The Sports Bar-Chris 'Mac' McClain

The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia welcomes in Chris "Mac" McClain from Sports Radio The Fan in Charlotte for a preview of tonight's preseason opener for the Bills against the Carolina Panthers.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is don't radio dot com that. Download it today and listen to what's anytime anywhere sports leader ESPN Rochester. I got a sports bar did you detect early on ESPN Rochester we got done pre season football action to get till 5 o'clock pregame starts bills. Hosting Carolina Panthers knew their deal let's get some. It's this Carolina's perspective here genome. Yeah I mean it's a pre season game but I mean isn't this the farm team for the Buffalo Bills now between McDermott and team with a low land prices and John Hancock for buffalo take from Carolina Chris the plane Mac. Post to the Mac attack ward show on sports ready the fan Charlotte joining us here in the sports are hardy Chris doing good they're pretty good at all. Do that they handled or AAA affiliate there. It meant there is absolutely. It's Carolina looks so far this this pre season house training camp interest. Mad snake bit with the injuries early on I discredit wheat from from Ross Tucker from NBC was talking about. That he'd campers are are and chargers are the co winners of the award for the most injuries he's seen before first preceding game I mean you're starting offensive lineman. A key guy the defensive backfield so that's really been the story I mean we're going into this bank and just try and that no other injuries happened so that that's been the story. Armed Kelvin Benjamin become a story that certainly got us all cranked up here in Charlotte as well well. OK so the Benjamin comments. Is he right. I mean the source is lacking it likely if you wanna say OW camp and I mean obviously guys that are Shockey guys you know being here in Charlotte. But if you wanna say he's inaccurate I mean I don't think. You know there's certainly an accuracy circular to be completion percentage but the source that this is coming from is just cracked in. This is a guy that here in Charlotte was seen as a chronic under achiever. Big dude as all this physical ability. Never put it altogether. Didn't run routes particularly well. It didn't block particularly well was lazy all been. Draw dropped a lot of leading passer that's another irony the guy wants someone to put it on the money we would always make it crazy insane reaching up I get. And then someone would can't would put on a model between the numbers they dropped it. It's just. I could we could not believe what we were here because this is a guy and you guys know what's going on dirty play per contract up there you want to compare himself to other guys and at 2014 receiving class. They've either all adopt their money. And O'Dell Beckham junior about ready to do ordered or urged to get it from from somebody. That you know they're probably trying to fight for contracts so. It just keep it it it seemed like someone who at didn't have any self awareness. Is blaming. Others put a problem he's gotten in a career rather than looking in the word and armed but I would say the issue albeit in a radio business you understand that I should send him some sort of dip package or he's in a few hours of radio that he gave us. Well Matt you Wheatley talk to what are your when he coworkers or defend the frank Garcia last off season. Would I think it was during owed to the case in this as frank talking about Calvin management before OTAs though how we reported OTAs last year. October Benjamin you're very nice bad happened. Hopefully. You know. Analysts there's there's no easy way to sugarcoat that these 275000. Plus. You coming out of shape that are you as a player and debris making excuses portable and the Panthers. Elementary and need to lose some way and particularly to control that as that with more gratitude you don't want to rapper. And both of them stuck right now and a. That was last offseason that was before he became buffalo but that's all we inherited gene. It's funny because I'm pretty sure Franco albeit at a couple days ago actually but dom played yet note and I brought the draw about one and yet you let the weight problem by the way don't weight problems went back. Toward state. It took them a couple of years to really get involved there because he was overweight just. He does not take things seriously man your perfect eat a professional now there's a lot at stake financially world and I just I think is due. If he doesn't explore looking. And hey in the mirror what can I do better. I think he's going to do you know score and saw about a lot of Monica's he has ability is weird though we have we had eight catalog today I doubt it Charles all the radio. And he would start he was kind of talking positively about him what. What do you all like what is the ball below feeling on this on dispute right now. I think it's just by comparison the bills receiving corps is his soul. Bad on my whole day. You folks go to Nevada why did Roddick looks good in. A size is undeniable I mean you see him compared to the other options at wide receiver for the bills and and he looks like he should be than the number one target the guy that he's gonna densely gulping get it in and for you know in complaining about Cam Newton being inaccurate I mean. Part of his. It's a Cali part of what he brings it gives you the ability to gulping get it you didn't have to be as accurate as you want the day. Yeah that's yeah that's ironic too he was brought in. Because we wanted this big catcher right data you know the brother Devin on just right after a you know they brought in these two big guys because Jack and can get low while throw little and Benjamin made so many of those catches he made a catch I'll never forget. On a ball camp to about forty yards down field you were up between Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas and equal one McCain now it is unbelievable and people make those planes. And then all of a sudden. It'll be this simple leading once and he won't make it or. They'll end up with a penalty the next possession. Because he held try to block that he not blocking fundamentally. Any difference right about the attitude he ditched him 01 time down so bench bitch and moan board game against the raiders just. And there's something there and that dude but these comments would make me worry that like. He hasn't reflected and decided hey pummeled take control my fate in this league it seems like he's still trying to pass block you know. He's also Mac attack on Sports Radio fanning Charlie Crist McLean AK Mack our guest here. I as far as Cam Newton not responding to that mean Cam Newton an athlete that is. Had a lot of cringe worthy moments throughout his career but did that play well that he's his stint down in Charlotte he's not even gonna. Engage in a war of words here with his former receiver. I think he's definitely mature work you know and I'm not good as they can't rate of maturing you know has been the same it. Other quarterbacks in the league you know there's been some growth and you know it's taken some time. I think that's part of the side of it I will say this though was not complete pat him on the back and say man you really you really show restraint. The very next practice in camp. He was apparently he heard yelling stuff out so the media could hear him very passive aggressive stuff like other so we're working on my accuracy today has also do. Things like that he had a couple a couple of moments and at that practice the very next bracket on Sunday we're excited you could tell he was taken to passive aggressive Dave's. There is no doubt. You know eat each of the each look pretty much took the high road on that I think that's always good size although one of the things we've been talking about this week is like. How will his teenage response like they've all taken the high road this week all. I wouldn't mind seeing someone tonight you know get on the business whether it's say he comes over to millions of illegally which you know marks or somebody got a message wherever at some point like I wouldn't mind seeing that the players that came back in it seems like they've been very. You know kinda lackadaisical about. Not that Mac has a big part of me says he had that you don't wanna give Baltimore materially are part of me says you know it's week one of the pre season these guys don't wanna get hurt I don't wanna get injured there you know it's it's not college football in and I didn't even know that it would really be a story. Going into tonight's game still you know I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Benjamin. Somehow meat is meat deal before the game in and give each other. And it doesn't think that we talked about that is that possible cameras. Again Kim has kind of shown a I mean it would take a big man I think two to go unless they talk to let's say they aired it out ear previously during the week although I know Benjamin you know over the weekend that it that it plans that. Contact Cameron thing like that but you know that would show a majority of canopy as well and got to suck it up and do that I will say this you know how we do you know how Albanians were you know how we do it as football fans get fired up even note preceding game are two excellent they had all kind of suggestions like Kim should just be lied to the sideline a lot of over Kim should drop back. In the pocket and on the ball Benjamin's edit the sidelines although feed yes it would prove Benjamin I don't know that it worked out but like. So we'll stand could have that really disappointed in Charlotte it's it ego if they get a get out you know after the game. Am makes otherwise and three smoke more often not pre season games are not ignore this story lines we've got a future right here. Is starlet to a land of making his deals date view. Tonight we will kind of player the bills getting here Mac in. Mean but I guess kind of makes a question winding Carolina keep them around that's always the other half of this is that. I gave if he was all that wide in the Panthers. Make a better offer. Yeah I think Utley he's definitely good at that lol at that those stack or roll up in now occupy in. The blockers. And let it linebacker