The Sports Bar-Hour 1 11-10-17-Rich Donnelly

Hour one of today's Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with talking about this week's Buffalo Bills' game vs the New Orleans Saints. Next, News 10 NBC Sports Director Rich Donnelly joins the show at 20:36. Finally, the guys discuss some sports thoughts in another edition of "I'll Drink To That" at 42:05!



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Most sports bar with danger and exactly political games. So whatever it takes like it's at before honestly just you know. Whatever it takes to win the game and that's really really look do. We got to find a way to get on the winning is a good team so. Truly care about other dogs dogs who have boys and it does anybody win but who have won so I don't really care about all of that stuff so we got to go out there get good morning. Dinner day you know us about how good your team is and how where you match up against certain teams for the Oreo. Mike danger this is a six in ten team they're proving us wrong like the opposite seems true of whatever the critical mass that is out there that exists in this machine it's sadly I think. White fans get the most enjoyment from is when your an underdog in your team. Pulls it off yeah I highlight being the underdog like I personally. Having everybody picked against us and then how you wildly shocked the world we're gonna you know with the best players out there that. We favorite gets a chance to be successful Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon pulled the stolen join us this sports bar is open for business on ESPN Rochester with Mike danger in Gina tightly I body and they were around about today lovers out there for us live at the penfield. Pour house and feel road. In penfield tool with the fine people of penfield Jeanne this is an exciting afternoon as we. Get you prepared for at sports weekend these jam packed with excitement not only and he has in Rochus recourse the Buffalo Bills later. EE sabres action and Merck's action that college football my issue with the UN and Notre Dame on Saturday night so. We eager to prepare you for all of that get you. They see to it we would never encourage you to to cut out of worker. Do not leave work early oh do not if you're leaving work on time did not stop over here because we don't want you winning these prizes we have down here now Syracuse basketball might danger. About sabres hockey we have yes yes yes some some prizes for you us sabres. Ankle on this you can now answer to win Syracuse basketball opening tonight after tonight or next week against Iona. RT hockey tickets as well so I'm prizes from Bud Light. We're not telling you to come down here now I don't wanna give you one of these awesome. ESPN Rochester pint glasses either she knows those sharp short haven't used for though so whatever you do don't come out of work early don't you. Start your weekend a couple of hours early human thought. I mean it's cold outside come inside where it's nice and warm. He toast until four outs we're here live until 6 o'clock sports bar. Danger tag Leo on ESPN Rochester where we start today we've got a great show lined up for you as always on a Friday. Matthew fair burden the Syracuse post general be joining us the 4 o'clock hour. Yes a look at the latest from one bills drive. Your quick headlines here is Nate Jones Al forty clan out so benighted and and play the guessing game with these two guys will be Ian Dawkins left tackle for the bills. And for Zeta-Jones okay he you know we didn't expect him anyways but you have Calvin Benjamin now. As when you're three starting wide receivers so we'll have to wait until Sunday to see if Charles playing EG gain it'll give it ago. Both questionable both practicing on a limited basis with more on this side and everything happening with the Buffalo Bills are good friend Matthew fair burn. Syracuse post standard coming up later today here in the sports. Our attitude really talked to Houston NBC sports director Rich Donnelly when we're live on location somewhere just kind of make him feel jealous you know hockey season is studio where in a bar. And we're to talk to him. Annihilated the sound no it's not him today because I wanted him on the show earlier as well I'm busy all I mean Lake Placid Ali's. It's leads. This guy's always going to be stopping by get asked Amazon and what's he trying to his growing happier now. Yeah I mean I shape that it what I got going here I mean this is from just five minutes before we cracked my street so. I don't know what Thomas got going on their notion that rule find out from him but we'll also you know talk to its sports we'll talk some. The bills football with him here and few minutes and sports bar. With gauger Taylor also we should thank our friends in the break groups seem out early this morning having us on Duffy Tommy Tommy killing for the orchard even need to defend yourself. Yeah defend yourself over a junior where we weren't sure because you have a job tonight you're also excited right now Boyd I mean it's com. I mean if you Obama to defend myself Paul I knew it but he's he's that you look like a pathetic road tone. That's what you said you look like the most pathetic road tone I've ever seen you kill you. Effect is it's Tommy though it I think I get off my back I don't know it's used nothing really here. Orange for our teeth and an arts Yucca Mountain and to me on something now this. I'm wearing orange burnt you hockey and I'm a little bit. Yeah something along those lines yet so there it is I cut my losses with back. Problem but I know it's coming whether hobby I realize this morning during her brief sit in the breaker that Tommy deliver something that we really need it. In the sport forward danger tightly he does a perfect. Nineteen hundreds football announcer voice that which is here so nicely with the Charleston. Any you know I can't do it is good is Tommy can I can work on at the army has that accent down he's got that impression down. So basically whenever I start referring to bill's history news at the gas and gas masks. Mr. back in 19620. In the old AFL. I did notice it it's not a Miller an awful level they someday I'll get to that that would be a nice addition to the arsenal that we have here in the sports bar. With danger and the tightly aren't what else we cover up Buffalo Bills was we talked about the injuries. That are happening now we spent some time this week. Talking about whether the bills and their playoff chances Gina I know you've got your your playoff