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Dennis Bernstein of The Fourth Period joins Danger and Battaglia with reaction to the hiring of Phil Housley, a primer for Wednesday's expansion draft and the idea of the Sabres making the playoffs next season.


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CM 95957. Epidemic streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester wrap our sports leader ESPN Rochester. Here in the sports bar with danger of the tightly we we talked to the best and the brightest minds this. The people that share their knowledge with you make you smarter just from listening to Rochester is most listened to sports station. Guys like Dennis Bernstein senior writer at the fourth period dot com nothing going on in the NHL here. I mean all we have is Stanley Cup champion crowned the new head coach for the sabres and expansion draft and and regular draft all coming up here in the next seven days Dennis how war you. Do great Christmas Chanukah noodle road you got a good hit it it is is unbelievable and he's we have we had just finals wrapping up a Ralitsa romped into the cost seizing your tennis site your thoughts on now the Buffalo Sabres. Hiring Phil Housley. Great I mean I think it was only two choices are the government knew that it is their docket native in if you were doctored. Truly great job Billy that helped to build that defense. The fact that got Daschle took a cup final on its his turn it's his time I have no problem when I think he'll do well. All Famer should get immediate respect in the room a lot at least checks off all the all the boxes and I need for. To be good coach and yet and you know to cut through the system that other coaches after the NHL but. Certainly the qualifications of error the name is where the on the cops and spent and there are so I think it's a big movement really good move. And did in the marketplace for coaches just felt a great job great selection how difficult do my job and popped. Dennis one of the one of the things that made Rick talking appealing was the relationship that he was able to develop with. The star of the Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby what will Phil Housley do how wolf saw how easily develop that similar kind of relationship with Jack cycle in buffalo. Got to spend time with them over the summer gets an old certainly but I I think that you know it's. He'll put his credentials on the table in Jack's concern respected guy and this is not you know unknown quantity. Coming into you know direct it went pretty chill that was there. That is accomplished player just talking about how offered quality player and that I know so he's a quality individuals so. I think it'll formula get to Jack I think they'll be ultimate immediate respect. Because of his the president that he brings to table. And but it's incumbent upon felt that that was coming get a buoyant there's got what you need these days and injects twenty years old he's not some established. If he does it because he's not geno Malkin. Even Justin shall to disperse in time so he's he's an excellent player. He has accomplished a lot and so he is expected to lead his team to the promised land but it's got to spend. They're taught together to delegate on the same page. But country cables around September I think they should be able to put down. So that they that he's not that fire retardant trying to to one differences in choices and don't be if you watched richter in the playoffs. It was fiery personality yelling and screaming there and it has got one bit what it was almost like professorial. He was a very cerebral type of guy expensive choice to me that he won't let that type a personality I think it gets subjected to what I just mentioned. It is trust me it is you know without compare with respect to. A possible coach they could named. Dennis Bernstein is a senior writer with the fourth period kindly a fourth period dot com you can. Have reach amount on Twitter as well our guest here in the sports are 957. ESP and we're not used to an expansion draft Dennis your soul weighing do you think we'll get. What will we get that he's whose expose how is this all gonna work in. Up from our standpoint here in buffalo who would be some of the top targets I mean yes of course you would love them to take up a high price guy like a man Nelson. And also if you don't mind Dennis I mean for the casual fan you know all about hockey expanding its footprint for the casual fan here's expense strip they don't know. The rules of listening and he break it down for the casual friendly third all thirty teams have to make players available for Las Vegas to choose from start with our. Yes offered you have to make that we're roster players available on each team will lose one player on did did Tina. On that gets selected from had a choice of selecting either seven port street because no one goaltender. What 4424. Goaltenders. I think in buffalo the case may be I think they're gonna go full toward one you've got excellent. Bogosian Georges and probably Jim McKay I think that'll leave guys open that exposed like combat Molson North Carolina who's got a lot of injuries in the glory days or. May be good mark Selena maybe William carriers so so the so that it you can lose a player regardless now the one thing about. The biggest goal and sidestepped picking dirty players you're Russia's only 23. So and I don't think debt every trait that's selected it's gonna be weren't biggest golden knights are uniform next year. That time got to get put on waivers some guys will be picked to avoid. Getting other players pixel what you might see and it buffalo for example they might want to protect their extra big let's say okay we won't take take. Player X but you're gonna have to give us your first contract for next year or prospect of something like that so that's what you see you'll see. Somebody's protected lists local funny could say why would they particularly like the biggest already may have a deal in place to make sure that cannot pick by the biggest. And so buffalo have to go or any other team would have to give up some prospect of immediate future draft pick to hold onto certain player. I easy example on. Just made things that aren't they level and they've got to lead defense and they don't want to lose and they don't want a trade and that defense and so. They may want that getting another prospect of maybe their first round pick in 2018. To the right not to pick judgment and that's how it's gonna work. Well you had a report earlier in general thinking of prison Tim Murray the ex GM actually had a handshake agreement so. I would think a lot of this stuff is already going on oh yeah yeah it is very that that doesn't all drew right now right of the old guy is gone and made two bad buffalo. Vietnam and other labor explain maybe did today but yet if if Tim's gone and and you know bottles in place that doesn't certainly that is going to be bankers I think that. Bottles there's another team. It's different customers so it felt like things might be deported distorted time so yes so some day our deficit handshake agreement he had so been really good at keeping a little things because I like me haven't been able to report via the trade with the protectively start to the been very very good. I would suspect and not getting past weeks we may not see anything leaked. Will overdosed until Wednesday that we need to announced on the actual procedure takes on there will be picked on Monday and Tuesday. By via my biggest they won't be released until Wednesday as part of the NHL awards are due by achieved year by radio. You want eternity and so we're still I believe between building towards the name five players that take them into more awards named five particular really trying to make of that that and it's going to be hosted. To keep mobile arena which is kind of cool and of itself. Dennis well we're very close to Alina saw Marcus on the bright spot in otherwise disappointing season here in Rochester for the embarks. Getting the deal from the sabres earlier this week what do we have to read into that is that just a matter of lead is doing enough that DHL level not earn back up spot to rob a minor. Yet all we want you don't get picked exude that they're gonna protect polar opposite that they traded here. Which still what some chatter about it but I don't think so but yeah you have to hope that an end the war this is that if we're talking some guys and they get that may be too with repeat takes 45 goaltenders I think he'll bounce of topic can change. He's backing up. Operate hoping Washington right now but at least a good job on. He got a good deal here here and captain is very for both 715 so to make it nice backup goaltender you just hope that George refusal to destruction say okay. I can wield blindness or another Communist or another tire and selective so there might be looked at risk involved but you have to protect women at this point in time. What goaltenders might go here where some names because we've we've further reported in Pittsburgh for example that Denmark under Florio I can be one of those. Yeah mock or to Florida number one of the took infield group hour. On in in DC would be their starting goaltender and each year because you could I think we would go eat if you watched and followed worked for a gate. I'm through these playoffs to keep one in the first two rounds. I met Marie got healthy and did the media world lined up to say goodbye to him which he waited to meet movement caught so I think he's and ultimately one up on that roster what they do with him to be treated to let the Calgary. That's another story but I think the two goaltenders in play right now would be. Group out more countries foreign ticket or trying to be quality roster who put up a really good season in New York behind now. Ethical Enqvist but you don't expose an accord Christie expect to draft guys so much so I think it was a three names that could come up on the on their roster come on Thursday morning. Senior writer for the fourth period Dennis Bernstein joining us in the sports bar danger and the tag glee Dennis let's talk about the real draft. A week from tonight in Chicago. War we get the sabres Joseph what is a projected what does it look like what are your early marks set. Best player available that I think that enacted this is the solution where there and where you know they can move corporate and the draft so I I just think that they. It if you wanna go to meet at this state that you want actual defense so they gonna look at it's a defensive but I just think at this point. If the first two picks. He's not immediate help so when he favorite came to America. Tune in to draft on Friday night and keep the selection to keep your selection on did not gonna help next year so I just