The Sports Bar-Hour 1 11/9/17-Sal Capaccio

Hour one of today's Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with a review of MMQB's playoff predictions where 11 of 18 analysts and writers have the Bills ending their playoff drought. Next, Bills radio sideline reporter Sal Capaccio gives us a Bills-Saints preview. Finally, the term "duvet day" gets introduced to the guys in a round of "I'll Drink To That."


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But sports bar with dangerous for exactly from inside out we believe that it does to the schedule is being one of the best upstairs we have brought their improvement from the ground. Come about some of the summer. I was with a good team. Also quarterback and solitude to govern itself. Sports. We have to get before when there were six of thirty brings a lot different. That happens it's those governments who take their business we'll focused on this this opponent you know this is a good opponent in. They're six and two 16 straight so. You know wherever hands folded got to prepare to play well. Mike danger but critics although we didn't six game winning streak is just more I was gonna say do. Chamber exactly and play and Benjamin on the feel the same time. You know have a week to figure this out here but that's intriguing to me. I've definitely big to get. We are always good to give them opportunities a great place. My job just we go shopping has offices is up for welcoming me to watch them play very. Rochester sports leader not 57. EST yes. Good afternoon pulled the still enjoy this a sports bars open for business on ESPN Rochester and phone numbers for the fourth. ESPN 4543776. Also worth your time on Twitter follow us at ESPN Rochester I am Mike Dietrich and good afternoon she'd attacked. Actually my danger you get is nicknames like Rico right yeah guys tell conservatives Rica it's up to me it's have to Rico. It if you don't know Rick Dennison. I guess he does look a little bit old light the uncle Rico character from Napoleon Dynamite to throw this football of those mountains over there. The only would make states. If he uncle Rico how is hockey less than a day. With the ship I'll have you know your co host on the show we did high school that's all that. I've peaked in high school. Now the hockey lesson that was fine disappointing loss for the premature shooters. Giving up oh game winning goal. With under twenty seconds left in the game now to build groups that I realized I assume that I was not. I was even for the night. A plus minus was even for the night. Final score 43. Last night at the spokesman Richard shooters this. Third loss of the season. Gonna make it tougher post season run we need some help we need some things happen. And we need to its mortgage it's obvious. But we get to skate with are but he warned from the amateurs gave him. There Sharon upturn. In spirit he was out there cheering us on he was not skating with dozens and he's recovering from a groin injury to Schneider who you can hear. Before and Merck's hockey here on ESPN Rochus at this point loss. Not a sore today as I thought it would be. To the faceoff and dude I stepped right on the biscuit and oh boy did I fall like I would doubt it's like just. Think it's you know won the draw stepped on the biscuit. It tied up that the sediment and just landed randomized about it more sorts it not too bad. And it early games on early and not as bad as as normal. So your feeling good today good we'll talk some bills here today yes excited we got a lot going on here in the sports or danger tightly OK so we are at it like you a work in progress. We had scheduled to join us today Amy dash. Who zeal legal expert at CBS sports and WFAN in New York she is a busy covering the easy kill Elliott's. Hearings that are. Haven't really aged just wrapped up okay. And that's all we know that's so I know we're gonna have news one way or another you would think before 6 o'clock cell. Yeah Amy dashes. Eight job if you will got in the way legal analyst for WFAN in New York but. Talking about her article. About what could be coming up in this calling capturing Trout danger you've heard the expression. Let me grab my popcorn. I'm gonna grab my popcorn because of some of the stuff happens that she's teasing as she did the article we tweet out. I'll grant I have all all I am all and if it's any of this comes to fruition I am all in. That they're looking for that smoking gun an email or text message or they're looking to see if they can prove implied. Collusion they're gonna try and build a case. Where it looks like the NFL is acting so there that they're the hypocrisy. Is so great that the only thing this could be. He's implied collusion. Well network panic it's great and I loved talked a legal legal analyst help make us smarter on this because. Collusion or EO. Estimate doesn't fall under EE all in danger right if if I'm Bob McNair owner of the Houston Texans like get on the stand and I say you know why. Hiring that guy is bad for business in my community I will never do it Sar. Nobody is saying that why nots nobody quiet okay. But. Yeah you have legal grounds is down right I don't want to hire you because. Up XY and Z. If you would then say hey I picked up the phone I talked to Terry Google we both agreed we're not worried that that's where it gets a little lower. Then this that omission that the idea that that not a single coach your owner has said publicly. That they're not gonna hire cap predict because he's controversial. Or because he doesn't stand for the anthem would be bad for business. That automation. That's a piece. Of cap next case. That there is B. Secret agreement among owners that implied. Collusion so. Just that alone. I admit I wanna know I want to know what these coaches say I wanna know what what geragos and his team find it. When they're going through that this these mountains of digital data. And Amy dash is covering it all four source CBS sports and WFAN. There are articles Grady Amy dash dot com we created out yesterday. But she sure is scheduled to join us in the 4 o'clock hour she will not be joining us before like her she's running around. You covering the musical Eliot case and we will hopefully get her on. Next week. Let her you know get us updated on that wouldn't give us the latest on the Colin catchy. She actually told me that she might have some bigger calling capita news next week. That she can't share with me right now. These lawyers. Well. OK so bad. That's compelling and he's right if you ask them Alli she's she's got some think she knows something's happening with Catholic she's not allowed to say. But smoking gun yeah okay. Geragos is not taking this cheese. For notoriety. As his number one reason east is case because he knows he could win that case. And all of 32 teams out there. Times how many employees. With access. All it takes is one optics is one employee. The Ford and emailed. Out of the Ray Rice thing camp. Somebody in that casino there wanted to call we have to allow for their hypocrisy so I'm actual war. There's something out there a danger that meeting the NFL doesn't even know about but it would be enough. And for the league right now and while we're talking there's there's other breaking news story here. That Roger Goodell apparently the NFL has been okay his contract extension. Okay. It took his shoulder is critical flipping mad and he's gonna sue the leak well. Okay Roger this on you and congratulations you got your contract extension apparently done. Oh my gosh. If you. Somehow. Weren't ahead of this mean. Pre season. Days before we come on the air two days before our show debuts danger. Colin Capra reveals all you had to do was take the play from the David Stern playbook. Mean this happened once upon a time in the 1990s. In David Stern said you know what. Were all for social justice. But this is a bad look for our team and Mahmoud Abdul rules you'll stand for our National Anthem. And if you don't you're gonna get suspend. You could have been out front office and you we would add that suspension Norwood had a male Coppola would add something from Colin camper next. But Roger Goodell like many. It in this league didn't read what could happen with this story which is mushrooming get worse in crocodiles. Number one played his playbook is our you know it'll blow over well it is the media all beyond the the next thing. Didn't blow over the Ray Rice in fact it got worse it came back in a ditch. And with the whole Colin Capp critics saying end here on our enemies NFL Donald Trump being one of them after past Malvern not once but twice. GAAP data that came back to bite you so. Running is around danger I cannot wait. To see what geragos his team comes up with because I'm sure he's got something. Yeah I'm in. So we'll have Amy. Joining us next week shall give us the Amy dash should give a slowdown what's happening with cap and a trial the only doctor next week she she's got some dirt. Looking forward that. Or talk with bills radio Sadler reports soccer got you here a few minutes in sports a 1520 minutes from now. That we had a scene seven reporter we better have our guy cell where you here on her station here and I'll get the latest now from one bills drive. Builds a home underdog danger against the saints. How people pick the bills in this game. As a fan gene do you like it win. The bills are favored or when they're an underdog I feel like whenever we believe. Like last Thursday. Almost unanimously. That they were going to win. That they let us down they lose I feel like at the beginning in this season we will overwhelmingly said. This is a six in ten team that they're proving us wrong like the opposite seems true of whatever the critical mass that is out there that exists it is. Will rule which direction do you prefer because I've found something kind of interesting today that I wanna dish. There all right that'll locate a just from this season alone and I IC we're going -- a little day. Nobody thought the Buffalo Bills win Alanna they did lot of people and think they beat Denver I think that was 5050. I've certainly. The Buccaneers. And raid raiders games the box many people were picking Tampa next game I think. Wait fans. Get the most enjoyment from his when you're an underdog and you team pulls it all off. Right is anybody gonna be excited when the Buffalo Bills beat the colts in December oh yeah I guess but now that's not the one but it you beat New England who. To a lesser extent but still. Comparing which which one will fill that win over the colts where you're gonna get double digit favorite home in December again it's gonna mean something. Or when you're the home underdog against Drew Brees in the saints. And Tyrod Taylor out dueled Drew Brees. Answer questions when your team as the underdog thing that's when you feel better. So going in this Sunday as an underdog they pull off a victory that nobody expects them to pull off for feel pretty good on Monday. But. Do we if we all say unanimously. The bills or car. Did there's no way they're New Orleans is when this weekend if we all unanimously believe that and the opposite happens right. No not necessarily is I think we all believe that belied. I we're getting always getting into a lot of emotional stuff right there as well aggregate up but I I guess stumbled across the MM QB article where. Peter king and his staff. Make their Super Bowl 52. Predictions at the midway point of the seats are cases these are revised Super Bowl this is your halfway through the season. Eight games in. Who's going to the playoffs who's winning the Super Bowl. And given what we know right now the bills. This season ended right now the bills would be at. That crazy. Now 53 era. Five and three better. Then what we anticipated better than I think anybody can predicted. For the halfway point of the season for the buffalo opens. But we're any experts the so called experts have the Buffalo Bills finishing the season. Yes eighteen a panel of eighteen experts in this article. Seven how many of the eighteen experts how the Buffalo Bills. Making the policy amp for the point of this purposely. I cannot read this article I'll play along here with the audience. Eighteen. Ten of the eighteen. You're close 11 June 11 of the eighteen have the Buffalo Bills. Making. The playoffs. Jane would you be shocked. To know. That handful of these experts how the bills advancing to the second round of the playoffs. So nobody has them winning your division Ryan nobody had to say OK so if they're getting in they're getting and has a wildcard. Ten deep. All have a mall it is a wild card not catching up in the wing went all vol 1111 excuse me eleven. We should point out bottles away game behind New England is based ointment twice but. Nobody's counting on New England fell apart here. They have them winning a game well I guess because if you're going to be the wild card let's look at your either love for the five which means your not gonna face the wonder that until we you'll get the three of the four. If you avoid Pittsburgh you're getting the itsy Sudbury think is seen in the Buffalo Bills are going to Jacksonville where they're going to Tennessee. That's a winnable game certainly it's a winnable game you pull off what you get up this seat. Actual law. You got a shot that. Buffalo is the six in you've got to go to Kansas city of Pittsburgh in a while it's fun to be there but thanks for coming but. Hi I would see if you're the fifth seed yes you showed winning game. 13. Of his experts have the bills advancing. To the divisional round six of the wow all have them advancing including. A handful of picks over those Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the playoffs believe it or not now Peter King. Does not he has them making it is a six. In the wild card but losing to Kansas City at home. I'm just gonna scroll through this and and rifle through some of I found it fascinating Albert Greer. Has buffalo getting in his is succeed and beating Kansas City a three seed in the opening round. Advancing to the divisional round take on the top seed Pittsburgh Steelers. Four in bounce a Pittsburgh nobody has a by the way in the AFC championship now appointment. And New England is almost unanimously. A one or two seed with all these experts. Jenny threat Prentice. As buffalo and is a six against Kansas City in the first round bouncing out. Robert Blanco has buffalo and is a five. Beating Pittsburgh for. Advancing to the divisional round but before getting kid beat by a New England. Or OK. Greg bishop has buffalo and is a five seed. Advancing to the second round beating the four seed Tennessee. Before losing to united so likely scenario the bills are gonna again as a fly again. Jonathan Jones. Has buffalo advancing is a five seed beating Tennessee a four seed. Before losing to New England in the divisional round. Same can be said for mark graphic who has than beating Jacksonville foresee before dancing to take on Pittsburgh so there's there's hand. A couple of experts there. Believe it or not that I think not only the bills make the playoffs. But the bills. Advance to the divisional round of the playoffs. Yeah if you look at the standings and bills have a game up on all these other teams so I guess my question is of eighteen. V8 experts dangers that do not. Have the Buffalo Bills getting it almost getting in the saying that Miami is gonna put it together all over the are they saying Baltimore. Okay Miami Jake halt or Baltimore with old Joseph Flacco. Houston's done they're not going you're really really Philip Rivers and the charters to rebound after three but Denver is at three of five. One of them has the chargers getting in is a sex now the chargers. Saving beat the jaguars. OK and safe bills lose. To the saint. That's possible this week right. All of the sudden. That game in LA makes me think yeah that we're all canceling in I'm not but. Yet that that's a team that at three of five right now mute it's almost like you're rooting for Jacksonville to run away and hide with that division at this point in time QB. Jacob Feldman has Oakland getting in as a sex. So does Andrew Brandt of MM QB. Crystal ball Quinn but benchmarks it has Baltimore getting in his assists. Remember The Beatles that's a big win over the raiders news radio station 97 bills finish at 97 what's the first I reichardt had ahead. Had bad bad endorse and has Cincinnati. Getting in as a six since there's a three and five right now. And the bills of five in theory but that's the one you don't have the tiebreaker. Mark graphic we just mentioned has buffalo advancing to the divisional round beating Jacksonville in the first in the in the wild card weekend. Has Baltimore it is a six seed against New England three. Which seems. In Kansas city New England they finish with same record Kansas City gets to seat right. Cyber them yeah. There's another Oakland getting in is a sixty from Connor or. Tennessee and Oakland both getting in Tim Rohan predicting Oakland's a five Tennessee's a six. Yet to help me with that she never understand where you think Oakland would get in before buffalo if they finish with the same record it. Can you need all you need the bills the fall apart right and enact. That's predictions that builds the fall of all right Ed that that's what this is in from him yeah you the next board gains again. We could be looking at five and seven in the blink of nine here Merry Christmas. I honestly you cool. So cardinals fans that's a reality you lose the saints. And the NFL is so tough to win on the road. To get since 2004. You can just say it's not a really a road game but since 2004 the bills have won just one. Game on the West Coast team last year against programs. At that that's not a lay up next week that's my point arrow had it. And send new swing away. Is that the chief stuff when they go to air ahead. They do they don't we entrenched. Yeah yeah yeah yet still this isn't any show our. Yeah triple X this season feel different though when they're going into Atlanta and beating Atlanta and game that they're not supposed to win in the win at the way they want it. With ten men on the field on the final offensive play of the game and there what is happening that's why. Because of what's coming up on the schedule. And you could say well the tiebreaker zoos in the one you need to have no it is the one you gotta get the saints. Because for the bills this David course here you got got a breaking even in these next four games next quarter of the season to win two. Get this one off front and then on the chargers. Chiefs of the patriots in home. One of the three okay not going to be patriots. Now it's either the chargers the chiefs. Are. You gotta get one of those two men that would quit you had sat in that and high. Seven and five. Polite 1180 she don't know the percentage of the 75 team make in the post season guy Edwards at thing. You put that look that she might not have right right here. Sitting your wallet check your wallet next picture is he your kids up and carried it with you ever wearing an hour now. Are monsters do any to pull up to a boo will ideal political Mercury news at I question robbery or the kind of miss Jean what's gonna be over there. Him so I what I wanna know 7575. I've got it you. Seven and five. 75 only gives you. 50% chance them because there was more there right now you know. So. What let's see six and three. Keynote. Them off topic had you remember what six and three percentage of six and three teams making it to the post season I stadium grass is 7372. Of them until 72. This is according to that this is that a collection of data. Teams have made the playoffs I thought I had met I had this memorized since 1995 since 1990. Six in three teams 72% of the time make the post season. 73 teams 82% of the time. Two big game to game to got a half. More than anything more than the outcome I'm curious about. The effort. If we see. A lack of effort like we saw a week ago tonight. Now I'm starting to get nervous. Now it's not feeling like a sports season or invaded. They get expo. Is the pencils on those and pass rush going. And Trey white is making mistakes beating the team does not. Of the available say they could get exposed I'd argue they've already been exposed I mean this is a different defense. From a performance standpoint since week five then what we saw at the beginning you. What what's. Yeah yardage wise absolutely but what's saved them has been the takeaways and if the yardage stuff continues but you're not taken the ball away that's bad formula. At that that that would that's how I would summarize that. If this ends up away being a New Orleans. Seventeen point Wii game. That we're saying danger that if you're you need the bills a least it. The fight to the end but it Drew Brees throws a touchdown pass less than a minute rain remaining okay that's the NFL you're gonna lose handheld game like this and there's no shame in. Losing to all fame quarterback at that point. Yeah I'm saying if the effort is there then not feeling bad about goings into Los Angeles beat the chargers. Expedience chargers. But if the effort isn't there on mr. question whether or not this team has a heart to make to the post season. I think. That that's were from watching more than anything aunt and can they establish the run game I mean you're gonna have a hard time. Against this saints' pass defense. Can you get LeSean McCoy going you were able to do it against jets can you do against the world's. It's Alan here so out of touch she'll buffalo bills' sideline reporter for ways from one bills tribal. Get all the practice notes in see how he's feeling about the size of Sunday's game suck but you WGR buffalo bills' sideline reporter joining us next. In the sports part danger and the tag Lia on ESPN Rochester. It's always ESPN Rochester we really appreciate it no contest my arm yourself with the knowledge. Prices when you. In Rochester dot com. Broadcasters pigskin pick up when. It's the bills are hosting the sinks this weekend at the gap coverage starts Sunday morning at nine on eight and 950 and 957. Am damned sports leaders ESPN Rochester. Just thinking to myself Gina a lot has happened with the Buffalo Bills this last time we spoke to self taught you in sports bar. Yeah we had a big big trade deadline that bills lost on Thursday night football sells a busy guy these enough to give us a few minutes here Sally. You trust some warm months Sunday sell its going to be finally Western Europe whether runs on that. I'm really be too bad gardening what book were pocket and motivate forty. Not completely. Know what okay. The remake it with me on the sideline. Or arrange it just I'd rather have a knowing. But they were to be okay but they're out of I. Well we appreciate your effort is always is speaking of efforts salad you know. We didn't see much of it a week ago tonight the Buffalo Bills to get the sense that. That coach McDermott has reignited this team since Thursday we can see better effort on Sunday. Well I think the second part of that is yet in the us you better upper. I don't think you know reignite interest not exactly what Honda. You know he's not at all. Mean you know run and in this story in the locker room yelling guys it's really more about. Getting back to doing what do everyday you backed your fundamentals and he talked a lot about it a lot about. You know trying to. Standard. Every single a debate where you work hard it is to put the work in in due course you do it. He noted that that was not a good game obviously but. You know you you just get back to work you do what do. And I don't think it fire brimstone type deal I just think it's a eight we understand that we played poorly we expect her fundamentals and we have to work hard every single day to. Play better but I do get the sense. That the players were embarrassed by their performance on national television. They know what's at stake here and act because you're better. In this game made normally when say an NFC opponent is is important is a divisional game by. Where is what's coming up behind it on the scheduled to roll games followed by New England cell odd does this game take extra importance for the Buffalo Bills. Well look I mean. It's one at sixteen they're all they're all important enemy Alec cliche but I'll play because we to kind of try to Parse it -- station to think about well. If you're gonna lose one of the next you'd better when it was the best one app or game against chart right. That's true that there's no rule that kept lute won the next two up and down you know I think that it. If you look at the next four honestly guys I think if they go to into in this sport games stretched to sit pretty good. And you know looking at. Breaking that up I'll beat it like being 97 might get you in India in the air this year at the same time I don't think back in the schedule at all. That off with two Miami game and indeed but. This game up and export actually at the rink and the the important. The least important is not a conference game. They are gonna collapse of the game this year but. You wanna go out and let them back at the even. After just undergoing three wonder first quarter two and two in the second quarter so I don't think you'd put any more important than a regular reason to be quite out of Libya. If you're gonna have you're gonna lose one of the next or any of them this is the one that actually probably Italy witnessed an. Suck much or joining us in the sports barging German tightly on ESPN Rochester also since the last time we spoke with you sell the bills. Made a splash at the trade deadline Kelvin Benjamin. Starting his first game for the Buffalo Bills on Sunday what are fair expectations. For fans who expect out of Calvin. Well I think he. Can it be. A part of the game at a party are and I actually suspect you'll like quite a bit it might even our you know Hewitt goes. I think though people are expecting him to go out there it is cash notes and ultra kindergarten. So little too unreasonable obviously. But. I think you'll get this year target will be involved the game plan and I think what he does really though it. He blew all the chess pieces around them better spot now Jordan Matthews doesn't have to be outside receiver he played a lot where he made a lot of as. Really good work in the NFL when affiliate we're back. They don't at practice this week he is now looking good to be out there on Sunday we'll see that he can also be a more slot guy now so I think. Are we kind of plays their natural position. Not only Zeta-Jones not practicing recording Glenn not practicing today are they being extra cautious with Kleiner is that real concern that. You might see Dawkins left tackle again and south. All of the concern I mean it or or now. We're now. At Thursday at a weekly data at ten days to get ready get on the field in practice though. At this point I don't see how it plays on Sunday and let's get a quick turnaround now. Chartered in the current did tell us. After practice it. You'd still considered day to day and you know he could change you seek it out there tomorrow they're gonna try to be up there probably the other tomorrow. Maybe that bode well earned by neighbors as of right now. I think you know your your already by by now been planted it. So tomorrow really horrible walked through so I think. We probably are looking India Dawkins playing starting maybe according to one not playing at all but I think it's turning more toward the end right now even if Corey does. And sell you mentioned say not a practice again today in we saw him return from what looked like a more severe injury than what it actually was. A week ago tonight you feel like he might not claimed by the way is the last time we spoke to another thing of of his age oh we were trying to debate whether or not. He should get more time or less time innings they had. His best game is a probe going a week ago before that injury. What's the status Rosie Jones on Sunday. Yet again that according once you get to this point that we can you haven't practiced it doesn't look. And considering date and really look. Also considering that back to figure that Kelvin Benjamin now it you know it you'll. You know I'm not saying that they would they all we need in Russia backed I think that obviously not what they would do but you know I think you know that you couldn't in the rookie and he you can take a look I would appear to get him right and you know you have a little more depth at the receiver position so maybe could be extra cautious and that's an aerial. I don't see they don't plan on Sunday the way for. Telkom pot chillier here is sideline reports coming up Sunday has led the bills and saints 1 o'clock to kick off here and ESPN Rochester. Our guest here in the sports bar the seats as we know six in a role they won but. This is the debate we were having on our show itself. Six overall volleyed it was okay we take this in reverse against the box team that really looks disorganized right now might be mailing it in. I you have a bears team that dating portal weigh in Stravinsky. I against the Packers team without their writers like point being what do you make of the saints yes these are wins but the kitchen team to the right time here. Yeah I mean. Cam Newton is probably good but inactive in play very well equipped quarterback he might mean now. You know in in your point adequately then. A great group of people talk about the bills were able to be mr. that you kick the kind of like that but look everywhere in count about the matter. No one gets the play after doesn't get the aspect that I'll point out of all vote to mean it wins are wins and losses are losses. I look at this thing you know I'll tell you paid they don't have a whole thing quarterback I mean Drew Brees is great. And he literally eye level or hospital and the best part about that is they're finally balanced in this past game in the run game. Good mr. breezes and they can run the ball now they have Mark Ingram and it Alec Mara and I really liked what they can do on offense and they can spread you out that. Accurate multiple ways. America a great job with the ash receiver. They can do a lot of different things. On the other end on defense I I know that played a lot better and I'm gonna give credit for that currently happening is a really good job since week two when they were 02 in. They had given up like getting 500 yards in one game. 400 the other. But they're so susceptible to the big blank. I think their their. Aggressive and maybe overly aggressive at times that's quite scored and decrypt but it also why they've given up. More twenty yard run been more forty yard passes. In any peace and Italy Mexico I don't categories the most so I think there are an opportunity for the bill I'd be a good thing. They shouldn't be discounted but you're point aggregate unit. That federal looks great that you had a dot died in the numbers there are some questions about. He's got me salivating when you mentioned the twenty yards the rushes of twenty yards. Or more and any leads we don't know what I'm curious about with with this running game with Buffalo Bills running game what's gonna take to get LeSean McCoy going on Sunday. While up at the point is that I mean simple that it there's no no magic formula outlaw candidate that can play better and it played. Portly on Thursday last week at the jets. Call it you know you're short week and lack of preparation guys in. Currently Richie was banged up whenever I mean it doesn't matter he mr. keep an illegal short week. No excuse to have to play better. And I think it's you know against the team that say that when I look at that they remind me a lot be out to be where there are a little undersized. But he liked the ball and you know you can maybe ticket that you have in the power game a little bit so. I wouldn't be surprising that the case that would be surprised if Patrick DiMarco at and they roll a big role that we are as you know running. Straight guys. Opening up the old Willis John but the bottom line is up in the wind is at the plate that are individually 11 at the block letter and that's what would help it was comical ago. Well I mean Howell as the offensive line. Indian pass protection how much of it is Tyrod scrambling a row I guess will be part one part to mean leading to Tyrod here self. Eight days until you win these games and they do it in a way where they're put enough points. I can almost see the Sunday night halftime show on NBC may be talking about Tyrod Taylor out dueling Drew Brees is that. Will what is it gonna take to get it we've had this conversation to get people behind Tyrod while meeting this might be the week my gosh. They put up points against New Orleans and Tyrod had a better game than Drew Brees. I wrote over it or right it may just come. 88 I so I I. The deal here at the outlook that the casino down bottom up like this period there last week. Pride I don't there and the guy comes Mahan. That is he goes where you know they're actually our game iiroc exposed that he's not. Currently it is what probably some people saw that we have people think I mean I putted well actually get it get out of this thing time. I have plenty of people would tell me and I can't believe people have bought in the hierarchy it would you you know it 82. Understand how good he is moderate. You get both sides and it's amazing. On the other cute at all it somewhere in the middle I think our it was a quarterback you can win with. I don't think carrier football team for weeks on end. A lake or Rogers or read a great rate I can't but you know I can't hit it quite honest with you guys are you lead and really write so. Well I I think the one good thing is that at least most fans. I have not heard many people at all calling Britney and Peter and that's for sure we did. In the preceded an early on in the regular season I think parents solidified himself the most in mind that. We got to pick and roll it again in the basket lately most logical our people understand that and I totally agree with that. And I think that he's played pretty well this year but the at a lot of wrote I mean. He's becoming a better pocket. Passer part of the reason most active. Irregular in the pocket longer this year he's actually trying to make plays with a arms out of it like last week acts were by product of a lot of things the opposite wind. Was not very good protecting human testing time. I think the jet that tremendous game plan whenever Aaron actually did scramble. If you like every single Lee went to somebody was closing it down very quickly from a jets' secondary in the line back Corso. I think a lot of that went into it but I like the late Arab Taylor played this year I think. Giving the bills a chance to win every week. I agree with you salad and I guess the only thing that I am curious about is. What goes on between the ears when you factor arena that the the prototypical. Franchise quarterback is the pocket passer who can you know in EC Tyrod staying in the pocket especially last Thursday almost as if you know his head is telling him. Raw and it but he knows that he needs to stay and deliver the ball while in the pocket and he is is high odds it does. The state in the pocket mess up Tyrod Taylor's head. I don't know I don't think so I think this year got a good job of that I don't think it. At all IBE. In what they let parity shall be very comfortable now so. Doctors to divert quarterback coaches he's played in different systems I think it Rick Dennison they've been calling them a really nice job with them this year are. Getting and understand that if you hang cabinet actually split second that what will be their down you'll have to look. Take off look to run all the time you know in the numbers bear it out I mean you you rate he ran for over 500 are each of the last Tuesday. He's magnetic 200 I believe assured a look at that would be that 200 this year happily through the years so. You know the numbers are showing that he's willing to hang in the pocket about the other thing. You'd think though that there is a you could have a little too much it went public and a diminishing return to the cut up your nose despite your own pace because. There have been packed particularly in the Cincinnati game what they Wear you know he held up the ball too long. You know I thought he should either got rid of all week off when. I think that can happen sometimes subtle but it is it is at that maybe it is but I think there's got to be a balance there and he's trying to he's trying to strike that bounce back but he. Overnight we're gonna become this prolific pocket after Iraq are. Still rate actually make the best running quarterback in the NFL and I think to. Take away that ability that they would try to do that. They took away that ability your after a football player because that's what he does and that's what he's got. Sell pot Chile joining us here just let me slip in some breaking news here is the deal Elliott's in junction. Deny so again the sixteen suspend Sheen is back on how whenever he's appealing this and they're gonna. Expedite the appeal itself do you ever wonder man I went myself went for communications I shudder went for pre law here in the windy and it's obvious today. No I don't get an irritated because a play alive what is the thing ever and every time I think it's like. Well let it out of it and that it another another thing not appeal. It is never and I ain't pretty sure we're going to be doing the armed Bob Graham on bond with outlook that it. Amber would the I would Brady depleted at of the co op spot. That was. Yeah you're way way out of my darling announced I don't know what. Call botany and end the armed pocket. He'll probably read. I thought they were talking about like a fancy French restaurant there somewhere in buffalo knows what I don't know what that is on on what. Yeah hundred year but yeah up. Not be between the Elliott dating and and the cap predict in collusion grievance. You know I'm not gonna say that this action off the field has mile you know the Eliot dig up just kind of like art this is how this go away I think we all know how that's gonna end but. I'm genuinely curious in intrigued by what's happening with the capita collusion case. I am too and I think I'll be a lot more street once we start it's a leaked from what qualities don't own any record. And things like that I mean look at. Anybody with a grain in value that talent gap Riddick is better than a lot the quarterback around rosters. Com. But obviously out to go I don't know if I would state it. He's good enough to justify. Site importer like starter kind of money or giving him a starter job. If all goes with it seemed to care about that with anybody that just because of protesters things like that mean there is a point of should we can we sign somebody who's going to bring with him so much attention and in so much odd distraction at whatever but certainly. You can tell that. There is Alan if they collusion because that's what he's the he's being you know he's accusing out but they're certainly. A lot of guys who had jobs he doesn't so there certainly seem that he asked them over simply because of everything that the app. SL I mean you you you'd have so many sources would this team since cap Bernanke has been on on the street. Has there been any credible source any information at all that would have connected the Buffalo Bills to cabernet. At least exploring the possibility anytime. Now but they haven't needed to you know I mean they've. April with two quarterbacks in I mean in that that's what they've done in. I percent they had you know am member remembered how the only only time that kind of was brought up at all. What went Tyrod in TG 80 I concussions. And that rated preceded. Oddly Tyrod but what one. The dust settled at a news Kyra are we gonna be ready for the opener and they want cutting it any way that kept two quarterbacks so. No I don't down enemy in and yet they have Joseph let it emergency guy without ever brought up. So I don't I've never really. They're really that a discussion be quite well. Bills radio Sadler reports self taught Joseph good with this time joining us here in the sports bar with danger in the tank Leah. You can hear him Sunday morning our pregame coverage starting at 9 o'clock on ESPN Rochester cell was always. We appreciate you've given us some of your time enjoy the rest unite. Excel as the bills in saint five and three buffalo. Six. In two New Orleans solved. Let's say this appealed does not goals the rule and apparently there there is a chance it could. You know being junction is denied. Ezekiel Elliott's six game suspension is back nine. Adam she after reporting profanity players time to take out from Boris rod Smith in here and it bad in officially Ezekiel Elliott. Next eligible to return December 24 against the Seattle. Seahawks. Well there's holds up that gives it division right now at Philadelphia is that there were any questions about that problem but from the sounds of it does is it. But I say is is and then you won't be at we'll have some different story tomorrow so again Ezekiel Elliott's. Suspension now upheld and that will be game there. Coming up. This on our we have some engaging comments from around the world to sport to discuss its a game we play called. I'll drink to that we do would everyday at this time and it's on the way next in the sports bar with danger in the tags lead Jeanne. I'm going to defend the honor of a quarterback who just yesterday in the sports bar you said. Sox. How dare you. How dare you look at on the next in the sports bar danger of a tag Leo on ESPN Rochus. It is our right it's yeah. Post rigs and in this sport. US force. NFL season beginning tonight now many people had Seattle winning the Super Bowl now this could still happen again but that's the case. They need to wings' gains they're supposed to do. That would include tonight at Arizona a loss tonight Arizona look at Seattle two games behind the brand and division. I don't see that happening is rightfully expect Pete Carroll to have his team ready tonight. I'll drink to that and if we were talking fantasy football here Jeanne. Well I need my guy Thomas roles to go out and again trying to take on the first place team in the league. When he Thomas roles to come up with a big game tonight. Proceeds I'll drink to that Josh didn't. Bears' offensive line had a funny anecdote. On mature August and June what you pay attention was closed. So it says we started to break the huddle early. And he said getting. And don't get into a great game. Because of justice all out though as linemen and I was like. I respect BS about that. Got filming again only took Robiskie son Eckstein got hot and. And CN looking at his stats vikings on June 28 yards 313. Can't there's a hundred and savage. What we did the same seemed to refer 164 for the whole world we completing 43% to pitch as he. Please sit by Jared golf last year this time yeah that was bad how can dollars. All right let's revisit this conversation at twelve months he has a coach who knows how do you say jeez I'll drink to that. Could you tell everybody is separate motion pictures in the emotion to their. Can now continue. Thursday night football next week features the titans and Steelers why am I bringing us up at night the cold crush uniforms were not enough. Treated to regain if you need another. Gimmick well we NFL. Announcing it's gonna use. This guy cam. As its pride theory angle for next Thursday night you know the sky cam that's where the camera he's hung by cables in this behind the line of scrimmage. Thanks no thanks I wanna get dizzy rather than watch the sky cam on TV I think I'll do something like go on the tilt. All stopped and stuff that doesn't make you dizzy watching that camera angle seeing. Your play Madden. Never. I'm running out of a bad guy here man guys you grew up here a generation that grew up playing Madden football. The sky cam is all you know that eagle is all you're used to when you're watching football. It's going to be popular it's going to change you're going to see more of this not less of this. I'm predicting that on Thursday night out of only ED easier not. But not just from what I saw during the fought game a couple of weeks ago on Sunday night like you don't want. It's different it's fresh and it does kind of remind view of the angles you see when you're playing match. I think it's going to work and I think you can see more of it not lessen. They're not bringing to mind I don't know how to cast so I'll drink to that OJ Simpson gene was. Thrown out of a ball. Sharpton. Exaggerate to that I wanted to drinking or something about OJ Simpson didn't posh. How long before he steps over the line ends up back. Never at least he didn't get a rest of the gets the acolytes so I'll drink to that all right another development here in the Roy Halladay story I weakness reports. Along with the video footage that has surfaced on TMZ. Show that the former pitcher Roy Halladay. May have brought his own dad signed by a flying recklessly going from a hundred feet in the air down the five right above the water in backdrop and then back down. Apparently missed judging that final time now to Boston radio show host the catching flak today because they hammered holidays or days. Making plane crash sound effects too. Look into when he seventeen we are super super sensitive but everything. Everything bothers us. Plots mocking it death. I'm sorry but daddy's crossing the Boston radio. Hold on a second. Shocking. New gene is somebody who could play your eye both both of us what miss statement away. From asking if you want Fries with that. You know you have to watch what you say and you have to little bit more thought it would you say. But Boston this is this have as the Boston radio. Killing him violated every week you could hear a story in a Boston radio work. The holster saying something. That is a NCAA occurred to me record it disparaging to women and meaning it feels like it happens all the time and it's always out of Boston. Why is that. I don't think I would like living in Boston allowed to bring it back. I'm catching heat G catchy at home. Text exchange earlier my kid said via text that it would have to pay her case she's averaging. A 100 in school. My response to her was a simple. Prove it. Not you and I'm proud of view not pay that's great gets you what happens he ordered not to work to prove it. Any update to this story as. Yes she was breaking us Jeter really get a hundred extra stride she's trying to pull one over on us so my initial reaction that I cut health for her sake prove it. Out of Baghdad I'm not supportive dad where you hold on time gal can OK so what's to mean what's the most interesting thing out that old story just told. You pay your kids for your grades. Yet she gets good does she we have a scaled freely when in 95 and a hundred really yeah. Treating her homework is a job. You work what you you'd get good grades we will pay you. She can make it to my family turn on actually I think she humane really she can make up to. 400 dollars for per school year. Yes. Hundred dollars a quarter you've got a hundred. Dual matches we'll give you a hundred now if you only if you keep two in 9775. You're simply Bubba. Swap and a leader who your daddy big bug your daddy war bucks yeah. Tommy GH one another box. And I said Elisa prove it. Turns out she can't. Hoax. Pranksters have to be done I would take that incentive program wave so I'll drink to that all right here's my off topic guys statement for today. If you are poor working adults. You can not take a vacation day on your birthday after the fact he's soft. Soft. Hop it's salt that's a little bit. It's saw Heidi minds are okay how often where so many people through the course of the years. That is taking time off for their birthday and I never understood it. He had eight anymore. A hill. How narcissistic are you. The world revolves around you so much that. Everything gets the stop I'm not working today it's might or. Might burn my day off now. I did I get you keen you could say there might be exceptionally give your birthday fell lineup. Friday. And your wife wanted to take you out of town and a Wii game get away and it's a little mini vacation. And make an exception may be I would say that. Or keep your birthday app on the same days kid's birthday and had something going on school they're expected anything. What if you're a year old man. Taking a day off. The busiest time of the year. And so our forties in my house only better to make it a weekend of defeat if Richard and our milestone and Matt held on to say that after an authority captured forty. And you got a weekend in Vegas planned. Take a day off I'm OK with that. If you're if you're if it falls on a weekend where UT are making plans but if it's a turning forty and I just. You know I wanna take the day honors and wins there and taking into marijuana I don't know that that. Debts off nobody's gonna dispute that. And so our dads doesn't surprise you that doesn't mean. World we live now on all right now I wanna go on FaceBook on my birthday to see how many people wish me happy birthday. People. Wished me happy birthday. All these people that are stated meet key the line and it. I act I've told this story on the air once I interviewed at a job it. Place where they had something called the duke made him like what the heck does that do evade it. Well that's just a day the you realize it's cold out and you don't weigh in just pull up your duvet. And you know liked I don't know five in the fit for you here. I don't have. Subscribe to our mayor soft. Here's OS is. A liar but to me game god that's terrible that's terrible but do vague de what is. And it's awful shock. Now all. Know I'll drink to that. As a matter of it's your birthday worked. War no days off the anger no days off. Ever know debate days no. Days off. Now on Danny's mom. Today is all combined. How are right let's let's take a break here Jeanne comeback 4 o'clock hour on the way. Thumb we will have about coming up in a little bit at 425 Jerryd smaller from draft sharks widening pool allocates a late gestured at a show. If you're just tuning in apparent leads days was it today for Ezekiel Elliot the home. He's gone for six weeks not eligible to return now until Christmas Eve which would be your fantasy football championship week woo okay. What he wanted to do with the Dallas running back position can you capitalize on this and waiver wire we'll try to help the how tortured more coming up here. Yeah we'll give you some matchups to exploit some. Some fantasy football talk to help you get a W this weekend in fantasy football which are small joining us here. Just after 4 o'clock in the sports part danger of tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. We record mollid Notre Dame who. It's. Protesters most listened to sports station. PM 950 and 957. FM ESPN Rochester.