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How does a potential suspension for Ezekiel Elliott or hold out for Le'Veon Bell effect their draft position? Rotowire's Chris Liss joins Danger and Battaglia to talk some fantasy football including a couple of bold predictions for the 2017 season.


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We Gupta Mike and Mike in the morning drive home would dangerous and exactly in the sports bar again 950 and 957 FM these sports leader ESPN Rochester. He's got to listen to sports or what danger potentially. Pure fantasy football player you know our next guest and Chris list is an expert we're wired dot com for two decades. The industry's premium fantasy sports resources. By the way he can let a little wire help you win fantasy football they have all the traffic information you need to dominate your league leading ten days free trial. Right now both wired dot com slash free Christmas list. Welcome to the sports bar with danger in the tangling. Chris I appreciate your time here and let's start with the the breaking story from today. The report that. And I Ezekiel Alley is bracing for a possible suspension now. Obviously is gonna have a a big impact but I guess how big guy how does how would this affect your first round not Rappaport year Chris. Yeah I wouldn't do without much just based on this report because basically. Shift or said that it's looking like you bracing for something. And then every other outlets cite chapter. Which separately and say who came right he does is it's certain number matter for awhile so we will see. Probably. It's a move and below Antonio Brown. AB or go back and console taking Ellie in the first journey that he would admit to being so. It would still be a top expect now you may not miss any irony is that not actually news newbies. Apparently knew Alex it's simply. Share after talking about rumblings that he curing and not being miserable for a. Managing editor brutal war Chris lists are gassed in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee let's talk about another highly touted Tennessee running back. Going into this season and it's led beyond talent and we we don't have a contract. The deadline is Monday. There's indicators out there that he would probably miss some time training camp which. You know always makes me nervous because and you have to worry about the the training camp but will you know you start the season with those soft tissue injuries Chris are you nervous at all. About lately on balance when he seventeen. I think outlet like important if you meant a lot likelier to get hurt trying to break and and more trinket he missed the more likely argue that Abbott stopped its retreat when and about two quick between Hillary and even. That war in bell is probably the best running back in India now. And he's not really decade and so this is because of the political bargaining agreement is now what is this is going to be the usual so. No I'm not overly concern that the go to the draft in the top. Well I guess every player you can make an argument why you pass on them but. Chris if it I'm a guy who likes to minimize risk OK technically my first round pick okay acting pencil and then go home and not have to worry about a suspension here. You know contractor or anything like that that being said opt out all the first round picks. Who would be the safe as we dissect. Commitment David jar or that it is Antonio Brown is what are state because swearing axed just by the nature and position they get more and you know it is terrible David Johnson while blaster he got hurt a lot to concede and luck future in owners that you know that happened after Google account. But I. Into irrelevance they've never really been hurt he receiver and it's very elusive you know you get 150 plus targets an 880. The biggest risk for Antonio Brown currently is Ben Roethlisberger hurt and that is the risk but he's the producer rob expert won't put twelve games so what supersede it. I think it's a little cowardly. Take it to be of comfort level. You'd get a little and you I think David Johnson probably. Sort of the more upside first first of topic but honestly I'm kind of getting the full PP doctor receivers. It's kind of hard not to I think it's a program. Chris list is the managing editor or rural wire rural wired dot com joining the sports bar danger. And the tag glee increases we talked to fantasy experts on the show and and I'm sure you talk about this all the time to it feels like. Different. Different draft philosophies becoming vogue. Year by year acting shift I mean you've heard people say for years to hold off on quarterbacks you've heard. The zero running back philosophy waiting on taking a running back each and animal later in and the production is the same meat is there is there a draft philosophy going into this season that that your hearing more of and we will talk more about quarterbacks here a second I'm just curious if if there's something new in you know running backs. Being he knows how it is highly is there are going into this season and that hasn't happened in in some time has it. No laughter in the major correction I think probably an anomaly and so many. Orange state LG and just crossed the receiver last year I mean receivers were getting more more expensive. People are pushing up receivers that work for parameters of the sec where running backs are dropping just coincidentally they happen be the year of the running backs. On the field outperformed observers are two forces that want on the market was living in one direction. The regular players moved to another adult in fundamental shift. Linear accelerator is explain though I think the Smart play would be needed to be receivers especially PP our league. Kind of pretend clustered didn't happen until public and didn't happen but. In attractive if you don't receivers still safer. Egg may parred it the rocket attack three you know. Where I got the same time when it so. I would typical I I think you know if you're you know one QB twelve team league. It weighed on QB it's a no brainer and a great strategy anymore in the fault I think that's why a lot of QB flex sleet or QB in the flex spot. Getting popular because they're also now it is with a QB QB is the most important position reelect and so it's important and it's but I think that's strategies just. Com that the internal ones you beat wildly. He is the managing editor of royal wire Chris list joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN. I Chris we're in Rochester this is where the Buffalo Bills train bills open in thirteen days from now can't some cancel before that. I'm my question being that when we know who's going to be in a row Wanda what camp battles and I guess we'll start may be in the running back position for fans who. Like going your website and wanna keep tabs and everything. What are some of the unsettled situations here camp battles. As we are quickly approaching camps opening around the lake. Yeah I think there's a couple I don't think anyone knows for sure you know between Spencer ware anchoring on the rookie in Kansas City. We're played very well but getting used in them much political and a Marxist started subbing in Turkey entered west. Fourth quarter and sort of draft. Running backs up on who's pretty versatile and probably good thing he reads seem pretty well. Pack and go maybe even more run every inch or perhaps have you ever with Alex with the quarterback coming at one time. I think Denver. Keeping Anderson. Think it when he. And healthy but you don't hurt and senior Jamaal Charles trying to come back from two bad knees and little bit. Less original market brokers I think Denver. Running back situation damaged during. They're they're they're Garko like Carla I would cut outs inning ending their coach there by it. You know this regime tenure as a dodger willing that so much for that they took Covert outing though. But there's three I would keep a little bit. Chris listen managing editor or wire our guest in the sports bar. With danger and tag leave Chris like a lot of family panacea experts. I know that you're not shy of making a bold prediction putting your name on your bold prediction. Going into this season really bowl screw him is going to make people scratch or has but I actually Chris I I see the wisdom in what you're saying your bowl prediction for 2017 is. Which whether or give it give you again best quarterback ever to outperform and out sort of yes. Yet you're foam broke up so again handing young old will all outperform car and Stafford. Yeah talent level prediction not you know. There's an app rupture and until at seven point seven arts for. I was more yards per attempt and Aaron Rodgers soaked rivers or Ben Roethlisberger last year as a three yards per attempt kings over their careers. Britain and iron gate cable and this is now copper and compensate it with a joke with Joseph Philbin and you know it's litigate it wasn't even special ops and now they were real often. Market Parker looked great in the off season. He was the fourteenth overall pick side the bulk packaged arms went three and a much better per place he would last year than ever did and still stretch and beat that still has promised. That's when he fourteen point seven games under gates. I think and you know this year and LT where delta gets you two triggered a Russian couple rushing touchdowns. Well outperformed the sort of milk toast option that people are over drafting. There you know eight or not. Jokers talk about that for sexual we're talking quarterback because and I think you know we touched on an earlier but. You know I was actually have a cup fantasy conversation somebody in the hallway here at the studios earlier today about. You know drafting quarterbacks in I understand the two quarterback league where quarterbacks are at a premium. But you know that they talk about the that the insignificant. And and the lack of difference between. This this statistical difference between quarterback won and say quarterback twelfth. Yeah I mean you have and I mean I think you don't want to Brady Rodgers pretty project will for big league so community give god 38 touchdowns. Mean torture and Edward Dalton 12030. Refusing eight touchdown. All season. You know one of them could you know bring it broke 4800 yards well I mean what and other quarterbacks and herbal 42 or three or your. So that replacement level thing that's really available everywhere so if it's so productive and so right now consider running back great leader to bring back early. It's something like you know levied on Al. But it's not a which he broke those you know ground or on the way where were those quarterback that is what some element an old B. Our guys aren't for part time job keep yard third down got a mean block and have a guy is gonna produce. Think quarterbacks in the middle of the court likely during a starting quarterbacks. In the past and are capable sport that we are and what I've heard a cent. Freely available. Have to keep that in mind when considering what the draft. Quarterback heard from that. Chris list is the managing editor of wrote a wire our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN I I always have a tough time. Trying to pull the trigger on win then. You get eight Qaeda had to write his yes you that you would love the the production of Rob Gronkowski however you don't wanna spend that that value there is so. Are there are guys that you could get later on in the draft here's your doing early. Mocks here that you can get production rather than Evan do was spend. That the high price there on a tight angle and early. I don't doubt like QB right split for one sec or allegorical coaching career that aren't you one receiver short one running back short. I don't like to take him and second. The other widely collected eight grand. You just shoots and that's Europe's. You know Kyle Rudolph and back hurts and Martellus Bennett and Delanie Walker and his. Well he can go a little bit deeper air key bra on or you can gamble on an upside guy like you know. Howard there were Andrew do I you know I I wouldn't. I'm not a ground guy in fact the market. Chris list is the managing editor it wrote a wired right now. You get a free ten day trial brutal wired dot com slash free to sports bar with danger and tag leave Chris. Let's talk about some of the unknowns that are out there are sleeper to the mine out there who's poised. Upper big breakout season it's 117. Well sweet resume watching where reckon that probably no one did it. He doesn't seventeen you've got a letter and your audience probably knows there'll probably veteran. Out for a couple guys are gonna really. Copper forward with the costs and more reluctant to John Brown. There's no cardinals. Had just cut the key clustered within himself sick. And it's and sickle cell thing goes on in the sound system aren't they removed it. And what they're removed or should we consult again at all about you work out. What you did you know adding that he got fifteen when they're concerned you I don't know market you know Marvin Harrison and where this guy around like 433 years of I'm not crying he's not all of those little jaded now and I think people are taking dead. Whose spot in order to account that's a good and number a 18590. Pound. Let's joked that reporters all they don't really appetite and an offense. He's kind of been my big sleeper and Panama. What about a I got it maybe is being overvalued. And what you're seeing so far early this this stress season. Yeah there's a lot of gotten at all like where it was going long guy I'm currently in which some court you know about. Green custard cup passes. Yet which are point four yards per carry which is. It again but you know to your before they are four point 24 point four or areas got that. I don't carry career now he's been working very hard. I think that one more Q you elect luster in and maybe that didn't it's only fourteen blocking the leeward expect Kirby doling. But you don't have that much Mort and and did odd to the best days are behind them are very high at this point. Quarters or backs so I could not get him in the first outreach Asia I edit them out of organic and and I. An intellectual and Mike Evans in the box. Ouster a year ago it's at when he urged the target it was all volley and he led the NFL 170 retard brigade is on action. Draft powered mr. Godwin. Charles since they've become backing him as a role a pass catching running back. I think it 24550. Target to be fine to go to. But he's being drafted AG agreed to that original and go back and I just don't think it's that you back and it's. Chris it we bring up to a show on am one thing that makes me nervous about the show on his excellent line that's blocking Forman at left tackle Glenn and a walking boot right now Eric ward coming off a major knee injury on a Monday night game. Young rookie right tackle. My question being. You'll Buffalo's offensive lines of flocks. We know Dallas has agree offensive line but. Wayne you're trying to weigh options here which teams have the best offensive line neck and set up the rest of the off. So I'm not huge in offense line personnel and of course have no doubt has. One of the best