think you go to the big board. Q what do players to trip to it's right ties and picked up player. I think he could move down to get additional assets even though we have a lot about. They have a lot about so. Nixon in later rounds but I just think it distorted time there's going to be a lot of pizza place I think of all these years recently he could see the most movement the first term almost like he NFL I think that you could see a lot of movement. In the open with a respectable flight just think best to play but available player hopefully be developed into a keeper. Your hockey fans all logged in the fourth period dot com Dennis Bernstein senior writer our guest. And of course gonna have a lot of trades here two series and names here. Van riemsdyk from the lease a new from the that the sands. Who won your Lister who we think are some veterans we could see move here. I think certainly thought it's gonna go help out double off Bob Murray in Anaheim couldn't get to meet defensemen so I think I actually think that. Cindy my one up in Vegas so they protect up to you have to removes a judgment and commitment I think I'll cheer you up. I'll go China is gonna leave so much you all and maybe the picture agency to just enjoy them but they need it really did need a legitimate number one sooner. I think he's got two in particular sporting typical get a really good center. Did you run into right Nugent Hopkins maybe meant to shape from Colorado Bluetooth and into play acting toward Beverly. It was make it six million dollars a year in Edmonton it's gonna find a new home here pretty soon so I think dozens of names to sort out their I think Eric has stepped on who's no tree causes particularly July wanted to make it six point five million dollars the knicks will cease and didn't have a good player to New York. I think thirteen with the person or maybe it's an award or maybe number two senate and urged upon could also go because that's the other effect Mike is that there. You gotta figure in guys in the trade caused us to have started in July once you've got another fourteen days to try I try to play like that. Otherwise the problems stay home so I think the defiantly take a look at that apparently are on the move before we get to I want. And Dennis I think vote thus since the last time we spoke to you we have had some movement on cal Peterson announcing that he's gonna go pro he has thirty day here at the sabres have thirty days. -- M sign they've finally get a head coach in the army how important is it for the sabres to make a play for cal Peterson no Phil Housley is in his role. Yeah how do you reform everything up before you know before you July wants so yeah I think they'll they'll just. Go ahead and make the deal to get that I don't think it's connected to its old place had they picked someone else. He's above Merrill warmed pockets would that affect cal Peterson and I think they're decent borrow its ultimate deciding factor in calculus and it helps that built in this little can get some like it said the Jack aka he gets to meet time with cal so I think it is gulf war decal Peterson dump. And as a step into the pre aid to do you know. It's a free agency hopefully get an a player to free agency as well. Gosh we knew we had this season and not even a full week ago what it feels like we are full bore into the offseason. I'm Dennis currency our guest here from the fourth period Dennis I just wanna go back to what you saw in game six. Were we gonna get I mean it just feels wrong in the way that national did not have that first goal count I understand there's plenty of time but. I your thoughts on and the whole series is all and you know it do we get some you know perhaps some room. Rule changes here so we're not reviewing every darn thing to every line call. Like George gave five. If you can get killed in games 56 that yeah. They didn't score the last two games so I get that I understand it's. But he gets what championship teams overcome that I'd get it I understand that it's unfortunate right this is due to humans. Adjudicating a game right they could have. Possibly deliver you know he's I think. The audit of the cycle is that what you it was a blown your player you stop you relax so I don't know why don't happen ever again it easy it is important. That it was that early in the game and that's a look at that would be overtime winner. In games six and I would like to keep sit and I get it and beautiful beast. It is doing the particulate in the technologies really good company tweak it a little bit yet but wonder if he blows the whistle. And it's in the Burkle worry meant to blow the whistle. I don't know if it's a judgment call so I have no problem with that I don't think that would affect the outcome but I think they gave it was one nothing. That's Sid Crosby would have found a way to score two goals that he would've won that game anyway you'd think when I was in you know in game five in Pittsburgh right. There so that gave Iowa used to bad analogy I think that the penguins turn to shorts they smell blood in the water they were little games cyclical so I simply the best teamwork I don't think it represented units between misty did. The rule a little bit I guess they could. But I don't think that was determining factor that game because. I just look at the galaxies or at least I went three cups that's more than violently Merriam muted in Pittsburgh. And back to back for the first I'm sorry cup here. I don't think we want to minimize their effort by statement like that one on court would turn again and I just I personally could opinion. I'm pleased to leader Mike I just think he went on to win that he would finally wanted to be giving in to winning games. I in this is a meat problem I mean I wish I just remember this this this Stanley Cup final for something other than controversial calls that started with one and it ended with wanna be game one that. You know that the prides could've had early momentum in that game with that overturned a goal by and sued by no kind of squelch that and then and then of course you got the early whistle. In the second period of game six which you know but it. And at that point you had to have known. At its first win this game. Yeah yeah I just think your bottle cap to doesn't like Pittsburgh so maybe that. This that's nurture it and yeah definitely over talk about allegiances here meaning you know truth be told. I wasn't rooting for for Nashville because I'm a Blackhawks fan I was trying to you know so so I you know I I just want easy I love the game. But the NHL and it he'll be about the more we talked and as you'll you'll start to kind of see a pattern and in the way. Gina and I talked about hockey we love the sport where is passionate about this boards not by fans of the NHL with the NHL drives us crazy. Yet but can get that thing like to actual lasting memory my lasting memory is too primer on that route couple 100000 people. On the streets of Nashville with that incredible crowd for games six and we'll speak to a team across shall have to do the National Anthem. That's smiled lifting an army to meet in the boards start banking in the series and by the big historical. With the national how they embraced that team and how that the community came together and that it. The stadium that that they staged and to the extent that it that would like I would in the lead into game six out of this with a pencil cup. The way this it was like at being an SEC college football game speaks to the entire game they love the beach here they chanted it was in an incredible team so when I walk away from that series and these clips and forcing compromise. Daschle was incredible and again we won't see that every game because of NASA goes back to the cup it's not going to be the same. Eight in net that was going to be my next question because dial it back eleven years ago on the last and last great moment for the sabres was getting to the conference finals against. It's Carolina. And going to a game seven in Carolina Raleigh was as crazy as that point maybe not at a national level but Raleigh was sold in the McCain's. And now woken up so that's when asked to come next because not all going to be like this in for natural right of the troop deaths is going to be what happens next is hockey. The great whether they built under the age they got to get a second once that are because you saw what happened once. While Johansson got colts hasn't had a couple of good games but you Google had its moment in the sun up it wasn't gonna. It was about pair up against. Sid and geno says that they have to build on that but got ten basis ballots they've established a really good football discipline proper meeting initial total average sat. Definitely work if you look at the performers in the people have a period in the HL awards that like. You know it's like he's sexy list celebrities. I think what you're trying to do is leveraged. The expansion draft coverage and packet that's a one time thing but I agree yeah I think that if the Bill Clinton national. I don't think that any of the market in the country sort of made the biggest could have the first time entry into cup final ankle so crazy that the wanting. Canadian market they're used to it anybody else in the US if you look at we have the markets. He would react to achieve that we Daschle did so I think that was unique special experience but I refuse to creditors and the organization have to build on that and keep those kids of course it keeps me excited and and you do that by winning and get back to the cup. That we talked to hockey people this week when the Colin Dennis is all of this earlier this week it she said the exact same thing you know what her memory is going to be is Nashville that city those fans in that team in and I understand that but I can't get past that that the calls were just and fair to me this Dennis it's fair to have expectations if you're savers and think that this team could make the playoffs. In 20172018. But in order to do that somebody's got to come down out of those eight teams in the east. What teams do you see regressing in order for the sabres to make a search and by the way there are also teams like the sabres who could have a surge into that playoff position Tampa Bay being the first team the option in my mind. The activity could I think that the team that probably falls out I'd be worried about the Rangers. Beat black majority. They have you know it they're getting older. They don't really have a number one sniping about trigger that aren't so I think the opportunity barenaked apple bit. Would be New York I think that team is in trouble at this point in time and with respect to. The sabres but remember Jack missed the first twenty games and that he would be played better in those were twenty games and an eight to ten points are being in the playoff race. Yes so and I also think bought tonight I just think that. You just get a little long in the tooth I mean he can play and obviously it's seasons for the and so I think this opportunity I think Boston Rangers. And even Toronto I mean time I looked so good on paper they're so excited to go for but it got a lot of defensive. It is deficiencies so I'm if they don't make it defense better. Could they take a step back yet so I think the combination thereof shall be added ten points the ball close standing Gary 88 automated that 95. My seven summit kicked a couple of suspect in the offensive player. Could they get there I think they're going to be in the mix I think when Jack health check I got healthy are these goodies Philadelphia Carolina. Yeah audit the I was to take a step back as well what happens with. Talked about our strike if it does he cast a Pall over this team by not signing extension. You know all over the summer and how they stepped into the sea and so I think is different opportunity for both look I reckon that the Detroit I think that BP had in Florida. I can look at the mayor Carolyn that's gonna it's gonna conducted Jack cycle. It could be healthy for 82 games can produce at the level we expecting to do and because I just think gonna make I think it was 78910. Team. Come on next season and Jenny got it just. Got to execute just got to come in put a better defensive system in in place they have to play better defensively I think it would. It's solid goaltending they got last season so this opportunity I would not put the I don't think possible do to change picture. It's still going to be no next to last in the in the cup I think they're going to be the next on the court in the playoff team yet cause I want to Seattle roster. Plays out a coma. It's been training camp but I certainly in the going to be improved came Wasilla beauty better defensively and protects it for 82 games it's gonna be the difference to you as well. Dennis Bernstein senior writer the fourth period the fourth period dot com Dennis how can folks following. Dentist gift. Austin Dennis love talking the hopefully get a chance talking your posts drafting your thoughts on that Dennis pursuit of the fourth period dot com. I enjoy your weekend Dennison to have fun at the draft. Thanks to politicians who support talkie after that. You guys dispersing joining us here in the sports bar with danger and the tank while I feel like. I'm hanging on a roller coaster because it is so much information in the way he talks a whole lot of energy there he at first guess what energy credit the guys know stuff it Dennis knows more about hockey thing you an idea. We have him on because he will he like I say you only want to talk to the best. And brightest minds out there the people that will make you Smart. When they share knowledge with you New York picking it up and we're giving you benefit your your absorbing wisdom and knowledge just for being in the sports park he likes the housing higher loan. Eight beat anyone say so so last lesson we spoke to a couple of weeks ago he mentioned that he thought house it was gonna be the guy and he felt really strongly about that move. And you know we talked a political earlier this week she thought talk it would be the guy taco make the most sense to me. I I believe talk it was gonna be the guy because of that alignment with Jason doctoral. It turns out housing was a guy that was in the cross hairs along. Bright and use say alignment. Who's calling the shots is carried the Golan more involved with the sabres of the bills. IIEZ the team he bought first the team he bought first steamy city wants to win multiple Stanley cups I think it's the sabres closer to its art. Love having Dennis pursue enough from the fourth period dot com here in the sports bar if you missed any of that conversation. We'll have enough for you on the only ESPN Rochester dot com shortly also the the new ESPN Rochester apt G. Does your phony and allow you to download apps we are memorized start time. Now I'm not a memories of your photos and Emory. Maybe it's time for an upgrade your embarrassment. You do something about that that's the same we talking about this for almost a year now it's the same thought. I just need to take a picture in woke up something every once in awhile make a call you can't even download your own radio stations. Well now that the diamond got to go get a new phone great. To have a few of the old man music class yes I am pop on bumper team and I decide. Jeanne back his side. At the get the two. We are clear I technically are you my boss in this did you other programs correctness is the idea that he's disrespectful of like general my guys actuary. You can do firstly. We deserve this up. It'll stories and bite sized form next and with media camps winding down you can imagine it's starting in little quieter on the National Football League but a couple of morsels. Two whet the appetites. NFL appetizers are on the way next in the sports bar danger and the tag Leah pole including other latest in them Michael Floyd's saga. Michael Floyd troubled wide receiver Michael Floyd. He of extreme. Eight worrying DU. This is not what you are urged EU law I. It's okay you can still play in the NFL with extreme you're terrible all right we're to talk Michael Floyd more next NFL appetizers in the sports park danger to tag lay ESPN Rochester.