The Sports Bar After Hours - Episode 9

Vinny Asito and Will Bjarnar talk the end of training camp across the NFL as the preseason officially begins. They discuss the biggest storylines heading into preseason, as well as the things they'll most look forward to. Then, they discuss the rule changes in NCAA basketball; are they beneficial? What does each mean moving forward? Finally, the boys wrap up by discussing the NBA schedule release. 

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Rochester sports leader now I'm 57. EST yet. Sports for after hours on the idiocy alongside wish ill bring out the rooms can be cool idea and we are back for another episode which you are and withdrew the deuce yeah do you like that one. That was prior best when thank you. Really do like. As devastating that was some news on and think that's gonna happen. By a target. People literally with McNamee talked about the Red Sox beat each year it's held did fourteen theories to justice to just the cherry on top MP3 suitors before. Had to come back and well and walk off. To make it worse now as Hitler was the icing on the technique of a perfect baseball weekend day. Perfect. And you've been intending no lives. In a dribble up the Panama Bailey gets through law. Really is home and reality and approve. Shocked but I'm thrilled. That's enough baseball talk let's move on we have our right that's it and saw I got. On the pre season starts tomorrow now officially we have all been game which we talked about a little bit last time but. This is like what that's what we said last time once this day it's Thursday when Clinton now plane yet football truly be back it's back. What do you what do you make of pre season like what what are your big headlines who you most excited to watch jargon bills are overall. Although overall right now. I mean it's pretty cliche to say it but I. Big name rookies that I think that was the kind of go to answer I'm also insisted sees some of the guys come off of injury and off the top man I wanna see delving cook. That's one of those guys that I mean I have a special connection to delve into. How did he was my. Number one running back over LeSean McCoy last year my fantasy draft Steve I think to see special connection to one. It's a special connection like yeah and when he went down. My heart ache it's not only for him but for the future of my team now we end a putting tip to Bennie was is fine. But now image to see how he comes back other guys coming off of major injuries and guys in new scenario or new situations I don't know how many reps Jordy Nelson will get. In Oakland but I'm excited to kind of see how he transitions and that he was obviously one of the more. Prolific wide receivers in the NFL for a long time with their robs quarterback Matt dirt car has. You know that is struggles of late he had a bad year last year kind of vile accounts it wasn't a great year. Is that gonna change when he has real weapons and Mari Cooper and during Nelson rather than a Crabtree type you know. But the but overall little bit releasing is obviously the thing that idea looking forward to most but just talking about it I'm a big. Names of veteran names that'll be interesting to see who even gets time because normally it's around being told exactly three when the big names even see any time they've at all yet but. I don't know I could see Galley Jordy Nelson didn't summer apps may be a driver to chair. Well there's a lot of interesting. I guess quarterback battles around the league that'll be summed keep an ion and obviously absolutely and buffalo. Is it. Well those that kind of all goes hand in hand with the rookie thing because I think a lot of the rookies that people really policy unless you're kind of in green in a specific team like. As bills then I think you're either most excited pride jointly in most excited to see Josh Allen play in your most cited C terrain and and play. Those the two big name rookies first round picks obviously that the bills that but. The quarterback battle for any team in the NFL is that dominating story line. You have Mark Jackson and Joseph Flacco who knows how many reps Flacco is gonna get it and get any in the hall of fame game so probably not gonna get many if that all of this pre season. But he'll be the starter come day one it's just in it'll be interesting to see Alomar Jackson progresses over time. Tyrod Taylor vs baker mayfield you know we will talk about hard knocks and I just couple minutes but you could see hard knocks that. Hue Jackson has made it clear that Tyrod Taylor is his guy and he's also made it clear that big and mayfield needs to step it up. And kind of take those extra rides towards maybe. Eventually secede succeeding Tyrod Taylor. And I BS just to piggyback off that thought if you're a fan of the NFL and you lived. In that Easter rather for area if you want no this is just this is actually pretty crazy because if you wanna watch some good big name rookies. You have Cleveland visiting the giants so that's true it baker mayfield Denzel ward say on Barkley. Who are all top five pick all talked all and then war. And then Atlanta please the jets on Friday right so you got Sam Arnold and Kelvin Ridley yeah those are all big name rookies that are gonna be playing in the same stadium. Two days due within two days so. Talk about things