The Sports Bar-Bob Harris

Bob Harris of Football Diehards joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to dish out some Fantasy Football advice including which crowded backfields will produce the most points for your teams.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester would you please don't win. You'll dot com I downloaded today and listened to watch any time anywhere not sports leader ESPN Rochester. NFL pre season action starting tomorrow night the bills though hosting Carolina pre game starting at 5 o'clock not only is the pre season under way. Let's face it Tennessee football season is upon us so we get that you prepared drafts are happening. We want you win your league that's why we invited the smartest the best and brightest minds. In fantasy football guys like Bob Harris from football diehards joining us now in the sports bar but I event. I think we're out here is get smarter about the artwork available I doubled it would it though. I've been raping a lot though so out on high. Or you know we always count on you Bob we had that trade here eight in buffalo land where that the bills picking up. Corey Coleman for his seventh round pick in which okayed that acorn the browns have been gaining better in the seventh round pick what am I missing here. Bob what's your opinion givers this Gary airport I and Corey Coleman what does what does buffalo acquired the former first rounder. Ultimately add perspective they. Our if I album back to target make him. No longer be lower cry why I want that I like crap out what it court all. Yet our our thought he died in the white. What is was traded at one a lot wrapper on the practice field very solid player out wire. Better. Not that they Mack you be happy or I'm there. The builder into court and their ballot won't be they got it might art art art is a better perspective. You know hoping it would stop boy everything a whopper and he'd thought Il. Even thirty. Even might re start off a lineman. That is and he buyer or are out by embankment. Ample Larry why are not regard our outlook Allman. Nothing more than away our wire locked out of wire from that point I didn't now going to be brought any at all idol wire on. Bob I feel like one of the narratives this offseason moving into the into the pre season there are the backfield puzzling back fields. Seattle Indianapolis Cleveland Green Bay Denver maybe it's like this every but it it feels like. It's more amplified this year may be your you do you feel differently I'm not sure but I guess. My question is are you avoiding situations like though is altogether or. Where is there is their value to be found in those back fields. I think I'm Kate it is BG but I I don't have come back bite I'd find it that. That for that you you wrap up by your bad lie that we like it or you. There are a lot of that out there. Am I by a lot of are about to wrap up our. Not a lot of it I want to keep the opt in and you know you look what. Marlin Mack I look bright but it first got elected but I. I regret that light back or all the player to watch he'd the last IL EE. All wrapped in pro life you know round. Amber and that goal line eat the possible. And that. All of these. Eight. Like really want you back that early pick either all or. I opt out is the bank. But can I would say we want wall art I want awake later and if they thought I'd been at the more that was all up. I've been a bit pain but you know inquiry on the you talk about evil little more bad that. I don't want the Bible and I don't buy with a don't work well. Denver that some of what they're doing it or or some if the what we're hearing right now. It not been piping at the back or are open tree and per week. I believe your pocketbook broke right in Denver want ebitda on a I've been the poker bingo right C. I mean you know they can find out that that like act like the back side wall. Work or REIT is built for war he's a big. I'll all water apple have out worked or it. So I. Well what are we what. Got out yet there are about where if you look at the arrow who are not the back fire on her. He's positive guy Bobby. He had a pretty well but he. Right there but Newt cot there although a lot of a little more and it ought to people like but we're there on the ground they barber looked. Really good let even right lat year been like eighty error in my that or why it went down the merit. Eight. Oh. That will be bad but. About what we're at firm that wrap up at bat that Mike doc or a broad world that earlier if you're a lot ot Utley. That one went out in back there crab apple and spend our money. Here and there though. You look at how it pre lit what or eating back I'll productive big and eight back with you in the heat blatant right. Note that you look at back here and at the more I thought that well. I don't we need Blackberry you eat it every upper. But there are some football die hards are just here in the sports are another secure I think it's interesting you brought up how. By default a lot of teams is gonna go to the veteran running back fairly in the pre season what about what's going on in Miami about I have. Respect for Frank Gore I don't want francoeur my fantasy team I really like hanging Drake did. On last year they can't be serious and they're gonna split time between gore and Drake right. Well you know let it go at that out that he. Opera. And act. Yeah. I call it very. There're out paper out. Outlet every war. And all that epic in her eat meat egg in and look at the bigger picture not a bad. Go here or. There it is owed Carter. All the by the thought that went out. And break when they went away I report at EY. Dot I work rate I think I think