scenario great de laminated on your clock there with body in a moment when we want to. Talk about the probability is of the bills. Ending this playoff drought it starts with a win on Sunday against New Orleans Saints this SE steam come in with six straight wins yeah I have. The look off actually and observe fuel bills die hards old and know exactly where were we at this point last year. Others who was actually the bye week the bills are heading in zoos that are coming off the loss. In Seattle you lost them Monday night loss in Seattle bit to the buffalo before and by. Three straight losses after starting the season for. In two so if you hear. The trepidation. About the Buffalo Bills in the New Orleans Saints this week on the 62 saints team follow this is usually Wear at the bills fall apart well. In the seventeen years the Buffalo Bills have not gone six and three period. Last time that happened last time the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs 1999 might mean earth so. That's why I think you're you've got a lot of doom and gloom surrounding this game number one reason yes the saints have a great quarterback. Yes they have a good running game. No I'm not buying in that they almost certain fixed everything on defense they have a good corner but. But Carl might be out of this game they've got some issues like if you smirking I I I don't count argued on. Smirking because I we're talking giver predictions the later in the show but I know what direction you're going with your prediction. So we go in with a lot of confidence but you really believe that the bills could. Provide the upset this weekend in beating the New Orleans Saints I mean we're we're we're presenting your case. That makes it plausible that the that the bills could actually surprising people and pull off the upset. Here's my expectation this week. It's that you're gonna show why it's not gonna be a no show like the bills were down at the meadowlands. And with the Buffalo Bills showing off what he's every team being the each year. With two exceptions being the jets game in the raider game. Every game has come down all right tibia and for the Buffalo Bills that are competitive yeah. So you're home against the saints team and they could be competitive and might just be a week. Where Drew Brees. Gets yet at the end of the game in an okay this happens in this league. But I get the sense that if it happens people will be home. I guess is is in the playoffs the year while you're still gonna be 54 or you're still when it's all said and done on Sunday night you might actually still be in a position. Be holding on to that final like. Wild card the hot start means a lot when you consider this if she means so much idiots he's gotten off to a slow start. That has the Buffalo Bills in this playoff position right now I don't wanna see them. Just you know give the effort that we didn't see last Thursday night I'd be surprised if we saw some even remotely close to that. On Sunday given what Sharma afterward as stomach culture this team and how he's gotten fired up and really focus in. I'm just doing their jobs being in the right places you saw laps in that on Thursday and you complain the short week. If you want to I don't think that your gonna hear them make those excuse overture in card you don't other players probably would complain about Thursday night schedule but. To see that that lack of effort again on Sonny time he would be alarming in that would make me start to question whether or not this is. Indeed a playoff team but you're right you mean even if it is five and four you're still probably in the weekend. In a playoff position you still could be a playoff position and for more bigger picture. Still ahead of where everybody thought you were going to beat this year exact. Clear ahead of where they thought you were this year era had of if you lose this week you're still ahead piecing line where you were last year and correct me if I'm wrong the Buffalo Bills are still alive going into week sixteen and then they beat the dolphins face the what of it alive. Going into week seventeen. They're still a lot. Of football QB play now I'm gonna totally contradict myself my injured. Which it's you know and the coal poster I guess and what not do this. Looking at the schedule after this week this is the line if you really have playoff aspirations if you really wanna. Collier yourself you're gonna be a playoff team both six and three. Because if you got a head out on the road and expect one of those two games and they may be to get a win against doing when you're getting yourself. IE you give yourself a little bit of a cushion and I'm not writing up well weaning in Los Angeles against the chargers. Could be a win. Woolsey. Certainly not in arrowhead and certainly not at home against the patriots this part of the schedules and little Dicey here and to mean when we look back and when he seventeenth season. It won't we answer the question of the Buffalo Bills make the playoffs yes or no it's gonna be. This fourteen stretch right here if the Buffalo Bills go one in three dating make the class might Manger. That because then it's the self fulfilling prophecy and things kind of with. Why do you get this one in you put yourself on the right foot even too when to put two and a good position here to make the post season something that hasn't happened since 1999. I what do you think needs to happen for this so it's become a reality for the Buffalo Bills to win on Sunday. The biggest thing you need to see out of this I mean I would say it's the running right you gonna have to be able to run the football against saint. I don't know how effective he can be passing the ball now this will be the first or seeing new new wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin. How does he match up against these corners for New Orleans that are its second air from once greatly improved over last year this defense overall is greatly improved will you be able to see will Kelvin Benjamin be able to use his height to his advantage. Against New Orleans quarters and will tyra Taylor. Even throw the ball in his direction given that this is his first game as a Buffalo Bill. Yeah it's I I think it's also promising if lends me was not good at all Kinect gaming at the jets and I begin to wonder was even healthy. It when it becomes your time of the running game the offensive line. Stockings and the last side inning hackneyed now. They've been giving him veteran days off here is that the there's something more to within content