and it's you know error but the like Mike you said the big names as what everybody is looking for. And I think if we wanna kind of just. Give it back to buffalo or bring him back to buffalo the names are going to be Josh talent Napier meant. AJ McCarron I almost passed I think for. But I mean I don't even remain out yes Nixon and Edmonds be thrown out are you talking about like what we Trace that's the way I had battle that's the main headline nobody knows who's in the games tomorrow so I don't starting your idea that guys just tried figured out on the show they sending an attack outside and Texaco didn't go well enough and nothing back so I want want as often even leaked. Are you surprised that. I am a little bit. I thought we would have an answer by now figured probably I think they're 280 tonight they might be trying to just kind of make us figure out our owner they've been dropping hints of who's getting the most reps increase there in training camp death of that case that has been fluctuate I mean any kind of go back before we think the care and will get start yet. If it was Peter man. Not a huge surprise when Fisher island that's a big so it is Alan starts the first pre season game I'm going to be blown away but the other two albeit a parent whenever. Because no those who started a league. And won the most important thing for the bills quarterback battles who starts game one. Who starts the first game of the season not receive a we thought the you know you don't even argue who starts game three of the pre season there are pretty good sign an indication that you're going to be the starter. Of it yeah week 100 great education so. You know the interest and that's resilience and good but like is that nobody knows. We're still waiting PPR hasn't anything coaching staff hasn't anything that hasn't been re any real Connor. To use it again indication of who will be the starter and so that nobody really has. Any idea demand your predictions. But there hasn't been like an entrenched. Set in stone answer to the question of who's going to be the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills come. Game one of the pre season game to game three game one of the regular season. Knowing ups. One thing we haven't got a chance to mention from last podcast and now is the addition of Cory Coleman right. What do you make. Our what I make of it is that the bill saw a guy who what do you make of it and does he play tomorrow would you play him tomorrow. Barak. Him a couple. Just so. It's not anything else I'm so bills got I think I think it's a big deal not a big deal at all no I don't think. Personally I would just because this is all new to him he'd literally two days ago. Just learning to play that probably won't play and but if they if it's like I don't think he'd be the plate because. I think he's making the team argument seemed and he's I think he's gonna walk in and beat it to me. It's not that hard to be it's exactly those roster but that's exactly what they went on and he was a high eight. He was a high pick taken in. What year is its funny fifteen draft yet this Libya's third it has its third year in Italy for your keys a first round pick you to hide used taken very high. And he had a bad couple years in Cleveland and he's doing not Bashir he was hurt you ginger now. It's all been little things here and there that a sidelined him for some amount of time but nothing considerable nothing that really has. Put him in jeopardy of being one of those guys he's saying I used to injury prone to implant this just wasn't at a phenomenal move debris and being 01 hundreds very very low risk high were and gave up a seventh round pick when this first hat into Tony Tony to tighten its next year. When this first happened I was with some odd bodies and we were just guessing oh maybe it's a third in the fourth. Nothing came out on third and on next day seventh rounder comic we were walking up this morning yeah that's a steel were walking immorality is that. Second round pick for him. Even if he just performs an issue here so but at the end of the day he's another wide receiver at the core of the two honestly. Just to put it bluntly is pretty awful. Right Kelvin Benjamin is the best option on this team and he is walking on one my yourself in his shoes. This is probably the best scenario can't absolutely other team could even treated to. And meeting them and you. 75%. Chance he's gonna be the second in the virgin. In the media Indianapolis the pride. Yeah. But I'm just trying to spit ball other teams but it really doesn't matter the bills he's automatically going to be the number two because they just have a bad wide receiver corps. Every single wide receiver beyond tell management and maybe even including cal amendment has been a question mark because Khaleda dissent amendment has won functioning leg. And everybody else on the roster. You'd be hard pressed even named some of these guys the army officer Robert Foster is the guy that most people are upset of our. So excited about obsessed even maybe he's been a fan favorite training camp yet really heard anything great about and it's is it went out of Manny is on drafted. He was not good but dropping a lot of balls dropping a lot of passes. And I noticed. I mean I was I was looking out for this kind of the entire camp ever since I saw. Right at the start Lorenzo Alexander was kind of playfully joking with the some clip that you could tell us some oil was. Getting up and is facing being intense I don't know if that was just let's go let's get tightly like where training camp let's. It's kind of just build off each other's energy weather being negative or positive to improving get better. By LeSean McCoy got into with multiple guys got into a virus like Zander and they had a little staffer couple seconds. And then Robert Foster hate him too hard and drill in shady was furious about it. The gill wrote to get out of my face like. That's pretty much the by about getting from however many yards I was away. We're staying right on the sideline. Like that was the only impression I got from Robert Prosser a that in fact he was dropping passes. That was it prevails in this roster. You cannot guarantee anything. Announcing I think Jeremy Curley is guaranteed to answer yes absolutely from what I've seen from camp I think he's going to be it's pretty solid number three he should be Zeta-Jones. Hey Joseph probably going to be the four or we'll see a lot of rotation within curly with in the slot I think you'll see a lot of slot time yeah and I think that's about it. Because I don't. He just doesn't look good with this new addition of Coleman is bad as I don't even know how bad the right word anymore as mediocre as receiving corps they have yet. I think it's better than last years. It be hard to disagree with you. We're talking about this earlier master stroke came into the studio and gave a supposed to know and so I want you fill this out and sailing right he had a broken down by his outsider edition put a check net net quarterbacks senior told me I mean what's better defense wide receivers. And kind of as a consensus in there. Although Jeanne. Was disagreeing on multiple positions saying it's just a wash and it doesn't really matter and they're deleted the same or point seven team is better. You know the wide receivers one of those decisions we looked and said I mean. Although it's marginal. They're better this year. I mean last year not good last year last year Benjamin was still the one yet. But he had just gotten treated for he was getting injured and you don't know selling in the last year the number one receiver on the bills' roster. Freaking Jordan Matthews yeah -- we trade and Eagles and he is due out from the pack and he's got cut compact which are different in the offseason he played. MD inflating tires you know I can't remember round games eight weeks yet thumb issues like. And just yet just pathetic to until about that looking at the one this year yes is Benjamin again. But now he misses first year first full year with the bills easily yet he's getting a whole training camp of them he's learning more he's. Clearly healthier right now than he at what we that he was ever last year. I don't know I think right now after this Coleman acquisition. They're better at the receiver core than we're lecture at any point. I agree with the court Coleman is not. Bad by any means and I agree. He hasn't been he wasn't in Cleveland but look who's thrown the ball and the counting GAAP net and the Florida full healthy year. To kind of rebuild the team as their rebuilding. And you see where it goes after that if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out he's an he's a low risk guy he has minor injuries. And to. The kind of go and it completely different direction that we touched on and is even the the bigger point of this whole thing you give up a seventh round pick formed yet so it doesn't matter. In his brutal of the drop that was last year at the end of the year against steal yeah he was he was turning on my shirt in yeah he was fine at the end showing out. He looked good he look like a first round what this year. If he can have. What EC. In at least seven hunter army as a candidate Taj downs that's productive that's worth is a good round going to Kelvin Benjamin. First option every time it doesn't matter but this gives them a deep threat yet and slowly shortly and is fast. And he ever has a lot bigger idea compared to an earlier her Jones being deep into. And he runs are what. He ran for three right. Like he's no mark he's Goodwin now the Marty's go to him like he didn't really blossom until he got San Francisco and had a quarterback like Jimmy problem prone and people. He's one of those guys who you know bill his NFL career based off of these speed. And it's it's turned out fine he's number one wide receiver in San Francisco with the good quarterback who. Everybody seems to love. It he's a performing in court Coleman isn't. Back guy he's not that fast obviously anarchy smuggled dozens of professional tracks are cooler tracks are sometimes so I mean it's different. But it's kind of filling animal and if you have a guy let's say just talent does get this are a big knows he has gone. Combing can create space holiday take a shot on cloud and they connect holy crap man with the fans of the scene and it. And talking until you promise Satan pre season Mike Allen and Coleman both get reps on the same page on the same. Same time of the game. But no not again what he's got to get on the same page and yet that can be connection back to be one of those things that people like Alan Coleman connections and a save the bills. It. You know constant tenants season but. Namibia can be something exciting that we can look forward to as the team continues to rebuild from noses here's a rebuild anyways met. Therein therein that delusional who're jolly not at 710 is that we have. Every year my brother will print out the schedule and put it on our basement door which is. Immediately when you and our house through the garage that's the first thing you see here laughed. And he's got the schedule print on the door at the bottom of the page every year anybody who kind of comes in the house that knows and gives a crap about football. Will make their prediction on what the bills will do for the season. My brother my father both have like a 97 intensive prediction for this year. I say sixty to I said the final yeah. Miller what's wrong with you 511 Mike what's wrong with me I am a competent human being who knows exactly. The roster of this team that just that's just it just looked abroad and schedule that were playing this year. It's not gonna be a fun year if we go attendant six Og. We have that also. That is posted in my bedroom it's as if the bills don't. The bills don't make symbol next six years my father wrote me forty dollars they don't make in the next ten years or brother Rosemead. Another Tony this is normal yet the Super Bowl. So can I get in on this but you might as well Tony some money in next ten years I'll be sixty dollars richer okay that's just about. Economic and super. Ten out of here pretty much. I mean. I mean that's something I'm not just listed offered that advice throughout my how does that happen I mean did that's just kind of show that. Irrational bills fan that wandered. The household of the PR. My mom I think he did at least putting on eight by home god. RR rose colored glasses yeah. On the about it move on and threats. What else will also be well. Big day for the NCA. Huge today like people really big people that see in my tell me if I'm right people actually are agreeing with something that they didn't seem to duplicate that. You burger with a gene in said today I think it is during I'll drink to that. Like Italy and saying this. But kudos the NCAA on making a beneficial change that needed to happen. What do we got well. The rules this kind of more reading off CBS sports dot com Dominique give kind of the summary of each. First one all players who get invited to the NBA com I'm the go undrafted. We'll have the option to return to their former school this parliament there at these NCAA has ever done. Does hands down there are only player this is bigger than basketball Garcia huge and that's what we're talking about our walk over to the cigarette today there are so many players. Who deal with the reality of your not gonna make it to the NBA maybe not yet. A lot of players get invited to the NBA com might. And not all of them get there are only sixty spots in the NBA draft and a lot of guys leave they leave too early. A lot of guys leave so early is a really good really they don't they're targeting as high as it was predicted they don't get draft and then their stock. Either get undressed doc they need to sound like a two week contract. With a team that overseas than it did and that what sometimes the two way countered with the NBA but that. Within NBA team but even that sometimes the result and end of summer league cut because yet to Phyllis summer league roster and I mean if you look at some of these summer league rosters. Ninety their semi 5% of the guys who are on the summer league roster are gonna make the final roster. Let's look at the lakers Josh Hart's gonna make it out who's mum on the ball the new play this summer league branding him either. Josh Harvey finds these to be Mikhail local play Mo Wagner will get there. But a lot of these other guys that are on the summer league roster just will not be on the team. Because that's the reality NBA and a lot of those guys there's some guys who went undrafted and got signed assembly roster. So now let's say. You know. Joseph make pockets get it goes undrafted and get signed who has some early roster then gets cut from the eventual team Heaton elect school he was a sophomore he thought he could make it in didn't. Go back to school get your stock back up its huge green moving like you said. Much bigger and investigate a mass vote because guys you hear these guys back into your horror stories about enough and maybe no horror story the terrible stories but these guys. Who just immediately fail once they leave college because they left too early in the expected something they didn't and don't getting to don't get a degree and in their life is over. Because they weren't able to get a degree because they decided the basketball was. Their future and end up not being their future. The NBA ended up not being the destinies of the triangle overseas and that's back goes that goes south. Then what I did at duke though if they don't have a degree. There's a reason they're just aimlessly wandering through deep dark depths of the overseas basketball world trying to make a couple bucks. There's a reason the title of these people are student athlete yet student is first dinner that's why they're there. I mean granted you know all the guys that are there right strictly for the sport right and make it. But there's a lot of guys that they don't make it like we're talking about when they don't make it big time now and some guys leave too early. And like I like I was in either stock they don't know what to do they don't know where to go and have a degree yet. It's just good that they can go back and maybe it won't be for basketball maybe they'll still play but focus on school Mort that point. But anxious it's great what to do it. Most of the time. Players know they're going to the NBA by the end their high school senior year. Most of the time the time especially the top guy yes the legacy country IE in a Michael Porter junior high. And Jason tea mentally ill for the as the guys who know they're going the NBA you know grow whether or not the succeed the temple leisure plane took the competition Europe against LeBron James is sung. He's gone he's in the NBA he's fourteen years old right now. He's illegal deeply so it's on go to India they both go they're both gonna get there and not just because of their dads because a phenomenal basketball players I mean. Yet but it helps the Kardashians are tied the greater than eight that LeBron James I get that but I mean what if the browns' other son isn't active. Where youngest son or daughter I mean yeah it deftly hopes that your dad is the second best. Basketball player of all time they had deathly helps you get the bus passed I'll play sure I second that special player of all time. But now got to get them to do is you yeah again I wanna Marcus Jordan feels. You and ask but a lot of these guys know already when their. Entering their first couple years of school and sometimes you're stuck. Absolutely sky rockets but he healed it was one of those guys you wasn't sure and they played four years Oklahoma any doctor at number six by the pelicans. By the kings. That's without one of those stories some guys that will create their own stock once they get to school other guys not so much. So it's good it's a great move. Second what's next. One and other big changes. Elite prospects will now be allowed to have official relationships with Egypt the supplies to high schoolers and college athletes alike. USA basketball in conjunction with the NCAA will be tasked with identifying. Which prospects and giving class are quote unquote leak. In regard to high school athletes however the rules and are going to affect easily and be change its current EG one rule. This debate confusing buried because it's hard to define what. Quote unquote leak truly is. Right so. There's a tweet that has often Jonathan to pony from draft express is a guy who's all over the college basketball. Universal kind of keeping track of these guys as they head into the draft and their stock rises. Between the NCAA is only allowing high school seniors who have been designated as a leap prospect by USA basketball have agents so basically what that says. Is that USA basketball Kennedy over overseer of all high school young college basketball players were. You know. Projected to be successful whether paean high school or college this is kind of a secondary a use it's just kind of overseer of all these players and their futures basically. Eighteen the guys who are elite so a guy Alexander Williamson is an elite player a guy like. Mark helpful to would be considered an elite prospect one of those you know those are just two names. To mention in recent. Kind of how high school and college war. In the basketball world those are kind of guys who would definitely be deemed bleak prospects. But the second when he brings up in this is why it's confusing and I think you reprise in allude to this and Jeanne deftly eluded to this when we were talking all fair about this. Following the follow up so sentence in the tweet as my question is what about guys like RJ Barrett Charles Bastia and others who are USA that's what eligible. Are they excluded RG Barry as the number one recruit heading into college this year go to duke along with the other two top recruits. Cam reddish enzyme Williamson. RJ RJ. RJ Barrett from Canada is Canadian so is he not consider early can mean outside of an agent now and that's open it up to clear up they're gonna have to figure that out because our ticker is the best best ball player. High ranking and probably tell lies. Coming into this year's college class. He's rejected are ready to be the favorite to go number one over on next year's NBA draft after his freshman year at duke. I mean outside and a minority because he's from Canada enough from USA. He's not overseen by USA basketball so does that mean he's out of the of the running for any Asian as an elite prospect. Got a good because that's although this is a good idea. And judges should or your loyalty there's a lot work to get the hat to develop. More and more throughout they're gonna have to us really figure out what the fine print reader he is and so that's going to be epic third. On the list is the NCAA is requiring all school president's chancellor chancellor and athletic staff members. To contract contractually I can't talk contractually comply with any and all future investigations. This is the NCAA is way of trying to institute a defective version of subpoena power. Which it lacked previously. When you make of that. And now on tennis speaks for itself since Lou there's not much to. There's not much more to that now. It's the same the next one school presidents and chancellors and I'll personally be held accountable by the NCAA for their athletic department's abiding by the rules. Absolutely I mean I mean that it sold to a pretty straightforward pretty much that's pretty much of Marty been happening but there wasn't that make rule four and it makes sense. Does when your school's being investigated cooperation is key. It wasn't often granted by it whether B players or coaches or parents or agents. Justin happened so now. It's in stated that they they have to they should have had to but now it's like hey. Wake up you've got to do this it's your job. Shouldn't be being investigated in the first place so he's Muslim property when when it comes about art this one's a little long when did. But this was an elderly because it is a really important. The FBI's case in college that's what brought up about mounds of documents and information previously the incident. NCAA did not allow for information and findings from outside investigations as established agencies to be used in its infractions process effective immediately the NCAA and it's committee on infractions can use information obtained and other probes. As a means to an end for its own investigations of this means. Any other. Organization that you know develops probes whether beat. The FBI or a secondary organization and outside organization looking into. Whether it you know controversy or illegal activity from college basketball institutions college basketball teams whether beat coaches or players. The NCAA can use this and you know use those findings as if they were their own to make judgments on what's gonna happen to coaches and players the following. And it it continues and says this will be implemented immediately by the NCAA with the schools. Currently caught up in the department of justice's case regarding multiple schools and alleged violations. Of multiple federal laws. That's huge. Might be the biggest thing on this list. From just. The gallery's standpoint frankly because the ants delay. And especially basketball. Has been notoriously corrupt and considered corrupt over the past couple years you know you look at Rick TO situation Louisville. You look at these academic fraud our academic issues and you know. Everything that went on. Last year when he came the players and families expect there accepting money from agents. Whether it had then. Drawing a blank on names mop amber Ogden was part of this. Multiple just multiple big name players who now might be in the NBA are out of school. But there are multiple players also included from last year miles bridges was a big name up. That's this this relates all back to that the NCAA can use the FBI's findings and anybody else is findings as their own to make judgments on these cases it's important. Really important. Notes last week as a matter of what's happened the last one on the matters but not as much ago this is more this is a little calendar talk it's kind of boilerplate. So in a first college coaches will be allowed to attend NBA players association top 100 camp. In June. So the first live period in July will be. A tenable for non scholastic events so. Again and talents that as important but it's not as high profile players did do little bit our coach scheduled a recruiting so the horse got a little bit more critic now which wanna. Might as well current. Well all that we think they're positive moves yet it was a censure via a salute. And that's not yet that's it for the NCA sol. Let's talk the league that all these guys are turning it into now yeah little MBA taught out schedules. The coming out seasons inch inching and inching closer. What you want to start with. I guess go Christmas Christmas articles are not an iron. We can. You wanna do opening day you wanted to Christmas you tell me I don't want will make our way to Christmas pilots are with a penis so opening Thursday. Actually no opening night first yeah my bad I'm an opening night we have. Sixers at Celtics. What's up for. Like the Celtics had a bad start last year okay. So every celtics' opening game is just going to be kind of a gray and they were ideally you know I understand there in Cleveland. According to our excellent is healthy. And we are opening up again got what are these. Up I think will be OK but you know everybody freaked out last year in the suns went own to start the year lost in Cleveland a loss at home to. Yana cited Campo in the you know like that's just. So ever be free government social carried noticed lose everything he is they can't win without Hayward Nimitz and so I'm not worried. But there and if they lose that game will be word but I am excited that they should win that game they should Winnick. Opening night at home viewing me pumped. So that's the first storm there. Following that game. Is OK see at Golden State. What more could you ask for an opening night spot fantastic. But this is we don't have we don't have LeBron and opening night a little different here and there. And that. Bleaker they don't deserve to limit don't even if they don't even have I mean that I was averaging as a home opener but their first game on the road against the trailblazers. Wow. That mark your calendars people that's so those two. Those two opening night games are on a Tuesday which is October 16 and and yet