The Sports Bar-Glenn Geffner

Voice of the Miami Marlins and former voice of the Rochester Red Wings, Glenn Geffner joins Danger and Battaglia to talk about Miami's All Star Game and a preview of baseball's second half.


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Epic victories heartbreaking defeat no matter your team no matter your game when he talks sports on the M 95957. FM does sports sleek ESPN Rochester. Here in the sports bar. Jeanne we only talked to the best and brightest minds out there that people would share their knowledge with you would make you smarter just from this completely espionage. Guys like former voice of the Rochester red wings Clinton jab here and get to talk to and watch video now just under a year explaining why. It's been a while and I hate when we called him last danger was under the worst circumstances that was right after Jose Fernandez. Tragically lost his life. And we said at the end of the year ago when we got to get you back on the air you know at a better timing Glenn. What better time than the start of the second half of the baseball season glad it's great to have you back on the air in Rochester how Loria. It's great Hewitt are ignored greats greats old down in Miami. I can we expect a little bounce cost look at how how has been the atmosphere down in Miami up post all star game. Well I'll let you know. Hours. Are burst into the break it is an exciting week are based on now order a lot on May. Obviously on a derby after at least match nation Monday night all start in any extra spare. Great crowd on these yet the unity. I feel honest or move on is on the road for the last ten days first app so. Your credit cannot vote on bent at our community and in the future game that let the game on Sunday. Adequately moment there they went into. Because we don't yet that's time the vacancies and my daily acts like wait for the all star break into it and I don't doubt that at all. I was watching on TV like most people. But it was a great week I note topic people who were involved in your aunt and yet. And we had a wonderful time and hopefully it and I'd put this franchise which are the news. Voice in the Miami Marlins claimed after joining us in the sports barging German tag Leo on ESPN Rochester Glenn I remember thinking. After the season ended last year the way it did with the cubs. Ending the Billy goat curse in game seven and going into extra gaining just. The way it all laid out the drama that was associated with it it really felt like it was a good thing. For baseball and I kind of get the scene kind of sense. After this all star break because of all of the activity. Around the all star game and the home run derby do you feel like. Did you feel like the all star game what do they do right. At this all star game what do you heard that they maybe could've done better acted to kind of maximize. Growth for the game. Well I think what you saw a lot of great talent on display at Gartner according over derby and all but he's brought. I'm Cody culture who lives it's conscious of very well. Go back with you about two years old that clay was well and shortstop for the red wing. Long long time ago on the report edged up could actually been in that area art today. So you aren't a lot of the nation so it's great dump out for the first time during austere state but he got. It's a great stage for eight players I the year. Where you don't have any competition the NBA or NHL and well at spot got the sports world saw most are right now. And I think on display at that time I. We all start it was like what most. Of the world one in the one extra inning. I think what you're seeing a lot of baseball that your own strike outs. And had nothing in between there are some strikeouts not start in that I didn't make a riveting. Eight spot in my lead I think a lot of people might agree with that. So us great talent speak I'm arms. In these days either hopefully you can build and out for the future is based all looks at. Branch gotten in built it and base. Further. Of the strike on hold on Anthony's picture for the on display at all market. Wanna ask you about certainly Cody Dellinger his dad clay a former Rochester red when you an idea alive brought clan cast doubt. When they're building frontier feel way back when I don't think you'll remember that and clay Dillinger stuff I was kind of cool back dammit. Wanna just a follow up here in the ulcer you would dangers that what they did wrong I wanna get your take on this. Glad to me it was a missed opportunity when you have the host team not Miami Marlins now know what he's gonna say. Each role Suzuki. Was having a whole you know at an all star a year right. However that's the opportunity in front of his home fans to celebrate one of the greats of the game so. Wanna get your opinion on now why wasn't there anything done for each row. And until we you caught this guy what is it like to watch one of the greats of baseball on a day in day out basis climb. Yeah I'll cut answer those questions I'll. The thing about each note is it such humble guy. Don't want that either senator text so I can't tell you shouldn't call out to all start. But it figured he would sit bulk cutlery won because he didn't think he's gone on it's this while he's been. There are hiring at least it'll. Ones we called the you all. At a that may be a bit more. But at the and such based on what they can victory lap right now any stretch and yet he attic and even it. It announced it somewhere in court where it. We want that kind of it's and it's very modest pretty awful guy. Corporate it doubted it would work. So what he counsels are keen to see how ripped in between that and grippy which took over in private that outer. Each you guys who will just say no don't thank you I respect is gained much. Ever let it be just about being permitted at Oscar so. I think that's one other one in that will be true or not start in that smear or maybe a couple of reasons why. I turtle but watch Billy bait and apps marble there's just there near Miami. I was looking at the close it out. The last and target damper. Just Latin. It's called it where he became the all time it's beat a player born outside 98. Which remarkable which he did last week. He's amazing in that. He puts in the ducks seem more so eager ready and we're starting or not that he gave when he first into the big into outlawed at Seattle. He's incredibly regimented. Is it every single day. Each other watching also on the and he gets so bad that sent you need actually a lot to our clubhouse. He speaks English interest in intricately. There any practical Joker EO. The they look at Iran and now. You are a lot and think about where it export the alternate list I want to leave her personal private equity current and next it 3000 it equal right now. 89 years in Japan. In what you would consider that being the lead through and apps partner is cougars. That's it. I had more big league seasons are beyond that its list IE XP you know match up without one it's. But he snapped group marvel to watch and I really. In I think is a quote well so often everybody around on the watch. And he you know he feels like he complaints at least fifty years old and he's gonna continue to. Receive accolades and break records but does his production on the field really lineup with that that goal I mean. Bobby is quite doesn't it here's the truth this is there were the year 2000 is being because you get me out but yet plea march. And it got you without a little bit. Because you. What we catch you out starting ebony gain well at this age his career got the could start an anti war battled for the seat in numbers declined as you're not. Last wait it out at about 800 last year. That off the bench. A guy you know install law. That's the story that we saw that Eddie play just would not. At this stage short. This year monopoly did not start a weight down because with Stanton o.s and yell it out there at what they call eight. If you belong out there. Getting out of that these short this year and he might edit. You know or perhaps a week and forgot like in the stops to be productive. So frequently so are the number are out there a law. Prior career but I I think he's. I just let her sit. Happy medium for how much aquarium right at it and that's. Going to have her voice of the Miami Marlins joining us of course spent time near Rochester is the second half of the baseball season against tonight and glad. Congratulations or Marlins tonight get the best team in baseball central Dodgers tonight. And now we mentioned dice clay Dellinger and you know obviously a lot of Yankee fans here in Rochester all familiar with with Aaron John but. What villagers doing LA I would say eight's pretty close point five home runs through the season and just how good overall do you think his doctor team is going. Well I think you get the Astros right now the American League in the National League is clear on runners at October. You know and when you look challengers on the Dodgers to eight and I called a political. Event 52 NET eight he got there. And it's a little while. Item hold that stance we ran out adding. Are you glad he's not a good date at which point where they give it to play in a single day. And now it looks like it in the dollar at least until September but you can ya back. I played first base in the bassist is remarkable and that you just wonder when the point can't people stop pitching to admit he situation games double line. He's been terrific where it. Absolutely I and I the ladies spin machine quite almost already as a rookie numbers but it in the big leagues or this year. Just remarked at a leading mostly missed the first song as well. And it became a lead in front end that it are quote scored. You look at the rotation of the all out and we transmit that back in gear. The line at 18 there are older actors in we've seen the actual cost eight play. They've made to compete. The best regular seat either based all of this quite. Would be you can immediately restore order or in the that's called C a October anyone's most common are the rotation. I think their daughters my aunt and it turns stood there but the a lot can happen between now and certain current. Oh so who makes who but that used border dispute and it would be on the court and being a better. Nationally last. What you know their ample dignity in Iraq are creepy eat it all your. It's a string dynamic eagle on them there. Voice of the Miami Marlins claimed after joining us in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee Glenn I know you have a relationship with gene that. That stems back to many many years in and I just didn't know if you'd ever had a chance to it is here or seed Jean's head physically now. Not going here are you. Wanted to ask must stand you're gonna ask him I forgot you're asking but scandal. Will prolong the head explosion we'll look that have gone okay arc so Glenn and I apologize on Mike's behalf. Why are we having trade rumors are Jean Carlos stands in here can. I mean if you're your franchise that wants to be sold when here franchise take a little bit of it here you're Bulawayo bass player I. Help explain this to me or is it even real to begin with here. Well a lot. Albert. Maybe a coaster but he let out a Carlo got a lot of Michael Moore as it operates at the oil outlook. Is what our. Problem. You don't wait a look at. A it look that fired not at. I'd need dollar. Contract or are able. So I'm out of art. Arab League burger bash it and then I eat it too well at burger. Or else. Equal. As court. And that would go round which. On the plate Cust worked out he or I'd like equaled the extra mark are called me out. You know current market. On. Your but the bottom line is. Credit card debt. It certainly we've targeted. Help any regard. Cook who called all book. Come on we're at. You'll are. Old by stockpiling young talent on our. Require. That back what you at a tree. It to load so high it is he it is at some point built you can have. Been. They divided so Morse at bats a lot of bring it up now. A lot less so. I mean that's probably agent to launch in May at some point. I'd be surprised at it very dramatic happened now that line as long as the current should be placed here. I told you player had a 972 OPS at 327 batting average in three homers and ten RBIs. With an eleven game hit streak that. It's some impressive numbers are they not. Sure. Class a danger I think it's IA GO KK. This stand on Tim Tebow. Because you know there are. You know look at it and think to yourself you know what good for him he's a guy who just fulfilling his dream and tried to Peter do you do you view him the way gene doesn't like. This guy is a jerk he's a fraud why is he playing bay you know I. Just curious is that to what side people on this is usually Wear jeans had just mentioning the name Tebow makes Jean red. Well out of eighteen and export the answer of the status by Google. Extravagant expense over the course we are. Like her in the cop or stately. He's also a lot less experience they go out there stately I'm not he's Islamic past me and Bobby should either. You don't seem surge or over. Out that it is equally a sixteen year old or Venezuela. Or former high school and that you do what you gotta do so I'd like to do it over the longer although. On the and weigh in because age because that what you did walk the you'll be the year. You would think he did a better place that's a lot of competition in dealing with there. You know large rabbit beat Spanish enforced equally. It and you move chronicle each stroke spent in out there and struck out at aren't. You're a lot let out this builders. Are. Now Ottawa at equal client level but a good grip of what you do until our stated. Glenn your miss and some funny here in Rochester Dan Mason and guys they make him. Make it weighs it would play each in with big sexy on the mound last night and I might get us darn near Rochester next what are you giving us open and a fun time for revel in baseball this Curacao I'll close you're able to keep up what that. You know what. I'd be many activated at. I attended taxed city based organized speak from space and because we're both so it worked it and we start. Are we or they are very that over the years. I'm certain English ace and you'll still are all crumple up. Aren't. Corporate. It. We don't like to see that part of it you know this might be arch our only chance is if you know last night it was not a great night for for Bartolo and and now like you might actually get a start here in Rochester we've got to get that in front of. That's exciting. You know eat. That like each other greatly missed I outlook. The pitch hit the net start with media start much as it that excitement too much Cologne to. It would debate school which at all and that's. That refuse to get it went into the age and rid the it. Cock. That. I bet. This. Answer it back. He's a jet markup. Not. A monologue. Caught it last. Until. Glad. Eight by caught up or it is not an art of war in certain the only regret we call work. Glen it's great to catch up with you in talks in baseball here in nine have fun tonight. Second half of the season now begins tonight is the Dodgers taking on the Marlins voice of the Marlins. Glenn guess here our guest I Glenn thanks so much appreciate your time. Any. Gotta have a great weekend Glenn Glenn got there the voice of the Miami Marlins our guests in the sports sparking German tank clean if you missed any of that conversation. Look for online we'll have an on demand the only ESPN Rochester dot com even better the free to download ESPN Rochester app. I was an angle I didn't think of but it's interesting guillotine say on each row topped the how the baseball not honor. One of their greats and understand each row is in going to. He's not going to go out of his way or if he's asked to do something leg he doesn't feel he earned the all star. On recognition he's not going to accept it so that was Glenn's. Reason and I think that's just ago is any reason why at the all star game needing hear or see anything from one of the all time greats Ichiro Suzuki. Let's update via Twitter poll at ESPN Rochester to this question out there in you know. It isn't just talking football right now talking bills football as we're now less than two weeks away from bills training camp. Some hypotheticals come up and eighty I love I could have these kind of conversations all day each. Career. Means more has meant more to the Buffalo Bills. Between Fred Jackson and LeSean McCoy. Right now 69%. Giving to Fred Jackson. Who is still hanging on still trying. Doing everything he can. In that developmental. That developmental league showcase. This weekend long with booby Dixon. 31% to LeSean McCoy. We'll dive into battle of the more later in the sports bar with danger and the tech we really enjoyed that. Baseball conversation went after again ESPN Rochester dot com or the ES PM Rochester app if you missed any up next in the sports bar. Or give you some sports comments to agree or disagree with its game we play called. I'll drink to that and there's a former Rochester athlete Jean who I want to tip my hat too because it. From the outside and from an outsiders point of view it looks like he's doing everything he possibly can. To make his way onto an NFL roster OPEC will get into that more next. Aldridge that the sports bar on the way AM 915957. FM this is the sports leader ESPN Rochester.