The Sports Bar- Harrison Phillips

Our final guest on The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia, rookie DT Harrison Phillips. He joins the show to talk about life as a rookie for the Buffalo Bills, his relationship with Kyle Williams, and more.

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Don't pretty gets a little cooler out there this morning than it was this afternoon your team because it feels pretty hot out there to me it was pretty bad yesterday as soon as it was a good one yesterday get us ready for our. You know some of that warmer game to play this season Harrison Friday night let's look back take your first time stepping on that you were field. Practice in front of all those thousands of fans but you know a glimpse of what your son is it looked like in the future talk about that feeling your NFL. Yeah you know I think. You know is definitely surreal moment one of those things I worked my whole life to try to accomplish and you know the crazy thing is that's still not really the dream you know we have made a final roster yet the cut to four more weeks. We go from nine to 53 were ever made me. So you know there's still a lot of things left accomplice in a lot of things to check off the bucket list but I was just kind of one of them and so. It'll be evaded a better experience come this Thursday more Syria and you know after. You know we find out if I make it seem an odd in. If you get into the home opener. During the season that the eight more unbelievable experience harassing your your fan favorite the coaches like you're not taking this for granted make in this final roster you're still you know what you wanna nail this down. Yeah I mean just her too many stories. Of players in the past stories you know different situations it's bad it's happened before. And you know you know every day yet the opportunity come out and either insane and so. You know you can never be complacent it would never won a put my foot off the pedal thinking that I've already have a spot on this Rosser. Because I I can imagine if I told you. Hey you're gonna make it seem mount a percent or hey you might not make it seem you might come out of the practice field. Some different way every day so. Just have that mentality of trying to be an underdog is you know I have a lot to proven a lot left to accomplish. The trying to take anything for granted. Buffalo bills' offensive tackle Harris and Phillips are gas in the country sweet hot seat the sports bar. With danger and the tag Leo let's talk a little bit more about that and gene mentioned the bills. Fans of kind naturally gravitated towards you. Your consistently drawing long lines like a ton of autographs and what about you do you think has made Buffy will break you as quickly as they have. Shoot you know I guess I didn't know that there was that much of the fan favorite clay. But you know I think that the draft was a pretty good experience even if you are watching live in of those clips kind of went viral of of one poncho read my you know red was able to go onstage in. Announced my picks it up that kind of made especially itself one of the highlights of the the overall draft. Itself. I know that I think the bills. Social media accounts REIT we played the video that my sister took of me when I got the call and you know the emotions I had. And you know I think you know because of all the comparisons are making me to some of that other players on the team already won specifically. I'm. They kind of have high expectations and high hopes for me so. You know I think. Coach determining in mr. mean they've they've done fantastic things. On in the fabulous. Turn in this organization around. You know the whole new era. New air field there are coaching knew where players. I think that. You know I just I think in the draft process they chose me because they felt like I was you know a good good cultural fit for the bills. Harrison Phillips was taken a third round by the Buffalo Bills in this draft or cancer in the sports park. You mentioned con show who announced. You were selection the voting he teaming year that first practice that you have a chance to meet him and all yeah yeah I got to talk them a few times and my family's been in touch with him through. You know since the draft and things like that. A site news coming down I mean with them I think it all three of the practices he was able to make comment we have plans to meet up in Houston. But when we go down there and play. Harassing you mentioned comparisons to Kyle Williams I'm just curious how much time you've been spending with in the camp kind of an influence has he had so far kept the secrets we heard last week. Others a practice where yet sacks on three consecutive plays he's playing like he's a rookie and he's a veteran guy what kind of influence it's had on you so far on this defense. I mean he's tremendous influence in an and although the veterans I look up to you know even though. Us rookies were here you know we're good kind of feel like we've done something and we're still not there you know we're still not on year ten were not on news thirteen we are we haven't accomplished anything we none of us played NFL snap before. So you know there's just you know we're we're kind of crass enough part of the journey a monopoly they're so even though these guys are appears in there. The people who in the means that there on the field grind him with you know they're still role models and that way. And I looked up to those guys on the fan of those guys. Just like you know stands me at sawgrass for a shoot I'd take their autograph of I felt comfortable asking for it but. Yeah you know I spent as much time as I can obviously got to respect who we have our our down time. Give people that their routines and its recovery treatment family all that stuff. But any time that that opportunity to sit by some and a lunch she's been in the league for awhile or dinner or walking from place to place. A charity event and all those moments. There's an Phillips our guest here one of those guys on the defensive line you can play with him at Stanford but Trent Murphy how's he been able to help you and at what is this Stanford alumni connection line can mean did you know he made all before you came to buffalo. Yeah yeah I've known of the stories. The I don't know how to describe them in more. Like myths of some of the things that he had done. Probably more scared of him the you know from the more I heard of some of that crazy stuff he subdue it and at Stanford and you know how hard and how tough he is just have a toughness and grit that night. You respect but you also slightly fear so he came he gave a speech start team on time. Pregame and you know half half the team was like ready to go putt some in the face and get arrested in the other half was it about scared getting a call their parents and he's. He's all serious he's he's tough and you know I think. He spent the mortgage Sonoma I realize how great the person he is how much she does so through this culture but yet he's kind of been a good mediator between. Beam me as a rookie and some of the vets so which half did you fall into where users scared type for the one that's regal punch somebody in the face. I was ready to play that game actually unfortunately I got rejected that game later on site he tried it as part. There isn't filled Buffalo Bills rookie defensive tackle our guests in the sports bar danger of the tag glee on ESPN Rochester. You touched on routine. The routine that you guys are going through here at camp you're on a tight schedule here at saint John Fisher. Have you found personal time doing wind is their time doing one you've got a double major from Stanford so maybe you can give us advice on time management Harrison. MA yeah I guess. I really haven't won its on line yet you know and maybe. I don't know I don't know and at that time will be you know I I try to stay in as much as I can I guess. You know summertime where have a conversation you're not as focused on the place you just made the plays didn't make things like that but. I don't know I love I love football so much is my passion and it's. You know if I wanted to focus on that I didn't is going to be in my head regardless though. Maybe we'll see I think you know after our last preceding game I think we don't have a a few days off may be in now. The only catch my breath a little bit. Yeah no benchmark coming up Thursday night the first priest teasing game if you give any thought of what that feeling will be like when your actually lining up against another NFL opponent her. Kinda but I have really put too much thought into words yet just because you know taking it day by day and if we had a fantastic tough hard practice on Saturday and that was kind of the only thing else think you know focus in on it. Now folks go back to figure out what I can correct from the mistakes I made a practice but. It's definitely gonna stick I promise you the quick it's only a few days away. Any jitters before that gaming yet. Jitters in in general before game but your first NFL game Thursday the pre season game against Carolina. Yes yeah for sure I don't know what that feeling is I mean anybody who's been there and can try you know knows how hard is described its mix of anxiety nerves excitement. Passion I mean there's there's a lot of young well. Can we ask you about when your teammates Edmonds at linebacker because the. Really we see. That he's this physical beast behind you. I mean what do you think he will do with this defense if you win in the rest of the defensive line you're doing your job you should be able to. Rack up a lot of tackles and one thing yes absolutely I think everyone here is impressed with. Maturity that he has. Everyone is impressed that the physical freak of nature he is. On the we're all grateful that or he's on our team I'm sure the offense is happy that you know they got the play and yeah I think that. You know he hit his ceiling is is untapped and down. I'm I think that he can he's gonna have a tremendous tremendous you. Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Harrison Phillips go with this time joining us for few moments in the country sweet hot seat before we let you go. We wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't ask about the quarterbacks where's your competition going on what you seen over the three quarterbacks us for campers. You know I vaccine a lot. Competition I guess you know they've they've all done some some great things made some great throws. Made some great check downs you know handled that the huddle they're well commanded the troops and I mean. Other than when I'm out you know other than what I watch I don't know. Too much other than that I mean if he makes a great throw maybe that was the right reedy was supposed to throw to him you know maybe was just like I don't know. Everything that goes into that the quarterback play. But. Yeah it's yeah it's going to be fun and I feel comfortable with whoever's gonna be behind senator and I'm happy. And you know the more the more we have more competition the better will be as a unit that will be is at quarterback there will be it offense and better will be is. Thursday night the Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers are pregame coverage will begin at 5 o'clock and he has been in Rochester our guest is being Harrison filled harassing. Best of luck in your you're gonna make the team you do know that crank. I don't know. Witnesses in the day every day this is why this why everybody loves Harrison Phillips though he's humble he's he's got a good air of humility about him we wish the best luck this season Harrison stay healthier right thank you guys yeah audience.