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Chris Brown of joined Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to recap today's Bills practice at minicamp.

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Sports talk you know flowery city one knows why famous sports bar would danger of attack. Weekday afternoons on the sports leader ESPN Rochester. But let's get caught up on all things Buffalo Bills director of the Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills dot com it's. Pleasure to all as well commit Chris Brown from Buffalo Bills dot com Chris nice event. You're here are greater now what would you listen and next time we'll see you we got the news today about the the training. Can't schedule out at saint John Fisher College Chris first glance it doesn't look like a changed up all that much from blasters camp schedule. Yeah Noah and most of and really appreciate the onsite cracked is that. I'm no coach prepared to creature of habit. Like he keep his players about specific schedules so. It looks like you know daytime and ruled route we have this year. Yeah it can't really have that much of an issue with the morning practices. I think last year a lot of fans were. Were upset that when the showed up they didn't know where the team was they were kind of hiding back on that that field behind the complex and at least and we noticed and the and the schedule this year you've got a couple of practice is listed there three practices at Fisher one pro close to the general public. Is it safe to think that maybe those are the practices of their move in from field to field the field and ordered kind of keep. The fields are getting too torn up that may be those of the practices will be on the that alternate field at Fisher. I get that possible I think some of those are also going to be of the shorter variety. From what I've heard so I think they don't want. Ban also go through all the trouble you know part of the satellite not right but yet there. And the practices over an hour. And then turn around and leave it so I think that may be part of that game as well. It Chris what is McDermott's preference with the grass fields over chronic as we've seen other coaches. And it's not like the old fashioned acts are turf at a ground he stadium but was there reason given why we did not see the team on that deal in the stadium last year. There's no reason given. My guess is that grant is a preferred surface any kind of terror. I think players would tell you the same. I suppose the only time where that could change is. Around is big so hard. They grant start the replicate her. I I know that a lot of players do prefer natural playing circuit. They feel more forgiving on the joint. And when you're going every day. You're gonna take whatever you get to try to keep your body in one piece. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com joining us in the sports partying German tag Leo on ESPN Rochester day too many camps they Chris. We heard from yesterday's practice that Andy Pearman. Look like the best quarterback on the field as hearing today that may be was AJ McCarron looking like the best quarterback on the field. What are your eyes telling you what can you tell us about quarterback competition has its. Going on now it a mini camp. Yet and I think Peter has been posted that the guy yesterday. Probably I mean that'd keep track of it but you know my allies are currently had a quiet please percentages three. Guys that were going through the rotation there make good decisions with the ball. Showed great touch Lotta people. And Phillips an undrafted rookie drop it right over shoulder for forty yard touchdown. He can't do that stealth well. But you know McCarron reality that they're open to. Go vote but there at the best night Saturday Easter this year late. Allen probably have the wild plays of practice. And he'd he'd roll it out to his right to avoid a rush. And he he's rides streeters streaking down the mile post on the left side of the field. And basically throwing into it into fifteen mile an hour breeze. To a fifty yard pass on a rope. Two rut Streeter per completion. And it wasn't even a tight spiral it wobble all the way it is literally impossible there. There's nobody else on the roster in dude. Simple as that there'll you know now the test for Alan I think is. Restrained. More of the consistent ten to fifteen yard pass play together. That will provide greater assurance that he's capable of keeping an app and on the field. Yesterday in the NFL I mean you hear all the time guys. You know the NFL is about first down apps such yet. And what coaches who wants the is that consistency. In the passing game to people with respect. You know and then when he gets in a written order right now at the day here in and put Iranians on the report. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com Chris I'm gonna ask you the question knowing that there's a disclaimer that with the media rate during the OTJ's Joseph get to see everything by. From what you saw bell and during the old CA's without the lions and now hole. He's going against the first string defense I'm sure I'm just curious to get your thoughts on. Are you senior noticing any difference or how is he adapting two practicing against those ones. Well I mean it's been limited. You know you'll get a series in years series there basically that theory yesterday. By Mike Antonio won today right at the start crack is the red down. You know did fairly well there com third play from released today. He kind of rolled to his right there right that in the end zone and just quickly pivot and ripped it back across the field. Jeremy earlier drove across the equipment striker touchdown. That was impressive play. And at the very next play he read the play correctly. Roll it back shoulder wrote the girls play in the last the end zone. But the ball did not wait till drastic turn it around authority it is hand. And here is eager to come up with a football has enough. Meaning if he doesn't look like a fish out of water. When he got in there with the one. But at the baby yet it's not a big though you know people should make too much of it it's just part of the development plan that we have in place. Bring him along at a eight that they believe he's capable hands. Chris I'm I'm sure you're tired of being asked how is Allen look it's probably the three words you've heard most since the draft so what will move on from the quarterbacks. And talk about some of the other other positioned oppositional battles happening including wide receiver you mentioned currently. Who's been looking comfortable from all reports Kelvin Benjamin who's healthy. You talk about the rest of the wide receiving corps for the Buffalo Bills who's competing who's standing out. Yeah and I think that you Munich earlier clearly wanting to right now. Is almost the ones. You know other guys that are getting wrote in route there. Branded Riley you know who practice squad player last year for the for the portly cola. Rod Streeter. And Andre call those the three main guys that have rotated out there and you get people sprinkled in from time to time. You know whether it's like on ray. Who has returned resonate but not at. Beaver. And then after that it's largely. Guys running with the twos and threes and angrier at McLeod at sprinkled in for a day yesterday. But we're talking three or four reps with the law everything else has been to Greece. So it's really a wide open late. But Streeter had a good day today. You know I I think and Phillips the undrafted free agent has left the ticket Robert Foster for Alabama the grip it has certainly last. Quite frankly Morse though. And all in all agree agreement clout. And you know he indicated that well put together you know it 62200. Pounds runs like a deer. And and gets behind the deep that I mean he's made some law every day. He's had a big play. That he's done a good job of acting days together and I I think to be continued down that path. Continues to make progress he's gonna have a chat. You know at the 53 man roster. Ostensible finally showed up day. And I touchdown in the back at the end zone and I had a tough go of it in preparation on a consistent basis but he also had a drop in the and vitriol so. We kind of touch and go for him. McLeod and give a lot of good opportunities. He made more plays in the it would create has those or at first you gate of the. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills that come our guests from one bills drive as the bills putting in another day here in the books. A mini camp all conclude after tomorrow's practice so we talk about the camp battles and it is going to be watching the quarterbacks in the wide receiver. I can't battle is certainly interest in what other camp battles as we look ahead here at the saint John Fisher college at the end of next month Chris. You should you say Al Buffalo Bills fans should look out for. Well I mean I think there's probably next on the list immediately lower rate between Russell bode kind of create tiny cry Roy. The guys are alternating there a great date here. At the center position him but he can't that we anticipated will be glory tomorrow's it was Roy out Tuesday quote Wednesday. You know vote I come in here with sixty or start under his belt that and as these that. Believe in oak Roy is the taller and poking your players. You know which you may want to have a familiar lie. Boat ride has a lengthy resonate though. You know I I eat out what going into the preceding game before a decision made their. I really thought that right back it was going to be a dish battle or the rhetoric Marshall knew how to create people that. It's been Jordan build local exclusively as the starting right tackle though whether there. There is any traction to a right tackle competition I think he's still. Up in the air. Met a lot of looks to have a stranglehold on the strong side linebacker position. With the that are remote Albert behind him I don't anticipate. That flipping any time you're. I'm a lot of us just a better athlete at this point in time. With Albert now 31 hears the case capable player but not not the athlete that model is. So that you come out typical quarter I think nickel corner will be a job. That will have to be decided between Philippines. The free agent signing from Kansas City. And the rookie fourth round pick parent jobs of those PS QB battle out. The plot coral I think got it is directly. But obviously means that kind of believe and will be leaning on his experience that hopefully help him win Eritrea but those are probably. The top one that you will have to kick return and punt return Haitians that will be Maltese province with three and four players. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com joining us in the sports bar with danger but tightly on ESPN Rochester Chris wall. We might not be sure how the quarterback situation on the offensive side of the ball. Shakes out on the defense side of the ball sure seems that the rookies gonna get his crack at middle linebacker Andy he's. He's the quarterback on the defense side of the ball I'm curious as to how to remain Edmonds has been looking so far. Looked comfortable. Or twenty year old they beat it lies beyond his years as no problem Ellen. 34 year old Lorenzo Alexander what the check is where meet the lineup. You know I think people need to remember. That this it was literally raised on the game of football. No it's not it was a tenured in Italy coached tight little paint me at two older Brothers that did not think the football. This guy was studying film but he added it is I would gain that if in Euro. And learn the pro way to beat bill into archery is it would electrical. Ability got a future opponents. If he comes in here as a twenty year old was probably a thirty year old football. That's gonna help in the Bentley. And I think going into training camp the starting middle linebacker. Is the Atlantic freak he heads taller than everybody else linebacker. Aren't they go for days are like. 449. No I mean you're a stupid athlete we've. Very gifted. Football like you know I fully expect him to be is during the library whose name we want to be shot. Well Chris when we talk about that name I'm sure fans are getting excited hearing that as the bills' defense is pretty good last year but Eric call games like New Orleans were. Koch they couldn't stop anything going up the middle and when you have a little delay in and Mintz now. How what is the potential for the as the event's overall this year as compared to last year. I think it will be a lot better now. I'll be very surprised if you know it as an overall team and they're not in the top half of the league. I kind of envisions them somewhere between ten and fifteen. In terms of an overall yards against ranking. I think they're pass rush will take a jump up and really it going lower. Their run defense and I if you look at it and I talked a Lorenzo Alexander about the Atlantic. He'd get really widget and a three week disaster. Against the run last year and it it was those three weeks that you reference. Where they just got run over blown out of the water you're talking about New Orleans. Chargers. And I think. Even appears the jets in order for a New Orleans yeah. And it plummeted to the bottom and making up for that we'd all like this in the play its part to get back up in the rank. Reality that if you know high twenty. In rugby that. They believe that. The three week break up and be fixed and now they've got better personnel to put on the mile opposite. I think the biggest difference between train had been impressed crowded. Press the browser as any player a reliable player. But he got a plane maker. If you know don't get net you know extra press to browse it we've seen in tackles. But almost all respect as maybe 34 yards down the remain Edmonds is gonna make played behind a line of scrimmage at the line of scrimmage and make interceptions. Back. He's going to be different make. That that the change there and then with with delay at this that the actual you have a guy who better equipped. Do the dirty work loves the do the dirty work you're getting get a 100% effort out of him you know wonder what you're getting expert on Sunday much like you it would mark still Daria. If you're a better fit overall. And will allow Iowa and operate more one on one situation here use it or one out situation check walked in or what I want situation. And that should all meter and better at Churchill were all about it popped and in fact. But boy that I think there's there's going to be around forty to 45. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com our guest in the sport sport danger to tag leave here on ESPN Rochester Chris work we're talking about an improved defense. And and I know that. There's a lot of football between now and week one there's a lot of camp battles there's a lot of pre season action there's a lot of things that need to be determined. Vegas has the over under six and a half wins for this team 12018. Nelson that we were having a very similar conversation last year at this very time the team ended up making the playoffs granted on a meal with a little bit of luck on their side. It's in you know the people that that are writing for the NFL that the most of them are taking the under way when you mention the six and a half Fo wins for the over under for the Buffalo Bills this year. I'm just curious is somebody who watches. This team as closely as you do how can you justify taking the over if you're a Buffalo Bills on offense. Well I mean I don't you can't yet because and I think this is why the numbers where it. And why a lot of people are taking its this year you know. You don't know who your quarterback is. So it's hard to understand. How this topic is in a function and what its potential Trulia. Nobody else would Bryant be able plants. So I I think you take those two I mean what are attempting to know about how it in. Eight that would quarterback is what that there were. Nobody goes into those request. Though. I don't and I think the reason the national audit and and bookmakers have the numbers so low is because. What do you have a quarterback on the scene who's got a group track record at NFL. No. I mean AJ McCarron played in probably eleven games it made four starts including one of the playoffs. That's not a big resident. They've been here and you know has to start that is NFL career and Jared Allen has 002. He can't he can't you know say it's gonna be rainbows in pixie sticks. Because you just don't know. And so what do people generally do they take. They take it the pessimistic ground. Which is the complete opposite attitude pocket. And says we just don't know so let's take understood. Now if you want it to be over. I think that's part because you don't have those same answer I mean you what you got to believe that Stevens fan but believe it. Yeah well that's great. But let's watch it a little more crippled entry into the creek or get all caught up. I really believe that it is going to be decidedly better this year I think that certainly it helped me out there. But I think there's a lot that acts that go on old on on the opposite side of the ball before anybody no good or bad. Alec initiate out I will say there yet they'll schedule makers certainly into the building papers but your first game serving it up eroding it. Like what the hell is that. Oh. Batted back and help the equation I think because you know if you're if you're fine. Within games on the road typical at the beginning of the year when your updates trying to gain the traction. Well then yes it could prove to be typical. You see it. At Baltimore ever gain at Minnesota. Victory. And then at Green Day where Aaron Rodgers and pull a rabbit out of it at every ilk like. So it was your first rewrote it allow. You know and you got used in which he shot Watson back JJ watt back in the lineup on that. Its docket being. So I think you know oddsmakers look at that. Like this out that he'd. And I try to be Debbie Albert here but I think there's just too many unknowns. Accurately pay you yet until they're going to be. Last year or no way in heck they're going to be because of that schedule you just don't know. On it yet appellate that we illegally guys you know you use it failed I got hourly going to be Green Day. In week war on the road. Well one of Aaron Aaron Rodgers rate is legged under 819 and we Greek sure. The banker dramatically different bill. The win the weekly did indeed over islanders and how many wins and is that other there's so many unanswered questions right now at the bills don't training camp. We gotta get those answers first before anybody can have a semblance of an idea as to what snapped. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com our guest here is at a camp schedule announced today. I Christie for a Larry I lyric guys. Now point me we'd like me got me all fired up about Chris not we we have your rant done Anquan Boldin from last year we we should pull that out at some point that was the random friends that. We'll get John nine during camp for her palatial set up up there I Chris what are you working on now right now Buffalo Bills that come with people should know about. Well. Our report on the air you know despite that we learned today. A couple of things. Program but. A lot to you on the boat there. And then you know we've got our daily Bild sedate doing you know and step on the cutting room or is barred. Upward during the practice field shows up there and got have an eye on war on air Phillips early next week just kind of a deep diving into the person that he is in. I'm gonna get. He's such that it is being yeah he's he's perfect if this thing and get cut from the same cloth. As coach McDermott and not just because of the wrestling background. But for a whole host the reason that you wanna talk about a we can apply in immediately and be a contributor. It's going to be Harrison told that due to be. And just load the game today hill does he have in appear really get the laureate it was Mohammed is in recent good up and there shall be on the lookout for that about. As great can't wait and we had the chance to talk to Phillips and and I was impressed by his background I was impressed buys work ethic he. He's just he's impressive he's impressive MO might have it right here we we might find it that you know down the road that he might have been the steal of this drafted that you know the bills taking them. Taking him where they did you know much might have been genius you know that that's the hope at least but he it's hard to not see him as anything but impressive. After you have that conversation went reporter read that piece of Buffalo Bills dot com the great Chris Brown joining us here in the sports bar. With danger the tightly we always appreciate your time Chris we know how busy you are but they try all the work you're doing their one bills drive the Ford talked new training camp. Yeah it was about it means that. My short summer break first there. Got about I believe yellow alert it really appreciate it Chris Brown. Buffalo Bills dot com. Joining us here in the sports bar yet if you missed any of that will have that up on our website ESPN. Rochester dot com quarterback competition wide receiver competition. I considers a two man race nickel not corner position in that is there's a lot of I jobs up for grabs at camp but the Buffalo Bills coming up in late July early August. Let's get to NFL appetizers next in sports bar with danger to tag lead geno you know hold provincial we are here in Rochester any mention of Rochester has to be news it has to be our lead story. It involves Mike Pereira. And Mike Pereira is foundation the the battlefields the ball fields program we talked our buddy Rich Donnelly about that a couple of weeks ago Mike Pereira. What was scheduled. Two talk about this on one of the networks and just mysteriously. That is the parents pulled. Watch for are also the ex head of officiating for the NFL so he knows a thing or two about. The rules of the NFL will get into what Ferreira tweet out today. And and the little Rochester connection there and also. A long running back getting signed by the New Orleans Saints. Okay and into that as well. Day's top stories in bite sized form from around the National Football League stand by for appetizers in the sports bar. Danger to tackling hard ESPN Rochester. Extra. 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