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The voice of the Vegas Golden Knights Dan D'Uva joined Danger in Battaglia in The Sports Bar. The guys discuss the Knights success this season, what needs to change to come back from a 3-1 deficit, and what has happened to the performance of Marc Andre-Fleury.

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Most sports bar with a dangerous do exactly I'm excited obviously in the side and I'll team did grades up which is still believed in the causes them. Believe in god doesn't stay as you know from the village in the dead wrong with the team if paid unless this old. This is not going to be in vehicle. Might change your clothes here that you're starting to move in the right direction to the Buffalo Bills team exactly yeah. We get to another we go to DA's then we give one week demeaning camp. And then we get training camp until probably Michelangelo a bit embarrassing at victory for some of these truck for the process. You gotta go every day they're not out there figuring out what's going on Michelangelo they're also not addressing who's gonna handle the draft and free agency form its rights around the corner. The NBA finals the cats as a series shifts back home are looking at Rodney hood Honolulu you run it seems. Use. This does that this is simply the cavs throwing dice at the itself open to hit seven or eleven whatever you're looking. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sports bar thanks for joining us during happy hour Mike danger and team intently on AM 950 and 957 FM the sport's leaders ESPN Rochester ESPN Rochester dot com. And free to download radio dot com apple doesn't listen to ESP in Rochester anywhere. Any time. Game five of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tomorrow night. Vegas. Their backs against the wall we welcome into the sports bar danger in the tightly the reports of the biggest golden knights. Joba how are you again. Great guys could work out go to great dang you're no stranger to Rochester mean having European yourself like last year calling me colder call finals Syracuse crunch. Now here you are in Vegas Dan. Take us back to the beginning the season at what point first aid and thank you for your time today. What what what point did you realize. Wait a second this this might be something special here this this team's going to be waiting better than people are gonna give him credit for. Well I paid for me it is just. I do we get from what I kidnapped to even every two days. Number you know has died but not done it not been without. You know I I I think it would be equal coming together that it at any level sports it's more rare probably compete well. Political come together. There is certain bond there there's a credit they're sometimes called chemistry your energy on the guy whatever your typical guy that really. Appreciate. Working with each other playing or other I let down yet but it content. He too. Reality because that the chip on the shoulder to the every one of the players not eager not to mention of that ilk. They all had a chip on their shoulder because the other organization let go. Whether it was an expansion draft there let them protect order. Rick or to work on eight he was fired by the Florida Panthers are court victory and yet it was built by the law and capital. After that there so I think they're everybody at that a common where it. They really worried about you know filling up their goal that biscuits that was the jeans he'll. Groove track. Many called quite heard. It would be gather yep but they they needed to talk with each others accused deal crater the group at the Coke cold there I think that would separate from premier elect the what you saw the where it would up Marc-Andre or Disco. Voice of Vegas go nightstand Toobin joining us here in the sports bar with danger and tag Leon ESPN Rochester. The other thing that I thought of Dan and you can confirm whether or not this had anything to do with the but I remember the start of the season being very emotional. For this team for this city after after being you know experiencing the deadliest shooting. On American soil that the deadliest mass shooting in the an American soiling you've got. A guy as a group the guys now representing. A community that healing there's some power to that isn't there. Oh my goodness yeah they're aired and that really accelerate the spot. People here between them they've never had a major leaguer and as much as it's considered an entertainment capital and that moderately eat it that. You'd like you and welcome basketball you know there's some mightily not eat it every year I ever had dumping reached that they could lead level that it is bill. They could note a lot of things around oral but not interpret sports. So up when he asked a group of guys that they come together. And where the shooting and when it was on the night of the lack of it into these spoke with a first regular season trip which now you know don't. They look what we're only being in the regular C. Was a player who's going out to pitch in and yet. Hospitals and schools and visiting with victims include spot. But did anybody ask the player. Stepped up ahead at the look at your work week ago. Well a number of it celebratory event that we can be. Able went by. These wonderful. Those somber ball up players connecting with. And you know that it is 2.2 million people wonder of community that we can and I think that. Really seem healthy people in the out. Great players but also great yeah I know you'd. I that there once something that they could well out and went gold knights. Quicker Kurt OK I record it on here at the time they're tears of joy and there here's the stat that and then there here's the kind of just the only. Because they couldn't put my I think a lot of emotion if it was something straight celebrate the burger Major League sport. In this town but also be back on the track. And the team at the ceremony that day. What is our point here it would. Each and and they go at work or goal in the first eleven minutes of the game and they beat up on Arizona when it would truly special I think that. At that point. Leader in. Well it could they really are ordered that maybe you're not. A group of outsiders who come here. Cast as a team and it didn't even book or that was cash act speak it or not it CNET relocated here. That is it is ground up trump bought it get in the people have been urged more more rapidly. He's the voice of the Vegas golden knights Dan due to our guests during the sports are 957. ESPN Rochester by Dan net I would say 31 it's not woken to go Lloyd and then you go by history last time it happened. It's only happened once in the cup final in a seven game series 1942. But it is washing it prep period I didn't do that so I guess ego. Step one would be taking care of business tomorrow night what has to happen for Vegas at least it's a game five. Yeah and then that night did not lost fourteen to vote your Marc-Andre Fleury at not lost a little regulation. Is the worst the leaking one at. In other words it's unprecedented territory curtain grew up capital really aren't that good though that it it is impressive happened a week away that night. Eight and that is something that I will go to the sharks yet. Thicker than the bickering quicker but that night at such a good job taking what goes after. Capital and stomach and I Marc-Andre while Edwards Conn smythe candidate that the first marine ground. And you look a little bit more in the against the capitals where it where capital. When he it is NHL career like. In the postseason and worry about beating the capital in every game in the postseason matchups what it was thank obviously this would. Yet. And I don't like action. But Nicole deny that they. 500 to one shot going in the darker if you have heard two record number. They were still being discussed there seem to trade players up there on. Whatever but he. And that Iran over there it is go longer and they find more people to track. So if you'd be that this group embraced that idea at all. So there isn't a group wired that truly does believe that they can overcome but we're one step. I think this is the group but that the almighty the quick start. And that is still haven't ox cart at the at all. Especially the ball up they can get lowered. 85 or. You know I had a pretty good start being ported to open up court yoga why don't forget what the chances it could score and it was great up and capital report what. You can look at that first period from game four in and say that that might be their best period of hockey all post season yeah I didn't score a goal. And and if if anybody in I'm glad my partner brought up that did it it's been since 1942. And only one team is Donny listen. We're witnessing history right now why not an expansion team. Two to come back from 31 down and and you know quiet anybody that says it doesn't happen he can't be done this series is over I. I will not see that Vegas is out by any stretch of the meat but. What does make me nervous and you know you're you're paying close attention to this idea and Marc-Andre flurry this series has not been as sharp as Marc-Andre Fleury was earlier in the playoffs and I'm worried. That the old Marc-Andre Fleury the inconsistent mark on her flurry that stands that hockey fans Knoll in the post season. Has resurfaced what would you say to that. I think a couple of things with the wisdom of years and 800. Those who couldn't come. Or are you what elite younger you know he. Outlook sciences your personality or. You know the creativity and the creativity gets away at it. Ability to be 88 technical all they've got bigger Kreider was on them go coach with a capital. And he has done a way to Atlanta police creativity. That weather system. Along with that that practical that up at bat. He has been ordered strike at a career at its numbers even after more typical delicate final numbers still stand. So. You don't do it all you're all the in the final every goalie has a little bit of a small remember that when they're in the playoffs beat Dan. Greeted OP was not the article with the watching to welcome back to ever go eat that apple have yet but he's still not they're not worried that there's any. Army is standing with amber against jet. I think it really hit it is much that you make you know we're better I think that the support around yet and yet they're best. Dutch players in a lot of worry don't. We have the period the lower. Them out here and that aren't Eric and Gloria looks like you know. Job and I agree not bet if you're but I think that the our support in everything that don't. Longer. They they managed by transition game offensively was better at you or it would compare it like but he. Couldn't get anything going know what. But it would it would that supported the war but at the same time they'd been in the event for the but they either got an opportunity to put it together here. In the if they can't find that well. Which outsell optical. Throughout the year this is a bit resiliency. At a resilient goalie has been the re. You guys collapsing where he is all the while I think it is personality a couple of. And Dan do our guest here he calls the biggest golden night games on the radio our guest in the sports are 957. ESPN Dan Elliott if there's one thing Vegas has done for me in the final it makes me. Tune in right on time I wanna see the open and I wanna see that crowd if it I mean if you could just describe what is that going to be like tomorrow night what has it been like. And you know kind of go along way that if you're you're right he's playing elimination game just how big. Will it be to get that first goal tomorrow night give your team a little bit of a boost there. Yeah the united they've ever been in this situation where he was early ought to Italy the decision. I pay what course the first round at even though they're the sharks won a couple of background about. Everywhere we. Now this theory in the ground a lot of course it would get the jet. Ultimately pay it one way street but it also they've ever been elimination or but it ultimately think about it there Dick Beatty could that. Number chair 171004. Just understand war but the number of people in the bill quitting in the global but it has. In 602007. The they're putting them in the hundred people in the field don't see any of those tickets and a BI. That's how much it Syria and importance. Pregame ceremony is as it is truly baked by upbeat everybody. But you'd expect the kind of show that their goes away and all of that the crew here that says between matter and got you so impressed with videos are a lot Equant. And when you are a lot of things go our. I've been out by the U dot. While they took the ball stripped out but at the arena so that people out die at lest brought our viewing party and concert. It is it is me like nothing I've. So what you. Put all that together with delicate final on the elimination game for all. Expect that they get what once again chill it's something that we. Voice of the mega school nightstand Cuba our guests in the sports bar with danger and the tag Lee a question for you do after something that Vegas can duty to may be a you know increase their chances of winning. Tomorrow night and really message to the rest of the NHL as well can somebody at least. Please not let Alex Ovechkin picked that spot. You know I'm talking about it's. Nobody can stop him from that spot yet he always finds that spot. What's the secret to stopping Alex Ovechkin and preventing him from getting to that spot. Laid out there at the capital seemed to anticipate any order percent said the because they made it really. Which is what you etched in the Jon Karl. Inking why all the PowerPoint guard Carl doesn't offer our label. So they're they're the capitals are anticipated and I were trying to incurable matched. Schmidt who has with a capital the last several years or simply the first. Either overs of left it there were courses though and that is that even though we get into that bothers you that spot. Don't shoot anywhere he's divorced and the outcomes to it and don't let at all. At least toward the net and on the even how and where to go together and it got it over the top rate in the cabinet course it'll market back. If I get Alex of that in the goal scorer who can put up forty plus goal. Over 600 years NHL regular cougar. Went up market shock. Getting it anyway. Orchid on the back check it is it is they're unmarked and I thought that he'd be out by candidate regardless of what it. It could set up as well what that is open market but to me there's something. That that he is the captain at the liver was the optic. Is truly special it yet that spot I don't know you can beat it. It's probably no better partner that anyone has dot they opera like drop. What area are at stake here one player typical night though it. Eliminate single player. It got that he ballots attitude all he walked by crunch time now go on and that it they've got their collapsed there. He's a former voice of the Syracuse crunch now with Vegas that damn one last question here before election going if you can indulge me because. I always tell my partner danger. About the greatness. Of Vin Scully and Fordham up. Broadcasters. If you could explain the danger of the greatness and who would be your favorite form bar Castro gets to a drug event. Well yeah well you know there's been so many great ones that would I was elected experience there don't let the unit order in the and also WAU art Syracuse. It. Data that I would port to port and a lot of ice bowl is Micah Wright. That you experienced boats will let you know Marty Glickman at Syracuse in Ghali at boredom it up like it. Openly growing up outside of the New York City and those guys a little about the New York City. So while listening it's been doctor in the big east all by. Not that there's a couple of guys who've been there at Ole record may. My America but we're now or worst element C. I'm legal or report there and EDS sports. He had been with the New Jersey so growing up security might get recognized people. We're going to be here it is day arc. Like rate rent or dirt beneath there are now with my camera here that. The last several days to stop them about our. Called the same day it is call which guy at and while I'm. Let down by people who were you spent on other Syracuse student. Now it is I know what used to mr. universe so that they can't all broadcaster there are a lot of great ones. Marv Albert to re elected on the other day it is like pretty well. That there's a long list we knew we could probably do a whole program just not where by we've brought actors but I always say here we are not the people that might Emmerich. Note that there with you your dock not equate the latter being at that game. Don't do all that other people here that Bible call it a public Utica. Dan you mention all these great broadcasters from Fordham where's mine when do I get to work with one Amdocs. Sorry can't give us the voices. Their backs against the ropes tomorrow night game five in Vegas Dan enjoy the Paula that's going to be an unbelievable atmosphere you're very very fortunate to be a part of it I'm insanely jealous. He'd not just because of that affect your call that gave me yearn Vegas I mean that that's that's okay enough itself debt eight really appreciate you covered lots of time and and talk to you soon right. I survived best wishes everyone here brought character despite the courts are. Always always looked at Rochester. In that order New York always have a special place in my heart so at best which is everybody there. Let's talk again soon Dan. And didn't do voice of the Vegas golden knights down the crunch hammered robberies back that says. That's a good thing if you missed that will have that up where you want on line. Later I think it's important dad you know always the first goal is important but a team that's feasting elimination. Look it's not a stretch to think that Vegas I start to come around in your point your danger that if Washington's gonna win the cop. Got to be now. Because if you don't take care of business now inning goes back and that's everybody's gonna have that expectation in game six yes all the pressure is somewhat cheated trots is actually right you guys. Take care this now yes. Without question. And listen Vegas if Vegas is able to score first. And their record is ridiculous is Osama say they're like thirteen and one or thirteen and two were something like that. When scoring first this post season them they they. If they're able to take to score first. That's gonna put an immense amount of pressure on Washington. Listen in Washington for what it's worth has shown that they can. Come back from from a deficit that they can't play under pressure I mean he won two straight to win that Tampa Bay users. But this space team any you know we talk about history how would be only one team's comeback from three long war why. Why would we doubt that a team that should be in the finals can't. Can't repeat that history. Well it's glory. Again that save percentage he he looks like the guy that got nine Pittsburgh honestly. That was kind of the conversation right after he let in three in the first like argue the whole thing and up. What good would it do if it pulling Hillary at this point that that being an in game four. So. Yeah it. I'm gonna states something obvious what it's true Dini flurry. To step back up and play the way he played the first three series because you're not gonna survive three dozen that's it. Game five tomorrow night looking for that game three of the NBA finals tonight on the act is Rochester. And what do we do we talk about LeBron were already talking about LeBron wanted. Already moved on right yeah we're kinda. Nobody is giving Cleveland any shot and you know it was straight windows point okay Cleveland did this 2016. On Cleveland had a dining Kyra your thing that was a pretty good second option for the Kazakh here. Angle state didn't have a guy named. Having to rants are so still legal date bit different this year so we knew we had a great conversation earlier in the show today about. Next steps and you know actually there there are odds out of you wanna go bad. Where LeBron James will play next season that yeah you can go get your fix on the Internet and police your money there are so. How we had some from without but at least and I danger my hope for the short term that the series isn't forum not a cavs fan but I. Am a fan of basketball and I just don't wanna see a sweeter. You're gonna see a sweet Carolina. You're gonna see a sleeker. It's. It and I don't wanna read too much into body language I don't wanna read too much and how game one ended but boy after watching. Game to an end and it's interesting to me how everything kind of got rolled out. They lose game two and then you see the footage of game one at the end of regulation and it may game two makes more sense. Like oh well yeah LeBron was absolutely dejected demoralized. Frustrated. Miserable. And exhausted. After regulation in game one. With the way that game ended. That the way the team play in game two makes that much more sense they didn't rebound. Mentally from how game one ended. An hour that they're gonna have anything. For game three or game four to be able to. To make this a series I just I think the Golden State. In the style that they play. And we stepped it hitting I don't expect stepped it 93 pointers every time he hits the court but. Every three pointer he hit seems like it's just a dagger just demoralized. And you can you can sense it in in Cleveland. And and by the way and that that game one the way that you want ended and that reaction from LeBron on the bench at the end of regulation. That gives LeBron and out. To leave Cleveland can anybody really fault him for leaving Cleveland this time. Given the way it's gone this post season. How much he's been done he's been asked to do how much of the load he's had a shoulder himself and to see that game one and the way it ended in the C. How frustrated he was. I don't know if I can blame him if he wants to go to LA. I'm not buying these reports from LA executives it's a done deal that he's going to lakers look at. Sounds more like a wind sheer month LeBron has had two seconds to think about that amount Barton hampers. Makes sense though. What doesn't I want us all make sense okay because he was good in that Amy Schumer movie what's the make more movie was a movie called. Will it was a movie called code train wreck train act thank you once the train wreck. A decent movie is performances of aspirin he's funny. Yeah LeBron had a kind of personality was kind of funny in them. Is small dosage he's not the leading man right so when you come in you didn't see the movie. Look at winning yes bill hater for watching down Abby later I went and an Oscar. Yes yes. LeBron was good he was good that movie I can see him doing more of that now I'm not I'm not saying that's the reasoning for going to LA. But if you're in LA. And you have the potential to make it that much more money. I don't think that's the number one motivation. You know the money is the number one motivation all I think it's a legacy. Or motivation for every big very big. We're talking about it we talk about this more money is the motivation teams winning money is the boat and all the end all the money is in my. I understand monetize huge motivational where he decides to go always going to be which team is gonna give me the best chance to win. I don't think the chancellery profits that he could potentially make them Los Angeles divided deal that video of our hall or have a failure this morning cats danger because yes where he would gulp most money are we Los Angeles detective in the best effort to win no doubt it if you build the team. Which she has experience in doing around him. To be fine. He used near Philadelphia would be the choices are Democrats used it off the list because you've got Golden State your path. Philadelphia. Or leave now long shot now I'm talking see you now. When you consider that he if he loses this series he's three and six in the finals that doesn't bode well. For his legacy that doesn't compare to it to the greats of the game but. If you were to go to the Western Conference and take on Golden State head on. In the Western Conference playoffs and beat down. On your way to a title which. Would want to yeah bring in Paul George and Alonso ball. Yes. I would be dumping it would just I have stepped all what that's Cleveland right now that's a story. That builds here that built the kick out onto his legacy that's that's an achievement that you get out onto his legacy and it makes that three and six record in the finals of a little less stinky. I think if he wants to win championships the young and up and coming team would be Philadelphia big blow while they're G yeah. Act did the timing of that state haven't changed real. And at lime rock you come to us you don't directly with the owner really cut out the GM you can bring your all she and it's. He has got power already he's gonna have that power anyway wouldn't it Los Angeles yes he would no he wouldn't ask he would okayed in lady did get to keep on esteem I don't think so. Keep ball on the team who cares what you think he's gonna get. You get the money he's making with what he has what he brings the table he's gonna spend a kiss burn a single calorie on that data one of his teammates all. The bronze bigger than Nat. Ol doesn't matter. Were arguing about basketball that threatened to hit ground if it if it was if it was today he said pick a team that he's going to I'm saying Allah. I say and he kicks the can down the road to one year deal with Cleveland he goes through this all over. Him. Rules. Mean. Good luck when that. Let's get the shots yes. Shots brought by a market you liquor Henry at the only liquor store you'll ever need. Best prices best selection most helpful stop when you went on tonight mark if you liquor Jefferson wrote Henry at. And we'll give you the updates up from the French Open an update remember how the Yankees are furiously ESPN for flexing next game on we have our solution multi which side. Are backed down there is a season ending injury also for the Yankees and all. The Major League Baseball draft is on going the kid from penfield got drafted today Greg colorful town where he went that's coming up in shots.