The Sports Bar-Hour 1 1/10/18-John Barchard

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, January 10th

The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begin hour one discussing the disappointing Sabres season to this point and whether or not the Bills should move on from OC Rick Dennison. Next, John Barchard of Bleeding Green Nation and WIP in Philadelphia joins us to preview this weekend's matchup between the Falcons and Eagles. Finally, the guys play "I'll Drink To That" including a new offensive coordinator in Carolina that has us scratching our heads.


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The sports bar with danger and exactly we're always gonna do we feel is best for this football team this organization. And we'll continue to do that important actively pursue. The vision for this football team we can never get on track consistently and that's what we gotta be got it's is that a lot of areas. And that's part of evaluation process how. Mike dean you're the lack of the vote of confidence for either Rick Dennison are Tyrod Taylor and he is that. Leaves it all up in the air for speculation writing we don't know if either of these guys are going to be back in twenty to achieve exactly. Cool he's the best teacher where this offense outlets of the argument Baldwin is danger but hard to. Dispute the fact is offense took big steps backwards. You know I think it. First of lowering its successes. Rochester sports leader and 95 Saturday ESP. That's sort of your favourite. Good afternoon. Both a stolen join us the sports bar. He's open for business and we appreciate you checking in however you may be good be listening every night 5957. At best. ESPN Rochester dot com the free download ESPN Rochester. Also on Twitter and pat he has PF Rochester my danger here Eugene Tagliabue. There how many games erode the sabres earlier season going out scoring all three games in a row isn't India you know blame the goalie last night up. Yep it's funny how air force is coming to town francs territory the air force coach. Says hockey should be renamed goal because as what are they want to talk about is called goal goalie this goalie that goalie that actual law should be relieved quarterback and a yeah exactly goalie is the hockey football is the quarterback on Yad. Everything's wrong with the sabres even watch last night danger iPad ad I'd like torture are. You forgot. I mean I knew that they were on ESPN Rochester last that we talked about it yesterday on the air by the time I got home and I was scanned through the channels to look for some action. Well there's q.'s best podium how much of a completely. Forgot. With the sabres rolled against the jets. We can't say it was five to wonder. The 51. 5131. After one. Out sabres tied up on one and his like that Winnipeg goes right back I didn't. Yeah letter was pulled early in the first that didn't matter and nine glee. Man. I mean give full disclosure I watched up until 41 that I had to go pick up my board lake shore so I mean it was I didn't miss anything and you miss anything if you. You miss the rest of that game seven for the sabres lose and they. Their home tomorrow night we're talk about the bills but. There was one sabres story. It's. Now unlike bills practices sabres practices are open to the media and here's what happened today as I can kind of follow along here Zach Bogosian Evander Kane. I'd you know go to one of those hard into the wall with came to go Sheen can't put any weight on the fought now. Poll while that's not good so it sounds like Bogosian suffered some sort of knee injury. And we get more anger any information on that will pass them along on practice in practice cut. But then following a Manning and this is practiced today out at the keybank arena. I'd Justin fault fellow defense man in view of reporters. Called them banned her teen selfish and shoved him. And yes that wasn't going canes you know skating away from from fault so tempers. Running high and maybe that that's where the season is right now only some guys on this team. Don't care like. Funny elevator came to the middle of this danger and funny how. Ironic I guess seeing that the last time organization you know came through last night Winnipeg. They couldn't wait to get rid of the Evander Kane that's only ended up buffalo and now here's commander Cain having some issues with some teammates during practice today. It's a matter of time to worry Jeanne it's a matter of time how many how many team scouts were at the game point 118 Scott's game yesterday at point but. Matter of time that doesn't help your trade value it's now we're gonna kick all this back up again I thought we put a nice court to eighteen on the all of Vander king court. He character questions every now. Listen you know there's going to be a team that needs goal scorer and they'll be in playoff contention in the make a run for king and you might not get. You might not get what you feel is fair market you'll get what you get that and then you can move on in this this season it's season. The matters Derek except for fifteen that's that's. I don't care Garrett of everybody except for fifteen look towards arise and see what's happening in Rochester this was all about development from day one. Jason doctoral use the word. Ad nauseam during his introductory press conference and that's what we're seeing but what we're seeing on the ice with the sabres this year. It doesn't matter it's over it's done. OK so let's now yes let's go yes I mean but I'd give Taiwanese scouts in the stands. They know there's there's blood in the water let's get going let's let's make some moves. Let's build for the future you've got some nice pieces you've got some development happening Rochester we like what we saw the middle stead at the world juniors. You're gonna have another high draft pick again this off season. Let's go what are we working towards. I don't think you're getting a first round of standard. Or guide it's headed to free agency like the saying that there would be some but may be. Maybe there's some team that feels like he's the missing piece and you could put him on the power play. I don't know the say everything is just wrong with the sabres sabres have gone through a stretcher dean Jordan nine of fifteen. Shorthanded. Opportunity is up wells. I get pretty bad there. Pretty bad dating back at the static at 9159. A fifteen opportunities where they've had the power play they've given up shorthanded goals don't know I'm sorry. Not but let me read speed does it say that would be nine of fifteen short handed tonight a fifteen. Last fifteen times they've got a penalty nine times attend a school war. Solar is a penalty kill is terrible stuff you know Oka why. Bernard all around the bird and all down how faith in what you said from day one GM. Jason doctoral. Development if that's what matters we've got something good happened Rochester let's not mess of that too much let's not tweak it too much that's. Keep growing these guys keep building the confidence and keep acquiring some some draft equity and aunts and young talent. And in this thing the way the schedule is like totally forgotten. All of the five weeks coming up day by we get when you'll vacation in appear in the NH yeah Howell. Well I mean the CPA they admit this was it called so after Thursday night's game. Barrel everybody has the Florida and goes golfing or whatever they do danger there call on pearl week. Okay and that's not gonna help this team it'll help the Hamburg because. Is it players that you could send out will be sent down in other words this weekend I would fully expect glee to come back. Maybe even Rodriguez but. We did get some help for the hammocks this week I would certainly. Take advantage of that devour the Buffalo Sabres who you can send back the Rochester. Or send him back here for this week at least. Let's see what else we got to cover today how let let's let's start in his Buffalo Bill stuff not nothing really new report but we'll law. We'll have self taught you go on with us here bills a sideline reporter bills radio Sadler reporter at 4 o'clock hour well. I can report something to okay it and that's the X. And we're gonna explore this because right now it's there's one question everybody is asking her at Tyrod question is not going to be answered in tomorrow between all that. Other Dennison question I would expect within 48 hours because you see other teams like Seattle. You know all other teams like the Chicago bear staffs are being filled if you want to make it changing guided tour right now. So Rick Dennis in this can't drag into next week Mike danger because you're in competition if it's if if you wanna make that moles. I asked Mike rolled back Will join us tomorrow okay here in the sports bar. What are the chances. And I ask you this thing about this. Cory in my groin that what are the chances what percentage would you pull the Buffalo Bills make a change in offensive coordinator. I'm gonna deal in extreme Summers say that roared accept that there is he 0% chance that they get move on from a deficit. That would not be correct OK so put a number on a danger. If fifty. Yeah well. Close and I had to go look this up because embarrassingly I have had this problem since I was in the third greater degree than less than well you know symbol. Yes it could come and forgets real what greater than let's say listen big fish eating this small personally got about algebra calculus and all that's that nonsense but I forget of Monte verde the response from Rhode act greater than 50%. One there will be a change in offensive coordinator. Ang broad act is kind of Reading between the lines like we did because you could've certainly silenced. Speculation. John McDermott cord out about the coaching staff heat. In by not answering the questions is going into the evaluation mode okay self. Again there hasn't been any news out of one bills drive today. And I am I wouldn't expect the bills put out releases says hey were real everybody's back what I would expect is if that's the case. You know and then the bills quietly leak this to a tool rolled back Kirk a pot Jewish somebody will have the story. Because the other way we'll have breaking news so I expect this to be in full plaque. Folks what you think Dennison yea or an day. Mean you couldn't make the continuity argument you could make the argument that is bills didn't know full complement on offense this year that's certainly is true. I you need you need a better wide receiver you need number two running back you need things to compliment Rick Dennison and he's one year really enough but then on the other hand. You took the number one rushing offense and went reverse. So Rick Dennis saying yea or nay I I'd be curious get your thoughts on this a 454 ESPN. IA. I've been pretty vocal about for the sake of continuity. Keeping the offensive coordinator Vic good teams that that make the playoffs. In consecutive seasons usually. Have that kind of continuity and think about the teams that are letting go of their offensive corners like Carolina. Seven years with Mike Shula. Gerald Pavel seven years with the Seattle Seahawks right like there is something to having continuity and then I think. You know he's one really got much better than the other. All the good offensive coordinators are life. Their head coach is right so. You know is one is Terrell Pavel better than Rick Dennison better than Mike Shula. Better than Norv Turner. I can't believe he can Norv Turner now was hired as Mike Shula replacement Carolina North Pole. He's I mean what's that move. Nor. Noor of the time nor had success Witten wasn't. Certainly wasn't Minnesota got fired there this. It's. So here's. All you norv is being you know all those years in San Diego. Years in Washington. Raiders raiders cleanly and I'll just share. She's hire another journeyman coordinator. If you get to Dennis and Dennis is that he is a journeyman coordinator at this point what difference does it make. There and it's either college and and here's another thing about. And the rebels firing at that was interest. Because we say this a lot we talk a lot about. Coordinators coming in to. And it molding their system to the strengths of the players in the personnel the day out. More and more I'm starting to believe that that doesn't happen ever that it is all about the system annual run this system if you don't on this system. We will not be successful in this system. And he could be mad at that Dennis and say you know Dennis a could've done a better job working. It is tyrant I would argue that Dennis did a great job this year working to Tyrod Taylor strikes lots of roll outs. A handful of pre you know of bombed. Option or read option play I mean like I did this in you know he certainly wasn't great all season long and I know bill's fans have a a mountain of complaints on Rick Dennison but I don't know if anybody coming and doing that much better than what Rick Anderson did and I'll point to battle in Seattle. As an example of the aussies on watch what Russell Russell Wilson was doing it myself. You don't care about all that's that's a coordinator that knows how to take his system and adapt and mold it. To. To what his players' strengths are. Well what is. Russell Wilson is just improvising the entire off that's what Russell Wilson is just out there maybe a reason why that often struggle wasn't because of Darrel bevel that was because. Russell Wilson just couldn't execute what Darrel bevel was asking him to execute and would rather improvise because. That's what he does. I honestly I think the offensive coordinator position. Yeah and all politics he she can that's that's really what it comes down to what Greg Roman gets fired he really got fired after two games in buffalo that one year. Well known it was because you're. Meet future hall of fame running back had a connection with another guy on the team Anthony Lane. Am when Romania didn't have the connection with Joaquin and didn't have a connection with bush on the didn't have a connection with Tyrod in the owners are asking questions nobody. Teen era that does says. Only owns all of our relationships and and you have to have a relation to that coach is well obviously Roman. It really have that relationship with rats but Anthony Lane did brightly they coached together it with the jets and Baltimore CytRx. Yes so it is it's it's not always what you know it's who you are now. And we're pretty confident that were Kennison wasn't the first choice push comic. We know we know he wants yeah I was McCoy and then it was musgrave and that was a pass and that was a pass the McCoy is out there and I don't know if you wanna. If he was too is number one last year inning jam I don't know if you. Pick up the phone now I would imagine you will at least consider that as an option if you want a bat like. Yeah what is the relationship between Sean McDermott and Rick Dennison. Right exactly you're bold confidence Rick Dennison yet yeah today I was. Also this if if you're trusting that guy with your offense. And he's in charge of being able to evaluate the skill set of all the players on that side of the ball. It and call the plays and come up with a game and all of that right here your defense of minded head coach see you better trust. Your OC. You'd better have a good relationship with him you better be able be you don't hear the keys of the Cadillac don't scratch and and it. In the middle of the season your offensive coordinator says you know what we're struggling on offense the only answer I have for you is to bench our quarterback and start the rookie. And you put faith in Rick Dennison that now. That move. Make Sean McDermott on the national scale look like a buffoon. That move. What ultimately shot McDermott's decision. But he didn't come to the conclusion that that was the best thing to do by himself right. Somebody had to be an easier who's gonna excuse this system better Tyrod Peerman Vick probably believed. That moment that Peter would excuse the system better that he's better quipped that he get a better handle on the system. And again I I don't think this is about Dennis and molding. This system to Tyrod straits I think he did enough of that I think it's a matter of tyra does not. Having a handle on the system. Well and again I don't wanna take this off and a tangent but it. To me that is you know if I could learn any thing as you know have the truth serum I would want a noble fool. Story in forgive me for being skeptical and not taking things if these valley was Sean impairments decision. Really we know for a fact that Terri glow Haile holds weekly calls as he should he's the owner and give his import. We know Terry Google watch is film camp with the head coach every week you mean to tell me terror Google it didn't happen. A little bit as say aren't just always wonder if. Really had sex layer of skepticism right there Jean and I made it look I his thoughts kept his. I'm skeptical as to whether or not McDermott made that decision on his own like I believe that Dennison had something to do with him making that decision you're taking it to all the other. Level while I had that the owner of the team is is on the phone well all case all that decision aging goal. Or number water was bad like. Most coaches would have pulled the kid after here's option number three. Yeah whom we waited till four. And we waited till five in eight just wondering if there was like Ari you're playing OK we're gonna plan. And we're playing him and he's not ready in there mentally and yet if you're Sean McDermott. You don't need any in the defense of minded head coach you need to trust your OC add. A move like that. Breaks trust. You know you made me to head coach this team look like a clown. For a week in the national media because I made this move based on. A suggestion yeah I'll get on speculation. That came from that direction you know then then there might be a you know you don't. And all your if you recover from that right away and maybe Sean McDermott has a bigger man than me but that would that would be. In the back of my mind like really got to trust you when you're the one that thought that need Pearman was ready to start an NFL game against that defense. In your system you thought we had a chance to win that was our best chance to win you thought that the offensive coordinator. Hmm. I don't know maybe we can do better so. Appointed that is the the exhibit a decent idea as to why shot actor might will make a move away. From Rick Dennison but I will also say. That for the sake of continuity. An and that might be a bigger big enough factor just that alone might have been a factor to keep him on the stuff. They are Dennison forty or about taking your gig I mean you know he met Anthony Lynn breathing down Romans knack. You knew that Roman if Robin flamed out you could promote Anthony Lane and you just run the ball way you were inaudible effectively the way they did in 2016. Who stormed out of buffalo this season next season. I don't see anybody on that staff that's ready to get their first gig should things go sideways with reckon this is so. You either commit to Rick Dennison now or you move on former tennis and not now is the time it can't be Y 83 weeks four weeks into the season and in 28 team. And likely danger like you see daddy would be another re cycle product coming thorough it's not like we're gonna get the next hotshot collegiate offense of course it's not how it works in this league to be a name that. You know we need everybody at least in the earlier way if in politics and all that but I think the question to me I've boil it down the one thing if I could just simplified. Quarterback. Is the future quarterback on the Buffalo Bills are on the roster right now no hole no he's not. So do you trust. Rick Dan is in two mold. That future quarterback on this roster judging how ill prepared at. Dennis seeing gotten eight Peter may and ready for this judging how this offense performed this year the answer is now. And that's why when Mike wrote act says there's a greater than 50% chance the bulls pulled the trigger on Dennis saying I'm saying you know why. After thought and consideration I know the argument can be made for continuity but I would make the argument the bills to be in a better place starting over on offense. Because you know what next year and new quarterback you are starting all over. Was Shawn McCoy their offensive line they'll you know the pick up whatever running scheme you wanna pick him. But to me what that quarterback is next year at the French star wherever that would be. Tyrod somehow comes back all the he'll have to adapt as he battles for a backup job on this team. Well little beach is engaging you believe this can happen sooner rather later that they're gonna move fast as that we think right I mean right I mean homey day. This move would happen over the weekend all it can't because the NFL has this unwritten rule maybe it is a written rule that they don't like news. On a playoff weekend detracting from the games OK so if there's gonna be a movie year. And it's got to be within the next 48 hours it's gotta be by Friday night. Maybe we learned tonight. Dom tweeting in at ESPN Rochester I think it's got to be Darrel bevel. As he was able to help coach up a rookie Russell Wilson in to a franchise QB with the bills almost guaranteed to move up for a potential franchise quarterback come April I think it's easily the best move. Up maybe. Maybe. You know why do you fired this year. Our run game that offensive line I mean the worst job on it kind of felt branches has to be offensive coordinator. Profits of one in Seattle as parable. You made a move in the middle of the season trying to fortify it didn't help you have no run game. Billiton. Zero. And you've had a run game in the past past is at the office of court he's showing you in the past what he's capable of doing. Have you tied up too much money your franchise quarterback now that you can't afford a quality offensive line. I looked bad hole. Always communal for that long coma Super Bowl right well yeah which might audit committee is call Pete Carroll maintains he was on that made that call. The that was a Pete Carroll call now the that's what you gonna going for I. I don't know and I I'm. Maybe I'm jaded but I I hear all of these names. All of these coordinators that are available and and what direction those guys I I don't even know that it matters honestly do replacing one with another well and you next year if the bill struggle on offense which guess what the bills are gonna struggle on offense next year eight and an offensive coordinators not gonna come in. And all of a sudden revelation is gonna have where the bill's gonna become one of the top five scoring offenses in the leak. Yeah quarterback. What difference does it make if you don't have a talent. It comes down to looters Sean McDermott trusts yes so all here's the question we don't know the answer to. Why was the relationship. Between Shula. And McDermott they had some good times danger. You think back to the happiness times in your life you think of times you had success whether it was your family. Or your career. Ends I think Sean McDermott to this point out one of the highlights of his career was being the defensive coordinator in the suitable now. And they came pretty close eye issue. Is going to Seattle to be honest with you think the timing of all of this. You could've fired Darrell double a week ago you'd make the playoffs in Seattle. You fired him today with last night last night is officially connect a guy. A day after Mike Shula becomes available as an offensive coordinator. Jim. Mike Shula who worked with Cam Newton. Mike Shula who worked with a quarterback quits similar skill set to the quarterback you currently haven't Seattle him. And let's see how that all works out. Let's let's put the bills. To the side for a second because there is playoff football this weekend that we haven't really been spending a lot of time talking about but. Intriguing matchups nonetheless one of them being. The Eagles and the falcons. Won't get our friend from Philadelphia from. Biggio and bleeding green nation radio and WI PR sister station in Philadelphia John Archer whose great he's been almost as a couple times a season. Get some Eagles perspective out of him. Yeah I mean. There are no underdog they're the number one seed and underdog. Yes. Are our guy is not there Carson went but. My goodness you don't ever see. A six seed favor over a one seed in the NFL playoffs but. Here we are on soul are the Eagles and attractive. Bat mean if you were look into you. You know have some fun this week election in years you get earlier wanna stick around certainly eagle fans thought stick around because. There's some great football this weekend this is my favorite weekend danger while car we can is great. But usually the divisional round hall at bring you some good playoff action really Atlanta's one game on I'm certainly very interest in the warm up. We're to do that next to jump archer WIP in Philadelphia our guest in the sports bar danger and the tightly continuing next with more on these sports leader ESPN Rochester. I've been Superman sports chunky. Lights player and an expert. AM 9957. Have been made streaming on my net ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester rap plus sports leaders ESPN Rochester room. Endangerment tightly here in the sports bar ESPN Rochester Jeanne idol like Philadelphia. The friends and I have to Philadelphia are some of the cool list. Guys I know that they're they're genuine. They're really well there they're funny either self deprecating. Just good at. Good people that I consider jump orchard one of these by the way Philadelphia also. You know that the franchise in the NFL that houses assert all. 35. Second year quarterback out of North Dakota State which. It was values and what's not. LP until. Until the terraces ACL and then you're the ones you don't in the playoffs as an underdog as an underdog jump archer. Of bleeding green nation radio in WIP joining us in the sports Borg John hi event. They had me that was doing good so you brought up that again at large solid city. I'm doing good note but I appreciate. John you just to start off your little off topic and I would act you over the seven minutes that I have friends in Philly knowledgeable sports fans. I mean what why it is a national perspective I'll feel Leo call rough sports town I mean you guys are knowledgeable I would take for example Boston. Boston saw it there insufferable. Insufferable. Did you mean to you get you the reaction of that article from you know the old Brady and crap didn't. And sick relationship that goes as it turned to a huge huge idol balk and then just kind of freaked out we're not really like that don't don't get. Out of that that a little bit but certainly it just now that really Eric wants one championship and especially one with the Eagles being that. You guys are saying that the ghetto I'd. I don't understand that either I think that the that mentality that I think was a widget or somewhere in the 70s80s greed. In the nineties when you're but you know that you are ones that haven't no but they. Hard not to be like okay we're not that I think gets its change. Over over I mean don't don't get it wrong where's the rough and tumble we do a lot has been debate where. In order certainly not doing crazy things like jump and often break and able to like the month. And when you talk about it we wouldn't see him and I. Nothing like the sort we handle ourselves a class dignity when we attend or NFL functions to archer WIP Philadelphia joining us here in the sports bar with danger. And the tag Leah really hard to judge given how the season ended. What to make of this Philadelphia Eagles team at home against the falcons were surging right now John roll and what we learn. About this Eagles team since person wins and that he CO injury. I think you're gonna learn a lot I think you're gonna learn exactly what coach Doug Peterson as the night I think that there's there's not a on about pressure. Two job right now that you lose Jason Peters at one but he used Jordan it to another you lose Ronald Darby a part of the C and that another thing you got to contribute to or not you're losing. And NDP candidate ever says the equipment like I mean are you really look at you know the underdog mentality has been happening as we record. Convert to an app electric point favorite on fox. And you know people look at that in this respect I'm a great. Like a book makers have been banned along the rest of the week Garcia went it is LP and you're playing this game they're minus six or minus seven or inspect probably a Super Bowl. It'll speakers that they're probably the number one guy's sitting in this weekend as well but be that when the Ruble now. We don't know what old is we don't know Mick all it isn't and not to rub salt in the wound but we certainly public portal and play out in. Spite still running 88 yards that early or 87 I don't expect that. To be despite being able to complete the falcons are like you a bit I don't think there's surgery just think they are who they are you look back at what they've been there was. Give it to respect their defense but that the brutal I think has been true on one of the owners police department. You don't deal. Rest and a second barrier really to do. Jones in the middle there if they're quick and they are buried deceptive how good they are certainly show that Barry. Distract the Suzuki and run on the jury indicted already. All but if we stick spur 130 yard that was primarily between those let. Did good feeling that you're Eagles and adding into the industry is that expect or you don't know which person the balls are gonna get I didn't see that only 72. Version of Nicole's been only limited to people you trying to shove that in the industry ironically he manages the game. And injured Gary. They control becomes more point guard them like their chances a lot more I don't blame the bookmakers are making what is the public money at that you like 70%. On Atlanta I would I would assume that changes little bit when it Saturday but. Yeah I mean you're gonna find a lot about how would dispute and does a good bit computers and urgency without. A premier quarterback the mile per hour. John it from W beat died he jumped archer. He was throwing for seven touchdowns against the raiders. And like you said 47 into and then more watching on Christmas night in your realized wow what it would in my watching here with this quarterback so was that more product of the other system which Chip Kelly and I guess what we're seeing right now for falls on me are they going to give them full access to the Eagles playbook are they. Gonna simplify things for him just to make sure he's not porn the team in a bad spot here against the falcons. I would assume that they're gonna mean like that civil buy it a little bit Doug has been pretty evident in the open. Pretty much the same thing you don't really have to change the playbook with the old is he got to find the strength that some time but incredibly hard to find. Did Peterson earlier that we could even mention going back to that to open in it to see what works and what to. Wouldn't actually be surprised but ran in a little bit tugboat Arctic. Purple heart you know that are. You know pretty quick decision made the as far as. Yup pop as backwards or something like that just yet in in the low opening really where did you. The tower that Clooney. Missing when he jumped into that rookie burst carts and it was pretty much out of control government crimes you know spoke thirteen eight. Sit on the bench Earl certainly there were more. I don't know where the old and it debate the last. Black and pretty weak Italy's. Don't go on to different places obviously these are bullet with a rim but. Perspective what. What's gonna happen even during that he doesn't thirteen year there were times where you look. Being given all the sudden he actually woke up about Bobby's great thing and Mary is a well. Where'd this come from your open that they can find some kind of rhythm orbit and it you do written or they don't ask them to do it done. You can't win would make all it's a lot harder but they can definitely do it my at that I think it's gonna bump from right after our interview. Brandon Graham they're article is longer think that the difference between that and I think that a real at all. All sides of the ball. John marcher WIP Philadelphia bleeding green nation radio joining us here in the sports bar danger the tag lay up. On ESPN Rochester you touched on the eagles' defense and I'm just curious John. Let's say six weeks from now finish his sentence Jim Schwartz is coach being. The Philadelphia Eagles and spent court. Yeah I I think there's there's been met some papers because his name and that New York job I really don't you misery. Is a big coaching candidate. Really well. They attribute Patricia looks like they really like it started there are gonna go to it would make more people who got what they do that feel like they're doing built era campers yet what did you have the coordinator nick as a bigger and equipment. It is a drastic Barkley a little bit art world gimmick and about it yet it says it speak it if you would ask it that last week with a bit there was probably a pretty good chip including. People opposed their quarterback coach as well but there's. Don't think there was as many jobs open as we as it did. And everybody else surprised by their covers during a surprise I don't know. That it so. Lot of different transition there and Bibi maybe the cold server or open to a but I spoke into the launch up the gym shorts. Is a honeymoon over for run Darby it seems like at least from up here this is the Ron Darby we know where OK he did get a couple interceptions for you but John how to how he looked in that that giants game from up here it looked like. In a run Darby you know dropped to his old self. There as early as horse in the year being in the in the European Ormond. Any out of I thought he played OK in doubt which was. You know we're where he came back in as the as the went on the defense looked. What does it either didn't think going from Seattle to collate the giants really do need them to actually hired. What they. Re here. Get to raiders and the art or. I think everybody a little worried about or reboot when yes Sidney Jones that looks like is going to be acting has been their. In a premier repute that a bit earlier with particularly agree that you note in the report. Ronald orbit and have to be a major factor in this game. You know because they're they're gonna get there's a Gabriel Leo Jones. Desert are pretty good but to do it that are really important in order in or that play meet new building of the paternity the bills were in were open court. Need this kind of come through pretty eye on and on guard myself by you you know. Did you get it looked it up blow and be and a I really like the coming out of Florida State media that mentality it immediately adding that stability that you become. Yet he's probably be. Most important factor in the secondary support you injury or read it right or you would do so will speak at a Ronald remote or local. I was actually gonna just ask you budget. And boy what does that mean for that offense I mean I think we looked editor personal like why you trading for Jay John you have lived your blog you have. Small Lloyd you have met you have some nice pieces there but. Boy the addition of a giant. It's meant a lot of that offense. Oh definitely in my early on user goes well you know you'd be looked a little. In the you know slowly building up last couple recruit speed and certainly don't want that being seventeen and and really give them all and urge him to take the wrap up now or in the last. Week in Dallas there at what respite so the starters you like they're they're bigger kind of wink wink nod and say we're gonna give you. It and it's only been in the league in that area somewhere between there or urgent that there is that that's been the plan. All along or at least it looks like it to be I don't frustrated them and be nervous on paper earlier irregulars can give a running back the vehicle built and they're going to have. Bill would leave that he's headed monster approach with Wi gear with Portland and they're just going to change based. You're gonna be a lot that we hear one more port and a lot more. This guy obviously if they don't give him in the field all day on Saturday like they they indeed. Right now like yours there are this is this is great they gave or news. Looked at it and he's just the Super Bowl but it would be. As the portly. Gender problem. Is that. Could be the next couple years there will be thirty year when it pops up but right now. A lot agent. I think you can really successful. Lingering nation radio WIT in Philadelphia John marchers are against you in the sports are 957. ESPN's over Pena picture for Philadelphia and against sounds weird. As a number one seed to the home underdog but that's the case here on offense yes run the ball would it was a giant deck going. On the other side of the ball I mean yeah we are facing an Atlanta teen that is hitting their strides specifically. Two running backs right now that that are doing pretty well so when you will get. Atlanta's offense what's the challenger for Philadelphia what might be the Eagles weakness that that concern you heading into this game. Are you just said it means unit of Grand Prix and then going Coleman or the best at least part of it might have been committee but he well. You know agreements are ridiculous eagle all of that being along with. It is creating so much pop equally adamant it would do. So. That word you know comes back that that you know that line. In the rest of the falcon got to rebuild their front line would be pretty good news here respectable called you know. What I wanted to I don't release the data beaten to guard our. Are still little weak and there and that. Exactly what you are eager to get near that whether they've retreated. An earlier big big win they're a little bit and not necessarily need those guys that it really is that you opened the dark rage. And just. At that line keeps throwing the football at any time more. I don't like put notes they need. Did the don't want early get a little temple and hopefully maybe despite some India bite into session and forking out the more runner. To really change that around it. We're still a little more. And the biggest difference. Between that and in honestly they don't have that going to mean there's there's still little light issues. Daniel oh you played it that your coming from being in a really want. You know there's not a playmaker and it applies but that's that's where it out and starts at Cushing in week. This is Michael standards and I'd rather they not yours as well. Like it is going there that part but it certainly agree that they don't if that don't so. At least open to look at but. What are you can be it is normal. Old self in just gonna give that mine and make them feel uncomfortable possible that. Joseph marcher bleeding green nation radio WIP in Philadelphia joining us in the sports bargain with his time John. Before we let you go like you give us your prediction for for this weekend. I think somehow the Eagles aren't as many as being out here not so. All of how much different this. Consultant is without out here and I think that bit expected the red but it certainly has been. The entire year gym shorts is really good against meaning these are just beat guys until that order and that was with a weaker defense. And certainly. You know about our record was great to see what played out that. I'm gonna say the oh weird score it's going to be I wanna do night in Asia they all. John what one quick question haven't heard any reports about frank bright guy getting any interviews for head coaching job. That surprise you would on me obviously we're all partisan that the right up here you know what drooling yet what do you think the future is here for frank. I think he's he needs. Some a little more profit probably a little more responsibility on game days beyond. He's been that such a big help the course and went a little bit bigger part about it but. When it comes the real world game planning a big like that'll always thought that the board theaters still dug. All the plays and from what I've heard bill. Bring there are speed but he. Technically broke and the league red don't issues so we're not exactly sure where what street those in the in game. But we're we're trying to figure figure a lot of that about used heat that we built one of the bigger guys in the press there as well you're don't talk so I that we know. But I don't think you're gonna hear paperwork. Jump orchard bleeding green nation radio WIP in Philadelphia work and everybody. Hear and read your work. Hi you can not by militant dot com at John. Eight the board eagle news in your life there Rochester and it'll look at a BG and underscore radio early epic that. Love having young man John John let's talk Super Bowl wake Aaron. Leila you have are short navigate that are going to. Paragon job archer joining us in sports bar danger and the tech reluctantly looked a league. Best. Salt of the earth guys go to work blue collar hard nosed. Serious are Smart began. They booed Santa Claus David jail for all of that yeah I have coming Jeanne. You see Syria coming. Hate the process. Mean we make fun of it up here and all the broad turn that into a cottage in years into her daughter processors note there's no city that's more and more addicted to the process in Philadelphia got it and I need a ruling on this Carolina. Grew up in New Jersey but toward the Philadelphia Andy do we consider him a Billy guy if you grew up in suburban new jury happy it's all connect in fact John was on the train right there. Going from Jersey didn't into the city so sorry yeah yeah absolutely it's the fact is a lot of Jersey in Philly yet okay he's a yeah. So we love Carolina's Sylvia but now and then yes Philly guys we we're gonna go. We're gonna go to Aldridge to that next some provocative thoughts from around the world of sports. You can agree or disagree 454. ESPN. We play altered to that every day at this time. In the sports bar with danger potentially including today Jeanne. I'm embarrassed. I'm embarrassed him to mention this because it direct it's that it's an awful reflection on the team that I follow in the NFL. But you know. I'm about accountability. Have got to expose this fees it's maddening I don't know how any NFL franchise. Allows this to happen I'll explain what it is I'm well I might be hiding under a rock. Conferred the next few months until the next season starts. Amid tight which. Which NFL teams media. Is off its rocker not buffalo and it's not Philadelphia there's one at once it like really mean it they don't think the they're so out of touch your opponent which team time. We're gonna get to that next I'll drink to that in the sports bar. Danger and tag glee at the sports leader ES PM Rochester. Fort concert on Saturday February 3. Steve yeah. And your only way. Is to win. Tips listen weekdays at night. Enjoy five for the code word and you'd get injured this national contest when you hear it tax code word just seven to eight. They want and you'll recall. That's seven Sunni. He's 57. Yeah we're clear ESPN Rochester. Location and you're official best for the ultimate Super Bowl. Plenty to experience it. It is my realm. Poultry and in the sports. Danger I'd get a kick. Out of the following. Following the New York City media. Reading them listening to them. In New York City right now they actually believe that giants GM Dave Gelman it's choosing between guilt Bellic check in Nixie. New Yorkers are some of the smartest people on earth don't get me wrong man if you believe they'll valid jacket or Dixie I mean is coming to coach the giants. You our goal. All they haven't had anything talked about but giants since what the wire and Mac and you're right it's been pretty quiet self. Yeah well right at the jets are boring yeah yeah it's Matt Patricia Patricia is going to be coaching giants that's. That's the way it's looking that's where he's leaning towards and it needs and all but once it's an all the certainty that. When the season is over for the patriots and aperture shall become a head coach and my money is on that Patricia becoming the next coach. Of the New York Giants if that's gonna happen solved through a tip that we can make fun of horrible cap situation that. That the whales the previous bills or she left with with this regime but gee this is embarrassment for the whole new level and unfortunately comes. That he expressed in my Chicago Bears. Jeanne they're gonna and that's when he seventeen league year. We know less than five kickers pounding against their cash fly. Kickers. We Robbie Gould will Connor Barth Mike Nugent are Santos and Alberto Blige will all still being paid. Body Chicago Bears. My fingers. Where do we occurred ticker right now even now. I would guess that made the mineral. Big deal putting Chicago. Unbelievable. And until that bottom buffalo today not gotten bills stuck in sabres comes word that a vendor came in Justin Faulk got into a shoving match. Entertained out into. Occur buffalo with a teammate I I have I am shocked. Go back sixteen months. Cain was persona non Grata in buffalo after all place incidents. There was talk then that the sabres to the school issued just caught team outright. What happened today that should either reminder. After the bulls came scorers. As a locker room guy. He's got a bad track record I would not be in the money in free agency adios event. I'll drink to that I think you get some form I can hopefully trade in and this is an it incident that's gonna. Increases tree die but there will be team up to that cease production. Wants to invest in that they're making a run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs up get you can why you can't throw and doubt rest easy knowing that you do have. Some growth and development happening here at the Rochester level. You dedicated keys she middle step clinic college it's going to be good. A good pro when he's when he's ready and you're gonna have another high draft pick after a disappointing season with the sabres I'll drink to that yes I saw. Moments before we jump on the air from who Carolina higher. As their offensive coordinator to replace. Mike Shula. Norv Turner. Nor hurt. The north turner urging. We're tired and retired last year after it from the vikings it I'm trying to think the last time Norv Turner. Had a shred of success how I'm struggling I can't hit it keeps this didn't pour anything. DC. You want is any and you want to know how much he's bounced around since Dallas and by the way you. Yes I think it might end now offensive line in the hall of fame running back hall of fame quarterback in the hall fame wide receiver DB. Four after Dallas he went to Washington for six for cannibal years we kept them around that long but that was really right before Snyder took gold or ciller the transition in ownership. He goes to the chargers is the offensive coordinator. They get rid of him after one year goes to Miami for two years they dumped him but after dumping him he goes to Oakland be the head coach that didn't work out. 2006 Eagles the niners to be their offensive coordinator. Then goes back to the chargers to be the head coach for five years. He lasted in San Diego for the pie. Years they firing in the Cleveland offensive coordinator vikings offensive coordinator now. He's once again and offensive coordinator puke let's see 12345. 678. And ninety many offensive coordinator for. Just marks puke did a guy hesitated success. Says he was the offensive coordinator in Dallas before he became a head coach Washington. But he still it is my point on office where I really don't know Jeanne I feel like there interchangeable pieces. And none of them are really special it really comes out of the talent executing the system more than it does this system so I'll drink to that. Bill CD Georgia employer was having some fun on social media with fans last night he'd throw this out as a subject as suggestion. As a nickname for the starting state PCDs in buffalo. Doctor Porter mr. high. Now yeah now I would not die I would not go that irrelevant here on this gonna like it I like that yes electric logs I like it's teacher like. Let's get telephone get dealt read on the phone 26 shirts let's get on. That this is a T shirt I'd liken this Isaiah you've got a new meaning to be nickname for the second gear you're excluding tray why you're might go. I am I we do better than doctor deploy argument lawyer Oscar highs pretty good I like it. It's not the greatest but it'll work its T shirt. It's got a 126 shirts at that that dealt a probably that's what he was gonna let's go let's make that happen I'm OK with that doctor where misty -- I can live with that. There's there's worst nicknames. Worst nickname do you remember here you don't want for most recent memory that I thought it was just this is a terrible terrible nickname for a player are you ready now. The muscle hamster. On Mars dug Maarten a long and it's terrible tech and it never stuck because he hated it so much he would actually get this the people refer to him as the muscle hamster. What a terrible nickname the muscle hamster. Or we wet nicknames are what they used to who we went the raw hole. Eight Biggs is the date that date are the big day be the big business Vick era our I can recall we do something different so to me worst nickname would be. You know big fill in the blanks yet. Eat. That even the big sexy. I know you like you some big sexy Jeanne. The big sexy. That one I'll make an. Yeah aren't already got a soft spot for Bartolo average American hunt. Object to that brought you by Firestone complete auto care Firestone complete auto care they've been keeping cars new work longer since 1926. Firestone complete auto care whatever you drive. Drive a Firestone all right bill sideline reporter suck much you can join us here at 4 o'clock hour or about half an hour away from talking to him we'll get to him in a few. More next in sports part danger of tag Leah ESPN Rochester.