Like 72 YouTube clip and get hall of fame you make it there I'll absolutely perfect art and that's only that's all that matters and you're in the industry and define it if you're in the hole. If you're in the lake sound bite hall of fame. It's better than having ankle bust I guess I would skip over guy. You can probably make case for either way Terrell Suggs. Seven Robles won first team all pro once second team. 125. And a half sacks seven yet so people I would say Leila I'm gonna say yes because I think. The years he had playing alongside Ray Lewis helped him so much in. And obviously Rees you lose it in and I would I would even say also not to interrupt you but. He held his own. Exactly I was like nine and one day he lap was led by real gap and once Ray Lewis laughed it's hit eighty still there. He still been phenomenal and now he's led. He's glad that ravens' defense to some top notch defense is throughout these past three years Arabs so I think he gets. And as this goes well. First quarterback analysts the rating is Philip Rivers. And you probably have a bone picked with this he's made seven pro bowls he was between thirteen and a book comeback player of the year. And cut into 342 passing touchdowns was six all time it's pretty impressive 50348. Passing yards all time which is ninth Kirk. Yes which is ninth all time. 48633. Yards of total offense which is in ninth all time. And a 94 point eight passer rating which he felt okay. If you why. Us dat. Stat filler over quarterback. 100% to end. I'm not. And I don't hate rivers Darrell he's a great quarterback. But my problem here is the people that think rivers gates in an Eli doesn't. So let's just leave very end like this is kind of a this is we're gonna kill two birds one stone year with rivers and Eli if rivers gates and Eli has to BN. He has to be probably here's the because they way listed in the who's out OK if year GM of the team in your drafting your quarterback. What do you want your quarterback what you want out of him when he's done when he's retired. AQ what does Eli have. That rivers doesn't. To. You compared to none and to. React to. Super Bowl MVPs. And you know lots has two Super Bowl MVPs. Carrie Bradshaw and Joseph Montana in two robbery that it that is eight. And Eli Manning you listen Ali red apple decided to do the right guy. Definitely don't like it cause you're right you're right yes I like the giants split. How could you put rivers and older Eli if you like it's in. Rivers doesn't have doom but he shouldn't. But it vice Versa if everybody series or no wait rivers gets any Eli doesn't something is wrong. I don't think that'll happen I think you I will get in you just listed those stats about rivers. Well Eli himself write your goals. He's eighth all time in passing touchdowns six all time in passing yards seventh in total offense. At least he started to wonder ten consecutive games which would still. Be going on if it was. For Africa and America do. But I'm not gonna get that right now let me get it out you got really examine that and the podcast now yet it was time but you were mad annual you didn't want it talked immediate I walked over the bridge okay. Like I just said. All those stats are free T damn close to rivers boy Ely also has two rings on top of that resonate tournament. Tournament put them both and feel I put Diana put rivers on both and I will. There's couple names that we can to skip or not skip over it kind of just bounce on real quick. Focus on it's it's a noise that balance on. Focus on real quick Adam Vinatieri yes or no. Yet that these alleged earthquake here c'mon it's a equivalents quick yes he's one of the best kickers of all time mark Frank Gore. Frank Gore yes he's a similar yeah similar to what you said about rivers he's a stat suffer he has he has made. Any appearances and championship games Sybil I mean. Tuberville now though he has been as a Christian Bible you know he's fifth all time in rushing yards fifth all time rushing attempts and six all time and offensive touches yet that is I'm Lindsay. We we just read Lynch's and he was 31 all time in the eighteenth in touchdowns and he added this is a guy to your top ten in all these statistical categories he's unbelievable season is that stoppers is one of the best. Running back stat wise at least of all time more most productive as well if you guessed Pia. Has to he has. We didn't skip over anybody in the who's in. Moving on who's out there James Harrison I would agree. I would agree I think maybe if you would have spent years and I don't think it was that this whole career in Pittsburgh you know winner of the matter on the matter. I mean that's another guy that he's known for that play in the Super Bowl. Like that was his moment of his career hands now understandably five time pro yeah understandably other than that and the five time mobile mobile or. Two team first time our two time. First team all pro. Yeah by the un that. Yeah I don't know if this actually an all time among sex with 84 and a half the American infamy. He is and it's he's another guy who's more known for other things I can see him indefinitely for the simple play in the second best known for the fact he works out and grace let yes yes exactly like. I can see him may be on the fence like down on the road type thing but I know times and I got to pass. You pass a Carson Palmer who's next on the slowest these last drink in his last one. He got zero votes from fire disappointing. No Boca because. His elect him yeah I mean Carson Palmer he's coming out of college. The holy it was unbelievable. And you would have thought I mean Nazis twelve full time passing yards twelfth all time passing touchdowns. Nineteenth all time passer rating. But again other than that what does he have that really jumps out. Playoff appearances he made one NFC championship no. You know I mean and never do anything Lebanon is the one triple one. In the NFC championship to get balled by the key Carolina Panthers right that's it. You can't really. Put anything else on Carson Palmer's name and say oh he did that. Yeah he's ranking fine he's ranks find and he got hurt to tour Lisa you now which. Again on that for you can't really hold that against us we'll edit sorry your career and he had a great career got it cut if he really could have back that much better to three pro pro bulls 12 team all pro. I understand why he's included in this list but now. That does it for lists we're still working on that sponsor. Not something is not as fun to talk about and it's a football related and it's. Pretty tough. This whole thing that's going on Ohio State yet or gone on this account for the Ohio State has had you know her and Myers and son he's in some pretty deep trouble right now. So. Frankly. Ohio State has had some problems with their coaches in the past decision to say the least. I'll make this point probably again soon but everybody remembers the hoping that Abu Jim Tressel he got fired because his players were making money off of tattoos and signing memorabilia and that's a problem with boosters and just eligibility and that transition incredibly tenants can't do those candidacies. What's happening now in Ohio State is forwards. And that's undoubtedly. Assistant coach one of the assistant coaches in the past Zack Smith. Who's accused of between fifteen sexual assault. And things have been pretty murky because right off the bat Urban Meyer said I didn't know about it. I didn't know thing. No was my players and right when right McCain and start coming out right when things came out. Knew right when things came out there were reports that were made by. I think Smith and his wife. That both said Urban Meyer and urban Meyer's wife knew about it yet they both knew about it and I didn't do anything about it. There my process allegations. It was. Meyer said that's not true. So to kind of do timeline of today where a lot of things have come out. Earlier today. His name is. Adam Smith's. Zack Smith I'm sorry that Smith says on there on a radio show in Columbus, Ohio I never in my. I never did. That's really there's not really many specifics beyond that he just said it didn't happen the way it's being told it didn't happen. Then Urban Meyer tweets later corset and I read it because they never happened obviously ridiculous. Urban Meyer later tweeted. Big statement very long and I'll read just a bit of it says cues the truth while at the University of Florida and now the Ohio State University. I've always followed proper reporting protocols and procedures when I have learned of an incident involving a student athlete coach or member of our staff by elevating the issues to proper channels. And I did so regarding the Zack Smith incident. A take there that responsibility very seriously in any suggestion that the contrary is simply false. And then he says. Later on my words whether in a reply to a reporter's question or addressing a personnel issue must be clear compassionate and most of all completely accurate. Unfortunately at Big Ten media days on July 24. I failed on many of these fronts my intention was not to say anything inaccurate or misleading however I was not adequately prepared to discuss these send it sensitive personnel issues with the media and I apologize for the way I handled those questions so. Basically what he's saying is. I knew. I didn't know how to handle this and I'm Sar. Right now he's on paid leave from Ohio State. You claim it's in today claimed that he be back soon he whatever that he is. He says. At the end of the statement of fact I ask that you continue to support the incredible coaches and student athletes in our program and I look forward to rejoining them soon. It's not a and I hope to return to them soon it's I look forward. Forward to it. Which. I'm very distinct no it's it's pretty definitive he's saying I look forward to rejoin the suit. Like I look obviously it's like what you sign off when you're emailing your professor and a forward to hearing back from you soon and about this override. Like it's gonna happen you're gonna hear back. And he thinks he's gonna rejoin the team. So. The next development involves. Zack Smith. Who is text with his wife were released. And really we're not gonna really give our take on this because there is no take half this stuff is terrible it's vile it's messed up. And the fact it was swept under the rug by whoever it was swept under the rug by whether that have been Meyer or Smith today on the radio or anybody else that Ohio State. Ease. Absolutely unacceptable and the fact that this is really. Not going unnoticed but is. Going in the direction of kind of Urban Meyer might be reinstated. Is messed up and by all accounts he should've lost his job. Just simply by the fact that he knew this but beyond that there's not really any other thoughts the can have. The developments today who's actually on taxes is in this uneven micros is not a need but this is damning. Zack Smith admitted he abused his wife in attacks essentially his wife I don't know who released these texts but the text released. Are his wife texting him. Here's a message from her the first message in them on the image the screen shot think about the past think back to the cheating. The lies and picking me up by my next strangling me input to con and at our top are at our place in April the abuse got worse because you couldn't stand me catching Ewing your lines. The following text while he just slide rules so hours before these are released he's telling people on editing never touched his wife she's texting him. Saying you did this you abuse me. Here's what he follows up and says I know. Five exclamation points. So tell you that as he essentially judge admits after going on Aaron sayings never even happen too and she follows up. And says now you continue your lies he says and so so sorry she says such a slap in my face to stay away that's last text in this thing. That's the the tweets from Brittany Murphy says the next Smith told. 1057 the zone he never abused corny here's text message between that and corny when he admits in apologizes for strangling his way. This is getting worse and worse for everybody involved you know. It's it's despicable. And you know I come back and blacksmith never well never an Urban Meyer. If he knew about this new about it in its entirety if this hate you know if this if you know he's out he's done got to be done any kit is there's no other way to handle. The so that will be something we follow our indefinite follow upon continue to update. It's just. This and you know at the world's list. But honestly got around the time yeah almost time we're getting kicked out a couple seconds but I do wanna touch on this one final thing and Gina touched on it today in shots. Or might have been BM shots he said it's time for. You yankees spare us and he worries time for yankees is to be Danny. Are you can't we set oh you are you second. Let on there oh you're you're not worried about well how loud Coca. What you're worried I'm accepting. That we're I'm I'm almost an almost accepted the fact we're in a wildcard. I think being the and I just said we'd but the yankees'. Subway. Yeah we hop. Again that was fine go ahead I predict I'm not on my doubt on that the Yankees jumped out to a four nothing lead last night in Fenway killed me. The deed eager glorious home run as a partner felt an island up 34. Degrees and it's been an eighty in the fourth. And they lose fifteen cent can. I mean come on tough go on my real tough. Studies on the mound and IE yeah. That's a must win it this heavy cell. Now sells on the tendon that's right. I think it's personal today camco with the which is a good matchup well there is right there. It for so cut 144 verse thirteen four or sell the widest. Pitcher Brian Bass bar and yet that our backyard and the guys standing borrow three. Thirteen important. That's take that I'll take myself but I mean as. Any of these fans out there should be worried because there's three games left of the series in Boston. And even if they win let's say in the Yankees take one of them they're still going to be eight and a half back in if they get swept LB nine and a half back. So soon the time com where he stands out to accept. We're getting the wild card again but. I don't know if you're yankees fan I'd be a little bit wary I'd be credit not about the team about winning division. Okay because judges still out he's coming back kept. Happ just. How I can even lead us to a shot and a just got put on the DL with hands foot and mouth disease it's groom split I don't know I don't wrap on your hands. It's so easy is single so use it. I don't know there's still lots 42 at this yankees team I just don't think sure there's a lot of outside looking in there aren't just opened and when division. I won't come playoff time that's all that matters. Who can show up in the post season so. I'm starting to feel better about my Red Sox seem worse about my yankees where answers it. Says that I hope that's not the case but. We'll see. We'll see you. Next week there will be backed. Possibly Monday we might come in early and do one before training camp yeah. The last week last one of their last Reno next week is our last week. It won't be the last you're hearing from us know what try to go live next day and what about the audience to grand Fiat beta is somewhat there will be some big next week. We'll do some big next week and capped everything off and then what I continue. At least with guest spots on our respective podcast Alley into the school year won't be the small beads sports bar after hours. After this this this won't be the last time. You hear from the boys in the bar after hours. Where you can hear as you can go to ESPN Rochester dot com over on the drop down tapper on demand audio or find the pockets or anywhere else and that money go to iTunes. Simply just search sports bar after hours. And it'll be us you find all of our episodes all the at this point. Yet possibly eat while. Purdue and then Jordan. For many as CEO I am will be on our we will see you next week for the last week too far after our thanks to listen we're out.