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Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Sports joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to discuss LeSean McCoy's draft value, rookie running backs and team offenses Andy is buying in to.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is don't radio dot com that. Downloaded today and listen to what any time anywhere sports leader ESPN Rochester. Boyd's been kind of a heavy week here in the sports car with danger of attack Leo with the shady McCoy investigation we've taken a a couple minutes blacks it will start with wish lists all the oil we can talk to air next guest any parents. From Yahoo! Sports quick. Let's talk some fantasy football or deadlines. On actual football in September when it all counts in more having some fun. Following iron in tracking our fate favor players Andy how he bit Fuzzy offseason in treating him. Carried out the autopsy and climbing into the net wonderful you you know he is I Christian. There's an important dot. Are it's just great when you see in the of magazines like ladies and it throws down danger and I'm going back and pick it up there and the parents in their so. Odds it's it's a good baseline to get it started. And well we've been talking as you can imagine a lot of vowel LeSean McCoy. Let's assume that he's not going to be there week one I mean if if you would you wanna touch anybody right now on this buffalo bills' offense. Yeah I I think Ted and it's just skip that patent and but I mean at one in the year that sports and generally in the end inherent that you eat caricature of the works great. It is in fact he's not there. To begin this season there was and we are ardea our. Order awful though it was on. Anti radar in each group of people playing standards but it right and well I am a you're not gonna drafting quarterbacks. Them. You know I like I hope just don't work out but it's probably not going to be pretty in September and October right to disperse even. We've seen a little bit of AJ McCarron. He's trying. Can be a fine place holder or back I guess but it's not obviously outreach eating or. You know I Kelvin Benjamin in the right spot if you just absolutely peppered with targets can make a little alliance. But there's not a lot about year obviously in the Bernanke there are. There's at ensuring backed out there at all if we really do get through the worst case scenario shady. And he's not available either early in the season are all season. You know Mark Murray still out there. Each and Peterson still out there it would be great aunt. There's nobody walking through that door that look anything like push on according authority. Now that are ready the only. Skill player on the pills that getting any attention at all. Teddy bear and Yahoo! Sports joining us in the sports bar danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester we talk about the running back position in terms of fantasy football we look back to. Last year at this time there are certainly a couple of names rookie names. That we were we were starting to pay attention to names like Kareem hunt. Games like I names like Alvin Camara and if you if you pay attention and you invested in these names. In your draft. What you might have won your league last year in Andy I know that this year is rookie running back class is is once again talented. Who has your attention aside from the guy you know everybody knows about sequel Barkley. And I think are shot pennies probably in their too being the first front NFL draft guy. Goal for you looking at as far as rookie talent at the running back position this season. Yet at that it is a really good question and if there's one back that people listening take away from this segment on orbit this last year. Three of the top eight and he scored running back position wore on it happens all the time rookie like this is the one position where were you can just step and and on the learning curve isn't quite what it is at receiver certainly not worded and order back right dude this is that one spot where rookies always make it huge splash. And you encounter so many fantasy owners who will tell you are not. Mark in the first round I'm not thinking whoever in the second rock or ground. They get rookies don't do anything you can Kurt what ever rookies all with all the impact that this and it really. Apps currently want to insulate without some combination of well obviously early but don't tell marks on them get her money. Letter turnout was the number eight can't hearing back plastered on the played thirteen game yet and touched on so rookie Mickey huge different to the spot you mentioned take on. Daequan preclude the consensus on best overall talent at his position. Coming into this draft. And is just did you go back appointees even really really good in action you can meet great. The Sudanese state LC. Mine mine number Q working it would actually be gears guys in Washington I I just. I love that sucker that running style super powerful he's he's one of the guys that just always in Iran. I'd taken somebody outrage like it is it's really fun to watch the great experience. Liked it Jerry the character of our experience it really on just islet. I'm great state farm. Cheaper illicitly gets. When you get to head of steam arm he he's suitable to bring down and use our way. The best early down rusher in that it is currently has watched roster so I see no impediment to him getting on a work in its first even Kristiansen probably the passing down but and I think I exit and be great you mentioned are shut any. Either guy who as convenient beat him increased even. He can step into something close to full workload. We get to watch out war so he show you about it patriots. Did not unique first round pick on a running back. With the idea that they would give them you know are richer here on you've got to play. All of those you know Louis such as Europe so perhaps right that's that the you'd work that's something like underneath each such as ever or even Michelle gets out in an offense that. Averaged thirty point gain is an archer. What other. Situations. Is de dim my partner in danger brought up back cream on and that's the one more right bang my head against I cannot see that. While that was kind of a situation that that OK there was an opening there. One other. Opportunities are situations when you look around the league may or running back. I look at the you know perhaps down in Tampa Bay in some of the other media Seattle won there is running back situation is DC right now where. Being calm being eaten may be not so impressive and Mikey overtake