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Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features a recap of game four of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan in Washington DC. What has been the difference in the Capitals performance this postseason? The guys discuss the series to date and also speculate about how Alex Smith will fit in with the Redskins.

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Patrick victories heartbreaking defeats no matter your team no matter your game when he talks sports on CN 950 and 957. FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester. The Washington Capitals are one win away. To their first Stanley Cup. Let's get close to the blast zone with Graham Paulson whose coast of great Danny on our sister station when a 67 the fan in Washington DC joining us now. In the sports bar with danger of attack may grant how are you. Grant I can only imagine there are fans nervous certainly eats you sense the celebration beginning what is the vibe right now in DC. Oh capital in early nervous because. They've not handled well prosperity well obviously there and it rocked the red outs but lets in Arabic and back. I doubt and taught years they haven't bloody. Background well here but they are exercised a lot of demon turned it by getting back. Berg in round two getting packed saint but they maybe more audits hit an actor ain't. In Eastern Conference final now update in a 31 Jerry Lee. It up it can't be incurred big golden Knight well. I. Kept our eye already on team. There won't be as much anxiety turner but it's hardly dropped in I could have come back it eat yet ink. Actuant Arctic eagle summit there is keep up the pack creep into the back of my people agree that it did play actually well a peek at Kenan. I they've earned beat 31 series lead to. To close out this this Vegas team I mean if it does go 32 if they do lose. Eight in Vegas. All another pressure just intensifies it makes it even harder for them to close it out hope doesn't it. Apps look I think that I'd become one hate. Eight is being worked out pretty big drop find a way to win even though being down theory that. Our watch in what Eastern Conference final they're down 35. On the lack speaking there's Geary did anybody get it out and act. Straight game six win. In their Blondie hit the road because it happened all the principal on the light and what would happen. I want them to dispute were. Apart of yellow and what epic ever effort in the a little while Obama brought the ball and the year Ali. The cardinal are part of our history people aren't pretty one area more than any other. In any sport in history. I think because of the back. Thanks so much trouble in a scenario where everybody else I know trouble. They were a game RIQ would it. Where would be a very nervous and I'm in town but. The fact that it got to that point one. And they are playing. A once great inspect it into knit and make up. They're playing. Eight phenomenal brand to eat and air it out all right there in rebound in true appropriate. And the alliance and I'll. It's been more typical day out watch it. Aided their speed with neutral on clay it's been spent years or watch. Edit only a fire power it outsold it in our. Franchise record in bowl a well brought into the net stop that outline better. More point any apple ever had a boat and it plans are our award winner it took it in that draft room not beat about the pat. And that gets a little bit at the. Grant Paulsen is a cause a grand Danny I'm 1067 the fan in Washington here in sports are 957 ESPN. Greater closer to this than we are obviously eyes so you would know is this a different Alex Ovechkin were seeing this playoff run. I think the more complete Alex Albrecht in acting you lady. Play an upbeat banter back check or edit either get on the ice block shot and do at all on. Aren't aren't great year and you're like and don't look scorer that all our guys that are averaged thirty or thirty or a playoff brought. At that player to be one of the better defender or artwork in it Edgar or. Is there and that we're not here but it's a much better spent. Well hello we are no one played great it and get back effort or. Yeah out loud pop the prop eight pretty bitter Arctic Mike Bell apparently you are in a match. And we're network Ella acted a little beat up armament and like. I got play harder not that the topic is not a problem here ever been the problem here he is serving a they'll make up or do any out at one. And at least this year because of everything all that great old beat. And back it airplane to eat it. Were lying. Exit brand of RUS air perhaps I will they get in and into the spent the people who quote unquote not OPEC in. That back. It doesn't gain broad. Back at our debate at a one at all by. Eric in Perry a moment where you look back you don't he could've done something where there are older more mature. Mary now I early in his career probably went out our little bit more I think you're Perry thought it. All the little in between games here. They eat at 18 plus minute they're really productive crop ER IE. And it is art await an at bat well and not a coincidence. It's after urgent lookup because. Grant what we talk about the difference between this cap semen and caps teams that we've seen come shored up year after year and end. One player that that stands out to me is Smith Alley I'm curious immediately with the other grit. This year sees real bit different that might be part of that change the what does Smith telling meant to this team defensively it really feels like that guy's been a difference maker this season. Yet the great observation me mediate veteran playoff but you can rake it and eat it and that outlook in back result era anecdotally. Kinda in the career are people back literally beat the top. Eat Bass Strait by either eat eat into what are eat player. Pool work well when they. And that isn't it right it really eaten in the regular RR but the bigger. And bigger than it did play well and good and proper. Teachers are but I've been on only. For people have been following it there have been regular go. They don't respect and he gets its goal that both. He was brought it on a two way contract not guarantee any impact when it out on the capitol. In training camp in barely get by the way I don't really forced start well where people are owed it to work. Expel all over the place a little problem that propped wide open at the net stop it on the home as well be in on the fourth line. I. Very typical behind the net open now when he goes back but or checking on the offense and the right. It eking into it and how I speak it around each action connecting it for years the capital at an act I do not. Bring a player ranked billet out aren't they will Elliott a bit in the right place at the right time the benefited from our block. And hero and really that's been expecting to win a Stanley Cup. Gonna be elected in the count Earl wild beat Becker at a pretty epic run out of nowhere car. Grant it was a feeling at a town down their BK is Thea Lee with the Eagles championship and they've got these. The sixers team on the her rise in Boston has more rings and they know what to do where if New York had the success of the Yankees. DC you gotta go back to the 92 Redskins last time we got a championship I mean what is it been like here for over two decades now. Nearly three in Washington. As a sportsman. That that the people don't really I don't think pay enough attention to it BP that it back but or major sports. There are certainly a little longer drought. But not with four major sports scene but it did it on expect on the playoffs they eat eat at twenty years the red in early January bridge and I eat you. Act at 91 football beat. You've got to account for the fact reported apps on it in to get deep on the dot when he year. Over apple which spent with alt or baker or an actual game back I doubt that aren't where nobody got into account our. What kind of hard to do in Europe but it in Tibetan capital had been the bat and a regular for the majority of the lack. Seminary you're in hot although president. Trophy at that that that record the most point the national when their division moral and they don't bet the number one seed and actually multiple I'm. All got a dirty predicted that the week championships you're in big ball at. Basically doctor Kodiak oil clear Barry you eating the went 38 in the air Beijing what Mac church or even drop irk the waited until. Unfathomable. That back after it happened so it carpet the lack vital and eat eat the lack of even opportunity to get a final order or. It's capitol having done it wants at a couple brought in 98 what are here with not quite get real batch in. That is a bit of a long time com you would have thought yesterday there were a presidential inauguration or something downtown port Al and the band. In the streets watch on big screens that Apollo at the plate. It had been a real party atmosphere in fact it apps act cocky and not the red and did I make it count doesn't matter in a people are. Or and Judy and joy it is unlike anything we've experienced here are my age thirty or younger. It's good article they. Never knew what it was like victory deep into GP video in all over the land. So long and and now. York city and it it's why you do it it's quiet separate summit kicks the about it because there really a court. Graham Paulson the coast of Britain Danny almost 67 a fan of Washington DC either show every mid day from 10 AM. Cut to 2 PM you can hear on the radio dot com app as well I want to go back to earlier in the series. The Braden McNabb hit on coups nets off because that's up. But it it it didn't seem like a dirty hit but certainly I hit the kept him out of that game in and this is the Stanley Cup Playoffs so I don't think there was ever a doubt that he was gonna come back into the series to contribute a you know we can talk about whether or not. He's the MVP. Of this series so far above but I'm curious as to if you know anything about his injury other than bullets at upper body injury. Those shoulder from what are the old I thought I would already acted became the apple. Thought sure he'd be back in the period but it at at eight probably eight. I had a pretty much aren't people including teammates when he would not only so REIT that according to act it's been enacted into law. And an expatriate later he's in the morning eight. Any did everything you've got all the rockets and it very clear right then and there and why anyone at any time I think it inmate were Alec Earl is ready for it creep but. Eddie look like it'll sell for the most part because without Internet debt load. I chipped and Eddie and almost set up a goal and then later had that bit about her all on the court and the second period on a second goal of the game and really didn't get the eight. Termed the injury and it specifically what happened with the solar. I'm not sure looked like a rip current and it irked that ballot bowl is shoulder which guardian bothered to actually and maybe even could have been misplayed or something for Obama by. What we know ways. Clearly what did it. They're still help a lot better because if you don't know will backed you know at 29 points and well he got there and multi point game. What it essentially. Over. Twenty and buying all the LP to an arm injury. IE spin master and might get paid if they work when the company you win one more game. Any next Credo that in. They aren't Madeleine back that out inning but also elect and the treatment. I award will probably get a lot of run it on might. I gotta tell you it Quebec are in their best player in the playoffs thickly and they're both Oregon they're all spent. And they wouldn't be here without ending data about a bet there'll be more potent. The conversation that well but Tibet Papa is bound or other ear bit. I'm not sure that and they really doing at capital African go to that that year but he is I think we can kind of the known bit. They are something that a week it may be a model of a pedestal but. Make them look pretty good because he played a level that is. But an achy breaky. Heart truth they are at at how dominant at aren't did in this crop. Graham Paulson goes to grand Danny won a 67 the fan in Washington our guests couple more here regret. They're serious question now I mean if folks who didn't see days let me describe it. Bryce Harper shows up last night game for wearing a Vegas couldn nights wire now. Critics see both sides of this I mean he's from Vegas and once the show hold Tom pride but. I can almost guarantee he's been to more caps games and by the way he plays in Washington so. How did that goal or down their Bryce Harper showing up in the enemy colors in Washington. I don't think it will surprise you guys but he didn't go go very well now they can't predict pointed. And eighty booty and they were angry and they were. Ops that many of them on social media where. I'm ED elect street and then. Rationality were related by. I have no problem with it in when we talk about it on the show today we called on that. I'll believe earth that the Barack I think it's silly to be upset it in each are Ball State. Had ordered entire life wanted eight professional sports in the Paula thought. It exports and and old are you and it hit that you hit it as president or he didn't have all these boys and I only spent. But he argued it is now actor Eric argue some intellect can do to get went pear orchard. It a lot they pulled back at our own apartment at spring training one day. And you all the players next act on bent the pairing. Really legitimately do it upbeat in the all mean drop our ceremony really a couple of times. They can't watch it every English and then you're others when he called. Oh yeah I should've prophetic in a span is ludicrous to me or if they don't Wear a Jersey ate it you don't wanna be a bandit or bother. And that's less articulate like that is where neutral color but. And make it about LP GE walk the concourse with and what bat at shall eat what. On ear and not born doctor. On a microphone in check them like all right. I like our imprint on out. I don't have enough energy at this point that they get angry about that but I've. A little minority and that belt that only people are airport a lot of them. They given a reason to go I test the waters in free agency and and figure out where he's gonna I'm so always get a push him any yet just push Amado and up in pinstripes of four you know a cramped Paulson coast of grand Danny a 167 the fan. In Washington DC joining us finally before that you go Danny you know we got to get a little bit Redskins talking here too you know we affectionately refer to him is the big Asian Paula of NFL quarterbacks although last season. He's play really turned out to be more like a Lamborghini Alex Smith. Now the young quarterback what is the reaction how do you think Alex Smith to the Redskins is gonna pan out this season. Well it mixed reaction on the that'd be it audio poke your encounter a very frustrated by the fact that they're right in handle. Kirk content. Situation here and and it being at a treat for Allah that he is cut and well on its way out. By trading per Alex may yet be about a third round pick which could have been enact that that helped chip. Need to give up a really talented young quarterback in Kendall Olerud in a start but it keeps right away. And recorded at street bet where I read eat at black here at a premium nick Warner what you are the odd. I bet there. Expect the exact situation and are we likely to appeal will be Arco where you're trying to poke at the country. You only a bad idea he picked back up them. Alex Smith as an option to replace Kirk got in Egypt blow not in a big debate that. The bottom not an all out there or are probably they'll. Going to be at that Bettman didn't I wouldn't pick it up open though you're way it may well I think audio budget enter a bit earned it ever went market but. You know veteran quarterback. Will it be Richard and almost every single week a lot like carpet. I think aren't they better actor. I certainly can't order offence. But moronic like that or abandoned early gains however Alex now it is eight more act on it. We won't Opel. And better off schedule. Like baker. And so many in the end there a little. That apple oral watch almost but I don't think it's so. That act or is it a little bit of money by bought Alex. The question become how much they improve they're eat and are they going to be able to stop all bent. And it may well have won over the lack of AP that they had a funny injury but more importantly even haven't been kidnapped and it not because they're all bets are Kirk but. Alex Smith is not operate in dire Rogers a label on. Make everything better audit that the ball don't bet absurdity storyline but specific to bet that people are excited. Because it when he found out cut likely out they don't they were about him and her into that trap. At quarterback both great year in an expectant got a I'd straight outrage at a bed date they went the paper out and they did a double off the bat. What what do people think of Daniel Snyder has that the perspective I have here Ayman knicks fan. Checked added kind of dormant knicks fan because over the years. I needed you the guy dole and makes it impossible. With its decision making in some of his behavior in the I don't know if that's an apt analogy or not but the war from the outside looking in on his wondering. Our aid is you have people finally grown hired the Redskins owner because I look at other owners in the NFL that are. Quite frankly doing a much better job grant. I'd leave them unpopular I keep them mentally. It like I watched and AT among the band. I eat or don't most are pretty. Or remove from the band aid to the point where. I don't know let it eat your Turkey. And your story or column or anything that's written about and meet. Eric polluted with that they're probably could turn out a year out. Why would they care. He's got a pretty good right out because acting you can do it unit. Been largely an active war I expect oh and aren't popular here role. It basically at some point that it's a lot of the trapped or you. Edit more on apple and older more unpopular. Eddie as bad in the form of brutality presidents. And most of the vitriol it's spent eight and boat anchor. A disappointment about all of the situation picked a lot whether back. Indicated on the firing up got a little departure. Or the perk our contracts are it went on multiple op. Alan not it's harder when it's in both the boat and I don't know actually at all to this book or wire. Alan it actually edit your number one in rock and people are not among the band based. Starter is are probably good cop I would say but. You don't hear his name brought up that much at a at a site and I don't mind the way back they change and it can lender down no longer here but we're now he. Rarely got a petition are out of the upper end and take it a lot of Arabs. Grab love having you on Trent Paulson the coast of grant Danny on a 67 the fan in Washington DC our sister station. You can hear grant show on the radio dot com map every day from 10 AM. To 2 PM let's not now wait a long time to do this again grand it was great having you on hopefully have the chance talk again real soon. Sure I. My pleasure you look back at the. Our guys and grant grant Paulsen. On 1067 the fan in Washington DC that was fun. And for a fan base you forget it's been since 1992. There watching ten. As one and they have. Four Major League team deserve one of the nationals come along that was toward the end of that decade. When they moved down from Montreal so to me it's. It's their time danger here really is I anybody want to be upset about Vegas bay is you got you exceeded expectation everything is fun. And I guess my opinion of Bryce Harper wearing those vague is golden knights Jersey changed a little bit upon learning from grant that our right to guy actually. Is not understanding it's. Dumb anybody that wants to get on him for wearing that it's dumb it affects you in no way shape or form it doesn't affect you at all. It shouldn't affect you at all if you're a fan of the player. Who plays for that team if your Washington Nationals fan. In your Bryce Harper fan. They'll all you should care about is how is he performing when he's on the field for the Washington Nationals I don't care. If he wants aware of a careful brawn wants to Wear a yankees hats. We he's at a Cleveland game. Any means I don't care if it doesn't affect you as a fan it's silly to me and why that I'm probably. Jealous of the people. Who burn calories. Getting worked up over that. If that's the biggest problem you have and you really don't have any. Lumps. Well it this'll happen at some point of the sabres ever make a run right there will be a Buffalo Bill that will show law in the the colors of a bill hometown. To meet there's anything that needs to be said anything grant admitted that. You can you you don't have that you you can tone it down just a little bit. LeBron going to hit a yankees Indians playoff game. Wearing a Yankee playoff. Hat in that town Cleveland didn't goal. Over that. Well. Yeah what happened anyway championship does that ready bring that up is that Medicare does liberty the job done I'm done Medicare reform the only it was what a championship keyboard that Yankee hat Libre disrespectfully laws. Stop it. Stop that Ayers. Alberta single calorie worrying about Bryce Harper whirring of Vegas golden knights sweater that's in seeing him. I don't understand how something that affects you it's zero it affects you in no way shape or form. So why why are we getting upset about it. And why if they're on the fact that he's created. And we're gonna go I'm saying is you're just gave him again and another reason to leave Washington congratulations. This is not unique to Washington is not unique to Cleveland this what happening town someday we'll have this conversation. Years down the role of bottom buffalo I'm sure we have an example we dig through things about. A weather wasn't did somebody cheering against the bills are cheering against the sabres something like that. Get I want Madonna it's OK to go on cheer for Vegas but walked the concourse and a big its golden knights. Jersey that act. It can get it. What Murray that he has been a fan since day wine and at least you could name the defensive pairings are it and then I'll give up. Outside of Nathan tweeting at ESPN Rochester seeing all of these atmosphere is around Vegas in DC just makes me jealous I want that here in Western New York for the sabres. I just think he'll be even crazier because the fans here just wanna run. A run like the caps and nights are having. We're sick of who else it would appear. That this offseason things are looking up for the Buffalo Sabres Harris. Yes that blue line might get fixed you might have a go holy day could a little bit more than Robin Lehner I did last year. Are the sabres got to make the last thing. And that is over getting out of ourselves McIntyre that they're not gonna finish 31 again air writing into west. Teeing danger you know also started a good scout before becoming a feasible T truck echoes back to our conversation last segment about. The rumor that Ryan O'Reilly could be headed to Carolina on and there's a first time GM in Carolina and you know if you wanted to deal Ryan rallying. Know be agreed Playskool take advantages them. Aron appreciate that hash tag wail these words of wisdom. Moon us. UID to get a fellow executives took advantage of Doug where would you think agents took advantage of Doug Whaley. Yes I think everybody is and took the adequately. Yes it would result of that is it's 48 million dollars excuse me 47 million dollars of debt cap money into 48 date yet. Are let's get to Alter that. Next in the sports bowl gives some provocative thoughts from around the world of sports you could agree or disagree we love when you join us. At 454 ESPN that's 4543776. And also on Twitter as you know mentioned at ESPN Rochester. I'll drink that is on the way Matthew culled from ESPN Twin Cities as well. Stay with us in the 4 o'clock hour the sports bar with danger of the tag Leo on ESPN rock just. I'm super fast sports junkie. Nice player and that's. Access to them. It's. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. For many N 950 and 957 MMS forcefully.