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Chris Traposso is the Editor-In-Chief at and the author of an article explaining how the Bills are sitting pretty with the #10 overall pick in this year's NFL Draft. He joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the multiple scenarios that could unfold in just a couple of weeks.


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Welcome back to the sports bar with danger to take Leon where we only talk to the best and the brightest. The genius do this on article that caught your eye as we prepare for the NFL draft which is now. Almost two weeks away. Fifteen days not that I'm counting here I think but does the Buffalo Bills we've been talking about a lot of they show. Out of all the bills would be. Why is to trade down and it. They were bringing on night he is the editor in chief of buffalo rumblings first time on the show Chris too paso Chris. Our first off thanks very time we're really appreciated and yes say that your article did catch my guy about how it numbered T and net. The Buffalo Bills are actually unit very decent position. How so. Yeah I think that sitting there at number overall. When you look at the amount what. Most people would they would be at least. The guilt position players in the strip and about. That and 8890. Oh is notable work out that we develop and at no quarterback on the and and his quarterback site is truly not that that would have a edict that. And a lot of lot of build their rosters. First before picking quarterback. That the bill will be sitting there and number and with either. The pick of the litter at bat signal caller I orbit the Rhine candidate again it seemed like you mentioned to trade up which means the bill would trade act. Get a you know an extra second round pick maybe even an extra third or fourth round pick there's a lot of value when mr. apt. But on the other hand if data 49ers and number two in the eighties and payers or read it Jack at number six. On that jaguars even at four it is Iran on quarterback in or those guys are. In the top nine then it would mean that lead skill position players like. Linebackers quarterback a bill need would be pushed on the board all I really think when you look at it. Based on the bill need. I'm which are mostly on the fan and it what are you are spot on and just kind of the makeup and in need of the other teens in the bomb and and you compared to this quarterback let it. Actually the most. Important part of the app and with a built and it and it really in the work out that. On they'll either be prime trade down candidate. Or they can get one vote lead opposition players. He's the editor in chief buffalo rumblings dot com Chris deposit joining us in the sports bar with danger and tag Leah. Let's talk about some of these teams that draft after the bills of what might be interest did. In moving up to snag one of those quarterbacks of course browns at twelve the cardinals at thirteen they've both been linked. Too Mitchell tribute ski enable wined and dined you know the usual suspects a quarterback the usual prospects giants at 23. The Texans which gene has been lying and number 25 in the chiefs at number 27 mean we would love. To see the bills somehow moved back to one of these positions throw one of these teams you know trading up to get that quarterback but. Realistically how you know how is that going to happen me how. How do you what what are the odds it at that actually happening on draft night crest. I'm I think probably pretty that it and I mean I think like it is that that is it will obviously depend on what happened. In the top nine. Beeper in the east there of the giant that are in. Into the mid to late twenties that there will be a lot harder to move up by. You know he knows you know meteoric rises. The jet that mark into being moved up from the twenties double. One well in that Julio Jones they moved up way on up into the top and from the one. So I think. I wouldn't say that 5050 chance I would say it closed and it'll and even if they may regret egos in the top five. But he could love. Some type or another being hurt on a lot of Clinton. In the scenario. The more quarterback on the board about a for the bill and I personally think why. It makes perfect sense that we over the last couple days a couple of week that the bill had shown and what it out there that in extreme. Interest in all of the corporate backed. Just think 812. Or three of those guys there sitting there on the board 181 o'clock and number patent. That you know they will be able to move back and haven't seen regardless of which quarterback proper like a law to get their guy. But hey you while the Cleveland being at number twelve Arizona at number thirteen and if you talk about your take a litter. How long could those teams with the teams ahead of buffalo looking at the jets at six. And Chris for the sake of this argument and it's gonna say the jets are gonna take one of those quarterbacks in New York media is all over them and indeed been linked to a lot of these quarterbacks but. If they at what point is the drop off there after that. In that scenario. Cool what you see a team like it there is all night trying to trade up get past Cleveland and could bills fit the bill on that. Yeah I mean I think debt you know another. Pretty distinct partly an exit didn't write an article that it could look to get an adult I think again that quite postmark. Your book let these work out. You know there's been rumors that dog lately La bishop. Of the work. Or does it. That even at the scene like the cardinals moved up maybe five or is there to get sick cornerback. Jack. Then again there could be. A team that could really liked the to a victory other quarterback that would still be there I think it. I think that were around thirteen of the bill about it. Differs. I think the ground during their act while they're probably eight. While here at number one and how to be content that they would still want to look at a quarterback in the first round. They even a lot in vote number four number. True Brit he's sitting there at and there's been all the talk about what that he would be maybe give the bill back in around it just move a spot I think he probably would have been a lot to. Make entry. It'd the other side of that coin it with Angela going on all of these visits to visit quarterbacks is. Well he could fall in love with one of these guys in you could see the bills actually take a quarterback. At ten because to owner thinks that that makes sense for the long term viability this team. Should day if the quarterback that day like is there attend take a quarterback at ten. I am in kind of grew up I don't think they should pick any records act the matter. I'm not really eye on the quarterback all in shock and is the best player I don't think he'd Wear the number and overall pick that kind of tight and why I think that the boulder. You know if no quarterback go in the top nine and like you mentioned it to your glove. And more importantly on impairment and Doug Whaley really like one of these quarterbacks and they can pick them attack. On but it is not then because of all the interest because the volleys. Try to work out that they've done with the whole build front office they're pretty much it will be a prime tree dumped him as well but no I don't think. Just based on the structure there seen and what they need they need in the hierarchy of the year for at least. Another use and I think it is not a quarterback let especially early that the bill should pretty much. Our guest is the editor in chief of buffalo rumblings Crist apostle you can we read his work there you're in the sports are 957 ESPN. We've been talking about the scenarios. Where the Buffalo Bills at ten and an eight all no quarterbacks they have been taken. What about. You know the flip side where you do have quarterbacks multiple may be and the bills at ten like you say would be an agreed position especially. If they want to get some help on the defense. So poor decent names there if you do get one or two quarterbacks and how would let it affect the draft board quit their deal Lattimore for the Buffalo Bills at number ten. Yet yeah I mean I think they're a really good ability and again played in why the bill should be pretty content with where they're picking that. If they start to see 12 maybe three quarterback go in the that there at. Like Rita accountable for it no quarterback to open than they can pick their guys. Or that intrigued out. There's a lot of corporate do go in the nine will occur I don't need. Com John McDermott Ron Hubbard street is that you need that period bird. Girl I'm the type of 38 V for. And I think Mo leak Welker had this much rain as series bird as girl. You'd be read. At number and Rubin sought after out of Alabama. You know talk about the life that we record at her and brown and regular regular and might not edit and he'd been on McDermott like a linebacker spot. With Foster is the mental back there all of them it would look to expand. Om and others is a little altered our our. Mark talk shortly humans and they'd be quarterback. Element of it to orbit in died roster could be at night air they're up here William. He went on the board I think that those relate to it and even got an L. And other larger bomb. If those quarterback go a lot of these the bad guys and most of the top it will lead on in the are on that side of the ball. Com I think that those would be very happy they 12 corporate goals per. Editor in chief Ab buffalo rumblings Christa paso is our guest. In the sports bar with danger in the tag they read his article buffalo rumblings dot com. On why the bills situated at ten or actually the perfect place for them in this draft in India that do you bring up in your piece Chris. Is that every year in the draft picks kind of come out of nowhere and teams. Swing out of their shoes a little bit and go after a guy reach for a guy that probably. Wasn't supposed to go at that spot I think of a guy like. OG Howard's got a could fall as like a top ten guy like. Yeah he could be a top thank god but you really wanna take him as a top ten guys are there any other guys that you see any other of the prospects that are out there the you could see going in the top ten might have to people scratching their heads like. Really they took back on there which would of course only help the Buffalo Bills. Yeah I think the air Arne what can I feel that any angle is. In turn this guy Lang one is that some kind of that they eat like. I'm very productive in the a CB. I didn't really like it element as much in. Being the lone college. He's someone at that it not only is the lead cut back. You can go in the and Berkshire I think the biggest wild card is wondered for well you not. Think he running back. In the first round really at all when I. But he's just been super dark and Playskool. I don't think is Alan duke now I actually let the mayor coming out of her little was dead grade and certainly shouldn't want him going in the and but I think it because it is our power because. Creation factory out of the end birdie at a media often while then. They're certainly probably three or four more guys that that. In BP right now range first rounder mid first round guys and finally you mention you go back Ito last year or five draft. There's always. I didn't think you would in the and Tom who ultimately. Which again would help the bills whether it. That means you know another quarterback but none of them are one of those who lead the front of died there are wider eagerly Cory David Williams. So that part of all the reasons why I think and well that are when I realized that I think the older but what. When you look at the draft overall from buffalo and a prominent of the bills is as you know. Six fixed now lot. And there are needs on this team certainly corner safety. Outside linebacker right tackle wide receiver and if you wanna put it QB to when their fine that would be six needs. Chris the way what's on the roster right now you you're not going to be able to fill everything you need to stay with a six picks. Which one of those areas could the Buffalo Bills. Get by eight at all would be right tackle would be were more number it. And it outside linebacker would it be the corner position and tried out. Hope that you could strike cold day in with a street freeagent which one do you think the bills are going to be forced to I'd get by. I think probably about right tackle spot. This is probably the week is often echo and offered the wine plan that I've ever doubted. I'd have been doing a lot longer than me. You know maybe even in the last decade is there's not that print side collapsed or act like an adult might have to get I would be accurately round. I'd like you mentioned street created what is good for the bill O is that the quarterback. Is. But definitely the back in the last decade and certainly in about. Overtly like yours that are in the draft stole a lot quieter spot at on the one at. The linebacker group you know it was great linebacker in Carolina and soul. Really vital could it be and being so that over the years they couldn't wait until they're meeting in the fourth round. Ticket equality. Starting caliber quarterback and I think it flat. I'm you know they're certainly not a on the boat read it either re in the middle of the field we get an option to break up the but there are a lot more good in the last. Five years so I think they can afford to wait a little bit longer. Into the third in the fourth round to attract active area. Crist tosses the editor in chief of ball buffalo rumblings dot com joining us here. In the sports bar with danger and the tag glee Chris from the owners' meetings a couple of weeks go. When asked about who was going to make a decision on draft night terror Google just kind of stated that it was going to be a group decision a group effort only your opinion. Who's making the calls on draft night for the Buffalo Bills. I don't think there will be one guy making the final decision it there. If there are gonna wanna kind of that I think they're on the I think Doug Whaley when he. First one of the yen in point fourteen and a some. Mystery out there how involved he was in the twelve they're eager. When he moved back and then pick in the annual. Got a couple back in third. I think in 2014. It was pretty much we leave call went out of that old. And then you know over the last copier that the bill not me that well I think we law is our war room. And I think part of the reason why the bill on felt very confident in higher on retirement that. He's been under U beard that article is in Andy Reid. And Ron Rivera. He's been interviewing for head coaching job at all at the re off even though you would really prepared that. On he's worked his way up you know position coach. Two of the coordinator so I think. He will have a lot of days on and how to help Doug lately is that hey I need. A linebacker whose title on the state smaller faster. A lot more at what it is on the day. Read safety who can play in the middle of the field and it'll be our way. Out the identified those guys but it wouldn't surprise me with potted. Doug Wheatley hanging on his job right now that John McDermott is the one that OK let make it got a pick with pat Beck or partner there. We waited out his article you can follow him a Christa paso dot com. Our guest you're the editor in chief of buffalo rumblings Chris is we wrap this up everybody's got a mock I assume when you've got one too so. Your first and second round picks for the Buffalo Bills in your mock who would they be. I would pick Mike Williams what are your. I'm a little by in net. Over the last couple years. Well starting for a while. Watching and now I've and it and it equaled like the bigger you know power forward a wide receivers that. When you're in the red zone. Law. One outraged. Are still open you know to beat. About it ahead. I think Corey Davis or Mike Williams would be really good number and we look back it aren't you even last year which. What about it but it was in on it there was that stretch where he locked in our. What was her Greg Ellis went down and you're dealing with today. What are your group that was not weird it was one of the worst. I'm I think giving him another hot here what then. Would be huge and then in the second round market williams' other you've taught. Me what what can law. Last year. Or app in vertical. They all want a little bit over 200 pound though they are young only one year goal. On super athlete and can certainly played at three. Greek city eat better he'll roll I think it would be perfect match in he. Chris I got a debate with you because honor shell I have been dead set against. The Buffalo Bills spending a lot of grit Leo at at number ten and hear me out for a second in LA under that you have a fun debate here you have a number one receiver on this roster. He's named Sammy Watkins the number ten overall check really is for a wide receiver once so from a chemistry standpoint. I don't know how that works in fact. This would be. On precedent from the fact that there's not another team in the NFL that has two of their own a top ten ticks that are wide receivers Oakland has to being Cooper and Crabtree and it again they pick Crabtree off the street and Crabtree come Zain and he realizes he's a number two. Cool it you really take all wide receiver at number ten and met receiver. Would defer to Sammy Watkins I just don't see that. Happening now so they you have to think consider who's throwing the ball I mean Tyrod Taylor. Throwing the ball is not the same as me a lot of other quarterbacks in the throw the ball are you wasting that ticket and when you consider who the quarterback is. Yeah I think. What. There. I think it is really because I believe that our dealer. Quarterback who not enemy is eating or much better bought it. All. Of them. He can be a good quarterback and use our bet in at all being eaten in the pocket or he'll. You know he threw for over 300 yards and three touchdowns in 1215 Wendell. Was not nearly as much injury. What are yours but you is in the eighties and quarterback. On the and certainly the up and was not the problem. I think that after. That is overall lack of as you Amon and you would you mark that we're you know I don't think the development. Com that I think you have a huge hole even if you know in there about. Does the number one or Ebert and number two receiver is giving Iraq dealer on the boat. Quality locked up side would be. Really important bird you know a quarterback like him that might need help. Chris is what makes the draft great though because you know are or if it's it's so fun to debate is why NFL fans there are incidents. Yeah absolutely and I think with the bill and what you mentioned earlier there are so many holes I don't think there. Ethical but they have three or four by that there was. I'm like you had a shot maker. And that he could be looking at would be on the side. I think the dark horse is. Ample. I'm writing that are on now that. He is very similar athletically and eight to ride. He'd the fight he's in there ball. I mean I was eight he. A lot of act erratically and be a much better off the ball linebacker. I think even OJ power would be agree although there I really think our state like Bieber. On. So there's certainly a lot of those that we prospect and had been mentioning on that could be here on one and go. Don't go on the clock in at number ten and have you or old well. Chris to possibly joining us here in the sports bar with danger and tag glee Chris is the editor in chief. Buffalo rumblings dot com and Chris I guess I love having you on the show many you first time in the sports bar. Love the site buffalo rumblings dot com you should check it out and it's funny you know we. We talk a lot about you know the guys that write for Reno. I don't want it I don't want a recount wanna classified buffalo rumblings of something that it is not mean it's it's basically a Buffalo Bills. Blog but you're the editor in chief will blog gets a lot of eyeballs on it because of your affiliation with SB nation. It's I think there's some importance of that and furthermore the work that you and your staff for doing your putting a lot of time and hours and an energy and effort into. This game into this team more so than probably a lot of credit though executives that are actually out there are so eat your word matters and Mel we appreciate having you on with us this afternoon Chris. Thank you very much. Thanks Chris deadly hit and that was good stuff we'll have that interview for you up there is Chris gives his take on why number ten. Is the perfect spot whether it is Hugh Grant quarterbacks go ahead of relocating your gonna get a prime defensive player you would think you're gonna get. Or if at number ten no quarterbacks goal bush then some team below you might get nervous and jerky and that's where you could trade down. That's one number ten is golden. And in this world danger to fumble on your point used to be where you know we've only talked to people in the newspaper in the world has changed. Voices come from every direction social media is still big so if we have quality voice is gonna put money shall hear. Absolutely. Absolutely and I know that some of these guys and not exaggerating. Some of these guys put more time energy and effort into it didn't actual NFL executives do in terms of scouting in and doing their homework you know. These guys leave Ford did have a passion fortnight. A guy that has to do it for his job might not out sell audible occur in the world and when you write a piece. That is his is worthy is is this piece was gene collier right now I read it caught my eye and I've I've read buffalo rumblings stuff before this comment epic thing to us of you know what. Why not that's a great point and somebody put a lot of thought in time and energy and effort into that thought. Let's share that lets talk about that and having Chris on today. Well that was great gene I appreciate you pointing that out to everybody if you missed that article by the way ESPN Rochester on Twitter at ESPN Rochester we tweeted out earlier. And that interview with Chris toss a few missed that we'll have that Torre on demand on the all new ESPN Rochester dot com.