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Bill Hoppe of joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to recap the Sabres draft, look forward to free agency and development camp this week.

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Up next local sports talk about flowers at one pills block at a sports bar would danger of attack. Day after news on this sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back in the sports bar danger of the tag glee on ESPN Rochester and plenty of exciting news this weekend of course you know Joseph. We'll sabres and Rasmussen Colleen meaning the media today bill hobby. Bubble hockey beat dot com was there and on the scene good death have built on the scorecard with this now hey bill how are you. Bill we appreciate your time it was funny I was thing in the back my my we have you line. You know for the hammocks playoff from the week. And we never got more than one game so so are we in Britain murderer had more than one Mike Dunn made you'll make it a date for next year. Abdel your impressions. Now seeing rats in the style lean nice hearing him. For an eighteen year old hot as he carried himself. Leaker insult about pitchers. But surely it that the word as any eighteen year old there are being he's just. He knows the right thing that day I think it'll it's what they are written I think he really. Believe these things that I think he ever told her a few years he's he's played coral. Pro all hot gallery over we did so he he understands the expectations you understand the pressure he. I think yeah embraces it I. Bowl of course be a good one but I. I also think. Big penalties under Alan. If it's uglier than we currently expect they. It maturity. That you can't. In his in his game. If bill we've been may be looking at this all wrong I mean yeah all along knowing that that Rasmussen only was gonna be the selection the Buffalo Sabres are they were trying to figure out all right what. What veterinary and a pair with him. Are on the Blue Line there that's in that top pairing. In order to kind of ease him into the NHL is the proper way to look at this is like now what veteran marina with Rask was stalling to make that veteran batter because he's that good which. Which side of that answer you want. I mean actually there and that's a good point. Probably. I mean you can find if there's a record out there creative scene you think would be a good mix with them who who could mentoring them the way. Point a minute beside him the article accurate and if you're gonna eat breakfast is the liner and money YouTube. Pressure on him a little maybe maybe. Put them would hurt. Now Britain is doing their culture or it's medical that the agreement a power play I'm not sure. There's a lot of different way you look at it but it what would you say is very true that it. Maybe appreciate it urges. Let him play that I mean it is maybe not about. I think a picture. Well you know it's funny that trickled down to hop he's our guest here because crystal line and you can't forget he's only 23 year and if the he does come back here is many expected that he will. Is he somebody that right now his career arc it's still wanna hockey having him what would it mean for him. To have a little less ice time at this point would that benefit him not he was saying you've split with a second pairing up. Pressure. And maybe that's what he had to negotiate that I think you just. A second pairing defensemen and he's a very good defense and I think. When you're playing and ready to play a lot of minutes but when you're wearing him or excitement it. Every game or even more he's playing possibly facing beep or cut. Airing outline I mean. It takes a cold one and in my opinion it Democrats in the last couple years peak he'd better suited for a little bit of respect and variable that doesn't mean. Can't wait when he when he went there tonight that the Lebanese background be. A very good defense in the eighties at 61 again maybe work your goal by to I think with. I barely written Colleen. Even territory deeply he. And that ocean healthy. DEC 01 opening. References Salina at her record a little bit of collectible. He can rebuild poppies work of buffalo hockey beat dot com were excited to have him in the sports bar with danger and tag we are right now. On ESPN Rochester we've been joking build it that you know that this team. Is going to be satisfied and they'll until they acquire every Rouse missed every Boston Terrier and ever reddish defenseman. Or what can you tell us about the rest of the draft picks from this weekend in Dallas will we know about Samuelson in the second round. Yet Hamilton I don't former NATO defense and shelf simple way to western Michigan he literate guy. At the a lot of that early aero into the guys that. A whole lot of experts at. After the first round. You talked to these are very prep for the demand. The sabres really I think what you're bloodline. Talk Iran expects and the Padilla. Ever he has been an assistant GM. They really liked how the he understands what it takes to make the NHL back to where it. It's their work to be there. Look like that who along lately. It's. I think they're happy they got him. The rest I mean I don't know on about the eight year record head to our. You can encrypt their. Played with. You let curable or whatever you know the United States he. Oh Winger. He even Barry. Honestly didn't just saying that. Clearly your ability. You're depicting an actual threat is the possibility that he he became more open with the league rookie of the year is going to Miami of Ohio that you're either intriguing talent. They're wrestler stripped has. They're adjacent bachelor and agents are drafting a lot of Europeans. That there is granderson got a lot of simple. Well I guess one area where we know they didn't slot was goaltender. That all surprising to build the sabres deny use a draft pick on a goal of this weekend. No I think a lot of scenes like contrast on. Every year whether justice system of rounder and I think they maybe they wanted to get one. But I mean don't take went ballistic. That they have some guys like line. I think if you if you could really truly a heartache when the forks or evoke in you want to take one just about every year. Bill hockey buffalo hockey be our guest here. On as far as the depth at wing your two I know some of expressed concern that. In a do you have at least this pipeline of young defense in. Setter right now you can kind of make up a depth chart not just in buffalo but in Rochester is well. But what about dubbed the Winger is that a little thin would you say your organization right now bill. I think so where and what you say that Google denies he's earning. They're built but in the financial aspects that are there with technical I don't know where he will. They have heard the defense. Are they just don't have. A lot of wingers are a lot of ego is bricks everywhere here and I went to president Barack are pretty oh here. He's got a very fast player so. Heading into created the tree and it at. Besides goaltending I would say they're number one priority. Heading wingers getting to where. Bill popular buffalo hockey beat dot com joining us in the sport sport danger of a tightly on ESPN Rochester you mentioned samurai guard we'll talk about. Qualifying offers for restricted free agents here in a second bill the first one last note on the draft any. And you curious about the idea that bought troll has two seasons drafting for the the sabres hasn't taken any Canadian hockey league players. Then read it surprising and it is in Europe last year where the first stripped it wherever it picked you to. He kind of wait and see what happens. Next here sure not eating would again I think for ham it up there again they're there but. And in in the later rounds so hearted judge heard all the rout of the in the later round. And what those CHL guys you'll get a couple years if he cryptic how are eager eager and you have. Four years asylum two extra years it took a lot of value them. So that's a lot of the end importing your explain it makes a lot of spent learning. Two years vs. Or believe you know wanting 21 year old year a lot of either you're probably really transformed him. And that it needs something. A hot be out from the buffalo hockey being our guest here is a lot of Saber news a lot come up this week of course the end of the week free agency. We have development camp we have a deadline of 5 o'clock today were teams must. Our tender their restricted free agents any surprise at all to use that the sabres will not tender a contract to victory in Teepen. No idea you could tell by the end of the year. Greg you look at him their land where they where. It lacked play in the the were the perfect time for them it's just. Evaluated them let them ways seventeenth when he met that night and they were negated. So I think I ever emerged. Help bridge that he wasn't that. Apparently he's still trying to play in North America. What are equal. Interest being in New York band and a at all because well he does have the Al. And what about Scott Wilson who was acquired of course from Detroit. Last December I you know they're not gonna. Tender him but the intention is to get him to sign is a free agent is that correct. Yeah it's related arbitration in. I got tendering him that in that process and they think that you resign him July 1 I would. If there if they ultimately that is that I would expect that they beat you know ovaries they inspired him he would beat another guy he's on a gimmick up the bird. He expedient to play up and on the lineup he's a valuable that adding another bigger surprise. So I would expect it that the excitement but. What side take let's take the temperature at the trade market right now for Ryan Reilly this was all the talk here from the you know for for various reasons and then. Nothing happened. Days Seoul where do we go from here will we reach a point do you think is there and date is it to July 1 is it. The started training camp at what point do we say all right you know what indeed Ryan O'Reilly. He's going to be and you know part of