The Sports Bar-Don Stevens

We check in with Sabres Development Camp from Harbor Center with the voice of the Rochester Americans, Don Stevens, reporting live in The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia.

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Hundred dollars off to visit my friends and vision dodge Chrysler Jeep brands broad gestures ran headquarters curry. WR OC AM. You BE HD to Rochester radio talk. I'm CDM 950 and 95 cents an Afghan source we ask and Rochester. Germany won the World Cup for years ago now there out there loss to South Korea as soon guilty do not advance to the knockout phase suite over Mexico three to nothing. And progress right now at the World Cup Switzerland. Hand Costa Rico 11 also at the World Cup Brazil getting a win today. Rochester red wings have been rained out tonight as a ninth time this season the wings have been postponed will be made up as part of a doubleheader tomorrow reds over the Braves six to five the final. Bruins are royals scoreless in the fifth Toronto leading Houston 53 in the third. Sports there is brought to buy get my perks dot com today seem a lunch or dinner the bad apples these drop bad apples and nickel streaking Spencer fort. Wanted to give it hurts stock come tonight before they're all gone. He was tackling and 950957. Events ESPN Rochester. Oh. But sports bar with dangerous to Jack. We couldn't hurt I was hurt it when Connor he's 35%. But caught up or Ebert bird disturbed or out but yeah. I'll let her crown or that it's an exciting time. Mike danger that we got development Dick can't happening right now I'm gonna do enjoy a wet breath of Dowling didn't bring it security I entered a development camp judo rookie camp or training camp how much that way to do this is us. Jeanne good tackling and how do you bring along Rask missed only one expectation should we put on him what do you do with Ryan O'Reilly I won't give me freedom and I won't give it all straight at it as a brand O'Reilly also making a lot of money. I'd be born that they employee even going to leave. Re signed out of Wilcox to a one year HL contract so you would assume that he's going to get some minutes competing to be the top guy in Rochester. Earlier this. 365. Day your reality Joseph and mark are retired. Batted people all people are not you know you have a guy with great talent on the field that can Josh Allen your franchise quarterback. Rochester sports liter 957. EST yes. We're back in the sports bar danger and the tag Leah thanks for stopping by AM 915 ID 57 FF ESPN Rochester dot com. The radio dot com app which is free download lets you listen ESPN Rochester. Anywhere anytime the only place where you can listen ESPN Rochester. On your mobile device or Smart speaker Mike danger NG detect it. Something just coming over the wire in the aided the there's it is a story that OK what's the rest of the story of Ty what we know the Detroit tigers of fired their pitching coach. Name's Chris buys yell. For what innate in a statement say. Insensitive comments quote effective immediately the tigers have terminated the contract to pitching coast Chris Bond zeal for his insensitive comments. They're violating club policy. We had zero tolerance for this type of behavior the club will have no further comment. On these matters so this is the story were OK now that begs the question what happens. My danger. We'll find out wins 4:6 o'clock the next fifteen minutes. Isn't there there's no we're gonna send you for treatment or suspension whatever happened this coach got fired media. Do you. Sabres development camp happening right now a group to on the ice. Old pros are helping run practice. That will be Brian GR correct. It just feels right to see him wearing sabres colors even though he's not planning. Just having a role just being out there as commander. There are her reports actually might Carolina and the report where he talked the Jian time you said that his. He's keeping his options over but he's had offers. From front office is to work in player development Connolly the Scott nickel room Scott Nicol who Biehl former Rochester American lives in Vick there. And lives in Victor I was commuting to Nashville is working their personnel department now he's the general manager of the Milwaukee HL franchise. Odd that would be a nice. Future for Brian G out if he can stay connected to the game but we're not certain that. He's ready to move on yet so right now Brian Gionta keeping his options open and it's conceived just on the ice and harbors that are by the way it look at these pictures right now. Buffalo as a hockey. Around that place is packed yeah pac to. Some of the names participating practice group to include Casey middle stat. That Rasmussen has Clinton. More its pilot there recently acquired Lawrence pilot who I'm sure will be seeing a lot of in in Rochester William forging. Organ porch and forget or organ. And Mattel is Samuelson is well. Oak OPEC Luke and in in goal its virtue happening right now really live report from harbor senator. Voice at the Hammerstein Stevens taking it all in love having the legend Don hall of Famer. On CBC news report what's a bit Alex knew under he's very error at development camp he's working out at development camp. But he's not participating in on ice drills at least today at savers development camp that. I honestly don't know. Maybe they want to look at a young younger players but moved me around and speculate will get done on your just a few minutes. As right now you're looking all the media throngs therein if it looks like a hockey hot headed right now in buffalo with a all these young players. Sabres made a move today yes again. We'll trade with the familiar. Team the Pittsburgh penguins'. Sabres. Acquired Winger Carter Sherry defenseman. Matt hung with the Pittsburgh Penguins for 2019 conditional. Fourth round pick. What do we know about these guys. While Syria's. A left Winger okay a give me the seat handles the sabres need wingers OK and sure he's playing 57 post season games he scored the game winning goal in overtime I in the final against the sharks the one year that the penguins want. Cells somebody that has some experience. Serves the defensemen that's more of OK well if you want Cherie then we're going to. We're gonna throw in this guy who's so that saves about ten million against the cap off for the penguins again isn't some flexibility. And I don't know maybe it was just the penguins called up an old friend K would you do this for us. Series by the way. He's under contract not this year but for next year three million per he sees in so for somebody that is only 26 years old. A left Winger and he is Steve theory danger he can play on the the second or third line so this is seems like a good pick up. I went and you know relatively to what you gave up a fourth round pick. Our kudos to Jason opera for Doris I'm not gonna knock them because it happened to be the Pittsburgh Penguins his old employer. Savers build a faster with this acquisition. The little bit of offensive punch. Last season Cherie tallied thirty points that's eighteen goals twelve assists over the course of 79 games. In his 184. Any game NHL career Sherri has 93 points so. For 82 game schedule the average is about 21 goals and 41 points per hour. About and a faster. Left Winger for this team needs to get faster. I'm OK with that. No pun lick more journeyman. More of this okay this is what does the contract you're gonna take a 33 years old. On what to me could be the shears. Boy you right. Bowl I I hope he's better than boy Youboty is an acquisition that you bring in and you've got some depth on the Blue Line that the Blue Line is getting crowded all of a sudden. For the Buffalo Sabres public appearing in 42 games for Pittsburgh last year. 32 years old. 117 points. Mean 521. NHL games with the penguins the Bruins. The leafs the Rangers. And the avalanche. And he'll count two and a quarter mil for the sabres against their camp this year. And next year's us some idea add some depth of the organization. And he's not comer Rochester now what an NHL experience Brady he might be somebody addresses only have to seasonal he's in a perfect world view you would figure that. I get it at 33 years old somebody is being around the league for awhile so on added all while that's you know over two seasons. Dad told just a hair over ten million that the sabres took off all of bought the penguins hands today and to me that's you know respect. For for the Winger that's worth it for buffalo. Yeah this move saves five and a quarter million for Pittsburgh this season a little bit of flexibility to be active in free agency should they decide to go that route. So easy can't find anybody really say anything bad about the deal I'm not gonna say anything bad about the deal it's easier. For the NHL though well I mean you're in this is just the salary. Don't debts all this ease when Brock RS weather got traded to the rounds and they. Essentially did it just acquired draft pick. Federalist is about local were okay we're gonna get Rita Ewing new in Nye. I'm allowed to be a little bit jaded and cynical right I mean our our them. GMs of the bills and sabres got to deal with any other franchises organizations outside of the ones that they came from. Monitoring him being yes graded Sammy watched gains to the rams is there's pars in a branding and having connections and that's so LLC on example yes but but Sean McDermott had Philadelphia. Connections. Yet he Kansas City connection connections to Carolina. Connections. Ultra making a deal with Pittsburg where he has connections only he pulled off the Evander Kane deal at the drug debt that trade deadline. Last season so I don't wanna be overly critical but it does feel like gay almost like a path of least resistance movement mean. And geno you know better than I do but you're you're in sales Armenia relationships are everything that you have one relationship. You're not gonna be very good sales guy. Right and soul if your Pittsburg just ticket for the Pittsburgh angle we get shipped these two guys off. Who has a lot of cap space who do we trust. Because you don't want eighty if you pick up the phone you call it team and there are gonna saying all and then they're gonna leak gate. You're gonna trust Jason bilateral so that was probably the first call. What would it take all here's a fourth round pick signed on Angel for the fourth round pick. They did it it's a signal that they're gonna try for something bigger here in free agency you're perhaps trade for another part. Again I'm fine with this. I'll tell. I just wanna know that while they're making deals with their former teams. They're also building relationships with other GMs throughout the league to make. Future deals. That much easier and listen I'm sure that there are other GMs want nothing to do with any other team that they'll stay introverted and only deal with who they wanna deal with there only trust. Who they wanna truss don't wanna get let anyone get over on them. You have to build those relationships. Dayton not a concern for me because do you believe the report. Out of Canada that Jason bond troll was brave to pull the trigger on a three way trade would Montreal in the Yonkers. I I believe those sources and if you didn't hear this it would settle Riley to Montreal. Patch ready to the islanders. And then the islanders would have slipped eleven or twelve whatever that pick would be. I'm glad that didn't happen right. I would I would and is ecstatic because the original port Ortiz model on number three over that much on the not really. Eleven or twelve I don't think would have gotten anybody excited now at this point for Ryan old Riley that would help Montreal this point but my dad. How does eleven or twelve was projected to be Canadian player in the sabres can draft back up. We're a draft and anybody from Canada can't you got. Yeah you know it's a good move for the sabres. And and if they. If they're taking a page out of what the bills have done. It won't be the last month they'll continue. To make moves because they need to being need to get better they need to improve. And isn't the addition of Schering. Usual bit of speed on the wing. To be so that's him some youth. At. We had a Marty drawn on with this some. Yesterday in sports bar if you missed it. Westbrook like what do you do with Ryan O'Reilly if you're the Buffalo Sabres. Well I mean that there's an opportunity for the neighbors look at trading right rallying back patch ready how is still available obviously that. And Ali didn't want to sign a long term extension with a and I believe that the rumors were around. I think got me happened by rhino rally at 07 million dollar on July 1. I am in no team in their right trail mine. Which they ought to let freedom due date before we got to pay at seven million dollar before even put that Jersey on so I think that's the problem the sabres are running into. I won't impede freedom and yet and at that forum that somebody needed to play with Jack on the left blank I'm or if they don't remember that ran O'Reilly although making money. I'd be a role on this team and could be grit really accessible. I would Buffalo Sabres in the paper adding that. Told in all I need that went up to deepen bilateral I'm not gonna go read BE doorway. Glad I understand why not happened yet that dollars are speaking and not much going on. And maybe by doing the deal that did it today you've got out a left swing that could potentially. Help out. That that you would have gotten in a deal for rhino right yeah it well and see what I think he's gonna happen here in Marty here Iran and they had okayed it July 1 bonus payment now that puts everything a whole carrier right here to make the sabres take care of that and then if there's going to be a move it reacted to life. But to take a step further. That after July also kind of coincides with the start of free agency. Seoul around this time tomorrow will begin talking to a national report that's it for costing you returns the sports party raised the NHL reporter for serious except. Because to me. What's the top story line not coming up this weekend it's where does John Navarre is slant and there's some big names on he's lays there right. Boston. For Toronto. Dallas. You also have a fringe player median national or Tampa well. Bottom line is they're going to be sixers. Why were sixteen they're gonna lose out click OK I'm acquiring John Tavares dame what is plan B. In buffalo. So if we don't have betrayed maybe by meeting next week then I would think that at that point Jason bot draw will say we're gonna take Ryan O'Reilly. Ought to beginning of the start the season here in in buffalo because. Ryan O'Reilly and woody BF date on any of those teams. That cruel war Lessig for Costa tomorrow beak is to me that's the consolation prize for a team that loses out in the John Tavarez. It's free agency sweepstakes. Roster reports now from Mike Harrington. Of the Buffalo News sabres Xia assistant GM Steve Greeley. Saying oh its new owner was close to 100% but not there. So let's see what happens let's get let's get a little bit more on nice savers development camp what's going on there on the ice and off. When Alex he Lander. What's the Hammerstein Stephens. A set to join us just few minutes here in sports bar with danger tightly if you mr. conversation last hour with Jason Kirk of SB nation as we. We wonder whether or not the bills will outsmart math itself with their acquisition of Josh Allen. You can hear that on demand NB SP and Rochester. Dot com right now will will York in turn will step up to the Mike here in the sports bar year old man Chiming in on this one did. What does the C what does will a senior sat. With senior says. Boot to the stats guy angry face some energy not the yellow on the red ones more the red zone is serious yeah. Our boy is going to prove him wrong fingers crossed the mode G football on Monday night that my dad at lake. Has been on the Josh on hype train. Since we drafted. I think the bigger picture here is a more GM OG moan like what what is the line were. Like multiple mode geez if you're a guy. I think your deck cross the line they're having easy stuff well what an easy you're out of touch genes had had what you yearn mr. you'll never ending is so my father. And if he's listening iPod does but yeah I mean you are and he. He uses a mode he's because I think that he thinks it caters to me and yeah I appreciate it I'm not a big margin you know I had listen I made public I'll out Amare wash it all from the rhinos is mr. remote heat. Like mobile GMO jima the audience. Your audience I'm not texting him OG stitching the tag glee a man who is all written gristle. Skip 2.0 that's right I'll take thumbs up mode GL tape K are you said you the most says the executive producer when you said your attacks. Mr. why that's right sexual YPEG. Don't we anti MOG. You gotta know your audience yes well the thing is my dad isn't using Moody's and memo its markets mean you're like OK so there I don't know what your parents been married. Since 96 or does not talk to your mom it is on a text your mom that's right yes yes okay. It that best that he doesn't do any of that content communicating with with his wife spent a long time so long road. Bartlett's let's get done Stevens in next voice of the emirate she's there. At sabres development camp will learn more about some of the future networks that will be seeing how they look at on the ice and what's deal Dallas new under. More from Don Stevens from Harbour Centre on the way next in the sport's mark danger in the tightly up on ESPN Rochester. Looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the squares leader from radio to. He's the official new home ESPN Rochester. Via apple cart flavor and wirelessly you're Smart speakers we're just pops him earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find an M ninety. 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Courtesy of Mexico remodeling quality home renovations and face the remodeling since 1980 still got to go with mango entire kitchen and bath because you deserve to love where you live Marshall exteriors we won't see your home as if it were our own. Pilots contractors in your GAF and master elite professionals. And Marvin windows and doors built around you. Home makeovers wish list is presented by rely community credit union. Your home make over wish list can be a reality with a home equity loan or line of credit from reliant. Oh sport. Sabres get winner higher cheery and defenseman Matt Holloway from the Pittsburgh Penguins and move saving there's very little or ten million over the next two years. Sabres giving up a fourth round pick in the trade and when he nineteen. We'll go to harbors that are coming up next in sabres prospect camp and talk to the boys the righteous Americans. Don Stevens here in the sports bar. Wings rained out again ninth time this year that we have been postponed the make it up as part of a doubleheader tomorrow. In Syracuse on the Major League scoreboard reds over the Braves 65 in the eighth royals lead the first 51. Toronto leading Houston 64 in the bottom of the seventh in Germany knocked out of the World Cup last defending champs lose the South Korea to nail. What they're about to buy Jersey Mike's sub the sub about differences legendary with Jersey Mike's throwing an unforgettable party is easy you supply the perfect guest. They'll supply the perfect Sox Jersey might be a sub above. Team exactly ESPN Rochester. But let's local sports talk in the flower city. Old supply and sports bar with the injury the exact day after news on the sports league. ESPN Rochester. All right let's get you some our sights and sounds from savers and development camp happening right now harbor sent. We'll welcome in our friend voice of the Rochester Americans ever hall of Famer the great Don Stevens in the sports bar with danger of attack they hate Don how are you. I third grade are you guys are done not done yet guys you know don't offseason in hockey Don as you know. Not more. Or no look at the photos your online looks like there's quite a crowd out there harbors and tonight. I double actually getting into the building and the elevator yeah all black out where it portable last are a lot here at our first order of what has jam packed. And a personal coming out to see the prospect. And especially the earth Brokeback. So arrest mr. Ali commanding a lot of attention and and again we've seen some of the pictures from out there hey what what are you hearing about. Rest is selling his first practice favors development camp. Well actually our front around it or not quite as the First Act. I didn't hear all on exactly that sport as the demonstrators also burst of art now the group on the night it. Bic pick cheer as. The people navigator what you're probably get. I ready currently a first Gator and that everybody sighed in bed at a lot of people are excited to be here along with the rest of lea and mark. Well I've done Stevens out it does sabres development camp you're talking to some of athlete so who did you get to talk to Don know what news can you share here today. Outlawed dark do. I want my doctor Eric are now a strong. Last year I heard it going in and clip art they have. Unfortunately. Injured it will be either. By the way Alex are also entered in this weekend so at archer. I know what there are on there are four by a doctor Brendan. Of course are part of art in the papers or are back though also not that. The I've actually Odeo. As beat goaltender Jonas you answered. Is. Exploited the rights are all part. By app and peppered by all that I might be. A goalie in the Rogers along that. Well Cox signed up a new one are you also. A lot of active of course jargon mentioned that air minutes about the sabres in the second session going on right now where they're great aren't here are. Don I'm curious see the the injury to Alex Neil under the kept him off the S this weekend you mention cliff pru that's another prospect I think a lot of people should be excited about. Is there any reason to be concerned that they that they won't be ready for for the start of training camp. Well alt a or walking around normally don't work out all I signed it worked out there and might he be certain but it certainly looks like they're buying and debt and test some minor situation at the airport. Not that there's not a almost. Don Stevens the voice the Rochester Americans is a sabres development camp the sabres. A lot of players on the ice right now I've done if we can go into you always Johansson a little bit more worry here. Again it disclaimer being here to ease so early here it is hard to come up with a depth chart but if he ends up being the guy in Rochester. This season to take the bulk of the work guy how would you feel about that out of Lambert fans feel about that. Actually a little bit more time. The year last year but I under Barack ever occurred at about eight. Like before art body. Almost better and to all art. All bark you're sort of elevated your game your aunts and has yet irked that I started the year I think he could get that would years. Don we've we've heard that Brian Gionta is on the ice working with some of the prospects what do you know about Brian Gionta is. Role in net development camp for the sabres. What lie about you people around what is orders and eight it said that these are the people he murdered there. So that you're buffalo and working with them but it hasn't been informal. And one of the as sperm so with. As normally management people that Carter's top official or where murder each year at. Ought to organize or responsibility that something might be worked out or beat them. Art at the staff of the organization somewhere so. But are not the ritual aspect of its ratings on their time they Everest coaches Christina Taylor along let that Pete Peterson. And that. Marketing are the ones that are running the session features. Don Stevens or guest at done. Wanna get your thoughts into whether or not it development camp. One being nature and pace we think. We actually accidentally broke the story on our show last week and Randy sexing came out with us and he told his side he would resign that could become official little. A few hours later so your thoughts on page coming back what that does to the emirates blue line. Ending your thoughts about a guy that right now is not signed that being Colin black well. Eyes you know how important would it be for that you know Blackwell to re sign for the hammer next season. Why. Very important network in order their first order is that I took Europe this year. I am I'm sure that with the year but he adamantly. That she's with bank that he. Holding out of course current NHL contract so I don't know exactly where via. Where they stand of the number of major appeals are out there are so. That's whose spot to be worked darted in that attack to a player talk vehement. And that he will really want you back here. In the organization this year so that's that's good news that there are at this point nothing that worked out the other eight page. It is or get a whole lot of playing time. Down birdie stretched their grit that he's such an important keys scores in the locker room and and I would Christine liberal leader. And almost. Yeah you might almost call another coached. Is. Very importantly with wit and if they wanted to really do what they talked about it and is it. Yet a lot or younger kitchen and get them going in the pro ranks they need that kind of a personality that kind of a other player out there are sorry that these are great addition and so glad he's back for another year. We're live from sabres development camp at Harbour Centre from buffalo on Stevens the voice of the Rochester Americans in the sports bar danger and the tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester and Don I gotta wonder with the acquisition today out of another veteran defenseman for the sabres in that hunt which inbound from Pittsburg. You know branding tool he certainly looked. The heart in Rochester is there a chance that that branding Cooley. With this this veteran now coming in another veteran coming in who gets bumpy is cool one of the guys that maybe starts. Next season in Rochester. I could be a very much or because there is. There is Chilean work leper of the current SE. There is although a lot of the current. I carpet on the net right. I don't all right and these are speculating that that's a possibility there aren't our Porsche brings a possibility because. And all this crap about it today and and trade deadline at all but yet to come before the season. Just one little quote him. Start domino back and change a whole bunch of print so yeah I wanna get to order yourself with east there's a possibility share certain responsibilities almost. It's fun to speculate on timing at least this is. As compared to go live last two years where you kind of knew RA so on so starting in buffalo and now it looks like so and so starting a Rochester. You have other options I guess. The only area that concerned about the the area of most concern to me that they're in the sabres get a goalie up in buffalo would be the Winger position down what are your thoughts. On the depth that media wing position in buffalo and Rochester. Well first orbital back to sir do you moments ago when that is. The it decisions now that we didn't have many that your card necessary now. Sure our organization is on last year's penalties the issue decision about the liberal. Sir there's an awful lot more apt and all of or two or so that's the great. As ours interpret. I artwork and forwards are. The guys who is. Is there are like part about it but letters are back obviously not. So what that are in the sparsely. All the result marker beat number one your statement. Arrest order I. Don't call it. They're they're actually allegory here. Art art art for example. East currently military 84 point six something here so you look at who's ever been here a good weather and and or the other players interior matters. Unfortunately there's various. Are huge body record matched yours. Other sport about it org 99 so I expect currently ninety. Related the other night on the right near the electors are. We we've been talking Don Stevens voice of the amateur earnings and sports toward danger Mattel alien or conversation last week with with Randy sexting and in pretty much anything that we've. Talked to that that covers the sabres and the am works in the Balkans and you know what the goaltender is a is a priority and and it looks like. Well maybe what you tell me with this new Fiat resigning of Wilcox with Jonas you Hansen. You know playing a party maybe the Aaron Merck's situation. Is is taking care of probably still have obviously a hole at at the parent organization. Assuming Linas hallmark is gonna split time with somebody at least first first NHL season any of the free agent catching your high and what do you think about the prospects of Linas hallmark. Taken a line share of of of opportunities. In his first year full time with the Buffalo Sabres. Well I'm wrong they are currently there are I think he's ready to make that step it. In the past when our partners. Are. Let's all the other percent back from an injury I think he's ready out of it cute sure. Of the voter by or so much out the ban on. Who they picked up if you picked up another the only here or there are eerie out perhaps. It would. Get use that name Don get used to say that name. We're out here they're very happy and it. I don't I don't well I. Roster that story. And that the other witness here's under shepherd there's not a university and the sort of the final belt and if these guys he. In Rochester. Art this theory respect it later took that one spot solidified it. Smoker dirt. We have NHL free agency kicking off this weekend sabres development camp happening this weekend. We're talking hockey in the sports bar with danger of attack let. Don anyway I haven't talked to you since. Oh gosh who won the cup that that team that plays north of the border. I love the Marlys good for them. Bloody. The amateur that far off the mark when they play tomorrow he's there the Marlins won one hole click. Why we're only a game under our aggregate support Woodbridge urged. Well art that we are used it. It job all they were blown out like I'd expect or use heat beat the although I was surprised that are immersed Robert. That the players back believes. Which huge. Let's defenseman. Arcade is now. But that was huge and Eric. Don we appreciate you checking in from sabres development camp their harbors and I appreciate the work that you're putting and and employee before you know it September will be here will be talking more and Merck's hockey and of course more sabres hockey in the real near future with a voice of the embarks on Stevens appreciate your time as always but. Herbert. Don Stevens from buffalo all as a again Alex knew Lander not on the ice today but does her fans will gamma fans react to baton. You know just like when the bills are training camp there is good time to be a damn right you're optimistic things are looking goal lead in that the sting of last year's gone I'm. Really really nervous about you wonder okay if you're Alex Zealander and you have everything to prove at this point everything to proof. I don't know what your injury is I don't know what's keeping you off the ice. But this is the most important offseason of your NHL career. And your not out there and you better bring it. For the prospects challenge in September you better be full tilt you better show line. For that challenge in September because not seeing him on the ice delving camp. I'm raising eyebrows at that Alex Neil under needs to step up this offseason this is it. Enough is enough. He played in the post season so what happened here there. I'm I'm pretty given the benefit of the doubt OK it is June is June and like more noisy too good for development camp. You might be hurt to hear much. And he's working out tough. Working out and from Don Stevens account you walking around. Fine. OK. So when prospects challenge hits hits. That's a name I wanna hear a lot about Alex do you under. Because he has owned up there was tension just face it. Not even close number eight overall and act. In saying that all you need to know about the NHL in the in the NHL draft I mean is that why. If you're Jason bottle you don't make that trade with Ryan O'Reilly to get in eleven. That sent. It's not the NFL draft worthy. I don't wanna see science but they're Lou there's a lot more. Comforting knowing what you're drafting there's a lot less risk how about that OK if you don't believe me about the risks and NATO drafting go to Wikipedia look up all their first round picks him. Just go back 678 years and look how many means you don't know. Okay if it's. That's why we don't talk a lot about the NHL draft in advance because they're just so many variables these guys. It is truly a crapshoot and goes along with today's story that I have known from the sabres. Giving up a little bit a cap space and a fourth round pick to get somebody that has a Winger in Syria that has to. Cops to his credit somebody that couldn't be a top three wing or on the Saperstein potentially. And in meetings in salary for the veteran defenseman and honey I'm OK with that. The F one quick if Hardwicke takes up a spot in a pump school even if a bomb school just for. The beginning of the season maybe I don't know it'll be interesting to see how that shakes out but did the acquisition of another defense where where you had. You know not a lot of depth at defense a year this Sunday that overwhelming amount of depth you could have some tough decisions to make here. When training camp opens up and I continues the pre season continues for the Buffalo Sabres if you missed a conversation each came in late our talk with on Stevens. From sabres development camp at Harbour center. 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