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Chris Trapasso of Buffalo Rumblings joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the open spot on the Bills roster and what fans should expect from the team's highest paid player, Marcel Dareus.


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That's local sports talk and no flowers sitting out John Murphy she OM a sports bar with the injury and exactly. Weekday afternoons on the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Only the best and brightest you know that's who we talked to here in the sports bar with danger and tagged him. Guys know their stuff. Talk to Buffalo Bills football with Crist upon itself. Editor in chief of buffalo rumblings. Good hockey buddy hey Ben. Chris. Doing great here is it's that timing here that might you be quiet is steer around the NFL so work. Only a month away from the start training camp out at saint John Fisher College roster right now it. 89. Could be at ninety so why when the deals entering in just another body to give them a law or the holding that spot or being in making. Clear overture choose somebody right now what's your read on that. Yeah it's a little peculiar I mean most mean. At least at this point I would say that the vast majority. The players there roster at this point I mean obviously. Mean name out there Gary started to visit with the bills visited with a few other team to the bill haven't you needed it and now they're lead but I think. It's a fair argument as stated they do have. And need it just the overall at catching. Dirty ones. It has been very productive with the care of or Beck in Cleveland Tuesday that would certainly be a nice compliment to chart clay and nick O'Leary. Com he's excited probably the most likely to be on bet number ninety guy out of those rocket but I think when you look at. I've been built. Overall roster and that chart. This state he position in the independent I think like I is that good burst out if you hit it well. In McDermott because Jordan's lawyer is a very good that we are used to come into his own include cord injury last year. The book that vary and that he'd be there aren't on. Better than these other kind of you know big talking about Jerry Byrd kind of reunion there and it not to be a centerpiece and eat out at that stage but someone is they edit the built. He got the echo now I think. They're just waiting until closer to camp may be. A week or so into camp before signing neck I but I would be actually kind of the prize is signaling with one open rosters. Chris to paso editor in chief of buffalo rumblings dot com our guests in the sports bark danger and tag lea Chris. We we spent some time this week talking about the idea that the bills and actually this offseason put themselves in a better salary cap situation. Mainly by not making a big splash in free agency and being a little bit disciplined. They've given themselves flexibility so much so that some other higher and higher priced talent could be up for review in about a year. Next off season and mine geysers focused squarely on Marcel Darius whereby you know. Yeah I think marked up area is that headliners there on what you think about it. Medically is being aimed at pressing need to tackle and really one of the most well. In the league I think that it. Perfectly with what Sean McDermott like to do you know what he did in Carolina that they were getting it done win you know late round. Veterans in the secondary guys that were kept out in late is that great. He's in because the F trust with that but those guys up front like what we now with Jim Schwartz. In twenty or CNET kind of John McDermott a lot of candy and so from that import it are so there it is someone that any soldiers are systemic. But he's from you know eight previous regime of course. I'm acting in the locked in Iraq or the other to be. What you are right and that the bills. On eighteen. They have about 35 million dollars already which is right in the middle believe. In terms of air base they have the 21 round picks so looking forward they are that up pretty nicely and I but I do think that period. And an out these pirate Taylor and it in the lock in our players that are going into the he's out of under you like ink. The builder acting big things from being players and would be happy to expand or pay. Those are three guys but certainly. Nothing is and don't yet it won the Altria. Reform and not just performer perform. Easy editor of buffalo rumblings Christa possible our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN's Chris eight week training camp comic. Usually it's a player or players an interest in watching you follow me on this we're talking about terrorists. That move them the one person I'm most interested in watching it camp isn't actually a player it's a coach. Mike waffle. Being that the coach for Marcel Dario is Marcel Darius has been the player that. Hasn't quite put it all together on the field if your coach. Heidi reached the rule two Marcel Darius I don't have the answer to that arrow you have the answer that. Mike the waffle to me is the most interesting assisting coach. And from what I've seen online waffles scenes you know we have perception of him. Hi Chris if you could just talk about that because of waffle balls his job then maybe we're not having this conversation. About letting go Marcel Daria cynic cap move in 48 team. Yeah I think Mike lawful means to be and there's certainly a lot of hard you know. There's an area coaches the coaches coordinators in. Is one of the more revered and acted it actually. For coconut. The line he was certainly a lot Ellen. With the rams over the past the heated by. Just from heart not with what we your ego he's former military guy is not an ideal for. Any players taking place off and while I haven't. Thought that that issue that there are usually on the field. He's not kind of he's got lazy but I certainly feel what shall we eating. On any other public I don't think walk well in arbor. There is anyone that that could potentially you know what best player under aria. And no ten. Operating at an active until all the time probably in accordance shall it be there. A really good point that even his agent pitcher. You know just watch how much interaction there between you. How are you writing area it is ultimately it in the late August. Happy with what beer is doing I think. And you could really eat there at the end for you when it. Chris apostle buffalo rumblings not comer gas in the sports bar danger and the tag lea Chris and it was Bleacher Report was it Bleacher Report that had the the article that that was questioning whether or not the bills were the second team. In the AFC east to potentially be tanking yeah he's an ass and I act if it's Kumar because while let me let me let me ask Chris I mean I I think were also close with that none of us we don't we know that that what we hear. Is this team is built to compete. It's when he seventeen you've certainly got enough talent although that talent and depth. This paper scene right now I mean your on the razors edge one injury or two away. From this being potentially disastrous first year for Sean McDermott were all very close. The buffalo bills' Chris you're among those of us were very close to this team so we see it through different lens and an outsider doesn't. Just on paper alone if you're an outsider can you make the case. As the as the New York Jets are in that the Buffalo Bills man might be looking for 428 teen first round. I mean went to first round pick are looking forward to it probably and much more so than it had been. In a long long. Having an extra. But I think that poem and these bills really wanted to hang and you know compete how to speak with the Jack. The team trying hard to paint. They would not have agreed to it and restructure VOR. They would have let our dale owns or EG eight Thursday. Maybe even me and Peter repeat it starting quarterback I think it would. Order. If the build on it and really when you think about it. I think it Atmel built and or even outright media. On the build off that was playoff caliber eaten yet there were few games on the road where. Kyra you know what it is going through the air but there are. And wind most of the opt out of the players on the field. Built offense was pretty good court a lot of point picked up a lot of yards it was really good the bad. On and everything from communications. To discipline that really led to the bill. Consistently. On not doing what they need to do on the front of and to a playoff. Well they're certainly not much. There was. On the side. I think that's where the bulls are hoping that is the scene change going from a street or two or three letting the players went a little more relief will help out the side. Robert what you get that you own is pretty much a fair trade are probably. On the I don't think mark is currently isn't that big of a the attraction and I think might deliberately hurt he was probably the league that running back what you returning player on the line you had. Right apple your week it I think the offense is a playoff Albert bell I don't buy that called the bill. Are going into the even looking at 21. Night because to me that few other moves that would mean that much more I'll think that. Thank you Chris. Krista possibly come August bringing it up because I read it and I can see from an outsiders point of view we do it to the jets we did it to us. Well we have I can't come on guys are taking rightly I don't know I don't know Josh count veteran leadership of Provo we had to get the old guys might bring danger. Danger that the premise of that article was that the bills are tanking because they let three of their top four receivers go marquis is good when who'll just an honor all we. I'll pay big thing we agree anyway I think to say that Zeta-Jones. Is an upgrade from Robert Woods is not factual Robert Woods isn't isn't better receive. Dan doesn't mean there are tanking go Zach brown would elect gold are leading tackler. Zach brown was on the market for amber and a date yes. You haven't seen Reggie rag and play away if you don't know there's a lot of uncertainty with this team and like image before. Up paper thin in. If you if you don't have depth there's not a lot of margin for air injuries could really really hurt this team had big way very quickly this season. Well in the depth will come over time Chris deposits Chris and so sometimes in the sport or arguments here secrets is the judge here between as. And the sports bar 957 he has yet pardon raised and where does this released him for we all law of the NFL draft. And all ol' boy I'll say this ever look forward to a drought this early you wrote an article for CBS sports are laying out the 100 prospects in next year. So Chris I know we've got a little bit of homework on this. You know you know give us a little bit for our draft appetite here the bills and 21 round picks next year. Give us a quarterback where to we know Arnold give us the all the names for the draft next year that could the Buffalo Bills being in position. Our up start looking at it I've seen to be conventional. That we all understand around the time pro quarterback the Beers. And then guys like Matt Barkley all law. Or you know. Even public stand out as the great pressure up prayers go through. It and we get around mark in April an awkward. It may mean and it it is not the seven month ago but I really do thing. Coming up at the and shall not do it meaning there's not an in law in the you're at but there is more there's more doubt in terms of I think you can see you quarterback go in the first round and then quality quarterback and be. Present Corbett go in the back there big guy on our big after. Stretched. I'm late let these four USC. Oklahoma State meet in route off. He's going to be a senior he's pretty much right in. Arnold only accurately and have a lot of art here in only be a Richard more next year. It erupted in the seniors these are wrong. On a pet is at Oklahoma State yet 28 touchdown only four interceptions last year. And there's no concern about it tigers are straight in the huge iron or five. 22230. Pound not really in new and bought. You can't totally in the hot pocket out there and bomb squad is them and certainly. Playing in the big twelve and is kind of optional. Is. The typical kind of be you a little bit but it even bought him accurately do re search actually after this year's draft. Bomb you is look the part title like ride into decree that you would be the guy. Be kinda got wrote in the market in these kind of under the radar check. Chris what about on the defense side of the ball some of these prospects that are out there your top 100. Although I think their weight gain out of port eighty. We talk to you and Randy go in the by a few years ago kind of corners he'd eat prospect during gene is actually. Bigger and Indian and Randy I think he's in as well athletically. As a freshman yet overnight and he can't eat or not. Oh and then picking our belt revealed that it Whitner and equity and apple both. Got hurt last year and I think he's incurring huge. Weight seventeen he's someone that you know with the bill. Tiger looking. To rebuild their back in there is slowly but surely could be looking at the corner prospect ordered state you know a loaded. Secondary and you know time is depend on where Sean McDermott in bring being early but on the I would probably start with border state and a lot of those teams in the Indy and at the top of he'd he'd be. I aged Christa paso Marty were talking about the twenty to handle draft and it's relevant because the bills are 21 round picks. And when you do your top 100 here Sam Arnold checks in at number tool to also a bit but ardent key on the defensive end up from LSU. Argentine is. Not wild here. But I obviously being. If you. Ball up like he apparently or reportedly is he can be as good of a prospect if not better because when you watch them on it. Five sick sick and only about who ordered 3200 or a green light. For being met hall hit the wall and off line is really really think. When you looked at my out scared you know I think I'm by export who's seven before he does look like 43. These are the bad they were reeling not a thing wrong with him at the prospect interpreted a lot of tournaments don't. Are you collecting and is more explosive off the app on show. Once in awhile. I think I hit thirteen and at tech in Nam mild here the I think it aren't you expect then. True 58 to XP and I'll alt up he has. The potential and that's why I had him on number one to be that you know first overall pick is being changing. Eat at the pan and level. Chris we don't know the New York Jets are gonna go quarterback and number one with the overall first overall pick in the 2018 they're going on sixteen anger here Jessica and not listen. We we talked about a little bit earlier but serious I am I am a doomsday preparation in that I just I can't. Imagine what life is like. If the bills lose week once in the New York Jets Chris have you even let that thought enter your mind going into this season. All I have and I don't mean popped up last. That. Talk about thing is that bill loop hole. Q what they've occurred in second bird like Jack. And demand via. Then the build it may be on it trying to look into it and try to figure out there year five. I mean you really cannot get the schedule makers to give you. Need you here game. Home to our speed and again the debt that he met. And I'm not totally against teams are mean be kinda taking a little bit but it you know when you look at the bill proctor and look at the jet doctor I'm not being. But the bill of about roster in at. Old everywhere and I don't really know how they're often been lying there there is often in general is going to be. Scored more than. Fourteen point thinking there's one. Quarterback situation that hasn't completely settled out there Chris and I I turn my intentional Washington here. Is all plays out the Kirk cousins stare down here it's gonna get traded the severed Cisco at some point is he walking to free agency what's your read on the situation. Well I got at this point with just. Hovering and a well for the past ten years. Most of the unless there's some weird health. The F Bolick we at with Peyton Manning in 2012. Really good quarterback don't usually hit the free agent market and the only thing is that in Washington and I think at the front office that. He most dysfunctional in the entire movie. That president Bruce Allen. Because of it dad trying to work his reputation and adopt a president job and never really light. Any GM and cold at any more power heated. All. Get fired and you were doing great job as the yen there. I think Kirk cousins will eventually. Get treated because I think again I think debt front office. They really like to have thirteen being known at the root element of being at a Washington rat in built like anyone. Any more power public notoriety. And am calm but I. For it much like I think that that most good accurate quarterbacks do not at the open market I think with the ocean in connection in imprint as though. I don't really see any quarterback on their roster that you know anything long term future. So it wouldn't surprise me at some point you get traded I don't think he walked right in. Pre agent B and get rid of Kirk cousins are not saying so if there. If you out of Iraq or you will be treatment and no it's something. Chris Stafford could be the highest paid player in the NFL going into training camp will not. I think you well and it creep but meant there are it was one of the land or react. Well for a B were you weight scale then I'm like sixty years 72 million dollar deal as a rookie. Now. Many in the three year extension for fifty million now in the site at all they're cute I'm only 29 years old. On so she is is probably you know own an adult in the history. If your Bill Belichick act why not just retired in Nantucket and be with your nice. Girlfriend are you talking about the ordinance Hogan magazine enjoying. Those Chris did you see the photo shoot. I did and it was a very. Not what I was expecting from Bill Belichick and look like a romantic comedy. It. Yeah you say it was a killer. That thing that we would. Act here is a man in the long in there right now and talk. The worst see Alice that I've ever seen. Chris is like it elect okay clinic in Chris we you know we talked like this is it to your friend up. Regular guest on the show in the sports bar Crist apostle buffalo rumblings dot com. Chris we will look BC you persevere probably and I just a few weeks is training camp opens up with afforded that. Hope hugely long holiday weekend appreciate your time is always putt. Yeah Crist bossa buffalo rumblings that comes where you can read his work great what a great website required reading always for Buffalo Bills fans. Yeah and I'm putting courage you know this is the long weekend coming up in usually at the time more I'd like to start reading about fancy but. To meet with the Tony eighteen draft being so interest seen this year Chris kind of throughout the disclaimer there. Hey we always think the draft is more interesting this year. Yeah you do we have the potential to have five guys go really up high it is first quarterbacks Chris to paso has he's breakdown of the top. 200 prospects. That on CBS sports dot com so appreciate his time today to help explain it to us. All right if you missed any of our conversation with Christa possible have been a long online for you and on demand. At the only ESPN Rochester dot com shortly next in the sports bar with danger of attack Leah we go around the NFL the biggest stories out of league today. An NFL owners Twitter got hacked Jeanne. Yeah out when another Twitter matter let me just slip this into the wings have made it thirteen of fifteen minutes gone final. Rochester five buffalo for so now the wings just seven now. Good stuff at some tickets later on here or attention to that now. There are let's do it now call 5454. ESPN. The wings are hot. And unity in town on the fourth of July fireworks. Family food. And you read how Rochester red wings. Call 5454 ESP old mutual four pack of tickets to see the wings it frontier field on Tuesday. Call now good luck NFL appetizer is on the way next the sports bar danger of tag lipped ESPN Rochester.