him. Yeah well you that you mention pro that big one for me and that's. The should all jump murky. It's the second day pick that team in my mind is RD. The best talent on that like I hate that again I don't know over reaper east much because they're trying to I don't mean that in a a level right but it. I don't really get called player and it it's only you know Doug partner I'm not it would creek this year but it it's prematurely patent Barbara that yes beat out for those are out snaps yen. He's gonna do it I think. Were urged them to start to see it in your future option air. And I am best case it gets it gets really exciting and he takes over full workload and there's just there's no more than a dozen or so or workload back out there. That one's pretty exciting. Situation that don't involve perky. I would say some of most interest in backfield are probably and he. Where doctor Henry anti capitalist. Com Chicago how much more involved in history on going to be in year QQ obviously. Super sawn in its first evening just seemed like such a on Google or just these were maddeningly so that's situation in order to watch an increase in well. Physically you're thinking that applicant new coaching staff they're gonna show you more. And other. In the crease like a tornado learn a whole lot from like New England increase is not a couple blocks from. You know I I don't know optic achieve many uniquely able shut that much. In coaching staff but. These teams like Tennessee Chicago we have new coaching staff coming in and you really need to get them why crap out of that they're Iran we're gonna we're gonna see some things that matter receive. Eddie Mary Joe's sports joining us here in the sports bar danger and tag glee on ESPN Rochester. Let me give you 123. Offenses and the and you mentioned one of them in your Chicago guy. And I'm a Chicago guy and anything we see what's happening Chicago based old we saw last year and and just that. Irrational coaching decisions made by my parents last year how they dealt with. Mitchell Drabinsky and that offense I guess I'm curious are you buying or selling. Our teams like Chicago public through Indianapolis in their based on what we're hearing about Andrew Luck. Am curious about Arizona of course you have David Johnson but you have a question mark quarterback. What's leery pitcher with just wanted to get your opinion if you're buying or selling on on any of those three offenses. Yeah I don't think the Chicago question union is really call it I'm a lifelong bears fan. You know so I'm excited generally about the start of demand era. Everything is new. So at lake there's going to be a bunch of buzz about that he would like you to create higher there's a bunch of early out peace here on Roberts concentrate perk comes. Upper side tore Trey Burke due median in a Travis Chelsey late sort of roll right because I'm in the city. There are so on many new pieces here. They are reliant rookie receiver in. Again and it's it's Robinson coming off any you know it's a new head coach it's a second year quarterback who's learning an entirely new system. I'm late everything and so you end and the NFL is just that continuity you know. It matters to have that same crew together and in coaching staff together year your ear to build on what just happened. And so I would expect September and October to be kind of swap out on. And kind of sloppy and we're not gonna he's sort of the full expression of the match up to it eat into that he's quick and November December so. It's a long way of saying that I hope people are patient with I am I I'm really enthusiastic about it. But I don't think we're gonna see you know it it might not be spectacular in September going to be spectacular early eat Kosher. Thanking under torture this cute like that you answer the sweeper quarterback and it deeply. You better stand for the long ball because you're you're not gonna see everything that the opt outs. Early in the season I think here is on a steeper interest in order to post the league ready who led the NFL receptions a couple of years ago. An original player. He's being Kirk we used used one of most reliable bankable receivers. In league history in Tennessee history. He's done really well with some sketchy quarter back for a night like we can say whatever you want to about Bradford. He's pretty accurate. And in Bradford throw in short passes to Larry FitzGerald announced pretty good to me that simply huge PP RC. It chops and also create obviously short range target only helped you right now and and win and it's they make the change at quarterback DeRozan. Rodent was about it and it's already has any player mr. though that might not be too bad either so uninteresting now. And then. The other. It is just Greeley all. I will stimulate it if we had talked to this time last year you'd asked me about. Oh there's. You know he will he wasn't throwing he'd already missed a couple of in. You know we we expect it or understate what you and we expect there at camp you Hillary camp. If you aren't console. Football like it wasn't there wasn't much you know he had we also out of the bringing Twitter videos are raiding that. If you lobbying I don't know 1015 yard out to that he's growing. He's been doing and throwing outside of the practice environment and east as you can be good to go in camp and that happened at Andrew Luck it's fully functional and amp. We start thinking about him and you be one again it just changes everything that our. Both both played in an interest in Hebert and its interest in Doyle it's like being. I mean I see your stomach is better than my country Andrew Luck is. Well I mean like general lot later in my graphic news it's underscore though that. My gosh when you enter the draft you better have a strategy and you better have a plan a plan B plan C in a plane because I don't know if there's a better. Example banged in Andrew Luck I'm sure everybody liked to have Andrew Luck on the roster vote but really any of what price do you take in from. I think it I think don't go to that thing miniature drafting Alex. Almost every strapping in and now that you that you want we didn't August draft teams real that the biggest problem is debt. Like you're gonna need to practice court. You know record pre season way that we get them into elect and the priest you were probably not gonna EM. Arm throw its full velocity all downfield dot com immediately adapt yacht sentenced now like it where we're not find out the regulars even. What is real arm strength is now. And that that is certainly a worry so you're gonna have to out a plan for drafting Andrew Luck and it. And all eight in