The Sports Bar-Brian Sharp

Brian Sharp of the Democrat & Chronicle joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to discuss the breaking news of Pegula Sports and Entertainment taking over management of Blue Cross Arena.

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Brian sharp breaking news last week bright sharp for the DNC who joins us now in the sports bar were dangerous tightly breaking news last week that passages out. As managing a blue cross arena today breaking this story. That PSE is in Bryant really appreciate your time welcome into the sports bar. Urban Brian Telus first of all to get everybody caught up to speed here. Why it led to the decision in now for the city register to part ways wins as MG. They've been seeing the subsidy taxpayers' subsidy. Blue cross. Inching upward. Then have a cup year. Of late. Mentally but on what they say it they that. Benchmark revenue benchmarks that need to be reached those were not and so they sided to cut ties and the first one out. That the developed over several weeks. And through the budget discussions can they just put out their budget but he budget year began July 1. And that was the conversation to develop that indeed that they're up by cries. And they disputed. Cities. Assessment but. Essentially are going to wait quietly. Well Brian and that's surprisingly the company would just kind of wave the white flag go away quietly either there. Their right did that they're not making those financial benchmarks or I guess I'm curious is SMG eight. Do they have a case to fight back against the city is really not a war you know what we have a contract and and you are the ones that are terming this contact contract prematurely. Yeah I I mean and this is reading between the lines but I think just the relationship between the two. As. As our they said the city came to them more demand. Like I shouldn't say it sour because both of them are are. Actually bought 130 that's and he could not have been more gracious. Through this but for whatever reason maybe it should also look and that the writing on the wall but they realize it done and maybe that you know get money out of there that day. They think or hope that they can't. That's been one of the longest running contracts. One other folks I had probably in the nation. When you consider us and its predecessors going back just call and then there were three back. So then there are continuity. That it. Main mosque in history that's been lost. An and I have at the coolest apparently coming in. Who hasn't. John interest and that that talked about investing. But wanted to control the arena now it appears that at least an interim basis that is that collect up for the long term. You're not going to be coming together. Well eight go back to 26 team in the last deal was caught Brian Brian sharp Democrat and chronicle has the story up on the DNC website right now. I mean the coolest sports entertainment and respond that Arctic. So right I mean I cry yeah. In this surprise you look at it doesn't what what changed in the last yeah the years because if I'm trying to connect dots here Brian. We we had a report that you know big pfc was looking for other places and I'm wondering at that time and when he sixteen that was the case. At least now I think Democrats can take it to be yelled really. Big sigh of relief here that now OK not only idea that school is coming in this looks like it's gonna solidified feature in the hammer tomorrow. And and that I mean we need to see what the interim. Contract if I'm assuming they get that signed that that it short term and I'm I'm Eric records either Ernest borrow. There was some. Changes that were made a contract. What that's a dream that they signed up and I was told there further changes. There were all hurt. To burn but grew then. So we have to see you know what the terms of just become more favorable. We've all got state commitment vote that's already been made and we're waiting to speak. The folks of this rock river waited a couple of batters that he noting that the state has earmarked for riverfront project presumably blue cross arena has coming out of spite of that. So that could also make it a lot more enticing. That goes well be the only ones I'll end up some money. Oh. Like they were just got to. I think some of the things will be seeing what does and that's her contract what cities and willing to. Agreed to. Rana trying to figure out the timeline is to win this all started this courtship between blue cross between the city of Rochester blue cross or and his owner. And the coolest. And in if I'm reading this right now if I'm thinking about this the right way the rock the river way project was kind of announced earlier. This winter arrival here right around five months ago Wright and wind. Exactly did the cooler start to express interest when the arrow there's two years ago. Yeah that the interest in playing her who work with well on net and and he thought he knew. But spoke with cooler sport and make that they've been document that he currently pick my. Which at. The ascent he was surprised two weeks ago that your that they are out there probably definitely going to be surprised to know that the city has been docked with the coolest person on. On getting them and here so. That discussion has bent this isn't just something where they had a quick change our I don't know you know for the better because they've been discussed in this going back or. That as the city's. Lawyers that it got to the point where they. Figured it was time to put in term paper they agree to the broad stroke. And now there working quickly that finalized. The terms. Brain sharp Democrat and chronicle the stories up right now other headline or all of the bills in hammered may start running blue cross arena. Next month's Brian and ask the question I don't know if you you know will have the answer to this but this is I'm sure what a lot of sports Kansas town are wondering here. Oddly we will get Howell the Google is one natter re not. Hi aim in buffalo and there's no other sports teams in buffalo other than their own in that arena once upon a time there was a minor league soccer team for. What do you think this means war that the future of teams that are not owned by school sports entertainment. In Rochester namely the Rochester now mocks the Rochester razor sharks. Other events that as MG was bringing in better and it did they don't have the fingerprints of up cool sports. Yeah and that that is something and I like and it I don't know I mean you know got up early financial standpoint. I'm sure you want as many users there as possible. To make you know to make the dollars work but as far as. Control ownership. Whether they have an interest and those teams as well. That's something I don't I mentioned that not not having any idea. So I think that's probably something that we'll see unfold here over that group the contract they were talking about right now. Them as just by month August 1 through December 31. And then the but you'll look at the long term presumably over that period we'll get a lot more than what goes on and do what he's gonna do. We looked on to do with the arena but in. All of those arrangements. Sure an interim contract like that Brian could this city be shopping around as well while Google as are operating. They could. I mean I know they've mentioned forget the name of the firm there was another spurt that was and that two years ago. It did actually put them along with that country. They they're gonna talk to them but aren't that sort of seemed like. I mean there are saying that or they don't bet on into discussions accrue as well. But he that they don't have to go out further. Long term and not have put this out to a open request for proposals. You know where anybody bit. That you know clearly guerrillas have a elect up. Will have won there and they're so. I think pretty much should we get the anxiety here in the next few days. But are probably going to be looking at at them running your rate in the long term. Bright sharp Democrat and chronicle our guest here is those sports entertainment in this report the prime has. On the interim contract here you'll temporary one for five months Woolsey were at. I eat into when he nineteen I think you a lot of hammer fans are just wondering okay what does this mean for our experienced blue cross Rian because Brian. Mean there's a leak in the roof spot during the playoffs last year the important things sound there's. There are structural issues with the blue cross trainers instead of issues go with the blue cross rainy mentioned. On the you know the rock the river away and there might be some money I allocated that but I mean where do you think this story goes in terms of how we may or may not see the blue cross arena improves. Under the the new management here. They've got. Land spoke first and initial anger of current restrooms and audio and that. Whether that get done now and the off season. I was told just earlier this week probably not. Now whether having to recruit them there that put things back on track are now. But. Anyone who's been following news that they have big plans restaurant opening things up and putting. Party at it and everything else and in their region and and completely. You know updating us and turn to the same experience I would assume. This helped move that forward because. If you have state money coming and but the coup attempt deep pocket. You know those things would seem to get. A little more real not a lot more real. But as far as timing and how that breakdown it's still going to be awhile even as even if all the money flows than they've got a design that they've got to do all it was going to be a partner bill. You know years in the making but. I think for amber and that that this is probably. Gonna turn out be a positive probably configuring should be a positive. But many details yet be sorted out. Brian I IA. The blue cross Serena. But by the time we're talking about all of these renovations from the rock the river way projects and being completed the year 20/20 three believe. Blue cross are going to be something like 75 so I'm. All right Bryant. The coolest stepping in now and taking control blue cross Renee in my crazy to think that. Somewhere down the road. We could be talking about a brand new arena may be an arena that's a little bit more scalable that more profitable for whoever is running it. And whoever's managing it other than blue cross and let's face it means 75 years ago B two from then to where we are now Rochester is a different city were different city than we work twenty years ago 22 years ago the last time there was a major renovation. To blue cross Serena. I'll pipe dream or do you think that that might be a possibility. With PSE now in the picture. I mean it. Certainly anything. As possible I've not heard any serious discussion about it. I think folks at least for the time being there are looking at what we do to make this agreement worked. And investment goes into this arena presumably then back court without any you know you don't invest in something that Eric down. So. And an up and I mean if they come in and start really change that conversation. But so are at least you know might might be it is generally covering the ball well and so called up not being. Well that's a good information Brian sharp by joining us Brian one guide to life is Geoff Calkins and need you know he's out of a job I guess in the short term. What do you heard you regards to somebody's got to run the arena I mean they they can't run the arena and she employees general right the jobs with this change what does it do this out with orchard. Well let them do it but that they have 25 people that are now the study comes back as well. Or those are permanent rest these are contract. Employees who were brought I'm in a bottle at people as needed basis. There's no and yet even today land or. What happens those people mean I even ask about what what about ticket could buy at the thing you know people go and buy tickets to see Matt to. You know the Kodak Theatre upon rich. You know get to chose not just blue cross. And I've not heard any definitive plan. That there is any plan at all. What have those folks there's no. Real event going on the arm this month I don't think I think that a couple books in nearly bursting right now without the post wrapped up this week. Over this turns to August 1. Or the brewers. The city just sat. Now hope there's no water leak sometimes discriminate apparently you know being there to make sure that doors there. Block and everything stated as it is. Until they turn meant that the guerrillas and whether they will pick up. The folks who were there or bring in their own folks. Again I think that but some are probably gonna start you know learn a lot more. In the next few days. Brian I'd be curious to do your opinion Brian sharp from the Democrat and chronicle joining us as you know we're sport guys and he put this. Crosses into business a lot there's another team here in town and it's on hiatus the Rochester rhinos. And the owners the rhinos Wendy into it David Sorkin have come on our show all. And disguised in their words how difficulties. To do business. With the city of Rochester as somebody who is you know in City Hall more than anyone. Is that fair. Criticism do you hear this from other people. I do I mean and in terms of the sport and and facilities now they're also commanders. They're both shared and competing interest right thing ever you haven't business and either one. Additional share tax revenues and hotel motel taxes if that person gets subsidy I want the the I want Utley. And then you've got. City that only got so many tax dollars. Around and those that. Our money. And are spoke to be safeguarding and they've got a whole other. Bunch of things Newt so. Not sitting in those negotiations there. And those you know and compelling one person being aeronautic thank you all that Pakistan factor in the fact that you have. Time competing interest. As a centrist public interest public private partnerships are not all he spoke. But yet I mean I've heard from other sports groups that. And that goes back in before this administration so. That's been a bumpy road. Why I think it's I think it's marked the rule is coming in. And it certainly opens a door for partnership between the rule is in between the city of Rochester and and Brian all I can hope for and wish for is that. Even a fraction of what's been able to get accomplished in downtown buffalo around the goal is. I keybank it did that that you know maybe we start to see some of that here along with that roster boy project money and and the area around blue cross or and in the arena itself. Just becomes an improved experience for everybody who wants check it out. Pat now I think they could be stepped in and of the time when. Yeah an opportune time I was on momentum going forward her purse in or change their beyond just. Management. Brian sharp investigative reporter covering government here in the city of Rochester. You can read his work it Democrat and chronicle dot com of course. The DNC Brian we really appreciate you carving out some time out of your day we know how busy you are thank you for all the great work you're doing death. Let us know what it's what's going on at the arena. Eric. Though that Brian sharp Democrat and chronicle dot com joining us in sports more. Yeah it sound is really good thing for Democrats. It it did proposing coming here on a temporary thing I think that's just. RA and whatever that the deal the remaining time. That was on the SMG deal I think was to the end of the year that's