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Editor-in-Chief at NY Jets Confidential, Dan Leberfeld joins Danger and Battaglia to answer a simple question: Are the Jets tanking this season?


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And I chipped in at 57 FM ESPN Rochester the sports bar with danger and the tag they were we only talked to the best. And brightest minds out there Jeanne you raise a question as to into break action not even a question you just made the statement flat out what's that. The New York Jets. Are tanking. A feeling. That there are people out there that would disagree with that statement one of them happens to be joining us now in the sports bar with danger of tightly. Dan lever felt he is the editor of jets confidential has been on his speed for a very long time Dan we appreciate your time. Is it a matter of semantics here whether there. You know just rebuilding our tanking or somewhere in between Dan how would you describe what is happening with the New York Jets right now. Well I think it's wanna get the scenes you know it can go to chop child Starwood fired deep. That's not a great idea that's are playing great whites. Well who are you come up debt to the palatial Victor is stay there then maybe. Gary for that. How far does that make different than what was the lowest. Counting and it. The penfield is that judges. I don't feel it's right there. Neighboring the F 510 minutes. OK so make that happen are now getting to your question op. No I don't think they are tanking I think that won't get. The moves they made him anywhere really bad English just sell off getting rid of some other players some that he'd. They can certainly. He just is laws last year without those players. I don't think they're tanking and I just think that there are taking a different approach to things instead of going and getting hired guns and individual contractors and big money free agent they're trying to law. They'll do the draft keep their own and go down that road. You need rejects. This despite some obvious some people. Immediate project start charge account at quarterback who has looked good in the spring at in terms of being indicted can manage the game knows what he's doing out there. I think that can be competitive not. Go to this simple competitive but what competitive people expect if they go to one of their young signal caller is. I think. May not be going down the road that Beijing was talking about. They throwing tuned. Regardless of who starting quarterback in knew what. Stewart out Alabama and chanted fanatic cal. Are they also. Have Jalen Marshall coming back you can slot receiver out of our house stayed in his second year and you know Sharaud peek its second year receiver went into the draft last year. You know what to me. And here's suspect it's something you really got to consider terms of the jets' passing it. Austin the pairing Jenkins apart Tampa Bay buccaneer. I lost 25 pounds in the off season. Daunting copper in the spring practices that you got a lot of energy Robert Watson in kind of under achieved its camp but. Changed his act together eat in either the focal point the number one target in the stopped and Cadillac. Some of the teams in the past like it's on your gates in San Diego so. I would be shocked if it it stopped bands. So Jerry Jenkins they're number one receiver. Dan lever fell from jets confidential our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Dan I hear point that okay if his team didn't win with these veterans last year let's go younger it's not a bad thing. But I would say exists. Why me now you couldn't figure out in March to David Harris wasn't part of the plans wind now we we still haven't. Had any word on Eric Decker we hear he's gonna be released but are they holding out for a trade to me. Aren't you doing these veterans a favor by making the decision back in March and blame to go find work. Supply I think he may keep it won a special relationship David Harris that was not handled well. Odd actually a minute mark situation where you bring him in in March. Early march before the league Carol this darkness you know what. We like you do come back we need ticket take cuts he doesn't do it in your release should still make its 33 year old veteran. Boost I've been a very good player forever really. Good guy terms of character and off the field all that spilling stuff most of them there. It treated this way to drag him along to three months go through the our off season program basically split the weight training in the running at all that Barry three resolve. On the favorite units in March let him spend the last two months in the family you turned it down I don't know why electing twisting in the wind that it make a lot of sense Becker. The released apartment a little more sense from the standpoint that he was rehabbing to injuries. And they they wanted to see how he did come and all those two injuries. And this too dangerous how he looks on the bill but also. Easily get a guy to the point where he's healthy not to give an injured settlement so. The desperate situation. I is not one or it feels bad for him but I do feel very Beth David Harris that was not handle with a lot of quests. Talk about the jets and their 2018 draft this year. Do we saw what safety safety round one round two the release of the savior Rex took when he was still head coach of the year new Jason needs said nothing of his fifth year option. What's the ifs this jets defense now Todd bulls this year and in in New York. While it. There are cast because it was all election there they were blowing coverages lab director of the season. So they had to do something about their secondary and whoever got the best safety in the draft this guy. Well it does during the season but watch him in the spring is instinctive tremendously. You know getting a jump on passes and breaking them up or intercepting them you can see the instant. Cal fire's problem that guy you mentioned before they were in Cleveland. The linebacker Derrick Davis. Very good run support state is that not a very instinctive state beat. Often ST in the reactor getting that the scene of where the hassle though a little too late. So the the first two text they had. When you talk about Jamal out of the state beat out of LSU. And Marcus made a state via Florida to bury it in the ball hawks. Clearly that was acute problem for the jets question this he played so when I got two good covered state he's in the first two rounds. The jets confidential editor Dan lever cells you can read his work on Twitter as well as jets confidential dot com our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. So then yesterday there's a story and Dad had. An unnamed NFL executives. Quote this jets team may have the worst roster I'd seen in the last ten years. I Danny you took exception to that it's not that bad correct. Black and actually you know I have a problem unnamed quotes I mean I've run them if he sometimes that's the only way to get it definitely. I don't like these like ad hominem attacks would one want cheap shot. Eighty unnamed quotes and that likes something you can just pull out of the area my point is this. If this guy and it's on the executive go over every Iraq that are. Of all 32 teams over the last ten years and it's said you know what this is the worse roster a decade now we just. Just walked the seed this knee jerk quote. Cheap shot you know there's you know there's a lot of players on this roster that I watch in the spring they're well they're probably better. International observers realized I must say they're great but there's you know experts is that just needs to want it. Together oh walker sent Sheldon Richardson relatively and that's the best you can to lighten football. I mentioned it to safety they added. Koppel opt out it is a bit running back it up not gonna go all of the battle prosper. Well anymore is Clayburgh has looked good in the spring at corner of Egypt's state helped its point is not straight the best roster but not a cheap shot you know the end and I don't understand. The NFL network at a sold out on the part of the league not the jets Favre illegal when you save a lot of our office is GM's owners. If they are quote like that they'd like all. Part yeah obviously you know what pat Meehan. You know in the web part of the N has now in terms of the jet to thank all the links are what are you doing atlas war. I don't understand Easley networks MLB network for our NBA network but what are the rules there and eat it. If you haven't checked on the are represented gaps you're just saying that if you're rejected your party asked Alan you read that comment from your league network. What a blog you can the owner and GM what are you guys. We had kind of a story earlier Dan welcome when you talk about blurred lines where. Worrying article on the Baltimore Ravens website where it talks about how the team you know we've Sammy Watkins will be a great guy the that the ravens could target. The hole but this is the ravens' official website in it would bit danger with pretty close to Tampa. There appear your mentioning that yeah it's weird and there's so many ways to get messaging now for teams through the reporters through. Twitter through social media I mean I think it's almost impossible to control. Every single message that goes out there. But I I get your point and I understand what you're saying if you're on NFL network. You Lori vehicle promotion for the teams with in the network you're going to be critical. Of some of the players in the teams in the league. What I also is that what you're saying it you know to make this statement is the worst roster I've seen in ten years. Without having looked at all ten years' worth of NFL rosters that is a little bit about. And it jets played as I would start my jet split the 49ers where certain adjustment Brown's two of they're rare wins this year. Both rosters are pretty awful you don't. Opel when did you like that I couldn't believe how bad the well I don't I don't that they that this guy off the scene it has canceled. Made a whole continent. And I'm an independent Jack private jets and much anybody but. I don't like back kind of respects at the cheap shot. You know and and I don't I think the NFL network I really out. There are. The powerful owners like Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft where. Real real king makers in the league would allow the NFL network to make those comments about they're seeing now granted that. The part to make that ever about knowing when you don't respect I think it's yet they're out of low hanging fruit and it all network. I don't get that I don't know that yet from that GM it by those positions are being Nicki also in Egypt again. It is that to us. On the jets Dan they are 11 teammate did all last year. Buffalo Bills beat him twice not Porsche had a different quarterback back then but. I just curious to get your downstate perspective on his eyes to what is happening does this offseason with the Buffalo Bills. Yeah I think you know some real positive things going on there when you look at the fact that. There it seems to be one agenda there now and one addition. And not you know all kinds of people. With different vision is growing in different directions I think that's pretty clear I like the work they did. Putting up front office again I would shocked they're able to get lined games. Why not a long time I've covered Brian winning as an undrafted free agent. Try to add that I mean the jets decide not instant and and this is in guarded condition EGM in the league so. War that the bills to go out and hire being at their GM and then. Get one of those of finalist also as a eat here person now. It shows you that Eric Gordon Campbell booked a Willie did spend whatever it takes