you don't hear because I just the whole performance of that offensive line am I'm EAE got a question everything at this point so. The offensive line to me is gone number one key for the Buffalo Bills team because if they do their job. IV can open up some holes for shady and whatnot then now you got a chance. Insisting I will also say this being the the final match up against the NFC south. It's Sean actor its last chance to use the knowledge that he has over these teams that you space twice a year as Carolina's defense corner. Am sure that Drew Brees is there I mean you know how many times it is Sean McDermott watched tape Drew Brees in the same offense and they've been lying down there since what. 2000 eighths yeah yeah it's it's been a long time that Greece has been down there. I didn't swing the bat if factor this. And I admit that it'll look at the forecast is going to be Rainier editing it is gonna be a little bank cloudy but if the wing gets a little bit. Going east to west there at it knew where a field that could help the Buffalo Bills out just a little bit. If you look at the saints offensively and it's not the scene of 23 years ago where their putting up points like crazy but couldn't stop anybody. And there were wildly entertaining games but not very effective to win football games the saints seemed a little bit different when they were on the football so to me it's. Still fashion run and stop the run because the number two from B would be one matter it happened at a buffalo bills' run defense mag game against the New York Jets allow pol. And also Matt Forte turn back the clock when Matt Forte to 2008 Mike danger. I.'s that can happen against the saints team that right now what's the main reason they're winning football games on. From that side about the running. The football because that looks like. A saints offense that was good when the team was winning football. You've got you've got to exercise gap discipline you've got to see that defense play. I'm more fundamentally sound you saw many many arm tackles many missed tackles against New York Jets almost a point where we were wondering Jeanne if if they were more worried about creating the turn over playing against just that were about wrapping up and making tackles and those are fundamental things that. I imagine Sean McDermott's can address with this team grow week preparation for Anderson ten days of preparation and you're just so I think. You're gonna see a different. A more for return to form for the bills defense don't we saw a week ago Thursday in the medal. It's and we think that that EG gains as being such a player who you know as far as clay and gains. And according glad not available Zeta-Jones not available to me it's actually. He had hatcheries right and now act I you need gains out there. Unhealthy eating gains and that's the problem hasn't been helping that was than not we'll limit the rams and then that's what the rams were able to give up on and so. And and get mad at myself but the bill's gonna have to look for a corner next year but. In the short term EJ Gaines off a little needy Jay games on the field this coming Sunday. You're in the sports bar with gauger detect Leo we're in the sports bar and a built whorehouse on penfield Brody penfield. Looking for you to stop by with reference or Bartlett were here until 6 o'clock tonight. Of course streamlined ESP and Rochester dot com Matt air burning at Syracuse post standard scheduled to join us at 4 o'clock hour just few minutes we'll talk with our buddy up from Houston and be seen instances we're stricter. Rich Donnelly in the sports are we got a camera action tonight we've got hammers action. Tomorrow night we've gotten Notre Dame football morning after and section only of course to. Sunday morning starting at 9 AM bills pre game for bills vs saints we pain in the NFL on ESPN Rochester. And it's also tonight on the Rochester Americans there in Belleville sabres are in Florida. At doubt we'll talk dumb war follow things happen in football here at danger and we like your phone calls for fight for ESPN 45437. And Savion. Six in a year than it's just been. And from the NFL PR wise now you're gonna have owners vs owners and Jerry Jones. Threatening to sue this is a story that they have got a lot of traction on you know ESPN radio nationally but I'm just curious how. You know where the vocalist long lines seems like the Google is there the kind of like the new guys and you know you're just gonna sit back neck not taking part of this put. You know Jerry Jones who sold he over Roger Goodell contract extension. I could quickly and it's they'll be doing a worse job PR wise right now. Boy be it's so it isn't their fault I mean. Just if you look at it last night's game on the jeweler side. And what you see some star players going down. Them. Injury gauges out more to the list it's been that bad year for stars get injured you felt you saw quarterback kind of skirt the concussion protocol. You know. Russell Wilson that's gonna get the Seahawks fine yeah Russell Wilson taking a play off for just shaking off. Everybody's saying I'm going back in the game and in doing that. You know I don't know if I've put that on the NFL I think that's on. I'm players on teams and on a team's. They're more focused on getting them win in the are following protocol heat of the moment. But the future question the PR nightmare for for the NFL I mean between the end them. And and the lack of control of of you know players were protesting in working with the players to find out what they computed that come to some kind of agreement resolution happy medium. And that with that domestic abuse. Scandals easy he'll Elliott everything is litigious everything is in a courtroom. You know the hypocrisy that's out there. And I think the idea that the NFL. Knows. We're gonna watch and even if police say we're not gonna watch or probably gonna watch. Even if we say I'm betting the NFL. They're probably still gonna watch NFL. Watch what you're gonna be less vested them know that you'll watch. What you'll watch with a little bit of a guilty conscience becomes more the guilty pleasure than something that you probably. Sport you know I I think to myself. You know and it said this before I hate that I love the NFL sometimes the NFL makes me hate that I love it I wish I wish I could had the will to say. All right I'm done no more in itself. I'm a human Sunday's back at him at Thursday's back I'm done I'm real pumped at that they happen that it happened in my lifetime all thought