another top hundred up tall order back and you know maybe dormant so that. That. It upside especially again small your league. The easier it is taking Andrew Luck because the replacement Gotti junior league is to be so I know waiver wires got caught up. Great players throughout the season so I'm an eight man legal work we certainly edits and mainly. That's where I'm more interest at the lock and I'm probably gonna shy away from him in my league that are that are sixteen teens 118 you know that he doesn't work out there there's dot. Adding we saw this story out full of pulled last off season as well in terms of lady a bell and the potential fur lengthy holdout throw at least that your of the pre season. Last year we obstructive season palladium bell but but in years past we've seen. The lengthy holdout lead to soft tissue injuries early in the NFL season any. Any trepidation about taking live beyond bell where he's average is is that at his average draft position. Well no because it's never practiced positions do either one Hugh writes it is quicker way to. I think the biggest worry. If we that you have a seat you know he misses act not time. It's in its first game lecture he would you rule what she even eats well and chip up in the air airy. That means you're drafting and now of course like the principle quality game. No matter your format no matter merely excited he is became arts is availability and what he is in November December that person is number. And the likelihood that I'm gonna get. Thousands scrimmage yards out later on though there. They're not very many running backs that I would protect and do it. That you're born in early line and you know it's not Eliot error another couple. About dot. So that reward which way again though is they. Extraordinarily high he's tidal wander off cents an offense is probably an average one or twenty points per game. Which can place them among the top six top eight in the league right it's just an explosive offense. You wonderful player. And so now I'm not I'm not sure I would I would capsule. That first or second pick I wouldn't trade out of those. The Cleveland Browns are interesting to me because you bring in a bunch of different parts here and how do you think this all meshes together mean were certainly some Miller Tyrod and don't. They don't want Tyrod girl in my out fantasy team but as compared to what they've had their in the past in the as they at least it's something for those talks. So they're receiving corps there like on paper. I would really really cute. Terrorist leader of the monster certainly politically perception last year. If you are not gonna get exactly the same workload but he he's such a wonderful chain or a player right sister best friend like. It's ironic quarterback dancing or prolonged period of time. We increasingly Blake in that kind of receiver that you adjust for where slain you can adjust Orton on the outside freak athlete. He's got a young tight end at your titan David and Joker who's also freaked out like. And basically on an Olympic track high jumper. Eat. Ice all. Like he's he's phenomenal. Were Coleman still areas where three speed it's. Excellent team. They've got to running back and Croat side job where. You know one of them get hurt and they still have another excellent players. Really really on offense did a key question here is how does it become they meet a team. 'cause it's very rare. The last the last twenty years or so it's just extremely rare for order back to go first second third draft and then Richard junior which is almost never. It more often than not I think for the last 51. Ran the Republic's first overall pick to a quarterback we'd ever see bill. That's that's almost what you have to expect that when baker if you rate ago apps. Campbell tyra got injured in the pre season last year would be shocked if it happens again this year yeah they got it just starting week one it could happen on a technicality any parents Yahoo! Sports always great with this time nanny before we let you go I wanna make sure you have plenty of room on the floor here at the sports bar to tell everybody about what you got going on as Yahoo! Sports as we approach fantasy football season. Doubt thanks so that I actually have my first. And sort of money draft coming up this. This weekend in upstate it's a road report that we're we're a team preview series right now both are out there check that out you mentioned at least the east and to preview at the top. I would certainly be grateful you go by about it. The magazine basically written I don't know I'll say I'll say 60%. 70% I myself got in our colleagues go up a lot of work at a product that. Ala it was it's a great re means that that's where you should start. But whether it's Wendy's and somebody else and and you really appreciate you know you come anomalous to Diana loved reading your work. I predict or. Doctor soon Eddie parents Yahoo! Sports talk to fantasy football in the sports bar with danger to tightly. Nice little break out from all the heavy news of LeSean McCoy investigation yeah says. More details just continue to emerge I love talking draft strategy to. That's a different one doll I mean the Sam Bradford he's accurate and that might work in Arizona. And and yet having pets. There's a lot of agencies situations out their Jean there is no shortage. Of of options for fantasy football players heading into the season. And and we're very fortunate. They'll talk to guys like any parents help sort through and really dissect and look at all of these situations to make you better fantasy football player and have you prepared. For your draft as draft season approaches here. Let's get to offer to that next in the sports bar we'll give you provocative thoughts from around the world sports to agree or disagree with. We love hearing from you on Twitter at ESPN Rochester we love even more when you reach out to us at 454 ESPN. 4543776. Is our telephone number. I'll drink to that on the way next. Brian sharp from the DNC joining us in just under an hour stay in the sports bar danger of attack layup on ESPN Rochester. Extra. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Jack you've covered the demand audio and all. From the sports bar would feature and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. That's what's really. They're shouting most interactive way to listen to the squares leader of the radio. At least the official new home ESPN Rochester. My apple cart lady or android on. Wirelessly yeah speakers we're just constantly earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find me and ninety. I'm 57 FM sports leader. There.