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Bob Harris of joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to dish out some preseason Fantasy Football strategies.

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NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA your home for life sports. Eight and 950 and 957 Afghan these sports leader ESPN right yesterday. There's a big misconception out there welcome back to the sports authority germs tightly on ESPN Rochester that that fantasy football championships are won. In late December early January. Name. We sing your sports for the error one inmate. June. July it's never too early to start talking and thinking about fantasy football that's why we talk to the best out of their guys like football diehards dot coms. Harris joining us now in the sports bar Bob hi event. I think gray air route 84. Look it up well at earned it be. Olympic record being beat by your outreach and large Arctic. And it e-book all people are not and I eat. From thirty quote here that I can't keep up or period yet out. I mean it's that time a year to meet Bob always I know it's 365 to me the fourth of July was always the benchmark because you would always have. The magazines on the stands and now it's a much different world week we live in. I'm let's get real equated here at the top of the draft right now would you say it is Todd Gurley has. Number one overall men who. I think you could make an argument for why I like canard rocker by all the argument for a downward correction. Every single day out. What I like to look at it yacht in the yeah. Looking up or eat early yet and William bell and David. And EU Ali. You order that. Know all about load a Greek. I think they'll war our. Audio out. Pretty much regard the format. That it guy up in that it will bite your outlook made it you're you know every year. Where you know we're spending on your mind predict the future. Odd that you. We know there'll be about it. Eat what percent are over a burst out Allen is you know I it and that and running back. But it seems this year both Bert well put a little more bulletproof me you know you have guys. Albert Khmer. In a Barkley and Corey on a belt back I'm latter Ornette. You go down that all year and they all be pretty solid there are opera in met me in the matter. Bobby Harris football diehards dot com joining us in the sports bar with danger and tag glee if we look back one year ago. So where we are right now. Kareem hunt was probably name that not a lot of people knew of yet if you drafted him you probably one. A fantasy football championship virtue you mentioned sake on Barkley that's the obvious rookie that that's gonna stand out but I'm curious as to. Other rookie running backs were shot penny is an example that might be. Catching your high and maybe a couple of sleeper rookies that we might not be familiar with now that maybe get drafted in the mid to late rounds that could could. You pay off some dividends here is a season gets under way. While cutting and running back Ricky all dividend right out you're out that you can go wrong wrapped it work you early in in Indiana well. Other equity Geithner later boy green and and it is going to outlawed down they're probably going to related area dot even later they'll. That they think I don't like publicly predict out everything you're saying obviously a first round premium particular Barkley I don't mean I do like the way. Anger transient current work on the top of the line I'll. But I'd like your eye on our shot and he got clear out the workload that look like although there are yet a lot of thought. I think a lot on John will get a shot at opening the Eden. As the primary guy if he. Why rat are going to be it was an amp abate or three game. Maybe daily number no more heavily on marketing act and short you're at the right at bat in the air I liked him an awful lot. And I beat air and got the idea that government egos in Detroit yacht at the line become increasingly athletic each year. Odd and that again this year. I think you got it maybe more now it is that on history of not finding it did not eat that apple finally got it maybe it ain't that at some point. And the yacht the block eat human and that area jock who backed by. Our guest is Bob Harris football diehards dot com here in sports bar 957 ESPN. Humble bright for me let last pick I had last year Bob took the Shawn Watson. Of truth is I just kind of got lucky on it but if when you look at this year's class so much hyped with all the rookie quarterbacks. More VI you know Europe's favor right now I don't want to would you say that might be able to help. Your fantasy football team is perhaps a third quarterback. I get it up beyond the deal all your. Shot or quarterback and I think guys are gonna be you know we're looking great artwork looking over the next. A lot of ram pop you know. Horry nighter topic we're looking for that at least on a lot it. Arc arc of my guys to come out get a big dumb but at last year you know are we look it Sean locked the mad athletic ability to big arm but Lamar acted. Pot I get. It died I make it a liar on. I don't eat diet and he started early I think got out maybe you know they can't anyone I like road out of that by. I doctor or an error out am Bradford are and we note is there a bigger boat similar quarterback go. Maybe a situation where you grabbed quarterback very late and I'm a big advocate that. I later better for me. And yet I like Bradford would be no problem to have you know our outlook doctor quarterback pre game quarterback is yet and it. Then all of a client demand there are more palatable quarterback. Then there are seen in Europe the 08 data wrote that you could accurate on that on that second or third quarterback ego that he. Bobby Harrison football diehards dot com our guest in the sports bar danger in the tightly talking a little fantasy football and ESPN Rochester. Let's talk about the Geneva Switzerland you mentioned let's talk about Julian entitlement. Both players. I'm facing suspensions to start the season I'm wondering what that does to their value where you'd be. Looking at maybe selecting AJ was Winston and what. Maybe I mean we know what Julian element is capable of and that Patriots offense are you. Are you shying away from Julian Edelman with the potential of a four game suspension looking looking him down. What rob mark increment that make this a shot that would create regalia you know. Pretty much below at running back. Back you. Actually but you start out that he'd been crap like I had in May. You've got to eat at you got city ride after app. For the big edit it and that is actually come out why outplayed out berm of the albeit Il what we'll notice leaker out. But I'll take whatever they're bad news. It's not something I liked it create ot make other people are people and it backed away or better by. The fight will not eat I agree erected what at a people while at bill but he played you know. Even law lord elite were Whitney the activity in any computer week. And what those guys that you a good chance you bet and I rob I know I'm going to be without a month. I can eat that are easily get increasingly tight. I ate out at that amber you ought is the way ignore it don't put it much jeopardy and getting it gathered. Some degree that rule PDA yeah I'm at work out our act it out or get them as well though. Yup yup apple electability amber at. There you go you'd adult runaway box right brought up and running rap that value. What's your vice when it comes to love the old guys in the league because myself I'm always one that that shies away from guys that are north of thirty by. For those last year and making investment Larry FitzGerald and PPR league there is a look at your over under balls and I I hate to one of these years Tom Brady's gonna fall apart I I don't know Ole. Think when that's going to be so when you're on the clock you're trying to way. Yeah I decision between be a younger receiver that's an unproven commodity and in somebody that you know might might end. Putt because they're there above our thirty years old what your vice when it comes to guys. I like Larry FitzGerald like a Tom Brady that are odd nearing the end of line. And you start looking. What going on around them Brady case that eight we did not think that leads me to believe that they eat anywhere near a little early to scrap the Becker. Odd package traded away last year are built he got eight made it to be op and a wide green shell were running back. Not yet being like able guy but Micah pro ready and herb app were actually. I've got a note things around and Larry is there okay are not agree that even a David career but met reader Robert career. Are you the quarterback Rick and I met in between rapper in rodent. But I bet it out there. Though I got a lot more about I'd want it back more I'm more concerned. And an even at that point you know I look they we look at LeSean McCoy who you know going to be a thirty year old. A quiet can earn about 8 at I am about lack of followed it quarterback the lack of all of weapon like Bieber a lot that. Are not a lot that the me. In debate about something by the way we all the and a lot matter a lot of people. It technical or not op at the line look a lot and ran flat valued at get a new coach but it made up and on that topic the line. And it and it adopt a lot doubt that EO. That angle and a lot them at our back why there. While government and what it is an upbeat on it court according glad. They actually saying I yeah and where that are here or belt. You've been married for me when I look at the bill by top of the line and earn their number about and why that war bit worried me and we need it acted in order. Obama and lets you know he's in terms of how it applies to fantasy and I think LeSean McCoy is probably the only. Rick you know the only player that you're really looking at if you're but he may be Kelvin Benjamin but since you brought. Maybe you're right maybe the word we're so close I was right wing in we get black did you know for from that the glare of of the the bomb that goes off at one bills drive so we we might be blind to what exactly happened I'm curious from an outsider somebody who's who is kind of like you know how they're following this team the guy who looks at the numbers who looks his statistics to who really you know it evaluates talent first of all. Josh Allen your thoughts on him coming into the league and in what he was able to do Wyoming all the free draft. Height that kind of got squash by actual statistical data. And then just overall your sense of the bills and in your outlook for what they could be in twenty team. I think appear you know that we are that they're proud. The it'd be actor the that that was the question. That's generally not a bit of break. On the record back in an opening act at him. So I'm not human not a situation that eat and without a rock forty is more glory in the but the wind is it prone. Ended rated geared up and make it up or the big athletic. He built beat the item buffalo I will. And look I'm not going to be wrapped Yemen and nobody should be got it ER EPR Charlie company to be able pick our way require. Among eight that I have illiterate in the court. Right price and your current average wrapped it in a little bit Rick forget it there's a lot of guys out in the rate or keep going but I'm comfortable. More comparable to it I guess I would you know it that would include I like. Norton power yeah it at the ball like they'll be you know younger. A lot better he'd. I'm tired and old guy I would be more artwork. Tell them Batman. I think indicate or the right light and it at eleven out. They're not a lot better now why he won and that he didn't Brandt and yet they helped you on the field but he but the work out the pop at it. Somebody that got you'll be and the Karl lighted. If trial by it you know demonstrate that eagle out your well I think you can do work where followed by Paula I did there. It is one thing maybe McCoy has going for him to is that okay it was pretty split carries with who Chris Ivory OK good good luck with that I guess I. Guess but we we know although the workhorse backs like you like you mentioned the eggs easy deal Ali it's the the lab beyond else. Are there any all the running back. Carol competitions do you see any and all other values around the national football and where media or running back. Ends up taking the bulk of the carries that you might be able to get the on the first round. I did think they're a lot of those guys are acting like a draft where it is. Your Y money back I'm finding them up at even. Late at ground I. Nicole outlook archer how Brady. But I you know it absolutely rocketed jet. And did that work the night out mark Utley is going criminal late in raps right now and you look at that down. Rex lap speed and lap by lap five he record. Good running back there like and a well. I think you look at I'd like Lamar Miller though later. Not all on our go you'll be playing with the iPod that he did pretty well at it a lot I really not an fiery. And yet people are eager to wrap them. But it remembered Arctic Orman big guy who would be on our competition I'm not edit delete injury suffered in the number. But not going to be electric RM. I think also out all we got it going a little later should be going right now he's been caught it it would be looked at him what he accomplished lacquered. Despite not being all eyes are open to what I thought it. I rush you know let it go all Russia. And dad I'm air older. They're not break out all our deterrent out I. I think there that on the ballot but he backed it here it goes the. Nobody talk about players who kind of turned it on towards the end of last season when he becomes demise she meeker Rob Lowe and I think everybody kind of fell in love with. With Jimmy drop look towards the end of last season into this season as we sort topic about him for fantasy football put. Put a value on Jimmy brothel. I'd eagle on earlier and I want emulated average rapid issues around what my route are dot org background that some of the quarterback going after him. Are named Matt you dapper bill Herbert geared stop. Look like although I'd be more willing to draft that I can say about Barack well I don't want one guy back in mock. And I'd even go later they get out Mitt Eli Manning. And I took all the outer round. At iiroc and not be in and it did vote out back and back then but he can be grown in number I out. Is likely going to be Latin hitting them like moral guide everyone thought they'd act in it but it quietly into that op oil and quarterback. Read straight year it very bitter met with it yet solid game yet horrible. Opera music I note that via a rap and an idea I got another. Drop low lot people are back at my home. You going fairly early eagle at Matt Bryant. I'm I'm pretty comfortable about ride every week I I'm not there on that you're gonna thought brat at all. Have a lot coming off like you know you're what. We don't know an idiot and I believe it yet by their but maybe you are a little earlier on him. But make street come back and get it dead yet you like I would call an app that I know it out the other guys think that that we. Reasonably productive over the court the career a bit about it elk river by the way. It finishes in the op Ed and quarterback pretty much every single year and played. I eat it widely overlooked them wrap it goes both IP that you can grab a little later they'll about it at a. He can resort football diehards dot com a website Bob Harris our guest here as were getting a head start on fantasy football proper work. Julio Jones I mean we're still early on here but there is seems to be some. Drama surrounding the Atlanta Falcons receiver so. And what are you seeing hearing yearly moxie and is it too soon to have concern here I regards to how the situations playing out their mom. Like yeah you know prepare and are not are becoming more. Like art dropping. What are we don't say that whatever it and get. You know public negotiations have been. You know the year Asian but I did feel the heat are McBee buyer are and argue about that we we expect. They'll be aired by issue it ended more. As advocate that we we did there which he had not met the early that we all know what yup I did we eat it. Army 200 plus yard gain there they are all. Out. I that you might get similar you know I ordered that. By the weekly production at really what I'm mortar and I think guys like you and Allen might yet you'd that you missed out on the we have gone don't feel comfortable that you can't on him. Funny guy like Ian Allen. Bought out about it now dot rebate. About Adam the only why he and about you rate double digit I doubt he'd been under belt at the moment but I think I'd like that. Our god I eat or by navy into your money back a little earlier what it looked equally well but upright dropping a little bit had been brought mine and the five. You bet on Libya it is. Bob Harris of the old diehards dot com we love having you almost a sort of make sure yep honey it's time on the Florida tell everybody where they can read here and and Seymour your work. Are you electrical all the IR dot com or. Year but are free and are we bought it. The attic for other day about your editor their well we give or Agassi or what out of B and people opera forecast. It's funny I. Public ate it broke four the key eat scrapbook of all die hard Mac. Look rather than starting next Monday. My weak weak period Joker back into the elite very active and eat or radio here cute and 87 you'll be able to hear me every day at 7 PM eastern time. Going forward though ready and. Are we going to go ahead attic and that's been on the eating intensive tasks they can't go out. And Harris knows what's up absolutely. Bob we appreciate it carbonneau at some time on your schedule we know how busy you are getting these publications out. With what you think would be offseason is not offseason if you're in the fantasy football community you are working hard and we appreciate what your. What reporting out there and and appreciate time that you're given us this afternoon in the sports bar look Ford talking again real soon are but. They grab a board and again. Bobby Harris football diehards dot com yeah. You don't viewed there is that in general theme there there isn't one player he would shy away from it all comes down loot the the price their medallion yet make sure you who. At a value on each player. Yeah when you adopt the philosophy of value. Drafting at drafting based on the value that's presented to you. It's funny you actually. Find yours twenty inch and inch hips. It's a secret. It's finding value it's it's some of it is sinking when others are zag and in Harris that got it's been playing for over thirty years knows his stuff. That was great if your fantasy football player for fantasy football fan of your football fan. We'll have the for you on demand if you came in late shortly the SP and Rochester dot com next we serve up a day's top NFL stories in bite sized form. And it fell appetizers with danger to tag that we mentioned above ought to put out odds. Preferred between eighteen and FL MVP will let you know who's atop that list on the way next. And Michael Bennett's day in court gets pushed back again. We'll give you a little bit more color with NFL appetizers. Next in the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Still. Street. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Got you covered the demand audio and all. And sports bar would feature and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. Let us fortunately. Best sounding most interactive way to listen to the squares leader of the radio. He's the official new home ESPN Rochester. Via apple car play or android on. Wirelessly yeah speakers we're just constantly earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find a M 915 and 957. The sport's leaders ask you Rochester.