I watched it. Don't wanna we talk so much NFL Buffalo Bills on the show because that's what people want the I don't I don't get the sense that other people or are complete it watching these games either. But he does it change at all this week in room when he brought a potential scenario as we all know tomorrow is veterans that. I would hope. Then everybody takes a week off from player protests right at the time and place in this is not the week not the time nor the place and I understand. If these players are not new wing. Disrespect being. That trains. Or the flag for that matter but that's how it comes off with a they like it or not. That's going to be a story Monday because if you have. Any players doing this on veterans day weekend absolute disservice weekend on this. That's an outing doing NFL looks like this looks like a need for TV event the way they kind of roll out in other merchandise and everything else that goes along with it but. I digress danger I would just hope. You know players. Who would Neil this weekend Padilla. Geno we're gonna play out trick to that here before 4 o'clock in the sports bar that's where we give you some. Some thought provoking a compelling comets around the world of sports tree to agree. Or disagree with and there was a pretty interesting piece on Predicting each team's quarterback at 20/20 that I can't wait to break down what you. And I can't wait to get your reaction. When you see who I dank browsing our predicts will be the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback in the year 20/20 well I mean. They give you means that you know because a reality do Alia. You know will break that down a little figure we've played altering that here. In the sports are in danger tightly up next in the sports forward talked news ten NBC sports director. Rich Donnelly get a little preview of the bills and saints from his. Perspective his point you busy sports weekend riches on the scene so we'll talk to him next we're live from the penfield pour house a penfield roading penfield. Join us the sports bar danger of the tightly on AM 950 and 957 FM ES PM Rochester. They've got their game faces done. Thank god there on the radio the sports bar with the injury exactly how much 957. I think that'll be somewhat interest thing and as we go to new for us as well in that regard it's just to see how we're gonna end. Now get defended as opposed to how we were defended before maybe. Again one person does not make it team. You know I've established and tried to establish that so. It'll be adjusting to see how he integrates into what we do and then to your point how other teams defend us and the different looks. So you know we'll just be ready to it we need to be great to adjust to. To how we're being defended. When cal was out. They are buffalo bills' head coach Sean that there were talking about his new coach Roy L management. In the field for the first time as a Buffalo Bill on Sunday's bills take on the saints from new era field starting at 1 o'clock. Here to join us talk about that and more recent NBC sports director Rich Donnelly. In the sports bar with danger protect the rich high event. Dare I Trevor back. Rich look let's get this out of the way is it mall members thing are you you going on Windsor with the will be here. It's it's just two days up in Lake Placid and you forgot. Well I dealer I'd say I was standing up on top of that mountain watching Bob sliders from god knows where in Europe go down she divisive a mile long and I could. Beetle the whiskers on my face grow a little bit longer just trying to stay warm. If negotiate November thing I am trying to rape a little bit awareness and the money for cancer research. Like so many other people in our community cancer has affected my family in many ways in my station was kind enough to let me do this this year and I'm proud to say that it. It's coming did it no longer looks like I just forgot to shave it. You'll see I'm happy that it's not patchy and almost what. And I don't know breaks I was look at all patchy there Ferguson did you know you should be thanking god newstead NBC profusely for letting you do that because it the first few days there. Idyllic Apache like god no book name insert boyish. Hollywood star that can't grope your hear like Leo DiCaprio had to catch you looking beard going there. Well I can say that within the ten day that I have been growing at I've already have more patient care in this week and captain Sidney Crosby and his entire life. Then go all the playoff runs though. Better than syndicated missed that and hash tag. It Rich Donnelly is the sports director news ten NBC given us a few good minutes here in the sports are 957 years in Britain we've been gone back and forth on saints they're six and two. But then you look at who they. Defeated along the way and the six and two record. Are they good or they just a product of an easy schedule. It's so hard to win six consecutive games in the NFL I mean yeah you can pay good teams that they be but. Some of the ways in which they've beat these teams were impressive than three defensive touchdown against alliance like. That's hard to do it that was impressive defeat. And when it comes out of they have Drew Brees. I mean you'd be all that. Guns slinging quarterback mentally gunpoint and given the right word he's just a phenomenal historically good quarterback. When you have him they're good in their running game has really picked up. Since getting rid of Adrian Peterson no last so it's going to be an extremely tough after the bills but. Buffalo gets a little bit of insight in what the paint like did you bring in Kelvin Benjamin and keep them twice a year in every Sean McDermott of course we've seen them. Twice a year for a number of years as well so. Public reports I've I've had this game circled on my counter rely on more and I a few weeks ago today when can we take the bills. Legitimate. And I circled this big game and because we kicked out you could have excuses for Tampa Oakland jets whatever. Reid come to buffalo a bit could be monsters picks and three for the bill. Put them right back in the driver's seat for playoff spot far more so than pot. Rich just as you mentioned Kelvin management and you heard coach McDermott it's talking about in my intro. What is a fair expectation for the new bills wide receiver this week ago. Well having covered is gonna be rolled to a question that they Jones out this week and it's disappointed but. We we need what like six catches a hundred yards Oakley touchdown I really don't think that's two unfair. An expectation. Maybe it's a little unrealistic but Brad being laid it out there he kind of aid dropped the gauntlet to to the offense and and I fell to Tyrod. When beans after the treatment made Calvin is open even when he cup. And to me that was a tyrant just throw the ball. Did give him the ball he he's huge playmaker someone that the bill have not had. You know while I would I would bet that you they'd better wide receiver that they be locked him clawed at his best. And with that means that this team had at that position. You'll have to force him the ball I would loved the first Japanese player of the bill. Go route down the sideline Kelvin Benjamin. Even if tyra overthrow isn't just show the saint we're willing to do this and hopefully that opens things up for some of those underneath route running lanes from court. I hear it but let me play devil's advocate isn't that how the Buffalo Bills offense succeeded in their wins early on and not turning the ball over I mean with that he. So far I mean it's out of it's comfort zone what is that beyond his ability Derek. I've certainly out of his comfort zone but we need tyrant throw it deep ball. It is deep ball pretty good and we. The margin for error with the bill is so small. And they they cannot be losing the turnover battle and we felony law turnout relative to objectives atrocious. Plot. With double like that. I've. I refuse to believe the bill make this trade in the hopes that Benjamin get three catches for 35 yard. And just is 111 of the team to borrow a phrase. They got to play maker. Use him and let him make plays for the team and Ari Tyrod like yeah they stripped away a lot of your offensive weapons early in the year they gave you great ones using. We're selling these NBC sports structure joining us in the sport sport danger to tightly alive from potential for house. I'm penfield hurting penfield rich you mentioned not come management yet a playmaker. Use him the other playmaker on the offensive side of the ball it's like Tyrod Taylor the Shawn McCoy whose invisible. We can go Thursday against the jets and you know amicable he LeSean McCoy for personal lack of I mean the offensive line was terrible you know. What would you see in terms of this matchup the bills' offense when the bills run game vs the saints run deal Sunday. And it's going to be big gut check time for the bill O line reviews that are at no time truck at the jets McCoy had. You know defenders in his face the second he picked up a ball they they need to get a clean light you he can only do so much and and the buildup and what has been. Very good. Prior to that (%expletive) debacle. Though I have ever reasonably back at home. Kind of a cold weather this seems to be. Like a ground offensive linemen tight games at least be in the fire that they'll have and they've written to the occasion in big time for. I've ever reason to believe that they can now it. Eric Eric Wood just strikes me as someone who can rally that unit. To at least give McCoy the opportunity. To make someone and then pick up a tent however many yards it would be on the ground they will need. They've they've absolutely need which I'm quite up to the run game but also the passing game. What a screen. Play action. Is integral to that team played well. But if the Buffalo Bills offensive line is gonna play better at this week here in avenue left tackle there in ninety undock and in place. Of courting Glenn. If locals right for the Buffalo Bills have we seen the last of Courtney landing. As a starter on this team. I think that's hard to say because the undocking from. Yeah he's a rookie so eat everything kind of a new experience form but. There have been times where he has looked the part of a rookie NY died and a member of Von Miller one place just abused him. In getting to Tyrod. I think when courting Clinton's right he's still the best option. But with all those injury concerns I imagine he's going to be government Buffalo's gonna try shop want to be out he comes around. My is going to be my next question here is that with Marcel Daria don't think anybody. Was upset about that that Phil's locker room. Can we say that's kind of where this is headed with forty blank forty Glenn a player that was not available during training camp and and I yeah I'm sure you heard the whispers as we did that we actually had Chris Brown on what does that. You know talk to somebody that says hey you don't take a few Advil and get out there basically so record. The Lang. Yeah he's got to make himself available he wants to be on this team and when he. Oh a 100% completely accurate that you know you hear Bill Polian it is all the time whenever he's on that a player's best ability is availability. Just need to leave it and that's something that he's not and I contend that if the bill lost to Oakland. Clinton would get traded. But because they've beat Oakland and all of sudden there are two prior to the deadline. You don't wanna. Break that up and start spending pieces that way. But yet I mean if you know Dawkins these next few games if people lose his spot if he wins it by played well. That absolutely critical and becomes expendable not these it and if they get that contract off the books. Somewhat similar to a Marcel targets contract coming off book that opens up money and give Brandon being. All the more flexibility or bigger freeagent pieces. Or even resigning from the guys that have like Calvin venture with the bills have the ability to renegotiate his contract. In this off beat duke and Carolina picked up the option. So maybe that's something they've looked you free up some money to pay the guys at that. Rich I was visit time talking about this improve saints' defense through two weeks of the season. Gina were laughed and who we we really thought are here they are down. You're 2017 New Orleans Saints enjoy seven and nine could such a ceiling every year. And your defense is terrible it's always been turns out that rookie corner mark Marshall a lot more. Pretty good he's got the lowest passer rating against him we targeted. So far this year and across the field from that he plays on some cable Carl has been it's been pretty lights out its welcome to a them. Are both top five quarterbacks lowest passer rating targeted. This season according to pro football focus. You know paint a picture form where the bills can actually throw the football and it and throw with some success against this improved saints' secondary. Well I think when it comes to throwing their. You know government have been if you can stretch the field maybe that opens up a little bit rules and safeties over the top toward him. Especially. If you know you get a Jordan Matthews crossing a road. You know Charles clay really will play that would that would help a lot just bring it to another weapon especially they trying. Put one. On you know you get Benjamin isolated on one side can stack a bunch of receivers on the other side. And use discrete game I think. From screens are going to be fugitives. Yeah kind of invites the pass rushes up dumping off to McCoy let him make one got a bit off the races but. I think and wet and actually have that I really wanted bill to address last. Hi actually quarterback can have we got our. When you got from about her address especially was summit that was much. Yeah absolutely he's a town where it actually just getting word breaking news Chris Brown at the Buffalo Bills that the saints safety car is actually out. For the counts and exit there's some very positive news for the Buffalo Bills and their ability to be able to pass the ball on Sunday. That'd be a huge help you know businesses. This is far from a slam dunk went buffalo got a shot certainly but. I would say that. They've. We've got to be the underdog and I've seen any any line to beat but the fact of playing great. They're playing great brakes done if we break days downing quarters. In the Buffalo Bills. In the next four games being saints. Chargers. At chargers at Kansas City home against the patriots. In the bill survival one in three stretch here. And get to the post season. Already when you look at the AFC work what's the magic number of the Buffalo Bills to get that nor it to break the ground and witness. I would. Eight and has a solid nine you need a little but help still won it three put you six and six you're not out of it that brings us don't seek. We've been paid for a long time the last three weeks of the season will be the make or break for the Buffalo Bills youth three division game. So one and three these next four games. I would say that probably takes a candidate out at ago 66 with in the locker room maybe not so much. Knowing 97. Can give you shots and I think that because Houston's probably got. Oakland ten over. Belly chargers I don't think Ari huge threat especially because. If these next four game that we're one win the chargers and you have the tiebreaker over the charters they raider and bronco. And it comes down to be it's be out there were looking at the titans jags. One of them is gonna win the division. And buffalo beat batter's stance. You know one of those YouTube and import and it played either Tennessee or Jacksonville was your you don't get had Edgar looked at other gave. You know nine roll the dice here but I think you gotta have kindly and makes everybody's. There. Rich you know. It's. Talk about that this this this whole season he feels a little sir real and that. I don't think anybody had the bill's going five and three through midway point of the season. Is it a small consolation even if they don't make the postseason. To know the we're having this conversation midway through the season to know that that they actually yeah you know. They might hurt a little bit because they gave us hope that we didn't think was gonna beat their pre season but. You know can't we find. You know some sort of consolation in the bills just being this far ahead of schedule compared where we thought it would be this time your. I think you have to be I mean my goodness when Oregon what you guys on the pre season. Or fix it and I've been eleven. Like it's gonna be year number eighteen no doubt about it. And then after the temple win them because of Mike I know our government say of the field. Win game number four and he laughed and said which one of you said we're gone for twelve becomes the new year. But he left any said that they knew who worked out a win already. And it they they take that that a point as a point of pride especially. The players and the coaches who were not here and have no ties to the last seventeen years. As far as they're concerned they have a winning record. Here in buffalo so why would they be concerned about seventeen years not make the buy out there in line to make it right now they've got every shot. So yes I I absolutely think this has to be a positive even if let's say they finished eight and that's still better than a lot of people projected into they're playing meaningful game. Leading into the holiday because I'm talking the last three weeks Tuesday meeting bowl games with wade live legitimate shot at making the playoffs. How could it be anything other than content with at least having a chance at the end of the year. It was supposed to be attacked. Pretty busy week in New Hampshire working on a lot I'm just curious to get your quick take on yours is such a big college basketball guy. Should we have low expectations for the Syracuse warned this season is certainly I do. It is it'd go to the ultimate the second you'd think. You count amount and all of a sudden your candidate final or run for debate on him. Worse sweet sixteen appearance or all the money that's not happening this year of course not absolutely not now that they're gonna be hard overnight. Yes and a little blood real or is heading to the Carrier Dome right now so if you ever worked following the game tonight. Analog clock here in the east and in BC. No question marks with this team. Not a lot of starters returning that we can just tie it at all. Can Frank Howard stepped it up you know a lot of these guys will need to prove that they are deserving of these starting role. The little game within a game average is heated debate on taken out on. To be made terrible record now I think that we kind of cool. Just one of those meat Protestant moment that. So rare but very iconic in college basketball. I'm looking forward to that I really do wanna see. Just how. Japan times someone who's so grizzled and power over time reacts when he is on point again. Cornell Winston. Are you can't shop all the tape roll the tape for now aren't they've never beaten to debate a you're 42 for urgent they don't know about it. The head coach. While he's indicating that he gets his other son coming in next year so rich if there's others on there. 