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Editor-in-Chief for Chris Trapasso joins Danger and Battaglia with reaction from Bills GM Brandon Beane's introductory press conference.


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Columbus tool and join us. Does sports bar would be dangerous for Jack. 957. He was highly regarded around the NFL. The Panthers loved them. Him he's personal he's done at all in the front office. He's dedicated his evidenced by his nineteen years with the franchise. He's Smart. Crumble. A hard worker and a team player. Here's bills owner Terry cool. On his new general manager Brandi dean announced this morning introductory press conference. It's. Returning the poster I think self. He. Christchurch Haas. Joining us. The phony of course is with the buffalo rumblings Chris how are you today what were your thoughts on the press conference Brendan being being introduced it. I do a pretty good picture of me I think that. We bring in bean and Sean McDermott. On and just their connections in airline. That that they. Over the past or what the campers. They almost seem to be in lockstep in terms. How they handle the media they're very well spoken and have a good answer for everything. They're just. Hopes speaker GMB. And they they are pretty well versed in all area thing. Going from what the goals and with Rex Ryan and that we in an even before that where it Doug or her own. The relationship between media and and those guys and he is critical not very good at acting as a yardstick at. Andy those guys were not fantastic but it seems like with being. In McDermott they're both ready for new positions that they now. Chris across so buffalo rumblings dot com joining us in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leo one of the things. That we knew was gonna get asked this up morning at this introductory press conference who controls the 53 man roster and not real surprising to hear. That the GM does have control of the 53 man roster how true is that. All I don't know how true that is I think com. When you look at some of the other successful things in the and about it but that's all like we were talking about seven. Six. They have kind of you know it's a borderline between making the final call. Rolled a few word and mayor. Com at that can really change everything and it really does seem like they'll. John McDermott and the most power. On the personal side but I do it it it made sense for the those Tuesday. The GM has control of the 53 man roster and are confident branded being. And the first thing they say as well you know Abbott and tocchet control doctor. I'd almost be in at winged ducks' situation I think. Be similar to like what we see in Seattle with John Schneider and Pete Carroll. Just entered technically had control of the agreement roster spot and of Carol law that aspect of coaching. Nothing really happens with out and signing and he would chew branded. Trying to build the staff here for the Buffalo Bills it's it that that's might. Story line here these next few weeks says these certainly going to be Brennan beans number one priority. I wanna start with one guy that might be held over. Is Jim or horse Maine came up today. So Chris what can you tell us about Jim over horse roll with the Buffalo Bills in his data guy today you wanna hold on sale or do you think the bills could. Go while there and perhaps find somebody that could do that job just as well. Well I think that's really good point 22. We're not. Shopper and one at that that at ground with. Each. You and everything from in new contract extension to guide that. Ball. And debt in Peru and it Ed contract. When Doug Weight and but he goes out and called for. Am. Economic. Area where the value to a specific players. You know wording special structuring Patrick very important. Effective branded and I think what are. They are white you are here palm O Jim Colbert has been built contract. I Earl Long long time now I just wonder. If he'd done it. It is around the world rated and I know. Beat the real figure ahead in the contract talks that over dork. Had a very prominent role and I just don't think even if he had a ground that that will really be a bigger role in 27 in moving. Taking it on the field Brendan being a during his introductory press conference Chris mentioned. The importance of the running game which. In today's NFL might make a fan just a little bit sooner or says anything you know a lot of that. Imports of the run game comes from the fact aware buffalo plays their home games but what did you take away from the football talk the on the field talk that happen as far as what kind of a team this this bills' offense is going to be ground and pound kind of offense more of the same of what we've seen. Yeah I mean you got into that a little. Most am most quote is court currently doing. They don't think much about this that you mentioned right off the bat it's our viewers in the Carter and you looking forward to how we can read and the quarterback and then I think. Coming in and inheriting a team that in about rushing attack. In the in the NFL the last two years she McCoy. Get rid of meticulously Eric in there. Arguably top three top five Russian quarterback in the league yet but they're returning often slimy drafted an optical Ayman Al. For him to come out there about running about one. I think in in an electric didn't mention it to be apt to. On that thing the equity in they'd specifically wanna be grounded out active. If you like yen Greg Roman. Com was probably a good thing to do need to be able look at it and kept it officially. In eight out of trouble with the bills' roster makeup. Side of the ball they are so. Another thing Chris I Crist are possible like joining us here in the sports are 957 years DN not talking about how do you build its team do you feel that through the draft you build through free agency and the answer was all telling it so we're not gonna see big flashes. In free agency Powell was the quote and not judging by a what they didn't downing Carolina Chris I can't think of one big free agent signing that they made downer. No no really I mean even going back to Marty or who. We're going to be first worked under that you know. 20022. 2012. They really weren't to enact and the David government actually a former bills out ultimately ED early. Evan a lot of that dressed in a lot strep. Never really have done it I think it's always in Houston and the new GM comes in a place. Kind of monitor how much of the philosophy of it meant toward it with and even beyond. A lot of big free agent signings which is a very Smart thing. Two things that they've really prioritize in Carolina. Building at east and the wind helped to pass rush kind of like that ripple act of what can you help the secondary and they really prioritize. I as the wider Hebert and the bill hadn't done it Doug Weight. Like smaller faster Ebert didn't really care if a guy I'd. Haven't by the 59. Kelvin Benjamin got in on cheated even rebels and and they pat that they'd like those bigger Hebert so. Those two things and I'm kind of monitoring most specifically to the F. Brand in been kind of take it from his time with the answers. Editor in chief of buffalo rumblings dot com it's Chris to possibly joining us in the sports bar. Danger and the tag we are talking about a GM who. Once the build his team through the drafting Chris the last time we spoke he was right before the bills draft we haven't had a chance at now get caught up and get your thoughts on how the bills did with this draft him with rookie minicamp starting this week and what better time. To evaluate how the bills did with a 2017 NFL draft. Well what I mean is is that I didn't think that they would. Wait in the first round. Actually after they traded that in would be there. And show to go talk about the the cornerback but if I was running the waited longer. The picket quarter however. It was my number one quarterback in the entire respond guys or. Little caller a little bit longer arms maybe. But is Ellis you. Is body of work for years you'd eat year old freshman. For LSU that release that with how their boat he. He tried to backed out of school changes at the back overall body of work to. Of ability and the first round after. Op. To me was almost an incomplete the valuation because. Carolina offense. Early in the ball so much and 90% of the time he was on the screen at Horry. One yard right route is there beer and like. Two. Transition into a pretty good number two but he's got you know a pretty ignorant or beat him as. Undock and they'll. Let it all right tackle. They want to move him left are accurate in. That he is a lot of work which. And has all the Ross feels really. What did you think about good trading up not once but twice here because one we're talking a lot of people yell we like the bills draft however and you know you give up all these extra picks Chris on a team that lets be honest the the depth. Isn't quite there. No shirt that probably. The thing that I didn't think they'll draft and about what they're not take from in Carolina. They have not been afraid to greed up. In Carolina at all in the last. Three drafted actually traded up force effort eyes for players and get up. All our support what you're talking about the only thing that is good for the bill I didn't like the back to back straight up. But they start of the trip with they're treated back treated twice in and did the draft what they expect it didn't technically lose but from what they. But overall I think if you wanna build through the draft you don't want and a sport I expect that you want at 789. Heated and that are successful. Overall and in the draft one that actually tree act quick thing. The build big tree expert witnesses and be great friend at that act that next year but. I mean trade up yet to be totally positive about your bit of the player that you want and we'll see county jail in India. The culture. Pitcher feels like with those moves to trade up at the bills were drafting more out of need rather than drafting the best available player on the board. As we continue with Crist apostle the editor in chief of buffalo rumblings dot com. In the sports bar with danger in the tank Lee brought tight ends earlier Greg Olsen. As a big pass catching tight end in Carolina just triggered a thought my mind or what what's going on Gary party we heard about your party visiting the team in and we haven't heard. Anything saints is this a matter of not being able to sign a free agent because of the cap issues are we just gonna wait until we get closer to the start of camp before we make a move to bring on another tight end. Well I think having a GM now would probably well and that are. Knows everything about the cap. It. Pretty funny to eat it in. Her. Proper alignment. Which is scary our. Legal graduate of the Kentucky Derby. There without that we. Rooting I think over the next week. About. The bill and they should probably. Will be other. Stated that super young but he. Bible. And could certainly be a valuable that. The bills need a lot. Talk about a debt guided bills brought in Tre Boston who is an old you know employee if you will Sean McDermott. But died today he'd won elsewhere in cities signing with the chargers so why is that a loss for the bills would you say Chris and I mean obviously now that that's secondary particularly at the safety position. I would think the new GM has to take a look here what is up there won't worker do you upgrade. Yeah I think that it actually a pretty big lot. Industry. You know 451 now that's a big deal but yet today capable starter. Would certainly have known on this. Was pretty productive work and like oh all pro war mobile. Ala players. And when. There was a chance of him to come to buffalo is certainly pretty big lot of them point. And looking at that it used by product that they edit out the we its position on the roster I don't. Really blame them for letting go of air or an injury issue. While it is. Iran. You bring in Durham lawyer who is really really ineptly it was kind of coming to own in a a lot of unknown about and like Ike in the corner I was more. National League east I think that probably position. That rain and the need to and will look at to address and an entry that are out there were any rookies that are. You know trying to build as we. Chris apostle buffalo rumblings dot com joining us in the sports part of review branding these introductory press conference this morning. At one bills drive we actually got some levity. Brandon being wrong when he was discussing his relationship we Sean McDermott the fact that Sean McDermott has. Wrestling mats. It is how sizzled and this is resting and then later in the day after. Rookie meaty meaty repeat media camp that McDermott. When pressed about who would have control of the 53 man roster how would you handle those disagreements. That that you know they would have to take into the match the two of them would have to wrestle that to see who comes right BI. I Chris I got to imagine. This is his life is these two guys are going to get we're not gonna get the antics of Rex Ryan who we dubbed Shockey by the middle of last does c.s with all of his commentary. No definitely not but I think we will get it right there. It being talked about a lot run together when. On the road trip. I think they're past history will help or give equal now. Or did you guys but I think he'd they're pretty. Strictly business. Football guys that that art can give us had at liable quote and make any gearing peas or talk trash about the patriot. And after Rex Ryan and oh. Horror. Doug or what were immune to that kind of refreshing thing. And it Chris before relate ago we've since we had John last I read before the draft the bills and not picking up the option on Sammy Watkins the fifth year option. Your thoughts on that. And then danger and I spotted an article on national it was actually on the Baltimore Ravens website where. They're courting somebody else that speculating I'll with the Buffalo Bills trade. Well. I Mika. Could this actually be thrown out there would this be something perhaps that will be discussed behind closed doors knowing that you we have only Sammy Watkins. Technically under contract for one more here. I would be. Dawn and at one rated. One years old. He art district court. Very dear. Com and might not have the option to heed the word declined to sound like. A negative and I'm from then. But just put everything at one end to war would have gone in to pick up an ops I think X it was right. That they picked it up. Got hurt what you did last orders bought an e-book. For is thirteen million dollars following. Only here he'd. We're they can play a little bit and even if there are issues. And agent in Britain being at the contract people they can animate the franchise tag which is a little bit more. But it it is gives them a little bit more freedom. And doesn't necessarily. Make that. You know risk the possibility of walking incurred and and having to pay an injured player thirteen million dollars to play so I will be started being looked into treatment in Iraq in. And it seemed like it one more prudent approach that more year by year. Guy knows his stuff editor in chief of buffalo rumblings dot com our friend Chris to paso joining us in sports bar danger of tightly Chris always appreciate your time. Enjoy the rest your afternoon have a great weekend. Got a Chris deposit joining us if you missed any of that we'll have for you on demand the only who ESPN Rochester like come down. -- great stuff there and no idea he kind of threw water right on that and again if you're not familiar with what we're talking about the Baltimore Ravens and web site. Actually. Speculated. On. With the Buffalo Bills the open to trading Sammy Watkins is the ravens need a receiver. While that's a subplot someone Earl who cares but this is actually a real NFL team's web site putting it out there. Which forces us to have a conversation and could be one of these. Okay is as real news or fake news sort of deals but then. Look at all the angles here danger you have a receiver that the Buffalo Bills for whatever reason. They wanna see more on this point we have we know he's healthy at this point which probably at the end of the day that more than anything else has been permitted any sort of treat. Well you have. It was a character issues but you certainly have some off field distractions right now after Sammy Watkins. If you believe that family comes first he's got some family in trouble is brother. Allegedly involved in gang activity. And win. Wind one million dollars bail was set to be posted by Sammy Watkins. That motion was denied by a Florida judge. Two questions why semi Walken isn't there to testify to make sure that that million dollars is it dirty money Nestle semi walking is gonna have to ground floor at some point a point down. That's an off field distraction if you Sean McDermott to brand him being you really don't want to have to deal with. And I'm sure Sammy Watkins is a mess to deal with it either will be anxious to see how that unfolds Padilla pretty much everybody that we floated that by. You just completely douse is that flame like no way no way they get rid of Sammy Watkins the what if while. You know what do you can't say anymore it's an objection. You gave up 21 routers. My whole body here and his organization gave up 21 rounder that was then this is now. And I'm just throwing that out there. Because. If there is a team. That my opinion would be reckless enough to give you first rounder for Sammy Watkins. OK you know what's better than having to first rounder next year and a quarterback rich draft. LL be having 31 writers. We we have Mike wrote that died yesterday he didn't think it is that Sammy Watkins in his state right now command anything more than a sack but I'm saying. He should keep your eyes. So what if what it. Sure we spot trends that's all we do in the sports bar or sort of the day's top NFL stories and bite sized form it's a do we call NFL appetizers. Well good for you next in the sports bar danger of the tag where Rochester is most listened to sports station AM 95957. FM ESPN Rochester.