The Sports Bar-Austin Proehl

Bills rookie wide receiver Austin Proehl stops by The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to talk about his experience on draft day, growing up in an NFL family and what he has planned for his time off after mini-camp. Spoiler: no time off.

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If you want fewer home filtered on adulterated sports you come to the right place something M 950 yen nine. 57 Afghan gonna sports leader ESPN right jester. CA is the Buffalo Bills continued today. Sport where danger tag Leah thanks for joining us this afternoon 9 AM 5095710. ESPN Rochester we are and very fortunate to be speaking to Buffalo Bills. Wide receiver yeah Boston troll in the sports car with danger protect live chaos scenario. I don't go right aren't great so Austin though looking forward to by having you in the rest of the Buffalo Bills I've come to training camp here in Rochester next month. Another day of both DA's today how did it go for you lot out at practice today. The other debating yet work with the guys and continue to build chemistry and you know continued another guy and work our craft. Austin and a lot of us or remember obviously eat your old man playing football and I'm so curious as to what your environment was like growing up what are you remember. About having a dad Ricky Proehl who played in the NFL for a long time had it like lengthy career in in how does that help you so far since you've been drafted by the belts. Yeah I mean there's well there's a lot of pop vocal about being around a lot of great players. You know are very fortunate to be around a lot of great scene in. On influences and role model and I was able to look up to and really try to pop like game after and you know it did get here to upload really get started is. You don't know my work ethic not organist learn the playbook and it in the order are the current BitTorrent is. All the guys like that there's a lot of great bet here do you not played for a long comment in their successful. And it's coming you know watching him watch now are they using ink it to get better every day. Cost control our guest here bill seventh round pick is another day at OTAs in the books for the Buffalo Bills awesome bring me back got to that Saturday of the draft week in and year. You're waiting around on Saturday were there are other teams on the line that. Saying. Paved if you don't get drafted we could take you win then. How surprised were you surprised at all did you have any incrimination the Buffalo Bills are gonna take you in the seventh round. Yeah I mean Reza everything out in all it later I bit. You know fortunately acted you know all appear buffalo and it almost unfortunate to be here I'm part of a great organization with great guys. Brake coach that. But yet you know you know there's all the you know called their that would have made my agent and you know myself but. You know I'm as happy to be here happy to be in this situation and it looked forward continue to pick in the work. Austin you mention that you're spending as much time as camera some of the veterans some of the leadership there in the locker room on the team we spend most time with them curious about that and and who you're absorbing Europe your knowledge from. In your young up professional career. Yeah I mean are the receiver and has been great you know it does to a young guys just. Yeah a lot Stan and learn from that got a year earlier as well for a long time we got killed and you know I knew previously and in. You know you got the other guys in the room the other religious took us under our. They're leaning in and just taught us and really try to help out the playbook and then you know to try to get him with a quarterback and there's that much can mistreat our quote there. But just be offered as a whole does. Continue to keep this up to date on staying in. Just continue to just. To be positive whether it and they realize you know that they went to a work or there's so. It contained to just you know like it that you positive. Being in the right direction. How how worried how much are you picking up right now I mean I'm just curious as far as. You urine and NFL block from the first time and again all the stuff thrown at is this is this an offensive system that. Is kind of familiar to you lost in or is this. Really something at a dual lecture homework on. Unfortunately now familiar mean by the you know up in Toronto on offense is then it's a great offense you know say it's going to be very successful for us and make. A lot of big thing happened or an economic side you continue to learn it and continue to prospect you know each and every play that we have put. Yeah I mean it is it is a good situation it's a great offense. You know we got to continue to perfect it. Seventh round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver lost control our guests in the sports bar with danger and the tag lea Austin won't talk about your game specifically for a little bit here in the early talk. Out of OTAs has been the precision that you're running your routes with. How do you think your ability stack up the rest the receives on this team right now and talk a little bit about your game and we certainly remember year old man's game kind of pesky. Quick scrappy not afraid of the middle of the field reliable on a first down was needed. How would you describe your game and and talked about how it stacks up with the other receivers on the team right now. Yet to continue to be you know accountable and dependable you know if first doubt it would ever let's open Opel and those are you know Calvin in day. You know those guys here you know currently Earl whatever it may be just don't have crap beat out the England you know that old Nicole. You know continue to win every week week by week is go over the plan and execute and up for me you know that whatever I have to it would mean he's got opinion whether that. You know if first doubtful that make big plays much speed likely is it in an hour out. And that obviously use my hands and you can't Balkan make big plays down the field go wherever it can meet whatever coach McDermott. Could stage you know you don't need out of meal toy there. In a I almost feel like we got to act kind of apologize awesome because it whereas we're learning you know bite your game and it's just natural that is a point of reference week we talk about oh. Your dad because we were so familiar with those I greatest show on turf teams and then later running in Carolina. Are you fine with federated that or are you looking forward that the carving your own this year I mean it does it does get annoying after awhile that people when they wanna talk to you you know talk about your death. I'm there are actually things but there things got truly put me in a position to use and you are the resource from being united demand for a role model you know also have a budget that and then in our business they're between those white line. You know what likely got the past twenty years it is adamant approach has not been very fortunate to have her. And be able to just looked at him and certain situations been able learn from him and and how good he was in. I would love watching her has grown up as much as passion for the game and these aren't. Went to work every day used to work ethic even though. You know he wouldn't recognize what you did on a daily basis like each like they should have. On the continue to grind and believe in themselves and that's something that's really stuck with me throughout this process. Austin what do you hate about your game right now. What do I get out what what part of your game right now that these driving you nuts insane to the point where it's like that that's something I'm going to work on that something I'm going to fix. Our own you know probably just continue to be physical. You know aren't you know big play ball just you know I point. Balls were in are going to be physical work to their corner. A bigger guy just you know current. Just completely just. Get out the determined that enormous small receiver Donald wanna be known as a sport you Broward being known as I can do. Both inside and outside and you my ability. And even mark tied to make big plays no matter if it is fifty caller. How much you inside the slot you know no matter what there don't appear to at all. Did you lake weather is meeting Shea year maybe this this moment hasn't happened but it was there a moment where maybe got star struck her. You realize oh my gosh. I'm in the NFL now here. I mean I thought you know honestly just walking in the building the first day we got here why there and going to all the physical and no in the locker injured people to and aren't you know doing the photo shoot feel pretty surreal for me there's. You know finally walk into his locker laden and analog heart. You're in your at this point but it also comes back real quick you know realize that. You know it is the business that you got hurt they earn your job that your body every day. Cost control joining us here in the sports bar with danger in the tightly bills rookie wide receiver you're experiencing a lot of first Austin and curious as to. The other rookies that are experiencing a lot of personal esteem how has your relationship with the other rookies there's a lot of potential that this draft class could be viewed as transformational. For the Buffalo Bills is that fair thing to say. Yeah we have got a lot of great players in this class. I'm drafted and crafted. We've all became close and this continue to work together on continue to build upon between each other. You know we're very fortunate to have each other rock or is distinct situations whether eating the captain that is that these are days early morning. You know it's something that this is what we vote in there to be in the situation. Now to be here and we're all fortunate to be part of no buffalo community in the build organization. Armed with something that we look at that great opportunity is preparing continue to attack it and all each and every one of us went out this morning. I Ozzie did we know there routes between now head coach comic German general manager Brandon being gone back to Carolina. What did you get the first film meet these guys was that be it during that. The due process during the draft or was it well before that what dissent. Yeah I mean was fortunate enough to get the call from you know. Brain and being on on draft day. And got to talked a coach McDermott also an interest you know when I got out here and I mean Wear them and talked on I was very cool you just. In on them haven't. You know they believed in me you know not detract me so I was a cool cool situation from Ian I'm very fortunate to be here. Offseason programs continue you got mandatory minicamp coming up I'm curious Austin what are you doing mini camp wraps. And you've got a little down time before training camp starts in the real heavy lifting starts to begin for your NFL career we gonna do with your you with your time off this summer. Are just you know get back toward in my body a few days after many and so are there you know I had done it back down the Greensboro, North Carolina. My dad training facility. And just work go back to work and and go back to the basic. Really get my game right arm to my body back right stronger. And to go to work you know give it rate is do whatever it can help this morning in the Portland you know our goals and while we wanna do that he's. Oxnard there is one thing though I think we got to work on him. I know earlier tar heel by this is Syracuse Orange country here up here in Rochester right I hope. You know I do like we should pound our chest. Jean-Claude they're gonna be equal issue here I mean he's a follow up college basketball. At all when you're down there buckling for the Tar Heels Austin. I did we've been we weren't allowed to make it'd. As many games as I let it lie. But I did I mean it was pretty cool you know you were a national championship then. Just be around that history actually gotten Michael RR one game. I was pretty cool but you know I it was deafening pretty cool that he is part of the year and they're gobbled car aren't. Nice thanks. That not like I don't you worry I thought Alex there was ill and I think you're a couple all the firstly no yeah we talk about the possibility of don't let me and I editorials owned -- and basketball till you did that forget it a bills. Ooh what a rookie wide receiver awesome trolls been really great with his time on this afternoon joining us here. Is OTAs wrap up for the Buffalo Bills Austin we wish you continued success look forward to seeing you this summer. At saint John Fisher college for buffalo bills' training camp and enjoy your time alright. Thank you so much greater thank you for having me. Course lost control. Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver. I asked the question does daddy get tired of hearing that because. Two years ago there was a player that was trying to yet of running back job and those are remember Gene Wilder junior. I must have asked him the question that had been asked him a thousand times before because act just said hey Koppel ma'am may I remember your. Your dad Jay and I love the way your debt run. And he gave me the death walk. Okay bomb because we're not gonna talk fighter to talk about something there. Difference up in Howell James wilder junior was raised in Howell lost control was raised him just were speculating her spit balling but. When you hear Austin troll talk about his old man it's with reverence and respect. We he has Kim what he's doing with his down time when. When mini camp is over it's I'm going to tumbled back home to work on my game with my dad I mean it's certainly seems like. Ricky Proehl has been about three massive influence. In the life of lost control and its lead did him landing on NFL roster. Now will be enough for him to land on an NFL 53 man roster that's the question for frost a variety in. Gosh. You hear the reports of Foster the kid from Alabama he's gonna have the upper hand under the noses offense. You don't know where Rosie Jones fits in all of this. You have all their players like for last year that didn't earn a spot. Weather was brain Riley who was on the practice squad or whether it was rod Streeter who got horror it's. I don't think in that time the Buffalo Bills. Had been here at saint John Fisher College that the wide receiver competition has been days on known. This wide open if you wanna say well gene that's a terrible sight I would hear you on that. I understand. But tell that to these guys comment that the guys are gonna be out there because Foster guy who started for Alabama. Parole RA he's obviously got a great bloodlines. Ray ray McLeod and other ACC receiver it don't mistake bad for young it's gonna be a yell on the receiving corps we don't know what. What the quality of me but to meet young is very interest. And I'll find the positive and what we're talking about here as far as a wide receiving cores is concerned. If anything you've got this competition that will elevate the play. Of guys that might not be as talented as the guys were taken in the first round the second round right now are free agents that got signed before Germany curly. And jury Curley has young lost control breathing down his neck that might elevate his game. Awesome Proehl knowing that he might have a chance to win that starting role at some point his career might elevate his game. Competition makes you better. End of story. And you've certainly got that. Quarterback. Wide receiver. An offensive line now on paper you can say dad is a lot of talent there I would listen that yes but they could get better. Through the pressure of competition the pressure of competition. Could make all three of those positions better for the Buffalo Bills. 454 years pianist or number 4543776. We had a happy hour pass happy hour is upon us. Server upper daily special no shortage of action around the world of sports today with. A game three last night the NBA finals game five tonight the Stanley Cup finals we just had. Bills rookie wide receiver Austin prolong with us your reaction that a 454 ESPN is welcome. And also on Twitter at ESP and Rochester. Michelangelo. Parting ways at the sixers TERRELL OWENS saying go to the hall of fame so many things to get to will get to all of it next in the sports bar danger in the tank Leo on ES PM Rochester.