The Sports Bar-Hour 1 10/12/17-Chris Trapasso

Today's episode starts with Danger and Battaglia analyzing the Bills strength of schedule and Tyrod Taylor versus Nate Peterman. Chris Trapasso of The Buffalo News joins the guys next to discuss 2018 draft prospects for the Bills. Finally, a round of "I'll Drink To That" including a suggestion for Yankees manager Joe Girardi.


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Those boards box with danger and exactly. And asks my. So homer. Eight season. Comes to a dinner and. This suite the final three game. Games and eliminate the Indians here in Cleveland there's just tough fight was close and you know it's a great picture view. Don't veteran players that lead the way this partly because we just Peter really really good Mike danger token. Stephen Strasburg did your soft I think you probably it's a blessing in disguise. I energy wasn't really of life. Through the roof so I think it was easier for him and engine chamber exactly and I think you're a cubs fan has to state the obvious here you want to go back torso. Wanna want Taylor swings into high drive right center field. Look back on the warning track and the long standing. It didn't ask you and god Michael Taylor has hit an eight Grand Slam. Rochester sports leader and 957. Yes and yes it is now that didn't drop me we'll get to commence. Why it's welcome full of a stolen join us sports bars open for business. ESPN Rochester gauger exactly 454. ESPN I am Mike danger here is Jeep to tag the latest you can have. Alternate facts here I mean if the Cobbs lost yesterday we've got to play the highlight of the gain ten cubs slaughters and play. It's easy trying to set the tone easy trying to start stuff with me back by wrapping up the show opened with the cubs with a Grand Slam I mean watching that last night Jeter not thinking. Yeah you know what I wanna take it some old baby are just certain you know sitting by the air conditioners. Better like Strasburg Digg yesterday. That was a tough watch. That was a tough watch. I wish I was a Yankee fan today. Do we have another king yeah yeah yeah. Atlanta hub nightly or not you don't know you're not in you stand here today any fans is that you bought 20 we golf. You didn't have a single leading game three or five is a nice job Cleveland. Yeah clover and I will admit it I said it you sitting VI four I did I did I didn't think this Yankee team and it. I mean think CC sabathia would turn back the clock fifteen years I. There a week ago. We were talking about Joseph Girardi losing his job. Not even a week ago now I was Friday night yeah Tauziat not even a week ago. How quickly things change. Now. Welcome thanks for listening this afternoon sports bar or danger detect we've got some fun lined a free this afternoon tomorrow. Will be live acts. Hooligans east side bar and grill in Webster. The report that you can join a gene myself out there with some bud lights and we'll get ready for years sports weekend. Today. Toxin sabres and talks and any joke and talks Buffalo Bills NFL. And 4 o'clock hour will be joined by our friend Matthew caller. ESPN Rochester along Matthew caller. Yet he went from yes to Rochester to GR buffalo and now he's out in Minnesota covering the vikings but. As you know he writes for hockey perspectives he writes for About hockey. I think to be good time to figure out OK is it is just part of you know. A growing pains part of the process what we're seeing with the Buffalo Sabres heard is this something a little bit deeper. Again only a week into the season but that was really alarming to me what we. Saw on the ice here these last two games so. Matthew cholera hope us put it enters perspective by the way he also course not covers the wild so was far scanned now allow what his thoughts are. About on the sabres acquiring that defense been so. Talking hockey coming up a little later on the show today. And before 4 o'clock up around 330 yourself. We'll talk to our buddy Chris apostle from Buffalo News he breaks down numbers better than anybody else much like collar doesn't hockey to apostle does it for the Buffalo News now. He also eased biffle each graft writer for CBS sports dot com so Crist apostle to join us and curious to get his thoughts on Tyrod Taylor made Tyrod Taylor. When he sixteen vs Tyrod Taylor 2017. Might danger. My stomach I don't see much of a difference. So wire people piling on as is people are gonna entirely act out of. And oh yeah I I feel like that's the easy narrative and it happens every time. The bills lose every time it you know. For a guy who doesn't be the Tyrod Taylor doesn't beat the bills he doesn't you know turn the ball overeat is throw. Timely text. He's. In pretty consistent at the offers up a lot of things that. We kind of take for granted and for everybody chow chanting did to start Liederman. I wouldn't wish that on him and I wouldn't wish that on you it wouldn't wish that on the Buffalo Bills because I think that's mystic. Big. Mistake at this point. And I'm gonna hold to align your danger that. When the seas being eased over from eight were making the playoffs standpoint for the Buffalo Bills then you put in here and until that point you do not. Because that will hurt his development well. Even if the season is lost. Are you putting in Peerman. Syria aren't. Tyrod Taylor. Be fit I'm around next year if you really want to you draft a quarterback. In 2018. It's safe to assume that rookie wouldn't start day one. You're gonna need somebody to provide him with a little bit of a manager ship why wouldn't Tyrod Taylor beat that guy. Right yeah. And maybe need to Peerman isn't it MEL he's a fifth round quarterback selection after all I mean you know maybe he is nothing more. Then a career backup quarterback in this lake won't know unless we actually get to see him with some raps but. What does it happen where does that happen where a guy comes off the bat you know. It pretty excited about keys genome like that that that most recent examples of negative the comes off the bench and can win a (%expletive) a couple of games for your team. You know why I don't think we're gonna do at that point danger. In the hear me out on the way to schedule kind of false. You have one New England match up but the in