of or all part of collapse of yours. The other readers supposedly have a very good out on the browns surprisingly are graded very highly offensive line. I really only taking extreme. You know. I told doc guys on the worst offensive line and I will target got on the very best. But lines four and 28. I just don't know I think because it's not like one player to unit that sort cookies will be together. We donor help to all the time. I think it's. It's very tough to figure out you know recede in Kirkuk the transparent about what the lie and pursue the twentieth that's I think he you know for all practical purposes that's the. He's managing editor wrote wire Chris lists our guest in the sports bar danger in the tag glee it's that you brought up LeSean McCoy I'm curious as to how you feel about. The other Buffalo Bills us as I love playing against. The the homer got the got its gonna take all of its home its got a bunch of America so so tell me what you think it about some of these a Buffalo Bills assets. I want I mean I think you're great player I mean really OB utopia I haven't had that one year up to Portland. And he is not have to eat with a new quarterback in tech ever. You know at full speed and with you know Tyrod Taylor both on the same page here illegally and receiving yards by. You know that you still kind of hobbling around after the second surgery on me very nervous though I'm not really. Didn't Watkins I don't trust it Tyrod I think he'd actually good I think they're Smart they're getting back on them. But I just don't know if walking in their major go to under called liberals are now. Enough trials clay but it is not a very inspiring group. Ought totally healthy so in our o'clock in the Soviet intensity and so you know church and then probably won't bring players I impaired nervous about it. On the flip side I'm one Buffalo Bill that was good in in a spot duty dead is no longer buffalo beam Mike Gillis sleek. Chris Chris medium drafting jealously with the patriots but. To talk me out of this I don't want any other page because I don't know which other patriots gonna. Pop up from week to week they're they're almost two loaded on offense and I don't know that anyone who's gonna get enough targets. I area and you know guilty was great last year I mean is that. Bulldozer and you'd think it would airborne. Airport had eighteen touchdown I think that's down. We're gonna carry that that's the winner in the monster year but. And target outbreak could be you know Rex Burkhead to get out of tilt would carry go we fumbled look what happens that it would guilty plea real. I I dedicated. Hundred and something carried them in the back one year oak I don't know why I a lot of people are big and you'll sleep as I am probably not benevolent shared you'll be back and catch. Passive gotten New England up and I really like I think there's. To be another great prediction that an acceptable number one overall receiver in the year my unlikely but possible production because. But Welch on their particular crop currently targets and it's no waited cook and in the pocket magnetic feature that in my plan exactly like that. What a cook is so much faster and more Agile and explosive element which yes. Hatred is it a third settlement because we've done so much for oh there's so much he's he's been such great key. Operates. They'll say interlinked overtook the pot. I think they can they do not get a cup record right the second that you know it is it is if Brandon cooks who did amazing upbeat results still. It's quicker faster more explosive to all the route and settlement dirty water whatever. He took it under sixty target in the. We're addressing at the onset gene you know you listen to the show you wanna get smarter your fantasy player and you listen to that the sports bar you deserve the best. And I feel like we just delivered it with Chris lists the managing editor wrote a wire Chris awesome having you all with us really appreciate you giving us some of your time and man I hope gets chance do this again here soon as we approach the kick off. Thank god really appreciated and thought. You've got to Chris let's again wrote a wired dot com 810 day free trial now if you go to rural wired dot com slash free. The industry's premium Tennessee sports resource they will help you. We your fantasy football champion. Not a fan of Sammy Watkins. And again if food worth thirteen days away from the bills being on the field and Fisher and that's going to be the big question. Sammy going to be able ready to go from the get go so I mean there's your fantasy player that you got to pay attention what's happening in camp. And Sammy Watkins is healthy are qualified that you know right away but if you're hearing he's taking practices off year. Or there. Stay away stay away because in some. I now that we give you a little taste of the NFL let's serve up the day's top National Football League stories and bite size four. NFL appetizers are on the way next stay in the sports bar danger and tag lay up on AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester.