The Sports Bar-Dino Babers

As Syracuse football breaks camp, head coach Dino Babers joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to deliver a state of his team address and preview the 2018 season.

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is don't radio dot com. Don't voted today had listened to what any time anywhere does sports leader ESPN Rochester. The sports bar with danger and the tag we appreciate you stopping by AM 950 and 957. FM ESPN. Rochester excited to welcome in our next guest Gina. Jack college football season in these here we're less than two weeks away from the opener. Western Michigan for Syracuse football he's a head coach of the Syracuse Orange coach Dino beavers coach Josh thank you for your time today hard things come together your team. And going well how are you guys doing I mean you guys we are excellent coach. Good good. So Haas camp by being coach where is so far. Can't have been long. Long practices a lot of good weather. We even even when the weather was bad we took opportunities to get out there and in and play around in the rain this slop around in the mud like football players do it again let it get ready for the old November games. We may have some trainers know we're outside in the later part of the conference. Discussions schedule in the conference so everything's been good. Syracuse head coach geno labor's joining us here in the sports bar with danger potentially a coach you were quoted as saying that. This was the best off season we've had I'm curious as to why. And the Cali. The way. That the younger removing the condition that they came back into camp. You know I really think from a physical standpoint we may be ready now we still need to work on the middle part of the so much of that David pencil. But specifically I think we match up better this year than we have the two previous years. Well you don't have any questions a quarterback or dungy now healthy. On a senior quarterback this season what is the ceiling coach for Eric not just for Eric but for the Syracuse offense this season. I you know I don't like to put feelings on anything I don't know where that. I don't know what that is I really don't I think we have an opportunity to be better than we were the first two years. I think that you'll want to make it hold us back it ourselves and we need to attack is staying. All full speed ahead if you will we end up. Let's break down the defense a little bit with coach dean of neighbors Turkey university we've read reports that the defense is gonna be going a 425 alignment is that. Is that true and if it is true is that because you wanna put your best eleven on the field or using that nickel is that something that's necessary weight with all the passing offenses that you can face. You know that the numbers runner up fortunate by. Whether it before three weathered an Okie whether it's a three threes stacked it has come down to personnel you just try to get your best eleven on the football field. Well we we saw last year I mean and that's. Needed improvement how do you think you're defense is improving in that area. Well I just think that our front our defense of line and so much deeper and so much more physical we got Slaton comment back in and note. McKinley William along with Alvin and the and a candle culminated in Brandon bury I respect our truck our big guys are so big and they have so much experience that it could definitely help the run game. Dino neighbor's head coach Syracuse football our guest in the sports bar coach how are you guys hold up health wise you lost that. A depth guy and defenseman Jack Morton but it seems like the orange for the most part healthy correct. We're banged up though we haven't had any season ending injuries. So are well they're ready for the first game when his second game we'll have everybody ready for the season. Can't believe we're coming up on us this Friday night the 31 right before Labor Day weekend western Michigan game you're on the road. I have he's started feeding your guys the game plan for this game coach. Got a direct question he answers no I can't we just we finished we just finished can't really yesterday. And will have a little process Obama. Of depth chart cleaning up the jet depth chart offensively and defensively and we get done with bat in the next couple debate will start. Tony handed and tuning in on the western Michigan. Well as students set us up for this game western Michigan on the road what what do we know about this opponent. Well I think the big thing we know about that opponent is how much they know about us obviously there's a bunch of coaches bear they used to coach here. A lot of guys that are running on the football field were recruited by a lot of those guys we had a situation like that. Last year which I won't mention that we could not handle it as well as we should know. We really got to be able to attack the middle part of the game and make sure we go out with the right attitude to do the things that we need to do to get the job done that we know must get done. You know bill Evers terror and a head coach Syracuse football joining us in the sports bar you've got to host. Kids I've soldiers from Fort Drum yesterday coach is that correct. We did edit it but don't look like throughout their run around it was great they had an opportunity to quit while watch practiced. They got and what our players are players can't allow big breakdown in and done they have a lot of fun and they got an opportunity to walk in and do budget exercises. In and runs in the race it is. What our football players our coaches it was a fun fun days for the the military kitchen drawer. And I imagine that was quite the experience for you as well I mean you you can relate here the son of a navy vet what was that like drawing up for you Dino. You know growing up on military bases you really appreciate. And you understand the meaning of all glory. And we'll post some of the things they're going on now days. All around the country. You know I wish everybody could well within our military base in brawl with. Chance you'd better POWs and MIAs. And maybe they've just maybe there. There. They're feeling the bite below the deck about some of the space that been pressing in the news. Their coach Dino neighbors are guest here in the sports bar we we saw the social media post today that you had. A familiar name. To those who watch ESPN's Stephen A Smith any. Coached danger and I are available but I would understand why it's even ace Smith where were available you would want him talk and your team. We'll we don't want and you endangers their way they wanted to go to college that didn't go. Vogel look I can't do it but you are now Stephen eight. I'd better and I both were. You okay this is this is how weird I am okay. So that he spoke for a long time I'm gonna I'm gonna believe you you know like I can't imagine he run out of gas. Your deployment or make peace poked it may not be registered everybody else but it dark body adjusting to meet at the outpouring science. Peace spoke for over an hour. Any only had one off one pot. Is that that tells me that he speak it was some I would say grab it toss some confidence. He's speaking with them confident he's speaking with the knowledge. And it really good and I'm. Not. Coach geno favors joining us in the sports bar as we look forward to another season Syracuse football coach will will lot estimated that schedule let's let's said an expectation for this season. It's it's always tough in the ACC breakdown that schedule force what are we looking for two this year. Well I tell you what it into another challenging schedule I think they're not copper diskette is this challenge and anytime you have Notre Dame. You know the team that doesn't have a conference that's always awkward chip the championship series just because they're who they are you know it's going to be a tough nonconference in the and when you're in the ACC Atlantic you really have any easy games is there really anything game in the ACC Atlantic. So we got one of the toughest schedule in the country but we understand that what happens when you're out Syracuse university in your playing in his car. Yeah better to be any good conference coach and you learn a great one coach we appreciate your time today good luck against western Michigan and hopefully we can catch up but at some point this season. Jeanne thank you so much in danger danger until you got the best big name in the world. I have a nickname like that I wouldn't have to look Obama quote despite he scares. How much love coach says it's odd. About Syracuse head football coach Dino neighbors our guest in the sports bar. With danger to tightly they're flip we were that negative without where we flip. Flip tweeting loves him tonight and they get a fire for you all right you're really electoral law after talking to Dino beavers really good. This is not a lay up this first game although the orange mrs. George update brought to you by brown Brothers. On the air favored in this game by five and a half points at western Michigan game they come home the following week against Wagner. So you what he's saying. It would take my date. They'll be off to a to an all star they got take care of business at western Michigan. George update brought to abide mentally Brothers think human new tractors or turner RTV to get the Bentley Brothers and either brought Porter Albion. How to do chain saw leaf blower string Trimmer they've got them to. Mentally Brothers for all your power equipment in service means save of course Roddick abode up online Bentley Rosie dot com. I'm just Kinsler appreciate the tweets at ESPN Rochester you can always reach out to us as well 454 ESP in the bedlam residential hotline. 4543776. As we do at this time every day. We'll serve today's top medical stories and bite size four time for NFL appetizers and sports bar with danger tag lip. And it's brought you exclusively by Alex is place Alex's place making mouth watering their barbecue baby back ribs for over 25 years online at Alex's rigs dot com Adrian Peterson. Hasn't new home. I'm still not draft and not let that cut a path. I had no desire birdie. Former pro bowler has landed and move a scare avoided the most expensive guard in the NFL. Looked like get a pretty serious the injury looks like they've avoided that we'll get to Dallas for that as well. And it fell appetizers on the way next in the sports bar with danger to tag Leah on ESPN Rochester. Chester has not. Buffalo Bills covered hills Concord mills general manager Brandon Phoenix sports bar with danger but actually it I love camp away. I think it's important so as long as I'm the GM LS Terry jump on us a different spot that they think is better I. Modern Rochester hills owner Vontae Davis you know initially you know this is you have to do you have to make a name for yourself van every respect respect is earned in this league coaches who makes the job between game one in game two good teams make it jump between game linking to tremor beat buffalo bills' defensive end ever ever take it day for granted ever take away period you never know what's gonna happen to me is football and I think that it. Marcus Murphy bills running back he's never played again and I. I have a chance to prove. Did you hear from the biggest names with the best inside the entire bottle bill he's the right gestures. It was sports these. 57. Rochester.