The Sports Bar-Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson, PGA Pro at Sodus Bay Heights, joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to preview the US Open which tees off Thursday.

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We got a good gold can we go in the court and drive home with a dangerous but exactly in the sports bar CM 950 and 957. At camp does sports leader ESPN Rochester. Father's Day weekend. Adapts to get in Napa this weekend team just nice. To. Hell I'm not greedy give me an hour maybe a ninety minute nap at some point. Before. The leaders come down the back nine right. But stakes on Sunday. Via stakes may be nice site the air red wine and and leaderboard that's really tight there will keep my interest on Sunday that's when I was laugh. Yeah. It's it's a fun. Fun weekend engulf the US open of course. This weekend Father's Day weekend we talked a little golf sports bar now. Buddy Ben Wilson PGA pro it's sort of Spain Hyde spent all Oreo. A guide or it back on. Into the apartment yeah I love love having me on in and love you know trying to pick your brain here. Ben you know in one always makes this interesting just do the I guess the lay gulf sand is that tiger he eased back here and you know he's been playing some good golf but. He's pondering worker I come tender at least it needs improvement. In general ban. What advice would you give to any golfer where you have things working in their game right but they're having difficulty like tiger is right now on the greens. At it is a great question you know it it's it's funny you know that there are all great ball striker with all. We all be out here at club level and even on the out on the collegiate level everybody getting bald and outrage all are working on that the driver the iron. Longer but. You know it is it don't work to make sure that your concentrating on the short game and practicing. The shot that quite honestly it quite as many. Throughout around you're looking an average offers 36. Around you get that numbered 120 meters 38 news scored it now. Vs hitting a driver may be fourteen times on up on adopt force but is is art tigers can earn. You know he's he's a needle move and if he can get his putter going and 11. That's when the company's comeback they get kicked in that back here. Third year that he and Spain for a per winning golf term the question major championships but this would be fifteen career record out all out this Sunday. Ben IE I see the pairings. Tomorrow I don't know how arms are Thursday I don't know how we're gonna focus lie when you've got Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson. And a threesome with tiger ad you'll like what the US GA is doing what were they when they put together these recent. I you know I do love it you know there Altria those guys you mentioned and and really the rest of the appeal there O'Neal oversee just like just like tiger they are there there are state of gall. And he looked only at an ounce. He's and that does not these guys started playing when tiger won. You know I think that tiger was one in the vote for the rest of the and I think it's as great out almost come full circle where he he's the elder statesman you will that for the three them. With every potential on the golf terms that he can keep it together or short and. Then Wilson DJ professional so to speak heights is our guess been somebody asked me who would you like to win this tournament I kind of chuckled handling the death like. Really OK it's golf play well. He even more so than ever though my opinion Eddie when you look at the talent here between your your speeds your johnsons are McIlroy a.s etc. Better we living right now on the gold major golf. I think we are I think it's at a courier golfers is on the upswing the first come along and that's all that and flat. 98 growing and growing in Asia. You know pretty steady growth than in Europe but in Annette and eight it's been flat or on an optic right now. And I think it has a lot to do with these young guns that are out there. Very tiny block the game is that would be on the a long hitters game. You know coupled with this and I'm short in a much sport I think for the average golfer watch. As a spectator wants he has been that they do the golf ball. And they think back to 95. Court either one unit of attention are in the right side writer of the year which you know build the amber. Here in Rochester and court haven been notoriously short hitter but now there. You know the is act or be respected enough. Especially that we accord in and again was. Just been phenomenal. Maestro on the very. They can cock in the eyes though the course is that 400 yards long roughly. Our seventy that's really long golf course up for our Stephanie adversely or urged. But shorter hitters then backed out of the world. Like in 95 court David patent when it they eat the ball on the in the course is just an amazing way plated 2008 and 2010. And it's your offline with any any site which archer in your current prolonged. Well let's talk a little bit more about the course you with Ben Wilson PGA approach so to speak heights joining us here in the sports part danger but tightly on ESPN Rochester meat. The last time they hosted a major there were complaints from players there's all the was. Virtually unemployable I know they made a lot of improvements and that they've lengthened the course give us in overall view of the course. I can tell us who might play eventually he's just gonna be. A weekend where the long hitters are at an advantage or is this really going to be about accuracy you don't wanna get off those fairways and you have to be as accurate as you possibly can bring to find yourself in deep trouble. Well at that it that it it's a question asked in the mine in the last on. Almost eight years ago I'm thinking it's pretty. Pretty darn close the US open setup the well being that being then you'll get there. There's score cord this court are there are short and there's their famous boulders at the temple archery cholera animal. And tell people that green slopes severely Murray left. Back to front. Huge bunker in to. Of the green and that agreement was one of the question back in 2004. At ground may screw up their. Surrender water the greens during that it is actually our regret we are. The US GA going to be on top of that I think that it. It's something that's going to be that throughout throughout the and the conditions will be as spares they aren't we and it is the players eat the ball in front of unchecked aren't open golf course is that we resigned after a links out on court. Of course. And now. If you are off line here in the long that you either or and it is a brutal and even for a Saturday game that I played in until. It was it was a little you're off line and be twice the drop Padilla for the may. Should a cock outs in the the hand the resolute along violent it is still think that Israel overlook almost. Assured of a note to us at aqueduct. Wilson PGA professionals sodas BI it's putting a blizzard in the sports party got a whole human interest story here Ben. Garrett rank for folks they don't know there is dare rank buy today is an NHL referee but he golfed in college. And he worked his way and he ended up qualifying. Through the open. Danny if you can give us some sort of raw sense here of just how many golfers attempt to do this on a yearly basis and how many guys actually. The qualifying plane event like that. What but this does that don't want it a million guy that is I think the last thing higher at that that that the gap. That pretty get money into 1010121000. People around the country all by pre you know a couple of ample spot. There's someone to come through and ball right through battle at local sectional qualifiers. And that is that in the victory mean that guy can play is. Worst round on Thursday Friday that Oakley added eight that that happened he's already won. Because it is it is it's equal playing with the only. I like it is that the numbers are astronomical how typical is that are they get to the point. Where he's going to be playing the major championship. And I wish you best of luck I think it's great story and I just question about. About what about you know how close did you coming your career qualifying jar get a paycheck. Were open and appear Brock yeah it's very short story. But that. Dodger I tried to qualify locally. At least three times here announced a new York and that number and he's out there making. Local ball. And bird for a player like myself well level. The ball quite locally would be would be a victory for me. If you get in the sectional aspect popcorn you're dealing with the top 1%. The golfers in the country at the true depth. But that being said there are people even look we have done that on the local and we have on an oak. How much effort that I want my clothes and oak country folk off quite locally ravenwood. I'd this year and when it you like that you hoped for at the extra off buyers. But even getting that ours is an accomplishment it system that it's been pretty. Up that involved and odds stacked against you but it they always very blunt I. It decked out because. Ben Wilson is the PGA pro its sodas may hides his were breaking down the US open coming up opening round on Thursday off from Chicago gushan cock. I think this is true nobody's really definitively said this all this golf course. In the nation are so certainly a lot of history out there in the course you worked gets sodas may hides a lot. History too bad for folks that are familiar with your course design history tells folks a little bit about it. Well it does say correct it and it's just that words were that is they write off on just that. When he morality that downtown Rochester. About. Could be about forty miles from downtown Rochester at thirty minute drive from from the district right now until area. We era where we're just this year and the year that the diamond and diamond drop. We are were open to the public on on them several days a week excluding one days. And you know in new green superintendent course superintendent. Who has done a phenomenal job away I'll. And if you look at China are just this weekend on the on television. Along other crap native areas we call it where it's sitting practices and our golf course where we are. I utilizing an incorrect. Throughout the golf course not only at that mission but also vote wildlife much better for the environment. And much more of them beautiful viewing. Arena for that for the player and have a hard to do it noticed they height because we are. And one of the most beautiful spot in upstate New York but doubt. The we're we're fired at all orders are eerie copyright that'll other tournament that. Wedding. All of them. And we've looked at the amount business. Well you know bend the good news is since last in my side you have continue to play now the bad news one time when mountain. I want guys that looked at me to sit pick up the ball jeans and OK no problem here and I'm this'll. But but Ben I guess my point is for the forty something year old guy that's listening right now that is kind of somewhere between hack in need be getting a little bit better. How many times outer what kind of timeline would you say in general does it take before somebody actually turns the corner. Well it's it's a great question and honestly at the player dependent you know how how how India to dedicate it to working on working on your game. But that the answer from is the brought yet there's going to be. If you my suggestion would be working in your game really wanna turn quarter you wanna start working when you're game from the putting green working backwards. That means we wanna work on putting chipping. Pitching. Up. Up around it happened we are not gonna hit every green every I'm gonna have to use them or shorter shot. Do it yourself in position maybe but they are our worst boat. Though. My suggestion that players that look in the current quarter. Under at the driver on the op or make that ball go when it comes right down at getting the ball. In the number. Area where you need to practice them and that's where he scored it now. Ben did you not got to come out that's dollars to it we gotta come out Jeanne we got to go out there. And just have some fun we'll get a get a cooler and we'll gets and be who administer Beers on the course right there's no problem with that. He did that out they want them all on Monday he welcomed any Monday from January they'll march. Welcome them. It. And you don't want to course look at the way to look at the team. That's that's the ban on Monday Ben appreciate your time today it was a lot of fun. I daytime I wish about the locked in the yen come out if there is space short right from Rochester and they're used. I would look at. Appreciate it bad and enjoy your golf weekend PGA pro Ben Wilson from soda spare heights. Joining us little preview the US open here in the sports bar with danger of the tablet a story about the year ranked. King you're managing if he makes the hot. What a story that would be and people will learn this and you could imagine how many club pros are gonna you know look at this story in trying to gear themselves up to to qualify for next year. That's what makes golf unique Wright hit his debt. You can if you're good enough complaint right alongside the best in the game. I can't get it to get past that that opening threesome on Thursday. I mean that's just brilliant. Dustin Johnson Justin Thomas. Tiger Woods arrives in the afternoon through word is going to be looking at the monitor or hello Al Sharaa that is tee time early in the new EU. Should get a double check out. Because I'm telling you if it is in the afternoon. Well we're not gonna be very we're not to be very focused now wait a second houses and animals for guys not here there is no soliciting maybe it's in the more gee maybe it's in the morning we're just distracted all day. It it's if it's an early tee and we get the chance you know. Then I believe you're able to stream. The it's been a specific. Specific current groupings. Oh yeah we gotta check that out OK so that I was right he's won 47 on third time apple all have heard comments. Chimes in and woods and how bout this one on Thursday 8 in the morning. So you're getting in the war in the morning. McIlroy speed through Nicholson that was a one that I got confused with Lucas or eight in the morgue is their goal can we go talking about this morning 8 in the morning it's beats. McIlroy. And Mickelson 740 on Thursday Watson staying cap. Pretty good. The up pretty good threesome going out there that some intriguing golf. Can't wait yet venting. Did we can get too deep into this but the last time in all four. Cold back and read some of the quotes from woods and Mickelson and they should ask. Or lasted the US GA. For the way the course I mean the greens are basically concrete stacked up so. Hopefully the course plays a little bit better this summer new here or you're saying June that there works stroke to limit interior good. Here at bush who should hang you scroll to that can scroll to the the greens keeper and it's Bill Murray who. And straight out of Katyusha. You want to be ghoulish informed us that it. I want the kid. Who. Doesn't go. Can't wait. US open weakened Father's Day weekend a pew if your dad your listening OP gets chance to enjoy your weekend maybe he'll local. Can't stress now it's enough to mean ninety minutes of just. Let's get a drink to that next in the sports bar some. Compelling sport thoughts are on the world of sports agree or disagree we always look the calls for five for ESPN. ESPN Rochester on Twitter. Another reason why I think LeBron James. Ends up in LAX. Landon. I am I gonna raise my glass to one of the young sung heroes in Rochester sports is I think we're giving this guy sendoff here. File or by all reports will be the latest when I Auxerre. Okay the sports part danger to tightly continues next is altering that on ES PM Rochester. About silver band sports junkie. When you're an expert. Access to them. Let's say EST. ESPN Rochester dot com bringing showing and from an EN 950 and 957 MM a sports league.