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We begin today's Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia recapping what could be labeled as the worst Bills performance during the 17-year playoff drought. Toby Motyka of 13 WHAM Sports joins the guys with his first-hand perspective from the game. Finally, a round of "I'll Drink To That" including an NFL quarterback who is playing way above his pay scale in Minnesota.


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But sports bar with danger and do exactly. The saints hammer the Buffalo Bills by a score of 47 to champ. Well a big piece on me and him getting time credit they believe. And I got to coach better we have played better that's the obvious. What we expected him we got through our look at things. Mike dangers we know it did for me it's changed my my life. Changed my life Jeanne exactly. Not after you left blank chance by force certainly respectable five important game ahead where you were last year you know we're building and you know we've continued to. Be honest with us also look at tape and now like I said before we got out coached it starts with me and coming out playing so it's just they are look at. Rochester sports leader and 957. EST yet. Afternoon and welcome pulled the stool and join us the sports bar with danger to Tagliabue is open for business Sunday at 95957. FM. EST at Rochester dot com for the free to download ESPN Rochester now. Mike danger hygiene detect anymore I hate. Are you today. I'm fine man I've worked yesterday you're. You're have a good time out there was I up first bills game in. Lone assailant for years yesterday Patrick good time material on cap and going to. Pick to go engine. Picked the only bit of a mood today I'm not gonna lie on a little bit tired below the cranky sugar a lot of bad bills fans who feel the same way. And if I can like can I shelve. Like that the professionalism of the journal Lister the professional lumber and them brought has just our second assuming you had some if I had. Any credibility at all the sports community can I just for a second you shelves like. Now why Knoll. Why I don't go to bills games it did it was one afternoon that now may be real I was like OK this is why I rarely go to bill's case. Now a lot of times I'm working on Sunday or veto it and everything in my life does it do two things is making money. Or does make me happy. People like kind of viewed their life through that those two filters. There will be a lot less unhappy people in the world today. Well and her folks maybe they're new to the show all you love football. Europe bears fan because that's where you grew up your dad middle background. You came to this area you know some forty years ago so you follow the bills we don't have that. Actually right what I don't understand is after going to the day yesterday but not like what I do understand is I understand. The anger and the rage. And the lack of patience that many bills fans even on the show demonstrate. On a near daily basis. If that's your putting yourself or go every time the bills are playing new airfields that I understand and I sympathize I get. Is that was terrible. That was. That was his out of a football experiences I think I've ever had in my entire life. Talking about the game the game was did you maybe even more it's. Puppets are your goal well yes the game was bad no ill I enjoy spending time with friends I enjoy. Having some laughs couple beer some really good food you're tailgating you have a good time that the closer close you get to the stadium the lottery gets more people on Indio in the more. Drunken shenanigans you see in the more people job but threw tables you see in the more. White girl wasted white girls in the parking lot charging crown directly from the book OK the there's just one bad decision after another bad decision after another bad decision. Gross gross I don't wanna see it in now you're in the stadium and now. You have to watch that and and not only watched apple watch that surrounded by. Frank that somebody next meet the entire game. Who couldn't stop. Calling Drew Brees. A fact. Well when he said I got sick because that's what he's alarm that's what he said. And he said over over getting screaming it all over and over like. Okay that's where that. And then the person. Behind me. The witty person behind me who this between the middle of the second is the middle of the second quarter pictures or go to. Not a day means there yet we don't know. Most intellectual person that was it art in Earth's vicinity the most intellectual person was a person that had continue to remind everybody. All afternoon that Drew Brees has yet to throw a touchdown at annual air field jag off. Look at the scoreboard it doesn't matter it doesn't matter what you're saying does bet he does that. But now that you ran the ball 22 straight times you went on a 96 yard drive I'm sorry being a football you. That. Was the worst. Home loss in bills history I can roll on every stat for you here's all you need to know. Last on the bills lost that bad danger. 56 to ten. Against the patriots that's one of the best teams in the history of football. This saints are good team. Like good god almighty. What was that yesterday if you're surrounded by eight. Drunks danger yet it was just. I could imagine it being a negative experience. We welcome your calls of 454 ESPN 4543776. And welcome to the sports bar as it's. It's the morning after a rough night I guess you would say. Guess we're in the afternoon here but in the sports bar the night before the danger was a rough night for us all so here we are the day after trying to figure what back capitalist. This is it's in your driving home is charged more thing you're driving home and you have to make you stop at the rest stop ought not stopped at the rookie move. You stuck to the rest I had guide people like Carl hey he's gonna press stop I want to do and Brooke Rask stopped dole never now I now she. Yeah I know this I was fine. But the amateurs in the backseat Michael Hart neither me. And what do we know we can always have a press up who is there. Every degenerate that we saw the way in and more saints fans that I didn't yeah know scenes did existed apparently they all of. Number press stopped that's what I learned they were all there. In a good mood. Ropes. If your bills fan you put yourself through that. Eight times a year. Now I get it now I sympathize now I understand now I feel. Your pain. Now I'm gonna do my best to divorce myself from the emotion that I went through yesterday. As somebody who is it you know. What the bills to succeed. But you know the bears are always going to be that for me they're my team that's my team. I'll always have a rooting interest for some forms of the bills to be successful. I don't want to see what this region looks like when that team is winning consistently when they make it to the playoffs again I wanna be here for all of us. But if you are somebody who's yourself through that. Eight times a year. I I I feel sorry for you I really do I do now I'd like you I get it I feel sturdy than ever after go to that game yesterday. And now it's on San Diego. Los Angeles well Los Angeles it's always say yeah near San Diego on the phone so can give me a pass I mean him I'm not all completely. Like Anthony Lynn just yet and not watching it at that introductory press conference but. Are are on buffalo you're right and probably will be a home game for both how are you accept. And our. Numbered one move stop that wasn't my hopes. I got a lie you gang culture you were with other rookie to an article because if it was somebody else is Clark. Shouldn't somebody urinating in the backseat to somebody else's car that we care less talk. Drew. Well go to the well that are. But couple bought them game yesterday. One that got beat that. I'd watch it was my brother thanks. Sam what. He's just taken into an indignant. Also effective I think everybody knows that time that. He's not. I'm sorry I'm just. His performance. Lately. I know a lot of people pile on on him wanna hear that there are no. By just not I am I don't know how many more games to give them. Before they make that actual sort of play out recipes and obviously he's just knock it. And the enforcement and the defense so the defense all suddenly can't stop. I don't know what gonna that most area the sport and for the second week well so I don't know it's. You know McDermott keeps saying don't sort of locked up coach coaching wall holiday a decent. I'm the gonna react these past lost in the charters. They got a decent running backs so go look them up with. Yet tonight. Words CA use star off the Macon some personnel changes defense. I am I mean we all local Randall Lorenzo Alexander story. Would completely lost out there Lorenzo Alexander and his defense is lost right now so why not switch to malign. Why not try some new players a defensive tackle IE running up the middle. Hey may be trading Marcel Darius was and so too bright idea after all understand Marcel Darius wasn't playing with potential life. On there was something to wait any Dick great out OK against the run this year Seoul would be like everything is Noelle. Just one or two reasons what you at all all of this in. Oh violated seems pretty glut I think we learn that and do to your Tyrod point attempt. When how long you give them a while you give him. Until just like last year the Buffalo Bills are eliminated for many playoff contention. But to me like yesterday it was it was another opportunity for Tyrod Taylor pretty big stage. We all knew the the storyline here the only match up featuring two teams build winning records yesterday the bills in the states. And you were completely outclassed by her car park. Debt doesn't bode well for Tyrod but. Is he the main reason know why do you think the. Terrible yet he was terrible yesterday he wasn't the main reason but he certainly wasn't wasn't helping any thing came in and you know I think. When you hear coach McDermott say that that everybody's like he's not everybody sucked yesterday. Everybody. Everybody the entire coaching staff everybody you had ten days. To prepare. Ten days to give a better effort. The thing you gave on a Thursday night in the meadowlands. And you somehow managed to get it or at least appear to give. Oh worse efforts after ten days the worst possible outcome of this game is what we saw yesterday gene and I'll allow you to panic if your bills fan if you if you think that that. That this was a playoff team if you gave yourself that that glimmer of hope after a five and you start believed that this was a playoff team right now you wanna panic yeah absolutely. You could very easily see this team not winning another game and for the rest of the season based on how they looked yesterday. In effective run game on able to stop the run. Quarterback missing receivers missing. Six foot five receivers. A little different when you don't person has and it when you get to see everything unfold in front of you rather than being constricted to television yeah seeing it differ in Rochester. I have to oh would have didn't train myself to do is is. Drown out all the noise around me because the noise around we distracts me Jeanne I'm not gonna lie do you mean here in the guy. Ito called Drew Brees when he was calling Drew Brees and listening you know like I got to block that out better but just a noise it like inside is like a burning fire in my Emma. All my god these are the worst people out. Are these people make me feel guilty for being here about you're guilty by association. I shouldn't be a fan of what I'm watching right now. Local also much this is the worst of the worst. The guy was so drunk he doesn't even realize what he's yelling anymore the woman behind used it is the PayPal. Version Barney. The Simpsons is behind me for the entire day just hindered me yelling outside are. Our zip and not end up not clever and not Smart as it was it was too much. It was too much and so yes advocates say yes you are able to see some deficiencies you are able to see I'd end and doubts about this. Last week and I I think what I socket accounted for when I was sticking witches. Alter its parent to build a bit between his ears I think it's all. Mental with Tyrod it's he's keen ability pull the trigger it's his inability. To hole. The trigger he's in the pocket he's got somebody in his head telling him stay in the pocket. Even if it's just a little bit longer to deliver that pass. And it. He's doing yet. But he's the pocket to his detriment to where. There's something in his head it's Z you know there's an hit it into an inability for him. To pull the trigger and you watch quarterbacks in the NFL just execute with Chris perfection. It it it is maddening. And it's not because he doesn't have the ability he's one hell of an athlete and can make a lot of plays with his feet but what they're asking him to do in staying in the pocket. And and going through your aggressions in finding the open but it's too much for him to process. That being said. He still. Gives you the best chance to win. On Sunday for better or worse at least for another week. Tyrod Taylor's gonna be your starting quarterback. Can I do shell one thing sure. Don't. You mean the heater remain go in there right now and haven't seen this season do not even come with the did you see how the offense looked. On the one drive he executed before against the third stricker against error why the site. Okay that's that's up three season atmosphere in November. Now. Now it it's either Tyrod or nothing. The conclusion. I came through yesterday and I will draw back to something you said last week danger. And again I picked them saints to win this game I just didn't see it going back completely sideways. They had to throw that in there didn't you Jeanne just had to throw that in there the saints winning this now the law that back at my point of being. Look at what they use that what did you say last week and I said hey. See how the Buffalo Bills play are they gonna show a lot that's what you're looking for. And not only do they do that take out war. I can't believe I'm saying this they were worse. And the effort they put the north in the middle that I actually. Missed the best part of the game we are getting towards seats during that first struck the field goal drive up I missed. McCoy is big run I didn't see that the best the best player on offense and in an instant. That so let's check. Well yeah it won't you miss then all the targets the Kelvin Benjamin net Tyrod Taylor had that first out is that was that bad. Well his mind lying. You didn't try throwing hand the ball after that first series Albert's open. On this team Gilbert's open underneath. He's gonna be open all day is coming. I had committed to Albert he's a threat. He's he's open because he's not a threat he's hopefully peak he is lull you to. CY OT you don't guard. Okay out throw sand yeah go get him. Away. And your will look good as a number two Knoll. How pop up practice squad player in Denver now Jonathan Williams know the place special teams you'd. Is Mike Tolbert keepers. 454 years in Tim by the way thank you for the call appreciate that you're always welcome pork store we've got to. Got plenty more to talk about today danger Tobe able cica will join us later this hour. He calls it his post mortem I'm wondering if he's ready to drive a stake in this team in that that. Okay I'm Sylvia Toby will have his thoughts on the Buffalo Bills as we look at the Los Angeles. We talk just for 12 about something that I saw one of our bodies micro and act tweet out earlier today. Playoffs or not he tweets there are only eleven players I would consider blocks. To return to the bills next season. Did you see this no let me lay them off all right these are these are Mike broad tax eleven players who he considers to be locks. To return to the bills next. He's located on the book hold on this be fun to figure who he would say pat go ahead all right so we would start with the draft class. We're right okay everybody play along here are some eleven players don't know cheating don't want a winner and whatever and I don't know I don't go to road access Twitter feed to you know will re tweet it later but I think this is about this was an interest in tweet. Right so tray YA. And then you would have talked gains. And wells has been good from this class you'd have to say Milan now from OK so on 23 a who else are etched. While annual course changes have Benjamin. From he'd be back. I am not sure you're taking any other wide receivers out of the whole bunch. Okay it's that only gets me that's for sure Shaq Lawson. And no he does not have a loss and no. One. Well then you're two safeties obviously as little foyer. And like a top aide yes and 1234. It's down we get me halfway there yeah I'm not putting according matches because of his money correct. And it does not have Tyrod in there correct. There's not have Peerman and he does have Peter who OK and incorrect our minor about harsh yes. How it's gonna get to stay eight. Actually only seven so against her debut as white Dawkins. Malign now and again doing a soft that would everybody else where Micah Hyde. How Russia. Kelvin Benjamin you just gave up a third round pick for. Give the rest meeting. You've got to see Jones out on current. Erica would. In con me don't know I'm. Cold Schmidt. Eleventh I think that's a lot of Lebanon. And here while computer yet. Though those are the players wrote a considers to be locks. To return next season no Oshima Cohen with Tyrod Taylor know reaching cog Ni don't know Shaq Lawson. I think about it me that this. Short term you want them to win you know this is where. Earlier this season it was fun to watch them try to have their cake he needed to but when it comes down to it this offseason they're gonna have to make a lot of short term sacrifices for a long term game. And some of the players even got grown accustomed to seeing her not a lock. To be on this team next year. Through process boot process of evaluation and your seeing it unfold right. For your very eyes. According Glenn. Didn't you keep collateral around if you're just doing this I don't know how much catalogs now locked out Williams a lot of course at age 35 now this is it for warrants. Gulf of Washington a lot now lock. Humber. Brown Jerry Hughes. These are not guys that they brought in these are guys that they are they've been trying to make it work with and they were able to make it work with. Forgot part of the beginning of the season but now you look back and you look back those wins in the back those opponents and you realize bills beat bad teams. They beat Denver bad team you beat a slam without Jones is some news that day and Lance not what they were last year right. You beat the jets. Coming out of the gate or OK got Oakland. Oakland who couldn't run the ball in Tampa Bay who couldn't run the ball so any team now that the Buffalo Bills face really think Tom Brady is going to be no. Don't hear that thing is this note to end in this is where Sean McDermott. He's either gonna get a pass or or were gonna continue to pop on good coaches. Good teams. The make adjustments. Saints had a horrible defense the first two weeks of the season and now they are looking leaks. New England. Had a horrible defense first month of the season. As they've improved. And they're getting better their defense is you'd have to make the adjustment you have to be able to adjust because if you're not doing that. Other teams are gonna see the film they're gonna find your weaknesses and an exploit weaknesses and I guarantee you New Orleans saw what they saw. From that Thursday night game it's that you know what. Betcha we can run the ball on the steam pretty effectively with who we've gotten back field. Preston brown is a middle linebacker. You have any other options right now. He's guessing half the time he's trying to shoot gaps some run blitz is all wrong guys boom. Eight yards ten yards fourteen year. I think my fever play yesterday. I don't think streaker don't say this hearing now no I mean my favorite. Understand that I'm I'm coming from the school sarcasm here bills fans. My favorite play from yesterday. Was somehow. Housing co Marat hits the whole truth and he all down. Gets back up realizes. There's nobody around me. And runs and it's. I'll play it should vintage apple for old loss on the play. Okay not only make it are the wrong read but that show me also lacked effort to music gear while wanna play like that. I've never seen anything like that and to me that symbolize the day for the Buffalo Bills because he you're getting out worked or something like that happens. I don't think it ever seen up pour exhibition of tackling overall as well again. Is it the steamers of the personnel it's problem oil boy danger personnel wise Sean McDermott. Needs to make a statement to his own team in his own fan base and sit some of these guys dollar change it up a little bit. Wii's gonna hurt you put matte line going over rental Alex. Maybe but you know what more than they get to adjust. You've got to adjust you've got to get out of your head in just a little bitten and that might mean going against what your system may or ski you just shot past. Teams do all time good teams do and all the time good coaches. You're gonna wind too little time maybe Matthew writing and the streak Al team the Buffalo Bills on the ground the speaker obviously a Mets fan hash tag social. I took away my thunder out of the readout now I thought for. Guidelines luck. Next in this the pecan. You'll also tweeting road back has the bills keeping Dawkins white highlighted a full backs. Max. Tweeting and hey Mike danger if you stayed to the end of the game you didn't miss the best part of the game the streaker. And yet the bills were awful I will say as I was leaving the stadium I heard this loud loud crowd cheer. And a Mike. Payments in the game and sure enough it that was it and hit it. Let's get Toby my teacher for thirteen web sports on what this next in the sports are all also this just coming across the wire. Ever chance Justin Bailey has to return to the M that's a good news so the hammer have two home games this week. We get it's Wednesday being insane. Hartford Friday night and I you know the sabres in action tomorrow night so that's. Well surprisingly I yeah and I and his health as well yes of Bailey coming down in this is probably just to get him right as he's missed some time here with the unknown injuries or Justin Daly back with a hammer search you have sports subtly Monty could joining us next to recap. The bills and the saints unfortunately and sports bar with German tightly on ESPN Rochester. There's always ESPN broadcasters we really pleased India contest you've armed yourself with a numbing. Prices when you. And Rochester dot com. Wearing the crown of broadcasters best. Rochester is peaks can pick up. Gathering place streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and on demand audio bookmark this sports leader ESPN Rochester dot com. There's a point in the game. She knew where I was looking at the big yardage but it was somewhere in the fourth corps probably right before I left the stadium. And it was somewhere in the ballpark of like 419 yards 219 yards. That fumble renewable. Then the first downs at that point where thirty. For the saints to 44 and now for. Before Pearman came in right now that's when the crowd erupted I mean I was on the way out to Mike you hear that crowd share Mike. Peter men must be in the game. You churn up a look at them on appearance in the game that's some. Tough but ticket thirteen when sports was on the scene is likely to be how warrior. Better go yeah that was. Is quite the display. Today only it's now averages one thing. Blind if you got to focus in on the on the fat hot this on the fence just gets so bad for the Buffalo Bills what does it. McDermott said today. That it was more like see in trying to do your job and effort. That'd be eager to correct or pepper the latter. Just what concerns me and they. I heard it or didn't they had they had nine days off get ready for the game at the five week ago. If you look so yeah and I know that part of that was they were on the heel but I but. But it is it's weird comedic guy's got beat for yet. What they were doing. Two weeks prior what the rugby was built all art shut people out though. Our east their epic kind of teach people break then and kind of reinforce public good and they developed over the court the last couple on. They are completely gone but they look like they're completely gone. It's crazy to me to think that you had ten days. And hear him say that today that's maddening as well U ten days. To re teach them proper technique. That was the that was the result what you saw on site it was a result of ten days of preparation. Ten days were you could teach them. The habits that they got away from it or loss a week ago Thursday. Yeah and you have an advocate bail out evil that if I what would've been eat the green it was. It was. A brick by Andy. What they'll ever a final court that or that bad but. It's not that one guy at the site and the Bible Brcko on the backyard life. I mean at what point that they probably be it eat or agree. On the whole deal and I don't that they like that they that that is. But I am straight week that it that it only got work. Out. A lot of group. Well any any other side of the football didn't help on much better with Tyrod Taylor yeah at 41 downs told Tom. I obviously this was a just a terrible performance. Sport Tyrod. It was another opportunity for him to showcase. To really I think a national audience and and a marquee match up by. On a Sunday that I can match Drew Brees point for point and for me Tyrod EU should not escape blame for that egg he laid yesterday audit newer fuel. No billion credit EE eight it now a lot of ways and they're out. There quite a bit. It was not the first drive. We all worked were at 08 vote. That it like like they're going to be all guys they picked up a couple of quick or that there will wake up and all the dot iiroc. Riding the all they got quite the bad and not. I think back the Arab per year. Or all. Ended period the go out out out for. If you're at bat it around that all. Away while. But I'm really built the way. I. Think of it and get up 3040. The order. At work. It baffles me because physically. He'd feel like he's got a lot of that the weapons at that a lot of quarterbacks wish they had he's so athletic and he's he's a dynamic. Athlete but between the ears I think we're allowed to question whether or not he has it not worried if this guy is only playing now is a guy. Who believes he's gonna get released at the at the first sign of a turn over these just not gonna pull the trigger and and it's kind of more of what we saw. Last year at stretches of time which is like why isn't he throwing. The ball he's not right and you know. How much of this is Tyrod. Is this performance Tyrod Taylor this platforms for tyra Taylor mental. I think pretty good about it that he'd like. When your app gap that big dip one and that. An accurate it is eat like. At that and think that anyone I ever watch. Michael Vick now. And the truck or reading the pulpit growing football. Or that back you. At the bit at one that. Detonate bigger and better in their work here I'd be read these. Buyer or a bill that day. That eater and being. Aware you're gonna have. Been out that all like you. But it get the all product. And yet your beeper. That really iiroc. Like you figure out. It is there any scenario would you see Tobey where it Tyrod would lose his job. Prior to the Buffalo Bills being out of playoff contention. I. I would I would like about we ought. It they're gonna do you would now we. LA partner up. As well in that city or alt. Though. If you look at it. And you big build a salute the act pre game. Like right out. Out out that. All of the coal and that looked like a pretty. Earned a eager but I'd like war and now real art or out there at the patriot day. Goat eat that that they feel like they're Ira we and they wouldn't meet that you'd. Yeah and you throw Peerman out there and you know what we complain about Tyrod Taylor is. His inability to pull the trigger prevents turn over from happening whereas if you have relic human. You know how many pick sixes is she gonna throw with in his first few games is a starting quarterback I have a feeling you're gonna have plenty of those and defense is gonna feast on the. Yeah Ed and you have to remember being told to block the quarterback when practice all the they ought they repeat that we watts. And then they're all different you were if they're they're all all about the accident the football that. But. Eight they don't seem to be cited that at the grip I don't eager and the big that. They're the read that that that they don't think that the barely ready to go. Bigger worry about the battery that locker room I don't OP pack them but they're certainly not. Chomping at the bit get that guy at their because if they work. He'd be out there already they truly believe that eat it the and the way and I think that's out there people are. Tell him a ticket thirteen wham he's our guest here in the sports bar. Postmortem. Buffalo Bills what are we saw yesterday. Gosh is there any any reason for hope I guess the whole will be told me that you're adding a Los Angeles and there's sunshine interim a's and a good move when you go on vacation in and then it'll be a very. Duels friendly atmosphere I would expect there on the West Coast is nobody cares about charter football. Yet not at all that ram though right that LEE. Art right now though like a there are no great quarterback and it gave quite like Philip Rivers. Amber. That one way. At why at that Phillip rivers not yet. We are out there are but dot. But for other law by opal. It does that mean that they're at and amp will. That variably. Like we're in that about the couple weeks ago but the bill don't have built real river port though. Any bad apple battery like bat. You're going to be edit Oprah billed at the art. By the way that they don't whether it they're bad that they're O we are possible. They meet the Bogle. You are not at the chart here that dot debris at B well that's the kind that you don't appeal what are the big Greek debt. And hope that you're you're at. The markers are about your. Or just looking at the rest of the schedule into and we mentioned earlier you know you you leave Los Angeles then you go to Kansas City. You've got a patriots. And the colts. I'm I'm wondering if you get through the patriots let's just assume win in Los Angeles lose. Chiefs lose patriots your six and six. Going into route thirteen. Giving the bills are and in the same kind of position that they're in right now where they kind of control their own destiny there'll playoff destiny are they more. One of those in the hunt teams as they always seem to be this time every year. The air is the real leader is at it why don't we want to get at the app the will. Law and order a repeat the other big brewery. And bake at op anybody out at the builder quarterback though BA real late. I that would be. The tiebreaker I don't think that it control your own that any. Errors or. But I think he went three out of four and they'll find their way and they're. All wrote it at an app for. All political at all but do I think by that point at our league acted it could be so. You you'd have to find. A way. That really hope what ever obvious glee and probably your there. But it had yes. Should we look at a bigger picture here because I know told Reid that bills fans we figure playoffs that would be really nice but at the end of the day. What does it matter I mean what we saw the last two weeks if you put that team out there against a good team. Oh came in the playoffs and you got your doors blown off I mean. You shoot we'd just not be looking at I know bill's fans don't wanna hear this but. Looking bigger picture seeing all younger players are developing and you know leads me to you wonder all right we'll then get some younger players even though we're at 54 I don't see this team. Being. Up three seed like Kansas City or Pittsburgh or wherever it may be on the road in the opening round of the class. If that manages to get in the playoffs then. They will have made a bride lap double that. Yet at LP we weekly will probably largely forgot about that at that point but I do what they what we watch what. Easily but that particular group. Are you want the guys anyway they forget about it though on you know I think you all that better and that locker room and really go. At a he'd be back around oh I like there. Not at Roland it and they thought on what. And old to be what you eat might be. You want it but not correct it back I. Create that content in the bill but I mean what they have. From a ban them point I would expect a lot of people like that forget about it go. He looked here and try to get Ebert and all you lottery aren't like you. And though there are. But now. I don't blame. And it's crazy to think that given what we saw yesterday you know we saw two weeks ago. If the season ended right now this team would be. In the playoffs were talking with thirteen wham. And after he wins Toby Batik in the sportswear with danger particularly our buddy micro and acts another tweet earlier today by Toby don't wanna get your impression of the he he had eleven players. Just eleven that he would consider to be locks. To return to the bills. Next season. And rather than give you the eleven all I'll mention some of the notable. Exemptions from the list you don't have a LeSean McCoy you don't have a Tyrod Taylor. You averaging cog need though you don't have Shaq Lawson. You don't have Braun you don't have lumber you don't hat the only people he released has. Staying on this roster is a lock for next year and basically people that they brought in. People that that they drafted and I think that right there kind of speaks to a bigger point is what gene is talking about like. This is still about a valuation. Moving forward really determining which one of these guys how many of these guys are gonna be a part of this team for the future or do they just not fit anymore. Yeah the thing we wrote I think. It. Upper. I think it as well. Well cared to. Back. It all. But. That. He can. And it. All are. Here or. The Bible Belt. That app. Like yours but a lot Ballmer. It. Don't know. Here though. At that point I am all about that were dart at it like to build there yet. It's gonna put a little bit awkward at a record here. I mean I guess and to your point too about this being a week to week league. Tonight Monday Night Football and I'm not pulled jazzed up to see Miami Carolina but. The dolphins we even this one Mike did he'd leapfrogged the bills. And the Dalton's our team that lost what was it forty nothing something ridiculous that the ruling and what 41 nothing okay that's all you can tell me the Miami Dolphins are playoff worthy either. Act. Be a big. They're. I. Like it right. And it. Up there and Ole. Reid may or bury it. That irk wonder. Our. Goal or bank. You. Oh. That that. They're. That while. The oh yeah boat at. Our. It. Witty saying that the Steelers played down of their competition does that among I have are. I I know. It didn't ever ever bought that app. Ed and we kind of should have no way you like I really believe what the most evenly matched matched games for the bills this year will be those games gets the dolphins when you consider what the seats did of dolphins in London I mean it was. It was a shellacking on par with what they did at the bills yesterday. Or. At all. When he announced an amber yeah or. Or. Are. That upper body and now being at the top. Of her. It's that big on. I hear it. All of it. All out. Or. That well. Or. The highway work I right grow grow grow. Undemocratic. Don't back out there. Right out. Now all I don't know that. They're. Losing by thirty up. Tell me the big question. We're all wondering. Tonight on thirteen wham will you show all the streaker. We ought not be telling the reader that night on their web I gotta get up to a being McCoy yeah there you are brought Apollo has the best. Photograph of the reeker that you Utley pat what it would edited for me because you'd been none of that up you're not allowed me. And not immediately be edited it that it all glory the running across the field that don't check out. Now now what are is that is that the one alert will lots the kicker is looking at him with disgust I think it like you'll look what I'm like yeah. I won't work at it that you. The. Which low hanging fruit line do we appreciate the most that the streaker had a more balls in the end zone in the bills or any had more rushing yards in the bill that would which one do you appreciate the most OB. I gave. The building and make it idea. At the I love it to be great with your time is always really appreciate yet make it to stop in the sports bar with danger to tags lead to the rest uniter but. Next Doby. Always great and he's right the AFC's so bad. Mean it's hard match in the bottle bill making the playoffs after what we saw yesterday against watt. And look at the standings right now my anyone who's just tonight Dick Carolina the bills are still lose six lead after all. After all these terrible. All right let's play filtering that natural world we'll take a little more on the streaker. Here a little bit all you have thoughts on China now and that more we get to Alter that or we give you some good feelings thoughts were on the world of sports you can agree you can disagree you can always. Pull the store joins a 454. ESPN. Sports or danger the tightly returns next on ESPN right. You decide to run. Hopes dreams and in the sports. Cheat. Hated to see the streaker. Who is the most that's a question of the bills fan after the game. You know it was a bad debt. It was done. It was the comedian Al drink to that. You know the analogy is last year when the season goes south the bills last year. It was that lost to the patriots went out to override. Yeah and what happened that game yet you had the toy that was thrown on the field. To me that was symbolic danger that was so symbolic yesterday week in debt streaker on the field yesterday. We mediated zone comic relief yesterday thank you streaker. Connect though it's another learning through the line. Larger bit. It's interesting that local media is giving the streaker at the bills game so much. Exposure. Soft drink to that. I saw the most pathetic scene now the stranger danger for western York sports fan and and keep you home right to the end up luncheon. Here remains who are leery garbage time touchdown. That should call for you on muted celebration right to walk over the silent. Know let's let's show also. Part guys come and appeal to my old guy doesn't matter. Pat down there and give those met Chris is a bill making it. Here's here's the problems we have we have problems were celebrating who we should be celebrating while winning teams like the Philadelphia Eagles. Rough fireworks after touched a chord so many points. Is that truly it's a it's an embarrassment of riches in Philadelphia meanwhile we're complain that worst over celebrating for a touchdown that's meaningless at the end of the game alone solve. Drink to that gene. Would have thought the one year two million dollar deal peace Cano. Would be leaving his team toward a playoff run of playing well enough to stave off the return of Teddy Bridgewater. Now listen if the Steelers fan. Knowing the kind of relationship that this guy develops with his wide receivers in the time that that relationship cities develop with with digs with peeling the Minnesota. And that's a guiding you wanna black and yellow was a bridge quarterback should Ben Roethlisberger actually hanging up this offseason why would Minnesota get rid it you know when they do everything to keep them around I would think at this point maybe mentally he did shopper water but. See key number in the relationship that he has with those receivers. I see that having the land it in digs. Do you deal division three lawyer. From Minnesota yes and he's turned it into videos like there's a little bit of both had to out there and look given tape where where the when it's Macon. You know I Q of a better quarterback we. Kim is certainly making it better wide receiver. That's kind of think that the relationship you want between your quarterback and receiver when you have the kind of receiver talent that a team like the Steelers out. Men that would be that would be my first choice for average quarterback should Roethlisberger actually hanging up at the end of the seats. I'll drink to that hey one hockey take your danger share. General hockey hall of fame induction ceremony for tonight and in its report for you listen if we didn't know the. Great job hockey. Baseball and football take on weekends. For a celebration you don't want. The big tourist attraction could hit it like it you'll want to all the ceremonies in the speech is in the reminiscing it's great for this war was content now. That's reported on a Monday night during the busiest time of year that way no one that outside of our little click will notice hockey's top. Does that make out the bad fan that I don't even know who's going in I couldn't even tell you stay Evander trucks going into an checks going down resonance player and then and only that but a lot of fanfare and all I notice some via big big big hill south. To that. Hungary. Closing argument she didn't. Good teams who troubled colder three teams that travel east to west and dig U better put this in yesterday's New Orleans performance. Joey at the bottom line is good teams coming games regardless of champ regardless of time zone and to bill's wanna be considered good it. A trip west LA should result in a way that no excuse. Yeah I mean that stood through that's the thing with the Buffalo Bills eight in the drought air force times the Buffalo Bills have come on the first half with winning records. You let their records are combined second half after going five and three. Handing twenty to ten and appointees are just bad teams and bad teams lose anywhere the bills wanna be a good team this is one week I get this Sunday so I'll drink to that how many ways scheme you put the name of giants take coach Bob MacKey Q&A headline impact from Britain Matt Katula. Mecca don't play. Bob Beckett you ex giants kicker ray Handley look comp. That's a team that's just given up on the coach and that's what it looks like area that's what it would hire him. At this point you would think you can get media headstart on next year. But you're not hiring. You can't fire is who's who we bring it. EU you need to let everything shake out that's what's unfortunate here you need to see like. All right who's going to be out there what did you know you got to do a debt there's a fan base that knows better they're smarter they know what's up. So just do this too but he's your fan base I would think no giant I. Do they'll let let let's let's talk let her motorcycle walked walked me through. If you blow up the middle of the season yeah hey we are the guys think that everybody quit playing on let's. Let's put in Steve Spagnuolo is the interim head coach for the rest of the year and see how they respond. And let's say they win two more games to rest this season. You're not making Steve Spagnuolo the head coach long term. So you've just basically kick the can down the road to another few months until you wait for everything and and all the playoff teams eliminated no maybe there's a hot college commodity that's out their prospect out there that we can gat. I don't know what firing your head coach in the middle season in the NFL really accomplishes. And then others wait playing to the Fed may claim to the fan writes while it you have that money so what difference does it make you already have their money. What differences me. In the case of the New York Giants. Have our air disasters question I'll listen to a yes or no. Have the players quit on their coach could telling it what it comes down to aim to me from where I sit I think the answer is yes on that. So the answer is yes they need to get somebody in there will explain listen these easy award job. You don't perform or get somebody else that will perform it's about a valuation for any team that's out of it and the bills are. I mean the danger zone you're in if you will luck next couple weeks if they fall Lott added them will be in full on a valuation mode Rick in Rockport has been waiting patiently were running longer richt wanted to make a point about a play from yesterday's game rectal sillier in the sports bar with danger tag glee what's up but. They territory opera in that regard pro stock hit. It out but luckily it did. Dot. Alonso Alonso and Flacco. Yeah yeah wrote out there today. Not out OB. It got earnings were all active. Player. Okay. Why I'm pretty rare. And go. Out oh and I I don't know I think we're quite there are a pewter Humber or our moral arbiter. All updated pre public and he got a letter rated. Not only way you're at at over at all albeit. A bite out. Wrong. Order back. Want big Rotblat privilege there are right back. I figured it may extract it in the back one page. I bought like a art or art or hurt and here. It wiped out like that it brought. Out. Eight art are great block on it and walked into. Yeah I mean I think at some point you're gonna have to see somebody put together compelling case to have that rule kind of modified animal to it if excuse me I don't know the rules going away but that that the you know there is probably enough evidence out there now to support like hey look. Either of quarterbacks NEA killed or one of these guys trying to tackle the quarterback hasn't been there's been plenty of times if you watch a football where you see. Quarterbacks gain lecture fired ten yards like they have an invention that they look like they're slowing down. So the defender slows down annexing it the quarterbacks with him by him for another five Virginia aren't seeing it happens all the time. Hi hey you know the flip side of that though is like to mean. It's real when the Green Bay Packers play the Pittsburgh Steelers here a couple Sunday night I wanna see your runners oh wait I can't because you know why. Because a defender lay him out. I think these rules are in place for a reason. If a defender gets hurt somewhere along the lines albeit a physical sport you pay you watch quarterbacks play that's what I wanna see a wanna see Aaron Rodgers. I don't wanna see Brett Conley on Sunday Night Football on Sar. I do the point that race may you know that that the old one of these times the defenders can be you want it actually gets injured off the quarterback. The defenders gonna get blocked out of oblivion. Michael writing in died Jeanne you just called and Mack adieu Boxee gave him another new. Yeah but only around these days. Thought right now we checked the can't next you know a little good. All right. Our injury expert doctor rust. Rossum the last is gonna join us here a few minutes willow run through all of the injuries. From week ten in the NFL will serve that is top in ovals were to bite sized form the NFL appetizer before 5 o'clock as well. Run a little bit love 4 o'clock is upon us here in the sport sport danger and tag Leah stay with us in 95957. FM ESPN Rochester. Virtual career fair is happening right now. And virtual career fair dot com. Guess discovering your next professional opportunity all from the comfort of your. You visit the virtual career better. Boos from local employers and openings that need to be filled immediately log on right now to applied for a position and virtual career bear dot com. And 950 and 957. These sports leader ESPN Rochester.