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We invite the voice of the Rochester Americans, Don Stevens, into The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to discuss the future of the handful of players who just signed one-year two-way deals with the Sabres.

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The only way you can take ESPN. Rochester with you he's so great you'll dot com map downloaded today and listen to what's anytime anywhere thus sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back in the sports bar in danger of the title if station joining us this afternoon. Hockey. And savor some hammers hockey some movement here of course the last few days in terms of a handful of players signing one year two way deal names in here and Amber's baby be familiar with an end. Better talk about. The future of so these networks the guy to watch them every night calls the action every night for the Rochester Americans Paula dean the voice of the Rochester Americans. We've done Stevens joining us in the sports bar Don honey then. I adore. The grid done it's it's good to talk to you while the weather is nice out here and we figured a good time to kind of catch about these signings. Over the course of the past week. All the guys daily that he's still re game. Which one of those guys would you say. Has the most to prove this coming season. Well I don't know anyone as anymore group and the other right now they're already obeyed choose that they are all are urged here. And that important years this. One that they have to prove that they I deserve a better bigger better contract in Morse we typically get a and LBO. Especially one way and HO BO but it really need you I come respond this year all of those guys you mentioned include a few others. If Donnie if if they failed to impressed by the end of training camp Bernie these guys in danger of just not being a party organization anymore. I well I think that they're buying the the year whether or not they would be then that. Sent to edit Cincinnati in the core leader of our ability. Of course they all poetry out. Now open that they're going to be making the big gulp. While we're looking at them as being sent here Rochester based they'll. I haven't stepped to promote themselves and the big orbit and there's a lot of these guys are right on the verge. Making it they have a great summer and have an outstanding camp depending on what app to bug that possibly still end up. Starting out about it we always see it every year we see where there's 12 or three guys did that and hang on about low quality. The creek seizure and injuries are sorted out in the rosters shorted out. And that they they either play their way onto the scene were played their way down and the American like an. Don Stevens voice of the Rochester Americans joining us when we had toward the end of the season wreak. And Randy sexton we taught them Randy hi Iraqi for the NHL draft as well Ian XT I am. I'm pointing outlook. Colin black while the in the job he did I'm sure a lot hammer fans were disappointed to see. I come Blackwell and not come back to the organization Don what why do you think this sabres organization made the decision ought to move on from column lap while. I don't know that based maker of move on board that he found the baby what was a better deal that more than what the sabres are willing to offer. I don't know the back circle that but as I'd like the only and I am so disappointed about that because he was just I thought he just outstanding player. And I really felt like. He should've probably been on and any talk contract the sabres but that's not being he got it sent them a great deal with the president. And dazed and Milwaukee or study nickel we all know him well blame him about what. It. Our sport there's been activity here but I never have. There's a lot of young talent that it's weird that now what have they get better opportunity of proving what they it is. I remember towards the end of last season Don a lot of them Merck's fans were upset that Alex knew undergo a call to the big club over maybe somebody who they thought was more deserving in. In center Shawn Malone and and Maloney is one of those. A forwards that got resigned to a one year to weigh on deal talk about the season the Malone had for the hammer last year and and what. He could potentially provide for them the shark. Auditors think. M has one that started out that that couldn't crack the lineup but he opening game of the season and then he became a mediocre player. Part way through this decent toward the end he became. An outstanding where I thought he'd have been very strong so is one of those that. They grew all bought over the course of the year now because from your year continues to grow from chase and the season and maybe we'll get another year out of here registered and you might see you gain about collector but I really like is improvement I like attitude. He great individual in and work or. One not the sabres traded of Zander came to San Jose in an end up being number one pick so you know good job by Jason doctoral and all worked out but. I am maybe some folks thought it was a throwing Daniel Regan here is to get your thoughts on. You know and what type player Regan isn't how you think over the course of a full season he'll fit in with the organization. Or another what about a bit in the same mold is as Doug Bailey about he'd probably be younger but those who it. Hillary can Nat. Or potential of being an at an outstanding player. I I. Maybe for about. Hearing more about it Leonard and that is I mean we're right back debatable bit more than what we start well. I hope that I'm aware that that need it and and really played what I consider to be at the central and as that our ability. Well let's see AJ Smith Don the sabres have a need at left wing Smith. Playing that position and I doubt boy who really. His star really shone bright that the all star game last year but it feels like things kind of tailed off from their talk about what's CJ Smith meant meant to be embarks. Last season and again what could potentially mean for after the organization this year. Well I think probably the biggest thing is he's going to. Showed it against they LP embassies in the the injury problems earlier as it Alvin back last year. And he came and it maybe not only grown physically. And as the rigors. The American IQ leader of our it's not easy coming in your purse here for Lockheed wearing an American I get but up brownie. And those bodies are quite ready for and I'm not saying is what but I think that probably. Another year Enders spell of about building that bodybuilding that were in the strength when. And that is really gonna help them because he's certainly has spilled but he that he had met mental aspect of the game eat it. Has the potential of being. Great by anger I think the sabres organization. Don Stevens or desde you know that was the kind of a thought after your one with when he came to Alex knee Lander that OK let him but and you know grow his body out here a little bit and then. Last year in my opinion a disappointment for Ella me Lander inning I'm not alone in that assessment but then you seem a development camp not being able to be on the ice. How important is this season for the third year player out for the Rochester Americans Buffalo Sabres are. It's almost like this does is make or break year now. But court. Is great act and they are able to. Forty years or commodity if it was some time at my opinion in your yacht. Wasn't quite ready for the grind and it that really played autumn but. The way he came on at the end of quiet here the majority step forward and I I Rudy I don't what app. Why what they did that practice in the development yet what are what Oregon where we are inferior or what it was. But. I was expecting that he's having a good summer. Again like the part about it that building the body. Getting stronger mentally and physically and I look for him to have a good geared got to have a big year that are Libya that was that your. Don Bailey and Baptiste you know two other players that that signed the two way I. One year deal and and both of them have to spend time between the two organizations daily rough last year with some injuries. You know these guys are gonna kind of always be connected you know I know that they're also they have a relationship guesses as it is well as they do on the ice talk about what they need to do. If they're gonna take that next about it and by the way not that we would complain to see some familiar faces more familiar faces I mean this. This feels like change when you talk about Jason bottles on that a lot of these players that we've seen for now we know 23 years before we're gonna see a lot of these players again. By the season in Rochester. There are at it with a veteran core guys that is a very record or being. Is being by either have a lot of great that ordered dark a lot of out there on ballot. What I considered somewhat of a money player when we work it either. It's lacking a little bit but middle you're guy you know second third Fortier I'd like a black well for example. I saw an avid trying to make up for that you've got to have guys like bat he's been pretty alien but they're a little bit better what there are more eager. Fortier permanent police. Might be and although I wouldn't be no money players than there have been the I think that beat the little bit of a bit more that we basically. Without a doubt that he had them. Help you will beat them back. Help me and he has the ability all of that. That the the parent of a prepared statement that we will why do they put it all together but the very idea that while well. Don Stevens joining us of Don not reacting to the news today that. Those silly glow toss he's twenty years old then he was with Cincinnati last year he signs with the organization and as does not Tyler Crandall so what do we know if anything about these two players. Well the senate vote are actually it should win again. India eat mostly in the let steam and has scored on your ankles and that 43 point 64 games not terribly big east by portal Levin. And but he eats all the strong well. Seventh round I actually don't quite know what the paint that. We it's important that one game but that was about it so. He could be one post players and vehement and on the brink Armenians in Cincinnati. Rebel. Cleric that quiet year. Ian. Or receivers in. Up rope belt that he's the sens organization and a. Yeah out there in Belleville at all or. Why has it been orbiting around it and that there about I actually have a lot of that there'd been in America they. As. Wondered what being in the American actively or. They're adding. More debt that person. Well really what our bottom. I would give you play. It the other regardless bill remember is being much more. And what they Obama before. Don around this time tomorrow way in studio we're gonna have rob minter is you know rob he's vice president the hammer X and what I've been told us he's the court and called point guy now for the blue cross Sabrina. And I would be remiss if I didn't ask for your reaction your thoughts on and the huge story in my opinion huge story. Odd that the goal of sports in your team is gonna take over the management of the blue cross arena I hear almost immediately. I really don't know about it this bird the bird go forward and exactly what that all about it. I not sure that point if it through and everything come together very quiet about it I bill is. The what the people who are. Artwork senator net. The big building him up all they ordered there is very people that. And there and running facilities and at that say that there is poverty here I I looked that are out there and that happened well and I really don't know. I think about it and it sounds like it might happen in into the dark and very by the but all I need to always. There's people that are. Still there are. Out there. That's the elevator weren't going to act but more importantly what. Are correct yes dot well listen the the offseason as we discuss it goes way too fast in the NHL in hockey in general and done we you know bull be long before. Willy waving your call. Of all the Rochester Americans gains rate here on ESPN Rochester really appreciate you giving us some of your time this afternoon during the off season. Talk about some of these resigning here for these as savers and in the hammer is well. I've heard that there are getting it right after the third of these although it seven weight who like me. And I know where nobody else all of our band is very c'mon what are the result you know here about. If we're getting me excited as when the scandal comes out words the sabres in the M Dirksen and that that happened just recently so in the hammock schedule came out Don I mean. I would think you got to be happy as you really don't have. A lot of travel there it seems like a lot of it's it's very regiment of the you're playing most Friday and Saturday nights during the season. What city most Friday and Saturday night. I let the schedule I think we have one in writing and one's battered yacht the all these. She's now you're not gonna have a social left on. Well I won't be in late but that that although there is very. Yeah without it we look forward to it endowed really appreciate you miss some time and talk again real soon all right Don. Thank you are referred it to Simon and you have your listeners double breaker with former. You gotta Don Stevens voice to the emirates joining us here in sports bar. Talk what some of these one year deals recently signed by a handful Buffalo Sabres slash Rochester Americans. And that's what's gonna make this season different in my opinion because that's the one thing if you. Cheer for minor league team it's the turn over it's that term that's part of it. I'm out pretty much. With the exception of black while. On the band back together. And they're guys that really need to prove something I mean not just with the sabres organization this point out that. Just in their hockey careers in general. I'm familiar names you know it's going to be a fun season. Lots of promise and hope for the Buffalo Sabres and of course with the M Merck's you'd like to see deeper playoff from the what we saw last season I think last season was. Each side organization grow leaps and bounds. Under the leadership of Bob troll and Randy sexton. Yeah where we're expect more of the same here in Rochester I season. Think we were looking at a deep playoff run last year but we might having getting ahead for ourselves we just debate play out is when the Buffalo Bills okay. That's one step here. Now what do we learn well. You gotta get a little bit better on the muted the Blue Line here in and what is playoff hockey like takes a whole different level on and I don't think these kids on the team were quite ready for that level will see. You know when the time comes around next April how ready they are. To serve up the day's top NFL stories in bite sized form next NFL appetizers brought you exclusively by Alex is place. Alex is place making mouth watering barbecue baby back Briggs for over 25 years on line at Alex's rigs dot com of course the retirement of two Rel Revis and the cover boy for Madden 2090. Official ball and it. Announce we'll tell you who that is now accidents and it fell appetizers in the sports bar danger to tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and an expert. Access to them. Let's say you. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. From an EN 950 and 957 MM us forces. Rochester. No sports leader and listen lives 24/7. Probably his deals at 00 earlier this sports bar when children exactly how. Stories opinions and contests people knew. ESPN Rochester dot com. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester new.