The Sports Bar-Hour 1 1/12/18-Matthew Fairburn

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia starts with the news of Rick Dennison's firing from the offensive coordinator position with the Bills. Matthew Fairburn of the Syracuse POst-Standard joins us next to share the 14 best candidates available to replace Dennison.


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But sports bar with danger and attack we're not satisfied with the whole offense and it wasn't just about tyra. The bills have parted ways with postseason Rick Denis of Mike danger when you make a change in offensive coordinator you bring in a guy with a new system and everybody on the offense under the law passed it down to learn that new system are there any offensive coordinators are out there with the West Coast system that's not too dissimilar from what Dennison has already installed so that that change is it that jarring for this group when he tees. Gene protect. With Tyrod and where exactly where we were last turn away but at the end of the day the bills to pull Ronald Reagan said. Why we don't like the other options. Whether it's free agency the draft isn't fair to say dead heading into this offseason. That there are indeed better options available for the bills to go yet we. Good really good fans come. There's something for our guys to play for let's play for them. Coming here and we'll spending their hard earned money. And we have the better. Rochester sports sleek. 957. EST yeah. Good afternoon Tolbert stole and join us here in the sports bar the danger of attack earlier we've. Trichet you listening however you may be checking us out this afternoon AM 950957. FM ES PM Rochester dot com. And the free to download ESPN Rochester app might danger here Geneva tightly if there might take care great to be with you today. And and don't worry about the storm coming through Gaza sports no fear and panic Sierra. You Wear them. George. Writes. It. Were quick to write. Little Rock just were adults and were equipped we've done this before a bigot so everybody adjusts your speed it's no that gotten some conditions. And I say this now with with emphasis because I almost died on Saturday and had nothing it had nothing do with me driving. But I hit a patch of black ice on 490 west of child like coming back in from buffalo on Saturday morning after my daughter's soccer game. And it was all us all four of us in the car my entire family in the car we were fate we got passed by a semi truck. And that we hit the pack two black guys fish tailing unity and terror terrifying we didn't end up off the road but we saw plenty of cars off the road. Just a bad patch of ice in I have a feeling they are going to be plenty of bad patches by cell. Please slowed on the ticket hello who. You are adults and we can get through this. We're not surprised there are we danger. Rick Dennison on well. And of continuity and I could've gone either way on this decision I understand. The move to move on from Dennison. The returner is you get the guy you wanted in the first place. Meaning if it was a guy if you Sean McDermott and boy it was the guy you wanted. Last year and he's available now and you can get him to calm Howell to be Euro see. He's just a year behind where you wanted to be. And you can tear all around the studs. And start from scratch with a guy you have more trusting and then the guy who looked like your second choice or virtual well. And you know if you gold act to use this time last year January 2017. My name one thing the Buffalo Bills organization didn't have that they have now. That's credibility. Okay this time last year who wasn't Shawmut during news hired this was still Doug Whaley shell. And any offensive coordinator was my whole layer musgrave her. I could understand that if you're doing the pros and connotation I take this job in buffalo. And the hats not to check mark you want in the Khan's problem there would go where we call the shots other bills are now respect that I would have to believe around the league here with the rain and being Sean McDermott. I think you see with him getting the playoffs gather there is some potential here that maybe before was leaking needed to end. You know if Doug Whaley as your GM are you going to work for that guy. So I agree with that now I think that has something to do with that title that's enough. To get a dialect McCoy. To come here but McCoy is. Out of work. He's not a war and there's a lot of name's Matthew fair urges posted an article he gives you thirteen candidates Matthew fervor will join us here at. In just a little bit trying to break down which direction. On the Buffalo Bills may be going I think it's a clue danger we talked to Mike wrote that yesterday he pretty much you know can term good for my thought on NASDAQ. If you're going to make a move. He eased eight how he ease a clue that the Buffalo Bills are going to go all. Quarterback in the first round because if you've got to go quarterback in the first round. Then. My goodness you tell perspective offensive coordinator this is something that we're gonna seriously consider that makes the job all that more attractive in a year where you do we have. He's attractive candidates in the first round whether you sit there are 2220 water when you move up and get locked. The Buffalo Bills right now I do believe are in the market for quarterback. In the first round in bringing an offensive coordinator to line not with a new quarterback and develop at. At the same time it makes a heck a lot of sense. So now we wait we wait to see which direction they go but you have to assume. That they have a pretty firm at least handshake agreement with one of these candidates yes that that will be announced shortly yes. Com. One would leak may be tonight maybe tomorrow maybe Monday it OK but I do believe why didn't Dennison get let go on Tuesday because. On Tuesday there were is back channel talking about who should be dec coordinator coming in if you don't believe me. Again explain how Norv Turner got hired so quickly Carolina. By the way. I want Norv Turner I want to do better than that I wanna coordinator danger that's gonna be so cool it he's gonna be bound to be a head coach that's according to you want. What about Courtney and that was a head coach. Like Japan was boy war. Should its key gauge your Richards it's key was a head coach for one year or cork off yeah I support guy got yet Cleveland. On a McCord. But I want I don't want. That's the guy there with. In the greased back hair in the cheesy mustache mapped it to. No I do not. Wind Dan Mac can do as a new offensive coordinator he's look at the war or agents such great work as a giants off print yet okay that giants' offense was terrible Lester I saw his name pop up the Matthew -- article that's a big no danger. Yeah you saw red when you saw that picture of Ben McEnroe. Absolutely not and by the way you brought up his name earlier. North turner. Let it be known that. Nepotism. Happens in the NFL. Did you I don't shocking right. Nor does the OC norte sudden. Is the Panthers quarterback coach. Nor his brother is the pets panthers' offensive consultant and his nephew. Is he assisted quarterbacks coach. The turner family tree is now working under riverboat ronning Carolina. That can work. It is the re cycled today we talked a little bit about this yesterday the leading can Althea hired yet officially in Seattle he had heard. Brian Schottenheimer. Brian Schottenheimer who yeah. That then unfortunately Marty is bellowing alzheimer's but Bryant shot camera yeah how did he get in the leak. I don't blame these guys danger for wanted to get their sons jobs but you know for every guy we point to like norv Turner's kids well then you have. You have a Kyle Shanahan in the in you have some promise on Sanford is going Janning and Lester the offensive scoring Errol and it did some good things sell some to be said for us. Yeah and and I yum only sort of teasing when I talk about norv Turner's entire family tree being in on the coaching staff in Carolina but that does an odd. If you're trying to manage everybody that Dell was battled a do weird kind of dynamic right I mean. You're the OC and you have to manage. Your son they're your nephew I mean you really manage memory just kind of look and is now they're just getting their opportunity. They're gonna make mistakes. It's. I mean Joseph Gibbs had one of his sons on a packet not assigned. The good old Rex had his you know. Is dirt bag rather as an offensive coordinator in buffalo I mean addict yeah that baby it's Rand did in the NFL danger that your head coaching you have that power. That you. You can put on a family member do you think they're qualified. 454 ESPN I don't think you're gonna get anybody upset about the Dennison move but I just wanna explore where the Buffalo Bills go from here. And what we saw last year long and it won those reverend not gonna see this year in other words. Okay the bills transparent. Here's who were interviewing today and we're gonna bring in this candidate in this candidate in this candidate and it was four last year before the bills. Actually decided that they wanted to go with McDermott. No I fully truly believe. Their party identified their guy and now we're just kind of left speculating. Who that made the might danger and by the way if they haven't that's fine too because to me. This job is attractive. This job you don't have to build an offensive line from scratch number one number two. You're getting a Shawn McCoy I understand on the downside but it's a pretty good downside. OK you can do much worse it's a lead running back affirmed veteran like that and then number three the big thing. All clues pointing to a quarterback and you have a great defense you'd have to worry about that this. Is a good job the odd. I would say what makes this an attractive jobs for somebody isn't that you have some pieces in place it's that you're going to have the ability to build it. Since it's been torn down H you can pair. Dowd of the studs in the you can rebuild and I think that's what. They need new ingenious there are some attractive pieces but no I don't think that this offensive line needs to remain intact treat to be successful in 2018 I think you can interchange some parts. And furthermore. And I saw this from GI GG Zacharias who is AM. He's a fantasy guy but he's an analyst as well he has some some great statistics that he throws out there and today that statistic was. The average yards per attempt. For running back. Verses his teammates average yards per attempt and I know that that's a little bit about. A flawed statistic but I find it interesting when you look at LeSean McCoy. Who averaged three point 97 yards per attempt this season. His teammates averaged. Three point nine coal yards per attempt so less than ten to the yard difference between what Sean did. And what he's teammates did and that. To me for anybody want to scream at Edison was you know just up the vault to acquire you can't knock the ball Tolbert and you know criticizing you for sake if it's a shock are told we don't care who's running the ball it's it's save it. He's not necessarily wrong I mean yes with our eyes tell us that there is a big. Big chasm in talent between LeSean McCoy and Mike Tolbert I can't argue that putt. I can't argue the results and the results are fruity negligible. Less than a tenth of a yard difference and average for yards in yards per attempt between the Sean. And his teammates running back. Factor in the receiving yards. Out again right I don't know I don't know I don't know where you're telling your heart seeing it a little I'm not comparing talent. IQ I can't I can not argue that was shot McCoy is less talented than anybody but I can argue. The results and this is a results driven business. And these are the reasons why these guys lose their jobs because you didn't perform and you can lose your job. You know to beat BO if you're eat well. I would love to know what the differences between the 22 ranked offense. Had a top ten ranked offense in York to mean is it it giant chasm or is it slipper. I I think I can answer it this way danger and I'm I'm gonna goal into a little bit of a dangerous area because like I am quoting a static here that I heard it. In the playoff game was that the Sean McCall way. This year in the NFL led the league and again I don't know all this to be a 100% but is what they said in that area in the broadcast. Eighty speaking carries that went for zero or negative yards and what would that lead you to believe he goes to Europe point. Offensive line. And goes yep everybody remembers Barry Sanders okay Barry Sanders one yard no yards 17. Okay we're at that kind of point here but bush on the court in his career that he can rip off big plays. Bly. You can improve that offensive. Line. And it's getting lol in the tooth to specifically left guard in kind needle a 34 years old you've got to make a decision there if not this year pretty soon thereafter. And you can certainly do better at right tackle in a mills came around at the end of the year. I'm not saying cut deals but I use fortified there in the first three rounds on the offensive line being 21. May be two guys of the Buffalo Bills I can afford to do that. By the way do it to put a ball on this are running back comparison chart how running back yards per attempts very. And next to their teammates yards per attempt the three most valuable running backs on this chart. Cream hunt Alvin Camara Kenyan Drake all young fresh running backs with fresh legs. And and you know being the case of Alvin tomorrow when you consider that his team includes Mark Ingram who had himself a nice here. Alvin Alvin tomorrow averaged over six yards. Are attempts for New Orleans Saints this year. Insane. For for the rookie so. I'm not saying I'm not bring that up this credit LeSean McCoy I'm just bringing it up to say that. When Dennis in says things like we don't care who's running the ball it's the results that matter. And the results between the Sean running it or his teammates running it is is paper fan it's less than a tenth of New York. Well I you don't have to go deep in the Buffalo Bills history you know how quickly these things change in the league and I'm just gonna point to the bills. Did you know this danger and when he won the Buffalo Bills had a running that it averaged six point bowl yards per carry was right now and we'll house young running back. CJ Spiller. Okay what happened after that day it running backs they burn bright sometimes and then they go away my point being that. OK you know if for for do those teams those running back she I would factor in that probably one of those three I don't know which one. Oh my gosh how did it well ya be running backs common goal all the time you play fantasy football you know that record has stood litmus test of time. So. Yeah. This he would be considered less valuable than those guys on their teams because. Those players are doing that much better per attempt. Then their teammates which makes them more potentially valuable right I mean when you get Alvin Camara the ball and he's. Averaging six yards. Get the ball like. Not I don't know OK but then if you put Alvin Camara my point being okay. Who who's throwing the ball in New Orleans court defense does have to account for because they want a law against Alvin tomorrow and yet drew brief that that's the point AG and have a core back. That was threatening any defense years so imagine if you did all the sudden those numbers guaranteed it would look I had a lot of a lot better. Guarantee so it's pretty obvious what you have to fix this year. I'm not concerned at all about the running yes goal find out running back in the fourth to fifth round that you can plug and play mean hack you found Kenyan Frankie got. Mindlessly off that. You know the dolphins found reiki buddy Tom Gillis lead off the scrappy their play any instances we don't have to spend a high draft pick goal. Bring you back to the offensive coordinator your job I help identify that quarterback rumored sakic quarter back. And put that quarterback innocent successful position into when he eighteenth that's my expectation. Well. If we're assuming Tyrod is out that my expectation Jeanne would be free agent quarterback. And draft a quarterback. And opening up competition training camp. But be open to the idea that the freeagent might start at least part of next season before giving way to the rookie quarterback. Depending on who that rookie quarterback is even if you even if you move up into the top three to get to get one of the top guys. That I wouldn't want to see him certain day one unless he comes into camp and shows you something that you didn't think you're gonna see lights it up. Hmm hmm hmmm. I don't hate the way Kansas City has been dealing with Patrick Holmes. I actually think that might make a lot of sense and if Patrick Holmes is starting Kansas City next year. A year under the belt of you know in the league and the limited amount of playing time that he got towards the end of the season with Alex Smith in front of him I'm fine with that. Let's see what he looks like even Shawn Watson who who got thrust in the play probably a little bit earlier than they want them to. That was you know week one. They thought Tom savage gave them a better chance to win the Shawn Watson. Money yeah hey what's funny about as maybe they did to do Shawn Watson exactly what they needed to deal. They humbled a little bit and then (%expletive) them off. And then let him go in and go absolutely berserk when he was out there so you know we can speculate how. Everybody is different every individual is unique in how you can motivate them and how you can get through to them and how you can coach them. And my hope would be that the bills hired offensive coordinator that is a good. You know these teacher is a earlier this week in the press got a good teacher and that's good yes but I think you also need. A good manager of ego somebody they can manage and somebody that can get through these guys and understand. How the individual thinks and what motivates them. Walking into a locker room with LeSean McCoy was Shawn McCoy a who. Guy aligned himself with Antony Ling got one offensive Courtney here. Anyone save McCourt got the gunfire but it certainly didn't help. A Greg Romans cause so whoever's being hired is got to align himself and you understand what he's coming into here in buffalo. So what are you want as the offensive coordinator to got to wish for five for ESPN 454. 