The Sports Bar-Amy Dash

Amy Dash, legal expert for CBS Sports, joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to share her conversation with Mark Geragos, the Kaepernick collusion grievance, and whether or not the President broke a federal law by influencing the NFL to change their anthem policy.

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We go to goalie can we go in the morning and drive home the danger into exactly and I in this sports bar CN 950 and 957. Ebit. The sports leagues ESPN Rogers. The sports bar danger for the Ted Leo on ES PM Rochester appreciate you stopping by our mission. To make you a smarter sports fan that's why we talked to some of the best and brightest minds out there. She's a legal expert for CBS sports dot com and the host of these straight aim podcasts Amy dash. If you follow our Twitter at any dash TV media we appreciate your time we we know you're limited. Oh what caught our attention was that on your podcast you had Mark Geragos. The lawyer was certainly in the news here representing. Holing Carol Burnett. And he mentioned on that they he has a witness ready to dying well the NFL from your conversations with Derek goes Amy. What do you think what's your sense what does he have up his sleeve here. I think he'd be you know Whitney. Tell. Me. The money. In the public. Board. I had an alert about what the president. We admit that the outcome. Like that it out why it. A lot of that. Salaries and prayers are people out or. The oak and the national that was the controversial topic. Like. It when. We were that it. I now. He is very. In marketing. It could mean well. And why it right. When will you now on my iPod has. Is that. Had about a partner. But. That. Changed their mind. I play. I don't hurt. His mind on. What did try to. Because they're not you know. An Al Eleanor. Incorporated that they expect them motivating. Here. I know that they were all. Out. While. The interest stuff legal expert for CBS sports dot com and host of the street came podcast you can download it. And podcasting me dash for joining us in the sports partying her and tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester Amy will when this case was first announced I think everybody was. Kind of in unison saying while collusion is is really really hard to prove it and I remember thinking to myself yeah but if anybody can do it. Geragos could probably put together a case to prove collusion and it feels. Like you know he's starting to do that if it is somehow proving what is next. How long could this process take. And then the biggest thing that I'm curious about is is there a possibility that the NFL's current CB Eric could be torn up if collusion is probing the only one instance. Of collusion be proven in order Peter rip up the CB AA prior to its expiration in 20/20 one. Right. So birth parent there aren't there. Aren't a lot of I realize the majority but if not all of it is. Dirt and insult me on what else are. They're hot and it really well in I'd know what impact at the end of meaning. Overt and other owner is not I think I'll attack. His corner. I signed a need for eye in the that ear and it would be are losing. We Atlantic and owner at eight under and I agree. Don't you hate and honored me in epic that are probably. People here apparently app but. I don't. I doubt on that. All the border between now. Article. But it. Not cracked back out. There on it. But let it burn it at of the APEC didn't admit it you think it is currently out there. It cowering. In I would definitely. That they thought. The topic of political season is not political popularity. And our current go to other owners that their input on the other owners. Not is under Epoch crap other older you know I'd concrete beaten Obama op crap out. Why. Right before now need editors or it won't rally. And using it as part of that political. Back in iron. Well you partly. Current cycle. Out to open on our. Arbitrator and how they are there and a well they are not requirement but yet. Inherent is the day he wrecked up her partner. There. Out. You know I'd. Among. And are more. High. Now. Now. I. Have cut out a couple of corners. I. By I don't know they accurately. Caught over it. Well Amy let's say they did Airbus's successful I would have to assume then there would be an appeal and if there's anything that. I silk football fans learned through the hole the flake Dayton all these other instances is that you know this could take a while this could take years having it in theory could. Could the NFL actually you know we decide until Tony Tony want. Could dictate your liking that. Like. I can't party. Probably. Why. Allen has been on the street isn't it something called. People. Had a court but we also in the court are. On a lot in it and there are a lot of heat is back out. Prop. Up. Interest single legal expert for CBS sports dot com and host of the street in podcast. A we're joined by AB dash in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester Amy the anthem policy straight out of the NFL owners' meetings they've dubbed it. A compromise. Well it was a compromise no doubt between the league and the president the players went on and fault. In that compromise to that and I'm curious did trump intense. Break a federal law by influencing a private and you like the NFL to modify its policies are or by black balling any of its players. Art or go to incurring. Broke in this matter a lot of the president and I expect it went out and players. Out a lot you're. In a they're threatened in order they were an owner that they were out. In front. Potentially. And it went back up. And they act not. He's. Oh and they are currently part of their vote read. A part of that or outlaw terror attack mode that they. Political. Air on you Erika is well. A lot. And cart out their policy. It. Are. On the court and Kerry and I am. Very grown that the winning. Record and I I clicked. That were. In unity and look at eight and a car accident year. But back architect. And president. Second of all they're illegal wanna go out and went to the art despite the gold by point. But the history and and there are many battery in Europe whether or not that would me and they've built. In is that correct route where it happened eight. Why and whether you're right at the final day will end up and bringing it under adult. Amy were all smarter for having you on with us this afternoon in the sports bar with danger the tag we wanted to make sure I gave you enough time to promote. Exactly where people can read more of your work here more you work and see more of your work. Thank you so much in that are at TV and download the rat pack as eating it felt everywhere including on elect. Now and pioneer Amazon acknowledge collectively it means. I'll try when I get home. Anything is notre breezy I think you free time today. Amy dash CBS sports legal analyst joining us in the sports bar danger. And the tightly on ESP in Rochester it's interesting so who you just need a little bit of a majority of the owners there they can prove that. Need these you don't need to smoking gun made it sounds like they're record have enough circumstantial evidence that a case here to enter. Oh yes. I Garrett Willis. In geragos is hard core that guy is not going to lose he's going to you know ease. Indiana Phil's got some high powered lawyers they don't have Mark Geragos. That our Gary is a good bulletproof. I don't know of the NFL's bulletproof when they're going up against Mark Geragos he can put up pretty compelling case. And here are some of the crew that comments from Jerry Jones and of course they've got all of the in depositions remembered that the interviewed. It's a matter of time when he does. And maybe you're right gee maybe it is at the start of training camp because when a word that she mentioned. In terms of when he was gonna really is the marketing behind to win I'm going to release out bit. They think like markers stick your right they think like when can we get the biggest audience if we drop this just like. At 5 o'clock on a Friday is when you hear all the stories and nobody wants to share. Yeah that's when they don't that's when this story will not be really correct this story we released on opening week of training camp the Tuesday. I'll figure dot that Alan bills finally you know by the way the Steelers announcer training camp dates come bills. I know I mean while I know and he really have a plan out the rest of my summer I can do that LB also know you're supposed to rotate your entire anchor summer you're all existing should be based around. Well bill listen I don't get pave the way John Murphy gets paid so you know if if it's okay. Just don't get itself. Six of Fisher College you know it's it's our backyard. We appreciate you coming but can you tell us when it. And give some dates and that he wants the vacation missed out on the brain and being interviewed I know I don't wanna miss wanted to get the whole point of me not not. Planning might might end of summer time off is because one winner of the bill's doing training camp don't know. Assume it's at the end of July assume it will be towards you know that last week of July but we don't know we haven't hurt. Meanwhile teams all over the league yes here's training camp of the day it's your. Danks. It. Eddie wants the book is get. Our let's get to Alter that next you know yes it was. Thoughts for you wrap your mind around we play that game every day it's called all drink to that I had some fond at the wings game last night but. There I've heard this suggestion from some people when it comes to baseball when a holly you're wrong this after my observation last night the wings game. He knows Sanders made some sense talking to Dallas sports talk radio. Yesterday I'll explain what Dion says Wyatt makes sense and also while never happened. All coming up the sports bar we danger to tag glee altering to that is next on ESPN Rochester.