drug free and equal do that or he's gonna play he could do the dirty work in the trenches still will be Asia at all. You know moments of disruption in in the backfield. But I just think the pain at third you know they were integrate cap situation and letting Andrew nor well walk is well was an all pro go far so they weren't integrate cap situation I think the money got a little too high what they did end up spending similar money little bit less that civil money on doctor Polk who beat feels like he gets you a little more terms of disruption. You know so I'll look at Ford Tennessean that on the field this year but. I mean spoke to lift will be required to be the beat he'll be opposite Kelvin Benjamin attitude lies. He's just won't shut the heck up you gonna do his job he doesn't need any glory be to play next okay want short. We won a best young. He's going to do you know shut Beck up not caused any problems there were there might not be told splash play like at some point fans might be like. What that we pay them for but that role and a short McDermott knows he can play. You know just that big nose tackle equal political play that well. Matt we're intrigued by Christian McCaffrey and in some of the pre season predictions of how many touches he could actually see the sure I don't know some of them feel like they might be a little bit out of whack her well a little bit higher a higher expectations and then should be allowed for. For a guy of his size but he has ball up I hear this this offseason what do we I know about the second year running back for Carolina. Yeah pat Gillick Ron Rivera Norv Turner might be messing with the mind isn't there to football players are trying to figure out where it right draft McCaffery I would not. I don't know abide by candidates won it five to thirty touchback which runs said door kind of backed them on it. I mean I love McCaffery I want them to draft him really badly. He needs to run the ball from scrimmage better he needs to run an in between the tackles. There are needed last year but I feel like he got better second half a year or outlook or four point that your guard Garrett first that was about the Briard Eric I think he's gonna get an increased role. But I think it would be a mistake if they didn't give CJ Anderson. You know and Jerry or so and has no right per game that's a guy that can give you you know they could be that thunder lightning and you know and an Anderson. It bring you that power back so I'd like to even have a time share their but I will say this McCaffrey also mean that they get eighty catches last itself. I mean he could get by six touchy game seven touches a game and ask game as well. But yeah have a hole and did not distorted by the thirty. You know unless you plan on use him in the return game maybe get there that definitely seemed a little odd to me but I'm expecting. Him to run it better from scrimmage. Put all of it put on some weight I mean just looks completely rocked. You know and ready to run so. I think we're I think you'll get out a better performance from him as a runner. But I don't know if you're playing fantasy and that I'll take McCaffrey here he's gonna get thirty cut out hope I believe all the. I'm Matt we re know what an ownership changes like up there mile flown fact the team had a little bit of a gap there but things have you know really stabilize the bullets coming in. Iowa what's going on down there with the Panthers and the new ownership and you know what do you see as the future now a moving forward with this big change. While we're on cloud nine and we are on cloud nine David tepper. I it is either David ever stepped up battle sell on in the past like an article we read forty became meal. Any said. I'm just a regular guy who happens to be worked eleven billion dollars and you thought about your like held responsible. You know I mean like you're not a regular guy held a possible any showed up here. I mean he showed up to his opening press outlet like three button done done looked sloppy you tell they're a little overweight balding eat cracking jokes about himself not having any air. And that you see until the camp on the sidelines. He's dancing Cam Newton they don't feel that he starts with a damp on the sideline at this really had to do to grow up and Pittsburg. Grew up in a family that you know was lower middle class but they do best is living out his dream owner of the football team Helio 5% the Steelers to love that. And I think now he could appear at all it at a huge as giddy as all get out. And you just look at this guy as a contrast. To what we had in Jerry Richardson. Who you know even before you buy an epic creepy crap it is up to behind the scenes that we didn't know about what the female employee was a guy that was not going to. You know entertain you would not have it that you don't like to press coverage is as old as your own team to twenty plus years. And that you've got this guy that is debatable call are a bit like it was singing Elvis. It's on the on the Panthers back Al web ready belt now do it and Elvis impression it's just a breath of fresh air. And that guy is the winner in life I mean hedge fund guy one of the best. You know in this industry second richest owner in the NFL he succeeded he loves football also. We're excited about it mostly I'm sure there I'm sure you know it's some jerk are all going to be peaches and cream in you'd completely backed. Rivera Marty earning the football operation he'd become so that's steeler background where they're at what is it three or four coaches and X amount a year. So I don't since he's in a hurry to mock make a lot of football operation. Chris McLean Mac host of the Mac attack a morning show on sports ready the fan Charlotte joining us here in the sports tarmac you've been great with your time before we let you go just gives a general expectation. For the Carolina Panthers in 2018 is playoff teams is Super Bowl team what are your thoughts. I I think it's a playoff games Super Bowl. I don't I think the offensive line you know it was a couple of dug up at the plot was already the biggest question mark here. They lost it all pro guard nor will not Super Bowl in an NFC that is loaded up. That feels a little lost it for me it does feel like a playoff team they've hit the playoffs for a last five years appeals like. They've developed some consistency here with Rivera came in Luke. And I would say well maybe wild car behind the state eight at eight pick in the day at saint when it but that that would be my guest is if I had put money on. Chris acclaimed Mac pose a Mac attack and Sports Radio the fan Charlie even greater time Chris appreciate it enjoy. While Indy will be reminded soon enough it is a pretty easy. And I talked to Mac again if if the bills decide that they wanna go back up to the parent club in and grab something to bring down of the AAA affiliate is that is that correct Mac. I'll bet I played as we got to the we got a one of our producers of the dial are built Spanish from there originally. And you just we don't wanna hear about the build an injustice is told not a built honestly I'm that we make and the MP you guys. You should US had a great I'm with a bed and you've been Smart answer mark until the bad. Yeah I expect that. That it's great dot idiot great having you know with us here in the sport's public four to do it again real soon be well all right my friend our guys eager you gotta Chris McClain back. He is a host of the Mac tech morning show on sports really the fan in Charlotte. To listen via radio dot com if you so desire. That was awesome missile premiums as this from Carolina it's a little bit of a taste there apparently Kelvin Benjamin public enemy number one now. She can you can throw the ball it is said tonight that should it well this is old time football yes you know we needed a vendor give Malloy there before. Well he does bring up a good point always. If Beecher quarterback are you obligated or that quarter wreck really has the Rome I will. So I'll say this I also say this I mean anybody in Charlotte agony here what Calvin management saying get pissed off about it and defend their quarterback. Outside of Charlotte I think everybody here is the comment and says that he's not wrong. He's wrong for saying it's not the time in place to CH coach McDermott has every right to put him in his place for saying what he said. But said he is an inaccurate it's it's. On demeaned cams. A little mature a little inaccurate. Little bit of clown. So what Benjamin said wasn't. Wrong. It that this story goal of V Cam Newton passive aggressive. Behavior. Cannot tell you everything you need. Short if you look at couple of children is what it tells me we're dealing with two children. Is what it tells me and Kevin can have his Mitchell heard Aaron I believe that when I see it. This the same Cam Newton that thinks that. The Titanic didn't sink. Was accommodating made in the press conference. He still gather the news that Titanic testing. Along yeah. I you know world going to better you know he he he's he's. Taken that leadership role and grabbed it about horning in until everybody in their position world this is what we've gotten through these are expectations nobody's even give us and given us and an opportunity you know yeah we just off the great player but nevertheless you know the the top ten exit has to go. Okay so okay that hits. An extreme example of mixing your meta present more problem when he talks down to a female reporter yes I mean we can pull out a dozen examples of Cam Newton. Cringe worthy moment. Being a clown and a so. You know Salem Benjamin said I'm totally improbably and on these that off is don't say it. Not in the media not publicly. Not a good look. Not the right time and place. Are we got to get to NFL appetizers next in the sports bar we select shots on the way as we all lead up to 5 o'clock and pre game for bills Panthers from new air field. Will be joining network coverage then at 5 o'clock stay with us you're in the sports bar danger to tag me on ESPN Rochester. Looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leader from radio to. That is the official new home of ESPN Rochester. My apple cart lady or and wirelessly you're Smart speakers we're just pops him earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 950.