The Sports Bar-Hour 1 11/14/17-Chris Trapasso

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with the news of Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers potentially missing his first start as a pro. Then, Bills contributor for The Buffalo News Chris Trapasso joins us to discuss the fit of Tyrod Taylor in offensive coordinator Rick Dennison's offense. Finally, a round of "I'll Drink To That" with a suggestion of who the Bills could sign as a second running back. 


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Sports bar when danger and exactly because it's and we have to regroup refocus and find a way to to correct grow where we don't. Bounce back but we have the talent it's because they're good people anyway but just brought us our man would do the best. Mega cab it back to basics of bottles of what we do techniques not change in this game. We can't. Get this fixed. Give back to going to cause direction. Mike danger. I'll allow you to panic if your bills fan if you think that this was a playoff team if you gave yourself that glimmer of hope. After five to start believe that this was a playoff team right now you wanna panic yeah absolutely. Can protect me. What the bill's cap going through BSE is crap right now be easy catch conference in salt if you can't get in this year but. Yet you're you're getting all the breaks this year in the AFC and take advantage of this of 454. And they're a big picture perspective that this points as were in the playoff hunt. So right now I'm not concerned about that at all Rochester sports leader and 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon pulled the stolen join us sports bar with danger and the tag leave guys open for business sunny and 5957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com. And the free download ESPN Rochester app I have Mike danger hello Jean to tag my. No no. Now all Danny's mom never. Today is all. Yeah I I can't I can't take it off. You can do you ever take a day off genius at the tone you can't. Look here there were all here to provide for a fair point is and if you're got the sniffles I never get sick. What's frustrating is I never get sick yet I feel like for the last two months I've been sick. A varying degrees you big here you're here which I see you more in a given day and see my own wife Ellen that's true you and I talked more then read. Do her own houses so you tell me Gina because you've seen me. I've been I've been battling a cough since it early fall. A bronchitis I had they're a little bit eights eights bin its struggle. And it hit me this weekend and it's hitting me again in god. Eat out you wanna hear about me battling through whatever it is I'm fighting through. But the reality is there are no days off now with Thanksgiving coming a week from Thursday that's my suitable why can't. I can't beat down all well now wait a second when you start preparing for it thanks game on that. We out plug that look at the grocery shopping done this weekend. I'll get all the ingredients I need this weekend and then Monday. Usually during Monday Night Football to be good when this week he'll be the falcons and Seahawks. Excellent once a good game you'll have that on wall you're preparing whatever it is you have my system is usually I do I do this stock. The Turkey stock for the gravy on Monday him that's step one I might they might dabble in in putting together the cornbread stuffing. Cranberries can do the cranberries by hand they usually do that like Monday Tuesday. The soup can do the time wedding soup at some point early in the week Monday's usually just reserved for. Let's let's store really kickass Turkey stock that'll make for really kick ass gravy on Thursday that's usually when I do one. On Monday night that that. All start the preparation do you give any assignments or is this strictly you in other words girls Hollywood days sandy do this or is it a complete danger 100 are set my production. It's me I look they cleaned the clean up after him of among whirling dervish. In the kitchen things are everywhere and they they will clean up after me there that you know dishes. Especially on game day. When you're talking about Thanksgiving dishes out touched dash I just get to work. Action Turkey's good make sure the gravy is cooking nicely everything the mashed potatoes. The sweet potatoes all desserts are you you farm that out though the desert come and does desserts are farmed out. We usually get a pumpkin pie. As usually. Move you know fifth grader Jake my next door neighbor Natalie Jake is says selling pies for from Leo's we'll get some Leo's pies. From whatever that ceemea that's good can only pod one of those pumpkin pumpkin rolls right like the cake with a squirrel in the middle you know talk about well. But point is. The days off. But no days off not this time in her body in motion station stays in motion. Plus we've got soul much. Talked about is not your typical Tuesday here in sports team. Wayne we heard last night that Philip Rivers is in the concussion protocol. Did it not feel T you like it did to me that the football gods. Part. Tempting the Buffalo Bills to to not screw this up like. Yep yep we Kellen Clemens will start on Sunday go ahead and try and screw this so we're giving you ever AF CDs. I dumpster fire. You or not a good team you've lost two in a row yet you would be in the playoffs if it all started right now. And oh by the way the guy who never misses a start might miss a start because he's in the concussion protocol. To we're gonna throw telling Clemens that you. I was hoping to be cart dale Jones but no such luck now. And it still may be rivers that's the thing about the protocol it's nothing more than the legal stiff arm we're not gonna tell you until you're ready to know. Sort of deal. Not always happen it would regret that the show yesterday danger I think you. Mean. Everyone. Thought for sure RA moves and here's Miami's opportunity in Miami after looking so bad and now look. Leak is a sine wave meaning you're down one week drop inaction down when we drop the next. Our here's Miami. And another primetime game for the dolphins last time they are or were they were on the road in prime time that was only two weeks ago they were terrible forty nothing they were shut out. They're gonna take care business. There were bad last week and I know they've been three weeks general primetime they've laid eggs in three straight weeks if it's bad being a bills banner and you lose authors and I tell it to the jets the way you lose and then you go ahead and Andalusian saints pay at least. This saints game wasn't on national TV. The dolphins have sucked three weeks in a row. In prime time raider game was bad the 42 and nothing against the the race. The ravens terrible but I honestly got thought this team has more talent than Matt. They're gonna show up one of these weeks now and that was that was flawed thinking in my car to feel like he's taken on. They've taken on the personality of their quarterback. Don't care and don't care don't. Care that's why. I think G-8 Kotler is gonna lead the Miami Dolphins come December 17. Upside today. He's kind of a yucky day. Tom. Yet over a month from today and I'm thinking the forecast might be worse. Over a month from today than it is today. Yeah Jay Cutler's really gonna come and. On the multi he has experience playing in bad weather so I wouldn't be as worried about him his that would be about a guy like Drew Brees who. Always had that no Akio it doesn't really play well on the cold weather or herb you know quarterbacks from Tampa Bay who voted just don't perform medical I think that narrative is played. I think good teams find ways to win no matter what the temperature for the time zone. But. What we learned last night is no Miami's. Not much better if not worse. Then the Buffalo Bills even on the bills worst day which we saw on Sunday that Miami's right on the same level. So who's the biggest threat now to the bills and I act states. What can't be a case of rape rape because they'll play each other but Britain's old at the ravens went over to London looked terrible accident all these teens. Have these. Check marks against them in the negative column. They're all that out an inkling awful when that. What we're gonna get the sixteen near C really isn't worthy now can we say that I don't see anything going on Iran now all these teams. No all clear yet to gain leader is beat them had had in Denver you got to gamely on to beat them had a hat. Figure one of those wild cards right now is gonna go to Jacksonville or Tennessee end. Harry Jacksonville's defense has been great but played morals from not scare them and Tennessee they're not frightening either. Might just be Baltimore by default but the ravens haven't been good either danger. Their fortified I'm trying to figure out. Who has the gum. The easiest remaining. Strength of schedule right now. And if I'm reading this right. This can't be. I can't get bills being. Well builder either no they're not the second easiest domestic. No they would have a second. No they might have the second easiest. While I'm a factoring in the chargers in the colts' end to losing records of Miami Miami. Perhaps that's it. Let's go over the ravens schedule if you think it's that bad compared common up for the Baltimore Ravens. And I'm looking at this right now on this is the problem for the bills okay. I don't have the statistics as far as records I don't have the strength of schedule I'm just eyeballing this McIntyre that the ravens path. Is easier than the bill's path. Direct Green Bay and his son that and I understand hunley was better this week. And it's not Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers. And then on Monday Night Football the Monday after Thanksgiving their home against the tax and who is gonna be starting a quarterback that he's in taxes by that point Levy TJ Yates who scary game for the ravens. And then their home against alliance okay tough game they're at Pittsburgh OK tough game. Then listen to how they finish up here this is the problem. December 17 week fifteen. Baltimore and Cleveland. Saturday night. Indianapolis. Wound December 23. That's a game we can't say primetime as the fourth thirty kickoff but they're putting it as a standalone on NFL network. That is a game at home against the colts. And then they finish up. At home against the Bengals you finish up Brown's colds Bengals. Can I just assume Wayne. Wayne it. We in that gets you to seven and the Texans would be eight the Packers lions in Steelers you just need one of those three to get the nine. Vets are chief competitor right now Baltimore rates. I'm still trying to figure out who as easy strict schedule we did a couple of weeks ago and it was Jacksonville. And it looks like all right Jackson does it pretty easy strength of schedules. It's in Jacksonville looks like a lock to take out the aid to take the AFC south and and that's kind of proven to be true. Jacksonville and Tennessee duking it out one of them will probably end up a wildcard. So that leaves the bills. If taking a whole lot of cute a couple of wins here. And I think the ravens. Don't see anybody come on the west other than Kansas City the raiders. You know you've got to convert you know we get to gamely on them. That's the thing you you have the tiebreaker those old how big those games were for the Buffalo Bills in in all these years the drought you never had tie breakers go your way other than all for a bullet. I found at Baltimore has the fourth. Easiest schedule remainder of season. Fourth. Look at Jacksonville has the easiest. Washington Kansas City Baltimore. Whereas buffalo. He. Bob amid back. Remaining strength is scheduled when percent to 54834. And 29. Great. Well where we said last week it of the saints game wouldn't be a fatal blow to their Alderson and we're not counting. Eggs for the style points of of the bills lost. This. Wouldn't nearly be fail if you lost the charters I think we could agree on that right if you fall here now to five and five and then. Baltimore state pick couple win. Out of this scandal is not the bill's favor you've got to face New England twice be hard to see the Buffalo Bills getting in nine Weems. If you don't pick up the win this. That's a fact. I would agree that. Good show like that today yeah Christa apostles CBS sports. Also writes for the Buffalo News the DM blades are catching up with him because. He writes books at four ball from an analytical standpoint. And I'm just curious with the exit Tyrod Taylor late this past week. Does that change anything at all or. The more Dennison. How much of that what happened we saw was it was the offensive coaching won't move where where we go from here. Christopher console all whatever good friends and you know looks at things completely differently. Jones he's a great read he'll join us here in a little bit in the sports are. It has to do with the opponents to Jean. Because saints. Won seven in a row and it sure looks like they're pretty consistent good triple team. The jets at the jets. If you. Putt. San Diego. Of the seventeen losses keeps called incentives are right area thousand long term. Of the chargers seventeen losses. Since the start of last season. Fourteen of those losses have been decided by eater fewer points eleven of those losses by three or if you were. Which is easily the most in the NFL. They've also lost an NFL high eight games in that span in which they held a lead. In the fourth. Quarter. Just finding. Unique ways to lose. Almost every week was that most M when they got rid of McCoy but there's still finding ways to lose games. Anthony Lane the new head coach. Of the LA chargers. And Aaron on the other are there any secrets here does Anthony lean know all the flaws that. I I would think that did this could be problematic if you're looking for some X-Factor when you're trying to decide this game. That are let's say for the sake of his argument. Rivers is health. OK and that the chargers do have a full complement. Yeah I would think it neatly and would know exactly here's what we have problems. Dean planning. You know I would look Shawn McCoy here's what we do against Tyrod Taylor I would think. That's the op EA's problem this week is that Anthony landing even though all the coaching is all different here. A personality. And anyway good to know exactly how to game plan this. For the chargers. And that's why I think the charter one of the reasons they are members of for an app. Point favored even though he getting insane at the home field advantages will be a buffalo bills' home field advantage are on the West Coast this week. Those mafia. Matching tables in LA it should be fun. Anthony Lane on the Kellen Clemens should he start against the bills quote Helen's been in the system long enough. He knows this offense like the back of his hands toward game plan won't change very much. I know teen. I'm not saying that they're getting going there and win an array to make that prediction yet. But I can't see them losing. To the Los Angeles chargers. I wanna believe that there's a little bit more pride in that locker room than them going in and losing. To the Los Angeles charger. So I thought. I'm so proud to be difficult since he Billy Georgia's shoes. Or fourteen of their seventeen losses have been decided by eight or fewer points eleven by three or fewer. And they've also lost eight games in that span since the beginning of last season where they held a fourth quarter lead. What's the mood here and in Rochester and buffalo and Western New York phone bills lost like that you saw I just gave it to you before the show ask a nice little car. Austria okay. I'm a firm believer. That players who live in the community and ate here it's too. It is so yeah I hate you kid you can't completely on plot it's impossible any dealing you have with anybody going to look. The store. You try to pump your gas and people are gonna feel sorry you're. My point being is this. There's ever a time the Buffalo Bills. It would would work in their favor to go on the road this ease the weak get out of town. The weather here is turning worse. Go to Al Lang. It's it'll be nice out you're going to be surrounded by friendly people it'll be a friendly environment it's not gonna feel like a road game. You'll feel like more like an NFL Europe game it's gonna feel completely out of context playing in that stadium. It's a good time to get out of Western New York. And this way actually might be with the team needs if you're gonna have to bond together you gotta do it. A way outside Western New York I like him actually playing a role game better than no home game this week. Sounds strange but that's my logic. Chris paso from the Buffalo News joining us here in a few minutes in sports bar with danger and tag and also up forgot to mention. A coming up at 4 o'clock hour fantasy football players one of the best Yahoo! fantasy sports Andy parents. Joining us are around 430 deceptions were. We also have another story we're working on the organ reporter danger will have this coming up later in the show. The Ryan Ellis are sending out some sort of war. We don't have the full story but we can tell you what we know there's something calming and it's not going to be entirely. Sunshine and roses you're coming from. Other soccer stadium downtown but how we do know some things written report on the line a situation coming up here. If they're gonna have a press conference in mid November. Yeah I don't think this is all entirely. Looking great for 28 team will tell you what we know about on the futures soccer in Rochester that'll become a leader in the shelter and we get financing from the rhinos through press release that Bob Lilly is moving on to Pittsburgh to be the head coach Pittsburgh I think these are two separate states I don't think dad. Whatever the trials are gonna get up in front of the cameras tomorrow and tell everybody about the future soccer Rochester was there this is. Corder bad I think lowly just made a decision lilies a coat of bounced brown anyways this was a second toward the woody in Rochester anyways. Who knows if they have the trying to stay made a lot of third one someday but Lillian Pittsburgh that's fine they'll be he'd. Find a replacement to the right to be back next. We'll play around of I'll drink to that before 4 o'clock give you some thought provoking comments around the world sports do you agree or disagree with. 454 ESPN as our phone number were on Twitter apps ESPN Rochester. And we're gonna welcome in bills contributor to the Buffalo News. Crist paso next in the sports bar with danger tightly no days off danger no days off not none in this NASCAR were about accountability here. Am I 5957 FM ESPN Rochester. Losers could ever do that. Adding yet this is the show for you isn't the tigers. Welcome it might. Forget its goal doing. That'll surely now I would guess what your window and that's the one person ought to want guys. Thanks Mike it's going to window beginning November 27 on AM 95957. FM sports leader. ESPN Rochester. AM 915. The 57 Afghan man streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester wrap thus affords leader ESPN Rochester not. Now we've played good run defense even when Marcel was in the building but not on the field. We've played good run defense and and I expect us to do that gulf war. The Buffalo Bills or worst run defense without Marcel Darius. Think it's fair question ask we'll ask it to the guy who studies the film crunches the numbers better than anybody we talked to Chris to possible. Contribute to the Buffalo Bills that doesn't buffalo knows joining us now in the sports bar with danger and particularly hey Chris. Chris we appreciate your time and don't while here I mean no laws while committee is after that performance where. I eat you had the head coach saying. Have you following Monday after he looked at the tape that he thought it was cracked a bull and a lot of this was on the mouse. When you look at what happened was it on the metals or is this just a case where. And you yet maybe the personal just isn't so good on this buffalo bills' defense. Well I think starting what you know initial question about our appeared know this bill. Prime time is not good when he's not killed although he was only in 2030. App. And eat and that was kind of you know let you know some speculation that he was going to be traded. He wasn't doing much as they are or what was born again the rotten. I think it marked a period were on the field again the thing that build an album under under our dressing. Probably. Lightning just looking at what the book that one in that he'd been a wee Willie period. We have. You know adequate role players behind them to row where the on the pick Patrick Norton was a battery that then you know third of all rotted career. And then there were Andre it was a belt that Washington. And Edgar or out there to be. I William. Can't play that and he you know. Levity I eat and then like he used to like being in it. Person now. And it meant apple beat Mitt. There have been missed apple over the past two game and right when John McDermott was hired you I want to bring in. You only talk about quarterback but that that I would bring it to the back that are going to be covered but I think in app on the outside. I think we had is he not only the quarterback but the linebackers that eat at the line and getting in that running back. To her in the burst. I think that in game. The bill word you know not that being a but on it at every team is that you every game but wanting to get the debt and then fifteen against the team that is you know unacceptable. Regardless of who your own forward game being played. Chris I know the answer to this but I I think going into this season. What we you know we all kind of had questions about Ramon number. And you watch the game in the first person you would think of this far is who's missing the most in my tackles would be number fifty. But that's not necessarily the case. Yes he's actually second on the team and it missed tackles ran out and her. In exit number one by. He met their team it tackle number equipment and but armored plating and a hundred or 800. Viewers have now Bender with the you know thumb injury to eat it actually meant being more careful her game than Randall enters the those two guys. Your you know to a year primary. You know potentially all I'm linebackers. Are repeatedly that heckled and you'd probably think you know those who died missing overlap or gain Humber victory again. This scene which is a pretty high number for a you know all all linebacker then you're gonna have. Chris why not make the move why not make the move to Matt Milan want to put him back in he played well when he had a chance. I have no idea I don't know if that is kind of the burst. I know you know comic written my apt to. Start weighing like. And I gonna played you know better handle leader in the in our guys are right it can played a clear. Everything. That I've ever read about hombre is that he would then you know great and I. Veteran president. Com so I I think it is getting to the point where. Especially get a deposition and there's a viewers about that. That McDermott. Getting hit by an Oreo ought to block walk. Com but you know bill was all being up in the wild artery in really bad yet the need you know not merely the played a guy that that might be better off if fielder has earned it it is used. At the back. Eleven players on the field a ball. Chris to console on looking at the film for artists and helping us understand it better. I Crist apostle writer for the Buffalo News also watch draft contribute your for his CBS sports dot com Bogut to vent a little bit. On the other side of the ball Chris when you look at Tyrod Taylor in obvious last. Two games have been Great Britain in particular this last one against the saints is bad as the defense was. For the bills in this game the offense was almost as equally as bad day you have been one drive and I was pretty much hit. When you look bad at home want to bid do you blame. I'm Tyrod not taking chances downfield or I was just just. Rigged and is seen in it not not getting out of play calls cracked. I think it's a little bit of a mixture of all I mean I think when you. Yeah. It's usually not one I just the quarterback Kirk is like being via the court meters certainly deserves tumbling well. But there is going to be at a show off again and that the angle gain that. Hierarchy and take that next step and I do agree with what we are that yet today that. And show them role as a cat and he's I think he's. Moves in the pocket a little bit better now quick lead the and he was in fifteen or last year but to predict an act that ended up being next and he really. Certainly easier said than done he need to throw the ball optic and human isn't it Jordan between debate deeper. And do that is why are you the chance they really need. You know forced the ball in the triple operate but you need to let his receivers make a play and McDermott and yet that he and it felt that the in the and certainly this thing at one of the NFL's most underrated or at least coming into the game will underrated he's an Indian you know a lot in the secondary. To play man but also Utley dull. And I think just the mix that operate really confused him and even times there were guys open. It was again don't think our political operate all triggered an. And those bigger receivers in the patent in trot to throw the ball but now Calvin Benjamin and that even under all or. Either stick re and a ball wide receivers. That you would like to give them an opportunity. To make a big way we deal with so many other and Indiana felt it not to. I've been receivers running wide open. Oh receivers making played. Incan tactic that situation. Chris buses built contribute for the Buffalo News joining us in the sports or danger to tightly tucked in little Tyrod Taylor here in the sports bar that I think we all were a little skeptical as to whether or not. Tyrod would be a fit in richt innocence tempo and and timing offense. I can't help but think as I was watching Cam Newton do what he gating Carolina's offense. Do would they did last night with the run game that looked potent and our run game that's been missing in buffalo I mean are are they. Where are the bills' offensive coaches mismanaging their quarterback skill set this season Chris. I think they'll calm and I don't think that they're doing it terrible job and I think. The game and it almost being honored at the beauty and or that individual drive what the first drive. You guys mention that when hierarchy order. Is used to design the wrong I think that jet. Specialist early in the game and it kind of put it in the heat and the coordinator. Put it in the line backers quarterback old. On opposing it had an eight bit like Enron audit the most electric. On running quarterback in the league and it seemed to be to gain that. Egypt's state in the pocket he might scramble a little bit to open structured debt wine not only in all built off. It's an adaptation and can't really move the football they were that great quarterback draw first drive on that you know got a built in the rectal. But I really think with our eyler. He has shown better ability to Oprah looked in the pocket. But why would you know take away extra element that he can get like gently rocked the world. I think that there should be more design Ron. And I think running at all in March as the bill out first now in theory is great of one you know it is. Nine games into the season that our but the wind is not the unit that it won the last two years unique to ask is that the rot and a boy. Third and nine iron and then a lot of you know been there in and and and plot net not situation that you want any quarterback and effort that our. I know that you're gonna break this down the Buffalo News segment this week but what is your data showing in terms of the bills vs a stacked box on early downs and if you don't mind. Revisit the you have talked about this and your parents passing numbers. From the pocket verses out of the pocket this season he's actually better numbers from within the pocket if you're just looking at the numbers correct. Yeah I mean I have been. All there. From the air temperature you know not because you know we are all. But his court record in the pocket going into the game again. One night nine out by the pocket it was. Out that bill. Apt to rely. You know aired Rogers well I bet you are all. He can meekly. To the ball in the pocket but they need to be I think. We need to be yet you know read option. Arm of the nine run. Away QB draw it in boulder important. An adult last night I reached at Eric knew there was that. Enrollment packet view it happens first out in new exit I and I'm sure you. If I let and a first down although like I mean partners in the league it. Was pretty well but. There's no reportedly between jumpers. Early again. You know that knee ya are but I think it is extremely predictable. And the builder Boyd. A lot of the what is it that they're trying to get at it guys you'll get it back in buy their one. When you're getting dot Earl one year high in the line and your way. I think you know bet that pretty alarming thing Eric Edwards is throwing the ball. First oh really dedicated now to the wrong at least. Chris I think you would agree with me that Tyrod Taylor it throws a pretty decent deep ball on so with that being said I understand you don't have a Sammy Walken this year and you don't have a mark he's do when you really don't have that. Finger quote deep threat beat their hope and it's a Joan and maybe develops into that at some point but. My question being are the bills taking less shots down field should they take more. I think Asia and I think although you don't have it be their picture let. That. Don't like Calvin back a minute but I. He's in good deeper. You run the port they're not gonna run people coming back into that situation. That let him run over while Earl two. It ain't. Because Google might not getting it on the efficiency. Withdraw and game that you know be Michael. White. You know I think Asia and it a lot of I think that there is the bill are going to be getting man. Whether it be tailored via the line and the region that he might well try to add communal boomer ought. And he would probably be happy with they have had an update in I mean even Jordan at the Andre called. The only mention it. We saw earlier in the heated Charles Oakley with it on the field you'd I think that ultimately. It. I'll add a little bit in and a beauty you know those articles. From Iraq in there and lover's yours. Oh. Would probably you know maybe there be an interception. Here there and actively hated every time but then once in awhile they wouldn't it your way that it wouldn't eat together. And. Well there's nowhere to go but up for this buffalo bills' team were talking with those contributed to the Buffalo News Crist possible in the sports bar with danger and the tightly a group Chris how does. How does a sandy courtesy again I. Debt are they find a day well honestly I feel like Anthony went how to LA chargers matchup against his Buffalo Bills team what can we look forward to once and it. In the second degree but the bill there are playing at human particularly good. In terms of rugby fans and we didn't really get it either build or run game. Because it did that game grip that they were you run the ball well. 37 victory 43 whatever was. Com. But I don't think it was on the court really that being in the game early yet the one law there. Did a lot of that. So they'll have another opportunity and I hate being you know the number one run deeper in the lead but until we vote. Op now and Ingram that you acted are. It probably that act as dressing bugle player now. I wouldn't be surprised you know a lot of high it and how. Attack. And then I'll I mean we don't really know our record every. Record there. And it is good news he's in the and he'd been in the past but he certainly get what he does creek now. Usually getting the ball that are eager and really met my partner at their epic pretty similar opposite that the bill. What I call a lot of right where a lot of to a program. So I think it is or he wrote in a heated it you know. Coming up to a lot that is probably inevitable there so happy after not you know these are. How concerned are you or should any bills fans be concerned. The fact Anthony win we know exactly what the weaknesses of a Tyrod Taylor LeSean McCoy etc. etc. how much is Anthony Quinn gonna play a factor in this week's game. Well I think that they really expected that the bill. Go and do what they've done for the last couple eaten there he is certainly within an election. You know error in the note though I don't like that. You know the throwing a quarter out to laugh or whatever it may be. The it is a little bit different but infinitely in it he played much. Like an. Despite polite were and then to the opposite are really there are. Certainly after he should blah blah where it was terrible. Terry. The bills are at a point where they should probably OPEC deterrent borrow that they can't Amal. Com and do exactly what they doing it all on changes. Because in England. No. I didn't see an end although the charters don't have to run an opening. Buffalo Bills contributor for the Buffalo News Crist or possibly joining us in the sports bar. With danger and the tag glee as we heard the whispers get louder on Sunday. New computer mean coming in for a couple of series which leads to you know more chatter on a Monday about Tyrod Taylor about Nathan Peerman and luckily Chris. We have somebody like you who's been doing the homework and watching football on Saturdays. Keeping up on the 2018 quarterback draft class how's that looking what's the latest. Well overall I like that are sure to that overall. Accord wreck that. Has kind of been the point that he's an end and that pretty much across the border but last week is Saturday. All. Are all wrote and art. Baker may feel kind of you know. And now into the top five I read on people on an even right can only be. Pocket at their problem. And each day they all add but more than. I kind of did it you know last year later in the eat into. Played really well and in meeting world or get date you know catapulted ended and you know huge I bought it is. Archer accorsi and he'd played true really good being back to back. Period blatantly. Jot or I'm not an injury is played better I think. If these guys continue this momentum that is an ego less. Gamers to. Then we'll start here you know immediate need in order it is that we it just took heat dial up a little bit. Chick talk a lot. Really show their true potential. I wanna focus in on Lamar Jackson enough for one reason Chris the fact that other you know levels playing the awards this week in Syracuse doesn't get this you know go by any hopes of bowl game but. Lamar Jackson is really the only thing hole in back is the size or is this girl over analyzing this does mean is the casual Saturday observer I think the guys pretty good. All he's really good and eat just from watching him even true years ago he really was. He would drop act early. Split package and like forget it Iran last year. He wanted to throw a little bit more mud and I bought me your problem with it accurate the and those Eckerd the issue remote army and certainly there's a huge gain or law. But his actors issues are well not. Yet huge arm almost like. Mike Vick what Hillary or if you are or cross appeal. I don't eat out route. And then obviously what he does Butler I think it'll be overlooked and everyone on your and are shown improvement which I think. Is what you want recorder Rick brought back. But you get port street gains of over a 140 yard rushing and he doesn't know what the honorees are. In their athleticism and speed or it. Ridiculous like pinkie someone and it and it immediately bullet that you know. Our heat streak I player but is it. Acting ability and he's only twenty years old so it is that it was it got better in each scene and he's really the only you know. Sure players you know I believe that the heat under the very go to the players are great yup I think. What he has done everything. He is the Buffalo Bills contributor for the Buffalo News Crist apostle the floors George Chris. Working him already read your work. They greet me at these problems news the end bullet. In yet or are. Mr. toss up always great avenue in sports bar with danger tag we enjoy the rest your record bug. Thanks Chris. So good. Looking at things the way he does Christa apostle certainly worth the follow on Twitter mark Jackson's. I'm really I think so well taken from this point. All he'd be available at number ten this year. They were and I really haven't. Old that DP yeah I thought I'd do a lot of football are pro days a lot of scouting that needs to be done. Before you can determine where these guys go and then it's a matter of do you have your guy I mean. What we saw last year. In teams making moves to get the guy that they want the weather was Kansas City with my homes there. Chicago with. Your business school. I don't think you can I don't think you can overstate got to think that teams when they find their guy they're gonna get their guy in the bills have enough draft capital where they can do that. Should they so choose. But you do early into the first round. Don't we know this already you cannot win if you cannot way it. You cannot lift it to pass and can't wait. You can't win if you can't go EJ Manuel you can go JP lost in you can't win if you cannot wait. He just keeps stocking the shelves I mean there's nothing to say Oregon in the craft amino. OK so Chicago next year third round to get a quarterback they really like you know draft and now. No. No let the kid play and let him develop he can give him get a large enough sample size what is LA just decided. And a jerk off. Woody who needs him. That was terrible and a import it are right coach. Working with you know you're not gonna see anything out of a guy Alex Robiskie until you get equal a coach in there who knows how to work with a guy like to be asking John Fox. The defense of mine and can't get. Dumb writing in Gina I'm sorry to baker may feel shredding defense is from Ohio to Texas the next Drew Brees bank hey he's really good soon. Block. From the standpoint damme laws I guess I got to qualify as alleged baker may feel the buffalo too don't get me wrong. But baker may feel right now all it should Arnold and end it may feel that again we yes. Stick fouls so many more weeks of the season and then every Senior Bowl and everything Els and com mind blah blah blah. I ate it in there it. They're not gonna gonna have to give up so watch to get into like the top three in the teens picking at the top are gonna wanna quarterback. So realistically. You're looking act kind of the next year LB Matt Woolsey. Long waiting yet of next in the sports Karl drink to that. We'll give you some. Compelling comments. From around the world of sports Jeanne. The New Orleans Saints just scored against the bills like I'm not a. We'll tell you who they saw why didn't. Yeah eight this is almost insult to injury for US fan get real IM in case you really wait a year ruined us seeing signs an object that is up next in the sports bar danger of tag glee on ESPN Rochester. The Sox right. Hooked rig yeah in the sports. Nice horse drawn. Terry here we are and the Yankees still don't have a man no big deal. Talk in this not a big Yankee fans support of the showed Julie from Skokie farms today danger. She says and I heard that serve much Yankee thing. Alex rod read this you're just keep hearing this is a possible name. Julie Phillips of a ride. Has baseball smarts no question about OK the guy knows what he's talking about hot. Current Yankee fan that thinks this is an idea having Alex Rodriguez as your next manager that's an idea worth exploring well. Forget about slapping on the Red Sox players and an ALCS game number seven for yelling hospitable jays infielder for making a play forget the back then he said Derek Jeter. Never knew how to lead forget all of those. Gas. His decision did she know me for a second time for years into the Seattle one year suspension for PED yeah. Niki picks Alex Rodriguez you know we years TO. Did your crazy acts. Get had some bond title Alex Rodriguez but you clearly have forgotten why it broke up in the birthplace. It may be your crazy XP you're crazy actually the pockets think about this she. What your ride due to baseball's. TV ratings. Today the nation make decisions that they don't you know I'm not. I'm saying yes I'll let you know Jane Jane I'm saying that's how they show and I'm not saying that's how they should but I'm saying. It could be me. Being could factor aren't going well they only network yes. Our. Bottom line in the book it is in business. And their job is to increase the revenues year by year. I'm not saying it's right. And not saying this is happening I would agree with this even happen there's a reason why A-Rod. Was on fox the year after he retired they don't feel good looking guys to charismatic he's Smart. Good analyst Wright gets the game knows the game Katy get your players can actually manage his way. Through situation. I don't know I don't know. But I think we can say with certainty. That if he was in that clubhouse as the manager of New York Yankees tuning in to see if he rod succeeds. Fails when she. Has not worrying was the the most important thing that you you rate I'll drink to that. Forget that it's a business unit and the saints. Are still scoring against the Buffalo Bills. Just say yesterday how there's a guy on the Denver practice squad could be nice upgrade for the bills RB two over Mike Tolbert. Well Jonathan Williams is now in New Orleans Saints. Likely replacing. Deng Alaska who was on injured reserve losing Johnson that the kickoff return injury. It's all those seats report back and let us know Williams actually contributes on special team wasn't that the excuses for for moving on from from Jonathan Willie. Yes yes yes it was danger that Jonathan Williams wasn't a player that contribute on special teams. The bills don't have an RV to. Just wondered you know who was inactive Sunday night. Might skills and it was inactive for the and we opinions. Now you bring him back if things don't work mountain I mean that's what that's what's missing one of the things in this off and having a legit number two. Certainly I would take Jonathan Williams over Michael you. And affordable option and we know we can run. Can we get the streaker is an Arby's solve them brings just that. The streaker the Buffalo Bills. He is going to be go home the first deals mafia fans a lot of ego nine and that that could agree with a just found. That you can other idiots okay take for example met with a guy who fell out of the stands on the one wants to hang our act guy right. Well he's had drawn he could hurt somebody he got fired. Put the streaker pop pop artist are you said that while this record is doing this that give this family a lap figure that one. 25 years from now I'm telling yet. Till the end of business function this guide and some will say. You're that guy or two years from now you net in the thirty for thirty on the Buffalo Bills mop yes he's gonna be the lead. Bigger congratulations Buffalo Bills fans this drink your has now become Jordan who slept. No I'm not going to raise a glass to that no way. He's just happy drunk. Didn't look so happy after he was arrested. I don't wanna read about the streaker irony you know I think it was we invited out party so what's the streaker the guy that threw Brady's go long and then on until Ron gets it wrong and I'm gonna kill the 300 section is that we're talking about this built party. Yeah that's the upper Echelon of humanity that you want to be seen with and hanging out with that in richer life solid proof to back. Panthers knew what you were doing when they. Tell Kelvin Benjamin Jean not only was a super holier Tony fifteen the season Benjamin was recovering with a torn ACL last night. They've finished. Their victory gets adult to the most net yards 548. It's second most rushing yards 294. In franchise history. I think they will be hopeful that they'll be OK without number thirteen Georgia passed. You how kinda draw I'll see it from this one it also has to do with the fact that Miami would add to. And is bad AFC. No more Miami on prime time please. So I'll drink to that so danger when my jobs here I am a lot of the advertising whatever fine advertisers how much money grabbing ponies a big soccer guy right. I would go to common today you know. He could win a lot of sick and his name is Tony yes I enjoy this I don't know yeah. All right so he eases beside himself didn't wanna talk today zone Italy not getting in the World Cup that's when he. And all bands Metallica. Look I'm sorry when it comes to US market we just got to shrug our shoulders a while. Books for Billy I know hole this easy major story not to get in the world. What it would and it's not let on Sunday more for telling carousel. The latest soccer scores really but they're all gonna be home. It's going to be like again Juventus and AC Milan scores and stuff like dampened the Italian national team who else is and in the US it's Italy. And I see Chile is not in and I think the Netherlands are not in either like these are all like clubs that you would just kind of grown to expect to see. Competing in the World Cup not gonna be in the World Cup this year Fox's got to be. All in the hole. If you feel all bad why do you for a tournament that people are going to be like. Oh yeah it's okay yeah that's all things that the sports part danger of tag Lee speaking of soccer Jeanne. The writer is making a move today actually M a moves being made that Iran has announced a Bob Lilly head coach moving on to Pittsburg. Yes. And where that story happened today I think there's a bigger write a story it's gonna happen tomorrow. They're calling it the future of the franchise is this an ultimatum. All will tell you what we know and looks warrantless. All right we'll talk to run those next we've also got to Tennessee football talk on deck. With any appearance of Yahoo! fantasy sports gonna run rough 425 for thirty. Stay sports or danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester. No sports leader and listen lives when you force them. Probably these deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions in context he'd only. ESPN Rochester dot com. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who.