The Sports Bar-Hour 1 10/10/17-Jeremy White

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, October 11th

Co-host of the Howard and Jeremy show on our sister station, WGR, Jeremy White joins Danger and Battaglia in hour one of today's show to recap disappointing performances from both the Bills and Sabres. Plus a rousing round of "I'll Drink To That" where the guys debate if Frank Gore is a Hall-of-Famer and if the Jacksonville Jaguars are a playoff team. 


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WR CAM coming. EDT to Rochester. Rochester dock on the M 950 and 95 cent of their. The sports we're ESPN Rochester. It. But sports bar with danger and the tag which requires downfield plays wide open makes expected the 47. And he has knocked out of bounds in Cincinnati territory. There's a silver lining in some of this although he never lets you guys get hurt us in particular. Any play let alone player Charles scalpers. I'll take full responsibility for travel we've had a bunch opportunities harmlessly plays a gun shows didn't convert its sour taste of that. Just like all of us we have to continue to improve arrows working hard to continue to improve I've got all the confidence in the world and Tyrod Taylor. Mike danger it's gonna be tough but I think you know. What you can hope for is that he will. We needed utilize his wide receivers not in a way that forces the issue not the way that creates turnovers fifteen for exactly. You want change but Tyrod from last year this year. I have nothing from saint quarterback. Rochester sports leader. 9570. ESP yet. Afternoon on both the stolen join us the sports bar is open for business danger of attack lay up. And AM 915957. FM. And streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com. And the free to download ESPN Rochester app by MI danger after new G detect danger welcome back bought. The last time I saw you last time we had the chance to speak we were. Having Beers and raising glasses with Rochester Americans meet the players idol Wednesday it feels like forever ago my friend yeah. That was before the Amber's got off to the tour will start and then you had your trip we did an abbreviated show on Thursday. Friday we took every baseball game we call it had a great did baseball here in the station and then now yesterday. The sabres you know but it's good to have you back but. Feels good to be back from. Enjoyed that time. Got taken a lot of action. Everything from the sabres to the bills double cover all of it today in fact. Our guest at 325. Jeremy White from our sister station WG RA buffalo. Will be joining us to its talk all things bills and sabres got plenty of thoughts I was actually at that the balk call yesterday keybank center. The sabres are falling sixty viewed the doubles in this. Wasn't the penguins of the Blackhawks. But the president irks me is that doubles. Followed up by there for the at a loss to the islanders so you know could we get here the sabres yes. But. You know at this point we should mention that camera Steve sweep their home and home as you mentioned taking on the Syracuse crunch and beating them this weekend the start undefeated so that there is some. Some rights but of course now Brian Gionta practicing with GM works like theirs. There's plenty of positive things happen. Yes it's happening in yes no doubt about it there seems to be a different attitude with this whole -- franchise at this point so weak credit impacted that we're out with the team. On Wednesday to Warner shell and they acted up on the ice so yes it's only opening weekend but that was a team. That got to the Calder cup finals last year in Syracuse is a great star for him Merck's. Not so much for the sabres who will talk about hockey and we'll talk bill stuff Jeremy White from WG armed buffalo. The join us here in just a little bit and we are abbreviated version of the sports bar this afternoon as well 5 o'clock we will go to Chicago for pregame. Is game four of the NL DS between the cubs nets continues to cubs look to close up dancers hot. It league in question. He baseball. You couldn't move this is key hints in the heat says 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock or most of us could watch it I mean yeah it's great because again via radio all week that the game here because people are out or driving home and everything but. That just floors me that baseball would move. The comes to primetime tonight because you what's on after the cubs tonight not saying there is no game be on the console that baseball's putting their game. At the coverage at 538 today. Which I guess in the all if you're on the West Coast you're you're in the middle school or worker whatever it is so. On yeah it seems like baseball's really turn in the clock back as far some of these start dies but we want to bring you the cubs and nationals and and with a wing danger and here comes back in the NLCS yeah. Yes they are by the way gene I know that you said Indians and for last week before we broke but. Are you surprised that game five has been fortunate that it does go to cave which you can by the way here tomorrow night starting at 730 here on ESPN Rochester. I'm surprised that I manager of the Yankees a lot of credit that was a nice win they jumped on Cleveland really quick. The series