why it's only a temporary deal but. The city of Rochester they get it will be foolish to put out an errant tee and take all their bidders a mean the teen. The Al that they have to go with is the alpha that owns the team in that arena and that's the Google's. Seoul. Now where does this story going wanna hear what PSE what plans they wanna see out of battery. Big small or are or are pipe dream danger that and again you know yeah we tried this we've all been. Okay think back to when you had no money you had your first car in your first Carney a lot of work. Two when I wanna put all this money into this. Car or Dwight. Like plunked down the money in in stark payments and a new card is your wedding it's time for nuclear you know it's time for new Carter type. And also by the way. You know there there was. Any eats it where you put money into a stadium is called silver staff. There's only a waste now I wouldn't want to see this amount of money if it's 35 million dollars which I believe is what they have set aside for the rocker way project specifically. For blue cross read I don't wanna see. That much money going to and Reid and Nancy pouring down. Some years later but could you take some of that rock the river way money and some of that Angela. Happy SE money and and come up with a plan come up with the idea to do more than just. Renovate the old arena or. You know maybe maybe we're just being greedy gene may be that kind of money can actually make. 888 gigantic improvement to what we view as now isn't less than favorable. Fan experience at blue cross from. That's why wanna hear the plant's main the damn sure they have their people their engineers their designers. Wooten what would 35 million get you in improvements of the blue cross Serena would that change everybody's perception. Of the arena. Because right now needs a lot of work I'm sorry it is minimal expectation of I go indoors I don't want things dripping on me there. Convenient that August 1 is a day that they take over the Albion tougher training can't think that's we we have somebody you know if we get our chance it with Kim to go. Out and talked to camp. Well dour about the details of course but he and by the way. PSE Stepan in the blue cross Serena. Shed some light tell us what's going on. Aren't you curious what your vision I'll man. Love actually it this exciting day it's huge it's unbelievably. Exciting gauging this is what. It's only combat the drop for all along that the goal. Sitting at the table with the city of Rochester working harmoniously hopefully working harmoniously now it that's why am I am tired out right. Really you know it didn't dispute that that the city of Rochester is is difficult to deal with that that there are still difficult to deal with. But maybe just maybe that that Google is coming in. And working with the city. In tandem to try and develop something around blue cross arena maybe just maybe it leads to. Well Dayton just growth that we haven't seen in that area in quite some time and I'd like renovation of course. In the arena would be. M a new arena. What kind of life would that bring to that. Part of downtown off. And walk. That arena every day is go for a walk she. Go for a walk and see the arena. Odds be great. So great job by Brian sharp breaking that news and and staying up plugged into what's going on at city hall and the news that TSE. He's in fact. Taking over blue cross Serena managing a blue cross. I'd add look I I'm happy we just get another story to talk about Sharma quiet but we yeah we have via LeSean McCoy developments will get sealed. Odd that's coming up in Atlanta because I think we're gonna scrap littered readable in just give you some headlines. I knew PS at all. Price tags in Vegas for that new stadium. Announced today. Between twenty. And said the Indy 5000. Dollars horror seat. Yikes. Other story today Jeff Fisher is going to call. One game for fox in September. You know we haven't even had time to discuss hold my gosh distort from last I knew Marcel Marceau. Sell what did you know well hopefully I'll come on really. Just a couple of weeks a word about what a great guy Marcelo is above all day on the east do we are. Eight for the kids in buildings schools and his money and and then this what are we saying two counts of alleged. There is a the allegation against ourselves arias ease that. He transferred in SPD two woman in the woman wasn't. A throw. He gat. That that would is what we would call not collect. And here we are in buffalo. Jacksonville takes of Marcel I'm out. Very similar huffy is don't care down there they're talking about Florida Gators and portable bar they don't care or you don't are. Stadium has a pool for not just humans but also for humans and dogs. Thanks Jacksonville. Elway could be known for something. Were to take a break come back happy hours an actual breakdown more what's going Noah pulled some point this negation latest news developing from the LeSean McCoy investigation that's on the way in the sports bar. Danger in the tightly RAM 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester. Look super fast which should. Nice player and an expert. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. 57. Must forcefully.