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Mike Rodak stops by during today's first hour of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Rodak has the latest updates and opinions on directions the Bills can go this offseason with Rick Dennison and Tyrod Taylor. Also, "I'll Drink To That" including next season's London lineup of games.


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Those sports bar where danger and exactly. And the great thing about Tyrod can never question worked up. He gives himself the best chance to succeed don't feel about what he does off. He notes here is he's got to work on that no doubt he's gonna continue to improve my danger it is a fall on the shoulders of the offensive coordinator. Does that fall on the shoulders Tyrod Taylor do you need to move at quarterback he keeps euros a deep blow it all up and start from scratch team exactly. What's your read on the future Rick Dennison. Pretty much every person that they felt he would be gone. I don't Obama social or I think it's about 5050 to me but I would not be surprised in the least if they'd make the change they offered support your position well I guess that's your that's your decision. That your cost we're not satisfied with the whole office and it wasn't just about Tyrod and we know we have to get better on offense. Rochester sports liter 9570. Yes yes. Good afternoon pulled the stool and join us the sports bar with danger to tag glee is open for business and we appreciate you. Checking us out however you may be listening this afternoon EM 915357. FM. ESPN Rochester dot com the free to download ESPN Rochester app might danger here and seemed to take or leave it there. Is tonight the first game of the 2822019. Season for the Buffalo Sabres danger. I mean if Salinas hallmarks getting the start in goal tonight. I just see this tonight being as one day audition for the youngster because it not be back here next year so we had good luck man go grab your opportunity tonight. Lead us all marketing the start between the pipes tonight for the sabres. Against Columbus a game you can hearing here on ES PM Rochester at 7 o'clock. And we will talk more hockey in the 4 o'clock power. The future. Embarks hall of Famer. Mark liberal audits being otter. Yeah we haven't had Marty on in awhile is supposed to be great to catch up with him as you might have heard the hammocks announcing there. In dot. Not at the well I guess the beginning of the last decade into the ninety's there. Marty Ryan of course now has a big role on the sabres broadcast dialogue with Brian Duff hosting media intermission reports. On amnesty so why talk about somebody who knows the Rochester market knows the amber to put certainly knows what's. Going. And up in buffalo and to have Marty on today that they announced Wii is all marketing is this so coincidental because to me. Mean is all mark he reminds me of a young Marty overrun his personality is very bubbly and bright just you know kind of in out some goalies have that sort of personality Salinas Omar getting the start tonight we'll get the thoughts of Mardy Iran coming up later today. Sports talk some hockey in the sports right by the way 42 victory for the premature shooters last night men's league Heidi how are you if you don't know Mary's regional ice let's I am momma little sore. The team was mood a little bit slow not gonna lie me a lot of us I hadn't skated since before Christmas meat since before Thanksgiving. Feeling a little bits and the 42 victory for the boys' everybody came out intact. No injuries. Couple silly penalties. By the shooters. But overall. A good night of hockey there at T bill agrees regionals a regional issue AG we play the big charity cross checked cancer game by the way it worked worked on for Marty brought Mona party brought to play an active with us if he's available. May crossing kits for Gillis club so yeah I put him on the spot and it. That's Eugene where do that to him when do that to you know we're not gonna do that we're to go through proper channels. And and try to get the the normal crew of of players that we normally I know mr. hockey will be there Jody gage will blow you know he played last year he was. We rely meets for a couple of ships for that a cross check him last night. Andrea can play so we you know war on the cross sick cancer game as we kick closers later in the spring but some. Late winter early spring howry wanna call it but good cause. For Gil this club that'll be over the but I can't go to that game cold I gotta I gotta get some legs underneath me Pomona C tried skate with the semi pros that that are gonna make you look foolish no matter what I did. Yeah zone well good I'm glad you're here today danger will talk some hockey law also talks and Buffalo Bills here coming up. As well coming up here in a few minutes we'll get the latest from Mike wrote back They're a couple. Stories that are kind of hanging out there since Tuesday so. You know if you are doing the judge small staying the SoundBite from. Both were we learn then. Tennessean okay he's not doesn't. Go. Total Tyrod you would be cool wouldn't know what you want to be rather all that. This season to gruden. When your ship is covenant. You got the playoffs bits. Forget the rest. So I'd like I like recent smells. Yeah we're waiting what's going on. GAAP what's going on and what's horrible week here because if Richie and I need oh come to find out didn't do anything wrong or can delete clear his name. Or he's gonna let this one just kind of slowly fade away we'll never get a resolution to it but on I would anticipate they don't want that story. Being brought to life here right before playoff weekend at every. I am glad that there's audio that they don't wanna stay here I imagine they're bringing up this story any time this story has brought up somebody's gonna ask where's the audio. Were the facts we wanna know what the say. And nobody wants to hear what he had to say if he indeed set it so. Each data passes that we don't hear something is an indictment on Richie argued in my opinion. And maybe there was a misunderstanding. As Brendan being sent to the end of season press conference earlier this week but. What are we waiting. I would hope the league is Smart enough that they've learned their lesson from the whole awful Ray Rice incident that. If there is audio. Don't pretend like it's never gonna get out you assume that he will get out that somebody will make a copy slip that somebody else and boom you're done. It's elementary I tell my kids all the time the cup for its worst in the crime. You wanna hide something that you don't wanna stay here but eventually comes out and now you look even worse. Then you did if you would've just been up front in the first place so. And maybe maybe this is an odd story Jeanne maybe there was nothing said. May be what was said wasn't picked up by field mikes and maybe it is just a misunderstanding by two competitive players. And and all it's gonna take is a phone call between the two of them just to clear the air but I doubt it we haven't heard more and I think there's probably more to this and we now. Down so well until that but I think we get to this point tomorrow we don't hear anything. I would be floored at the leak came out and said something. On the morning of a playoff game they like the focus as they should. On the field that's why you won't hear any coaching news over the weekend is kind of that news embargo teams or are told don't make any news don't detract. From the gains that are going on this weekend so. It likewise if we get to this point tomorrow and we don't hear anything about Rick Dennison will I think it it goes in the next week they're a danger but. Here's up. Flew planes that. Could they be talking to candidates right. Now with how having let goal Rick. Dennis and ask this because the raiders might be in some trouble danger for the way they hired John gruden. They admitted they kind of came to an agreement with grin before the eighth I Del Rio. Whoops that's against the rules there of the Rooney rule so I would expect discipline for the raiders but. There's no guideline when it comes stock coordinator. You don't have that. Which I'm kind of surprised that there's no Rooney rule for coordinator. So. What do you think right now what are running role looks like we need clarity on that because. We are saying with Doug Whaley getting an interview in Green Bay we Doug Whaley getting in interviewing Cleveland that was solely to satisfy the Rooney rule so does that for GM's and head coaches. Correct that's it doesn't extend to coordinators OK so low. You cool idea I'm just wondering is that what's happening here right now you don't. In other words you don't wanna blow up Tennessee without knowing where your going right so I would think you're already happening. These conversations. If you were thinking about making the move. So that's why that that's my theory here what's going on is that Dan is seen as Kyle left hanging. And that McDermott dean whoever. If they are going out there there are putting up their olive branch so to speak I don't know Shula. Armor coal or whoever they are looking at. But you kind of have to have a gentleman's agreement before you blow up Edison and it taped Friday and McQuay is that he's gonna turn us down twice then. Maybe we are just better off sticking with the Dennis in here and gunning there's not another year. Great piece it was a shared with me from a friend. From cover one dot net by air Turner's bill's been in and studied. The alt when he too. And he makes a pretty strong argument specifically. In that playoff game that it was less about what Rick Dennison did. And more about what the players. Ditty do you. Any documents that yes that this season started off a little bit rough. This team on offense struggled to adapt to the scheme his personnel. Early on but as the season kept going. The staff started the mashed his own run scheme with GAAP concepts in. The stigma of not adapting was clearly washed away but the game plan wasn't a failure. On Sunday like many claim you can give him as much criticism as you wanna give anyone. And in the calls for his job he's always of that sure. Specifically against Jacksonville. That performance wasn't on him the coach that was more. On the players and when you look at the film and you look at some of the decisions that Tyrod made. During the course of that game and his inability to read the defense is that will be presented to him. Less about Dennis and more about quarterback more about the player on the field in the guy making the calls. Mom I mean yes that's part of it I mean we can goal for the pluses and minuses I mean when you. Can we agree on this when you throw put up only three points though I think blame goes around everywhere so I'm not gonna say Dennis in. The Hindu and no way got to put your quarterback in positions where he knows he can make plays eight just boggles my mind changer that Tyrod Taylor. Could throw deep ball when Anthony Winger Greg Roman era re you know whoever under the Rex Ryan regime. You who had a nice deep ball how many times that we see Tyrod Taylor throw deep ball this year. Are you Buffalo Bills that never tainting never tried even tried in the Jacksonville game either. She sees. And yes that's some of that does fall on the coordinator now I'm sure you can come back danger and say. Well he cheat you know you don't have a marquee is good winner Sammy Watkins and personnel on the wide receivers of this Dennis and adopting to that but to meet. You never tried that. Is that data Tyrod I think that brings me to the next. Little data nugget that crossed my desk before we entered the sports bar this afternoon this is from Matt Harmon. An NFL. Dot com average yards of separation for all wide receivers. At the quarterbacks released this season so this is just a graph that basically says how much how many yards of separation. The receiver has vs the defense. So the release of the full. OK so let us Tyrod if there's a wide open receivers this is in factoring that it's only on targets. Right so targets how many yards on the open. Average yards of separation for all wide receivers at the quarterbacks release. And by the way late don't think for a second I know we're not getting a little deep in the weeds here we're talking about some of these statistics lag. Black. Flag. He you know we always thought our guys and say yeah. Or just complete clarity. You know. No surprise anybody here buffalo rank last on this list of average yards. A separation for all wide receivers at the quarterbacks released and it's not even close I mean their last with a bull. I guess you can look at it two ways you could say well yeah the of those wide receivers garbage they can't get separation or not. Built for that kind of separation. It would also be able to say I can also make the argument that it's less about the receivers getting their separation more about wind. There is a status when he releases the ball and what do we know what Tyrod releasing the ball is not his strong suit pulling the trigger is not his strong suit so. Meat eating out more separation but when he releases. That separation is closed. Yeah hello incomplete passes. And balls in the term. You're talking about a half a second on the release but it makes such a big difference in the league so easy is it air deep well it's see it's balls danger it's the fact that. A quarterback put him pull the trigger. And it's. I unless an average wide receiving corps let's be honest okay. Zeta-Jones. Rough rookie year OK he's got a lot of work to port in danger here I'm not saying they jones' necessarily need. Danger of losing his job black. On and that nobody's gonna be excited about the rookie campaign is safe Jones to it. Jordan Matthews he's a nice numbers in Philadelphia so. But hearted judge this season he barely was here from month got hurt that was it so and now he's a free agent so. For Matthews I would bring him back into a bargain basement price and if he wants to go back to Philadelphia or wherever for more money. Right in Syria I think you could do better than having been on one break the bank. Afford Jordan Matthews so. All these steel mills receivers danger and no nobody should be really excited about the product at wideout in buffalo. This year but that being said. I. I think there's all there is a need first before you go about Ralph put on to me it's more Tyrod not pulling the trigger. Less on the receivers the other factor here too is if you're doing your film study on the Buffalo Bills in on the not to throw over the top. And you know Tyrod isn't gonna beat you with a deep bow or anything. Well then if your corner you can is gonna sit and camp out right you don't really have to worry about that receiver getting behind you so that's part of it too is that. Defense is that study Tyrod Taylor are not worried at ball. That you know if date they can afford to jump route on the. Tyrod Taylor. Anything we bring this up because I think I feel like they're a lot Tyrod Taylor supporters. That may have to come to grips with the idea that. He may be gone rightly this might be it. If you connecting dots space in the conversation we had yesterday with cell based on what conversations have been had with brandy mean. What percentage do you put on him right now tyra coming back tyra conduct are reported. When he percent I'll be a little bit more generously say there's a one in four chance that he comes back our old we're still on the same neighbor or anybody want to know anything. You know we talked about this a little bit yesterday but I love how it's phrase I think it's a brilliant way to kind of determine whether or not you're you have your quarterback can you win with or because of your quarterback. And specifically. With Tyrod Taylor how we had guys a lot smarter than us she'd say yeah. We think Tyrod Taylor can be of a playoff caliber quarterback he can get this team to the clips it Rapoport said it with us during training camp when he was at Tyrod Taylor can lead this team to a playoff berth. You can wave a Tyrod Taylor. Can you win because. Of Tyrod Taylor. My buddy Tim. Sent me a list link with a list. Above fourth quarter comebacks these are. These are fourth quarter comebacks over the course for Kirk career leaders in fourth quarter comebacks quarterback since 1960. Jeanne it's a long list of quarterbacks in a long long list of quarterbacks. Bill's fans know the answer to this gene I know you know the answer this I know the answer how many fourth quarter comebacks for Tyrod Taylor. Now we got to define come back here not talked about two minutes ago when your down that's what we kind of Pincus a comeback but I think for this study. They're just talking that either you're tied. Or your behind entering the fourth quarter so another words hey you're down a field goal and with twelve minutes to go your driver team of that count. We we think that is numbers will be better for Tyrod Taylor because the in the true sense of calm back there's only one. Rule combat or the bills were found late in the game down to their final possession and I read let him down the field. And that was it against a team that the previous year pick number two overall were bad titans team that was on the road granite and that was in 2015 Tyrod first year. Since that we have NA NA quote unquote. Grew come back. But. What Jacksonville Ed under that that it that would account of last G Jacksonville last year. And you had to this year one against Atlanta won against Tampa. I don't even think that Atlantic seems calm backwards yeah right field goal so now by the way every 45 over the course of Peyton Manning's career puts him at the top of the list. 41 for Brady he's right on his heels. Those guys are going in the hall obviously Dan Marino is third on the list. Elway his fifth. So I would add Elway first met funny 454. Quarter comebacks for Peyton Manning has him at the top the list Tyrod Taylor. Fury. Now that's over the course of a career in Tyrod Taylor's career essentially is. What are we talking now threes three full seasons. Three seasons where you know this year he missed two games the Indy game. The words and technology into. There is a Motley crew. Of quarterbacks that are on the same level as Tyrod or just slightly better than Tyrod on this list. Geno Smith has 34 quarter comebacks. Tom savage. In his limited role has 34 and comebacks case Keenan has three might delay and has three little. Rot holes already has three. Durst did that brought us what are each up four. More fourth quarter comebacks. Tyrod Taylor. And not doing this to bury tyra to throw dirt on Tyrod Taylor's grave. I'm just asking the question can you win with or because of Tyrod Taylor in the answer is it's you can we win and Danny then. Because we are we gonna have micro and act coming up tool that I think road act you know in his writing danger brings up a great point here and it's it and there's so many angles that it playoff. Dane the playoff loss that we kind of you know need to go back and here's an obvious one that's right in front of us. Tyrod suffered a concussion. And we don't know upon others in the game coming up this week but. Pop. Zacks both sacking in. Eight months for Tyrod Taylor is that its third in that time in buffalo. Third season radio right pre season tonight so cautious this season yeah and actually yet won earlier in his career to sell. Boy you gotta say if all things are equal in this is a cruel cruel business but. We know from science that the mortar concussions you get any shorter period of time in Angola. So unfortunately for Tyrod that is also working against you and I am sure war. That you know that is going to be one of the factors that plays in whether or not the bills keep them at the number that you know that six million dollar bonus at a reduced rate or. Hey you know what we bring him back he suffers a fourth concussion. Yeah that that might yet so and again just speculative buy it is a factor here when talking about the pros and cons. Bring back Tyrod yay or nay. When you debt that's a huge day. Three concussions this year to win the final month of the season. Will I have wrote that come with us next here in sports bar danger particularly of course can read his work on the Buffalo Bills. At Mike brought back our guests next on ESPN Rochester. Asterisk next week yeah emerged tickets and. I've been Superman sports chunky. Lights player and an expert. Then if you want you were on filtered unadulterated. Sports you'd come to the right place AM 950 yet I. I'm 57 Afghans the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Sports bar danger and the tank limb. And we are very proud to welcome in my product which again During the Buffalo Bills as. Mike road back how or about. I am doing well I thought that that Providence referenced there I will later at all right. Basketball he beat me your last weekend so thick that the number I got. Providence is more basketball school hockey school right mind. Would outback sport but it would seem to have better to have already a national championship are we brought. Will reward or well done though. What Doug what do you think we get first there were just kind of on the waiting mode here in regards to clarity about the coaching staff and this investigation going on with our Richie intact NATO solo and Mike is anything developing on either front there it's an act. Nothing that I think it though in devaluation though. Dole are concerned with you know we're coming right up even if they didn't cajun accent. Well I mean reality that the and that they wanted to change he hires somebody else. A lot of the times you're trying to gauge market. Out they'll open wheel it a year or you get rid of who is thirty year. I would not be surprised that sort of thing is going on right now they do. Want to make changes and as you heard from that shot. McDermott Brad diva Tuesday. It you know it's pretty unclear where it out there what you get whatever that is but the work. Besides here or there is legalized but they are staying at. I think would suggest that a coaching change. Opposite side is probably probably I hope we get this point but opting out. Inside the ultimate. And I at its current Ritchie are you know I would expect that. Later that it insult to take forever ever a lot of these I. Don't expect anything about right away and indeed try to. Law passed by quietly. Mike I'm curious when you make a change in offensive corny or you bring in a guy with a new system in. Everybody on the offensive side of the ball has to adapt and learn that new system you've you've got one year in the Rick Dennis insists in this West Coast style of offense that was an adjustment. At the beginning of the season it seems like the team kind of adapted and got better as the season went on in some areas of the offense. I'm nobody's satisfied with the way the season ended nobody satisfied with the performance. In Jacksonville but is bringing in another offense according to really the answer and if you do are there any offensive coordinators out there. With this a West Coast system that's not too dissimilar from what Dennison has already installed so that that change easy that jarring for this group and 2018. Well I guess the question of what you expect her to be because a great quarterback change that. I think this took time to make a coach well they were expensed keeper Dennis said. And what they bring in the young quarterback indoor or better quarterback. And have those quarterbacks are that it's just dump. And you get to the end of forty seat you're like well yeah we're Bennett and bill Eric get and you could back fire idea of change. One year and especially in terms of the young quarterback repertoire. To systems in potentially two years so. I think the ideal I would be to do battle and have. That offensive coordinator change order be part of the process and choosing we want beat the quarterback and have him or are right away. From the start because I'll be shocked if they'll they'll draft quarterback this year. And sir you're going to be talking about it a coordinator comes into the back back up and worked together. And in that case you're probably talking at least two years together and instead of the up and down make it happen with keeping data so. I think there is something beast at a book hot duty by the roster is going to help gather especially when you look at follow. Potential change you know after running back to what are you happen Richie and you know right guard tackle. It and try all you walk us well I'll wide receiver that could be changes so. I don't think he should sit there and say don't you have players that finished 24 in total offense or whoever won this year we've not so our. In terms of yards but keep Becker players gather and have them. Weren't as Spain coordinator at that just immediately cheers that bank. This is a situation or that change is needed more than trite at this you know keep things continue. Mike doing Null. The relationship between Sean actor Brandon bean and Shula. Mike Shula I I'm not sure. Exactly. To be honest but in that we wanted to names out there having been fired from the Panthers this week in yep let the other games like toy. He now bounce around between the chargers and Broncos and our rob and he was in Cleveland then. Some of the older games nor turner. Getting some consideration down Carolina. This and you know there's there's southern teams that are coming up this week eappen. So yeah I mean that a lot of possibility that it opens it but he direct ties to permit. He beat you look at hiring somebody a different team. It'll be hard to do but the Dana I'll outrun the actor's job what well in Philadelphia who work. Which Doug Peterson what worked and you read there's a connection there of course east and pagan developing Carson went. Down in Philadelphia and out BA. A group were moving up. And that system. From Philadelphia being quarterbacks coach to upload being Yossi immediate chance that wrapped in a way that situation. What it just restricts. The search that there is surged to simply. Freeagent coaches you know you could look at quarterback coaches and other teams or what to look up their. Orders. Mike I wanna do is go back to something you said earlier here and and with a story that the raiders likely to violated the Rooney rule by Al hiring gruden before they. Actually had fired Del Rio. I just to confirm here than the Rooney rule does not apply to coordinators. And is that your read on what the delay here is is another words you don't wanna let Denis in goal and then left B. Now holding the bag here you know if you can't get the guy wanna bring in other words you wanna try to use that channels and whatnot. You'll identify who it is you would like and then. Then make the move is that kind of what's happening here. Yeah I think that's where they're likely and I can't say that it backed by. I'll get it they do you wanna make a speech that they there's evidence. Agreed between the lines but based on Tuesday. That Gary your city doing that it will do zero votes of confidence from either that data sent. That would give it. But yet I'll be where they are in the process that. I don't know operative who not a lie. Or lies or. Head coaching yen in pop vote. Executive positions. So they could make hire out at it'd be a minority. Candidate in the it. Might we got a tweet from listener yesterday. That heard the the big brand and being in the in the post season press conference basis said Brady being sound like he was writing Tyrod. A match dot com prop profile. Hit in that press conference is that is that a talent any way that they have moved on and are going to move on from Tyrod Taylor. I think so they'd backed out at me like. You let a few good things about have been. I tropical would have made sense for the bill that about and the traction that. That press conference given that they stole most likely try to treat a miniature what approach. Or. Public betrayed market materializes I mentioned. That it is. Can be tricky. Ottawa I think you can negotiated trade for march 14. That there's only about a two day window back they can happen and it team is waiting on something else quitting for each like Kirk cousins. Then there's going to be a very small window. We need that went roster bonus due bills. I can't beat campaign roster bonus and entry or the million dollar a week doing that joke brought to go to do march 16. They're gonna make a move before that. Andrea guillotine actually played ball also that are the biggest issue right now but. Yeah it's. The G amber as a coach I don't you want about their the united Arab sailors. Law that has all the limitations XYZ when you ought to change is sitting there in thinking that you might be right for us. I am part of it to Mike micro next You can follow on Twitter at Mike wrote back. I think part of it too is with with Tyrod will work exactly where we were last journal way bite. At the end of the day the bills took a look around the league and said bank you know why we don't like the other options. Whether it's free agency the draft is it's fair to say Mike debt heading into this offseason. That there are indeed better options available for the bills to go get. Yeah I mean that that immediate occasion I think Aleks Maric will be atop an atlas. I think there's some smoke there as far as the bills. Potentially coming together 00 even at that now but. Well see you know what happens next couple months about that or restraining orders released. I think you would fit well with. The concept for burns beat Sean McDermott that. You know trying to went out trying to win the future announcement I think it Hewitt shot to go to the playoffs and in 28 he you know he's probably not gonna get eat too much further aspects kind of added that old birds. Thirteen years now but. You better than I thank you Brian Hoyer or you know one of the issues you know Josh account I quarterbacks do. It's probably gonna get you aid may not more so. That expectation they'll get war. Sam Bradford or somebody along those lines. Is that it argued about it you know they may end up hanging similar to what they hate our eighteen million next year but. It's just that it's fresh slate. Newburgh in the quarterback who doesn't have all the package what happened the last years here ball low it. Potentially is better bit but the dolphins no matter you know what an op like feet. But either case whether they got a better. As well thank you it's the first round. Maybe second rounder ought as our quarterback. That's where. Why total expectation there's a draft quarterback this year. And out shot it now so that. You know the main avenue to get it when it. Now and what the future so outspent would be. The quarterback now and it traps embodied a potential replacement. This year or next year much like Patrick are old and that it. You know last season out of desperation the vikings gave up a first round pick for. Sam Bradford I'm curious as to it if if he is it released what a team would have to give up for a player like Alex Smith he's thinking a fourth rounder. Probably more and Harrington thank Stan grant that situation is different is that the vikings are desperate at the recorder earth and and game. Where a lot but burns sports that are that feature on those Hambrecht retreated deeper quarter a period. I believe Howard Grossman that an evil basically told that that the vikings but we know we app you or are our panel or get whatever we can't argue. And they debt in this situation everybody knows so there are trying to look alt rock out met Patrick on their quarterback of the future so. I don't think gas prices at your side. In Egypt an extra that you got ourselves are straight. Be sure your original that spare. Or you don't have a six or seven in the straps that firewall if they're gonna get back but I happen to the trade for retrospect I think that well. You're talking about starting quarterback. He could win. You are battered and gains were you back and babies want it done but yeah I think that more than at least let us. Mike guy you reading some your work here bills stand should they expect. A big turn over on the roster from your to your just overall. Yeah I think that means they get younger actor Brandon accused David evident in look at the number players. Who are thirty years and we're scheduled to speak out your world at that seat and many of those free agents it all in all brick back. Got along the lines short right he'd even Mike Colbert. I'll. Others I'm I'm blanking out right now I would want their dignity Ritchie are you know who knows. Aren't Alexander probably anger out of one ear but various. Definitely a older group of players on this roster and then there's younger group which space in the draft class this year there's not a whole lot. So they need to build up. The first second third year players and Iraq that dot critical autograph over the past year. And I think that's going to be their focus. Up this upcoming draft than. Obviously free agency as well it properly looked. Guys who are becoming reagents for the first time much like my hide it or or your war last year whether or that your players and you don't think. Middle class at your. Age as opposed to picking guys who work. You know Mike Tolbert 31 years as a sign them you know last year I think that's good strategy responses. Mike we we heard being earlier this week during that press conference mentioned the eight draft picks they have and none worse in the fifth. And in that kind of capital gives you the flexibility to move around. Is there wisdom just let the draft come do you this year wit when you know that there's. Probably going to be quarterback there for you when he 122 in the first round. Just acquiring as many players as you can not necessarily using those picks is is capital but. Really using them to draft the best players when you've you've you've. While a lot of the Stanley sober with. Push amateur were drafted this means you are right with this year's stress that the twenties but he draft so far looks pretty good. Yes I don't think that played this year I think there are stocking up or move ball and yet make Carson went sort of deal. Jerk off Archie resorted deal though sometimes. Overly well they can dope up 42. I think if you sit back to twenty order 22 you'd expect the quarterback all that though. I pictured yourself the trouble I think you move up the board and app that these strategic sports teams or trying some LeapFrog. In which case you're probably try to get a head of the jets are trying to get out of Broncos. Who are early in the first round and CO IA yet. I think at the plate this year because you need you know quarterback I think bright indeed understand that 100% but he doesn't get a quarterback that. Image there are wont to succeed in ball. And eighty can't get as high as one or two which is. Probably worse than Donald Duck frozen or go into the ground but I see that went out but. AVG Joshua Allen media. Baker may feel maybe it's space hurdle but they have to find their guy. And go after. They get space apparently where they treated 2019 and open as a quarterback next year. Then you start to get it some Turkey territory and obviously comes with Rezko. Reaching for a player. And it'd trade up for each adult only thirteen but they still picked a much higher than it should have gone. You can't get yourself in that situation by. How the NFL I have a quarterback in if they'll open in trouble. My correct Mud joining us here. How many how active you expect the Buffalo Bills the being free agency because you could still a lot of those holes obviously but. In arm my impression here is Mike they're not gonna be a big spenders nor should they be. Our I think they'll be moderate under. They are gonna happen next statement that it had what they do. Well August entire argument that chances and it back like lambs police say what fifteen or sixteen million back. And yet forty land actually moved and sitting out there or five billion. Owners all the groups he could be a sneak out Ito raised money. So all went also to adopt the bill could get EXP billion dollars cap. They have a lot of cap. And get the media spend it back if he's Smart they solved and don't when he I even more grow. I do think they they have some old on this Ross sort of build it there is you know free agent linebacker out there or. But today or EJ game number. One I think on your list of players to responded you can't reach side EJ gains in the probably looking back free agent market find other guy at the start. While. You eat an apple or some other a position where. Now you're up and you don't resigned Al Williams of fires that accounts adults Washington are aptly and mark previous Lewis. So he decides somebody there could be active. There ought I would not be surprised that the players who cross. Four by six million dollars it dead a year. As they did last year might hide in or lawyer. Steven Roush Patrick DiMarco and some other players who work you know closer to the top of their position in terms cost. ESPN dot com's Mike Gregg joining us in the sports bar danger and the tag Leah great with his time. As always Mike we really appreciate you stopping by and share some of the wisdom and but I don't know what are we talking a micro back again and this this feels weird Gina and I know I thought I know for the before the year broke I you know what we we're probably talking a road at me one more time. For the they make the playoffs we don't talk to Mike a couple more times Mike. If we don't get that she has stocks you try to enjoy Samir time this offseason. It'd be a bullet that sixty degrees outside of the trading at the right around a lot worse than others see them. I thought for sure it's gonna get the tax the judge them on the golf course right now and a doll. I wrote quote but about it but it went today the way. I don't know how many courses are open I did whatever Jack's of the on the world golf hall saint. Mike tell me the truth we speak TU and we speak to Matthew fair burn on an almost weekly basis and tell me if I'm wrong you guys both have a different. Energy and vibe about you when we speak TU in warm weather locations and make it no it's not just you and and airport I think everybody it's just getting a little bit of that. Little boost of vitamin. It died I can't. The fight live down in Miami I would be on duty all you can cover art or one of those guys just door after I was appeared yet. I missed that back in that by the fire. You'll read the bills take you know. The love the Bible try to enjoy your time we'll talk to get real soon all right. You got to the X micro neck In the sports bar with danger tag list and Nigel selling Ming has Seligman has just resigned president you of aren't more bringing that up because of all the problems that that I have been a few of our week we talked about that story. About the two football players and you know the response from the school on that so that story just coming over the war right. Repeat that and more time yup president joy all Seligman. University Rochus yes has just resigned and this is around. He this in the against this the incident with the football team. And the or fast sir in the lack of response insists. It is a handful of just issues at the you'll war. And so he's just stepping away that's. And not a surprise now a crack. That story. We've been on the year now in sports bar for. Well over a year and that story is still the most chilling. I think story that we've touched on and talked about. On this on the issue that story the fact that it happened in our town. That makes me sick sister. It's just awful to serving well all right so as is usually the case justice prevails. So move on from that moving. The Breck was great. As always we have we have some up provocative thoughts from around the world of sports to share with you you were always welcome to agree or disagree. At 454 ESPN it's game we play called. How to that. Gene's got some action here including London match. And I've been speculating. I mean it's not too early to have your bad sin year for the bills when he eighteen season. Aaron it's always something I see happening with the bills and Tony eighteenth schedule coming out danger I have. I have the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback in the year 2018. And it. The devil. Incarnate. I'll tell you who years next mothering them on the way in the sports part danger in the tank Lia on ESPN Rochester. Before concert on Saturday February 3. Steve now. And your only way. Easy to win. Tips listen wait days or not. In 215 for that code word and you'd get injured in this national contest when you hear it tax code word just seven to eight. They won and you'll recall. Good seven Sunni. He's 57. Yeah we're clear ESPN Rochester and get your tickets now for now. Let's check out big. You decide to run. Post rigs and in the sports. It's. Shop. And they were announced today three of them for when he eighteen so we know the Seahawks and raiders a blank. No the jags and Eagles are playing London as will the titans and chargers. Knoll Buffalo Bills gains in London now right now we don't want a little more disclosure for the organization but this is actually great news gets only the Monday game. Easy and huge distraction for any do you now have to go. Aldrich that can you imagine the Seahawks. Are an excellent. Both having to travel from the West Coast all the way to London to play game on assignment no. Groves and and by the way. We don't want to we haven't talked about with the bills making the playoffs. We get a couple primetime games on the schedule on our agenda at all okay grill does get a solid Rick to have that I vikings offensive coordinator. Pat sure Merck has emerged as a front runner for the head coaching vacancy in Arizona. A genius he does indeed end up taking that job. I'd like to introduce you to the starting quarterback for your 2018 Arizona Cardinals ladies and gentlemen case genome. You don't wanna I'm. I'm not gonna drink to that because I know that's the conventional wisdom that Shermer is gonna bolt and he's gonna bring his quarterback until the vikings have a say in that vote could Keenan. Thinking of days. Catchy and anywhere basically probably Arizona would offer blood. I don't know I enjoy the movie any given Sunday this is exactly how it works it the coach leaves any Texas quarterback with them by surprise nobody expects it now on any given Sunday the head coach allowed into the quarterback this is the coordinator we've. To be coming head coach down. Now they've dealt head coach with the scraps. I like it then delegates a shrewd move I think it I think that's would have to solve drink to that back to the bill scaled scheduling bigger here's my early period prediction. Of hills home crowd on a Monday night he's cool idea. Television. I per day. The Buffalo Bills will not get winded. But to primetime games next year they'll play at divisional game on Thursday night because they have duke name predict the legal give the Buffalo Bills hold them. Monday Night Football game. Answers Sunday Night Football I don't think we're quite there yet so I'll drink to that and not quite. Ready for prime time. We want to look at Apollo pot garbage of course you do. Go ahead and check out their roster for the Canadian men's hockey team traveling to Korea for the Olympics next month nary a name that evokes any excitement. Gary bat men you awful awful troll of a human being. And. Terrible I'm looking at this roster. And Jeanne I don't know if you had a chance to look at it. Why looked at the US when I saw Brian Gionta and crickets you are so it might looking I. Derek Roy. Derek Ryan all right Ed Barry I know him Derek Ross yeah. That's we're talking and that's or watching for the Olympics how NBC. Didn't strong army NHL let's price if they don't care danger they don't care well. It's a good thing we have currently to watch solve. Just after the Olympics are for you mean they're human interest stories go to a different country wants a they call for the now the excitement of the realization that the buffalo angels made the play out so we'll fading a little bit. Here's something and I think we haven't explored yet danger the Buffalo Bills are actually out of contention for a hard knocks this can't be true. Not because they have a new coach you're exempt if you do but because. Playoff teams are exams. And probably good for golf but knowing how McDermott likes to Byzantine boat okay is this is in the Rex Ryan bills. No hard knocks probably good they give buffalo I'll drink to that what what teams are are still available teams well just go through the list there of teens that. Hey have a returning big hoax that that. Did not make the playoffs this year so. Say somebody like Green Bay would be in the market see somebody like leave not Cleveland or Marvin Lewis and Cincinnati that they've been on before. RYA in Baltimore. The ravens have been on before. So which team they they don't read peace event Dallas not Dallas. Would qualify at Washington would qualify giants were not. I wish her out if there's a hard knocks Kirsch you know that there's a Madden curse. Where you you may get on the cover in the and you you suffer. The year by the way of a Brady was on the cover this year right button was in Seattle area you know there are rights and maybe the Madden curse isn't it maybe Brady is exempt from even the Madden curse. But do you know is very hard knocks curse to speak off. Well member of the first year in the of the ravens' show watching hours eating at all often errors Brian Billick getting a phone call it Jamal Lewis and ACL injury. I had that was the ravens coming off of a Super Bowl win and they went on that reality show so they've changed the rules a little bit but. I you know teams don't like doing it now they won't make it team. On do that to mean that the best hard knocks was L was the Rex Ryan jacks is great television it was seen amber actual. Have a career and endorsement opportunities for Auburn averages based on that one series along. I we're gonna talk some hockey the 4 o'clock hour Marty broad. Now Merck's greats. And analysts now for MSG for your sabres broadcast Marty brawn. Will be joining us in daisy and Jersey and it works hall of fame. Could happen to a better guy. That it's Jimmy Fund at that south February 6 teens and we'll talk to Marty about the war will talk to Marty about his thoughts about what's going on when they organization Marty Iran the great. Former Rochester American to join us here and little bit in the sports. All right join aside a few here with Marty broad stay in the sports part danger but tightly ESPN Rochester.