should be over okay they know every Yankee fan is thinking that Joseph Girardi. That was baseball malpractice what he committed in teams to hit a golf course not challenging the one call. What you have a picture in CC sabathia with 75 accused debts dealing but know little little boxes we've got to go to the golden at this point. It'll does that give me a break. CC sabathia turned claw back the clock ten years it was it was dealing like on a monster in Europe by five runs at that point blowing so all. If the Yankees should lose this series of five I don't know that just getting the game five is enough to save Joseph Ferrari's job at least of our Yankee fan. I'd be thinking it's time for change here because I got this guy. To continue to have some original thought when you're managing a team. Why he would lose his job like I I've seen have seen people say that I get it you're upset that he mismanaged the situation earlier in the series but. Your team is a good year or two ahead of schedule are they not don't you want this guy to be Aristide. Aaron the meets I want to. If you are a team with a resource it's like the New York Yankees and you haven't. Won a championship this decade. Eight. Told nine. Why would any manager any coach keeps his job. For what is this now eight years beyond the championship Boston's grades of run around John. You what it's 4013. Now I've not as close to the Red Sox is among people aren't talking with house or certainly is a debate there he might not end up losing his job but. That's certainly the speculation that the Red Sox agree Ron off their manager John Barrow they won the division well not good enough you're gone. Wait a second we didn't have a horse is on offense not good enough. I just thought well why it's good enough for the Yankees to have this manager if you put in us to superstar manager or other and Joseph direct. Joseph Girardi is just a guy who was a catcher not a good manager really. Or Francona is doing to him in the series. I'm on me and frankly has better pitching than the Yankees I. I Gerrard is good manager I don't know if Girardi ended up on and amid plenty in my thinking immediately makes them better right I feel like. Girardi way if oh Clint. Oakland becomes a better team because show majorities are manager does he not. I mean are yankees I want somebody like you would listen. All well everybody's or does it hurt but. And by the way it's another Lloyd thank you okay oh sure there shut out shut out quote I'm gonna pull. Not shy anymore I hold danger that bit baker would show his manager real strides and he did yesterday. Well. I'm still a lot of series left to be played now I'll feel good about the substance. It's a fine you'll be good don't worry problem. Who will also up because it is Tuesday were trying to get back on track if you like we missed some some action yesterday weren't able to get doctor Russell with the injury round up there's certainly plenty of injuries. To talk about the Debian Tuesday. Today's the day that we do your survive and advance survive triple pitching we're looking for that here homeless now now. Old gap there there you now this is the following week we're last weekend he pretty much have wondered two options what do we tell you. We told you don't pick Ted expert if you don't believe let's go look better too or timeline feet. Every once in awhile we get right. Who we gonna say to be cautious of this week's so yes. Wanna be listening if you're a last man standing tall 4 o'clock or give your second. Yes and still neck and neck with that it's greater. Yes changing neighbor Nelson and don't worry I I should come down I got his pick at the school bus stop this morning. We have this week six pick sealed and delivered lot and veils that. Coming up here at 4 o'clock curious to see if you when he. Are on the same page certainly took different paths to success last week he took. The jets over Cleveland we'll but it was shocking pick there and worked out don't worked out and you went Eagles. Over cardinals. And that worked are never doubt the general general band together now are dying while while he just couldn't be stopped. Out his six foot 52. Is it just like that music is relaxing its relaxing watching a quarterback threw 31 quarter touchdown passes at home knowing or ruling on. Two weeks acts. Speaking of quarterback play. Let's dive in a little bit now and feel like yesterday this was probably. Big topic of conversation. Surrounding bills fans British feel like this is the easiest narrative. Of all their days after a bills lost. With this incarnation a team it's. Our quarterback is average Tyrod Taylor Enola. Guys stop in my office yesterday. You know what Tyrod Taylor's approach. About it we deserve better we should have better we should be better. Tar Taylor's moment. Yes yes all he he you're not wrong but this is think about how many average quarterbacks are in the NFL. And again I will say I don't think any of what we saw. On Sunday with the exception though the final pick is Tyrod Taylor's fault. Q to. What weapons does he have. In the depth. Was seen as it is an and now it's exposed end. Hedo. Going into that by three into the is more than what anybody would have expected when the season started. You know you haven't Tyrod Taylor. Yes he is average he gets paid like an average quarterback. But he allows you the flexibility over the course of the next year to two years. To figure out what your next step is. And you'll know you'll note sorority quickly whether or not you've got something special. Post Tyrod Taylor. Well what was different this game. Rather than the Atlantic game comes down one or two players have made it makes an interception. Octavia since Sonya if if there's one other play it Charles clay is healthy in the second half that's what it every team for the bills this year. Exactly right it's girl like this where every game only got its 1060s. And this is the way in the UK McDermott ball. It's going to be. Nauseating. For bill Stanton when it comes down to plays at the end. Now all the bills don't have a quarterback that's gonna pull a rabbit and they don't have an air Rogers picked up. I feel like we lost the vision that we lost with this the 31 start was. 'cause it was never about this season with this team. I mean this is about rebuilding nobody saying it we forgot. They come out of the gates three why there was a stick it to have a tight you know there's a clear after ten wins there that we're talking about after week for. The gets a little bit muddy your nozzle bit tougher now and it's an invasion that after a tough loss on the road but. The organ remain competitive this year is competitive as it could possibly be but there's still. Looking at 2018 and beyond. With all of the draft capital to have it ever people say why can't dictate. Some of those picks package dealing get a wide receiver. Make a move make a trade dull. No because god is not about 2017. They'll remain competitive Jeanne every game will look like what we've seen this year that will be in every game. I don't think this team gets blown out any of their games I and the defense is too good for that to happen. But the offense is gonna need some breaks they're gonna need some breaks and he hates you're gonna need your defense to get you some points like he did in Atlanta. You can use special teams to contribute like house got his done. But to think that this offense can carry this team no way no way even when they're healthy no way. And now they're not healthy. What you say makes all the sense in the world anybody who wants to call in 454. ESP at 4543776. What we knew all this but here's what we didn't figure. The fact of the AFC east is Darryl who's cool what you tell me you tell me can't see it the year. Doing lingle weaken pencil and just because of Brady but their defense he's one of the worst in the league we now. Pittsburgh. Wow. And when Jim Kelly's career ended it ended like that are we seeing that what Ben Roethlisberger we mine that was pretty bad that was really really bad. But exit who's gonna challenge then Cincinnati. Really our employees. And okay he used in. Jacksonville this five point dean dangers that yes this is about 2018. MB nine. But the way this is setting up. I don't think bill's fans should just sacrificed their current feelings when you look at the rest of the mediocre. ALC doll all all buy into that and I you know I think it will be competitive and every game. And they might even be in the conversation. Late in November I don't think that that that's out of the realm of possibility. You mentioned it. Pittsburgh you mentioned AFC north cornerback with the best passer rating in the AFC north. One takes out. Our eight Flacco. Told Tommy it's cut at Kaiser hill now it's all it's all that it's done so I would argue. Cincinnati even though they don't have the best record in Cincinnati looks like they could be the best team in that division that's a strong division. The AFC south do you know who has the easiest strength of schedule. In the entire league moving forward. Jacksonville Jacksonville. Jacksonville could be a playoff team this year gene. We when a spotted the beginning this season with late morals with us now and one hell of a run game. A guy that you can't stop and Leonard four net. With a great defense. So. With the bills the bills. But the bills which just kind of below Jacksonville when I try to like rank AFC team to think about where they stack up good defense just like Jacksonville. Good run game just like Jacksonville whole bowl. What the bill's lack that Jacksonville house is a threat. Of a passing game you can't just. Focusing and I'm on a for an that would Jacksonville could you can complete some passes and you have some playmakers. The bills it's leak you stop Shawn McCoy you stop that offense. Well that's easy second guess and to Wear it it already knew he debt second round pick is nice bite. I ate solve a lot of this on social media but. Okay what would putts Tammy how different would this offense heading Wimbledon not retired in Sammy Watkins was still on this team yeah. I REI here that in right now. You know week by week it looked. Either like a great deal for the bills are terrible deal for the deal for the bills right now doesn't look like a good deal for the bills EJ gates has hurt Jordan Matthews assert. But when they were both on the field the bills were winning. Sammy Watkins hasn't laid anything up in in LA had one nice to him and he's already onto his next creek Dick who. You know if they need at all while our three tweeting Yang can keep it out and that we never saw Sammy dad angry. Don't know what he's doing what you did here it's not gonna it's not gonna win him any favors. You know so. You can argue that the bills are better or worse shape. Depending on what week it is after making that trade. What I like that trade like TJ gains. Like Jordan Matthews they're both her right now. Those guys get healthy this team maybe improves a little bit maybe you you getting a win where you didn't think you're gonna get away. There are handful of things in the AFC them up I'm not buying that the jets. Are from I'm not buying that. I'm I'm not canceled a win over the browns Null and high I think New England will handle the jets this weekend I'm not sold on the jets. I don't think the dolphins are as bad as they looked. Or offensive line comes blowing lineup where they get there there's a little bit dysfunction within that organization. And yes they've kind of taken on the personality of their starting quarterback. But the talent on that team is there and helping there is bad they would and were talking about it they were the you know they want against the Marcus merry go to less. Tennessee Titans game caller threw for 192 yard shot she's been rising for you that you won. So I don't think is bad as we make them out to be. I don't think. Kansas City is really the only team that I can be like all right they are pretty good. But I I think it is Alex Smith though it is Alex Smith. I'm not willing to crowned Shawn Watson. Said the couple nice games. OK the NFL change is really really quickly. I you know I just. There's still so much. Football left to be played in they're so much. That we can learn. From watching this bills team. And in there's an opportunity there there's an opportunity for guys like hailing clay there's an opportunity for guys like say Jones. To step up because right now you don't have any play makers in the passing game. Britain and teach and be in catching touched since it's silly it's ridiculous. Ever feel like oh your former dangle like OK your dues you're the next option there. I would love to know why haven't promoted brand Riley Riley had a good camp I thought he's on the the. I thought I'd hear everybody saying that and I think to myself you know what if Smart football guys. Saw something in that kid he would not be on the practice squad right now he would be fine. But there are better you know feeling clay. In their eyes is a better option that him. So in what are they seeing that we're not seeing they're seeing something that we're not seeing. Here's lack of knowledge there's a lack he does have between the ears or just doesn't have it he looked good the pre season and that's that. But our public trust the guys that are making the full all decisions that have value tell. Was at a mid term there is that a deem one is that a who was in charge of the roster because clay was brought in by the general manager off the waiver wire right. Where Riley. You're keeping him on the practice squad for reason I would think. Visit you see something all right you wouldn't waste a practice squad position on a wide receiver like. That AC some can be you don't see enough. And maybe we see him at some point these are well I don't think you will see is I don't think you'll see this team make a move. To get a wide receiver to get somebody to stretch the field is not a nobody there was no one there's nobody there until that's not this offense it's not this quarterback. That would be a waste that will be away and it it's not about this season those draft picks are about next season and beyond. T have to deal with what he what we have in what you have is is young and inexperienced wide receivers that haven't shown the ability to get separation. That have a big opportunity in front of them nasty Jones has been disappointing big opportunity for Jones now team at the rookie has. I'll I'll get plenty of time for Jeremy like as we a lot of stuff we can talk to him about here a little bit abbreviated version of the sports bar with danger in the tightly as we handed off. Two up pregame MLB pregame for the and LDS the cubs. And the enacts from Wrigley Field coming up here at 5 o'clock in the sport will serve up shots a little bit early go around the world of sports just before 5 o'clock. The loss to give genes survive and advance pick coming up here it's right around four clock cause a lot of special guest before 5 o'clock. I yet we will also be stopping by they played their brick city game this actually sells out the blue cross arena it has every other year. I'll talk to a head coach we Wilson that's going to be coming up also in the 4 o'clock hour RT hockey we get around I'll drink to that. Some thought provoking comments were on the world of sports coming up as well but next. From our sister station about float 550 WGR. Cohosts of the more action there on GRR Jeremy White joins us next in sports part danger and the tag Leo on AM 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester. There's always ESPN Rochester we really pleased indeed a contest you've armed yourself with a numbing. Prices when you. In Rochester dot com. Broadcasters pigs can pick up when. Gathering place. Game for the NLD as the cubs can advance the NLCS with a win over the nationals Jake area they go against tanner Roark. We'll pick up this game coming up with a pregame coverage at 5 o'clock tomorrow night on ESPN Rochester. Beginning at 8 o'clock it's the deciding game five between the Yankees. And the Indians a trade in the NFL today Adrian Peterson. Sam by the scenes in the Arizona Cardinals and exchange Arizona sending New Orleans and an undisclosed draft. Sports enterprise Dubai target trick out your Halloween at target what costumes and candy to score more it was scary good prices every week target run in Don. Deep tackle and 915957. FM ESPN Rochester. AM 915957. Epidemic streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com. ESPN Rochester around those awards later ESPN right yeah. I'll admit Gina I don't. I've fell victim to a nice autumn schedule I got excited as a you know what let's. Let's treat the fans it Columbus Day matinee from keybank center of the sabres are planning. Be the first actually get to hear the sabres on on ESPN Rochester. Yeah we try to pick up as many sabres games that don't conflict with a hammer so that was kind of kind of cool until. Now all of that out after they drop Jeremy White from WG our sister station in buffalo was you were acting game RG Germany. Rank it on the scale of terrible to even worse than Tammy like this is one of the worst that you were eight in attendance for once not. I would pick up where were you born or in the dark could ever worn a walk I'd monopoly over my old coach. And that was I mean one year old bottles of Lebanon but both of them are in the sharks up. So. A couple of those you know. And what the right up there with. It seems like everything is on fire here with this team so so where we stars of power play is that the defense is that the personnel as the coaching. Ma'am Jeremy did this whole laundry list what is the biggest problem this team right now. In the opener looked odd that was what it was a problem on its not that the that well but what people. I'm going not put much weight up to. With a quote we don't have much help really we are. I'm not certain there. Are currently in the or would. It outlaw. Well happen I don't. I would hope that indeed that our goal outlook about personal also scores don't be a little while Riley so. I wouldn't look good and our own but what they thought yeah. What are. We all. Know what. Yeah I I feel like three games seeing EU could look at the effort to some of the players in question now and I think Housley did some of that after yesterday's loss. And this is a team that they you know you can look at the roster you know they don't have the most talent. On any given night but but really it's about a team just trying to grasp on and and figure out a new system isn't it. I could go. The would go on to their current or active. Caught in an apartment that was not seen from. The last. So I doubt they personal. A little on the vocal part of the problem eloquently been the one. It. Talk about you or. Our local poll that Apollo. Oh I don't know why we do this every it was. I would agree but that went. Jeremy White callers aren't germane use your mind not WG our guest here. In sports are 957 ESPN so if it's a personnel. Problem in part on the on the defense Jeremy I mean there the first thing would be let's look at Rochester. To me how all belong to the sabres resist the temptation. To call up. Brandon cool we have what point does this capping as it's not an if question it's a one question right chairman. It is ready right from the I don't know what would you already. But we'll be okay instructing each cycle we. Could be uncle brought it. But what about won't be the upload pulled out of all of it inject Michael Gaines 28. Days on. It. Or supply. And look I'm I don't. Know we hope that peace. We're pretty cool ones you land will be those guys and girls almost certain to. What you have me. The bottom and it came in its own Google does not just been out awhile. All along all of our article. It is all or you know I would. So it will. Roster never grew in the forgotten about it. I worked. Out. Early in the world out of court problems and couple. The latter without. All. These are called it. What is an important. But I'm going door that was on bottles. Possibly and so I really wanted a bottle. You it will it will change global. On orbit aren't. It's always an easy thing to also he win their team starts the way the series look what's happening between the pipes and and a lot of she was thrown Robin miners' way we will talk about what happens in the shootout nothing has changed there are so far this season but. Robin letter hasn't really been a promise me take away those shorthanded goals those odd man rushes he's he's he's been good so far this season has an eight. Good news I don't then quit I'm a little apartment. Whether the goal and you over you know one of them. I wanted to give opener and and now our. And I thought about it. Google that are unpredictable quite. Everywhere guest here in the sports are 957. ESPN. Or course big topic also the bills losing to the Cincinnati Bengals. Jimmy is there anything we can learn about Tyrod Taylor right now that we could consider new ground because it is interesting to me bills when okay Tyrod did his job and. It's become the most gravel there it is after a Dole's loss that you know Tyrod Taylor just an average quarterback in and when you've seen the strengths and weaknesses of this guy. I don't know the you'd find a quarterback can do more with less. And I think a lot of us kind of forgot after 31 start that what was it re not really ever about this season anyways. Well probably not united and I went. Out and those who are built opt out it was. Oh lead them on the moon and wood on our web went over the course of our. Don't know. It. I. Thought it. Or. We didn't really work out well for a report. Number one lead in your area without another round. It is out there it. On Google would you know the rest of the opera on the court. Was there. LL. Record for passing. Went at it quickly replied I don't know on. What our go. Over but the or Portland too I don't want those are all about. A third body was not. I've won on a wild what. At all or at all and wanna look at this hour with we're. It in just didn't. Regards the Cincinnati game Jeremy how much of the blame I don't know if you had a chance look at you know any of the all 22 or anything like that but both from what you've seen for Tyrod in that game. How much of the responsibility does he bear for that loss. I would have given up and does pop our second half full court in the Arctic quarterback wouldn't have gone any better. You won't. You know wanting to do in the heated up. Oh. To a lot of put all of them know that much of it. Or shop went on line now now required on. Everything that could be shaken up has been shake up not doing. Among receivers. Like and and you don't backup running back to. We invite you. What good would want to Gillis we hold in. These are not nothing Mo. And they were like my guys work. On that do their best option you Kirk stroke they have always been good but these are so now I'm Arab. Protest is maybe vehicle like a problem. Oh boy and a I feel like I've heard a couple of fans and come up to Meehan and asked the question yo. Why wouldn't the bills use some sort of a a combination of panic state to get some kind of a weapon for Tyrod Taylor. This season and again I think it goes back to this was never really about this season and this is an a team that is built to stretch the field this is an a team that has a quarterback. That that excels at throwing the football. And you need those picks for the future that these guys have a longer plan in mind. But we will put that the yes. Pretty clear they really want a witness. When I was accompanied her you were up all. You do something carpet. Legal agreement while wouldn't do that because what regret regret their next year coat and are. On record a lot beleaguered absorbed quarter next year all the or. At a public. What. While it is I think the one thing is changed goalies in my mind Jeremy is that. You know you would have that normal candidates at the top of a draft needing the quarterback meaning clear when you're here Jacksonville earlier San Francisco. I mean Derek teams right now in my opinion Jeremy inflicted giants like it spurred. Teams you normally wouldn't be drafting a quarterback now the Buffalo Bills gonna have to compete with. Are you. He knew that. Put on quite an awkward. Outgrow your record. Here are comic art. Call. One Euro now. What about what it is all up yeah what quarterbacks that would allow. Also wouldn't equipment. All the all that good little political. Up out of that spot well. Or that that was a buddy nix mistake right away we're gonna draft a quarterback in in my god it's gonna EJ Manuel well now yeah well it was a relief. Latin oak. Well. It won't collapse. What outlook are not. Oh. I would note that and help a hidden recorder class on our part where. The walk a little. Out Gerri what are guest here in the sports bar with danger too tightly I struggle to think what could happen with the bills. If they incur further injuries especially. In the secondary to lay in the one of the big bright spot this year they think the biggest surprise is the play out of a lawyer and Micah Hyde and you know lack of depth at the secondary we saw what the what EJ gains. Missing the missing time has done me you know that they picked Contra Davey is white which is it's expected to mean the rookies not gonna be perfect all season. How how much worse Cody dad. If if that's secondary. Takes on an injury here in the next few weeks. I lucrative bet there. Current government must have a margin of error. Up. So. In. An article about him then go to Oakland lose to a and burden that it was important. Problem on. I. Could ultimately. Built. This putt. And a that goes. Over well. Well drop and that you. That are critical eventually. Home. But that and the principal or call oh all. Annan called on our court of law are not that don't like I'm quite content in the. And Jerry I just keep comeback to this stuff. Who's good in the AFC Kansas City and who. Als so probably New England on spin. And Nate geopolitical. Go to mean. On. And it took Google were often. When they might put it quote other. In other. Our order. I feel like Jacksonville's flying under the radar they've got the easiest strength of schedule the rest of the way. And that defense looks filthy. You know played worlds doing just enough to get them by. But that you know that that is the big but it's it's played or seen it yeah if you if you limit. He's. His chances of scoring things up that that team might be contending for playoff spot. Don't miss that Jeremy well have some line trouble chairman process that quote. On an awful lot like the bill. Or about is about remarks. Isn't there at the platform. Though. Yeah I want it and made that point earlier killing the bills are just slightly below Jacksonville in terms of attacking mortar talent wise that. You know at least Jacksonville does have some some playmakers on offense. You can't just key on Leonard four net because portals could do just enough to beat you. And that defense is set. If it. We welcome real life that he did here in my now howry and Jeremy and sister station WGR in buffalo we appreciate your thoughts on the sabres and bills Gerri thanks so much. I thanks Jeremy Jeremy White joining us with the bills inside scoop provided exclusively. By Perry's ice cream like feasible air soul. He come back to this still danger that yes this bills' offense it's act without. The parts around Tyrod Taylor in you can make DRG may well as a tailor it to the lack the weapons whatever it is it's not working. But this formula. For Sean McDermott. Is enough to keep them in enough games. Where if you just get the bounces and if you could stay healthy. What we're talking about in the hunt in the week seventeen I'm not kidding. I'm not I don't have rose colored glasses but I keep coming back this get you tell me who is going in in the AFC Jimmie throughout Oakland. It no hole looked pretty bad to me in Washington and in David. Excuse me Derek Karr is. You know the EC really healthy I don't know not Denver. The way Leino came to doing little probably win the division by default this year everybody else I'm not put my faith in Houston either. Let's live happily guilty get some tape there on the Shawn Watson and see what happens after a month or so so I all these teams have lost. Let's say tie it to me Buffalo's problem all. Personnel wise I'd bet it did I don't know how you fix the lack weapons at the white oversee. Pars yes there are adept at all all right let's put let's get altered now play a round of Aldrich that next in the sports bar with danger and tank we will give you some thought provoking statements. From around the world of sport you can agree or disagree you're always welcome pull the stool and join us by calling 454 ESPN. 4543776. I'll drink to that on the way next in the sports bar danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester. It's time for poultry and in the sports. Danger Frank Gore. Moved up to number seven all time in the rushing list that the other six guys ahead of him we should point out. They're all in the hall of fame guys behind him. All the whole thing. At no time ever watch Frank Gore thought. Man near the hall of fame running back right there boys take time out let's go watch all of favorite poll yeah they're appealing when you live Jeff Barry Sanders are candidates Mitt third. If you're like me in danger Walter Payton. Okay great guys going back yesterday did give Frank Gore credit for hanging around this long but just because to hang around long enough. That made you great. Frank Gore is not all the things disagree. I disagree I. East Coast bias the clear that these coast bias he not. This guy had a lot of good years in San Francisco. He's always played he stayed healthy he's been a grinder. He's still over octave at a time when running backs are well past their prime. And he's piled up be easier he's going to be in the hall of fame why he will be but maybe he's not. Only because it can't always eat the counterproductive I mean think about this Philip Rivers is gonna be all fame quarterback. That's not right either don't we save the birds. Hall of fame no yes no yes. Kept it longevity does come. For some think it especially if you're productive with the time that you have so I'll drink to that art so art project Dell's memo out to a team owners and president. It's kind of lengthy read but if it's if you have the shortages demagogue let me just distill it down for you these at the protests are costing us money to make your players stand. Essentially what the memo comes down to. It's fairly stated it's an accurate memo it's also the closing argument as to Jerry Jones being the real commissioner of the NFL budget. It should feel hurt Roger Goodell thought this whole issue would be going away at that page one APR book okay. This is gonna blow over don't say anything but what didn't blow over and then when you have a vice president showing up and walking out of the game because is continuing at. Are right now we need to do something. Credit Jerry Jones and he was way ahead of the curve on this one and yet he is Angel like you said the real commissioner solved. Exactly why our baseball managers sold under risk in jerky with pitch counts in the post season. Look at the Yankees. Probably would've already advance the post season had not Joseph Girardi over managed. You could say under managed coming in game two. He would've kept CC sabathia in that game sabathia was only at 75 pitches right game do but we know the book says we've got to go to the bullpen here. Stop it again last night. There where the nationals pitcher shot out Max Scherzer full closing in on 400 pages all we kid we know we got to get them out of their Dusty Baker. Can't get too far for the bullpen the nets lose to the wants of you right dusty. I tell you what gene that's impossible for me you're really Tia it's such a fine line here remember last year at this time we were talking about Joseph Maddon it is over used brawl this Chapman. Which goes against all of the conventional wisdom that you don't so these managers they can't win. There they a lot of this is not right a lot of this is just dealing it and you see these guys perform throughout the course of the season you think ardea hasn't Friday's losing you are right he's gone. I gotta get out I gotta get them YOK in the case as sabathia. Who no one thought he was losing it engaged to against these you know against the tribe so. What sabathia does tomorrow night how long dirt Girardi keeps a man those are some big decisions yet to make tomorrow nice solid. Drink to that that's wondering whether bills wouldn't packets of picks to pick a wide receiver it's just not happening guys those picks me way too much too much currency with those picks being McDermott. Have the patience to see the and one assay at the process it through to completion even if if this season has suffered Jeanne it was never. About this since I. How would've it been different. Had an crumbled stuck around. Mean I don't know Jean any do a little bit on a really small sample size of me not one pre season game that we saw and humbled and I don't know Bennett and. All the way hop about this because what did you use today. All of them going back that would back do what they saw it wobbled ownership today and we went through weeks of waffling. Well he can teach the younger guys guess take Jones needs this year seem chills right now is a mess it if you add it and want Boldin mentoring and in the locker room. That might have made a difference so I'll drink to that a telling sign to me on Sunday for the Buffalo Bills. According Glenn was healthy enough play in does suit up for the buffaloes did not have their left tackle star. Being available to play that's part of the game and glance fought it ankle issues. The growing tiresome right now buffalo trust me glad I could be finding his way off this roster much like Marshall Daria is offseason. Yeah I think you're gonna find ways to get guys that are providing value to their roster off with the roster and when you're forty clan and you're not available when you Marcel Darius and you're not available. The annual all this money next season if the bricks. And we will find guys who will contribute at a value so I'll drink to that five weeks into the NFL season the bills of the way to get three into its worth noting. That they've had the second toughest strength of schedule in the league thus far. The remainder of their schedule season taking on teams at a 514 winning percentage not the toughest certainly not the easiest. The easiest goes to another surprised 32 team gene that's. The team that a match is starting to come around on like for post season berth in Jacksonville Jaguars. Remain remaining schedule. Has teams with 8325. Winning percentage if Blake portals and does it beat this team. This team is in the post season. Well I mean it did there in the paper tiger right who knows what's going Alan merry owed you have a colts team without a quarterback an in Houston they've got there injury problems on the defensive side of the ball. By default you can see Jacksonville right now is the team. Yes by default. I you know I like what Houston's doing I'm not a 100% sold on Shawn Watson. Long term short term I feel like the F almost fasten team to figure him out. I'm I'd love to do it Shawn Watson two. New Calkins. You know connection I think those two have a chemistry that you wish your for your rookie quarterback can get like that that that's impressive but I'm not. I'm not convinced that that's the best team in the AFC south. And given the ease of their schedule the rest of the way it wouldn't shock me see Jacksonville when the AFC south. We shock me at all. It's either Jacksonville and Houston at this point right I don't know if Tennessee pulls it altogether and certainly India's to. They're Don I don't care by the way they look is not playing this week again no surprise. Sports center and also altering to that brought to you in part by indeed dot com are you hiring. Join over three million businesses that using. Jeans week six survived an advance pick on the way next we will see if gene. Is indeed smarter than my fifth grade next door neighbor Jacque who's also play survivor football. Would Jake you're hanging in their body but I'm Tania this is the leaker departed this is the week. OK we got shots on the way as well we'll go around the world of sports. Sarah today's top stories that abbreviated version of the sportswear with danger to tightly as we have. Pregame for comes in that's coming up at 5 o'clock also alrighty men's hockey coach Wayne Wilson on the way in the four clock our all on the way in the sports bar danger and tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester. No sports leader and listen lives when he Forsett. Probably his bills receivers you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions and contest people knew. ESPN Rochester dot com. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.