the second New England matchup doesn't happen until Christmas Eve. And for that game not to mean anything on Christmas Eve. For the division I think about this bill's fans knew a little I have to have a three game lead on buffalo. Yeah I think about that if New England is two games up. With two games to golf. Ding you still would have a chance. You still would have a chance in particular if you beat New England the first time around which of course I'm not holding my Bret my point being that things would have to completely go. In the tank for the Buffalo Bills. Not to be finger quote in the hearts at that point. Here's a couple of reasons for you be optimistic about the rest of the season for the Buffalo Bills. This team has had the second. Toughest. Strength of schedule. Thus far in the NFL. Only the Redskins it too into it had a tougher start of the season in terms of strength of schedule. And the remaining strength of schedule has has them facing enough teams that are just above 500 so it could be a lot worse. Camille Little bit better as far as the remaining strength of schedule Jacksonville actually has the easiest. Strength of schedule the rest of the way. And they're in first place right now a 32 in the AFC south by themselves. Jacksonville right now to me. Feels like a playoff team and if they're not winning that division then maybe there a team that he's competing with the bills. For a final playoff spot and just music and pile up some wins the bets right but. Because you had the second toughest strength of schedule this year you got to imagine the defense is that you faced. Carolina. Cincinnati. And Denver. Those are the toughest defense is on your schedule. Moving forward you should. Be able to be more productive offensively. Given that you're facing some easier defense is the rest of the season. I don't know if I would call Tampa be easier but I like this matchup for two reasons one. K Sean McDermott mr. I'd get up to 3 o'clock in the morning and get my work out in I've got a motor like anybody else okay. You learn from Mandy Reid how to deal with a bye week. I would bet that Sean McDermott is not paying a Florida this weekend with the kids OK I would think that he is fine tuning a game plan. To attack this Tampa team which brings me nice second point. Just like he knew how to game plan against Carolina in game plan against Atlanta. Here's another team that he is game plan for formerly with Carolina of course Sean McDermott Tampa Bay coming in next up on the stat I liked that matchup. I'm not sure of Tampa's good or not only getting body is sure if they're good or not they they look good and then. Now we lose because we can't kick a field goal dissipate as we look good bit on my goodness we lost the case Keyon and Minnesota's so. To meet their too inconsistent black. That also kinda has me concerned I do like this match up and if you look at all clan. Is Oakland's defense that he could mean they have no way they have playmakers we know that. Clear Mac might be the best player now that you know JJ watt and others of have been earnestly but. Oakland's defense as a scare me Oakland's defense is scary and and Jamie's Winston. The way the bills' defense is played thus far this year. Feels like a quarterback that you can rattle and to some mistakes at home. So he you've got a week to prepare for your shot McDermott a team that you used to see. Twice a year. You know the some of the tendencies of the quarterback you would expect a pretty solid defensive showing out of the bye bye bye Buffalo's defense. And again the bright spot being. You've faced the toughest defense is already that you're going to face all season long based on. Five weeks of over corner to see them. OK things change quickly in the NFL things change really quickly in the NFL watch what happens in Houston with their defense now. The loss of those guys eat hole like I don't know that Houston's contender. What kind of pressure does that put on Shawn Watson. I don't know fairy are a lot this week to beat Cleveland. Right out right. So you know things change quickly in the NFL and and were being positive by the mobile does this and they lost to Cincinnati. That could have been a momentum killer that sense of spiraling but. Was Cincinnati as bad as their own star takes I really believe Cincinnati. You know with that horrible start and they made the changes that they made Andy look like a different team since making those changes they've adjusted. And inactive VG in. Who's taking that division it's good to meet its wide open. Plus our steeler fans your your quarterback looks like he's on his way out and he can say whatever he wants to it doesn't look like he put in all of the working you to this offseason at least for more ice it. So yes that division is wide open. Sure what you're saying danger I I hear your point about hated defense is that the Buffalo Bills have to face the remainder of the season. And you know you're not facing anybody top notch and the other end. Tommy who's got a worse off factory Buffalo Bills what is the redeeming qualities. The redeeming value of the Buffalo Bills are here now they don't turn the ball over. Yeah and then I Gina. That's big that's big doubts any team would. That wins the turnover battle usually they they're they have the better jazz what don't turn the ball over you you give yourself a chance that's great so we already yourself this what we say here don't beat yourself. Okay support to the Buffalo Bills 27 team is Marty Schottenheimer ball right okay we're gonna play good defense and just don't turn up all over me goal kick up you feel goals going when. Yes yes. Because you don't have that that the amazing talented EC. Are on some other sidelines you're lacking that you're tried to rebuild without saying that your rebuilding so you have to. You have to make sure you're not beating yourself and for the most part this season they haven't beat themselves. Now and that Tyrod interception against Cincinnati that was in desperation time I will see it is about the bills where you say they don't turn the ball over. I can't get upset about the passing attack because we don't Tyrod is. And we know who's lining up a wide receiver you can't get upset that Jordan Matthews got hurt Charles clay got error Antoine ink on all the retire her okay. Those things are all facts know need to get upset about it. When you can get upset about. Like back has happened to this offensive line and the run game. We shot the claw 3.2. Yards for care. He's getting older Jeanne okay. To meet its more deeper than just she eighty eights this system that Rick Dennison has brought in debt danger hasn't taken. Poll well yet here's what I will say and I will credit Dennison words do they've completely scrubbed this system. Of that three step passing game that was so unsuccessful. Week two against Carolina. They're doing a lot of rural lot lot of play action lot of five and seven step drops. And that is a result of what they've seen in Tyrod Taylor's struggles. When he was taken a shallow drops. Now. Anybody that says start Peerman. Maybe Peter mean comes dating he can run that three step game better than Taylor maybe but. I have a hard time. Believing that that he's game. Is it better if you. They have no deep people really don't know what they're asking for when the suggests. That Peerman would be a better start than Tyrod Taylor right now. How how big are those. I don't I think we're farther away and a blast zone. Yeah here in buffalo you're here get a lot from a lot of people. And and I think the farther away you get from the blast zone the less you hear it. You that it here we're just like Scott might just win some games I don't care you know we loved it when when they went three and one right we crawl. Exit nobody was caught on my eyes Atlanta while nobody was talking about Tyrod Taylor's deficiencies but every game is the same every season is the same he's at 3000 yard a year passer with a about seventeen touchdowns that's Tyrod Taylor's game. That's what he is the better no worse he's not gonna turn the ball over excessively. And that is enough that's going to have to be enough until they find a franchise quarterback. That does not grow on a tree. They did they just don't they don't. The united we'll just pick. Can't go to the quarterbacks store and look at a look at look at Cleveland and they have inside look at Cleveland I'm looking at the jets. He can't just say we're gonna get a quarterback and it's gonna work. A high easier after four games. Or gains. Sorry that's not a big enough sample size to know whether or not he's the guy. It's just not. You know what would I say to that I've seen enough of him why did it change calling guys right. He's not gonna change from college kids eat you have to give him work more time to learn from his mistakes. But you don't you're not a team that's going to the playoffs this year. In Cleveland and what you have to lose by giving him more wraps. I like how you gave me this nice big authoritative voice I saw him at Notre Dame well yes but at least they know no bright is that on the flip side. Okay you fire no better off than they work a year ago at this time he's still don't have a future at that position it's not Kevin Hogan. So what are they gonna get that addressed another quarterback. It's one yes you keep doing until you get right. You'll start Kaiser's not gonna be cool it. I did Libby just push aside my I knew better than the Brown's argument a camera take that off the table. You really think the Sean Kaiser given more time to improve. I was saying I don't have enough of a sample size take the emotion out of it and just look at the numbers. Yes he's made some stupid turnovers but we I don't did you have a big enough sample to know what these keys capable of doing as a starting quarterback and his sleek. Four games for. Suggesting we should we just hide it well as you know a a a guy looks at the numbers that just looks at the numbers behind it. Kings to meet doesn't seem like nowhere near a large enough sample size to make a decision on whether or not a guy could be your franchise. Let me ask you this question and this is gonna lead to work for possibly as 'cause I don't wanna steal his thunder as far as he's got his first mock out for CBS sports. Now what the Buffalo Bills would do and I'm content I'm like whoa I hear it. The example. Today we can give of a quarterback that wasn't drafted in the first round but came in with success excess and we on wall pointers operating an apartment. Not that Prescott's fourth round but widen that war. Great offense a one car wreck and had everything also is that the correct way. To build a team and others here if you're the bills get the offensive line in order first get everything in place and then dropping. You have a decent enough offensive line in buffalo went forty Glenn this help the you know. That offensive line isn't the Achilles heel of this team. That the browns with Joseph Thomas. You could do worse as far as offensive lines go it's not Seattle right bomb. I just think of so many rookie quarterbacks that came into the league. And suffered through losing seasons. But learn from those losing seasons you have to look back that far think of Derrick Clark. Pulled Derek Carr after four games a losing Derek Karmi mistakes is a rookie. What did they start that one year they were only. Able to our own ten David that was the year three and thirteen dependent can. It took us what does that. So. You know Derek Karr is in recent memory mean Peyton Manning was like 115 his rookie year tune out Peyton Manning is obviously way more talented quarterback conditional on Kaiser and Derek Karr might be way more talent in the show because about my point is for games is just a smoked and small sample size. And we're back to the bills let's say any computer me gets two games at the end of the year when the bills are out of it if the bills are out of it. You make a decision based on two games. Well no I mean a computer man he's easier for his rookie contract he shows. He's capable running an NFL offense. I don't think I'm necessarily handing the keys I think you try again in the draft I don't know that's the first I don't know if that's the socket but at some point. Waited being IQB rich draft so we're told next year then now. There's nothing wrong with competition. Quarterback right. Let's competition at quarterback is what made the big Asian pile of NFL quarterbacks turning to a Ferrari. I have my home's gonna take my job Alex Smith just kicked it into overdrive that's funny because when cap pretty came on the C you know that's when Alex Smith all of a sudden kick it into gear at duke yes. Right. It is so. And some guys. Shy away from that competition some guys embrace that competition makes some people better make some people fade off into the distance. On top to make some better. Out Smith is a pretty uninteresting case. So. Mean. Taylor's comfortable in his position he knows. I give this team the best chance to win. Every week more athletic more Agile and know the system I know these players. And of these coaches I I know everything more. Then neat Peerman. You almost have to draft if you're gonna go quarterback it was have to draft a quarterback. Who is aid. More athletic version of what you already out in Tyrod Taylor to threaten him. Holmes is that Al Smith he's a younger. Cleaner more athletic version of what he is at this advanced stage of his career. And tyra Taylor's not very I mean like he has. Look like he's lost a step to be does he look like that to you he fights but that's as mobile and out athletic as Aaron Taylor but controlled better ball. Or has better vision middle of the field. No I in fact Pearman has not tech quarterback at all he's not no he's he's shortened stature and the that that thing is where the comparison ends there I mean he's a pocket guy who. You know always bills drafted in the fifth round. And by the way they released the really like Peerman they would've drafted him sooner was one of those always still there in the fifth round OK let's stick so that that's why can't do I'm Peter. Let's some. Let's talk about that when he eighteen draft is Christy Ross though he's the hard work for us yeah well got a mock draft put together he's got a mock draft remember the bills. Just reminding everybody you have to first crown winners. Mr. Haas who studies this stuff more than than anybody. Markus Steele is under no no let's say what. Does have a ticket accord all. Knowledge that if your bills and like. Second of this hole it. Not. The first round that would drive people crazy yes so okay does Crist think this because. Here's a quarterback that's war they does he think that's because there are other teams there are you guys. Point being a better position to draft a quarterback what does he think this because hey you know what I'd like this guy in the second round or the third rock. I don't know the answer yet so that's person yet I can't wait. Let's get Chris on with this next. Our body Christa paso from the Buffalo News joins us in sports part danger and tag Leah appreciate it check this out this afternoon AM 950 and 957 FM. ES PM Rochester. Is always ESPN Rochester we really appreciate it no contest you've armed yourself with a numbing. Prices when you. And Rochester dot com. Wearing the crown of broadcasters best. Rochester is pigskin pic I'm. Gathering place. A sport. Week six in the NFL season begins tonight Philadelphia in Carolina also tonight on ESPN Rochester. The deciding game five from Washington Nationals and the cubs. Was the winner advancing to face the Dodgers in the NLCS coverage tonight and ESPN Rochester will begin. At seven story that weren't enough the Buffalo Sabres tonight begin a four game West Coast swing sabres at San Jose coverage tonight you can hear. I 965 double easy enough for universal and those three you know on this young season Rochester home tomorrow night against Utica. Sports are front you buy UPS jobs dot com one great pay and benefits join UBS. Now hiring part time supervisors package handlers and full time package delivery drivers throughout upstate New York apply now like UPS jobs dot com. Did exactly am I fifty ready by seven FM ESPN Rochester. NFL NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA your home her life sports is eighty and ninety DF 957. FME sports leader ESPN Rochester. Yeah Jeanne thank you they're here Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. In buffalo snow obviously one of them now you can write another record I'm. That's not to possibly show it to possibly going to Steely Dan you know I go to Steely Dan are you Chris. CEO he gag you hated so much you hung up. Up up up up. Here's where you got to do the stall while I get true. Plus I look you can kill review there so why don't we tell you we got coming up. On the show today. We'll talk cocky little bit Matthew collar from ESPN in the Twin Cities will join us not coming up as with the sabres off to this. I don't know if you wanna call slow I don't know if you wanna call alarming you put in. I'll look for whatever attitude you watch but Matthew Collor who love breaks down the stuff how will join us coming up in just a little bit. As we term broadcasting live from downtown Rogers Chris. What was it the Steely Dan comedy and large your way I mean the you know gene is is a fan are you not just curious is as to whether or not you're gonna go to Sean buffalo on Tuesday night. It would not there I don't eat again but I am not all the. Now I didn't think that was a trip costs a kind of show we didn't feel right. If you're right let's get right to it down to a Chris because we were talking before winter break. You've done a lot of heavy lifting in terms of the 2018 draft already foresee you've got your mock out there. And the first thing that any bills that will notice is that the first round with 21 round draft picks you don't have the Buffalo Bills cornerback. Yellow eyed. At this point in the year I'm not doing at a mock stressed that tree trade up trade act. And I think that I mean obviously in the first round lead time to trade up on all recorded excellent in the first round in 2017. Came after a clean it up for them. But I think until are taking from the scene and on. Those top quarterbacks are not going to be here and what they want package which her money. One under acting career third or an extra burst out up a quarterback. They're not an actor and be able to record probably from. Arctic mean. I'm. I think it's curious to be his say in this is how things change I'm out most of us thought alt Arnold's number one pick Chris you've got him going until. Number fifteen. Tell us what it is you like that right now in your mock you have Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State going number one overall. Yet he does that mean I'm initial goal I was talking up a few months ago it just. Going back to watching his film over the past two even at Oklahoma State just really impressed me and I was kind of surprised. That he wasn't initially when he started in that application with structural. And I. He's going to scouting every year. Not accurately trying to copy any law or or or go see. And and I'll certainly on might he mean by. Beyond that. Mimi Rudolph had such a longer Resnick had more experience and natural and certainly more and Arnold so. I'm although Mitchell tribute he just one. In the top five and NE trade up for him with only one your public spirit I think overall. Well like their beer at the court backed by and I certainly just like they have more Rhode like lots discovered guy. And just say. Eight to ten. Track. As a freshman or a director of my source think. Rudolph right now just checked. More boxes for me and it meet your state then came Merrill arm and Astros and actually and the only. Light little thing on him is that he might not have that rocket arm where oh all across the field. Well what is this making. Pocket presence. On his accuracy at all levels of go. Actually he seemed to be clear level of the Astros. Him barrel or a quarterback in the class. We're talking to Chris paso from the Buffalo News also Christian now writing the NFL dress your writing for CBS sports stock car on this right. Yeah that's my main job forced CBS sport and our effort out at some reshuffling. Arms so yeah that's why I'm coming out with my doctor. October is a draft you're out. And you have an exquisite passion for football I mean let's be honest real quick before we talk Buffalo Bills Jeanne now we're talking about this earlier. Four games is a a short. Starting state for rookie quarterback Sean Kaiser in Cleveland you're a guy that looks numbers and crunches numbers and stats all day long. I mean to me that feels. And way too small sample size to know whether or not this guy really could be your franchise quarterback in my wrong. Or his his plea just been that terrible where there's now we've seen enough he's not our guy let's look to quarterback and when he team. I don't. That sincerely think that respect he got back to deport him which I agree with you it is way too short to. Mean even look tiger has not played well it's way too short and making. Definitive conclusion on any players especially me rookie quarterback which initially about Kaiser is that speaking of may Rudolph. He's actually younger than me tough younger than baker may feel. Coming into this draft is a coat wearing Elie you know he's too young earlier ballot he admitted that I do. Want it resolved so I think. More than anything huge reaction and maybe at our office that. They had kind of been given a pass over the past couple eat that you're building. And I still think that brown ownership and grandstand are expecting the browns took all eleven and try and make the playoffs I think. Are they here sport ute yeah action and in year three for that struck it. That they were kind of like making some progress in the ground or on site and it really stagnant. Like. It is more about you yet that you brown goes right in optic. I'm looking. You know get themselves off hot he wins them game and then they'll actually go back I or maybe even later he's him and certainly in your. Brister pot so right to the Buffalo News and now CBS sports stock comer guest here. In the sports bar 957 ESPN's Chris you being here Western New York you you you know let me draw the parallel there to the sabres a lease with the sabres. When you went through that whole process so to speak you knew there was a prize at the end of it it wasn't an economy dated you would get Jack cycle Jack tackles a sick. For the for bills fans I think many of rationalize OK you're gonna trade away this part of this Parton. Pair everything down but thought process at least with all these draft picks it's gonna net a quarterback. How old this fan base re reacts. To get there is and a quarterback to take it next year. Here's the thing I mean again don't take my my actor too seriously and act over I don't think we all Twitter. But I do think that unless we eat carrot it would take another step. And play the way he did those. Throughout the course. He then I do think that we will have those used one of those may be back immediate there to move up to get a quarterback if they are. You know picking in the top ten are out Robert in book and have to be in the range of one almost. Default and amber have their you know they finished 88. Seven and 99 average. They're picking in the league team under the wanting. Arm early twenties then they're probably not demand have that chance to pick. Not even just a quarter but the quarterback that they want so I think arm in hockey we aired that. There are these prospects that you Crosby Jack article kind of gave it is that we rarely see doe number one number two totally bought seventy. Oh in about well certainly there's a there's a lot more on certainty I think. I know what the prize it would be the equivalent of hey hey we're gonna get kind of gave it or Jack article would be hey we're going into next year's draft what. Panic in the first three rounds and NetSuite really. Not only punish you know. Getting mediate franchise quarterback or great wide receiver spot. Can replenish the depth but I think we're asking the Bill Black right now at the wide receiver spot on the offensive line on the line like I'm back yeah. Core cornerback. Well I think that's kind of the equivalent ugly cries outside of having you know blog over at its having multiple early exit common. Armed and play right away and be impact players could you repeat. And I think to myself Chris that that. You know is much as we kind of now know what Tyrod Taylor is it is stats are kind of similar week in and week out and we know these strengths we know his weaknesses his limitations. I have a hard time visualizing the Buffalo Bills and 2018 without Tyrod Taylor at least starting the season a quarterback. Yeah I think it's good point and really with Aaron Taylor what he said we know what am with them when you watch him the bill certainly know. I would say even after I hurt them listen public has an idea. I don't have been stepped off the top of my but I have been cracking. Eric Taylor and is number one in its number two receiver and appealed and EXTPME. Locked in and rubber order kind of identified vetted or met he. Clay. Com. This season. He has 32 touchdown in order option beat completing. Around 64% of the answer at around seven yards per templates that kind of rational that anything below seventy yard. Is kind of indicative of a poor performance and an above is a good performance so he's certainly their quarterback that I think you ever good enough weapons around him. He's not an investor would be an all Croker I think he'd be good enough when you can eat out or eat good eat out to go to the. But here's our here's the other thing with that don't know what we're talking about his. His weapons and and giving Tyrod Taylor weapons and mean. You know. It it feels to me like the winning teams start from the inside out when they're trying to rebuild that you you wanna make sure you've got your line first. Before you start worrying about who you're gonna put out there to throw the ball to. Do we feel strongly enough about what the bills have an offensive line. For the course of the next. To maybe even three seasons that you could bring in a quarterback or you could bring in some more weapons for that quarterback. Where you could see this offense start to flourish again. Yeah I think that that's keeper probably want need to thirty and others you quarterback but. Period evening Aaron Rodgers I think on the first battered featured speaker can ban it and there are I am not great great. During Q I think pretty much another quarterback. Outside of Aaron Rodgers they mean it went right I think. That's what the bills regardless of its tyrant it was a quarterback. Runoffs in Darnell the Green Bay rhetoric and urged the gap. For the next guy in need to have an offense that more conducive to putting up yardage score important thing if you. Weak character out of just look at Google bought our client. Look at the running back. Wide receivers tight and you would think and this is an offense that struggles were not really that much of a surprise to me. The tyra dealer who knotty tree and sending quarterback that in the games without Burnett he's about Carl's claim that that's about it unlock rewards. He's gonna struggle. I'm Chris how would you respond to the chorus and I'm sure your online as much as we are. It it's a did it why not give Peter rent a shot why not see what the key to do we hear at least find what what you have here in the rookie. Well I think that you know credit type into what I just. If if you look at what is surrounding Tyrod Taylor right now you Linus sincerely roll a rookie in that situation where. You know ball tackle spots are a little security now deal cord blood is how the army not help you lies in playing. There's you know the right dark spot is kind of in. Or where see. I think it was kind of a Key West. Shot either in Cleveland a kind of have a spirits are wild. When you put a rookie quarterback out there whether the first round equity trip out. Wanna up as an inning in. And in firemen that really conducive to him not having to do who marched not having a bad offensive line you know Edward Hebert I think. Deck press Scott certainly. Played better than his draft position and where a lot of people clean up spot he would how he could play as a rookie but that situation was in last year what are acting. A lot of repeat we see a chemical corps young quarterback shell shocked. And that line is they're more worried about the past thrust. They don't trust the wide receivers. Bomb the BD president really helping on the run game and helping them sort. The builder looking at what they have around Eric Taylor and a you know are kind of look into the future instead of you know right now if they're not happy with Abbott those Scopes that are not proper line you don't register a one car jacked a this round rookie quarterback of that kind of inspire. He's Crist apostle you can read his work of buffalo new is also CBS sports dot com our guest. In the sports bar with danger and tag glee Chris or five weeks through the NFL season the bills at three and two. Certainly disappointing loss against Cincinnati but I think there's a silver lining here in that. The bills through this season thus far have the second toughest. Strength of schedule that some of these defense is they've played are probably gonna be the toughest defense is they will face. This year and has a look at the rest of the AFC other teams that that you know could be coming down the wire for a playoff spot if the bills are indeed. You know in that in that hunt. Towards the end of the season the team that I look at that that makes me nervous the team that I think might just be slightly in a better position. Then buffalo. Is Jacksonville have you spent any time with the strength of schedule how important do you think it is I mean in the NFL changes. So fasten don't wanna put too much stock in open it is to be encouraging to think that Buffalo's. East some of the tougher defense is on their schedule already. Yes certainly I don't put too much into it bought or the heat because like that every year. They have different records and outside of the patriot really. What team and it is gone back to back the act was being really battery. Or. So I think that. For the peace and I don't really look at previous record in all have in. What. We do know that the bronco Everett could be we note that there'd really be that. And economic and a lot of you know turnover of angled look at a triggered the current or Ronald especially one about Urquhart the deal was. I dominant or. On Sunday against buffalo looking wouldn't come off a bye week. You have two great home team and market is that you know through equate to a lot a lot of you know they're clearly know your game and no year offered an IndyCar that people get those two games at home again. Yeah. Both systems. Are in Gerald McCoy equally almanac on what overall much more. You know. The president can be scored upon and it. You can pass I think coming out of the bye we go probably couldn't ask for a batter and being at home against the Buccaneers are struggle and he. And the raiders that who knows what their car if at bat is going to be 100% and again another bad. It's very reliant and a superstar will act but the rest of the defense commentary court. Crist apostle joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN hearsay about Tampa Bay in and other benefit of course Teva may actually plays a game this Sunday so. There in Arizona. Her thoughts on those running game means 3.2 yards per carry and again you've gone up against some tough defense is but is this. What do you think is it personnel is the gates the players not taking hold blew a new. The zone blocking scheme near by Rick Dennison walking your opinion what could get the run game going here from buffalo Chris. Well I'm ready it's gonna because it is stated deep dive today for the Buffalo News. I watched the entire her every running play that the pills. I'm Ron so far and tracked it to screen shot. And just trip and I didn't go in with any conclusion I was just trying to trials after a lot. On what's interesting and I thought were damaged and was gonna just Ron. Don't blocking glee every on and he really hadn't done that they're not a lot of chemical or the bill. Dead in terms of man blocking their power blocking where. I'm in 2015 and 2016. And against the Bengals aren't a lot of this one because the perfect. The bills in six. Don't running late only and are. They were much more active averaged over four yard dairy. Will be called man or what I even work or power black heat so. He is mixing it up. I do think that John Miller although we haven't been as good in pass protection and there have been some. Later he and Leakey as being run the earth as being run blocker. Is agility and that he's a smaller car. What if those one and you read those don't blocking way over bled too cocky that yet equally evil act in decreased in what I want washed. Pretty much all those spare of the Bengals. I think Jon Miller and to be in there. I'm and I noticed that Eric ward the I'm most of those dome watching play. He doesn't necessarily have to these two lateral mobility that maybe he added the order broken leg earlier in his career. One year running you don't blocking scheme that. Tanner and his mobility are so important that you could get out in. Part of those on other distressed the last verse stressed the right and some nose tackle to tackle a M. The ball. So I think mixing in some power running will eat eat and the article off balance. And using Jon Miller and help out there would. On the interior and and pissed inserting Doug Miller back into the lot I can post street probably. Do about that goes on. Christian stuff is great guy floor shores let everybody know where they can read your work. You can read me at the end blitz which is about when you used that description upper built coverage. And I'm yet sports are. And actress to apostle on Twitter always work the good follow as well he'll. You'll get little tidbits and information it's funny you mentioned earlier that you had done talked about Tyrod Taylor. And and you've difference between him with his weapons and him without his weapons I remember seeing that we might. I can't wait to get Chris ultimately. If you pick apart those numbers it's good stuff Chris. Appreciate your work appreciate your time good talking you as always enjoy the rest your night and talked against sooner right. Are you got to critics are so Buffalo News joining us in the sports bar with danger the tightly. As we shift gears here danger. Joseph Girardi did middle son become. I'm sorry he's doing something that would if our Yankee fan. Would drive me nuts. I wanna CP changes this for tomorrow night when the clintons themselves like we have some good. Thought provoking comments from around the world of sports on the way or another round of I'll drink to that you can agree or disagree you're always welcome to join us but pulling the stool 454. ESP and 4543776. Also on Twitter at ESPN Rochester. Danger to take me back with more next in the sports bar on ESPN Rochester. The Sox right it's. Post rigs and in the sports. City congratulations Yankee fans. Let me make modest suggestion for Joseph Ferraro I can't wait for this. Jets bearing judge I'm in the two. I mean really really. The Yankees got past Cleveland this despite judge going want to want me with sixteen strikeouts. Again danger this bears repeating what that bat sixteen strikeouts I think that's good. You're number two winner need to get on basic yes they're just regular season on base percentage for 220 in the regular season what's going. This law. This any regular season in the judge needs to go 1067 or dare I say hey yeah right so you what you wanna do is wanna shake the confidence of your rookie. During the end. One for each one saying they won despite him he wasn't terrible it's bad error in judgment his confidence is already shopping. Hi this time of year is gone it's the worst in terms of big game in terms of people criticizing Major League Baseball managers you can't win. You can't wait if you do something that you feel is right usually got I mean I'll always remember last years to run for the cubs. And how critical everybody was Matt in his use overall this Chapman while that was dumb at all. Wanted it does. Hotter than a loser is a loser they wanted he shouldn't have to apologize. For how he manages this team. If they keep winning and I didn't expect them to win that series. You didn't expect him to win that series here they are a good two to three years ahead of schedule and playing in the ALCS. Joseph Girardi is not the problems. Solve drink to that Cleveland Browns searching for their first win of the season they'll look at Kevin Hogan. At quarterback by some punch that shot Kaiser tenure which start week one is the fastest rookie quarterback benching. Perhaps in an injury in the wild card error in the NFL if there's a team that's more impatient or desperate I'd love being here. Four games she isn't big enough sample to know what you really have a future franchise quarterback. Well yes I will grieve but analysts say mistake here is intention Kaiser it was handing Kaiser the keys in the first place. He wasn't ready if you're trying to force the issue. That was the problem still. There's pinkie it's not over for Kaiser book what they need to do is get them and there. And just let him learn at his own pace and then maybe he's in the mix next you're half regular from anybody wanna learn from Kevin albeit that. That's the guy you wanted to now to my committee he's getting better is always gonna get ahead kick the guys that situation solved drink to that now I have six US men's soccer danger you being sucked back OK I have be entering money. Craig. You can't slots. In virtually every other country on this planet the best athletes in that country play soccer of course dad is far far far from being the case here. In the US it will never beat. I can't get upset about United States not being in the woke up arms are. If it bothers you so much guess what there's a US women's team that won the World Cup last time and they'll be really good. Here's what pisses me off about the US men's team not making it of the World Cup for first of all. You loose Trinidad Chicago and how many people were there two doesn't three dozen fans in that stadium when he lost that team I. I'm looking so desperately. For something in the world of sports. Today to be something bigger T unite us because stood his divisive as this country has become I feel like only sport or something. Nationally related with with ours with the sport could. Potentially. Bring us all together again we can you all remember that 1980 Olympics end and the miracle on ice you know when was last time we had. At a moment like that ignited us and the men's national team on the world stage playing for their country. Could have provided that force I will drink to that the idea that will never be able to fix because you're right the best athletes in America they're just not playing soccer. Like they are in other countries not money's not there it felt money absolutely solid drink to that are hot and fans feel this morning. Wow yeah. Bristol is game seven last year's World Series of dramatic fashion you go on a historically street. At this season's conclusion you have the yankees' bats against all of that two nothing lead it DS are the law. At least the browns don't offer you any glimpse of hope. Is that stop their Jenny Craig. What was that. Love the idea yeah yeah. They are we up where yeah. Combat ready to go Cleveland I listened. Cleveland I'll drink to that but it. You've got the cavs are right we can't get a path at least to the conference finals in the NBA debt you can move forward through at least for one she's been. Right adults aged six. Solve drink to that they are giants are on the verge of a rebuilt right. Trolley new coach. Rob Elliott time that come up with the future plant at quarterback after only Eli Manning is now 38 years old. All this is true wolf while they'd consider this there's wanna tradable commodity that the giants half. They should move this off season if the phone rang and the offer was a first round pick. For O'Dell Beckham junior if I were running the giants this offseason I would may veteran. First round pick for hotel Beckham junior. Coming off a season ending injury. Your we'd have to heat it. Highest top. Dollar at least that's which would hold outs and music giants rather than pay him top dollar would rather deal him for first rounder and use that cap space shuttle. I don't think anybody's dumb enough to do. I don't personally east I'm intrigues. Don't happen that often in the NFL the it was Adrian Peterson earlier this week right I mean. For what you know. Now today kids Mardi Gras beads Adrian Peterson feels like Randy Moss and his current team team team and a right. O'Dell Beckham now. I mean coming off the injury that's gonna make people nervous right is he the same players you still have it you would imagine you know an athlete. Of his caliber would be able. Rebound from that kind of an injury but. Do you really know. I mean you've seen happen before but you've also seen it where injuries happen in wide receivers come back and just to show what they used to be. But last time this happened for the giants and I'm not crew Tuesday well. I'm talking about like complete rebuilt well fossil. Fossil blown out the giants. You know pick in the top five that was the year they traded up to get Eli and may sign a veteran quarterback who was a clip or deliver the guys in the hall fame on the in the current war. I'm sorry giants canceled the way this is all playing out again the story today odd Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Has been suspended what is it. Basically they put him in the naughty corner he's not coming out dangers that how this all yeah I mean it on that list so. I think the most seeking miss is four games according to the CPA. But he had a Domino's not just from Marty is. Suspended indefinitely for the New York Times. So how does this team reacts while. You couldn't beat the chargers at home you're going out to Denver now this doesn't get any easier it's funny ala momentum meet the goals in the wrong direction it can really take what. We would've been a promising season for the giants I thought they were kind of on the fringe of the playoffs. And a lot of people didn't. They're coming off they season danger they don't have a playoff season. And there that wanna game since the boat pictured all. We'll talk more NFL we've got action tonight a good game tonight authors and affable at least we hope it's a good game to formally teams I talk about this because to meet. What you watch tonight. Houses a lot of power failure the cement years ago is use me is the test the test sample for. You know the mind of a sports fan tonight is on toward. I'm told but I know what should should you watch the game I know what else I know when you're popular and I know I'll bet you're out standing to add they're gonna get to that and more next also a touch more Buffalo Bills can't. Some NHL and Buffalo Sabres stuck with their for an Matthew caller here just few minutes in the sports part danger and take Leah. I am not 15957. FMD sports leader ESPN Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. And with Rochester is most listened to sports. Ford's car would dangerous bitch back. Rochester wrapped. Just points leader. 57. In Rochester.