to go championship game to look up to get when it comes. Front offices in coach stepped it goes salary cap so. The goal is shown their dedication bowling order are going you know what. What I gained. Well paid and to bring him and also I think into lake Austin as well right up front office so they haven't spent money on the coaching staff. On the front office of player personnel. And are really positive and it was McDermott. You know I think they have an up and coming rising stars coach who paid is used to work that is very good people so positive. All season. For the bill that once again it all but you know what. In this league. You know adult expression on Wall Street are arches Watergate with some of that is all the money. To me out of a line about the settled all the quarterback. Yet the coaches and GM's inspired generally did not answer quarterback. We talked about this genius that is how much imaging agent Bill Belichick without our Brady felt it meanwhile the bills. Need to be heading in the right direction. So much of their successors shall be predicated on how are apparently. Dan Lagerfeld jets confidential joining us in the sports bar with danger in the tag Leah since you brought up quarterback Dan. Is Josh McCown the better quarterback are calling Capra nick right now. I yet the Walt couples and the jet Chad. A really bad football culture last year and they didn't have great leadership they'll walk from the mass. Judgment how might be an average quarterback but this guy I'd be hitting your head coach in the NO one day. Ousted ball leadership ability to seem on the practice field in the locker room are you just just one of those really really special leaders. And you know cap predicted jets in what every cent of cap the next political stop jets don't need any more distractions opinion energy cap predict. Coming here in New York media now the others do so just they need to build their. In my opinion or just which armistice. I think sometimes. When you get those quarterbacks slightly cooler earth and air in their career and just got Vinny Testaverde in his mid thirties. You sir Rich Gannon with the raiders in his mid thirties so you know you get quarter actually beat courier if they're healthy if they're healthy and it still throw the ball. Some of that guesswork because. Quarterback is the most mentally challenging position to need all sports when you get older quarterback who's still healthy is the make the throws. There is much they haven't seen and what I watched Josh McCown this spring practices. Are seeing god knows what he's doing out there. I'm not thinking raked the technique and managed to gain you know. Broke all so running backs operate at conservatives. Passing game and compliment what I think should be approved eat it I'm not putting him in can but I think that all the experience he had. He can be pretty good game manager of the jet for another not a lot you block it saying that but that's what I see in the spring. Dan bills jets week one we can debate whether or not the jets are quote tanking but to look can we be at least an agreement that. If the bills do lose to the jets in week one. They should go into full on tango. Well it it appears that one advantage the jets have over the bills. In week one at the fact that the jets. All have a they had coach came back impeachment is the same this special aims to say that they are. Meanwhile it's what Nader John Morton so it's from the standpoint of I like coach McDermott a lot but that's going to be this first game all of these systems the jets have a little more continuity now. Especially on defense. And special teams over the bills early in the season it's hard to beat teams that had. All the coaching staff told new playbook all the terminology. Veer its annual selling nearly a year and then see a lot of times later in the and it's delightful spot come on top. I don't rejects the looked very good now but I give them an edge over the bills that we want just the standpoint that aren't all is back in college. There that's maybe that's especially in I think John Morton. Are in the pretty get opera morial CI distinct from a continuity standpoint. The jets can have a slight edge and we want Taiwan right off that is involved while. If it was that gets that we won I think Buffalo's routine that will improve as the season goes on and the players get more comfortable McDermott and eight it was played. And lever filled jets confidential before we let you go on him there's a phrase danger and I have been saying here in the sports car in recent weeks it's not our problem anymore. So when we see the former head coach of the Buffalo Bills getting into little bar brawl not our problem anymore we see. Here's the Rex Ryan had a complaint filed against them. Not our problem anymore Daniel Rex Ryan in your opinion ever get another shot to be head coach in the NFL. No I don't think so yeah maybe. Each India beat such a coordinator down the road or maybe. He'd get some college program. Not not an act. He did but some. College program let's say Liberty University here now you know some up becoming division one team mate to give the chance wrecked state coach in college that they wanna. A guy and I think what you did it Carter you know gestational program per mid major college so maybe a head coach in college one day. They need it sort of coordinating and a cell. But Rex has got to get its act together and eat right now he's wasting away moderator bill. Dan never felt just confidential Dan. Hit this shot dead dad always great having you on key letter ready know or we can get jets confidential. Yep people go to check confidential dot com do you subscribe to our monthly magazine. Or all Arctic air New York office. I had a 180932. Sports 557 that's 1800. 932. Or 5570. Subscribe to the magazine and up. Look exploit fit me up when you guys it's not child when I come up to western. All right there you go Dan seed that that your your parents the launch is a pretty easy today danger at that dance that's a much appreciate your time I don't want. Den lover felt jets confidential joining us in the sports bar. Went danger of attack they've boy did he deliver to you all I said everything I thought he would say and more. Delusional. And I love them upbeat well home I love them. Well I I'm not ready to go out and draft Austin's a fair in Jenkins I'm not rated say that the jets and all days. I will say the cost of ferrying jenkins' story. Is a great story. The fact that he's trying get his life together that he sober. That he's lost weight he's really re committed to it did you know being a police trying to turn his life around. I liked that story. An elected town of that player but the idea that he could be their number one. Austin's very injects new way that time that's frightening. And that's frightening Quincy and new law is not a number one. Below all Powell. OK. Fine. You can not tell me. On talent alone. That Josh McCown is a better quarterback the calling count park now. Sounds like dance and drink the Kool Aid as far as what he's seen on McCown. During OTA's command in the leadership above above but EA and okay. And this is the NFL's completely washed their hands clean. Of calling Catholic. You can't tell me the cap pretty wouldn't be a better starting quarterback auction. In New York than any of the three options at the half. Well and we have Dan 91 and foremost because you hear David Harris being Flacco now you're Eric Decker. And you know did clarify that a little attacker the injuries do play into that little bit that's why the monetary and there is no defense. For letting David Harris hang out there are empty fuel. Now it's EU should taking care of days back in March my theory I Macy's. You're you you know or looking at this team okay we you don't want the other team's goal this way and I want one of those quarterbacks. We need a quarterback we have an act quarterbacks Joseph is really name it. We need it. To lose gains this year. Yeah the app and and this is where you get dysfunction because. Not your head coach and your upper management are out of alignment noted coach wants to tank now they're not going to or wants to go one in fifty slightly. Take away the tools in order for him the win right yet. Tell me how they get better team when David Harris and Eric Decker Orioles. Is island situation and hue Jackson last year was an a no win situation any link that brought him back while he's Jackson at least came in knowing the score right. Tie bolts. Bulls this was a head coach at nearly got his team the slats had not Ryan Fitzpatrick what Ryan Fitzpatrick into Buffalo Bills. On the final day of the Tony fifteen regulars and click back. To whom the projected starter for the New York Jets a quarterback Josh McCown Jean who. Got signed in Seattle over calling tapper back to Austin Davis Austin Davis who played for Cleveland. Two years ago. Statistically. Atrocious right you remember how bad Austin Davis why I don't even know what he's doing you only does that factor. Josh McCown statistically. Last year in Cleveland was worse the Austin Davis the year before. But he's your quarterback New York fan. Knoll it's cannot predict if this is cannot predict being lapels. It's it is it's it's not and you can bang your head against a wall it's not gonna happen. It's done. We make fun of Brock us Weiler. The team with the worst quarterbacking situation is in the New York Jets when your hope for the New York Jets. Is Christian hack him. Let me you know leading give have to murder shot last year isn't what I wanna see at a camp. In seriously bet your role. Now good luck and a. The league has washed their hands of this guy. He's better than a lot of the quarterbacks that are roster right now including some quarterbacks on the bills' roster. Year going to be if you're if you're outraged by it and I am trying to temper my my rage. Good luck you eat your be your burning calories for something that's never going to out. It's it's now it's not. The actual pause I think with culling Capra and I think it's NFL. GM's and head coaches to go the other direction that's part of it but I think it's the nine conformity. Issue. Right every team you have to abide by the rules and do this and do that the the this self expression of athletes for causes you've got to be really be star in this league. To define your way. In that regard. Calling cap Burnett thought he was but you know what he was a backup quarterback when he did that last year if he did that. Right after the Super Bowl appearance. Maybe that's a different story because the team. Could not afford it the way he was playing to look the other way let him do his thing. If your player that's a back up and natural Colin Capp predict gays and you have player AM player be your going to take a player that's going to. Conform. With the system for right or wrong. To meet Colin Capp critics still does offer some value he has some upside OK I don't understand the life of me why the Seattle's. Well I guess from the standpoint and maybe today they're worried about the fragile nature of Russell Wilson's psyche that they don't want you know locker room debate on who should be your quarterback and that's the wrong reasons the life of me I don't understand why somebody would think all the men that reason. Blouse and Davis would get better court. Colin let's stop thinking about it is just gonna make our brains hurt the NFL is washed their hands of this and we should as well. It's just not going to happen. There are no logical reasons as to why it's just not going to happen. Let's play quick front of all drink to that the sports bar with danger tag Leo we've recent sports comments to agree or disagree with. It's on the way next on Rochester is most listened to sports station AM 950 and 957 FM ES PM Rochester.