The Sports Bar - Hour 1 12-6-17 - Ryan Talbot

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, December 6th

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with the guys discussing the Buffalo Sabres victory. Ryan Talbot of The Syracuse Post-Standard joins us next to discuss the best option at QB for the Bills.  Finally, a round of "I'll Drink Drink to That" where the guys share some advice about company holiday parties!


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Most sports bars would danger and attack we have Nathan Peterson with. Tyrod Taylor from the locker room just went off the back of the car takes over and I just there's no timetable and I like being in a timetable on. Practices if it doesn't practice what that means. Six cities that have practiced they have good drafts and you'll also work that confidence of both our guys obviously. And then. Always enjoy it when Joseph Weber and their pro for a cameo role if you will. The possible McDermott brought in Dennis and with the same idea of Taylor which is you can hang out here for your we'll see how this goes and then I got back because they get my first choice because life gives you just hire somebody else right. I remain confident. Mike danger I healthy named Peter may who may already be a better fit in the Rick Dennison offense and Tyrod Taylor verses eight. Banged up Tyrod Taylor against the colts genome leaning towards here. I think Peerman we should get the sort team exactly yeah. What is neat Biederman ready. I don't know the answer is that you don't know the answer to that we can save from the loss singles game NRA maybe not ready you're gonna rocket hit Rochester sports leader 957. Yes he had good afternoon pulled the stolen join us a sports bar with danger with tag leave this open for business however you may be listening this afternoon. I am 95957. FM. Online ESPN Rochester dot com on your phone with the free to download. ESPN Rochester happened we appreciate you we appreciate some fret about sports bars well up like danger hello Jean detect light to. Snow all flying felt the chill in the air it's the holiday season two cast Iron Man. It is a holiday season both gene now looking dapper as well as Armenians a seltzer dapper Dan draw me. Everybody wearing their finest everybody's here in the studio everybody out there to spread holiday cheer and mirth ultimately what the hell is mirth. Right is that what it is mirth. The many things about the holiday season when it comes to those old fashioned songs that kind of bother me so you wanna have some holiday immersed. McEnroe I only saw our. I that that's right there with scram like Scranton is like it's a good one scram back I use it at my kids all the time. Scram. Be dictated to scram at the break holiday mirth to be spread this afternoon this evening as this is the sports bar we danger tightly tonight. After hours we've got six hours in front of us are you ready you ready yet I'm renting them a bottle of colonel Taylor ready to drink. But Britain to consume. You see the line on it now we all know all you can monitor where will be later tonight is that exclusively for you or you be sharing. If anybody is interest in trying a very fine Bergen and I will be sharing yes. But I can't promise that's gonna stay here that that. The goal is for that is for me to not take that home are you upset with me that I'm going ways. Hough won as my drink of choice always at the outset I gotta pace myself I understand Jinan and that's fine in and I was gonna say this for all drink to that but a story emerged. Today out of Washington. Old Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis admitted that he Santana Moss and Sean Taylor had a tradition that before every game. They we Jewish shot to do was shot Hennessy wouldn't get blasted that we just do a shot and then they go out and play a game on Sunday. And I thought you know I get that. You enjoy shot and it kind of it is it's kind of like a jolt of adrenaline doesn't Alter ego but it does give you a little bit of a rush. Does it. Because that the most famous story in sports when it comes that's where stuff is actually the all four Red Sox. The Red Sox down three out of the Yankees in our own what are we got Duluth this is calm our nerves and it was. Can animal our new clues and all that the and they all the big gain for you in Boston they were all doing shots before the game and became their thing. Johnny Damon was on that team David Ortiz so that story came out after that World Series that the Sox each game again not getting lit. Like you say adrenaline I think that night just calm their nerves a little bit but. Whatever why am I here courtesy or their viewing down there mentally taking it from a different place mentally they're saying oh we're gonna do this to take the edge off. Whereas. In in DC in football there'll we want this give us an hits we will but we wanna do is shop because it will boost our drab little gives little kick in the past. While I was gonna see this for altering Tibet but while we're on the topic. Since it is the holiday party and his his general advice for anybody who has a holiday party. You cannot be the guy. Or gal who gets lit at the holiday party because while it may be for only one night danger. You could be gone from that company. In your name will live on in the stories we'll log on and they will always get pulled at this time a year or I lose out so be careful what. Nice and they are not in non and I was just I think it was just last year we were done now is gonna make the rounds in. And you know open the cubes upstairs I saw somebody who no longer works here. If I mean yeah doing everything he could. To hook up with one of his co workers everything he could I mean and they were both of them there were neither of them weren't a state to make this show. All we had that was one of those hi I know exactly what you're talking about. We had a girl here years ago. Who ended up crawling under the stall. Of the mom my first year here. On the third floor bathroom. A sales girl who doesn't work here anymore slightly funny anybody works in our business trying to figure out of them might be but. Now Davos that story gets told every. Why why why was she crawling underneath the stall was in this all the cheese today kronor icing you do go talk to her front. Or