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Voice of the Amerks, Don Stevens, joins Danger and Battaglia to talk about all of the off-season changes with the team including GM Randy Sexton and head coach Chris Taylor.


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Eight at 915957. Afghan fans streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester wrath. Plus sports leader ESPN Rochester now. There's been a time that you know in the month of July 8 where you you just talked so much network's talking. Not not since we've been nice to hear you vineyards one years and I've been following this team all my life. But this guy he is never a hall of Famer it's it's been long it's been overdue for a visit for the hall of Famer the voice of the Rochester Americans done Stevens. Don have you ever called a month of July where there is this just been so much emirates news here. I know why this is certainly been I guess is good news in a way about those first some of us there's been so much changing going on there were sort of like in hiding them we don't want anybody to know what I understood that ethics. I mean you got to be encouraged by by some of these new changes I mean you've got to a guy and Randy sexton with an unbelievable. Resume of course Chris Taylor speaks from self mean. And these are these kind of moves that that have to have fans feeling optimistic for the upcoming season. Well I sure hope so and we look back to the real dismal days when they Florida Panthers were here in the unfortunate situation we got into their. As there was only one good thing that came out of that cultural model if you will and that was Randy sexton did he was. He was outstanding easy who has the bright light in the very dark tunnel and and day and so I see no reason why it won't be the same now and the things that he says didn't in press conference is in there didn't frankly in personal conversation with a one on one. Aren't so very encouraging a long list what is being said by we have our our our good buddy Jason doctoral all the right things are being shed been so much so old that it carries over. Yeah a doctoral was of course a player on the emirates as was. Chris Taylor beat Chris Taylor you called games anywhere from 1999 that Tony a lot of what does Taylor on the Rochester Americans. What down what are your thoughts about the Taylor getting the job here as the new head coach. Well I think that's great that is outstanding. If I had a concern it would be that there obviously he's a first year head coach you know been a head coach before there's a big difference between being head coach and that's an assistant coach. But the one thing about Taylor is that he's the kind of player and I think you'll remember the competitive type that. He will always figure out a way to do it. Do do do what needs to be done. And I think that there's there's certainly no exception to Jimenez says coaching role. The other part of that is it. So far in those selection of these big may have did. They've made as far as an assistant coach's concern gardening it is an outstanding choice it's so I think that. The is that game is being assembled from top to bottom thus far every step has been an excellent step. Eric's play by play announcer Don Stevens joining us in the sports bar danger and the tag glee and sabres wrapping up. The development a cab but just yesterday Don indeed get a chance to spend some time in buffalo and what did you see of some of the up prospects that will be donning the red white and blue come October. I spent some time there and the other thing is when I go there. It seems like end of socializing more than anything so I wasn't really watching what was going on and guys would need a life but I did see enough to know that. They're dead there's a lot of talent a lot of skill and obviously. That skill level doesn't. And doesn't equate to this than normal kind of grind it out game in the media print professional hockey but. And they are so good to see that's still there that hopefully one of these visual show through some of the players we would expect to have been doing well and looking good as they did exactly that idea that I was impressed with the player bird quite a few of the players that are expected to be here. Don Stevens voice the rock just Americans joining us here in the sports bar is the emirates a schedules out. And become an up October 6 the home opener against the Syracuse crunch. I've done some of those changes out one unexpected change may be was were getting back near a solemn marker is staying at least with the sabres organization it was a risk that. I he could have been not picked up but in the expansion draft. And certainly he was kind of tagged I think by many to go to buffalo to. What do you think of loneliness hallmark here. For another year mean what what more does that guy have to prove it the American Hockey League level. That is why I don't know this test to prove anything is just the you have to keep growing and that it if we look back on this season it's a good season. I think they did you mention it right there that move this season would be bring Chad Johnson back in and keeping hallmark here. I do what does this solidifies the organization's goaltending situation from top to bottom. And Agassi I don't think they've got a contract work out with the market and I haven't heard yet I mean with that lane and yet but. That's just assume that they do that as than they've got Glen Johnson then got there hallmark annual hands and probably here Wilcox is an excellent find Jews because we know that there's never enough depth but never enough depth and especially goaltending so to have the goalie of his caliber as we saw last year reserve definitely needed. That's that's a huge bonus to. Talking growth with average play by play announcer Don Stevens in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leo we spent a lot of time last season. Talking about the young rookie Alex knew under his need. To just kind of grow fill out a little bit we were a little bit disappointing discouraged by the second half of his season but so far from what we saw a developmental camp it sure seems like. And new lenders put in the work in the off season so far and continues to grow he's ball up a little bit what do you see of young Neil under at development camp on. Well I saw that he vault up a little bit but that's believe maybe the key phrase great theirs it's a little bit dating girl as much as I was hoping he would. However that being said I knew I was impressed with his what is speed and it and it's it's just kills type of the camps or you're not. You're not they're running into the same kind of player that you are running into and getting visas but I thought he was that was improved. He had a big smile on his baseball times so his attitude was excellent. I was encouraged by that I think he's really learned to go to that. And I get it going so. I think he's gonna have and I Goodyear and obviously needs to have a real step up kind of year. Now to go back to sexton because. Just hire anybody as a GM that was a good thing but what we've heard from other people. How old there might have been an accountability issue will or well leave it view was there or not but. To have somebody now from the sabres organization that will be here. Most nights looking up from above how much of an impact do you think this'll have on these young players knowing that. Hey somebody from the sabres is actually watching you right here now. Well into butler's done a good job of that I don't know how much of a factor because if there was just about always somebody here from buffalo. But the the thing is that the that the people might have been here from buffalo but they really in taking. Over the last couple years an active role what was going on where this team I think that there ain't gonna receive it. General manager here not only being here but in title and having the a thirty day in and day out to do things that make moves right. Think that's where the effect is going to commence. And he's an excellent choice so that. Along with and it not only that but but with Taylor being an effort your head coach I think he needs I sounding board didn't and have. One that is it has been around didn't has a lot of experience throughout section brings that there's just a lot of reasons why. These. Doing that making that move a bring him a general manager and bring in one the quality of their Randy Saxon is such a good move. Don Stevens our guest in the sports part danger and tagged Leon am 950957. FM ESP and Rochester training camp. Just a few weeks away Don and guys fighting Ted. To get that spot with a parent club we have our buddy up Paul Hamilton on with us last hour and said you know for. For some of these guys it's got to be a move to be a top six guy and end. You know their names out there that we are familiar with here from Rochester whether it be new Lander Hudson stashing Baptiste. Justin Bailey. As far as defenseman golf course Cooley and meet or which one of these guys do you think. Has the best chance. To be wearing a sabres sweater at the start of the season and who who we expect to see remaining at least for part of the beginning of the season with with Rochester Americans. Well there's one thing I've learned over the past how many years is that you can't speculate at this time of the year is just fit right at the moment they're all Buffalo Sabres it and you look back. These examples of last year you look back. We're happy to have Paul was supposed to be our top defense and our real steady rock on defense you're last year were to play two games it was done. It Ed Gary Graham was supposed to be our marquee player last year where we didn't see until what ten games remain to this season's up. You just don't know you just you just can't tell. Who is going to be here's who's not going to be here and again as they say they're all Buffalo Sabres right now. As there are ones and have I think an excellent opportunity. Definitely a baby again look good news is speed was he certainly had the wheels under the I don't think Sidney lenders Freddie backed cease having played well. Eight I'm pretty sure they're worried you've probably seen the last of Eric Rodriguez. As it has seven. And it's he who else. That looks like that's CJ Smith. There's probably going to be here I think that's been defenseman Boris Diaw came in the last minute into the year last year they look good in the price beer that the thing. I think this thing isn't it. We kind of wholesome things of the players maybe aren't hoping and that is that there's enough depth going to be enough depth in buffalo to slow this whole process down. To keep some of these players are no longer became Israelis for their own good because they're gonna develop. Bastard probably a year and gain more confidence here than they wouldn't if they were there playing against. They need the big boys if you will as so I think it's been very good I think it's for our good here. Ended the overall organization is good to have more depth in buffalo and slow that process down where we're gonna should be seeing a lot of those players. In past years would've made the big club cards are going to be spreading a little bit more time here. Done Stevens joining us not done any the schedule came out to the am Merck's yesterday's Hampshire well aware no more maritime threats. At first glance you know what are your thoughts on the upcoming schedule for the Rochester Americans. I look at their schedule I think this is the absolute best schedule we've had in all the years I've been here. There's there's only 43 games in three nights and those are absolute killers. The jet travel is it is excellent. Who had and I don't think hardly any of those real long overnight trips in the game the next day they get the scheduled to me looks excellent so I don't think we're gonna build complain about the schedule this year. We certainly can't wait until October die when the season does kick off at crunch and end. I'm I'm curious I mean you know downtime for Paul Hamilton we talked to last hours like yep this in the get up there with the oh. Hop off and I'm curious about what does Stevens does now with that he's got some downtime here up until. Until we release are talking netcam Merck's hockey at the beginning of October. But the good news for me is that. I've got a lot of down time so nothing new for the next a little bit army had just kind of going to agitate and enjoy my Summers I really like Summers and it's a good time for me just. I know I'm getting on I've been around a long time now so I need a little bit and maybe more rest time and I think I get plenty of that now in the summertime so it's been good in. And I just enjoy right just the weather's been even our great complains about the rain I like the rain it keeps everything nice and green and clean so. I'm just enjoying and just sort of challenge and it looked at the thing is that it's going so fast it is not to be very long before this season's here. No not at all October 6 and now you're proud home of Rochester Americans hockey 957 years yet. Don I'm sure will be talking may be that meet the hammer tonight certainly but they'll be talking you assume before then not think you so much her time to act. Very welcoming that the other night sparred as a week for so many years of very Don and wondering. Year after a year well let's see where we're going to be what stage are we going to be on there were re going to be you're going to be doing. And dad it's so nice to have that as being up a mainstay beat of fact that's already known so we're certainly looking for a rebate being back when you guys again. You got a great partner in the Rochester Americans here ESP and Rochus you can hear every embarks home game and away game right here the entire schedule. On AM 95957. FN dot Stevens joining us in the sports bar dot enjoy the rest of your summer let's talk against him. I. Got it. Awesome talking don't yeah yeah then fire up for October. I don't know what will Don Stevens as the earmarks. Home opener coming up on. October those six. We still got a lot of NFL stories again here odd danger did you know there's the supplemental draft coming up here and everything else so a lot left to get to him. Hold on what's going on the supplemental draft. Your top medical stories from the past 24 hours or Desormeaux up and bite size formed accidental appetizers in the sports bar with danger and tag Leah on AM 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester.