The Sports Bar- Chris Brown Lead Reporter Chris Brown joins Danger and Battaglia as he breaks down what the new addition of veteran WR Anquan Boldin means for the Buffalo Bills and how the WR core should shape up as a result!


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It is bills to him live might danger and it gene the tag Leah oh by Eugene. A smile from year to year you gonna need plastic surgery to get the smile off my face is that because of bold or is that because you went to Wrigley Field it's all of that mentality you know what if Chris Brown does is walking around here we gotta get Chris Brown on the air with us to share some of that enthusiasm Regis dad. On with the John Mara joked that holy cow that was pretty here along with coffee man isn't he could reflect right now he definitely was but you know what I. This is of exciting signing for the Buffalo Bills and and I thought I might be a little bit more enthusiastic than most fans have seen some fans. Actually you know six book 36 years old and I can understand given some of the recent. Signings at wide receiver that that haven't panned out for the Buffalo Bills talking about a Percy Harvard or even go back to a Cottrell Owens. You know it. This is a big signing for the buffalo well it makes the team better today when he seventeen you can't deny that absolutely Chris Brown. Well done on the Murphy showed just how we're listen it was a press on my hands round a lot of plays on higher today I was owed to. You've taken yeah of the balloon and I was like third third and short and red zone only on the feeding you this if that's right. Get him on the field the guy is I mean he's he walks into the locker room he's the most clutch receiver on a roster day one. Just to add to the Super Bowl for the ravens are the guys in animal and even down catches like to shield defenders from the football he's not even open. And the guy is just so we torrent. I've watched his entire career and I've always watched him on just how big he is Thomas he uses his size goes up and gets to be needs to he's quarterback's best friend. At least Hossa he's nails and the only time he's missed I was what went when he broke his face right and that was that I mean this is a god can set an example. For the entire buffalo they're what receiving corps Helen and I and burst just as excited about the size anybody else yes when he was talking about situation on Mike. With the I have to get them on the field. And I looked it up last year for the lions at age 3536. When every turn 36. He he played 80% of the offensive snaps. And I mean as a guy that does his own two days I mean this guy stays in phenomenal shape. He's still a freak of an athlete you know play fifteen years in the NFL unless you are. Especially at that position I mean you do more running at that position name maybe anywhere else you with the exception quarterback. And to me I think he can handle. This is a team that's gonna run the ball a lot but. You still want bold on the field for that two of the guys 220 pounds you put him on one side play on the other. It's like having too tight ends out there and up on the edge of the formation so. It what do you run the ball throw the ball third down I don't care put him on the field. I mean he's the most clutch player on her arm up in the receiving room as soon as he walks in the door tomorrow. For me arm tonight for me so I mean this. He's at the longest track record he's made those plays in the biggest games on the biggest stage. Put him on the field you got it you that we win games here but what what are we doing let's all let's go. Chris Brown from Buffalo Bills dot com our guest here in the sports bar. Was this just the veteran move by bold in that OK let me miss a week or two a camp or is there any other team in the mix you do that I I don't think it was that Nam. All the indications I was getting. From people I talked to around the league was the ravens door had closed once McAleese signed they were really tight against the cap. On the lions already wrote him off there really happy about their third round pick any holiday. To be their new slot receiver but he says they turn the page there. And those were really. The only two real options short of some team suffering a rash of injuries at the receiver position and then all of the sun AM you wanna come play for us kind of thing. So it was really down to the bills and nobody else I think as Brandon being alluded alluded to. It came down the final piece of the puzzle is the family situation. Typically. At least the last couple years old and Stanley stays in South Florida during football season. And he's when his football team wherever San Francisco Detroit last year. And that's the way it works. It wouldn't surprise me and I'm just guessing I don't notice. That. Knowing he's on the East Coast now with the buffalo team you can fly direct to Fort Lauderdale. I'm wondering if there were some conversations like. Coach can I fly down on a Monday after he gained. Visit my family on my off day Tuesday and then fly back into town are these the kinds of things that you would be OK with so I can see my stamp you know I mean so. I wouldn't surprise me if those were some of the discussions they had to be hammered out. For the last couple of dominoes to fall to make it happen Chris Brown Buffalo Bills not calmer castor in the sports bar with danger the tag we appeals camp live. From saint John Fisher College Chris week we somebody didn't betray Lester touchdowns. Is it is it's is it fair to expect that kind of production from aunt fumbled the buffalo this year I don't know. If we can only because. The bills are on the ball a whole heck of a lot more than Detroit Lions do the lions are one of the most frequent passing teams in the league they've been in the top. Three or four I think the last three or four years. So to say yes he's getting any touchdowns I don't know these gonna get as many opportunities to make plays here as he had in Detroit last year. All that being said. I think in the red zone. The top two guys that he's looking for Tyrod Taylor is going to be. You know Sammy Watkins outside on a fade pattern or Bolden in on a post and think clay is probably your number three option on third down. I mean you're going to a bowl and does even to see them like it was saint eve when he did not open. He's open because you can he can shield the defender it's like a box out growth in the NBA Leahy is boxes defenders out catches the ball. I mean just so so strong and powerful and easiest. He's just a bully out there he really gets you less your beach pretty key I think accounted for over 41 downs for the team now and a half of those first downs came on. Third down conversions so he is gonna be a target at third down for a 67 catches last year and that was second on the team I think to Tate. Led the team in touchdowns. Played 80% the offensive snaps. I would I would mind if he had the same work load. Knowing how much the bills are gonna run the ball though you know how many times he would be on the field for pass attempts and how many times he would be the first option I mean these are all things. That came compromise. What his totals in terms of productivity will be you know when word sit here at the ended December saying Hannity deal. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com our guest here. In the sports are 957 ESPN one of the fun exercises this time a year chris' figure out who will be on that 53 man roster so. Wide receiver now your depth charted you know your top three walked gains and then. Olden Jones. Stream your homes for five Isner a six how would you assess fourth through six right now. Well four through six is when special teams becomes a major priority they've been happy with Holmes on special teams even though. He hasn't had a whole lot alike make a lot of plays on the offensive side of the ball through the first ten days camp. Obviously having played preceding game yet so that's subject to change. So Holmes I think is still in that mix because of his special teams prowess. I think that's why Philly brown is still in the mix too though because he plays on a lot of the core for special teams units. It's a player that's familiar to McDermott. They know what they get from him. And then you also have Brandon Tate. A guy who at least right now is your number one return candidate. Though he has competition in house here from her shot Ross. And now from Taiwan Jones does that mean either those guys it's a plant him and I don't know why. I don't think Tate. I think taint the Tate is the most consistent of those three guys in terms of what you gonna get for him on every punt return every kick return. I'm an easy guy that. Is getting give you those ten yards give you that extra first down. And 78 had a ten times on punt return. He's gonna get he's gonna make good decisions in the end zone armies of bettering guy he's been through DC at all. He's not a guy is gonna make a mistake out there and cluster special teams unit so. Until someone grossly out performs him in the pre season on returns. Tate's probably on the roster too so now your question becomes is it five. Or is it six. Com. If it's six. How many guys with. Their primary. Asset being special teams do you keep now you know that's we get into this thing. We say well Tate is primarily a special team reference I'm Wilson was Philly brown what do we want to those guys. These are the discussions that are gonna take place that are gonna determine. You know who lands on the 53. So. I think it's too early to tell him played pre season game yet. I think someone will separate. From that group. And make that decision a whole lot easier for the coaches you know they're hoping that's the case is right now. No one has really separated mean coach Dennis in confirm that this morning the press conference nobody especially on that back half of the group has really said. On the guy except for Streeter I think Streeter has really moved forward. Even got yet sprinkled in for some first team reps today I would say Streeter is my four. And then after that year you're talking Holmes. Philly brown Brandon Tate those guys so it's three guys for two spots and let somebody else comes up in tournaments Chris. Rob Buffalo Bills that come our guess your bills camp live the sports bar. With danger to tag Lee excited about the news bill signing Anquan Boldin today were her brain and being speaker earlier and one of the comments that he made I think perked up smears that this is assigning. For the future of the organization which people in the future with so it's a one year deal on this is the thing that I've loved about the possibility able to come to buffalo from the mobile we started hearing is. None of the sees a future a deal for the future because if he comes in and we talked a lot about what he meets this team on the field. Off the field his leadership his veteran leadership has experienced how does that help with the guys in the locker how does that help make this a move not just for this year but for the future of. Buffalo Bills arriving just Zeta-Jones by pure osmosis is and let's just say this right now. They Jones is really a rookie who has wise beyond his years and already looks well equipped. In terms of mentally processing what it is to be a professional whose dad was an NFL professional for ten seasons and has three Super Bowl rings. He knows and has learned and has been around what it takes to be a football professional but value putting guy at his position. In the room every day. Going about his business studying film may be showing Zeta-Jones that tells and the little things to look for in cornerbacks and safeties. To nowhere to go or where to sit down in his own coverage. These things will all accelerates. Say Jones learning curve. And make him a better player when he gets to year 22018. And Anquan Boldin is on this roster anymore. There is values there that will last on this roster. Beyond the time that Bolden is physically playing on it what about Sammy Watkins was at me for Sammy. I think it pulls some attention off of him particularly on third downs in the red zone. You can't just key on Watkins anymore. And I think Boldin skill set is so different. From that of watched gains that it makes this offense more unpredictable. More multi dimensional and I'll tell you right now. The knocked on Tyrod Taylor the first two years that he's been a starter here has been he's been he's not able to use the middle of the field I thought he took a step late last year. In using Charles clay in his last two starts against Cleveland in Miami. Play it like seventeen to seventeen catches for 157 yards and three touchdowns in those two games. I thought he took a step in finding the middle of the field value got clay and Boldin work in the middle of the field. I mean you couldn't ask for anything more if you Tyrod Taylor in terms of pushing that party your game. Another step now because you've got two guys that I think he can implicitly trust and I think trust has been a problem. For Tyrod when you think of all the receivers that it had to cycle through here the last two years Watkins off the field. His trust factor goes down precipitously. I mean the only guy he felt he could trust the second half of last year in my opinion was Robert Woods and Charles clay I don't think he totally trusted anybody else. In the receiving corps and I think he's played reflected that. Now you put Boldin on the field with clay who he trusts with Watkins who we trust. You've got three. Modified weapons that he can go to in the passing game. So even if one is taken away there are other things there for him to utilize. That he feels comfortable with and I think was Shawn McCoy is gonna catch upwards of seventy balls this year in this offense because if you look at the history of it. Aryan Foster. Even Terrel Davis in the mid to late ninety's when tax were not catching passes. He was targeted sixty times by Tennessee team remembers nineteen copy something he was targeted sixty times. And you look at aryan Foster in this offensive system he was targeted 86. Times the only guy in Houston was targeted more than him in the passing game was Audrey Johnson. He was second 86 targets who shot is gonna catch a ton a balls if you earn a PP our league grab him now as a running back. She is Chris Brown Buffalo Bills that come we are broadcasting live from training camp here today at saint John Fisher College. 845. Tomorrow. The only practice time and in the bills of course played a pre season game on Thursday night Chris of course you've covered Tyrod Taylor since he's come into league and he pulled the reporter aside last week Mike wrote Akamai told the story on the air saying hey. You know some of those things you roll. Here's the back story and then comes the story today that Tyrod you know in the morning work out die after a nice drive. You also comment to a reporter hate right about that. Are you seeing a Tyrod Taylor with a little bit more of an edge this year I think there's a little more moxie there. It's got to happen on Sundays that count though com. Before we get there but I think he feels comfortable in his own skin now you know his first year here super quiet just let his play do the talking won the job. And then. You know when you've waited five years to be a starter. You know you dual all the right things in terms of being successful on the field but you don't wanna get too big for your britches yet. And I think that's what his first year here as a starter was about just can do the best I can't keep my head down. Not Sany saying no break at doe showed nothing. Last year I think he wanted to take it a step further there were things that compromise that DOC gets changed in week two. Rex is kind of run and a really lose shipped it's hard for him to speak up lead demand decorum when the head coach isn't doing it himself. And so I think there were some elements there that kept him from really stepping forward as much as he did take on a leadership role. For what deposition in tale I think his head coach compromise because he wasn't a leader himself. Now you coming two years three you've got a head coach who's cut from the same cloth as Tyrod Taylor nose to the grindstone. You know who loves the grind loves every day going to add it up early. Down late. You would all the right things no meat eaten chicken and vision you know I mean the whole thing. McDermott is cut from the same cloth as Taylor and I think that gives him the constant comfort factor to say this is too why am. And I can beat this guy because my head coach is the same guy. Well let's go early that. I it's impossible to avoid media I think in 2017 and it's only gonna get more why it is is generations come up play the game with social media being as rapid as it is. You know you can take that social media read that you're not going to be able to avoid it. In process of how you want a process that you can also use it to fuel your motivation to prove people wrong and it certainly seems like just based on these two stories that you mentioned. That Tyrod is starting to use this any kind of negative. You know any kind of negative story is going to be used as fuel for his pelvis and this season and not to say that he's. Tom Brady but I know Tom Brady 100% use is that because once you're the best in football what do you have left to use as motivation about him. Some journalists that you know is gonna pop offer say something because I remember that she's game. Was it a Sunday night or Monday night right where. Brady looked awful people started kicking dirt bottom like yeah and ten seconds I was like wow that was it one game in the dirt getting kicked the looked out. But I think he used that as fuel to say you know. Right here body it's not not done you know and whatever. And there's other players that have done that too you know Dan Marino was as fiery players. You you would find it I don't I don't think the criticism was very heavy for the most prolific passer in football at that time. But if there was ever an -- there are even and I did in the locker room when Marino was asked the wrong question. In my eyes of fire I mean it looked like fire was coming and it is size does quarterbacks through the years that it used negative publicity or negative media. As fuel and you know it's worked for them so. Eight want to see if it works for you tyrant go for Chris Thursday night water some story lines you're most looking forward to uncovering with the bills thirst that. I would say I wanna see. How the Athens functions. Just in terms again in and a hole it was interesting because that's what I was thinking and then coached Aniston says I wanna see tempo. Because there were too many times last year where the team was sluggish I know people really noticed it on defense. You know sluggish. Getting personnel on and off the field I mean this sounds so simple but. These are things that I think we all need to be reassured. This is getting it taken care that this all right we're back and have twelve guys on the field ten guys on the field guys had their hands at check in for rain but what are we in what we call him. I think we just want to see sound functionality. Down in and down out series in NCAA's series out for both sides of the ball. Com and that's where I wanna see at the Athens do I need them to have. You know 710 play drives with touchdowns every time no I just wanna see competent play. Guys executing assignments you know if it the timing is a little bit off it's I'm OK with that it's the first pre season game. I just wanna see him get the huddle getting up to align with planning a time make it the right checks communicating pre snap effectively. This is the first step they have to take. In this new offense and you know for that matter in this defense. I think the transition will be smoother for the guys on the because they dated for three that the bulk. Of the guys on defense have been in a 43 before and so I expect the transition there to be smoother. And that's really all I'm after right now I'm not an outlook and for anything grandiose here in the first three seasons at Ellison that. Might be at a tone setter for the entire season if you set the bill's record aside. I think a fair expectation is C team on the field the competes. That that doesn't get blown out of petty games and it doesn't beat himself and what most fans just love to see a team that doesn't go out there and beat themselves week in and week out. Yeah and I don't think this team well because called coach McDermott won't have that. I mean if for any fan that's come out here and just focused on code offered 510 minutes. It's a guy who. Is taking a step back as ahead coach and letting his coaches do work. But isn't afraid in the snap of the finger to jump in. And make a correction. While an assistant is running a drill pull a guy out of the drill and say this is how it needs to be done. He is pounded fundamentals the first ten days. And I think he's of the genuine belief that as long as we can execute fundamentally in the first pre season game. I'll be satisfied. On. You don't want metal areas but. They're inevitable they're gonna happen in the first pre season game a young guy a guy who's new to this team a guy who didn't hear the entire column hoddle. Whatever it is that you're gonna have a couple of those. But I think knowing what the standard of expectations are. They'll be fewer than we've seen in the past Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com our guest here in the sports bar odd couple injury questions for you here. According gland back is this is going to be. A nagging issue really is he out of the woods yet after he got that second opinion and we sought to keep on Seymour are now walking Bryant. Yes Timor's got a foot injury they're saying it's dated date so my my inclination there is let's put him in a boot so he doesn't re aggravated. That's the overly cautious way to go and this time of the year why not there's no rush. So he had actually I would be surprised if he plays on Thursday knowing this injury is so close. To the first pre season game. And then with respect to forty his reps have not changed from what they were prior to this flare up of foot soreness. Eight is so it sounds to me like we checked everything yea you've got foot soreness. You just have to deal with it com here's your Ibuprofen. You know. Let's get out there. If it becomes something more serious then we'll change our course of action with how we deem. It necessary to treat the situation but. To me it sounds like it was a scare. Recording because it was tied in with his whole ankle rehab which took the balance of the offseason. And he's a big man and when big men have foot problems. You gotta pay attention you can't let it go in the bills have been. You know they monitored it very closely. I was encouraged by the fact that the last two days he's raps were pretty much identical. To what they were before this flare up happened. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com coming down. And nice relaxing stay in the sport I'm I just take that you're appearance earlier on the John Murphy shuffle yep by comparison they have got to I charge it up man and this football yet to get excited American A drone on for three or four a lot Gil wants to be excited about here with Buffalo Bills football of course the pre season Nike gets to gets under way at Thursday you can hear the pregame surrogate five. Here and ESPN Rochester Crist appreciate your time to exercise and Ezra it's far and look for talk you get real soon share.