The Sports Bar- Anquan Boldin Presser

Buffalo Bills WR Anquan Boldin spoke to media on Tuesday, August 8th, after his first practice with his new team!


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Aqua step it up to the podium now let's stick their press conference live on ESPN Rochester. So always. You go. So I didn't do it for practice going and how much had you been doing football. First today which are so they want we want. Well. For first. But I've. Enormous of course it's our. Don't put too much into their first thing. As far as knowing every. No you come insulin system stimulant you'll rookie you have to learn everything. And I'm I'm still in the process on stolen. Still studying. To order extra meeting tomorrow opposition goes to show on the economy as much as vause C jokes. You're like you know it's. Impressive how well you're worried well first. Four. It's deliberate in his sleep less yeah. But let us it undecided caught up he's gotten. They're going through it and this morning. No iron about 1112 purchases and challenge him so. Omar Hassan design images of as much as possible. Why wasn't this the right fit pretty well the bills the right spot a so called born lots of mothers. Predecessor in the we're close. Just like to congressmen. And everything Wilson. That stage to accomplish so much. Really everything you've been simple you sold so what's the what's driving it. I'm from that's the impression. Dressed in colorful ball. Coming here to buffalo. Now. Some heart surgeon defends. And talented football Rihanna. Love the culture vessel around here. I know some guys that are on this team I know. Where their hearts are. How did you footballs or film on this isn't a good place for me. And Hillary very this between the and when you sign you kind of walk us through just like the relationship and how that all involved you'll build your decision making runs. Well for me it was this thing in concert with the let them know where I was. The things I was. Trying to process. Let us there are hostile locals a good fit so there wasn't. There wasn't. A question of whether I wanted to do not lose his son and trying to do other things are gonna. Over got receivers together and talked a few of the guys were really sort of encouraged by what he says something else a little bit about sending out. Doesn't house stuff. You just searched the home he just encouraged them on. Some some rich some autos Gaza was the first stringent. And then no uncertain terms on does it's ours does it. That's just a process of English as strategy goes yards motivated right from the older you know and sport are you sure you haven't come up come out of work every day. And it's just day one but it is ahead it you know the story is familiar with Tyrod Taylor and yet that's that is. Thousands of comfort there on the girl who actually work for a couple of years. You gotta vulnerable are those bonuses of comfort. You could just send me get a kick out of or how do you react when it belies a says I was six. It's. Am so. Proud Missouri where you're. I mean I'm glad we were in this movement more routine. I used to do either about her mission to tour molesters and justices. Global voices didn't put it to be. Still play at a little of your play again we. You believe how much longer do you think you can still play and give the game Detroit and yeah. All had always thought so from the judges to do when you're at a time I think especially at this point you to each agency. To fire yourself. So I'll just get your at a time. Once I'm committed a mall and I'm not see our season goes from there. Decision analysis. Look at I'm sure we'll go to your situation easily sit well. He's gonna play. Player in the circumstance we. Look what look like game. This would never know what this whole closer to a more content or what it looks like it's ready to be either a full season and that's these guys can't beat by. When you're shorting out opportunities. How did that way. Couple of holes and she'd beat this team very team would be it's. What does is close enough gas. I think you can't. You can't do is. Try to figure out which team is gonna Winston. And he has a lot of experts out that a wrong if you. And obsolescence laughable. Some of those teams all of them are having more suitable. There's a lot of variables and has a lot of factors are going to one invincible and you just have something isn't right. Injuries being one of them that's something that nobody can compete so I mean when you know and all season each article through August you can't he can't beaches. So on should go you know what is. This happens it. I read that your grandfather S connection here is pro boxers train. Syracuse or did you ever popular nova carrier brief. I'm not certainly has. My family buffalo. Rochester and so. Are definitely well connected in this news. At this point. What. It's good that we'll be Q what you've looked like it was that we thought. That Marshall. And what at this point through. I don't there or anything until. What's a municipal league numbers. You wanna be in control. Your legacy and in the how things play I think he does well and in my career. I'm also play in the win another championship. Festival he's not listening. That's the reason I'm here on its charter one sentence nothing else they're working very yeah. Yeah basically. It's hopefully hopes are to help them citizens of Mexico. What. Unless we got all depends on how much and they can anybody do anything to happen to assume my experiences. Give them advice about different things. Different things that's it's been extra opportunities. We'll let you love them. Golden run. Your veteran leadership anyway. We'll update there's a role that's that sometimes listen as we. If you think about it. I didn't have anybody. In that position I don't know when I first came. A lot of government got a dozen. A younger dust on the teaches. Student loans and seen us opera buff my family so I'm not gonna help this guy. But yes it in a different way (%expletive) hell would have the diversity can be a more forward because I feel like. The better uses martini the middle of the as a team so a moment as far as opening. Get to the next level. And he's still getting to know Sean McDermott well we hear it. Far just. Straightforward. Man of his word. And hundreds. Those things that I look forward and I coached and pieces on this loses. Does she actually. Even a thought don't like it must've been counted out insurance it's easy to remind you that it. I don't like did you. In comparison business too much its MediaSmart each shoes and just learn from. And when you sit and visit his clothes on invincible. Teams. That this team has been above seventy years you know when it you know something's right. The right direction and I don't believe it one day but begins today he's young enough to. When you you dozens of is not worth it easy on us to war or anything like just more of a stroke average and a lot. One. When you're not only feel when you know cameras on around coaches even gonna. It's the way they're just communicating what kind of camaraderie they're just sort of amongst each of the we're just push each other. Those are the things that are probably need can't see. Did you not. Pretty enough to those those opportunist. Home. Watch road today and hopefully one day of practice. Pirate day. The quarterback since they call. Homeland he's and is definitely like yeah where he was when he's in Baltimore. He's definitely more of a leader. His confidence is a lot are you. Nuts and they didn't have him Baltimore blue. It wasn't official bulletin. This is Justine. He's taken it upon ourselves. You so durable editor's note. Well there's you know all cash you have nerves. Do that in this game. It's definitely. Need to jailed detained if you are only a few. I'm sort of something that you definitely have the look and see. When I was younger this is something our impaired since it's so light up a whole lot of it and they'll perform. We'll go to Egypt. The more you have to pay attention to you buddy and the more you understand about what works what doesn't work. Hope she does some things that help young guns. But yeah.