3776. In minutes we will be joined by Matthew severance or keys post standard. He's got a new article just stop that explains thirteen candidates. Yes that is the obvious names McCoy a is certainly in Shula obviously but. Course the mother names particularly in college I'm Matthew fair burn to join us here a little bit here in the sports. I let's let's head to the phones just really quick before we get a fair burn here in the sports bar with danger. And Ted Leo Davies in Rochester about. Dave. Yet date you're on the air hot. Oh sorry Chris Chris turner sports are autopilot. They what are we Garrett Tyrod and then at play here. Are remote. Or go to prom but yeah. Listen Chris I I see what you're saying and you know. This sample size I'll I'll be fair the sample sizes are big enough to say that humans career is over but he's got one how horrible hole to climb out of and it turns out the knock on him coming out of college. It's true it's arm strength he just doesn't happen now the good news he's you can work on that and maybe we see a stronger. Armed. Neat and Peter may and come training camp but I would have to see a lot before I would even consider him as a potential starting quarterback for the steam moving. Can Kim Lehman say we saw off eighty flash. I'm Peter man. Mean what what's the one play we can all hang our Biederman had not it. What the one pass to Kelvin Benjamin a got hurt the charger game before you weren't terribly wrong on May be. But to mean neat hearing is going to have to make a significant jump. From year one year to just to be the number three quarterback on this team. He was a fifth round pick you have as a fifth round picks a lot where their quarterback award or visit bigger cut. They cut your soup so to mean eight Biederman neck. Not now thanks let's move up. I'd like to see I'd like to see just a little bit more and end you'll be able to tell if he comes back in the office up from the offseason. And he's bigger he's stronger and can throw the ball a little bit more zip. She was on display on Sunday meaning that that pick to jail and Ramsey. It was it wasn't floated out there that's it that's not easy to pick in the NFL but it's a throw that most NFL quarterbacks make routinely it just didn't have the zip it was an easy pick programs. So you need him to be. A stronger armed quarterback in 2018. If he wants a shot at even. Making the team. Well we will be talk and some Buffalo Bills football momentarily with Matthew stare burned let's just take care some housekeeping. Happy birthday 10 thank you might danger today. Forty something 434343. Today and sold are when Harry and I can't remember when I had potential anymore gene and and it's funny and thank you now add to it was it was funny to see your office all decked out in pain yet there thanks for old part of that likes. Are posting that on now art FaceBook page it. ESPN Rochester yeah I. I was surprised I I also program 98 PX wise of the staff 98 PXY. After hours last night broken in my office. And it look like the color pink just to rule out in my office. Everywhere. Everything was wrapped in pink my computer monitor my phone. Might hey nick mine my notes mighty about blacks and frames that hang in every thing. Was wrapped in pink. And my door everything so you upon prank but walked in telling Disco lights to a Disco lights going as well so that that was what I came into the office. 2 this morning a fun surprise. We spent the noon hour eating pizza and cleaning it up that was that's not in yet we are going quickly that it that's on the culprits we all got together with a little staff launch were we cleaned up the office. And and had to beat at the same time so it was. If you know what I gotta say I never like talking about my birthday I don't like thinking about labor at wanna treated like any other I want to treat it like it's any other day. In the world reliving now on social media it's impossible to do that my phone keep my my phone battery keeps draining because of the notre pick notification to keep company itself it to anybody who is friends with me on social media who sent wish to thank you I appreciate it. On FaceBook. I don't take that for granted I'm glad your in my life and I appreciate you. You for saying hi forcing happy birthday appreciate you for listening to this. We also have us selling G coming up in the show while later today our buddy Mike the trolley hone in Boston new reports on the patriots are number violence. As of the date it's obviously a big game tomorrow night in Don Stevens will be stop combined 4 o'clock hour as I yes spreading goalie. And also. We Osama getting sent back to the hammer to both played a big role last night. Nice to see the sabres getting that win so Don Stevens tonight is the amateur home against Binghamton and more have read Iranians can write to our. Afterwards Syracuse post standard joining us next in sports toward danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester. Good super bad sports junkies can come to. Up next local sports talk you know flowery city. But John Murphy killed in a sports bar would danger and exactly. Weekday afternoons on the sports league. Yes he had Rochester. Fare in the sports bar with danger tank lid militant. The brightest minds of people that make you smarter. Just from listening to ESPN Rochester and a win here Friday without a visit for a buddy. From the Syracuse post standard Matthew fair burns joining us now on the sports bar hey Matt how are you. I'm doing well are you guys are great to appreciate your time is always met these funny how alive if things change you're so quickly in a week did last time we spoke Matthew. Your in Jacksonville were talking about ways in which the Buffalo Bills may defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars. One week later here we are in full offseason Mosul a lot has happened in the last week let's let's start with the news of the day obviously Allred Dennis in getting. Fired Matthew should anyone be surprised at today's news. No I don't think so I mean it. You know let me not sent her aggressive the way it did and only seventeen I mean the obvious targets are the quarterback in the top and took coordinator and you know the up and coordinator had to be the first one to go because. Other than timeliness element here they needed to make a decision that they wanted to jump to the final line and have a chance that some of the top candidates. That are out there are so. I mean Rick that it shouldn't. Was never really the top choice here you know they struck out on a few other top Ericsson. Ended up with pertinent and of their offensive coordinator Perry uninspiring tired of the endless bad. Yup and never really took up he kind of took apart a running game in the blocking scheme. And you know that regret Tibet. And he'd never figured out the passing game either didn't that the op and the Tyrod Taylor skilled and ultimately you know delivered a bland product and one. You lose a playoff game tent the thirty. I mean a lot page Sean McDermott at bill blocked off the field think Dakota one nagging. And so you know. Put up only three point. Let a pretty bad taste in the mouth and so it's not a huge shock at repetitive motion on the door although. It's almost apartment surprised that Sean McDermott had he you know got to you know do it right away and you know we haven't seen him. Hire coach yet so. He can't do that and act with conviction I think goes a little bit of a surprise and an apology. He almost side on his face on Sunday Elie you know the defense showed up they did pretty much all they needed to do when you can hold the team to ten point you should be able to win a game but. Not the case on Sunday for the Buffalo Bills and now the move away from Rick Dennison and Matt. You mentioned. That he wasn't necessarily their first choice what turns out maybe their first choice from last season. Is available now let's start dissecting some of these candidates from your article. Thirteen fourteen best candidates I'm sorry fourteen best candidates for the Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator position starting with. Mike McCoy who is reportedly the first choice last year correct. Yeah that was what was reported. Mike McCoy way. Pretty good candidate I mean he's run some pretty successful offenses in both Denver and San Diego. He retired he chose Denver last year you know when the bills want them in any aspired midseason so. That's helping to give you a little bit paused but he also didn't have a great quarterbacks situations so. What he has had experienced quarterback he's done pretty well. You know Peyton Manning there or Philip Rivers you know he's he's had some success but. You know the build my guilt or somebody that could developing young quarterback and there's probably some question over whether Mike McCoy is that guy had you know lack whereas maybe five years ago you saw that as one of these ride in the opposite of mind. You know maybe. People of soured on the war itself. There's thirty report from our smog says that. Mike McCoy as well as ruptured did he area are the top two candidates for the bills right now so. McCoy will definitely be in the mix for sure. Matthew reverend Syracuse post standard our guest you know you have the other. Names to it you're just connecting the dots like dot. A Mike Hsu low or considering he was with the successful Seattle program Darrell W list and I'm just curious too as to some of the names that. We aren't familiar way of some of the yeah I guess hot names in college that possibly the bills wanna go that route. You you list some of these names in your article Matthew. Yeah I've. Decided to go outside the box I'm not convinced the bill would go that direction but you know. Cabinet someone was one of the brighter offensive minded folk all just a few years ago he got fired by Texas saying now muted pink. You know if you were ever gonna make the jump to the NFL may be a coordinator role would make sense for him I'm not convinced they would do that but. Ryan Babel on down and Alabama he's a Western New York native. He coached at William and Mary look Sean McDermott was tape player there. I dabble today and assisted on that staff so there's a connection there. Matt Canada. The LSU offensive coordinator who was fired. Did a lot with nick and Peter may not Pittsburg the year before. And it had some good success in college. You know he's the guy that maybe could make it jump to the pros but again. There's not a ton of connections there. The guy I like he's not college and the job people Apollo the quarterbacks coach for the Philadelphia Eagles I think. Is a guy worth considering he's on the younger side turned forty whispering. And he's a guy that. You know it's had a lot of success. Developing Carson once and getting him into the scheme in Philadelphia and you know as. He's sort of a net Indy reed style offense under Doug Peterson and I think that might be the direction child McDermott decides to go. That's an intriguing game because. He's got a proven track record of developing young quarterback he probably had a lot of interest in ideas of the younger. You know guy. Having worked at a few different systems. That the guy I think they should explore a lot of the other guys don't let you know you mentioned there are some of guys with convection is what their agents or whether it's. You know previous stops of McDermott's career but I can be a dangerous way to go right you know just to keep an eye because you're familiar a lot of or picking a guy because he's on the job before. If you a lot of guys get recycled that a lot of guys hiring their friends. You know they should go look at a guy like people Apollo Group. Is getting head coach interviews right now and you know could be a really strong up on the corner yet he'll find an action on the day. If you're you know looking at the same old guys did and you know I'm not taken a risk I think there's there's something to. Being willing to step up on led to a. You bring a -- a little we talked to some Philadelphia guys earlier this weekend and they spoke so highly of people who oppose it almost blew it was. And that speaking negatively towards fragrant that we were trying to figure out what exactly frank correct causes the opposite corner is do you flip orders all of the work with the quarterbacks. And Peterson does all the play calling so nobody really knows what frank Reich's role is but people Apollo is somebody that is highly regarded at least eight in his hometown is in Philadelphia they're the team he's coaching for right now Matthew. What makes this job more I look back to last year and I can understand why. The bills weren't able to get their first choice and offensive coordinator but this year feels. Different and and for some of these guys what makes it an an opportunity is just that it's an opportunity to become an offense according to for the first time but. I also look at it is an opportunity not just for the person who gets hired but for the entirety you could really tire back this offense. Terror down break it down like a stack a Legos and a built back up exactly the way you want to. If you get this job. Yeah it's not the most opulent. Bill because it is the most appealing downs and one more quarterback is in place in. The Packers. Up front of court after doubt was ultimately that's a pretty appealing job go to get to work with Aaron Rodgers. The Seahawks up on the court and an opening going to get to work with brought the world and those are the most appealing job. But you know in the Panthers that was recently opened the can do. But your point you know their job as a certain appeal to it as well because it. This franchise looks like it's ready to. Hit the reset but at quarterback. And that means you add up in court they're get a hand in you know. Potentially picking that quarterback and then you get a hand in developing that guy and and like six and started from scratch with a stop them. There has been its risks in its pitfalls as well. On this topic is pretty devoid of talent at wide receiver. On the opposite declines beat him rebuilding. There's no guarantee at quarterback they pick will be a good one. Some of that. You know the charm of building me up and sent. A pattern stayed out and they're constructed. Is definitely pretty appealing and it's the type of situation where you come in and do well people beat beat down the door trying to hire you or turner at coach. Shortly thereafter so I think that it peeled here whereas. Some of those other spots you know he may be overshadowed by the guy in charge or you don't get as much credit because quarterbacks so good here. You know there's there's been an element of you know really. Get the chance to lecture coaching mottled. And helped develop along a lot of young players on op an because they're probably going to be you know picking. Quite a few offensive players in this draft. Do you think that's a selling point in other words safe for example. Carson wins but he certainly had a hand in developing them while. He he can now ride shotgun here if I'm teaching and not just him any candidate Matthew ease this. Move here by the Buffalo Bills to change coordinators. I tell that they are going to either pick a quarterback at 21. Or perhaps even more law in the draft to pick a quarterback they're good they're going to finally spend a first round pick and a quarterback. Yeah I'd be shocked if they didn't get a quarterback early and strap I mean. You don't load up on those picks that you're not looking for the quarterback you don't you know. Everything they've done kind of suggests that the direction they're going and I think they know they need a new quarterback I think it's offensive coordinator move or showed that. But probably also want to move on from their quarterback because everybody knows. There's a lot of blame to go around for the way opera has played this year and I'd be pretty surprised that they didn't call the trigger on a quarterback early I don't necessarily. Feel stronger about that because of what they did today but it does make it higher all the more important because it. You sit there are not trying to find a guy who can develop their young quarterback and that's not at a job they should be taken lightly I mean you're apt. You know I would that this guy has experience doing that now that yet if there what it is that try to do it because. As we've seen a prop believe that can be very important you don't want to hire an opposite of coordinator and have to blow things up. Again in a couple years because the quarterback. It is in the scheme more or something like that so. This is a little higher for the organization is really the start of a very you know important not even tournament. This morning put together. But to do it burned and even Jim McDermott the first item on it was deciding on benefit and so. I think this is the first step in sort of rebuilding that often and and finding the late news. Change their identity on the outside of the. Odds are it's over talking about record second round one that you fare of the Syracuse post standard guest here in the sports are dangerous tag it. And all signs point to them doing that any we heard. Randy beat earlier this week mentioned that he's he's spoken to all of the important prospects will be coming out in this draft. Matthew who do you like immediately allow let's speculate a little bit and end. I know that there's a lot that needs to be seen between now and the draft in terms of view elvis' Senior Bowl and calm mind but. You know wood and do you think that the bills in and ran it specifically who's putting this decision on his own shoulders making it his decision with the console to Sean McDermott. You think there's anybody that he likes more than any other of the prospects that are out there. I am. Said before that I think and Arnold as a guy that would. Really appealed this group of decision makers the way that Sam Arnold has mental make up his leadership. You know they got a chance to see Sam Arnold. And Josh throw that in person Brandon being and an assistant GM injunction he did plan. The bill played out now weigh those two teams are fine at the coliseum. The night before. I get the feeling he likes Sam Arnold quite a bit. I haven't had enough time yet to. Really dive into these quarterbacks so well like Cuba Arnold has a lot that he should get you excited now the problem that is. There's a good chance he can go number one or number two I don't know that the built up quite an updraft capital to get all the way up. Number water number two almost there won't the pro and a future first round pick or. You know future second round pick or something like that by. You know with the browns and giants pick and wanted to. You have to thing you know all those gains will be looking at quarterbacks. So they may not be willing to trade all the way down into the twenties. Then you're looking at the next wave of guys you know baker mayfield. Lamar Jackson. Joshua Allen I mean. Mason Rudolph I guess you could throw into that mix. That that's where things get a little bit trickier in terms of who would fit who would they like. I like what I've seen from baker may feel that I think he's a talented quarterback he's. A guy that even though it is a bit shorter need another attitude questions about them. He has. You know about leadership they look for beacon throw from all different arm angles he's super accurate he's got I think I'm not arm strength. And not mobility. You know make teams pay. That's another guy you might have to trade out. Right into the top ten again so if they want one of these guys it's going to be an interest staying. Cat and mouse game the Caribbean has the play on draft weekend you know didn't sit back and wait. And see who all blurred the you know make you aggressive move to climb all the way up the draft board and find a way to get the guy that you really rely so. There's a lot of time between now and then burn a beetle prior have conversations with every team picketed in front of those so out of quality conversations with these quarterbacks and the people close to these quarterbacks and you know eventually come that is decision but it's a bit at first true test for and that's the general manager the first. Thought these and he gets. To dive into that its first older apps so mentioned it to see how he handled. And you relieving your right to where I was going to map the I. I wonder and I I think we could probably debate this whether you know whether makes cents and up is there always dumb. To letting the draft come to you and staying put in seeing what's left at 21 if and only if you don't love let me absolutely law of any of the guys you would go up to reach for. Yeah I mean there's. Always. You know a bit of wisdom and not you know being too aggressive then and sitting back and letting things come view but. When it comes to quarterback in the senate and in the NFL I mean. If you follow what one of these quarterbacks and they get a chance to be a franchise guy there's really not a price which to. And having a quarterback can mask a lot of other four are that you might have on the opposite side of the ball also. I think. I'm not gonna adherents say that Bernard B shouldn't move up the board because. If you feel strongly about one of these quarterbacks. And he absolutely should move up that can do everything he can't because if Sam Arnold the franchise guy and another uniform. And Brandi dean really wanted and I'll be kicking themselves. For years a much because by the French are kinda zone so there's no guarantee he'll get one of those guys that 122 but we have seen. In the past. The bill's error herb not just to build other teams. You know I have ever let the board of the diamond and gotten you know some good talent to build Patrick maybe it's light at 27 I mean. Other teams to avoid it around and some of these quarterbacks in the ears and even on down to board a little bit so. There's something to do that but I think that the opposition. You need to act two is a certain degree of conviction because. You know that there's only so much waiting around you can do and counting on other teams. To pass on garden. I think that's why you know there's a little bit of that urgency to move up the board. Betty severance Syracuse post standard Matt you are just wanna get your thoughts on not a weekend divisional luck football here coming up four playoff games. A Matthew all the for all underdogs in this game and keep in mind that Philadelphia actually is an underdog against Atlanta home. Which underdog you think has the best shot of advancing to the championship round. That's an interesting question I'd do if I do think Philadelphia has the chance I mean that this is all gonna fall on Nicole I mean. If he can play well enough done the Eagles have a chance that they've got a strong defense. And a good supporting cast around sports. So you have to think that that they can hang in there but the whale lamps that finally going to be tough you go to new England and it's just hard defeated titans. You know be unity that can even go toe to toe with northern and I feel like that could get. Fairly ugly games on Sunday I think you're going to be interest in because you know the viking is saying. You know those are two teams. I've played well all year that could be a look at you know. Which seems sad that the Super Bowl and acting that's. Real slugfest that I'll look forward to watching him you know. I think the jaguars do have a chance against the Steelers they've beatable for the pretty handily and Ben Roethlisberger talked a lot about wanting another shot at the jaguars are. Like portal played. Terrible. You know Sunday against those but. Even if you played you played in a similar game against the Steelers the first time they killed the Steelers so I think. I think the jaguars have a real shot in the acting and I really do Iran it'll depend on Antonio brown and all but. I guess that I had to pick one of the Dodd that prospect Jack. I like the Eagles Alan be watching the Eagles defense. Atlanta undefeated this season and they score seventeen or more points. And I have a feeling if the Eagles defense can kind of hold Atlanta that that that that's their chance right there defense steps up nick falls doesn't make. Too many mistakes although Atlanta's defense boy. As they've been looking fierce as of late that that's going to be an action game and I like that Minnesota New Orleans game to announce an epic that game is going to be entertaining I I don't. I might I want to believe that Minnesota can win at home but I just have a hard time seeing. Minnesota getting past New Orleans on Sunday. Yeah that's what is a very you know everybody's watched case keynote all year and he keeps exceeding expectations. Every time he does you know you still don't think he's gonna do it the next time that so. You know. That's what makes that game so interest in because that everywhere else on their roster you know they're. Loaded with talent and you know have the ability to make a legitimate run to the simple wall which is being quite at their own stadium. But. You know the quarterback question of the real one and you know get to bed on Drew Brees or a case can you know you're probably bet on greed but. You just never know. You know the way the defense is supported also defense all year long and that's going to be a really entertaining game. Matthew look at fort of the Danes also look at Ford to the Senior Bowl member you were down their last year so Golan this year and not. What war what are you looking forward to the most there what no one answers so. Do you what questions you want answered day as you're looking forward to what covering the Senior Bowl this year. Are going to be it really interest in the week because the quarterback group is loaded down there this year on Joshua Allen and baker made fielder daunting nature of the Rudolph will be there. I'm Mike White from western Kentucky Luke's fault from Washington State's so there's a taller quarterback talent. There's quite a few talented wide receivers included James Washington from Oklahoma State so. Definitely loved seeing all the talent down there Sean McDermott will be down there this year which was not the case last year because he's putting together its status. And and Bernadine rather sit down there as well so. Published it to see you know other interacting with the quarterbacks and I think you know it's good to see a quarterback and that's setting because. You know he has to adjust to a new teammates sometimes you have to adjust to a new offensive. A little bit of uncertainties see see how these guys are coached. And how they handle coaching and how they handle their teammates. I tolerated interest in week and obviously get pick the brains of some of the scouts that are now learned get a peek behind the curtain has to. You know how the eighteen Israeli tank and how they view these these prospects so it's always. Good few days a learning them they're mobile. Matthew fair bring you can read is working New York upstate dot com Syracuse post standard I require required reading for Buffalo Bills fans the fourteen best candidates. For the Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Matthew well let's make a date for for Senior Bowl week I'd love did get get your thoughts while you're down their mobile and talk to you sooner I. You got that we can Matthew fair for joining us unfair on Friday with. With great insight as always that if you miss that we you're jumping in late we talked about some of the candidates. Some of the obvious names and some of the not so obvious names but. To meet danger I just keep coming back to this do you want recycle all the tar and would you wanna hungry guy. That wants to become. Head coach and I look at the way. That they filled out the front office and they rotting guys in Brian Gay might get that you know opportunity as a Jia. So as far as Sean McDermott. Young guy relatively speaking. To me. All of the names we've been venting about people of ball of of Philadelphia. Mayo experience developing Carson whence. Let him on the show somewhere that's an interesting name and I'm curious of the Buffalo Bills are exploring that right now. Well we won't hear anything obviously about the flip blow until after the Eagles season he's done in this week he's been kind of in off hands because the you know because preparing for a playoff game but it should. Philadelphia lose this weekend then yeah I mean we do we hear something to show Monday Tuesday that that's. And native Philadelphia wins and you don't hear anything perversely that we're kind of left to believe that okay that the bills are actually kind of waiting for their guy again this is not. Again if we mention this this is not Rooney rule we're not going to learn. From the Buffalo Bills themselves who they're talking to they don't have to tell us this so wore on I need to know basis when it comes do you know who they're talking to right now in their eyes. We don't need to know. There right now for all we know they already have their guy that I know I am crossing T cell I would believe that I might not even come down to who they have left to talk to. Great conversation with Matthew fervor and yes will have before you want to that shortly ESPN Rochester dot com Gino let's. Let's take a break here come back we'll play I'll drink to that what we do will give you some provocative thoughts from around the world of sports you can agree you can disagree you can always. 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