the eighteenth we have. Chicago vs Philly ball and then we have the lakers at the but the blazers. News this LeBron get his first win on the road against the blazers yeah. Yes I think so too the Portland TrailBlazer pile accounts at bats well team. That event. Horribly mismanaged over the last couple years yet that an action that measure just foreshadowing a playoff series at 100% when I could see just a lakers blazers. You know what's the conversation that maybe we don't need to get into right now. But I definitely touch a conversation lately has been to the lakers even make the playoffs home please. Know I get it put it minute conversation I agree with you. A conversation. That war and BS. Little rain in that that guy he put on notice that yet well a lot of I saw back because of that yet. That blew up yeah come on. It. Week we chic on in your right now a twenty dollar pet it totally cosmic plan announced. I agree use what I bet that they're practically opposite the hot rods that's about the way you were talking with now. I I don't know what that conversation. I don't think they'll be as good as a lot of people do boy. They're gonna make the playoffs. Am a man knew LeBron James and the team new wells than that. Cleveland. At ups last year against that team that in his left. They were fine with because they're the best player in the world. I mean anyone has rarely goes are making the playoffs. Unites talk to Oscars. Changer might call it. Tenth mountain awkward that it. I mean. If this was a great. If this is like thirty minutes ago that I critical in so but he story but let's pause First Act sure. Let's world will return back to NBA do wanna tell you won't believe tarmac to Christmas this Christmas schedule little wind about it about two minutes. Intel dual meet they'll I'll give my side and and you can give your reaction to protect it so basically the first I don't know thirteen fourteen minutes of this podcast leery. We are role and yeah and all the sun not a great all of a sudden our boss at her internship Mike dangers. Frantically running down the stairs I saw him running through the hallway Emma I saw his reflection in the Mir and economy next thing you know I looked to my right. He's running into our studio he's motioning the shift signed opens the door and basically told us that we were on there yeah. Well now we were both thing year but your Mike was on there yeah. So not. You're live on the radio for a fourteen hit it's well let's talk in the back of every song has a quality well. Hold on and are looking up to Alessio car was playing. While ball will be on hours in the back halfway decent oasis he can. When applying. Wonderwall. Blasting through the cars of many people listening to 99 the buzz. Then they heard. Mark he's got somewhere with a pen. Mike comes in and she judicious sign and it's our pause button for us thank you to him for that and yes so that we were on the air. Our claim to fame in. An ardent resonate. A lot on air experience. ESPN Rochester and for about thirteen minutes 99 months. You got a salad really was not a good chunk Uga probably fortunate that when I just was they would maybe I should turn mine on now all I can get some two. Can he enemy can afford. I gotta catch it who who. Israel but don't get home and getting text like hey I. Was on the bus then I heard somebody sound like lake. Everything are made you fired. Now my last this Friday as they camp firing. Return on Friday so. He fired me now. And that's something that you'll never forget I'll never forget no that's a good story come 1020 years down the road. Love to see it. He loved to Syria the ball great moment basilica and dangerous he says well look to see if you if we kept the recording instead of editing it. You heard me at the end with real life now live on him completely. Okay just him before we get back to NBA Christmas at the end of the recording birdies Mike's not CK here Mike. Causing us and think guys on the bus but you can hear me where he says you guys run bonds' title. It's him. Your whole face just dropped when he came in my experience and he's like yeah that's fine but. Gotta be careful Mike McKee chewed out a few minutes but we call my guy and perjury are not yet dog we were. We didn't seem like 444 or five and every time I walked by mountain move. When argue your credit for this internship at times yet it's those Christmas yet actor Crispin yes. So we have 12 o'clock eastern time bucks the next. Basic game. After square garden on Christmas I thought maybe I really hate that now why. That's going to be really tough. I think Madison Square Garden. Very overrated Tom and I think if you it's it's his sore story note historically fine but all the people like I. Departed it's beautiful the people that are dying art Nixon writers I think the garden is one of the ugly sports arena is probably. Ever I think it's did the darkness. I will never understand. I can't stand it bothers me I'm gonna disagree that bothers me I don't like it now that's it's calling card and it's historic and yes it's the most notorious and historic. Arena in. History the NBA. By far TD garden doesn't occur Boston garden and come close Staples Center doesn't composed nothing comes close I'd give it that. But from the looks of things I think it's massively overrated. I don't even know fits that. Hyped up just by the looks of I think it's more I once you are inside Europe in MSG I think internally when that. Qaeda feeling comes with it when you're in an ST I think automatically you're thinking I mean at amnesty look at this and know what and how one goes to. Go outside and and say one to augment the inside I know. Well well yes but that's what people go let's trying to say no right noses and sands outside and says well look it is why don't they audience operated C I disagree you walk inside and assists. I Qaeda. This could also be a Celtics fan talking. That's is what it is at the same time like I just that's all right next up yeah OK see at Houston. That should be agree came on the setup that should be in. That's playoff atmosphere Jackson got worse and I think OKC got better by getting rid of Carmelo Anthony and using God's word as yet. Why so malamute today. Ariz two key bench guys that you use big scoring list. Cain I think Chris Paul is really cheeky with all the injury stuff I think mellow. I'm not a good addition by any means. I think well I mean that that's another thing that became official yet but I don't know I think Melo had to give them a tyrant he has not there are less poured in but what people think. I hope I don't gonna contribute more I think last year was just a bad year all around off your for him in funny most of us some left in the tank maybe he's not ever going to be old Melo again but I think that works I don't think it was a bad tree. Bad. Eight now policy. OK I got I think a nasty up after the resigning of Paula Georgian and bring in a guy like Schroeder who can they got better by not having LO US they never should have him the first some lateral agility and it. Usher can literally take over or I've seen that mauled to death he's he's a very underrated he attacks just point guard a player. Will be good addition I think that'll be great and then we have the sixers at the Celtics again and again so opening day that a massive Christmas. Is that in Boston as a boss and a good. Our blazers at jazz. Fine I look I don't get really want to please that jazz team answered anything to jazz team should. The jets are below the jazz are going to be phenomenal I think the blazers are just bad I think Damian Miller is. It's legal but needs to be gone and I feces and Collins who demonstrated a long time ago as I just don't be makes sense alongside Damien don't so. And and the one we were all waiting for all. The Los Angeles Lakers at the golden state board I had. I just wish this is at the Staples Center because Armas legal. Lakers or can. He is going to put our house our everyone's been waiting for and it's probably true but you're gonna get absolutely demolished. It'd just can't beat the Staples Center because they have no right Friday to be there are no words are two time defending champions it's got to be there. Hold me the only clue why I was there all. Call I was a later now why is that I'd be best game that the lake rival the dream team exhibition game ball in two sides as one of the better games in NBA history. But damage to see. How different of a matchup it's gonna be won it's a lakers hosting the warriors vs the worry is hosting the lakers. As they will play in college this year by. I think for the I don't know spend Christmas Day a goalless I think I think at that our defense in oracle Cisco and other days it's going to be another game in such. But in LA it'll be like whole K LeBron lakers against the warriors this is our first time in LA excellent way muddle of everybody. Come out and see it it's going to be epic and and though you lose by point five. He sealed a fake lake. I think it's. Two K years. NBA live where people are making clips of Kyle coups smell like hitting a buzzer at the end of the game and it's huge they're playing the warriors the lakers team. Virtually is playing the warriors and Kyle coups Marlins a ball LeBron hit a buzzer beater at the in the game and the team high fives that they just had set the buzzer beater but then you flashed the scoreboard and it's 13492. Like that's exact out of me but it's I'd. The lakers are more exciting but they're not going to be two hours. I mean that if they do to be a fluke or a B or B just one time they play well it off Leah Christmas Day. How horrible call on now and warriors went by at least fifteen nip. If there was any other dad primate be able to make a case for the lakers just because the warriors are notorious especially last year for Dayton games off. Mattingly easy but Christmas Day they can yeah because they can causal inevitably win 65 games. But. Christmas you can take that off that's a huge moneymaker and India. That'll do it out there. They're really taken us out now after today's stressful. I don't guess 38 sat in silence about seven minutes like hey do we contemplating do we keep donor do we bull before somebody can walking here and read our next. It was a rollercoaster this fund. A blast we learned a lot line. So much. But what buttons to press and convalescence. You know let's go home. We don't want more and on Friday even wreck and just remember is good show to remember don't do your best known in mind that human. That's it for will be on our Nvidia CEO we'll see you Friday after the last after hours. The last one don't go in there on the state were audio.