whatever one's I I don't know that part of the story so now maybe your friend locked her out of the stalled them water in the staunch crawled under the so home. Was was that okay silly question but was it the men's rumor was that those ladies room was the ladies and other ladies reported. So I didn't see this is is all here say being turned it makes for August so some people are just very comfortable that stall in on me night. We do whatever you can't get that sol specially the spacious handicaps all. I'm Lisa had capsules are bigger the first apartment I ever lived in. Comfortable cozy here. So you just got to get dinner so they don't have the doors close and that's a bridge too far he did you see you gonna crawl underneath does the stalled more. Now the I agree with you know your limits don't be don't be sloppy. Eight by the way I don't know if you either you or I can be sloppy looking as good as we look today and we just Rick once again reaffirm that we are the best looking radio show I Oliver. I think we should social media's danger I'm not one that needs affirmation but I yes this is true. We are the best looking and a ten runs next to the trio put gone well. From our. Our friends will Roberts though the blue Christmas tree with the white lights I mean this this stage is set. Matty or you are you taking a panoramic what do you do with that. Are arrogant as I did previously gone up that trip to Ghana do we take satellite three each day that passes it did before January 1 when he loses his job like an advent that would us. Exactly right every day that passes a light goes out. There'll be a little left on New Year's Eve and then that light will be extinguished in that on January 1 he loses his job. It in a big part of that is going to be how his team plays by the way to aggregate backed it. All we can RC AF it's gonna open the pros gas gas LB Indianapolis Colts fans to be excited about football once again. Bob. Boy I get the sense from. Talking to our guests yesterday Kent sterling from our sister station in Indianapolis. That. Want to lose our spot at that they think they you know no team goes out there in tanks no team is gonna admit to taking. But get three wins this point this season. What do you have to gain by winning a game. No this is a team right now is who were young quarterback in your building towards something out but that's not the curve the colts Iran right here does that completely lost season. The defense. Okay they've shown some nice things but please add offensive line is garbage just get to the end of the season get a better draft pick. And by the way if you do keep general Glock and even when we talk and that the sterling there he was certainly telling us the outlook is staying here. OK you're gonna have suitors to trade off. Who knows we can be looking at two teens and might be trade partners because if the colts end up sane picking up there in the top seven danger very possible. With the Buffalo Bills give up 21 round picks and you know mill first round to get up the number seven I can see that varies. Well say it dumb. The rumors of of treating Andrew Luck earlier this year I think the only reason why they get rid of Andrew Luck is that Andrew Luck isn't right they know what and we don't that's the only way I see them. Getting rid of Andrew Luck. Teacher feels like that's their franchise and you saw this year what they aren't when he's not on the field they are not good team. India and there's no reason to think Andrew Locke wants out because he did. Well he could just go hit the nuclear button or have better yet is Asian into nuclear buttons say hey I'm out but you don't hear any of that. Closes we heard anything was. Mike Greenberg reporting his sources said that you know and looks people who were brought satin exploring that's OK while. Again that's an un named source but it is Greenberg so I think. They're might be a little bit to this but it's nothing they can't work out certainly I mean they they would be foolish. To trade Andrew Luck and less like you said danger means something weeded. Bring it back to buffalo this morning Sean McDermott had his press conference and we didn't really learned. Who the starting quarterback for buffalo will be on Sunday. Sean McDermott on the timetable for Tyrod Taylor. No timetable on likening in a timetable on. He practices that he doesn't practice what that means. I was sick today's not a practiced they look at the reps at Joseph colossal work. I'll tell you what it means he doesn't practice. If it doesn't practicing means he's not just on and that's kind of an unspoken thing in the NFL now we're if you miss a week of practice. You know client you need to see at least one that day of practice even if it's you know the last practice of the week but if you're up tracks in this week. Then expect Peter. Bright and it makes great sense for Sean McDermott to say. This is the case and by the way danger. Let's say Tyrod Taylor does practice on Friday and stinks it up you don't want yourself in the corner for Sean McDermott safety practices on Friday and and that's the army now. No it this is smartly played by McDermott eight. The adults are running the franchise now Sean McDermott is playing this absolutely. Correctly there's no reason to name a starter. I don't think big gains and ship part means all that much. Bly wait until we yhency which quarterback gives you the better chance because the Buffalo Bills are still in the evaluation. Process. Sorry say that we're the point being your danger that this is actually a one week. Where knees here mean easy things. Indeed. I'll put it this way all the remaining four games this is the easiest spot deport him and against the colts. At home dome team outdoors. Bad pass defense. Yet making Letterman against the colts this is the opponent you would wanna start met at home. It's the opponent that we thought they should have started him in it against earlier this year when when. Rumblings were out there that you know after the saints game what what he did you know why start. Why start to kid against the chargers why certain against that defense now start against the colts certainly gets a defense is soft start it Holm. Where he can you know get a feel for playing it knew where field in the elements by the way you can ask him to do too much. Wind snow is in the forecast. And I think you just gonna ask him you know manage the game played a rhythm in a case that fits you know what's expected on that Rick innocent system. And and let's see but see with the kid asks. We had journey away from WGR with us up on with this yesterday and he kind of echoed down our sentiments that that you know maybe meet the needs and Peterman. Does give you the best chance to win on Sunday. I wanted to myself I know he is really Vatican charters but it'll give you an opportunity to play at home. There's not a rocket scrap truck we might get beat on what you got any Taylor doesn't permit all over but I mean a 687 yard passing game. You're not gonna win. So you know what that the knock. On anybody other than Taylor has always been who gives you the best chance when he gives you the best chance went up until this point I think we were both agree Tyrod Taylor gives you the best chance when vote I've seen enough. Out of the last two home games out of Tyrod Taylor. To change my stance on that little bit I can't say with on a percent confident anymore. That Tyrod Taylor even if he was a 100% healthy. Would give you the best chance to went. That's less than 200 yards combined for two games are Tyrod Taylor in the saints and and the patriot game as Jeremy White mentioned 67 yards passing. Off the genie was her okay we'll these are the Natalee he can't play OK so. Whatever the case may be this week meet Peter Mahan thank you and here. Let's see what happens my concern is easy to actually ready danger. And if he's not if the coaches. Why well let me play saw you keep saying that and I'm like what's gonna get him ready other than getting wraps nothing will get him ready more than getting wraps. And he's getting the first team reps in practice that's good that will help him get ready in the more reps he gets the battery will be. The more experience he gets battered automobile ever be ready. Watching Tyrod Taylor flounder out there. Nonsense. I see but. Practices are not open to the media. So we won't really get accurate report danger as far as how deep human look in practice today was he accurate I was the tempo how was this that and I would be curious. If it wasn't going so well. What would that mean perhaps with the coaches actually consider the other guy who wet folk god awful. I mean it well el cap all day. Nothing about wildcat they'll have to wildcat quarterback isn't that what percent is essentially percent as the wildcat quarterback. He had. That's the that's a matchup everybody signed up for. Two wildcat cornerbacks. Playing in this duo. And yeah I don't know you know not Debbie committal says who his quarterback is you know I I get what. What Sean McDermott is doing but I don't think there's any way Tyrod Taylor plays especially if you hear later this week that he still not practicing and by the way you heard. A couple of bills return to practice you heard the Kelvin Benjamin. His return to pretzel limited form. Also true bears can debt not practicing today. Do we see Mike Colbert again. Yeah yeah and Yarborough has a chest injury now if you if you have Mike Tolbert. At your disposal. You know essentially another full back to mean that to me would scream run the ball. More than you normally would run the ball especially with the rookie quarterback in there don't ask him to do too much. Run the football it's the colts. But what eat what you need to run they're they're soft they've always been soft there are soft defense. Run the ball thirteen now has three wins on the season. What's the forecast in buffalo I could tell him. Cold and snow at her age much like today except Mike he just a little more. Snow week Orchard Park on Sunday eyes seemed forecasts basically as today and they did get done it is snowing up there right now out at the stadium. Well we'll talk more bills colts with our guest here in a few minutes right Talbott of New York LC dot com search you spoke standard Ryan will join us at it's been whilst we had talent with us. We'll get Dustin more from him. On the bills in the calls for sunny again the you can hear of course were here on ESP in Rochester with pre game starting. At 9 o'clock world's gonna talk some hockey this afternoon geno. Dennis Bernstein senior writer for the fourth period dot com haven't talked to him and allow. And you and I you know we'll talks and sabres they get a win last night watch what I want when bullets and get a way to. That's scores what kind of clowns sure is this. Is now we expect out of the Buffalo Sabres. It's Colorado but still. So that's in that's the asterisk at Indy you know feels like when they win a game mostly they beat a bad Edmonton team. And now they be about Colorado team what they do against it. For Aaliyah. Effort I'll bet if you see who's next coming up and I soldiers coming up yet that your team Chicago for a media. By the way tomorrow we'll have Mike Harrington from the Buffalo News on which I cannot wait for that conversation because. I don't know feel waiver of his finger at us and say Casey told you so. Because he was against the tank. And now yes you got Jack cycle Bly eight you were steel has seen bats behind you wore the you're the tank you're dead last. In December in the national hockey. So I'm curious. As to what the view we hear it a is in buffalo. Because. This is what we're used to here Rochester. The air works to keeping the core here together so will this continue because the temptation for goalie that that Asian for. All mark in the Lander. Derrick tell the guys and is it XT Miami Al Kugel whopping at least push the guys up and in buffalo to do more than they're doing Mike Harrington buffalo new to join us tomorrow on this. That's exciting and also excited to have him on tomorrow when there are rumors of true array Eads happening with the Buffalo Sabres. Specifically with Philadelphia who's been scouting the sabres I don't know if you saw that stream but there's do tell you their short time and again near do that you're the hockey guy in the room did you see the Iran resentments of one's dead The Who the flyers haven't injured Doug goaltender I think both their goaltenders are injured in their. Their theme right now a goalie and scouting the sabres could there be a tree in the works. Four. What happens with Omar and if there is a deal and if there is a deal done with Philadelphia where it's a goalie for goalie kind of slot. And or or goalie for gold with draft pick that is what whatever might be if if the goal is coming back in return and all mark stays in Rochester. That's a pretty good sign that they know that that's tell that they want all marked a goal for the season with DM. War or an out of this if the goal is to develop a winning culture here in Rochester and faint. Every hammer thing can agree with me what more can lean is a more proof in Rochester other than a deep playoff for nothing I think he's earned I shot up from buffalo my opinion. Jonas Johansson played pretty well for the hammocks last year I think Gil Hanson is of that same cloth and he didn't make the scene it Wilcox who you Hanson's down and since that. It can be the other option two I mean it's not like the hammers don't have a third option here solve all our goals up it's not fatal to the hammocks not by any stretch so. Well it's worth keeping an eye on and and we'll talk with Dennis Bernstein who's got easier to the ground for the NHL ID senior writer. For the fourth period dot com he'll be joining us here in the 4 o'clock hour. On ESPN Rochester at 5 o'clock. All hell breaks loose that we move into our our temporary home that the sports more than did the makeshift sports bar that they've created for us. In our in our green room the entrance way to our building here facility were all of our guests for tonight's holiday Christmas party holiday park cricket it's called a Christmas party. You have Christmas party ask these government for the Christmas party and and as there entering. We will be their front and center on display so if you're planning on stopping by the studios and high falls for Christmas party would love for you to stop by the sports bar. We can share a cold one may be a letter to the sheriff told what they feel wondered too by the way. Must Berger went off again on Twitter account which. Yeah you know all you you told me guy. Via the nerves I've got two tickets to give way to Bonaventure Vermont we wanna do that now. Yeah let's do it now why not you know what we say 454. ESP at 4543776. Called the shot 555. Focus of saint Bonaventure returns the blue cross arena Saturday December 16 4 o'clock in the old let's go advisors rock city hoops classic. The Vermont catamounts. Taken on the bodies. The might have played well this year they've beaten Maryland so there there are good team in will send you to this game two tickets Saturday December 16 4 o'clock a four fight for. ESPN color number five gets those tickets right now. All right were in sports more danger to tag they rang Talbot knew your topsy dot com Syracuse post standard. Our guests next. The sports bar this afternoon brought you by Firestone complete auto care. Keeping cars newer longer since 1926 Firestone complete auto care whenever you drive drive a Firestone more next in the sports bar. Danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. From the field to the court took already can kick your sports on an eight at 950 and 957 Afghans. These sports leader ESPN Rochester. Let's talk some more bills colts in advance of Sunday's action leaving here right here on ES PM Rochester. Starting at 9 AM at pregame show. Brian Tallet Syracuse post standard I guess in the sport mar right it's been a while high you do always. Am doing great things for having me on Brian law will we just DeWitt Bonaventure tickets that was in your honor you realized that rank. And I appreciated that I think there attorney team this year is an all. Third our whole don't jinx it now I'm Ryan I'm gonna start by saying there's actually one new Buffalo Bill for our sake I hope doesn't have a good game. Because if granite Riley catches seven passes for a hundred yards to Nate here man will never hear the end of it because my god. That's a bills fans want this guide in May make the 53 man roster so by your take on brain Riley as I he goes up to the 53. Yea not I could be the scenario panning out to be. I'm at practice being like that it's probably Peterman throwing them all a good deal there might actually have them. Bill and chemistry already felt that would be very and seemed to be. It is going to be assumed he would he would act upon and it burst all of that Kelvin Benjamin going could be coming back lineup. There really dependent all they wanted to shake up there roster you'd want to give them the young guys and peering. There's gonna play operate though I only speaking but they might not want to do it just yet but Reilly will be very inching to watch it he does plan and. Brian where are you add in terms of which quarterback gives the bills the best chance to win on Sunday I I think both gene and I. Have have been on on Tyrod it's a band wagon the entire time he's been the starter thinking you know what there really isn't a better option. But now going into this week off of two straight horrible performances at home. And with a banged up knee even if he does practice on Friday I mean is is there's some sense to. The Peerman gives you the best chance to win on Sunday. Why not a great question it if Tyrod is. App will they get deeper and maybe is that point that you need and you don't like the best chance. To an odd that they're going at the colts team that that very creepy or all the ball. If he can make that mistake then and again at and it's not all the in charge of being you'd like armed again you might be the best. Player on orbit it it is apparent killers anywhere over the course that. If he had some mobility. Then I still have to go at them like it that there's still technically in the wild card on. They need to win at least preview last or even given thought the shot and with all adult and they do you have that chance though if Taylor can give them over 50% of what we can easily income mobility. That we. Have to go Taylor. Bryan Talbot you can read his work New York upstate dot com part of the Syracuse post standard guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN the other debate we're having here. What do you do with a brick Dennis and now danger comes down and says hey continuity. Change for the sake of change doesn't do anybody glove but then the flip side of that Ryan. It's hard to imagine an offense. Performing as horribly as the Buffalo Bills have into the last three weeks thank you could even say Kansas they only put up sixteen points but some always the one. In other words they're been offensive coordinators. That have been fired for much less than now what the Buffalo Bills are putting out right now would you not agree. Yet the great argument ad because I can people I'd. Right now I'm on the road get rid of Dennis and in the off season bandwagon. I just think that Beers. There's a lot of issues of the opposite Kirsten Paula but I can't all the ointment that both have wide receivers and operation. On the news today they have a limited quarterback you know he has the mobility but it doesn't anticipate this being done rebuke. At the same time I've watched the thought then and there are we where he just wonder where somebody called the coming out why they are trying to. On go to you there there are strange why is comical if bigger focal point or what took so long and and it and Mike told her he'd he wasn't really an effective runner. They're they're calling Tolbert on these. Which is the outside the when he is how we end and they're not really into the spring of their rosters they'll. I'm thinking long term I'm thinking that this year in the sneaking trapped bill is going to pull the trigger on a quarterback early you can trade up that they ask. Whatever they need to deal. Yeah mine mine mine and thing to Iowa Rick dammit. To be in charge of molding this young quarterback in the successful QB. And you do it possibly. Away from what I in this year I don't have that count. Ryan is a thing that would make me nervous as you get another coordinator 'cause these guys travel there are diamond doesn't and and you your whole. And shake things up EU draft a quarterback. That house to again mold their game to the coordinator system rather than finding a coordinator will mold there are system. To the quarterback's strengths. And that the that they need to find some kind of coordinator. And and what ability. Are in in terms of you know weren't we don't strictly. BA West Coast in a strictly app to beat this better the other. Is it you're talking about going current guys in moderately in air raid that not. You know he doesn't he have to you have to ship the entire often pick out there on both played their strength actually you know play them as a rookie. Put them out of the shotgun or whatever their spring maybe it made a quarterback in this strapped as very different guilt that. But at least buying public is that he now I understand that you you know that made the bill they were high and jobs grows and where I. Whatever quarterback you know that there's quite a few baker me you know I am I am on a Ian Baker mayfield outlook and Bockwoldt. Com but whoever did have that ability today. If we get quarterback AB you're B I am willing to play that there strength and that have to do Ian quarterback. All right so let's play that game Ryan you brought up ABC your date. Mayfield I think most bills fans alike. One other picks. Lloyd do you consider is the Buffalo Bills are gonna use there. Via air collateral mode where it's trading up with the 21 round picks to get into the top ten perhaps which quarterbacks in your opinion right now would you like to see. Where in the red white and blue on buffalo next year. Yeah mayfield number one for me calm I understand the size actor but he is probably throw the ball I don't eat the bad abolish it being. Company Eli and the NFL and I I understand. A lot of people look at is. Demeanor and make and compared to a journeyman down at an early there either. He has a confident about and in some of the best cornerback it'll leak out that or maybe that. There arrogance about them away dot I wouldn't just in into the jamming and dowel. Mole because that's a lot of people like elite and social media. But he's number one number two I and I like judge froze and I understand. He has some diet is made them. Risky throws and onion that should have been intercepted. He can make every throw Indiana well ideas arm strength he says I think he has intelligence to be a very good pro quarterback. If you miss that I most out while those two. And Arnold probably will go there I is well. And it has been out quick release in my opinion I know quarterback who route by the wind up where you a little bit but in terms of a degree in terms of away. On the guy that I think look very high he's and other quarterbacks so there's a BB. I like Lamar Miller some things that he can do but again I think they have a coordinated network it is guilt that come in there com. Not as I and got Ellen this year really I'm really hoping he goes out to the ball like straight week last week graduate I'm. Yet limited weapons in Wyoming calm so if you can go to the Senior Bowl and so that it's so it was partly because they don't out. The talent around them that I can really help his case as well. Brian tell that year upstate dot com Syracuse post standard I guess in the sport sport danger tag glee at. On ESPN Rochester ram let's look to the defense side of the ball for the bills Shaq Lawson on IR what's what ever will the bills do moving forward. You know he uses pretty decent against the run this year. He is still haven't seen that the past thrust that you're hoping to get out of them but you also. Being in the way this was the rookie he's missed a good portion of his rookie year he played in the report the incident plated strengths so a lot of and art. Not funny and he's is he all right is that wait to see all match. Balm you know. At FB IRB predicted amount that it brought you the very intriguing player Indy priest he's not heirs don't not. Odd Ian yet to really strong increase in that are on I know that's not the Spain. Clearly the build muscle like dumping it on and edit elephant guy obviously her lead is now in the New England well. You hope that whatever they made on app here that day that the attic can carry that over he plays this Sunday. But with Eddy. And need do you think that needed at the position it needs to be addressed in the middle around the trap or. Green and a better and that can at least share apps a law that however may work out next year. Ryan now looking ahead to next you're looking to the future any friction between Shaq Lawson and Shawmut term owners at being overblown. I think it's being overblown a little bit you know there is whatever the issue why is it expand cabin house. I think at the same time that there there might be pressure is that a lot is getting tight look past your whole product or maybe he. Was one actors over those that three week span of the bills were due to be at the creek well all season. Up until that pregame and ordered to ever. Are all. On the so maybe it was just you know the gap integrity or not being disciplined in terms of like what I don't outside. There must have been pumping that McDermott you know like can add that Amber's age. Dawn Steel. Pretty quickly captors. After Yarborough is better out of the rotation worked out well I I think that no clean slate next year. Is there any clean Slater who we throw on the Slaton the garbage recording Glynn. You know I would not be shot down and quiet he has that a pretty big salary. He's been battling this ankle issue all year no use limited today. But DN document is actually impressed. When when they draft and I I don't eat my it'll get away with a goal but I'd be all pro guard. And art to look at the bill not reaching out you know how many more years he going to clay they clearly don't. This coaching regime whatever on the coach maybe. Is a couple of high and John Miller who also injury occur it. They could move them around at the same time the critical one at the guilt you. You can be that guy that it's the mitts on someone tries them backward yet really good block record early in the game last week. Law he he's been so that's impressive but I would not be that 41 app or a guy and a rookie salary playing a very important position. Object to preempt state as well and built in where other men money they roll or a well they keep on board but I would not be shot at Glen is one of the guys that look partly. Ryan any issue with the lack of reaction to the grown kid on the field after it happened. It's not see any bills kind of come to the defensive tree white after he took that cheap shot. You're not part I do a little bit of an issue with that I would do all it. While we're up space that the ethical eat you know getting Gatorade up and there may aren't at the crowd out eleven note that oh today. Maybe. There was the on. The players respond seem calm in that way. Trying to make excuses for the players are there's also been going on on the deal might hide it and no law. Cherie use bank something to the bit so probably about the ground. So there's a lot going on at the same time and a lack that app that I understand Sean McDermott but he was probably that the bill handle that. But there at the same light who maybe another accident not only like that but maybe they notably Italy with bumping it not be any kind of. Are pushing backers some kind of and he would he may not in the bill should retaliate at the chief general by any means. But they need to stand up for the team isn't something like that happen specially a rookie who has played so great program such an import contributed to that he. What and if you here's the problem Miami is actually with the leak. Ari if they're going by the fact that. Ron doesn't really have a prior history that but do you even go at an argument does juju Smith Shuster have a prior history because. Okay that hit wasn't. It was which is hidden the play itself it mean in other words the play was still going not. It wasn't dad and may be yelled after the fact that you know the man standing over Romney in you know what a wrestler would that that wasn't cool but. To give Smith Schuster one game in you give Graf won gains in May grunts. Penalty was much worse than some issues here's. All it was significantly worse than what. Shuster did you perfect there on Monday night. The problem with an appellate there's no in this and he whipped out the issues there. Their suspensions with holiday all of them out they heal them. Part of me expected. A one game suspension where grunt would appeal on the it would pump I'll overturn it. So when they actually upheld I was pleasantly surprised that in the paint like that suspension should have been more than one game. You you can't see no prior history like you mentioned. But he and it now has no there's you know he believed and Michael Crabtree. They threw punches that they were and a black audiences to gain the appeal with each down to one. Well I understand you don't want fighting going at least those Q where peace but based that you happening. They saw that at the opening console worse than that well where is the consistency Vienna I'll just have. Ryan before we let you go can we get a prediction out of you for Sunday and. Yeah I'll pay the bills win. One more cute one. 2420 bills. Forecast snowy cold. When he won in snow they're calling for perfect buffalo weather especially for the home team. And that's perfect. Exactly turn over Andy and me at all. Department and. Got a ride we appreciate you giving us and time again this afternoon Ryan tell that you can read his work New York upstate dot com Syracuse post standard good talk with you my friend. And the port do and again real soon. It. Bryan Talbot and I've got the big update here though well there's two updates. One of breaking story here in the NFL run at Dell. Signed his contract extension so. Burma that whole flap the Jerry Jones threatened to sue the league whatever Jerry stood down realized he was outnumbered. Roger Goodell is still here commissioner I don't have by any word yet on how many years that it. The real commissioner of the NFL is Jerry Jones. And will remain so until the day he dies. That piece of paper means nothing. Terry lost Barbell out have fun negotiating your CBA year your next CBA. Jerry Jones is a real commissioner of the NR let let's talk about some let's import. It adds very important we're down to one day to our cat and right now 39 minutes that's debt. So by the end of the show tomorrow danger we're gonna now is somebody please. Launch what Bob Whalen. How many minutes. Still at 202 bits. Now I don't know of everybody's playing this cool and once stopping at the last now does this. This is for charity these seeds for the sand below Shia foundation investing in communities in South Africa inspiring change in offering a hand up rather than a handout. Com yes this important stuff minimum bid 500. It's what's the bid at right now 550. And is likely more slowdown big spender you could have bid for five whole wine do you hate money that much. 550. I I wouldn't. Hate for him to get she's on a big Mac I wouldn't. Give them we walk. And back producer Matty. Now do you wanna break into this business that you wanna make contacts. This your opportunity have a launch date former NFL general manager. You pay money for tuition at SUNY Rockport why not pay the 551. For launch of Wales I was privy to that. So that's good and it got to said that no good answer that. Good answer I don't think you can have lunch with whales without with a you know with a straight face I just I don't know if I can make it all the way throw. Let's we dug away Italy to. Win in this business it's about two things about players and when he. Really these words of wheeze done it. The keys to having a cookie on bush. He's having some work and eating. Do you think anybody's coaching Whaley right now like you know Doug it's gonna it's OK I know there's only two beats but it's fine he used. There's still a day left it'll be okay no I I would thought Doug Whaley would be the guy. That would be it on himself right creative fit a profile. Yeah it would right somebody's just hit 2000 dollars for luck Doug Whaley who does that better. Doug listen way to lead. Dog eat whales while Yahoo!. Some sports that's a wrap your mind around next will play I'll drink to that. He can agree you can disagree and you can always join us at 454. ESP NN sports bar danger tag Leah AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester. You decide to run. It's time for post rigs in the in the sports. And I today's allergy that I have made me have more in common with pro athletes and I have believed in the past. Story came out redskins' Santana Moss Clinton Portis and only on particular all of a shot at Tennessee before dig that deal port tells NBC Washington. Did you know your life away would consider a shot for the show every now that nothing gets. Match. You know it's a little adrenaline kick you know. On a whole. I don't. Live audio at the vetting look it up the double double initial sync on June. Just want to know the my problem is that my tolerance is anywhere near your pro tolerance hate Jewish. I wish dollar. Hi ladies are waking journey started so. What you what I'll end did that and I guess I'll drink to that gives city G tech coach Andy Reid he's getting some credit today for his decision in a do you sustain corner markets appears to one game case you missed it appears was the wanted to be officials' flag any chucked it up in the stands and lost to the jets. Reid doesn't deserve credit for this mark. That was the only movie could make it effective Peters wasn't suspended you'd have some players in the locker room wondering Donald geez I guess. We can do anything we some players might decide to test limits to meet the decision to suspend Peters that was an easy. Alger to that end. Just weird kind of play Peters you know that he was ejected when he has really objected. Getting escorted by team officials to locker room and coming back on the silent but not in pads for. There are not wearing his Sox are winning you know just a weird scene itself Peters has been kind of up lightning rod. Only here on that team and that defense just. You know forgot that that should be playing at a higher level you just expect more about Kansas City Steve destinies it's not going to be a little bit more leads I'll drink to that. I don't want to be the bills quarterback next year. Will baker mayfield. Josh McCown. Doug Doug's lawyer shortly I see you don't don't don't listen to hear me out. They should still target a quarterback in the draft. But don't discredit what the count is done this season can't ignore these last five games she. Keystroke for nearly thirteen hundred yards eight touchdowns only one interception he's that kind of stats we wish. A Buffalo Bills quarterback could produce. No he's got a sexy name. But he leads by example is a leader in lost group we could be positive influence and rage to the bill's true quarterback of the future. One year. Look what he's done in New York if he was there for one year. I would take a base hit he's affordable. He doesn't have a lot of baggage. Aren't let me ask you this question why would he stay in New York while they draft their next quarterback is you better believe the jets are gonna. Drafted quarterback it's your baby so does but he's he's a one year deal will be free eggs so you know what we just we sign up. I don't know what he's done a New York this year considering what he thought what we thought it was when the Cleveland. Owns don't want you as their quarterback. You hit an all time low yet he's rebounded and had himself a nice season in New York. Now I I don't want their to be any. Any cloud hanging over the next quarterback whoever that quarterback gives you draft him. And then you get a quarterback that's not gonna challenging for the for the number one job in order to solve drinks did that all right see you want to prove that this news sabres in front office. Cares much more about the hammer and Zimmer he ever did. All right so some mammals it is going to be a Rochester Americans. That's fine don't don't confuse this at least molds it. Was sick to his team out in California team that fell and let's face it will never hear a mole scene and I again. Compare that. To not to want to go to last season when team captain cal Riley a little of the years they didn't to Toronto to help. Altered that I think you get you know to Emery made some personnel moves at the you know. Tank aside. What did he deal. And and you could argue that some of the things he did set the franchise back at least five years so. Yet the idea that that we're rocketed sea mammals and enemy the idea that we didn't we didn't for Matt Olson in the first place. Is Krejci took Britain so I'll drink to that. Guy up for today's edition of old guy yelling and things. We go to the Twitter feed of our friend for a mos burger we could share or cold and too. And maybe it was still are right you know Greg he's been critical in the recent weeks. Critical of Tony romo's performance in the Booth calling games he's been critical. The NFL sky cam technology today's tweet reads. Yellow snow flakes. Quit preaching and the violent world of cinema halts all NFL football for the masses. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and give us a little snacks with our violence. Deal with it. It will. And yeah. Burger. Why stop at the NFL just come out and everything right that's what's orders for we Kucera poll wasn't. It may be a winner too I look forward to his tweets every now he's become my favorite Twitter feed. Just it's gold just constant energy does he dream guest in the sports car he might be he might have a mountain Rushmore of of a possible gas. For the sports bar with danger detect that put there with them. At all I don't know Samantha ponder may be solid proof to back. Well if you are the parent of a youth hockey player well when you get home your child will be reading the latest edition of USA hockey magazine came in the mail today it was a bit my house. This month it's a preview of the world junior championship in buffalo. Mention this because on the copper is sabres first round pick to DC middle step. Mittal stat and his team USA Jersey. Is shown in eating a plate away it's getting because the game's going to be in buffalo. Here's the problem danger. He's eating a Wayne with two hands. Eating it like it's corn on the cop teensy life. Does this is okay maybe the guy couldn't you'll pull up. But eating a chicken wing with two hands like court on the hot now concerned I think everything to be concerned their idea and I think oracle as you wanna use one hand. And then you always have at least one hand it's clean right at me like you don't really wanna mess up both hands junior. When you're eating chicken wings and there's also that technique where you basically split the wing and he just kind of sucked the ball the meat yes right leg there he will you break it off at the knuckle or whatever you don't talk about asking. And so let you have it your writing ended when your right hand at dinner moist however what ever. Maybe you used the salary and blogs news there's that there's a rhythm is mean. I Tammy chase you and why not just say with big neon letters above your head I am not from baucus. If you're eating a chicken wing what to. It's a photo shoots all gave him a pass I think there's a more important question. That needs to be answered here with Casey middle stat and that is BC eight blue cheese or ranch guy. All right that's it that's an important quest because you know listen I grew up in Minnesota they put ranch on their series OK so he might be a rich guy he's gonna have to adopt. A new a new week eating mentality. When he comes to buffalo so I'll drink to that. Flyers Philadelphia Flyers either short goaltender. David Scott and the sabres. Jason doctoral to a deal and if a deal gets done with the sabres get a goal in return it's more evidence that Linas hallmark is in Rochester to goal for this year. Well I mean who you it forward like this leaked out then I'm thinking it's not gonna. But to the point that that the next chemical tendered and beat up a team needs a goaltender yes call buffalo take Robin Lehner Tate Johnson. All mark I know this pains amor fans but he has earned. The call OK he's the one guy that if you call him up I don't think that upsets chemistry because between Wilcox. And between Jonas your hands in down in Cincinnati Johanneson showed us enough last year. I'm fine with me is Omar getting an opportune my dream will be liaison mark. Holy steam the the Calder cop in India in the downtown parade which we will be leading danger. OK I think that we will be in the operating we look good enough delete I absolutely but if we it's Omar does get back called the buffalo I will certainly be happy or sell into that as we mentioned tonight is our holiday party. It Christmas party our Christmas dinner. Great time. Since we are in the season here is my advice to all when it comes to holiday Christmas parties. Do not get smashed if it's a work or if they work function use caution because if you get snatched. Understand. Those stories. Live for. Adam blur long after he web the last your place of employment. The story you crawling on the bathroom floor under the stall. And will live on and on enough. Diaw might end up being immortalized in song that some day. All this. I just terrible I mean like you know your coworkers might might write lyrics to a song anymore lies you in a song because your antics at a Christmas part. I mean our party here we've had incidents you talked about coworkers. Popping up. Okay unit or may god that's universal that happens every Christmas party right but but there is a line. You know it's time to assist. Us kind of be aware of where the lines. You have some dignity I guess is the question yeah. We'll lose your dignity at the Christmas party. Please. Public service announcement from sports car with did you detect and. 200 million for Roger Goodell five years 200 million. Yeah that's gonna take him through two warning 24. Now as the commission NFL while well. What does this mean for us locally. Once the bills Resop. A 20/20 three ha is actually good thing for buffalo the guy from Jamestown, New York. Is not going to watch the Buffalo Bills leave on his watch because if you have. Let's say you would never admit it publicly but privately. Jerry Jones will be wondering we have 32 markets while we dealing with a little buffalo when we can move to Toronto. Or you Dundee in the look at those those conversations I'm sure our had blocked. If the Buffalo Bills have their ducks in a row when it comes the news stadium this would keep the team beyond lease in buffalo Roger Goodell I yeah. The state is this. I don't like the guy you don't like the guy. He's the W no. It would be hard for me to imagine. The guy that grew up in Jamestown. Seen the Buffalo Bills leave on his watch. We're talking hockey next Dennis Percy is a senior writer of the fourth period dot com he's gonna join us here runnerup for thirty yourself. Will lot talk more about the sabres are win last night in Colorado. Endesa were worse some trade rumor circulating around the sabres is this it probably should be given that that track performance by the steam so far this year. And outlook for the rest of the season as well dispersing knows his stuff. He will get too educated on the NHL senior writer at the fourth period dot com and you'll join us here shortly. In the sports bar with danger and the tag we.