this team that that's part one of my question bill impart to them or make this argument is that. Keeping Ryan O'Reilly on the roster bill how much of that is connected to development of TC middle step because to me. You don't wanna rush things and middle stat by bumping them up to the second line if he's not ready for it so it to me that would be the reason ultimately I would say don't trade. Ryan right. Well let black hearted if he's not traded in the next couple weeks that maybe if it's July. Mental state court there that they voted. On July 1 reports that an F in dollars and though I think. Scene where interest but it is outrageous that they don't want an. Either or. We're at a point I mean. I treat any and everything. Everything so. Well. You can make huge piece earlier lineup they're also putting more pressure he's Eagles spared. Probably will pick him up the number that are. Maybe even read it but you don't have a number twos that are so big if they can report that spectre. And at the favorite actors about winning. I just don't see a trading Ryan O'Reilly makes a lot of sense you can pick in the east but nothing in every week as if they were the worst in the league wit and and although minute scoring. And they are and what happened with. Oh it's. I understand the epithet it makes a lot of money and eatery where reporting earlier. Mean is is you only have a few good years left I would keep. Bill poppy of buffalo hockey B dot com joining us in the sports part danger in the tank lay up. On ESPN Rochester so 5 o'clock the deadline to qualify restricted free agents the list. Of restricted free agents for buffalo samurai heart Nicholas Baptiste. Justin Bailey Shawn Malone Denny a Regan CJ Smith and goalie. Jason Castro from bunch of those names were very familiar with here in Rochester. I want to focus in on the on the first three samurai in art Nicholas that he's Justin Bailey and for Ryan what do you think is a fair. A fair offer for samurai arc. Boy that's a good question because he's he's been good. Pretty good at its first street sees them. Your trip except perhaps create a political first though. I'm not sure I'm not sure what is what is Billy is that if if you wanna go long term if you were. Form or any year in short term that he get to get a one year deal worth. Or at. It is it's tricky here. The figure out the ability of these guys with such a small body of work he's been very good and it wouldn't surprise me if you get a big contract for the back. Or five years. Well and indeed about the other two guys airing. You know we we see him up close and personal here we've seen flashes of brilliance on a boat that tees in daily here Rochester but then. It's just not bearer enough resist. This typical book player would you say bill that is ill and sometimes it does take a little longer or is this. Would you say more of a warning sign because for billion Baptiste I would have thought they would have put it altogether by now. Well it certainly had to let the chances that these cities that we see flashes. It's time they've been top level angels over there a favorite and given them. Some great opportunities. Not only. Which. Top line but they root for long stretches her a few weeks Ramallah where it is what put it together. Yes that says meaning it short enough where. You'll also find out where bring him back in the sure why now and I would it did there's no I have no problem wouldn't expect he's returning Justin Bailey. Returning. What might they be able to find just the better team I think sometimes people stricter. Good player and careful yes they played with the bank teller or if believe it would have been deployed in the right spot because we're how bad the finger at that. Belliard and you're down in Dallas so you know you hear a lot of buzz lot of chatter and certainly the sabres are in need of a goal in not telling Manning and don't worry wanted to meet you haven't heard Ari. Can't is Cam Ward the theme every year offer free agency and who might be some other candidates that. Where would intrigue sabre fans right now to be the starting goalie you know outside the possibly lead is hallmark this season. I lecture about him war Campbell it's not the deplorable eat so or. Import marketable overrated bowl. You've won a Stanley Cup will be your go in and if it's a nice feed him but I don't know. It age they're up and he's really their answer. There's some intriguing Garrett out there Carter Hutton who decree or back out error that it. Greets you with loose he's available literature and ordered about and their job and burying. Politically that you're with Colorado last year he started before. There are guy ago there it's interesting it'll be in the he what kind of diving alt. Order because we carpet. About the other day. It would look. First time he really verbalize that he doesn't think we all are you ready here TV. Starting goalie. The question what about playing thirty game. He's city is cardinal could do that well. I mean they're looking for a lecture and starting experience that it may be willing to could be a backup of all bark ripped the green or. Would be your starter playing 4050 plus being. Bill I thought it was so interesting that the NHL put the draft in Dallas the same year the NFL data in the NFL draft got it's grown there to a size and only Danny Davis could possibly imagine. It's not a fair comparison but. I'm just curious did tiger thought siren call the whole experience was down there in Dallas and and obviously had it here few years ago assault. Hot in Dallas do as far as a draft host we dissect. They did well to draft coaxed I don't think it was. Maneuvered there. Writing writing in the ring career or whatever. People don't know you're driver doesn't know that there's been drafted out. If so it wasn't like that awful like that though. It was a little bit differently and debated it out of your record has become a huge event. It one of the circle on the calendar. He's been churning for tickets in recent years it's just become the whole thing but it wasn't even. Ten years ago though it would a lot of. Bill what are you working on now for everybody at buffalo hockey B dot com. Story. Battling rival. Today here is mute conference and they're whole bunch of other stops in the works over the next coming days so check it out. And then you've got Aaron did you have what you cynnex ablaze prospects camp what. Like for the Cedar Fair listening right now what what should people be on the little golf for and we what story lines when it comes to up prospects camp this week. What we're gonna obviously look at well I mean that there's some interest in guards failed standard Uighur. Eight there Herbert senator. A pivotal year for him. Is that they're they're act like they're. I think the secret why take that next step we want them to make any choke your accurately points it is. I don't see you will be greater. They'll aimed at least well either but there's a lot of got via Google wants islet that different things aren't Europe. Does say critics. Spectrum has certain Rochester we know he was at its Swedish hockey league department and we don't really know what are about it will be interesting to see him up well for. So guys like that I've heard a lot of oh. What are you know a lot about their game and in the person go to the guy that. Read more about it the sabres prospects happening this week buffalo hockey beat dot com. Bill hoppy our guests here in the sports bar with danger Maytag Lin has always deals with bill we appreciate you look carbonneau at some of some of your time out of your busy schedules to join us here in sports bar. Generous here we go hop beat buffalo hockey beat dot com do great work over there. Cam Ward is overrated. Yeah yeah but at me for what you're asking him to do. And. Can't war only works if Linas Omar push is an amount right. If cleaners hallmark he's ready then you're stuck with Cam Ward you're looking at another non playoff here I think that's the obvious statement so you gotta do better having Cam Ward but. Ish as four is a fire is availability and affordability that might or might be left with their. Yeah I'll be inching Carter Hutton is the other name that he brought up in and Carter Hutton had. Real real nice save percentage last year in down. In 32 games save percentage of point 931. So that's gonna get a lot of the lot of people's attention come free agency here and I have a feeling if the sabres are interest in him they're not going to be the only. Team and my hope is that they wouldn't go out in overspend. On a car Houghton in and lets you had. You know Doyle I guess if you had desires of some long term than you would but it's and it'll be action to see. If their player in that Carter Hutton from sweepstakes. Because he certainly has the stats from last year. To show these worth at least a look see Zach tweeting us at ESPN Rochester may be unbiased from watching amorous games. But I think Dalian Baptiste would be great bottom six energy for taking time. Yeah exactly mean you know wolf we'll find out what the qualifying offers are. From the restrictive creates a series with a deadline come and appear at 5 o'clock. Keep it on ESPN Rochester next we go to the NFL and around the national football and serve today's top stories in bite sized form we do it everyday at this time it's called. And FL. Appetizers yes some of the stories NFL appetizers to Leno when this appeal case is interesting we've got some news out of Green Bay. And town. Mean one my favorites had to put in your Boehner. Yeah appreciate that when you talk about Jim Kelly right Jim Kelly we all know he is my favorite I'm talking about the other guy. Oh yeah opposite if you wanna see but if you wanna see my cohosts Sheba tightly that we do what he's had explode. Just get it. Six minutes or so biggest phony in sport cannot already got it to a next in the NFL appetizers and sports bar danger tightly on ESPN Rochester. Loves her fans sports junkie. Nice player and an expert. Access to them. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join in pact with the action from the the end. He's 57 MMS forcefully.