The Sports Bar-Hour 1 10/3/17-Dino Babers

Hour 1 of today's Sports Bar has Danger and Battaglia discussing how the AFC seeds out after Kansas City closed the first quarter of the season undefeated. Next, the guys invite Syracuse football coach Dino Babers with a look at his team's matchup against Pitt. Finally, a round of "I'll Drink To That" including ESPN's piece on a former NFL coach who suffers from Alzheimer's.


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Those sports bar with danger and exactly yet. Another senator. Played great. I have Tyrod Taylor company faces change everything going to be perfect every week. We've been through a number of different situations. To our games over the past four weeks and got seven point. We expect to win those situations and made us go our way we don't play quite. Mike danger who worked for games into the season when he 5% of the season is now behind us and just ask your question or the bills got. The first four UC Davis good good enough to be in first place better than the patriots that feels good descent she habitat in danger. Just recent history will tell us okay you can feel good bills fans. But this day long. Long season and we have a lot of work to do between. Now and what happens in November December that's why it. We have to continue to. Push torches and our quality of play every week Rochester sports leader and 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon to all of the stool and join us the sports bar is open for business on ESPN Rochester danger and the tank Leon I have my danger. Good afternoon GP tag might danger how are you today. Well excited it's it's Tuesday it's weird this week is weird in the sports bar it's kind of a short week for us. There's a lot of action happening Major League baseball's post season starts tonight. And of course who want you to have full access to some of the game so Thursday and Friday. Thursday an abbreviated version sports Virginia will be here from three to 330. Red Sox were picking up every baseball game in a nutshell we can for you. Is that what you want so the Red Sox Astros coming up Thursday. Not tonight not gonna interfere whether show yankees twins. No we don't want seed twins here unless your Yankee fan but this. I would go on a Yankee gets listening and if you're Yankee fan I imagine you're going into the game confident because history's kind of shown that the Yankees. Owned the twins at Yankee Stadium. And we'll wait until we get all drink to that foray I tell you where my allegiance lies for tonight's wild card game which you can hear right here on ESPN Rochester. At 730 tonight will play I'll drink to that here a before 4 o'clock in the sports bar with danger but tightly give you some. Some thought provoking us statements from the world of sports. Well and let me cut Yankee fans were saying twins fans any fan of a wild card team that loses tonight. Off of the past does our buddy rich upstairs right big Yankee fan. He's already starting in danger well you know this is it fair you play a 162. Games you can't even make this a best of three should be opposed to. Terry could make more money make it. Stop. Stop you didn't wean your division that's the objective. It's almost like you're kind of getting a hall pass here so to speak for getting into the post season. You hear me complain about the Mets last year its diplomats and take care business so if you're Yankee fans tomorrow I don't wanna hear from any wild card team. That oh it's only one game well that's why it's the wild card weenie. Your division you know all the rules going in today's that's why the Red Sox don't have to worry about. One game. And yes the Yankees do you have. And history over the twins here in recent years but. There's one thing in baseball that didn't stop everything. And that's a hot pitcher and I don't know if Ervin Santana is up to the challenge tonight but he's the one guy can pull this off the twins. Twins of improper any explosives the second half of the season we'll see if it's enough tonight you can hear the action. Starting at 730 with a pregame on ESPN Rochester so then Friday we'll also have. Baseball Friday afternoon in fact our coverage for baseballs and even the Murphy show I think Italy 130 we GAAP pre game for. And for the the divisional. Well that's the rats talking to if you're Red Sox fan. Your productivity is gonna go right down the tubes this week I mean that's us. Re thirty airtime Thursday. It's not 2 o'clock your time I think for rocket yeah I could he guess you've got to Sox failure staff senior manager well. Cut cut your socks and a little slack here. And then by the way Monday President's Day are we still not president's state Columbus there we still allowed to call Columbus Day. That's politically correct 900. We know we're not calling hardest day are weird something's joyous people I don't and a Columbus Day Monday. Word six the sabres sabres. The first game the ability here the sabres here lol matinee action Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. That's a good good pull their tooth so very busy weekend and then nine between all that. Hammocks Friday. Hammocks Saturday night the home and home with us Syracuse the Holman being right here in the flower city Friday night and will kick off the hammock seasons morrow danger exciting day in the sports are. Meet the players tonight tomorrow afternoon from three until six by all means cut out of work we love interacting with you on Twitter at ESPN Rochester. We love when you join us on the phone at 454 ESP Aaron. All would be better then hang out together a great place like the distillery really Rochester kind of like a regional sports bar. With the sports bar with danger to tag lead just can't join us we're gonna have plenty of reasons for you to do so if you bring your kids your family. The arts are gonna be there. What better way to get fired up for new hammer season than meet the players that a distillery Amano. Every nerve in the one of these you it's not like you won't know who the hammocks are they Wear their sweaters they walk around. In the interact with the fans right there is so it's a great opportunity to. You know get a cell C with one of the players are you gotta. Oz son or daughter that plays youth hockey this is the the great opportunity to meet a player and a casual setting and yeah how did they're usually great certificates and any hammocks will be there where they're giveaways to and we gonna be loaded for bear tomorrow is it is. Opening night and hockey in the NHL's as the only apropos that we do the show tomorrow because you've got fourteens on tap tomorrow night the NHL. And then the sabres opening up the following night on Thursday. Still a little bit of work here for the sabres to do just minutes ago here danger. Our Malone in new Lander were sent down from the sabres to the am Merck's. But that doesn't get them met the limits so by my count you still gotta make some more moves by 5 o'clock today so does this mean that. Perhaps there's a trade the works maybe somebody's gonna. Get just outright release we don't know but right now while only two players are being sent down again that's that Alex in the Lander and Shawn Malone. Going how in the. It's at this point for me on her imagine that you really get a chance to fight for roster spot with the with the sabres because of your injury but now. You have the opportunity which listen. He's still a kid he's nineteen and end you know. All the reports we heard this offseason is that he got bigger good that's good because it was apparent from Washington last year that he needed a little bit more size. On he's so skilled and it'll be eager to see him on the eyes were red white and blue I think this is where he belongs at least for part of this season let's see what happens. Let's see if he looks the way he looks during juniors last year re dominated the tournament. He just was the same player after that term when he came back to Rochester. And you know too small a sample size with with the sabres was what won game two games of the sabres are just a cup of coffee category chipped I think of sucks out not not really getting the chance this offseason this pre season to to make. A case for spot with the sabres. But Neil under probably belonging in Rochester its chance to show everybody what he's made of this season in Rochester. NASA will keep an IN of the moves that have to be made not just of the sabres but around the National Hockey League by 5 o'clock today. The Buffalo Bills later this afternoon our friend Mike rode out from Will join us. The bills making some moves today as well yet so silly brown is stacked in the housing in the bills had to bring back somebody right because. Walter power on curious to get the road next take on this later today. What did you keep Mike there Walter Powell round four if you knew your gonna let him go so Walter Powell after the four game suspension release of Philly around me. Former panther who didn't make the final cuts. He's brought back. And and not only that but come the final called Anderson has a broken arm so we'd sounds like there could be another former Buffalo Bill aisles in the safety. Back on his way I haven't seen anything official on that yet but. Mike wrote apple Phyllis and with all the details and Peter ring and actually brown meant to world somebody's gotta go off the roster. As well so. Lot has that happened here this week so all that plus so we look ahead to Cincinnati. As the Buffalo Bills can you imagine. Technical for one so that coming up on next hour with Mike wrote that Buffalo Bills talk. What do we learn from watching last night's game Kansas city's really good they look like they might be the best team in the league right now when she seen edging. It's hard to dispute that because on the ballots. Certainly a better cornerbacks and Alex Smith. Certain. Leave. There are better running backs and cream on noble Hans god I would argue that right now. Right now cream hot looks like the best running back in the league but he's a rookie so IA itself so I'm I'm picking up the laws on this team here. Bunt that defense is opportunistic. On they had a one mile the one play deep. In May fell behind last night by two scorers and I'm watching this and I'm never thinking for a minute I'm still gonna come back when this game. Kind of a bad and offer but it at Washington last Allman got it feels architect for it. We're seeing the bat the way it did last night with that last second fumble risky. But the point being right now let's just look at the AFC. It's Kansas City right now is your clear front runner. They have a two game lead on the patriots right now have four and a Kansas City two and two new wing. We go down by the division is just who's at the top of each division. Right now looks like Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh. All bad about what a Super Bowl winning team should be. I can't say yes at this point what I can say as as compared to detail in that division danger. The Steelers should Staten off this year is that dangles okay that it that there there has stepped from where they wore. The ravens. Okay you beat them wants the ravens a whole bottom could fallout on this team at any point they could be going to four and twelve and as far as we know and don't even get you start an abrupt. The Steelers should win this division. No later than week fourteen OK could. If you're the Steelers as long as you don't play down the competition nectar bugaboo Steelers. Will win the division. AFC south interstate. Wide open. I think Houston is announced I'm numb I'm not I'm fighting yet no I'm sorry listened. 57 points against the titans at home everybody wants to jump on board to Shawn Watson listen I'm telling you. The NFL makes adjustments. And may be dish on Watson is special maybe he is another Russell Wilson type quarterback that you just can't you have to account for. And when he makes plays of the speech you have no way of stopping him. You kind of saw Russell Wilson taking came over on Sunday night and into Shawn Watson might have that ability but he is still a rookie and I'm not 100% convinced. That billow Prine is that greed of a coach either I don't think that there's anybody really significant in that league in that in that division. EL I I would like to say it's Tennessee but I don't know. Argue while Tennessee doesn't have merry ought to furlough the veteran beat up this division could be each other up and could be an eight knee ignited seventeen winning Activision well let's say who it's not it's not the colts. I don't know that it is are well it isn't right now I think still early they don't look good but Andrew Luck returns. Are they different team can they make a late season push. Sure. Sure I wouldn't be surprised by it not that Jacoby percent has been that the thing holding back this team Jacksonville. Keep an eye on Jacksonville State lost to the jets. That defense is played filthy. If the offense doesn't that they limit their mistakes. That division is wide open I'm not I'm not willing to crown anybody. The winner of that division just Shia and that brings us in the east. And I think we can. All gives the nod your two new wing lend until we get deeper in this season. Doing and being here before before you start talking about how great knowing when is gonna finish the season we just appreciate the fact that right now today if the season ended. Four games into the season the bills to be the number two seed. In the AFC playoff picture at a joint apply it. That might be as close as we get to it so let's just savor that moment first little nugget for a second. Look at Don we're. OK onward. Let's for the snake is argument let's say the bills don't win the division. Where the division right now looks like the clearest path how hot there's New England ha ha. By the way let me digress here what that was that was like a bad. Eighties movie meaning pay. We line and we feel good it hah hah hah look at the villain look at Stephon Gilmore scoring up pop pop pop pop pop it at the end and everybody feel that way on Sunday. Yeah it's kind of like come. The end of Karate Kid. Who are seeing the fear and overseeing one like a watch it on HBO was a kid. The Ehrlich alternate endings and it and I am pretty sure that the the the ending vary depending on what you saw when Theres a sought on TV here sought on dvd or blu where where a Resop it. The ending of Karate Kid doesn't end with him policing the trophy. In the Al all valley. Karate turn it right right it ends. In the parking lot. After the tournament. When he's confronted one last time when the hockey and Daniel son are confronted last time by Kris. Increase. Tries to tries to you know getting to it with me not eat. Increased goes to punch me hockey mrs. Lozada windshield with. A window car window with this with his fist. Punches with his other fist misses now he's got to bloody fist and he's left the parking lot you know just devastated. Well. Okay. That's kind of liked. House upon people's part that just visualize the thought Gilmore like yes. Yes it's. Good enough that your Buffalo Bills won the game that lets look at dove tail lights. Can New England Patriots. And you feel even better at the end and you know why they chose that ending danger because they test those endings how many times over and over and older that's what the public want. By the way patriot fans right now or not. Panicked at all. No they're not they're not panicked OPEC tickets adorable. That we're excited about the start of our season we've won apple picking season congratulations buffalo. Three in one we want apple picking season. Let's see if we can hoist the trophy. That's all that matters at the end of the day and the patriots are better at a than anybody else they're not panicked at all not if they think what we're doing right now is a point. It's cute. As far as other teams in this league debt at Annie get disclaimer Tony 5% of the season points. All other wild card teams. If it's new England's division. Okay let's take a look around AFC west. Denver. Got all you on the tiebreaker against them what do that ever happened. Oh Oakland good luck with EJ Manuel there's the other yeah yeah that that'll be fun. He comes back and we don't wish injury on anybody that's a tough break for the raiders and M might send their season into a tailspin and don't forget the charters they're. South like you said danger somebody's got to win that division I don't think there's a wild card that comes of that division rhetoric. Brings us to the north. North. Pittsburgh let's just assume that divisions there who Welles what. Who. You all think Cincinnati can pull it together right. Rule look who's on the bills' schedule this week this is a potential head to head match up. For a wild card we get down to that in the hunt graphic and a month of December. All yeah this isn't a divisional game to the Buffalo Bills but if you're just taking. A survey the landscape right now on the air sea as far as teens there. Not the front runner for the division but teens that could pull it together and earn a wild card yeah I we we can't rule Cincinnati out which. Now raises the stakes a little bit for the Sunday's game. It's an important game. It's a game that they have to win being that. Then the rest of the games that they play. You know later on the schedule these are these are better teams teams with potentially winning record or a winning record right now. And we went over this yesterday I I'll keep referencing nick raucous week as I thought when he came out on Sunday that it was right on. That there is a way that the bills can get to ten wins with the remainder of this schedule you look at it. And you think you know. If you haven't looked at it recently look at it again this this is the definition of recent C biased right like we we look at this schedule in the pre season Mike. Oh god don't you get Matt Ryan Cam Newton and all these quarterbacks on this schedule all of Drew Brees oh somber you know. Philip Rivers. You get the ten wins by starting with a win on Sunday against Cincinnati the one in three tangles. By beating the jets. Sweeping that series. By beating the winless chargers. In Los Angeles in a soccer stadium that will probably be 90% occupied by bill's fans will be fun. Beat the colts were one into right now you get them in buffalo which is. Beat the dolphins. Twice. Now the good thing about that danger is that the dolphins twice. First part is that you get mine here in mid December that's the first meeting that's on the seventeenth. But then if you really need it right that's the game down in South Florida team met in New Year's leave New Year's. That's week seventeen so it on the back then you're gonna save the tough one if you need it week seventeen for buffalo. The bills are not taking every one of those games and I take this week Vegas doesn't think they're gonna take this week the bill actually three point underdog again. I hardest seal sweep the dolphins 'cause it is divisional game and I wouldn't. Rule out the jets those mystifying. New York stinking jets McCain and tank correctly because that's a short week. And when you get a short week you get sloppy football we all know that's an equalizer. And one of these gains the bills are gonna come out my idea. That that's just the way this game girls. So yes to win all those games decades she did ten. Which means okay well what would be our insurance Apollo danger what's what and column B there on the other. That to the tenth win would have to be one of the following if you if you get all those delegates are denied that that tenth win would be have to beat either Tampa Bay. Oakland New Orleans Kansas City or New England one of the two times you played them. That's how you get to test. Well. Is it DJ in manual at quarterback for the raiders who really think he Jake is gonna come back to haunt this Buffalo Bills. And again after we went off the air yesterday Mueller to wasn't backs hasn't it was. What one of those back fractured I can't even pronounce for what they say two to six weeks yep that's it that's kind of a gray area would you not say Dana two weeks OK and now. Yes six weeks that's mid November so a lot with that raider fans. It if it is EJ Manuel. If you're starting quarterback long term so all gloom looks pretty good. Can't put to me is still wildly inconsistent keep waiting for this team just dec come around take care of business depends. They play games like they did name that was the key scheme part for me to take the Buccaneers seriously when you go on the root Bolden who's back quarterback. New Orleans. New Orleans interesting you should roll over them right. It would bring you their defense isn't good and you got Sean McDermott who's had a game plan for New Orleans in the past so there's a connection there I'd feel good about Moreland yes. I feel good about morals that the Tampa that. Because you have a head coach who's familiar with their tendencies who's who's had a game plan against them multiple times for the past handful of years. Does that mean the one game. On the scandal for the Buffalo Bills that we would be most afraid of his routine that right now. Eight and by their standards on the ropes defensively talk about the patriots is that deep hole at that that you would save him Brady that offense them. What I would love to see right now. Love to see that matchup bring noble we have to wait until December 3 straight. I'm not excited about that matchup because our offense hasn't shown any sort of big play ability or. I mean they're doing just enough I guess what I'm saying and that's in the NFL you shouldn't have to apologize for a win at the end of the day a win is a win it'll loses a loser. And how you get their Timmy doesn't matter. You know senior quarterback throw for 300 yards a game. You're also Nazi a quarterback turned the ball over that's the price you have to pay. Nobody's calling the game manager. But that's what I crack Taylor has been for the last season and a half he's been a game manager hasn't been a while he's been consistent he hasn't. Were on the ball is thrown bad bad passes he hasn't. Had many turnovers. Now he's got one this year and that was the first series. See that's there's a went through Charles Claes hand it wasn't his fault now. We took a call yesterday and by the way you're always welcome cause of 454 ESPN. Knows somebody saying while we talk about team managers to mean. Can we compare the the bills to the Buccaneers winning team reports of the ravens annals always the two out liars in my opinion. Where it and you could say the Broncos out to one of work that wasn't Peyton Manning that was being Manning light that won a Super Bowl couple years ago. But Brad Johnson. And Trent Dilfer or Shura Tyrod is right into those categories I just don't think. That the Buffalo Bills 27 defense were rated even mention the same breath is that great grieving defense that great Tampa defense and yes that great bronco the night. Yeah but they are number one in the league for points allowed. And if you start to see them make more plays like you saw a tree what make that that put points on the board. Those explosive defensive plays that get you attention that makes it EB. What we're saying earlier in the season you can see on this team. Not to be able to move the ball is efficiently as we would like on offense they might need their defense to be their best offense and the way they played on Sunday in Atlanta. If they can consistently play that we got you will be mentioning them as. You know maybe not one of the best defense is ever it's the best defense is ever for this franchise. For the bills an end and why because Sean McDermott. Has a system believes in the system and has the right personnel. To execute this there are more talented players you could argue that Stephon Gilmore has talent. Buddies and yet he never between the ears now well. For now known he's not accountable. All that. You get the right guys he get them sitting in the right seats in the bus not bus goes forward you follow that system and this is what happens. They're going to make mistakes. Not every game is gonna be like what we saw on Sunday. But when it's also conduct gene I mean you know courtroom and the way it's these defense is good. And it could be good enough. If the offense cease is making mistakes. Could be good enough to get the ten wins. You. Can't be true this is what we set all offseason we don't want a team that's gonna beat itself. One turn over through four weeks. That's not beating yourself. When I'm watching the chiefs last night it's clear to me that they are the class of the air seem right now there's a team to go get. Can't say it's Ichi cius seal lose and maybe you'll get a team like Pittsburgh or new wing and going Internet should be a lot of fun. My point in relation to the Buffalo Bills is that Cianci. Not a scary neighborhood this year at least not compared to the Buffalo Bills. Denver issues. Local big issues. Who it nobody's stepping up in the south nobody stepping up in the north other than it's murder Houston where is gonna win that division. It's there this is in the bill's hands danger. Long season ago. Via. And it starts on Sunday again. As the bills travel to Cincinnati you'll be able to hear all of the action pregame starting at nine. On ESPN Rochester of course kick off at 1 o'clock so with all the action happening all of the baseball. All of the hockey. Nestled right in their on Sunday. Bills Bengals on ESP and righteous let's. Hum pull you with whole leg going on to. Got to bring on our good friend because the order back home for a couple game to get hit an angry client sit on the thirteenth. What is it the last time the defending national champions. Came in the carrier now well. You know favors a team that's to win three here let's assume they don't beat Clemson. It's a must win for the orange coming up Saturday would you not say against Pitt. Yes you have aspirations of playing a thirteenth game getting now bowl game you have to win now a couple of games that you probably were expected to win it would be one of them parish for. Point favorites in this game by even with that being sad. You lose this game and then you're looking at two and five right in the face here after the thirteenth so. Big game for the awards coming up Saturday it's all switch gears here just. Are. Man crush. Love that guy who. Dino papers had coached Syracuse Orange football joins us next in the sports bar danger in the tank Leah AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. I'm 57. Four catches each. Yes we do these moments when we. 57. ESPN Rochester. Couple modes not yet official but ESPN's Mike wrote after reporting the bills will bring back wide receiver Phillippe round. Brown let go by the bills at the end to camp also coming back. CD tray Els did on the 53 man roster that's because CB COLT Anderson apparently broke his arm. My verdict could join us next hour here in the sports bar the latest on the Buffalo Bills the sabres have sent down to Alex the Lander in Sean Maloney. Buffalo still must get. Two more moves by 5 o'clock today. Yankees and twins tonight the American League wild card 730 our coverage begins on ESP Iran register your home in Rochester for all of baseball's post season. Export their front you buy chili's chili's has annual. Bigger items better than their friends their focus that one thing for her ribs and that he does and the whole menu is better covenants CY chili's is back baby. Exactly and I get the benefits and FM ESPN Rochester. If you want pure fun filtered other adults are rated sports you've come to know right place AM 950 yen 957. Advance notice boards leader ESPN Rochester. Back and welcome back the sports bar with danger mpeg Leon in 19957. FM and on Monday. ESPN Rochester dot com after a few weeks on the road to Syracuse or to back home this Saturday 1230 taking on pitted the dome and then the following week you get the national champs the defending national champs climbs in coming and the coach dean helped neighbors our guest coach thanks your time not how do you view these last two weeks for your program. Well I've been frustrating and and well I mean we went to two places we played two bad as the football team. Often came up on the short in the sort of sticks so to speak. But I think that both for their performances in the effort they put him to have been good enough we've just been made two mistakes there actually win in those companies. We knew that this was going to be a tough schedule we talked Jude during the pre season so I guess you you you can feel that sense of pride but you know historically it seems like slow starts. Have been an issue for the north what's best way to fix a slow start to a season. Well try to make sure that you start fast and we're doing everything we can't. Make sure that we try to have an opportunity to start fast the game that were that are remaining on the schedule you know we just can't come out Apple's slow first half program. Ally your quarterback is certainly you know kept in these games coach would what are your thoughts on the play of our country so far. I think that we wouldn't be in the situation that we are thought it would be still in the way we feel about this team without the way that he's been playing I think they're playing really well. You haven't been perfect by any means but he definitely. The start of the straw that stirred the drink so to speak when it comes to what we're doing offered to. Had a pretty good connection last weekend with her Phillips is we talked to coach Dino Bieber Syracuse football coach here in the sports bar with danger the tag Leah. Talk first sector about the wide receiver seventeen receptions last week that. Not only breaks the school record by other great art monk and that's an ACC record now now what do you do was coach. Get helps to keep both feet on the ground how talented this kid beat. Well he's super count and not open we have to worry about is these really well grounded. Kim and is spoke for the old guys understand this in years are trying to do everything they can't help us get to a ball game to win the conference championship those things are not out of out of the woods yet but surely has kept a term has been around start with some that he's on the board the proverbial accomplish those goals. I get a shot this Sunday night get Pittsburg excuse me this Saturday you get a shot 1230 to kick off at the dome. 7661. You don't need me reminding you that score laster coach but not a good word about you personally I don't think your heart can take another game like that. You know that is that's way too much for me when someone scores three quarters on you you scored sixty wanna lose. That's not how football supposed to be played in don't get me wrong I like the 61 I just don't like the other and others I I don't I can't see this game being like that game might mistake it's going to be a closer game I think the scores will be a lot lower. Whereabouts. And actually look at the chance to talk to you here but before you you take on Clemson it's not every season that you get the defending national champs coming into the dome. Zero chance you get looking ahead for that game right coach. You know we're not looking into that at all and and when you have Florida State and clips in the coffin into the last four years they won national championships. We do have a national champions come into the dome at least every other year so it's not something new for us but we know that we're gonna have our hands will. We also will start with Pittsburgh when word about that that we did it. So what is your team have to do to come away with a win over Pitt this week coach. We got a clean up the penalties we have to start fast on offense we cannot allow them to run the football. Running the football is not good for us is that good for our defense and then we've we've got to go back and try to put a complete game together kind of like the central Michigan game on offense. Along with a deep into games have been common. Before this last week but are decent the first four games it was really really good more than adequate and we've got to do our part of the offense and special teams. Pulled this thing together we can get a team victory. Syracuse head coach Dino neighbors our guest here in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah coach looking over the rest of your brutal schedule earlier this season and me pave the way. A for a bowl game for Sarah accusing do you do you see what where do you see opportunity for the rest of the season with that with this government. I I think the way I see this start right here on Saturday I think the biggest stage in the week the bigger mistake we can make is looking ahead to. Other team did not take into the team right but we got to help these games one at a time. And as it is we'd handle our business when the smoke clears will be in a situation. That maybe we can be proud of but right now we can't be taken into that two of the stuff. Too much problems going on inside. To be looking ahead we've got guys in these are mounting up and that's what happens when you play good football team we've got to do we need to underbelly of our program stepped up we get back up guy in the game better. He's got to play consistent enforcement or expected to make the plays of the starter makes what he wants to. But he does got to play at a consistent gains so it's not about the war on our side and we are working really hard. One to continue to build depth on this team so we can go to this brutal skirts schedule and hopefully have stopped to get in. To turn twelve games in the third two. But you're not in North Carolina you're not in Death Valley you're in the dome. How big is that going to be for your team made it to get that crowd going this Saturday coach. It's got to be used that we need all the Rochester fans to come on down come get the card do that drive the weather's fantastic. It's New York upper state New York the weather is fantastic it's October get down here are some support the orange in the dome it would. Celine let the ladies would mostly just the sort of steadily to it'll be smoking in there to be nice and warm come on down watch football. Coach I mean I'm I mean the drive to her own I want to turning stone last week in a start to see little peeks of fall foliage so it's a pretty drive it's not a a daunting task to get somebody from Rochester to go it's an hour and ten man ASEAN in a car now support the orange. There you go guys and good day did you know though. Nothing at goats group good luck this week he'll get a win against that we look forward to catching up with the everybody got a pretty much Dino neighbor's head coach Syracuse football our guest in the sports bar with danger and the tag glee takes coach. You Jeanne tough task for Syracuse the rest of the way out I mean this schedule. Is not a favorable now do you think he has in the back of his mind now like what if we go to five here I mean that that's how you gotta look at. To me I heard a little bit of a difference there and its tone of voice did you learn no. No I picked up on that tonight you know what. I don't want either this why these guys make the kind of money they make this a lot of pressure there's a lot at stake there's a lot of money behind these programs being successful is he behind making it will bowl game. And you've been tasked with turning around a program that hasn't been successful in quite some time in in the football program. You're living in the shadow of the basketball program constant. And it's only geared to only year too bright. One should your recruits take hold your three or four that's yet he sowed some debt I know Syracuse fans don't wanna hear this. Patience. But that being said I like the chances this week to change what they're chances against Pitt so that'll be fun and get back to 500 men. Okay bring constant what the hack but we Lucy goes scene have that that's on on Friday the thirteenth that came at the dome. Interest in what was great having coach John always love having Dino de resolve with us here in sports bar danger to tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Woody staging the play I'll drink to that next yes. Sullivan time here the teacher last night and ESP NN. That was unlike any. Interview I've seen is the acts about a head coach that we all know whizzing coaching that is come on hard times here this is something I think we can dive into this really I kind of caught me off guard Roy saw. All right we'll give you some are compelling statements from around the world of sports you can agree to disagree you're always welcome to pull the stool and join us at 454. Yes PM 4543776. As we play I'll turn to that next in the sports bark. Danger and the tank Leo on AM 915957. FM and online. And ESPN Rochester dot com. It is a real world news. It's time for post rigs and in the sports. It's. Two former NFL head coach Marty Schottenheimer. Has alzheimer's. He sat down with the ESPN. He and his wife gave an interview. And trust me when I tell you this it's a really neat. Really it's off watch. Now the Schottenheimer didn't have to give this interview. But in my opinion. I thought it was helpful that they did pick. I'll drink to that there might be some people out there that have not been affected by alzheimer's or don't know anybody that's been affected by alzheimer's that was equivalent to what alzheimer's. Can duty you. We should talk a little bit more about this here's liberals rolled up equity you're onto something here that's great point to miss I'll drink to that are not indicative. Are not vindictive tell me that you're not gonna watch the passing the bucks on Thursday just to see if Stephon Gilmore and gets torched or gets big change. Like you are gonna watched in delight as EJ Manuel Bruins vocal in season and this is great. Isn't it great and tell all wake Sammy blockade all your numbers went way down against Dallas. Mall at the who's coming maybe thought oh my TV GA quarterback had the ball we are victims. Solved drinks at that news on the local college basketball scene in saint John Fisher head coach rob corner current resign and when he seasons as a head coach cornered her at 716. Winning percentage. He was the coach of the year in division three in 2005 I did speak to rob today danger. He simply wants to go watch his son Griffin flag Griffin former wanted to Larry's known freshman at Middlebury Vermont. DC Zeke gave big loss for saint John Fisher athletics and rob we wish you match out. Absolutely friend of the sports bar round. Parker yes he was great with us during March mad I grid having on our Holmgren after. After this don't come on the show no excuses but that's that some that there is little there is no more noble cause. We didn't want to be there for your kids in and that's a great move by rob Parker and the best of luck in his future course. I'll drink to that ahead of the pylon and say that the twins don't have any chance at Yankee Stadium tonight we're traditionally they've been owned. But in the second half the season Jeanne consider this the twins rank first and runs per game slugging percentage and third extra base hits. Jeanne get a boy till we would seek on the phone well I did generate high school buddies in Minnesota know. Twinkies I. Here's another reason why you should pull for the twins veto got a horse in this race when he five man playoff roster for Minnesota. One DQ. The 25. Our former red wings gets better on the 25. More than half played in Rochester this year but thirteen 125 that courtesy of our buddy name wrong so I'll drink to that. Here is a telltale sign of danger that you hit your mid. I walked out a house today without my reading glasses. Day and it's I'm telling you guys I'm having struck stop that. Stop with and I cannot go anywhere. Without these things and restaurants. It's either reading glasses are and the bill to my wife. When I had to give you codes favors phone number I quit three I had to hand you my cellphone as it's really bad you don't don't want me. Okay I'm a few years ahead Heidi you're gonna be right here. Danger I'm telling you that whole collector called aging he's gonna common knocking it's only a few away years away from. I'm back that you think god not feeling it already is is that right there is that it's I don't see you'll bush three glass no I don't I am I believe I still have my vision but I will lie and doing of that move where you stick your arm out to look at something. To try to read it better that you just see people that struggle with that I'm doing that move a lot more than I used to. So I haven't gotten my eyes checked sometime and I'm nervous that when I do get my eyes checked they're gonna. Make that suggestion. Here a few years older than me so yeah I know at some point here glasses will be in the future don't worry Jeanne. You know I'm not asking anything here I've got the gray beard coming in nicely when wisdom has yes I'm distinguished. With my salt and pepper beard back to that that this story you mentioned from last night if you watch a preview on Monday Night Football ESPN that piece. On Marty Schottenheimer NG all all. Go through what I was feeling as I was watching it and had no idea and didn't know the set up didn't. I kind of join the interview in progress and it just wrecked it could affect he announced that I had read anywhere in the head also I have no idea or my first. Mike you know I'll always gonna be drawn. Too old NFL footage footage from when I was dictating Schottenheimer is a coach in the NFL was a big part of the NFL as I was growing up watching it as a kid. And you know our remember him in Cleveland I remember him in Kansas City. I remember him in San Diego I I remember. So many moments and he was like one of those motivating coaches you know he didn't look look ahead to pork I mean you know it with these with these. You know I remember the the laminated. Play sheet David's stuff down the act of his pants like. Where is that it Gator glasses that look. Anywhere but coach Schottenheimer would do it every week regardless what was that the the piece of footage there's a clean gentlemen. Fine thank Colleen you know like just. You can't write better scripts. That some of the stuff that this guy say right. It's so I was drawn to what I had no idea what the setup premise of this interview was and they showed Schottenheimer to -- now. Coach looks pretty good is a check out of the hole is but I mean you know eat. He's coaching tools too long ago was San be it probably was. San Diego was his last stop and remember they were fifteen and one yes any GAAP amounts yeah my god can you imagine that yeah. If you don't wanna go fast. So. Enos is some of his memories from coaching. And then they ask him that question about about a specific came. Any says I don't really remember much of that game. You know again I'm going into this. It's you know up a kind of joined in progress I didn't know if there was any set up I didn't know any this was about a just thought this is a profile on Schottenheimer. And they advance the interview. Spoiler alert. He's talking about how he likes the wake up in the morning and drinking his coffee. Now and especially given how cold it is in Pennsylvania in here his wife off camera say. Honey. We don't live in Pennsylvania anymore we have ending years we live here in North Carolina. And that's when you see this look on his face that he really doesn't know. What's going on he's got alzheimer's. Now it this is out there and if I think groundbreaking interview. Because wing do we have in your views like this case. Where you know the personality. In his personality being your Marty Schottenheimer we are the image we've heard him talk how many times. And now you skip ahead years later and here's the personality with alzheimer's. And 88 it served its purpose it's incredibly. Disturbing and incredibly sad to see this man slip away really in a short. Amount of time in a short amount of time. I mean he was just say any bills camp I wanna say four years ago. Do you still kind of consulting and being around the game. In order brainstorm gave up a seat to Kimi Bernsen mean you know perfect gentleman about it I mean. Really really good guy and I would encourage anybody to watch this because it's not only that but it's. Did you take you inside the decision for the Schottenheimer. Uses because. So often you hear why just wanna remember him. This person for the way that they wore right I mean this is going to say this is really what alzheimer's really is like. That's what Pat Summitt did was wrong. But I don't remember her giving an interview like this we remember pat summit. For the way she coached and then ran downhill really Witten and unfortunately that's a mental waterway that's. For Marty Schottenheimer to get in front of the camera white to its. It's going to make waves of media it it will draw more attention to alzheimer's and how we need more research for this. I got to imagine that if you're not familiar with the disease or if it hasn't touched your life at some point it might. And vat. When you see that in her view that these. That's what's frightening and terrifying about this disease at my grandmother I remember being a kid my grandmother was hit with alzheimer's and I remember being confused as to. You know the woman that I would talk to on the phone every Sunday night religiously just checking just to say hello as a kid. One week she just didn't know while laws. Forgot that I had visitor here forgot everything just forgot just the brain just kind of stops functioning the way. You think it should end and it happens fast and so to see. Marty Schottenheimer. In that stage in an interview you know it's going to be tough. I encourage you or anybody genes it to try to remember. The coach the coach on the sideline the coach that that led many winning teams you know there's a clean. What I. They showed that Michael god that's some. That is you know. That's the coach I'll wanna remember and that's coach I will remember that interview was was important and I think it it it. Gives people a little glimpse into what this disease can can do do you what how it can affect you. But I'm still gonna remember coach Schottenheimer for his time on the sideline. I would make the argument did the act Cleveland Browns have an attic coach since Marty Schottenheimer. You wanna see bill Belichick's fine but that didn't go so well did at brown stands now it didn't it ended up ending a whole first Arum it it in Cleveland. Now the last. Teasing coaching Cleveland was Marty Schottenheimer and anything you want to Kansas City went to Washington. Went to San Diego get fifteen to launch his final regular season any got higher. Talk about a way to end a career hole at the gym and around quite solve what we saw last night hey junior in the sports bar power. Pretty good guys did you read an artist wife chimed in there. A couple and to correct that in the middle and they're. Yeah I mean I think that's why. Should that's we used to show. It is if she doesn't chime in there I think I'll AM they live in Pennsylvania. I think they did dad to show that she's not only his wife which really she's now he's cared and yes taking care of him to keep out keep them on course because. He's he's saying things that. He does know what he's saying hey you know I know he's gone. I understand that but we wouldn't know there. Can hit it left. I was embarrassed at. I don't know but it just to denounced. I don't think you would have made a difference at least she had nothing nobody would have known to have been a senior at. No might what I think they why I think he did that was again this shines a light on a bigger issue it's it's less about making him look foolish and more about saying this. He's what alzheimer's looks like this is what alzheimer's sounds like I mean out of what you Jimoh when I saw. Coach Schottenheimer on the T what if it looks pretty good Thursday. Roll downhill a little Holtz looked like he was a proper shape when he was from the silence for Notre Dame game coach looks god. Pepper. And then to hear him get confused and not know what state. He lives in we wouldn't know that unless his wife jerked up in the background it and I think that's. This the bigger point of the piece was this is alzheimer's. And and this is what it looks like you don't get to see that often and again if you're not familiar with the disease or it hasn't touched you or your family you hear alzheimer's you know the only. Understand or know what it what it looks like what does steel. That's a pretty good represented what it. Let me yeah yeah let me ask all you guys this question to. Eight yeah I understand why his wife put a mom but. Marty didn't have the sameness. I I just you know you will never know the answer that question you know did you hate you wanted to interview Murray sure that that was a that was a man not in in his right state of mind and it's just it's so sad to see and I. I have I have not learned I have learned and what it might Bentley or anyone I know that it. Often. Yeah I don't know if the jets are oh. It's an accurate description bully me as somebody who has gone through and again I was a kid but my grandmother went through it and one minute you think you're talking to or and everything is fine. And you're able to carry on a conversation in the next minute she's saying something that is completely. Go on these you know like OE she forgets who you are in and it area it is it is a scary disease and it's terrifying to see what it does to your loved ones and I think. The way they portrayed his wife as his caregiver in and you know I don't think it was meant to make him look. If you don't even kind of joked about it that was like that's my girl. It's she's keeping me straight that's my girl that they got firm you know on the that's where you know she's actually. She's actually saying to all of this imagine how many times a day. She has to keep him on the right path because speak his memory is is he doesn't happen anymore. Or. Absolutely Joseph appreciate the phone call 454 ESPN. And Jerry tweeting and ideas paean Rochester can you link that Schottenheimer interview please. Julian you'll find that erroneous. I handling data yeah I have I waited out earlier on soldier shall love the tweet that right now for our let's give up micro and a plenty of time here as he joins us. Here a few moments in sports bar with danger the tightly or friend Mike wrote back from With the bills inside scoop provided exclusively by Terry's eat ice cream life. Is a bowl of cherries were neck joins us here in just few short moments in sport. We do that let's some bills just pointing me a lot of moves here while we're just talking so as first reported by road back. Trails and sign. Philly brown signed. And then somebody named ship Markel Thomas is a safety also signed. So the bills also caught Eric Lee they caught Robert Blanton they just brought back in the nickel COLT Anderson on ire so. Wholesale moves of the bills on beacon six moves here in just the last minute Bogut for. View of Cincinnati and buffalo on Sunday with Mike road back from Covering the Buffalo Bills for Just few moments here and sports park danger and tag Leah eight and 915957. FM ESPN Rochester. In Rochester invite beautiful fast and the Fisher fruit farming played since Saturday October 7 from ten 'til full. Bryce your fan. Face painting and none scary ride with trick or treat candy stops and and guys created human spider from enchanted princess parties of Rochester. That's the greater Rochester presented by today. Delis care believes that every child deserves a healthy start in life and it ditches and climate serving the event needs of New York State for over ten years.