gore will be a little but why. Are great Albert but I like we thought we lack here. Lot it all worked out whopper about. It is crap and I make Arctic are healed but is there like ability. Your get your act. Bob Harris football diehards are guest in the sports sports danger of attack lay on ESPN Rochester Bob wheat wheat. Evaluate and we scrutinize and we do our homework. And we try to think all right what are we gonna do with our first round packed and depending on where your drafting age you know it's it's up for debate. There's one player and I feel like we have this conversation every pre season there's one player that I always think to myself. Why isn't he considered. A first round draft pick he's certainly somebody you consider second round third round but. Is it drugs given the scarcity of the position in the dominant cities shown when he's healthy isn't brought the first round draft pick in most leagues. I think right now at their back it all elected a guy available at a may rock out he rarely make it out back out crap. You going back out I'm not here yet. Are back that I am a lot of Burke filed a bit but my idea Brad and I acted. I think you can come around it wrong. One back one you'd like my approach there a lot of guys are what route one. At that property back and I. They're you. Meet you at round one like Ebert that you could it and that is remit back on our. Brown Leo are you opt in on race and all whoa back it in that although. You know their act like or am I think they're all elected in the first round outlook there that. There. Background. I broke it pick early a bigger one or 41. Or anchor back the early bell got it and he allow a background rock. Background and then come back out there are pretty much right what it. And I am running back or are really off like a book by. Are let out a little bit I haven't been or are let out about it and I remember back. As Mike Burke by. But there are some football diehards is our guest there we feeling better about the Indianapolis Colts is. Drafting team lite old now why gambling on the health of Andrew Luck shoulder how we how we feel a wall we've seen so far to lock in in colts went. I needed Albright on the right and you know certainly not where we were at lap on lap here we act we got that I won't get. A little walk out of our right. But I think it's it's they don't you know British Biden considered a boomer but I need well a lot more and law. Think it what made the court app that I am not here about that I. Wouldn't blocked neck right now are. About how we're at a point your armor for law that. It was. Been able alert yacht and one man you know pretty late actor are. I think it would be better even if even a bit of the work eight area and app I thought that well well what we need he would walk. Eight by what before or. And technical on our op Ed out in the directed go to bed yeah I find that he felt he'd been Albert beeper like. Bobby if you're in a two quarterback or super flex league you might have to gamble on a rookie coming in net to start at some point. So which rookie do you think we'll get the most opportunity at quarterback and try to zones with the best value all season. Boy I you know it is a little bit crap you. You know I think doc wrote it from my. View it and you don't tidy up but I need to be remote already died. I like the back of my coin op at the cut. It is big and white despite a court opposite or complicated. Record and recorder back in ESP gate actually. It is for. I think it would David got alert it of around him. There are increase in opposite wind worried they eat if we get hurt and at what rock while before you that I like. I don't think it's going to be. I don't. Eat out rapper I think are probably going to be our guy and if not got Allen went off. That that about upload dot. Recording on urban guy. I don't have a wrong you know what the wreck Matt and go out. Why is it why it would be startled by it yet clear out. I am but I like broad. What about it the other end eight quarterback because you did have seen over the years Jim account with the jets Alex Smith did depending on when and you played them they they provided some value and you really have to spend all that much. What veterans Michael really really cheap Dick quarterback you're gonna wanna spend a deposition Bob that could help your team. I think all of that. Are there. They got back late even that you can get on the diet I mean. And it wrapped a lot wrap. Quarterback lap. No luck aren't map you we're in double figure out though wherever it dug them out double figure out there who you can pick wire at all. I barely make out great. I feel very comfortable with and it my quarterback other I don't like formal. I'd put out horrible but you know last three years of war will not report it. Number nine in her heat in Melbourne that the week seventeen game he would probably ate it up well there'd about it. Op while quarterback every year last year hitter as yeah. But it cured by late rapper I help a lot work but like mortal as head of the other guy in net and break it you might be comfortable with it well. And beyond that you know why and it Albania outside Arctic or. Lack mark and and Tyrod Taylor are we got out. You know a avenue Q it. What baker say it was a point oh is it a little Jake yeah at that point but I went up bullet you know I'd like. Bob Harris a football bars and a sec or tell you how you can see read and hear more Bob's work before we get to that Bob of course this is the time of season where. Fantasy football analysts such as yourself can stick their neck on online make their bold predictions for the season what is your flag. To plant for 2018 Bob. On the boy that their element. I get I think how are an op. About I'll go out. What you're looking for their out another or ballot I know and it's been you know he would debt you. Code is deductibility of all availability. Are you look at them and let an appellate court lat year ot it. RL well it did you and that were there like is it is well I think it at all he'd been in and be guided by their. Bob we have a question that coming in from Twitter ESPN Rochester Chris wants to know which rookie running back after Barkley has the most opportunity to start. And how well will he perform as a starter. I think when Barry iPad where. We leaker and he's not the only LP. Till November on I. He will be out you know like a court then I think I got a lot of them bought I don't ever bought bought the out there I looked out at. Aid and the bank city a lot more for all and more well Bert it. More while rock that we believe I think he got in at early one that made our bearded creep I'd I'd like here they're. Folks is that time a year you've got to do your homework football directs is a great place to do so Bob how can people read more of your work. There you go back or not. I ordered our odd that they. Are that if you all about it. The pro for well all I artwork he eat at you get re. You know audit on. I'd make it eat eat we are currently are while all the war and a gritty you might go odd that we got our our our op. It all there wait for right now. Beloved Bob we appreciate your time is always it's great hearing your voice it's great having you on talk fantasy football as we get excited. For the ride that's ahead of us that's when he eighteen NFL season. Or you got Bobby Harrison and I are joining us in the sports bar Bob. Always great with his time and if you miss in that conversation if you came in late don't worry we'll have it for you on demand shortly. And ESPN Rochester dot com he brought up the great point when you're trying to look for running back about Jerry McCain and didn't realize the contract he signed danger for him to. Four years thirty million dollars nasty. Nearly twelve million in guarantees. In 2041. If it doesn't work out their decade cap money would be seven and a half. That's four years down the road just past the work. Date may have to feed him the ball. I think old they have what a lifetime contracts Shanahan and only shot there vote ahead of joined there. Jericho Nick Cannon. Lie us. And the kids out play we can is a bad player I mean. Let's say let's see how else except I I would take for fantasy purposes if you're looking for data PP our league especially. If you're looking for diving catch the ball to the back to you could worsen jerk McCain and I don't know how heavily you wanna invest cinemanow nowhere. He's probably one of those value guys right. You had him as your second running back if you're fortunate enough to have one of the first four running backs if you had. A tiger earlier Ezekiel Elliott and jerk McKinney was your RB two. I would be nervous to play that against that team. I wouldn't go I would wanna play against a team a team might dominate. Well that that's the one guy that you could pick law may be a little bit later his people will look on the surface like that guy. An app back and there are different team decision diversity where this money is gonna have to justify production. Great stuff from Bob Harris loved talking fantasy football and sports bar. Again ESP and Rochester dot com shortly we'll have that interview for you on demand if you missed any of if you came in late. Geno completely forgot we wanted to make sure that you had a chance to hear our conversation with Patrick DiMarco Buffalo Bills fullback from. Training camp yesterday we had Patrick on with this right after practice he was soaking wet from the rain came down yesterday morning at saint John Fisher College. And we we talked to yesterday after 5 o'clock he missed that conversation a we'll get that off we hear about fifteen minutes on the sports Barbara next. Let's get altered to that's a provocative thoughts from around the world of sports. I have a solution for the Green Bay Packers. And I know how they can fix everything that's wrong with the Green Bay Packers for me say before. We reiterate my stance. What degree meat Packers need to do. For the benefit there are. There that's coming up next an altered that you know we got. Yeah I did the NCAA made a means. Your mean drew moves are thought on this all don't know no no this these. I gotta say is is it guide I'm. You believe this is I'm going to have to give the NCAA credit in college basketball might be better in a few years because. Okay altered to that is on the way next in the sports bar danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester. ESPN Rochester with a another pills can. Manager Randy in Phoenix plays we'll let the bills acquiring wide receiver pouring Coleman from the grounds for a seventh round pick in the 220 draft. Got in the college. Yes. So that's all of the make all you can't coach speed. World we can so that was the track things at him coming out most of them were trying to better their views us that's the reality. And maybe sometimes you look at Harvard certain positions. We're for the competitions unsettled he viewed as a fresh start here too. Earned and compete and there's nothing guaranteed did you come and earn it whether it's our job to job. Through open. The league is from saint John Fisher College listen to the sports bar without endangering the tackling effort bills can't live weekdays from three to six on eight and 950 and 957. FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester.