The Sports Bar- Hour 1 10/4/17- Don Stevens

Hour 1 of today's Sports Bar has Danger and Battaglia discussing the future of the Buffalo Sabres after the contract extension of Jack Eichel. Next, the guys invite Rochester Americans Play-by-Play Artist and Hall of Famer Don Stevens in as the team is reviewed on Meet the Amerks Night. Finally, a round of "I'll Drink To That" including Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott hinting at the future of defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.


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It. Thus sports bar would danger ended sadly puts great thought. But the deal being not knowing that I'll be just be a part of the this bird are geared for probation for a moment trying to actually houses the Bruins traded blows but they'll cruise. That was the way he decided to do it so they decided to take the sabres off her very it just came up all of a sudden. Mike danger and here we are okay now. Now you have to produce and now you have to do is no excuses chamber exactly and happy new year zeal into every other hockey fan now listening right now there's a lot of hockey people here Buffalo's starting from the management down to all the fans here in buffalo and not just from buffalo but all over the place tomorrow we'll fan that have you signed and sealed and I think the contractors who bought them from both sides and both. Should be very pleased Rochester sports leader in 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon pulled the stolen join as the sports bar is open for business on ESPN Rochester this afternoon live. The sports marking a sports bar the distillery on my hope out and no I am might danger GB tag glee over there it's meet the hammer tonight tonight gene. Is one of our favorite night's right where we come out here and we get our first look at the new Rochester Americans this season all we hear about 5 o'clock today. Me danger this this is still symbolic because that this time last year. We've been on the air for one may be six weeks at this point we're all excited about hockey seizing. And then what happened that day that was the day that Jack I call sprained his ankle right now you fast forward one year. And boy has the mood changed near buffalo with a big news last night really the unexpected news that came. I know where that here we are on the eve of the hockey season and Jack cycle is signed up long from now the buffalo same. Pick Flickr Michael Vick plea for the sabres it is it deal I think works in both they army took less money then he could of in order did allow this team to be flexible. When they need to be flexible you know that's a commitment to bigger cause that's commitment to this team look into the future as a winner all that said. You still hear a lot of the experts on on opening night a pretty in the sabres will be on the outside looking in come playoff time at the end of the season. That's fine it's hockey it's a long season as we all know but I how many people would have predicted natural would've gotten to the cup final last year. I'm not too many would be the answer to that for a team that is barely snuck in. Get this young secrets seem but what we know all the talent on this and he comes down to you. Or can you fix the problem that nailed you last year on the Blue Line and the defense stop making mistakes. And you pushed the puck off the ice and from what has been promised to us so far. By the new head coach Phil Housley sat you're gonna have an exciting style hockey for the sabres were OK did you get the odd man rush every once in awhile but at least you're gonna have. I've seen it's gonna take some chances back there and maybe be more accountable on the floor. It's. Yeah out and you know I think now the debate becomes. Hoosier captain. And you heard. He heard some rumblings out of practice. Today at harper senator. Jack cycle leading the team stretch. Jack cycle being ordered my coach how sleep the call a man. If that's the case and they're basically saying hey kid go out there and earn that seed beat a leader that were paying you'd be. It would shock me if he's not the captain of this team. You couldn't do it all today right because it makes it look like exactly what Jason box rules said. Wasn't the case remember he was on with us in August and we asked him point blank page contract negotiations is the captaincy part of it in he said absolutely lives. No way no how but now that that deal got done before the season and still haven't named captain. It is like AA in I will state my position on this once again because the story for the Buffalo Sabres. If it's going to be written like this with the sabres between the Stanley Cup. And probably not this year obviously it's probably not next year but at some point over the course of eight seasons eating get Jack cycle eighty million dollars you could play. You paycheck cycle eighty million dollars he get the one thing we never had what's new York and now it's a championship. At the Major League level. For the Buffalo Sabres. That that is the expectation now with Jack Michael. And for the story and we Gary Bettman handing over a Stanley Cup whether that is seen when he 19120 money. The captain has to be Jack cycle at that point. So why not start the future now why not let him learn. What is what is it like to be a leader could give other leaders in that dressing room you have O Reilly and you have ponder and built back in you have how oppose so. You have other guys that you can lean on in that regard. I saw the one quotes out today saying while and this is true when it's set at every level of hockey you don't EO latter on your sweater to say that your leader on this team correct that's true but there is something symbolic. We did not a particularly at the National Hockey League level and I want Jack cycle. Bedecked captain and his team because of the sabres ever gonna win a Stanley Cup he's going to be the captain when it happens. Well you just heard the NC gators up on earlier before us actually. You know making the argument against actually that you know this is something that does have to be heard it. And while you might be the best player on the team. You still have some maturing of these growing up to do there's still some leadership qualities that are missing Jack cycles all overall. Presentation that's not great with the media. He you know what what what more do you need to see. Out of Jack cycle. In order for him to justify having that C you've got the big contract now. You know you are the more skilled. Player on the team. Lead this team in points and it's also at dawn. In you'll be that way for the next eight years now what are we waiting for. O'Connor repeated its great with the media. But pretty sure his backhand and in the camp by the way I don't know that anybody in the NHL is great with the media BBP case who bought and an after that August is over mean nobody's really great with the media. In the NHL or the NFL for that matter apple guys or charismatic and others. But you know it says standoffish relationship with the media what what the media expects out of these players you know who actually will find now. Look at this afternoon gene because obviously the amber tonight here let's let's talk about some sort hammer hockey as we get ready. For another hammer sees the kickoff on ESPN Rochester starting Friday night. With the pre game. At 650 with our fourteen Schneider who's announcer it's Hillary's well. They've made some moves again I took the sabres made some moves again today that we'll fact Rochester. Specifically chief. Yet nick the worry was traded today so this happened early afternoon of the Loria gets sent to Montreal. And defenseman coming back in return his name is Zach Redmond now Zach Redmond was ticketed. For the H also Zach remnant is going to report directly to Rochester prowling around it again here in time for this event today. I'll read me in just a quick little thumbnail sketches he's back at 20087. Round pick. Partisan is now the Atlanta Thrashers were not normally there so he's bounced around a little bit so the Lorraine odd man out. And when you have a new GM in new ideas. You know it gets a fresh start with the Montreal Canadians. And what you get here in Rochester. Yet another guy who blue line and pull another battery die another you know. Veteran leadership in that locker room for our Rochester including oh hopefully you'll will be able talked to a later on this afternoon if the patient. Will be here for a meet the players tonight you know we spoke with him a couple of weeks ago on the phone. When he was first announced as you sang lead for the year Rochester Americans that blue line has a lot of experience now made it you would think that would translate. Well for a guy like. Cooley he Ben Austin Thursday branding bullies you you would expect that you know his time in Rochester will be best served learning from. Those guys who've been in the UH oh for quite some time there's so. Be the year where we'll look back and say oh my gosh do you remember brainy glee played in Rochester. I think he's that good. Yeah I thought over the summer the sabres would give him every opportunity when the job it was pretty clear off from some of the offseason work in the reports we got from Paul Hamilton that. The WGR buffalo they glee was ticketed for Rochester what can Google developed. Pat is on pace eight he's still young players second round pick and he's never played a full season. And any professional level I mean he came up the last two years for a couple coffee after his junior year was done junior eligibility done so. As we know danger. That jumps from whether it's college to the pros or juniors to the pro us. The pro game is such a physical demand that he OK maybe it's better take this at a slower pace for Ku Li. To beat that potential superstar for the Rochester Americans on the Blue Line and you complement him with the patient now you get done this guy I've read in from the Montreal organization. There's a lot of depth back there were the am works now. At the Blue Line what a difference a year makes because. That defense last year for Rochester. I mean that. Orleans hallmark I mean how many shots of that guy's face last year I mean imagine what Omar can do for this Rochester team this year with a competent defense in front of. Really feels like a complete team this year last year's team was nice this year going into the season this team feels complete the depth at the Blue Line you've got some scores. And you've got a great goalie in league its hallmark going into the season you know everything is setting up her first successful amor season this year. And we ask is will we and we may not know that the answer to this foot. Just immediately will be here today. Nick at least. I mean it there's always give me and couple players that are disappointing that the eating get the job right off the bat in buffalo so. I'm curious to see how those veterans that were on the bubble didn't make it the buffalo they start out here Rochester. Okay are they all mean in helping this camera team author true professionals we into. Sleep yes to a Iran tabled a discussion your team Schneider cameo will be doing pre game. For all of your Rochester hammer so hockey action here and ESPN Rochester Jim we haven't had a chance talk to you. This off season that you that you feel pretty simple answer it with their yeah I mean going into last year even there is a little bit of excitement and obviously that did not. Come through on the ice that this time around is way more excitement wait more talent on this roster. And it starts with the new regime you sell it to Murray tried to do it failed miserably. But pro comes in changes things immediately. And I think that the am Merck's and the sabres to an extent are both. Shipped up for pretty good season yeah Merck's especially. So much change with this organization since Schneider our guest here. As I you'll hear him during media pre and post game and the intermission reports during Amber's hockey this season on ESPN Rochester. So Tim. You're rep practice this week and throughout you know much of the grief camp for the Rochester Americans your your initial impressions of the new head coach Chris Taylor. He's been around for a while he was here playing at the kid he has coach here previously was win. But Carol in books per last year I think that he is the right guy for the job he's got connections leading. The sabres organization obviously he's lived here for a good amount of time while he was playing here. He's the perfect coach for NATO team like this because he is the perfect HL players you didn't have the speed or the skill to play any NHL but he was an excellent. Player that the American marketing level I think it's gonna translate well hopefully down the guys that are on the team is here. And you heard last season and in the amount of shots. That hallmark talk them through courses that has got to Wear on you now. Now a little bit to help on the Lula with this signing today and and of course with the addition to the patient in them Cooley who is long as you out of him. I'm natural light humble little bits of the heavy lifting off its hallmarks play though sure goalie is a study please concede that just through practices spring drills that. There was no game play action going on and all you can tell just threw. Simple hockey drills that he was an excellent player that translator on the ice on Friday at the exhibition game at our Archie. He is a very good player and chances are he's not here for the entire season lol he is here. It's gonna help the hammer defensive corps very much and an old mark again he may have had an expectation of being the back up or even the starter in buffalo. Didn't happen and you may end up in a better spot because of that makes the amateur better team it could. Help develop all mark even further and instead of him spending time backing up in the NHL at some point he might not even have to do that you can go and start it. The hammocks night here at distillery on mount hope the cameras will be here from five until seven mine Steve attack along with Mike danger gets his team Schneider. Who is your host drama hockey. I during the season which begins Friday night the emirates taking on Syracuse and Schneider will join you at 650 for the pregame coming up on Friday night. Tim we know the names from buffalo your daily staff sees it set for a give me a name or two that has stood out do you media player that may be amor fans might not be familiar way put you know somebody that's caught your. Other familiar with me and pitch obviously. Hudson bashing wasn't really expected to be a buffalo player is as clear roster player he looked really good in both exhibition games as well as practiced throughout the week. Alex Kyle didn't even make the team in Rochester and I'm sure he'll be back up from Cincinnati at some point you look good in practice as well. There's a lot of good guys I'm with you Stevie knows this with brought in on the PHL he is he has hands. He dangled for Toronto. Were three separate times you looked really get on Friday night. He looked good in practice as well Stevie Moses is probably the biggest name that people aren't aware of yet that they will be YE. Mid October. We're joined by Tim shot or you can hear during pregame. For Rochester Americans hockey here on ESPN Rochester of course first game. Friday night from blue cross Serena Tim you'll have both pre game coverage. Red around but we seen six decision six point five yeah bay and and you have ever play by play. Hall of fame announcer odds on Stevens joining him as well and and gone joining us here and few moments live from the distillery meet the hammers at the sports bar. We danger and the tightly it's emea wanted to get you were opinion on what's happening with the sabres. Of course you know I'm pretty excited about the eichel contract being done. And still ruled that bit of gray area in terms of who the captain of this team might be going next or night's opener against Montreal. It's cycle cycle is. Michael is a cap on this team whether or not he has the sea or not. And it's tough to say that because these are young but. It's very clear to me that he's the captain and his team he signed the extension it leads and perfectly where they are part of the media cycle going into. The season opener. We named captain probably sometime tomorrow for the gaming really show with this the on his letter on Thursday night for the season opener and Natalie the announcement that doesn't need to be a formal announcement that I think that. It will be made at some point in the next couple of reporters there were on the scene for practice this morning at Harvard senator notice that there were his circle summarize for stretching. And it was actually pom and bill who nudged cycle to get to the middle of the circle to lead a stretcher on a bill saying afterwards quote he should be there I think everybody was kind of telling him. To go in there just gitmo push to go in there I think it's important obviously he's probably a little embarrassed and shy. He wants to go in there. I think it was the right thing to do so here you have his teammates. Pushing him in to a situation where he can be the team's leader even though he's kind of reluctant to be. The team's leader gene that makes me a little bit nervous. The captaincy. Ironic you don't always I listen. He he's also I'm sure kind of aware of the fact that my guy just got handed eighty million dollars and and you know he's he's a player that likes you know pass the puck off the they RE ED I would think Sam it's a little embarrassing you know with your teammates or not when you know it what do you think his teammates are thinking right now other than Michael got the eighty million. I'm sure they're happy form but I can understand in the end like. Michael might be you know little hasn't didn't today. I mean sure there's that chance were somebody's going to be jealous are upset that he can't hate on talent and Michael is clearly. The most talented player on that roster he's the youngest player on the roster he's the best player on the roster. All that. Leads the captaincy whether or not he's a true leader or not he's the captain the team upon an eagle will likely have an aide. That he's leading Michael Angel leadership that's part of how that works to you leaders lead eichel has to figure out how to lead but hilly so who's. Who should be the captain hammer that change I mean it's a clean slate here it's not like we have. Many players that you know carried over from last year I would assume that the page or order one of the one of those Tubal with previous amateur experience both leadership. Experience elsewhere in the American hockey reporter even once that happened here when he was around so. And if you're worried or wondering what about jealousy with him from players with involve organization over Michael getting that big deal. Evander Kane less than half an hour ago tweeting congrats to the guy in my right's picture of him next cycle. Jack cycle on the huge new deal. Can't wait to set up the team dinner for you. Well gap listen if you plan I'll let Jack go usually lose the next guy gets paid here by it whether it's the sabres or somebody else it's a Evander Kane unlike. Jack cycle was not going to be an unrestricted free agent. All of entertain is going to be in or stricter read in the way of anarchy is worth that money. But tonight Timmy it's going to be interesting to me to see how this all plays out of the sabres are in. The hunt for the playoffs or not dealing Evander Kane so you let commander Cain head CU. On restricted free agency and I if I mean entertain yes because we you're giving me a lot of scoring chances I'm excited for Jack cycle caused technicals gonna help me make a lot of money here come the season. They're both gonna help each other prove their worth article is going to detained paid whether it be golf or not I don't think if you're in the sabres this year no need throughout your way to lock him up right now. But I think that if he's gets off to a hot start you start the negotiations before it's too late and he goes somewhere else for. Money that the sabres can't afford but. You'll remember yesterday Michael did say that he took club less money. In order to help. The team's cap situation which could. Very well plane immediately directly to entertain being what he was talking about what he actually have tonight and in the end of the season starts tonight sheet we we got boring as Pittsburgh so. Listen I can name all the time to church Saint Louis you've got silly San Jose. You've guys. That you got to Calgary and insane that's up late and there's one other I can't recall but the sabres start tomorrow night's four games tonight. With Pittsburgh Saint Louis being became on not on television tonight where you see the the cops get wasted or rather the banner get wasted up to the Stanley Cup champion it's preparing. We'll be joined shortly by ever so hall of fluff they were play by play announcer Tom Stevens as it's meet the players night here for the Rochester Americans we are live. At the distillery a mock hope avenue the sports bar inside the sports bar with danger and tightly a full slate of guests this afternoon. You know down Toronto Winnipeg is the other one night fury at the ticket tonight what Austin Athens. Yeah apple slate is not coming up we will be joined by Nathan pace we we we spoke to Mike Bohn who knew that meeting page while he's you know working as a way around American Hockey League. The whole time was Iraq distressed that so here he is and you're still big in the narrative danger love me some there are OK awesome sport so here. Here's a guy ha ha blow the whistle worth the whistle I know as soon as they started. Out many on the ball. Like I'm Manny for that I here's a guy that the whole time making it home and spent support comes back can he help his adopted hometown of win Calder cup something we have an ad here scenes. Why. 1996. That's a pretty cool story line so neat and pace who joined us 5 o'clock huts and stashing one of those players timid mentioned. That caught his time outs and bashing to doing join us also later on. And of course the new head coach Chris Taylor whom we have the chance mean when we rounded up Buffalo Bills camp. And kind of like Nathan page Chris Taylor even though he was an assistant coach. At Wilkes-Barre danger. He's still made his home near Rochester so it was only natural to Chris Taylor when this opportunity came up that he jumped at the beacon has coached the Rochester Americans. LLC and guys have been loyal to Rochester get that loyalty paid back with opportunities like this Chris Taylor is going to be great for the efforts this year. And of course a lot of excitement a lot of reason to be excitement. About this Rochester Americans team we will continue to talk camera chalky while will makes it's Buffalo Bills as well I'll play I'll drink to that here before 4 o'clock give you some are. Thought provoking comments from around the world of sports to agree or disagree with. Lost some of these tough and apple stores and bite sized form with NFL appetizers and serve up. Another round of shots. In the 5 o'clock hour for your ride home is it's beat the players' night here. From the distillery mount hope avenue in the sports bar with danger of the tightly we continue live next on AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. Columbus tool and join us. A sports bar with the injury exactly. 957. It's been that there whirlwind for me the last play for hours and sitting here and now I don't think that ever imagined this dumb down my 21 birthday and a few weeks than ever imagine that don't have the opera traded. This is my hobby for a living in it's been an unbelievable time here and it's a special on and more than others remember I've supported in part of the city for the next nine years and all the success is ever gonna house. Since I've been here ever owns the nothing but great to me and I just that's almost. So much to offer an end so much approved all the people here guys what I wanna bring so much excitement to this team this organization in the city and there are teams had in the right direction and I could emerge says the future here in buffalo. No big deal just a twenty year old making eighty billion dollars if you match. He billion dollars at the age of twenty. That's Jack cycle. Who got paid sabres making moves to extend his deal another eight years eighty billion dollars. And now we'll see whether or not. I love this move now because it eliminates a distraction because at some point. Believe it or not Jack not go all have multiple games in a row or he won't score. And we won't be talking about we're always thinking about the contract or whatever I'm not concerned at all about Jack cycles work ethic. Or his talents. This to me considering what other guys are making economy David at fourteen million. At ten million to meet that's a barge in so you have to look it as compared to the market right now and that's a great move for excellence even better moves the Buffalo Sabres. Meet the players not worth the distillery a mock hope avenue the sports bar with danger to tackle it we are back and joined by Amber's play by play politics announcer on Stephen telethon. Why are you guys doing for the sun welcome back happy new year time every well. New year happy new season happy new season a year ago there we go are just really happy that Michael's extensions been taken care because now they can start working on mine. I mean another eight years eighty million write it's you that's put Jacobs is great so what happened at Oakland. That wasn't a joke at all well on X sure Arnoldo. Or call doctoral right now done back to argue that a part of how many of these opening night festivities particularly here at the distillery. Does this season with everything that's happened this offseason feel different. For you well it certainly feels different there hasn't quite awhile. It is you know we've been doing a little bit better a little bit better each year is. Especially since they have at the sabres took over here it's been getting improving slowly slowly slowly but this year I think there's. It just feels like a big step forward. Four lots of reasons and that not all on the ice a lot off the ice too in the things that the organization is doing as a whole is set is just phenomenal mind boggling and what that that the world we've gone in the last six years that. The have to do is have whoever own the team is is incredible stuff sport and Rochester in the Rochester Americans are certainly a part of that. Hammers play by play announcer Don Stevens our guest here in the sports bar with a term tightly alive from the distillery for me TM works nights on today you know it starts at topic you heard on day one. With Jason bottle at his introductory press conference development and commitment to Rochester was something when we you don't unite heard that Prez cups what. Hey contest you mentioned Rochester this for leverage in Rochester a lot like. It turns out he's actually a man of his word he's actually following through on what he said he was going to do this is a guy who seems like he has a plan. Shocking. They have been watching the practice this morning thinking about just that it's it's certainly has. Seems at this point to have come through but of course every team right now. Two days before the season over feels like they're the best team in the league which we are right now. Right just just number on the league so complicit. There's a rude awakening for some coming Friday night but that as who. It just feels like we're getting so much closer to those things and meeting. Schools but if you live one strength of this team in any any winning team has to have a good goal you bring back all mark I'm curious to see what his hallmark does this season time. With unfettered defense in front of well that. Goaltending I think is probably the right now is the most stable part of Leah franchise of those sabres and and Rochester may be even Cincinnati. I tell me the night I've told several people listen I felt that the best move that the sabres have made this season was bring him back Chad Johnson. Because she got all marked their nice guy Johnson. And with that you Henson who is. Certainly. That it's almost like he had all marker from the same mold. They they look so much alike and I think your hunch is going to be an excellent tune are you move him to Cincinnati Georgia haven't you got. Lennar is number one in buffalo playing a lot. You've got all marked as number one in Rochester playing a lot you got your Hanson is number one in Cincinnati playing a lot but the other part on top of that is that. Here as a back up now or on it aren't shouldn't even classify all markers number one and end at Wilcox is number two because. Wilcox has tremendous numbers are any are phenomenal year last year. That was some good genes but he's had excellent goalie has so now all of a sudden you're taking a lot of the weight of the law of the pressure off the shoulders of all mark because Wilcox is there. And they're more likely to split. Split games perhaps a net last year hallmark is good at the plate 55 games I don't think again this season. Mr. death the goaltender the reason why. Cal Peterson opted to go to Los Angeles an opportunity to get more playing time with with a parent club rather than playing in the HL I mean it feels like. That was you know another one in in the long line of of stories in here in the offseason college players it off though. To the team other than the team that they that that drafted them cal Peterson being that one end and you bottle was definitive. That we're gonna move on from helped Peterson app and partially I think because you have the depth that you mentioned Don. Well I don't know cal Peterson then there's so I can't speak remember what he was thinking what his thoughts were but. A lot of this happened after he had made his decision so I'd say no that he had his reasons for doing what he did and and the sabres organization and and adjacent bought Roland Randy sex and that they they did their part do. To fill a need and I think they did very admirably. Don Stevens is our guest here you can hear his call coming up Friday night as the emirates opening up a home and home. On par being your Friday night against Syracuse 652 Schneider will have the pregame against Friday night here on ESPN Rochester. I'm excited operating cool I'd to have a player like these here starting off in Rochester Don you you see a lot of defense been a lot of young defenseman. Not coming through the ranks what are your initial impressions you saw him a little bit last year and a little bit the year before but now. We're gonna see him a lot more this year. Quiet in the pre season games he's he's obviously he's just skating wise these. He's way above further and the majority of players in this lovely takes three strides you know and he's out at this center ice it and just go on bush meets a's. He's a flash and he's going to be really good went right stings to mature his. He's like so many that third our young and that's it and the and I've talked about it many times over and over and over again we need better depth in the organization especially better depth that the clock to slow down this process of of the players is blowing right through Rochester in the buffalo and and getting their before they should where they don't have the proper confidence that they need to have. In order to play with the big men in the NHL so now that processor and a slowdown in doing ethnic would be. A perfect example of that that. That he is going to be years and have a chance to mature is gonna have a chance to become a star. At this level if he becomes a star at this level he's going to be so much better when he goes and makes that next step. Talk about the influence that some of the veteran defenseman will have on branding goalies development and we we nobody the patient. In his pedigree in the HL today the sabres. Acquiring Zach Redmond I know you covered us with a saint John's games where he played last year what can a player is red minimal kind of influence will he have. On the development of spreading. I stern remember if he was actually very early play twenty some games in saint John's arrest that was double Montreal so I can't remember. I remember the name certainly bit and remember him as a player which quite often with a defenseman is a good thing they always say if you don't notice a defenseman he's probably doing a good job right. Which may be the case but yes certainly he brings and he's gonna have some talents or wouldn't of played. Two thirds of the season in the National Hockey League that brings just another. Veteran presence in I'm not sure were standing as far as the veterans are concerned. But we have a lot of veteran presence and on this team a lot of great leadership. And a lot of tremendous individuals there's some of these guys have known for a lot of years and they're just they're really good people. Well you know Nathan Peja many years in the first goal runner on the fun I had no idea was living in the area which I I love the story line. Nathan page who says grind it a whole career here at American Hockey League level but now he's coming back to hometown gone he's gone back home town now when. Copy I actually hit up that's that's great factors having conversation with Randy Saxon about that yesterday in and day he certainly impressed by the number of players that have come here play here and stayed here and still live here. Even players that are playing in the NHL for other teams such as Clarke MacArthur and and that can think of it it's got a net goal was you know with little national industry here in and out. Who's from from on nearly follows the reason they're knowingly using reader well yeah UBS already have one of those guys after the hint here you know at the the brain isn't working it's fried right now trying to figure out how to get started on Friday night but anyway there's a lot of those guys that that live here in PH was certainly one. That. It was coming here is staying here in the offseason. It's hard to another win last night a former armored fresh Roma thought you remember your term. Many many years ago he lives here now full time and thin and in fact he's in business here in each running the app. The junior march organization plus he's in real estate so. The guys that have come here like Rochester for certain reasons they stay here they live here and become a great part of the community. The sportswear with danger protect Leo welcoming in Don Stevens you can hear his call Friday united CMX open their season on ESPN Rochester. Against Syracuse at blue cross arena big debate. Up from earlier this afternoon with the Michael extension. Who's going to be captain the Buffalo Sabres and on your around this team a lot you get to see. These guys in ways that a lot of fans don't get to see these guys you have a pretty good sense of who the leaders in the locker room are. It if you had to guess get to speculate what what are you hearing as far as captaincy in an alternate for the average this year. IE you know what I don't know beak and not because of the players but more because of the coaches. All of a sudden you got new coaches sure so I don't know what their thinking and thought process is. And you get some coaches that. They're going to go with a guy like Michael because he's the most. Visible he says certain but then you've got to another coach who's going to go with that. A or under a Molson for exam since nineteen thing like we do some teams let it leave it up to the players to vote on their captain should he end and that the university you're right it's each team sort of has their own way of doing it and it it's predicated on how the coach wants to do it pretty much we're going to do remember him. Here OK there was a GM at the time we say OK I'm gonna make the decision so like you said I agree. They could be arm they've made it's a combination of broad stroke and how easily the Burnham. Do you make that decision may be it's a three. Many coaches. If it's who knows maybe they'll put an open to the players and and that the players or an at this I don't know at this point. I don't mean better answers were in that. It's the sports bar here from sports far as we're at the distillery on mount hope avenue as it's meets the am Merck's night every year. The embers come out here and it's really great opportunity Don because I know my son coupled his teammates are coming out tonight. You get to actually go one up big picture of me the players are here and they wanna meet there Emma fans here tonight. Gather it's it's been it's been Arab terrific opportunity I can get autographs or pictures or just a conversation or whatever. And it's it's kind of fun that. See the players or other jerseys aren't you can tell who they are. But they won't have the helmet on so now you can actually see what they look like in in that picture of them the facial that's always a big problem. I spend quite a bit of time going down by the Iceland actually on the bench and watching practice because. You conceal from afar but. When you see the number in the Jersey. And they're on the ice. You then see him in street clothes there you have no idea who they are physical it's totally different that with a helmet off in the Jersey off so he turned it down as closely Ken to get that. The number with a face. Don Stevens from other Rochester averaged join us here in sports or danger table below sets and get some stuff giveaway tonight to Don I mean you're you're always on the Mike here. In this Hillary had numbed we've got some good gear to give away anything any. Anything we can tell anybody listen now my the other way what we have chips away accidentally at. I generally have some out of our sticks and we usually I think I'm not making promises but I think we usually have a Jersey that. Is who auction officer at the grand prize twos so him get a bunch tickets give away too with ESPN Rochester tables while being. Great event not not only Jeanine you mention that Demi needs for the fans and and we spent a lot of time of the sports or talk to you on the phone at 454 ESPN going back and forth with your Twitter radius in Rochester. Come out. Meet the players hang out with Gina I dawn is gonna be your hand out prizes as well this is a great event. The distillery here a model about to meet the players night with Rochester Americans coaches are also here to Russo yeah we're actually gonna have details on what the seer right around four point five. Amateur coach Christiane will be joining us the sports or edit it. For Chris Taylor to come back former Rochester Americans what you remember him a while so as being the player done. Am what are your plots and Indian head coach here in Rochester as a player you depended on him for everything. There was just he was. He was the guy that had to do we get to carry the whole team on his back pretty much you know was an important face offer you needed I goal or you needed. As somebody to slow down the other team's top. Top guy whatever you needed from with that Chris Stater that's what you you went to him and that's what he's delivered that's what our memory was he was so dependable he was just. If he was. He could do pretty much everything via. Offensive skills to defense of the mainstay whatever it is you needed it is certainly he was there. Don let's go above but Chris Taylor you mentioned how you were talking with Randy sexton. Earlier is we're having our conversation you know how old president is is Randy Saxon gonna be with yet to be sure felt like last year you just didn't see any kind of sabres presents from the front office air blue cross or. There are no that was a bad thing for the puck a lot I didn't say that anyway editor Randy has let's see today is Wednesday so. Monday Tuesday Wednesday. He's been here two of the three practices this week and I'd say that he's been here probably. 75%. Of whatever the events are northerners are so much going on right now with player movements in and things like that that. He's still of course guard is his job as the assistant general manager of the sabres and they are so many decisions there to be made that he's spending time their. But he say he's been making a very strong presence here he was here again this morning and watching practice and much and then Matt finally met in the coaches office they were talking after and I sure he met with the players or not but. But he's here he's and what a great Manning is these he's outstanding he's just going to be tremendous addition to the organization. I love talking not amber history with you as you know. And so you were here your first year at the hammer to win the Calder cup it's 1987. You're here in 1996. That was a Teaneck out of the gates really really slow on reporter relevant then you know hit the foot on the accelerator one all the way to a cop. I guess my questions. You have been here how many times opening night were all excited for this but at what point. All the seizing can you say. A bit of 87 or 96 you know want. These teen is special because I'm looking at this the roster on paper you got everything you need on this theme between scoring goaltending and veteran leadership. Blighted takes a little bit more ingredients to it so I guess for everybody that is so excited. At what point can we say RA is it December is it January at what point do you in those years 8796. That you say. All points this team is gonna have a real shot the when the whole thing here. I don't know odor like my answer or not but it's after the season's over. Just he just never you never know army we came down to game seven for the Calder cup finals again sure broke. End and sitting there remember thinking about. We can't hear you know this because there is a struggles and then that and the same with as same in the 980 six that that. There was a team that like you said got off to a slow start to strong law on the way then seemed to put together pretty good roll but it was just like. The listener this team's just not quite they're not quite there not good but they always found a way to sort of climb over that last hurdle. And and pull it out in the end so it's it's not. It's not like you've got a team is just one who step up and run away with a it's a team that just for some reason they're just have. That conference liabilities and know that they're going to win that somehow they can pull it out. Don as soon as I know that's not the I would like it was. It's good if I guess is a good lesson on the on the sport of hockey because you can put it in it for that matter. About the year 2000 us that time last the amateur in the company boost Hartford world. Mean your play that your head how many times that once was it six or seven that you lost on home whites a mean one or two things go your way you you're. Our life you know there's been a lot of those are retirement and the Springfield I think about Donald a debt over there at the Blue Line taking that major penalty and in overtime that you know I think about little things like that. But another part of another part of why it's tough to determine. At our level. A team that how well they're going to do is that we don't control our own destiny here. That is this is the what happens here is only a part of what happens with the team above you is a huge part. Just like last year we were set I think to have a pretty good team here last year and then in pre season. They had how many injuries and we're never saw the marquee players they were supposed to be here last year to carries they never made it here. Yeah I mean that's that's got to be one of them the most challenging things hurt for a head coach at DHL heredity and we to have. Chris Taylor all of this later on did ask him about that relate how do you managed that roster knowing that it could change. Tomorrow it could change next week in injury could happen and so your better players are now. Up with apparent love. Yeah well of course they always say we got it you just have to do with what you got your died and it's a lot but each year said than done you know there. There's tonight she just let's start shaking your head oh my guess what happened all of our players that. Average politically hall of Famer Don Stevens our guest here in sports bar with danger to take Leah. Meet the ever tonight here at distillery. I'm mount hope avenue were alive until 6 o'clock the players are rolling up right around 5 o'clock bring the family down. Meet the team. Gets some freak here who given away all kinds of free prizes itself would love to have be out here Donald here. Up through iterations well done best of luck through another season look forward talking against since Friday night actually. I just wanna mention that as something. New and special on Friday night is the party on the patio Alia yeah that's gonna be a lot of fun we're they've actually gone outside the the arena along the river side there the the patio at the Riverside and and they go and have a big party in the abandoned. And doctrines Duffy is going to be either so while we don't mean you're not talk yeah. They're immune to it and yeah it looks like a pointless if you want people to show off right what's his name you know it's even a lot of us are anyway it's good because big party Friday night that's 5 to 7 o'clock before the game so I think that's going to be fun. I have make the efforts toward. Your week get out of work early come not join us here at distillery to meet the team and do the same thing on Friday for the start of the season it's going to be a great one. The party in the patio sets from five until seven a blue cross street and of course he hammered stigma Syracuse that action you can hear with Don Stevens on the call. On ESPN Rochester dog Nigel Edwards ceilings back our yeah it but it a lot of people ask me if he's back and yes he's back so good beauty. Beauty Rick Stephens. Are worth Rick Selig with Don Stevens in the Booth emirates play by play ultimate answer bouncy is are gestured sports park ranger protect marriage he let's come back next. Will go around the horn with us sports thoughts are wrap your mind around Aldrich that nexus sports are you ready. Yeah let's go hit on some of the NFL stories also loved baseball. My take on the Yankees here on the game is going to be happy but we'll we'll get to that or Alter that next in sports are live from the distillery meet the amorous night. On ESPN Rochester. It is why not run. It's time for a post rigs in the sports. It might take on the Yankees here danger it's almost like dole we're down 30 we were playing the twins know we've got this so Yankee fans can grass but. I'm telling you. Braces for its not gonna last long. I've heard this from Yankee fans all Cleveland you know the Indians they peaked at the wrong time to listen if you wanna believe they Yankee thing go ahead. Wanted to give you three reasons why the Yankees won't make it to the eight ALCS. Power arrest gulf Cooper prod and four. Blow. Dry and fourteen while it's only five game series truck and former gap. Only hi I I don't I don't I don't know but what do raise a glass of this because you know I wanna trying to keep at least some of or Yankee fans listening to the sport forward danger protect. You don't you don't give a chance it's Cleveland. I'm not picking the Yankees just to curry favor. To keep the Yankee fan and I mean you have integrity I don't. Night. So I'll drink to that. Niners receiver marquis skewed when suffered his fourth concussion fourteen months last Sunday. Goodwin is mentioned that he only continues to play football because the sport he actually excels in track and field doesn't pay the bills. Here's some advice from our keys could we get out and get out now for concussions in the last fourteen months with everything that's at stake you you made nice living. You may actually be able to remember your time in the NFL down the road get out now. Absolutely am soldiering through this and by the way he's been in the league long enough people get a pension. And then NFL pension it has not gonna make you wealthy beyond your greens but he set for life at this point our keys call the career so I'll drink to that. Now every media organization on a Tuesday danger comes out with there NFL power ring power ranked power reiki. Power and understand. The Smart people understand what what they are. There's a lot of thought and they'll news on other days a week there's not a lot of NFL news on a Tuesday so if you're running a new web site. You need to write something it's click date fix all this fees and it's your line to get upset over power rankings. Who cares it's a waste of time the rankings they actually matter. They're called the standing. Yeah I get a gene that you sound a little crew modulate their army what you're actually entertained by reading the powering your read the power rink is just as you're curious and wanna see where your DV entertainment can get ups I don't know I don't know Scania said more micro consumer views here on the ever pro took the focus isn't. To doesn't matter the not I I hear what you're saying but I will say that you know every now and then when I do come across a how much power laser speed which. Power cricket so. Every now and then when I come across a man you know I'll read it just that I find them entertaining their reasoning theater what it pro. Pro football talk kept the bills at number two. Because LeSean McCourt was saying that he was getting at it that he was getting any respect from any the national media so they did it just OP's LeSean McCoy. That's funny at least should be transparent with your your blatant. Elevation of the bills and your power ranking power breaking weeks. So I'll drink to that. We predict this last week you we heard news of Katie dole is departure from FS once she's joining ESPN. October 16 Dolan will appear across multiple platforms and a variety of projects inspected. Ever prominent digital presence now that's where I get a little bit nervous at that means she's reading tweets during halftime Monday Night Football I'm not impressed ESPN. Do not screw this up. Why aren't they actually you what are we missing here because I think she's talented enough to have her own show poorly some sort of regular segment I mean. Who would you rather watch the Su on the six or Mike Greenberg and Moreno Brothers did you know it's funny. She does these things I don't know why. I want the war her the better. And again how drink every year. Your part about both digital locks me when I hear digital is okay well we'll. We'll keep you put it on the website that no putter on the best platform. Sar government to back that. So Sean McDermott today spoke at his Wednesday press conference and he's said debt Marcel Daria is seasoning nice competition on the defensive line not poor wolf well this. We get sick hitter he's your highest paid defensive player. Big defensive player franchise history and he tonight defensive rotation with the competition. Well. We say his first 117 gimme my ourselves last in buffalo Marcel is not doing anything on the deal change your mind. I'll drink to that boy talk about what a Big Easy the competition. You you paid that guy what you paid even now he's in a competition bush that just speaks volumes as to what. Big Dermot and he must think of but coach whale air card Doug Whaley is up. Lived talent evaluation process you paid that guy that watched Andy's battle lose these out much of a clown. You got you here Marcel yeah hit the brakes so I'll drink to that. I cheat spotted at sabres practiced. Jack cycle leading the team stretch. And an order from coach Housley for Michael to quote call them in. These gentlemen. Captain Jack gash that will drink to that yes if you're gonna give him. The long term deal which the sabres shorted out I will listen any argument that Ryan O'Reilly. The case in palm and they'll or how oppose. Should be the team captain. But to meet the player with the most talent and yes they're veteran leaders on this team who Jack cycle being the captain right now it meets saints cameo thing. That most talented and now the most money. Evander Kane treating out something nice earlier you know he's looking forward to setting up a team dinner. Jack cycle be paying it nice hefty gonna slammer for. They'll be a lot of fun we're looking forward hockey season gets sabres of course tomorrow night Qichen after she's well Montreal. And ever season kicks off Friday night here and ESPN Rochester. With us Syracuse come to blue cross Serena we had gone Steve is all of this earlier occasion is that enough for you on demand the only yes PF Rochester dot com. And a lot more average stock this afternoon as we continue here live from the distillery a model Bowden for meet the players tonight ever coached. Chris Taylor scheduled to join us before 5 o'clock we'll also talk some players we have. If the page joining us right around 5 o'clock for your ride home it also. We'll see we grab Hudson bashing him let's you before we wrap up job. Yeah and if you're hammer and a hockey fan just come down all these players are accessible again the players will be here at 5 o'clock in. Hard to miss them they'll be wearing their sweaters and you can just go off that's for an autograph and picture. Our various accessible nine in his a hockey tradition here in Rochester in just the thing how far we've come in one year might danger because. He we did the show here last year from the distillery in much different tone. Yeah absolutely Jack cycle. Gets hurt that day in practice. And lives were Jack cycle to get hurt then opening night Evander Kane cracks his ribs and then he's out so. They you have other players like that he's very bad deeds was here but. Justin Daly went up I mean there are players that went up to. Buffalo right off the bat that would have helped the samba team well. They knock on the table here so far so good in that regard to meet my expectations are higher for this year are it. Probably it's it yeah absolutely media and it's there's so much enthusiasm around the start of this hockey season does feel different. It all started with the hiring Jason bottle in his comments at his introductory press conference in distress. On development and growth starting with Rochester so we'll get more into that more and works talk on the way as image Chris Taylor joining us before 5 o'clock. Will try get a couple players on the 5 o'clock hours they arrive here at the distillery in my hope avenue and is much is is we love interacting with you at 454 ESPN. As much as we enjoy. Reading your tweets at ESPN Rochus we would even want to be more C one person hang out when Harris marking your bag lip where you're alive until six. At the distillery mount hope avenue. With 957 ESPN.