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Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to talk some fantasy football. Brad and the guys discuss the impact of LeSean McCoy's investigation on his draft value, rookie running backs and Brad's bold prediction for the 2018 season.

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Aren't you sound unbroken hole. Everything Buffalo Bills Google's wallet femur Steve tell. Tasker and the voice of the hills John Murphy bring you one hill's lie to meet these new Big Three right here on the home of the pills ESPN Rochester. The email came the same occidental he saw from beyond. ESPN Rochester commissioner of offensive football are are you reroute yeah of course I wish you have to ask you need to send that email out. Tennessee football season got but also master stroke wants to be in our fantasy football it's only if you go by the name master stroke we're getting keyed up for fantasy football and what we talk fantasy football we only wanna talk to the best. To make you a smarter player. And give you a championship this season that's why we invite Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports to join us in the sports bar Pratt. Hi event. You know god dammit alright now let's get. It's it is fantasy football season if we've got a couple of camps going on here are the bears and raid means in. To meet their but they're both interesting story lines as far as. The quarterbacks how would you assess. Let's start with certain dangerous team here in the bears it in Mitchell Robiskie because we saw other quarterbacks namely the kid out in Los Angeles last year. I'd make it jump from year one the year two. Well what about the prospects of Mitchell drew miscue that Chicago office. Doubt very buzzing name right now the fancy community have also bears fan so this is why drink heavily say about a regular basis but. I'm you know cautiously optimistic about this year's bears team any Matt Nagy. I think is some bot a genius cabinet shot it may gain as you just alluded to. And I nature biscuit it's certainly take that next step you know a lot of his teammates believe that will be the case this season on an agreement with them and you look at now the cupboards no longer bear. Al Roberts and opera fest today that he is a 100% that's a very pop up promising sign. Yeah got a hammer Jordan Howard who I still think fits the system though a lot of people don't. To recalling could be this team's version of tiger retail you bring in Traber to play the Travis Kelsey roll got it was criminally under used because Zach hurts during his days in Philadelphia. All you also drafting at the Miller who's a water bug underneath very slippery guy could catch 6065 balls this season. I and the bears also have a top ten off it's blood you pull it together. And they exert you know pointing straight up for Mitchell Drabinsky. Player that I have as my QB seventeen right now for fantasy purposes I think Trey Burton's gonna be a top six yes top six tied in this season. I think Owens got a good shot at 75 receptions he'll be up PP ER died ML. And I still think that Jordan Howard is probably the most undervalued running back a fancy dresses seem slip as far as round four and twelve team exercises. And I'm on record for saying is going to be 12100 combined yards yes he's got to catch at least 25 balls this season. With double digit touchdowns you're stealing him any time for round three are. Route one of the names that you didn't mention from the bears' offense and I think he's got a lot of buzz this offseason too because he's being compared is. It that we can be the Tyreke tale of the Chicago Bears offsets three cone what you projection for tree Cohen. Doubt it I see it again as a god it's like to get ten to twelve touches per game I think predominate a lot of that action's gonna come as a receiver out of the backfield that kind of a tragedy tied they're gonna. Shift and out wide they seem in the slot it does seem in motion he's gonna be all over the place as his multi dimensional assets sell. You don't get a half point PPR or they don't go full point PP ER and he he could be eight poor man's Christian McAfee for. I think gets a fair comparison a player it's gonna have a high bowling and as a receiver. Very attractive enhance the numbers. And that category bowl underwhelmed as a rusher because short hours such a bold moves between the tackles. Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports is our guest during the sports are 957 ESPN shifting over to Baltimore and gosh nobody would ever want Joseph Flacco went out on their team by that the big guy they drafted Lamar Jackson I I'm just curious Friday. Could Jackson be this year's version or we too far ahead of ourselves. I comparing him to shop wanting to be picked up the Shawn Watson last year willing you enjoy the benefits mid season. I'm all aboard the hype train Lamar Jackson a fact Ailes and an auction draft in Vegas over the weekend with a bunch of prominent names in the Tennessean history. To quarterback Lee good daddy get I got a Mark Jackson for three dollars. He saw last year I got a shot Watson that same late for five bucks an efficient second place self. I am all Linda Lamar and I think John tar balls gonna have to have an epiphany sooner rather than later. If you think of it this way right if you are car shopping are you gonna pick out the Lenin. Like are you gonna pick out this L Camille on blocks that sitting there on the lot that's got a couple of rust spots and Joseph Flacco or did it take the Lambeau for his stick. I'm gonna go to Lambeau every single time anybody else and their right mind would do the same thing. And I think the ravens are one of those teams is gonna have a sluggish start things are gonna start circling the drain. I think these the whispers are gonna turn into screams from the fan base to get Lamar Jackson. On the field and I think marbles gonna pull the trigger. I don't know what it's gonna happen but you know I'm I'm on record for single markets a minimum. Up the restarts. And the let's say it's nobles and a negative way for Baltimore a come December. That happens. Lamar Jackson did when you wouldn't fantasy title this year. I love the car analogy for years here in the sports bar we we dug up until last season Alex Smith was the day Asian Paula of NFL quarterback it's nice to know that that we we think alike and that it Joseph Flacco while we dubbed him the Bayesian Paul I think moving forward Joseph Flacco the -- know of NFL. Quarterbacks. That's all blocks. Access ethics. There was no wheels at our blocks it's that's a rough spots. Brett it builds country here you don't know a lot of vote fantasy assets at that turned a lot of heads for the Buffalo Bills when you're talking about dressed at the the one name that certainly did have. Some value was LeSean McCoy and now the news of me the investigation home invasion investigation that's been going on. For over a week now I guess it you don't. Not really the business speculating whether or not he's going to be put on the exempt list for the commissioner's exempt Lister if he's gonna miss any time but you know. How much have you seen his value take a hit since news of this investigation broke. But not as it plummeted nobody want to touch him that 101000 foot pole understandably so until we actually see some hard facts of from the investigation. Again I was and that Vegas auction draft this past weekend strategically. Before the tequila started flowing. I decided that I was gonna throw out McCoy a as my first bid I've bid seventh in the order. And I was gonna put what I thought was a sensible number on him ten bucks. Once twice so. I got and crickets and ten dollar loan. So any tire data jacket that wool what just happened I was like you know shock and all because that's why like did you like come and carpet bomb everybody could and then leave their room. Sell at that point you know its ultimate risk reward. If if he is found guilty or is connected it is Jason anywhere cheaper for me he's got what's come until and I'll cut him loose. But if he is cleared of all charges and you know due process plays out his favor. Then I just stole a high volume running back that probably gone between 3035 dollars at an auction setting. For Alexander Hamilton and I would feel I would myself feel criminal about that. Had to have inside the big noise from Yahoo! Sports our guest here in the sports are anybody else on this tools. Pedestrian offense out worth punching fantasy wise spread. I Kelvin Benjamin as the giants lost. You know. Yeah. Josh Allen couldn't hit the Jolly Green Giant from three yards out Knoll. AG and caring for some reason can't fend off the guy can hit the Jolly Green Giant for three yards out but he's got a hot wife still know. I mean the only person they jones' run around naked we don't know what happened there. This you know this offseason it's probably Charles clay and that's it. Because Charles clay in my estimation is play if shady is not on this team he's got a lead that team and receptions and receiving yards. Because it's got to be you know four yards here three yards here Pont. That's that's what the bills to get a deal like this season. So Kool Aid to me very undervalued very underrated. And terms of what he brings to table as long is lower extremities can remain intact. He's gonna have a nice RY return on investment a player you're getting after pick 150 overall with ease and mostly drafts. Brad I wanna start talking about some of these rookie running backs I think last year a lot of people that didn't know about Kareem on her album tomorrow before the draft you know I'll always remember drafting one of my leagues last year taking. Cream want to wanna say in and around three around four and having somebody say I have no idea who we just drafted well I will gladly take your money at the end of the season then because I know what this guy's capable of doing and know that this year with this rookie running draft Brooke rookie running back draft class that there is certainly some names out there. That could yield those are the results. Yeah I think it's going to be historic draft class in a ten years down the road we look back we're gonna say you know 2018. Was sick. I in terms of just overall debt in production and it is enormously talented the pool. A running backs that are available let me take on Barkley as you have to take a middle portion of route one it's justifiable I would been doing it at pick number six you know at an exercise is whether apple white standard full point. Keep yard as a matter is going to be worth every penny. I think you look at guys like I guess pun intended were shot pinning. Up players that led all FBS ready vaccine or to the contact per attempt elusive rating. I he doesn't really go down easily. I need to work on his pass protection. But Brian Schottenheimer is Seattle offense he's going to be 300 touch running back no I'm not buying in to Chris Carson in the greatest shape of his life no thank you everybody's the national life. Everybody's been pressing Mack trucks and squatting elephants I don't believe any of that nonsense all like coach speak but I do believe in Pete Carroll. Saying hey our first round draft pick guys plug a B or three down running back this season that's really put them out of draft equity in their. Island in Denver I love Royce Freeman I'm not a Broncos fan get on the bears guy but I have guys that are very welcoming. Big organization have told me they are going to run the rookie into the ground so don't buying it is nonsense to the party brokers a true threat. Freeman's got to win that job in training camp Freeman's got to be a three down stallion. And the Broncos offensive line as much as they got disparage last season for pass protection they were number nine and run blocking efficiency court a football outsiders. Get Freeman on your roster runner up pick number 57 overall Gary's guys think is loaded overvalued though he's got eight to ten touchdown outsider gets spent a top forty pick on them. Sony Michelle is I gonna be more between the twenties guy you want Rex Burkhead instead on new England's roster. As you get about thirty picks cheaper Ronald Jones and it is gonna struggle a little bit in this Tampa Bay offense especially without Jamison Winston for three picks. And again I'll let the Rada sleeper. I like Kerry on Johnson that really sleeper but undervalued at Detroit in Jordan Wilkens. Kid out Indianapolis. Three down running back played Ole miss can do everything well I don't believe in marlin Mack and I certainly don't buy this crap nonsense hype around nineteen Heinz. If if you're lucky is even said he 5% the player he was previous to the shoulder issues. I think Jordan Wilkens to be one of those guys you did know very late rounds there could be a difference maker. Brad Evans from Yahoo! Sports bringing it is not talking about those unsettled situations at running back. What about the blue chipper and I just ask this because if you're doing the mock drafts in your mind and user visit traditional snake. Or if it's even a knock senior thinking about right at the top so we know all the big names. Which one of those big names would you say provides the best value if you're gonna pay the big price Brad. I had to be honest with you this year is around one class as probably the highest floors combined that I've ever seen and I am not overly concerned like the last there a couple of guys that I that there were some hesitancy there in us being that kind of draft equity in but this year. I can buy any any of these players you know some people are shied away from Korea on a hunt which had understand he's gonna see at least 7580%. Of the opportunity share people are like well what about Spencer ware is healthy. Well I mean I had an eighty Reid has these he has he's boring for three just forgets defeat is running back heatedly Jamaal Charles he'd do last year at hobby they wanna increase his role to pass game and not a huge believer Patrick palms. That I'd I think hunts going to be just fine tomorrow's going to be fine despite these spike an opportunity share that some people say well he can't handle that but. If they signed Shane Vereen yesterday that the saints they've got a kick him Boston Scott who I think it beat out Terence west. To take or that marking a roll over the four games and Ingram is gone and Ingram is gonna come back. I love you know Melvin Gordon at the turn mentioned sequel on. It all the wide receivers have high forced I don't I'm much right away for days guys. It up for me it's just it's a value based game. So don't go what are your draft with a set strategy just going thinking I would get the best value and make the most opportune investment when it comes to me. Brad Evans Yahoo! Sports joining us here in the sport sport danger to tag Leon ESPN Rochester Brad it's the season where. Analysts such as yourself go on a limb and make bold prediction gene do it every week we know about team went bust. I have I wanna know what your 2018. Bold prediction is the one thing your saying that everybody else is like scratch and knowing you are Evans is losses might finally. Avant is on a silly sauce out to go back to Royce Freeman I think Royce Freeman is gonna be a top fifteen running back this season I am the most bullish rank her on Freeman in the entire fantasy extracts amateur or before Tina may be too bearish. I was just in Vegas to get over the weekend it was plus 3200. Odds on Royce Freeman winning the rushing title. Debt Italy down any AD Jackson and Al. I think if you look the last few years it was the delegate rookie who won the rushing title last year's Kareem hot rookie won the rushing title. There's Broncos team has upgraded in so many areas offensively. And I know the off with a lot you'll get it will be concerned about about as image before an overnight run blocking efficiency last year despite the pot pass blocking most. And I bring in a competent passer in the case came to lighten those fronts up yet debt that wide receivers a lot to Mary's Thomas administrators ever go along court inside and they shot Hamilton a jig but it emerges as tidy as just another weapon. And Freeman is built like a Sherman tank. Sell you know the guy's got a role and you know I could see cam greatly exceeding his current eighty. That is the hill I'm willing to die on this year that's why I spent 25 dollars they auction draft in Vegas for the weekend. Bret Evans or Yahoo! Sports a lot of depth at running back to mention not a lot of hype and and for at least look like the one danger Aaron we gotta put you we got drafted player by night. You any recommendations. Out from the early forecasts as far as. Beyond grind here what what would provide some value. Well Trey Burton is still going to wait Tucci his EDT right now and 88 point eight that's just stupid it's just dom. You know as we mentioned before he he's Travis Chelsea now and this Nagy offense and a guy that's gonna seed duke who target the other we got to remember too. Is at this bears all things are gonna run a lot of twelve of formations. Which benefits Trey Burton tremendously construed as he was highly efficient those areas last year though the bears for Dolly ran eleven because John Fox is an income group. Sell now that they you don't have somebody with a semblance of them are brain. And Nagy who is a proven offensive mind in at the pro level they're gonna maximize that kind of formation. To play the strings that your basically what shall play this string to Trey Burton Saudi Trey Burton I got him a tidy six. I would be surprised he finished top three this season George get a lot of people are all -- I like OJ Howard. There's just all the charts athletically. In terms of fantasy points per route. He was number one among all tight ends last season and I know they signed camera breakthrough extension about a power can take that next step and emerged mentioned clay is a good value. And it Ricky seals Jones as well. And really get arrested for trying to use a bath term and I would shell people out of the way too if I had a piece. You know he broke the seals gentlemen. Sell enough now GAAP. I'll see myself out of balance. So it may got to go up man got a goal and it's a public restroom let the main music that I think. Knowing that Fitzgerald's get a C a sizeable target or somebody else there has to take the pressure off the venerable veteran. And I think it could be Horace. Groove from what I've for my two recchi who covers eras in cardinals very tightly and snugly down there has said. They want to expand his route tree they want him to be a bigger piece of this offense. And you're dating him for nothing at once every four point five in terms of ADP. Brad Evans Yahoo! Sports are Ghassan sports Barbara we know what type you are on time and appreciate you giving us some of at this stage is yours let everybody know where they can. Seymour view work read more of your working what's going on Yahoo!. Yeah tickets out Yahoo! Sports dot com slash fantasy releasing all kinds of content on a daily basis could have a couple of new podcast coming out one may be dabbling in the gambling area. So if you like hash tag fade and always just go against my picks in your shirt went yeah and also by a television show which is gonna be syndicated our regional sports networks that throughout the country the fantasy football ROB back August 22. So check your local listings for that. Had I've got a podcast that is blowing up right now called the fantasy record downloaded right now on iTunes and the Google play store. Brad you're the best appreciate your time today and fantasy football back loan. As well past. Next Bradley gets here we'll avenue in the sports bar and enjoy the rest your afternoon banks and let you gotta Brad Evans John whose sports joining us in the sports bar. Talk a little fantasy football. She told ranking wow Brad is taking a bagel number two other bills I'd love them being underrated I can't wait to disease in the to begin to prove these haters wrong. Thank you feel from listening he's not. Not the only one Joseph I mean and you know you can pretty much universally. Thought this that'll be a universal thing that you see this pre season. Every. National media. Analysts. Outlet. Matt and you don't find many people. Haven't the bills repeating what they did last season. He is not. So pretty used to it in fact. Well let's talk about altering to that next to me I've got USA today's. Projections. Right here. I know I'll share with you bills fans don't even bother looking Joseph don't don't show now don't look at you just morality yourself up. I want to live a healthy lifestyle. A happy life happiness the secret to happiness. Managing expectations. You say it all the time. And by the way and I don't drink to that I've got cement announcing news they have. The second Monday Night Football announcing games. A little less weight. We knew it well last year. It was gas now and moments Rex Ryan and our guy. At least one of those three is returning danger guy I know. Provocative thoughts around the world of sports we raise a glass of clay altered to that next in the sports bar you can join us any time. At 45437764. By four ESP yet. You're in the sports bar danger to tag Leah ESPN Rochester. Street and. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Guys you've covered the demand audio and all. And sports bar would feature and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. That's what's really. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the squares leader of the radio. That is the official new home ESPN Rochester. Via apple cart play or android auto industry to wirelessly you. Speakers we're just constantly earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find a M 95957.