78 he'll be even so he's gonna coach forever. I I think he coaches until but he bay I'm decide to lead there that's going to be Michael. Crazy crazy like the good to some former music to be 82. Richard else you have once efforts and you sit in the seat. Our we are taking a look closer to children hear from Drew Brees tied at 6 o'clock what he thinks about. Coming up to buffalo pay the bills were called you was close to being bill before he went to oral. That we got a quick preview on Turkey stepped on also the Yankees are taking another swing and made possible name referred the American. Eric Wedge maybe you interviewed today. May be as long wait now wait I know I'm it would ruin it's easier. Drew Brees I don't Rick hall all the bills being interested and what's a quick story on iron I don't worry he. He is kicking the tires on this it was a couple teams this is when he was done with the chargers. And he was. Quick drive by in buffalo. And they were not to hire him. You look at two iron them I think he was leaning more toward Miami Nick Saban was still there at the time. That it ended up just all coming to a head with New Orleans but that was that was kind of a drive by it was the like Trent Edwards air is just wasn't working its patent parade at the time. Been having this look like at the J. P. Losman disaster and it happened so. Exactly what the bills want you want to breeze coming in day it's a new era feel with a chip on the shoulder because you passed up on him. Before he went on to have a hall of fame career in New Orleans. Now in all fairness I think he equally after the bill I think people go what was happening I think it was one of those he would opt freeagent. They did their due diligence but I think he also determined New Orleans is the real that. Arnold do that on news and NBC tonight Rich Donnelly news and NBC sports structures and our guest here in the sports bar with danger to tag leads could hear from your rich. But Ford thought he gets soon enjoy your weekend right. Actually if you got trapped. So many things in the this seventeen year non playoff on whether you look at. OK we could drafted it gronkowski one on the New England are you gonna draft that Russell Wilson. That's a little untold story that you really can recruit Rupert he's putting it created a all sat with Fred networks. Yeah we're going to be fun we get done this to J. P. Losman in the works it's it's an eight point that's our for a we don't once you you know up hurt his confidence there's danger but bringing in this mattress. God it's crazy crazy stuff all right -- we continue our next live from the penfield whorehouse here in the sports bar with danger Anglia. Up next who play I'll drink to that sports thoughts Peter wrap your mind right you can agree to disagree can always join us. By voting in at 454 ESPN 4543776. Also with your following Twitter at ESP and Rochester would love engaging you there as well ESPN Rochester on Twitter. The sports bar with danger of tightly continues and AM 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester. It is us right now we're yeah. Post rigs and in the sports. What's wrong. Rogers plot element Watson David Johnson you are more. How about Richard Sherman he's missed it from last night Richard Sherman towards Achilles he now is dawn for the year there's only so many injury the NFL. Instead sure court cuttings been an issue sure the end the protests. That doesn't help that certainly factors into the ratings being down but I would say this year. Number one reason why NFL ratings are down it. The stars simply aren't out in the football you mean you're not excited for that Tom Brady brought cost while the matchup on Sunday night. Sean home. Knowing it pack ready to pick Ryan's hand and what this points that's Monday Night Football by the way you know what's really great the dolphins are on prime time for a third straight week. Please. Yeah you need your stars. To get those ratings up they've been injured in the student. There I would be shocked if there aren't. More rule changes down the line. To protect quarterbacks even further you dodged the bullet through the NFL and in Joseph Flacco in that head shot today by Kiko Alonso but losing Aaron Rodgers hurts. Using losing quarterbacks are losing serves like Richard Sherman it'll hurts and and they're gonna work continue to work on ways. To make this game safer for the players prevent them getting injured so I'll drink to that. Jeanne it's hard enough predicts. Who achieve starting quarterback could be in three weeks let alone three years of take this with a grain of salt but ESPN's. Yeah Marciano has gone through the exercise of predicting each team's quarterback in the year 22 money. He breaks down his prediction about placing each team and one of three categories. Teams with no plan. Teams with a plan. And teams with a good plan. The bills are listed as one of his teams with no plan. The quarterback he predicts will be starting in 28180. I can't wait for your reaction. Both Sam Bradford a long sleep fine. No laying yeah Egan in the league in the morning nineteen what's legit starting quarterback in buffalo police just click pit stop. Stop no plan I think it was pretty obvious Tyrod until you get the quarterback you really want through the draft it is dental plan in buffalo it's pretty obvious Davis that worry verdicts Tyrod Taylor will be playing its when he wasn't Tyrod Taylor is not involved or know. Tyrod Taylor of Graz piano is connecting dots. Tyrod Taylor will be with the only carriers. Tyrod Taylor's is starting cornerback for the LA charters beating out card 00 yeah it's bloody bloody starting job. Perfect G good yes yes it sounds great to back a couple of days. I this weekend thank you. Veterans thank you my dad too and we licences were for. Thursday night the broadcast spotlighted distorted Pat Tillman Pat Tillman is the story one we should never get one we should tell her children about. So do not confuse what I'm about to set. Pat stories. And needs to be told certainly but. When you couple that. We selling merchandise. And seeing the coaches in the year in the NFL what they're doing this week gang using it to their home care advantage. To meet the salute to service for the NFL. I'm looking and its strategy needed does not look genuine in my opinion well I don't know. And he is genuine but it is more than what. The alternative is which is doing nothing right I mean like how do you make it more genuine. Yeah they're making money off that but that's their jobs at this crevice or their business they're here if they exist to make money. So they're going to sell the camouflage merchandise to anybody who will buy it and they will do it on the umbrella of this is our salute to service you are still being tasteful with. They're salute to be the PSAs that they're running that the Promos that they're running with players talking about their family members be solved on and it's peaceful way. Easy genuine. Well that's debatable there could still try to make money no matter what it's been the heart maybe that's the part that I I just think profiting off this weekend it's just. Not a Google in my opinion. Solid proof to back. Bush surely getting MVP candidate in the NFL this season. May I humbly submit a player. Was accounted for 91 point 4% of its teams yardage on offense sell your Russell Wilson playing behind that line with no run game. This performance is unsustainable gene but it can't if you if they didn't have Russell Wilson at Seattle. I don't know how bad that he would pick Russell it's sand lot football I mean it's fun to watch it on the night you cannot win if they're gonna go off. I can't say good defense you can't wait I mean they want last night and it probably did deserve whether they want last night it about it lost. The week before Washington I just did this kind of performances he he if he's able to sustain this kind of yardage performance for his team. How was not the MVP I don't see that he titled big city can't sustain this kind of moment but it's it's been remarkable one. Well let's table BM VP discussion here percent from concerned that we have candidates. So I'll drink to that I feel energized cities danger yes it's Friday gets rid the penfield pour house but they're good friends but by it's it's fun out. I feel energized those danger for another reason. The first days no I don't know why debt aids when you wake up. And see everything covered and why I love the state and Iowa alone can I get help during that it's. Now sorry GM will bounce around. Oh my god I know maybe I'm getting old. Maybe my bones are creaking a little bit more maybe of certain to feel the weather changes in my bad knee. But waking up this morning. Did not give me enthusiasm and looked out the window and saw a fresh candy coating of love snow is like if it was like actual snow. Maybe I'd be excited for it like it is stunning that real snow it's like that that's so that when you're looking like oh that's just it's really really really cold outside. And it's cold outside today. That was a harsh reality waking up and going nuts and it's twenty degrees. I don't we're going to be dealing with this for the next six months. But I wasn't ready for this morning not prepared. No way pump. That's all for it to that here in the sports are 957. ESPN. I want expected this MVP conversation danger and we go a long long way to go but. He's not the MVP coming out of the NFC because it's not wells and its concerns extra five court. You know it is six or five tour 35 second year quarterback. For the state university with a blue color work ethic in western values of course so what's wagons if they continue on the air that their on he injury MVP. Quote man we'll city has just been remarkable without wheels now offense is off thing I'll take. Now he's gonna get hurt at some point too I mean he took night he took a shot last night and that whole sequence. Where at the other refereed debts he applied the rule correctly hey. Eyewitness this tape. You need to go get Cheney checked out so what do they do they bring will seen over the pop up ten. You he like stepped into the tent and then stepped out and then everybody kind of lost track while play was going on in a one play later he's back on the field you cannot tell me then he went through the pull concussion protocol. That was Russell Wilson saying get me back on the field I'll find. Yeah you need doctors and staff yeah if you're a pick this stuff seriously the NFL to come down way honesty or we're making some pretty bold clincher claiming that Pete Carroll cheats. Yeah but I don't you the flag for that he'd. Errol cheats. That does surprise me at all let up let's move on we're gonna continue your life. From the penfield pour house other sports bar with danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester Matt fair burn. Of the Syracuse post editor Joyce and few minutes up before we break before we go to go onto other 4 o'clock hour let's stick quick call four by four ESPN. John Hilton the Seahawks fan joining us here in the sports park gauger tegra hey John how Mario. Right right behind. John and like I like Saturday night all volatile last night but we are seeing top. I gotta tell you about the law assured then at their Beck diet that is it tops our old warrior he op. Block com be locked up the last I heard demonstrate here that the game and Turkmenistan and also. Robert Bernard the world then he would be Adam getting killed here. Aren't you called project until I got tired danger. We know you told me it would blow your Tyrod Taylor a lot out of water at Pete got the beat Obama now. That I ever say that could ever say Russell Wilson was below the Tyrod Taylor lineup that I remember saying that. But even if I did I would say yes he's more valuable there was steam right now ironically he's done some remarkable things I will I will say also since you brought up Richard Sherman. And you don't my feelings on Richard Sherman Jeanne. You love him I think you're a man crush I think Richard Sherman has played his last down as the Seattle Seahawks and I think his actions last night. After the injury. Proof that. So get carted off the field with his Achilles injury like most people who serve but that blown out Achilles he stayed on the sideline. With these teammates knowing full well this season is over and it says and this is it that says this is the last chance and a happy with these guys. In uniform. Playing for Seattle because it's over after mr. Richard your response tomorrow. Well in the thing too with the Phillies. That's the one danger you're never quite the same or very few athletes. Come back from that. And replicate to the level where they were once Saturday Dan Marino all. He came back to steel spikes schematic never quite the same Richard Sherman and I hope he can rehab in. You know there was talk that losing that he back in Seattle this year that Seattle was shopping him around. Straight in the offseason of course. Are able to touch more bill say it's a map ever of the Syracuse post standard here in just humility towards its its airport Friday app it's the sports bar live work penfield pour house on and you'll Brody and field. The sports bar with danger of the tag Leon AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester.