The Sports Bar-Hour 1 12-8-17-Rich Donnelly

Hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with the guys discussing the Buffalo Bills chances for this Sunday. Rich Donnelly of News 10 NBC joins us next to discuss Buffalo Sabres hockey and Bills football.  Finally, a round of "I'll Drink Drink to That" where the guys share some sports thoughts to wrap your mind around!


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Most sports bar with dangerous do exactly Nathan glittering with Tyrod Taylor we're still working through that you know Tyrod. We'll be limited today. He's gonna continue to work it's one of those things it's an end at the end game time decision. Mike danger what would you prefer would you prefer a 50% 75% Tyrod Taylor on Sunday for a 100% native Peter the Great thing about eight and one of the great things as he continues to be. Poised and composed. And has a great deal balance in his life. You know he's steady Jeanne good tackling the Buffalo Bills this is exactly where were last year's six and six in the year before that 66. And yeah. Number loans last year's 66. My goodness it is Groundhog Day here did you see them moving this. Jurors who we've grown and we get up as coaches the same every week it's. That's the Groundhog Day part of this week. Stick with your team in Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon pulled the stool and join us to sports bar is open for business. Live from TC hooligans increased. Danger hello Jean to tag Leah Mike danger great to be out here feels like ray home here that. Yes and west side is not excited that I'm not the west side is the best side to put a call and among its all my neighbors you know who knows me you'll get the parents for BTG. Nikki. EG's coming now media may be Richie seed may be Joey Cheek leaving Joey G needing to keep we will see apple seed you know all these guys my come out we'll sit. But yet it website is side I mean you know we are in our natural. Appetite here are elements here TC hooligans the kick up your sports we get a kind of sad this is our our final. NFL season live broadcast. On the football front I know maybe we might have to make arrangements danger. For the playoffs. Particularly the bills to make him. On what our news today it's certainly looking like it's gonna be innate human rights U piece shocked at what's Tyrod Taylor at this point. Seem that he will not have had any real practice. Any thinking any real routes with the first string I mean if you're. Your name is somebody like Aaron Rodgers you might be able to get away without a for Tyrod Taylor has not happened in this. Dye it does feel more like Peter mean we'll get to start a coach McDermott. Labeling tyrant a game time decision during his press conference earlier today out. For sure on Sunday Jon Miller will be held that ankle injury according to land at Sean draw Henderson Leonard Johnson. Tyrod and how Williams all listed as questionable. That shock from Henderson Jon Miller both out of practice completely and it Tyrod limited today once again in practice so. You've got the Peterman assume Peterman. And a better opportunity this weekend that a few weekends ago when he got started Los Angeles. Well I hate it in in Los Angeles. You had him thrown in front of the ball around early. You we have LeSean McCoy on this team right. Hand it off. Who LeSean McCoy this ease the coal to mean how many. Points Willy T eight. To defeat the Indianapolis Colts for sure this week danger playing seventeens. What do you think. I piece I'd feel safe 24. Yeah so let's work our way back here. Could the colts. Give up some big plays passing like sure sure they could but. I'm not confident their offense on a cold day that didn't do much against this bill secondary. Especially for navy is why he's backing is expected back he's practicing Foley's been cleared he was cleared yesterday. Big plays on the bills' offense this is something we don't hear or see of this year I mean. Everything is measured calculated. At and the one thing that that I think Peter Reid gives you in this offense that Tyrod does it view. It's a little bit more rhythm which feels weird to say but I think when you watch it to play side by side and I think we noticed this early as the pre season that. Peter we just has a little bit more rhythm in terms of anticipation. Getting the ball out of his hand we see Tyrod has eight more make more plays at his feet. But he still human might still be the better fit for this office. When you say rhythm I totally get where you're saying because. Tyrod in the offense gets a line of scrimmage hole the play. It just seems like Tyrod is just making sure in some days you wanna be yet that slow pace. Nate Peter may and now I if I were Rick Tennessee and I would just be extra cautious because the last thing I want do is direct kids confidence. Early in this game so if your bills and going to this gained just manage your expectations as far as play call. It's okay if the Buffalo Bills. All three now and they parts and they play the field position game early on what's not okay is what we saw out Los Angeles so let. Need to hear Maine. Yet some routes early on against real competition. Letting get some confidence. And the longer you go in this game the better I like the buffalo bills' chances against the Korean nineteen and Mikey come back in his nature. Colts three wins lame duck coach dome team it'll be cold it will be snow way. Yeah I don't see them rising up and blowing out them putting up with the full effort well what. What it takes for you to believe that this team the buffalo team could beat the 888. Playoff team I mean. A win it would be nice of course in what you lose on Sunday you all for all to its purposes your season's over. That's the mathematically alive but you're not you're not going plants. But you know it's it's still feels like is closest is they are in the hunt right now. Nobody believes that this team and make the playoffs not just because of where the position but because of how they've played. I will tell you how nature and anybody that wants to weigh in here for five war. ESPN 4543776. It's got to be these two games. Paranoia that's both look ahead but win this game against Indy win this game against the dolphins were you back. Purity and six you're adding sixty taking on the bully. And that will be the marriage that volcanic figuratively and literally going into New England. Tonight at win these games but I would say win them convincingly. You know I feel like that's what we've been waiting for it. I don't know that this team talent wise is built. To win games convincingly. Over the we've seen that out of this team. This year where you you just like oh wow they would if maybe Oakland but they came that you could say yeah they won that game convincingly. But if they win. Convincingly then I believe you might start to feel fans might start to feel like. Yeah maybe maybe nine wins gets the man in May be either good enough to get to nine wins it and secure plus probable that help you be Baltimore got. A falter a little bit here down the stretch. A danger here the music guide him and put you on the spot here by. I don't even need convincing wins to me it's the New England game. And it would be something special the Buffalo Bills somehow got back to blast and were able pull out at 86. And what's the song how long because. I remember this this was Drew Bledsoe had a game against the patriots and it was a Sunday Night Football game it was the year after the bills won nine at seven in the played the in thrall and I think it's by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the song it's how long. And it was the theme was how long are the Buffalo Bills going to. You putting up with. Now we're going to get the peace but how long this thing going on that's what it is not de hour am I'm totally messed up there in the east. Peace. Yeah who is reaching into the grab bag or from 1977. Geno could you could pull yeah how long it has been going on the I blew me what's gonna take them into winning new England and work we're looking ahead here in the schedule but a you know as well whenever he's doing resting on that. That we sixteen are you ask me the question what would it take to get people to believe. That this is for real. Beaten six. Going into New England on Christmas Eve that'll be upon week yeah because that's the way the story is supposed to be written if you're gonna get to the playoffs. All right the bully came into your house and punching enough more accurately took an elbow to the back your hat at what to rise back in you punch the bully back in the chops. I tell you. You can't beat that. Scared of going to Foxboro against New England considering what the defense did against the patriots the first half last week. In game got away from the the bills and and they're not built. To come back from those kind of deficits. And he's got nothing out of your office nothing itself. But outside that first drive which ended of course fatally an interception it'll be interesting to see but I you know this week. I'd I'd like to see a comfortable win in public to see and I gave it the bills looked like their control from start to finish. Give a little bit of momentum going. Going up against Miami next week and it may be build on that momentum against Miami. And then who knows in and by the way all the while neat Peterman is is the guy that's. Calling the shots that's going to be interest exit. I don't think Tyrod is. I think one of if Peter made plays well. We're gonna say Tyrod who over the course of the next four games here. Why that that's. That's his biggest threat right now is being New England trying to get the back to try to get the Buffalo Bills winning games with Nate here man. Look a win for Peter Mahan this week is about all you can hope for this. All right let's go to the phones at 454 ESP and we're live at TC hooligans to grease you're always welcome to join us not just here he calls a 4543776. Liked him. Tim what's up but. I'm. A picture or are greater blow it every day chic or put it back to our. I think what you're reduced to wrap it. All it score the we don't have any track. I think it. It just patched or no chains we are fortunate to port. In order to better order deep but there's so all I don't there's. Sante. What should narrower and it now mr. Eric Welch or at bat out more power. Are a lot year. All right well. I said if you lose on sunny day you know it you're done you don't have to watching more games this year beat you he can free your free and clear. For the rest of the season if you lose the colts on Sunday there's no excuse no excuse Tim appreciate the call 454 years and kind words by the way Tim they and also. Appreciate you love finding us here Tim. I ain't. I'm wagering on this and help me out date. If you lose this game six in seven yes yes yes yes we can all agree the season's over. However they are not mathematically eliminated not by any stretch right so what do you do. Do you give the rest of the season that Peter Main a war paid quarterback that gives the best chance to win that would certainly be Tyrod and only anybody can dispute that. At this point. You go back the Tarek is for Rex Ryan you always have the I'm going with the quarterback that gives us the best chance to win but now it's very evident that Tyrod as a lame duck quarterback so. At six and Stabenow. Are are are you sticking with Peter Mahan for the rest of the season. Yeah yeah but yeah I M I'll I wanna see what I out a wanna be able to evaluate his talent they'll help you determine what he needs to get out of the drafted 28. It'll help you determine whether or not the Peter Rhee could be career back up in the NFL would be actually has. The the new ads to start a few games. Long term I I think you. And right now. With oh less than 100% Tyrod Taylor. Hard for me to say that he gives you the best chance to win moving forward Peter Grimm might give you an equal chance based on what we've seen the last two home game that. Plus who had virtually error that's that's where my arguments has kind of fallen apart here is that the last two games. Tyrod at home and he's been off OK we've been disorders you know its supporters the entire Tyrod aero. And you can't support that play anymore you can say hey doesn't turn the ball over. You know I would argue that that turnover against doing that was costly is is anything you've seen this year for this bills team. But 67 yards passing. It is not gonna cut it. What every through against New Orleans not gonna cut it you gotta do little bit more. In you have to eat you should expect more out of your your quarterback your starting quarterback than than what Tyrod Taylor should especially the last few home games. I knew where a field we've got a big show lined up for years we continue live from TC rule against the all the priests rich. Upward talk Horford averaged only use ten NBC's can join us here a few minutes you. Yeah a lot to get to of course. Syracuse basketball rich is a big college basketball guy who can reach his opinion I'm not the bills you know this you like their chances this week. Rich Donnelly news ten NBC got coming up here a little bit here in sports freshly shaven Rich Donnelly as well I got that that get them out this season. Negotiate new air was a good cause so it was a good cause yes yes. Jack cycle thought his beard was little packaging. Matthew fair were of the Syracuse post General Jones the 4 o'clock hour ever Friday. Yeah Al covering practice today some Matthew will give us is taken quarterback situation. And on the latest from one bills drive nephew they're from which by the way is that they're there game clock again today apparently danger lots of snow up all right. Now I know we'll talk about this more later in the show during altered to that. I'm just curious I'm not saying that it's a bad move I I'm not saying I don't understand the move I'm just curious do other. Teams. Asking their fans. To bail them out I know buffalo he's he's you know deals with lake effect snow that that other teams probably don't have to deal with. You know Chicago gets blizzards Cleveland gets lizards. It Rust Belt cities get blizzards. Does any other team come right out and say hey you article about an hour get a free ticket comes shovels for us. That. I don't know the answer is they are watched him but I can't tell you. That whenever something like this happens. It goes back to being what worries you thinking buffalo putting the stadium fair. When you're driving down Orchard Park every note sellers. Not a lot of business in development around there because. Businesses don't wanna have to deal with this once or twice a year when you've got to dig out and do everything else in that stadium shouldn't be in. At the very least on transit row at the exit before buffalo closer to Rochester if that that was the original plan way back when in 1972. Didn't happen. Somehow at the last second Erie county while lie here the onto land means that decision of what. The stadium in an area that's no hold for its lake effect snow danger because if you're in the north towns of buffalo today it looks like Rochester not been happening so. Com but to other cities have that goal through all the. Seems weird to me that that you're asking your fans to help bail you out when your fans are paying what you pay for tickets you know I know that tickets is weaker. We once thought to work pucks and getting with a box of bomb blow to the paper clip I. I just don't I it's weird to me doesn't seem right that you know and by the way you're asking your long suffering fans. Go do something insufferable go outside in a blizzard in a lake effect snow storm and shovel us out I I don't know how any problem with this at all I think it's a good PR move out yeah PR move. You wouldn't seem. The PR move which gains you put a cult sort of play offensive line let's see if we get that. Upon a real offensive court and yeah that could wind blow up blocking scheme everybody what a colorful. It but it what do colored gates for the Buffalo Bills that's all we need right now warned that snow removal we get down. I just done genuinely curious about it because I know this is the first time and I think the last time this happened. That was that big snowstorm that they had a couple years over the lake on an apocalypse like everything's shut down that to move the game. To Detroit right was that deal with them they were even able to dig out time. Now maybe it would decision was made I think on Thursday they move the game to Monday night in Detroit. Op I don't have any problem with a date while you're gonna do hire temp agency today he'd give the money it's who who is a field let me you hire somebody to maintain the field right you hire a company that's Erie county. Well Buffalo Bills drop. Salt that's yet go back to it it's like Jiri you know who doesn't the red wings are not picking up their own stadium near you wherever and that's that situation so. And interest and I don't know which is always curious about that when I saw that the call for help to dig a mom like. Does it puts you deal with that team ask their fans to do that the fans who were paying their harder to go watch a game on Sunday just. Yields a little weird. Angry and this will we pay after we got off the area strategic. The Cleveland Browns. Hire a GM they did how. Quickly was that we were talking about while they fired sigh she brown. Twice more hours less than 24 hours. How did they fulfilled the Rooney rule thing. Well it's been a busy 24 hours for another guy bit this four hours for our pal dog wailing in the first. The end of his auction for lunch with Doug Weight did get a final update on that she hears what happened yesterday so we get off the year there. And full disclosure some days we stayed lane we work on things other days we are out of there are so I'm driving home. Last night 615. Auction was then at six point 4 from 7 o'clock Michael a camp got to log on here you figure out you know what was the winning bid. It's gone. It's like it never. Happened what's. EE is usually you see winning daddy here was the winning bidding here are more things you can be done. They don't show you what the winning bid was so apparently he. Last second bids like all how these auction things happen nodding to the money they were hoping for the that nobody did the 2500 dollars a month without went. And add insult to injury Doug Willy did not get the GM gig for Cleveland he was interviewed though and supposedly that's how they were able to. It's it to take care of the Rooney rule would that have not being our early Christmas are only show if we. Even the work today. And found that the Doug Whaley got hired by the bra Idaho even imagine why don't really deep actually but then to put him on. That franchise with is that owner. All my goodness that would have been a Christmas miracle that would have been a dream come true danger I'm getting upset thinking about that that did this didn't happen. Brown changing he dodged a bullet there yeah we you're we do you get. Passed up for a gig it from the Cleveland Browns. On that says. But I know what it says that's a problem that Eugenia. So that they hire. There are the old Kansas City. Dorsey Dorsey and Woolsey and he yelled at. I owl all hold true what we were saying yesterday I don't think that firing GM but keeping the head coach around. Does anything I think next year when the browns are at best six in ten. At best eight eight. And need the eight Nate gets hue Jackson save his job and he gave improvement over the sure assuming that they they go all for this year I think. All for us safe assumption this evening maybe. Loft one day and happy in the Packers sweep current. Wow hunley. Outdoors naturally you would think I know lots. I don't know if that was holier for was that Pittsburgh couple weeks ago where. I'm like what would happen here Pittsburgh. Given as a jazz flew key right there while that's it's Pittsburgh now playing good defense and that's Pittsburgh doing what Pittsburgh does and that's okay who replaying what level is there competition okay we're playing that. Played no doubt you okay it'll rise up for the patriots they'll lay down. And lose the payers and ride experts to right itself. Yeah I you know I listen you know. They've they've got Josh Horton back maybe that makes a difference maybe without weapon now with with Gordon. And Corey Coleman. May be to Sean Kaiser has a little bit more variety in what he can do it. Maybe just maybe they pull off when Britain regardless. Without disastrous this season has been he's going to next season with the same head coach. Hoping for a better result than 115 or Owen sixteen a we really are you. Are you to keep that guy around next season if he finishes with. A 511 record 610 record. Problem now and yes of scratch all over again. Now the other story today guys show hey all tiny is just in the last hour announced he's gonna sign with the angels. Are another disappointment have Friday and supposed to be fired the angels. Why it. Don't wanna go to an iconic franchise in the cubs were being mentioned that giants are being mentioned the Dodgers. Why choose the angels of money's all the same about actually Seattle they were lining themselves up nicely too so very disappointed things. We need to come up with a nickname. Mike Trout. Oh timing of these sides some kind of nicknamed combination to be there like. I don't know that some you'll come up with something right I mean those two on the same team that's. That's pretty significant. Only if there. They're now the team to beat in that division no question. Well you have the Astros there but he. That's what you need to do to compete with the gas natural spent a lot of money you got it all right we've got altered to that coming up at 4 o'clock. Will look to have a little bit deeper access to those thoughts and comments as well you're always welcome to pull off the stool. And join us here in sports port 454 ESP at 4543776. Before we get to that. As we continue live from TC who gets the ball Greece reached. Let's get our friend rich on the produced an NBC on with us next. We'll talk feels cold Syracuse basketball more with Tom laced stay the sports bar. The danger of tightly live from hooligans agrees on AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. It street. Sports bar would be doing exactly on broadcasters sports leaders from 95 C. You know you're always always wind players for the full complement of reps should do through the week. You know Tyrod though that city's east go dubbed a tremendous amount of grabs and muscle memory. And timing with the receivers. Only some out there throwing yesterday. With the receivers so I don't worry about it at all. All that much because of the work he's put in up to this point in time. Who starts on Sunday for the Buffalo Bills that more what's our next guests news ten NBC sports director Rich Donnelly joining us in the sports bar. Danger to tightly and look at fresh with that up. That's freshly shaven face rich were wondered if it was that can be your Jack cycle we're going to be talking to I mean rich are you feeling now that that no shape November's over. I'm doing well although I was really looking forward to that warm fall weather re head back in October I was greeted. Brutally with them near freezing temperatures second croc catcher came. A yes so let's let's move negotiate November 3. The February enriched that Friday. Sure although it was getting a little. Past its welcome. Have Mac alive I came out pretty well I was pretty proud of it they can. We're proud of you to weigh you know this is a big step this is. You know it's it's like when your teenage son shapes for the first on the rich were probably wouldn't even know you can do it where to go rich could cause it and we're proud of the. Thank you big permit back coming. The Rich Donnelly newsstand in DC are against your let's start with the bills if it's got a deep Peter may and at this point right. Well it tyra can't play although. We never talk about this the other day. A little intrigued with Joseph Webb announced that I'd like to peace summit that wildcat a little bit more special what is it Peter and obviously. Honestly don't know they'd start to game the whole thing but I light the attack took place that they brought in with Joseph Webb against the Patriot Act I was cool change pace. And if you connect on that one past two cadet. Maybe the game goes a little bit more differently. So if tyrants healthy he's the guy great got to go. Plot. I wouldn't mind in just seen a little Joseph Webb makes it me you're there. Especially if Tyrod out completely. I just don't know the tar it's going to be healthy per. For at least the next few weeks and aid in I'm curious if they're rich what do you think anyone who gives you the better chance to win a healthy meet Peter rent or fifty to 75% Tyrod Taylor. Well see that's the thing with Tyrod if he can't run that is the biggest reduction part of all of these guys every so much Tyrod. Correct it. He can take off and pick up seven yards of there's some hope he'll be fast guys. If he's hampered him he can't run. Then I guess as an actual quarterback. Peter and would give you the best opportunity of the three. Now you're home the defense for Indianapolis this far different from the defense and charters. So I've failed to believe that word by the perception again it is Peter read. But I you know I don't know like Tyrod that we had a little bit of increase in practice of the week to go along. Not sure McDermott playing sort of a mind game with Nicole. Open it'll be their but he's not listed it out yet so I imagine that there are optimistic that he can get healthy enough. I do think Tyrod. Maybe not at 50% but 75%. Does give to build the question. Either way it is the colts right rates so that you shouldn't stress out about the decision here rain. As far as opponents that would be coming in to buffalo at this point of the season on the colts will be on my shortlist if you really need to win here. Of the three remaining opponents you've got yet but for the colts are the best of those three could be right away with the current situation. The way that they did get beat up by Jacksonville. I I think we've seen the best of what the colts are gonna do already this year and I I imagine that their oldest are played out this season. Although Jacoby percent. Pretty good you know you can cause some problems. It's not like to build defense has been completely lights out in forcing turnovers of late so. They would have a little bit or their hands full then we would have expected or hoped but yet there's this game. Must win no doubt about it and even if the bill can't make the playoffs and were starting to get into the funnyman we need to help. How about just. A winning record or 88 for all the this teams gone through stripped down injuries new coach. Coming off last year just to maintain. The possibility of not a losing record have to be a good jumping off point for next year. Yeah hi I've been saying it the entire season that this BC news exceeded my expectations I I don't know you know. I I I I get the consensus was pretty much like a six win team. And listen if they lose the next four games and yet we were all right on but he doesn't feel like that's gonna happen and that being said I mean even if you even UNC's hit eight Nate throw a parade downtown buffalo because your on the right track. And you're starting to make moves towards. Ending this drought. Well and looked every week we still approach the bills like they're in the playoffs on and I imagine most of the span. Due to a certain extent but yet eight and eight so if not losing record first your head coach. Some of the injury that you had been somewhat of big name players that were traded away and then you have the amount of stockpile draft picks for next year. We have a head coach and we presume rated beam good GM. The ability to be amount of time that the rookies Pepsi. And have been productive I have complete faith that this group in the bills' front office. Can make the correct use of these good and high drastic. Just fill the roster going for the fact that two babies white had a great year they Jones for his drops. Okay. You've had a pretty good here. PM Dawkins has been a very pleasant surprise they knew looked down met a lot of in some other production out of rookies and guys that this group brought in. I'm impressed with what they've been able to do so I'm looking forward to the next few years as we've stated in Stephens processed or. Diaries Rich Donnelly newstead NBC our guest hears the Buffalo Bills will be taking on the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday we'll have a game 3:1 o'clock on. ESPN Rochester. Our rich wanted to get some must thoughts from you was well some of the other sports going on right now the story breaking here in the last couple our show tale Connie. Goes the angels. Breaths yeah. I don't have one other teams to beat out in the pale last I mean obviously the masters is still really good but. Mean look they got trial. Who also talked about losing weight to be able to play first base consistently. The Angel almost made the playoffs this past year and they're apparently adding this. Ruth of Japanese Baseball. The guy is what you gotta do appeared if you try to compete with the world champions right you gotta. You got to stock up and make it hard on him that's your I think I think that's what what this movie's about it and look at the talent that that that's on that roster means you can that was enough to it to Laura Tawny. The Los Angeles. Well and from everything I've read Q he wants to stay kind of West Coast and he fed smaller market the angels. You've been in Los Angeles puppet that's. Milwaukee or anything but. They are dwarfed by the Dodgers so maybe a little bit of the limelight get shut away so he's not fronts that are all the time. You know I think it's better for baseball it created a star even if it's an international player like this. Bigger names bigger draw government and Ichiro was news is he was his own celebrity of people wanted to see who is Ichiro guy. So I think it's cool I'm looking forward to him company yankees' big. Day and America big name players. No question rich generally our guest here is not tonight also the Buffalo Sabres taking out Chicago it. Is it too much that's the sabres who went back to back gains here rich. About back to back games of the goal or return to talk about expectations with the win. I liked what but he showed out of Colorado. Chicago the different animal the pedigree that those players have on that team. With the Stanley Cup history that they have. I would I would like to give bill outweigh the benefit of the doubt that. He's close. But they've been hard to watch this year they really have although they won in Colorado that's seven win that means the bill are guaranteed to win did something right. Do they were tied in the win column for. All right finally buried got to keep they sought out. Average selling news and NBC joining us here in the sports bar a danger to take we want to that we have notice in terms of there's the Buffalo Sabres their own lack of willingness to haul players from the Rochester Americans at least players that we thought. He's just probably good enough to go for the sabres who needs it defense like we're operating gold Cooley who's still here you know goalie that in the assault markedly rich. You know we really have a GM adjacent bottler right now looks true his word is all about developing these guys and putting a winner in Rochester. Noted there's no doubt in my mind about that. I think he's much. Much more in favor of the idea of we're going to bring them up to the NHL when they are. It's tentatively too good to be American Hockey League players reckon I have. He learning curve against the Bruins we're gonna have there learning curve against bell bill in Binghamton like allow them to completely developed as a professional. Then bring him up and I think you're able to do this because he knows he has all of a number of years. They he's allowed to kind of implement everything. And it only. Helps and look what they did with Molson. We're not continue to Rochester we don't want cheated. Messed up what we've got go under here go out to California. The networks are fine. I could tell four you will never hear you yes yes I really think that in this situation. You know. Shame on me for not being completely up on the HL teams but when it said Mendelsohn been assigned to Ontario and Ontario that the amber explain how in the HL and I'm looking through the network which schedules without that they play in Ontario advocate Ontario Canada. And I Google it all my goodness they really don't want to see him correct on this favors prospects. Yeah I think you have to be happy with what part of doing it he's from an ever perspective. That he does want the networks to succeed and his pedigree coming from the Pittsburgh organization with it looks very they wanted. Or with regret they wanted them to succeed. In the that would help the penguins. It's obviously proven method than ever Stanley cups that have come from our approach. Rich guys Syracuse gets there are automatic win tomorrow against Colgate so the orange will be one tomorrow night. Well what are your impressions so far this early on then you weren't season. Love but he loves the deep debate Imus talked about this the beginning of the year that he thought that even with the head of the offense. And what we're seen as a classic. Like 23 zone guidance we of his team's rebounding is exceptional. Shapers that is I think really coming into a zone scoring threat. Ties better gonna get his bucket. The thing that I think we saw against Kansas and outlawed. He is. They're our depth issue. They go along with the ACC schedule when they played you're duke senior North Carolina and Virginia Tech is looking okayed this year. It's you get into those battles. You pray for no injuries because they've. Two guard three guard if you include. The other freshman that debate I really don't like to play epic battles played nearly forty minutes. In all the games you've not been hurt so. The offense there's some concern there but that defense that which is probably the best Turkey he could keep even numbered years. Which only news today BC joining us in the sports bar danger to tag Leo on AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester as we continue live. From TC hooligans in Greece ridge before we let you go back to the Buffalo Bills to get a prediction on view for Sunday's action. I'm predicting a considerable amount of snow. Hill a 100% chance of cold. And I'm gonna go. Bills 24. Colts thirteen. I don't want to Korea that would that would. Twice hormone might be the magic number here points you'll need rich what do guys working on tonight's. Well tonight. You know to Redick. Former major leaguer in Churchill like stars back in town we're gonna hear from him catch up as he is inducted into the church they'll try like all of Spain. There were looking forward to that do little blast from the past from major leaguer. Also tonight Arctic now there's even tomorrow we're gonna hear from over the team on. Is gearing up for receipt and hopefully championship round and Cody Jamieson activated by minute talks so. Huge addition to their often in the possibly in the points. Rich we look forward to seeing you tonight on channel ten. News ten NBC Rich Donnelly joining us here in the sports bar danger potentially enjoy we Kentucky's in right but. Thank you. Rich Donnelly our guests here in the sports bar as if you're just tuning in now medium or the news. It's going to be game time decision that's out Sean McDermott is terming the quarterback. In a situation in buffalo as Tyrod Taylor limited once again. Quiet for a quarterback like Taylor that relies on his legs more he's not so more so than anybody in the National Football League. All signs pointing right now out in neat Peter Maine getting the call but we won't know that for sure until Sunday now. We'll talk more bills football. After 4 o'clock Matthew fair Byrd joins us right around 430 from the Syracuse post standard to be joining us up. Later on here in sports bar feature and the tightly as YouTube live. From TC who would gains at the mall at Greece reached you know how what we do altered to that next in this work. Yeah we've got a compelling thoughts are things good addition of all three today coming up here. As we'll get this year eyes were alive TC hooligans Greece sought Bana who gets stuff we do agree or disagree with the you're always looking to pull the school join us for 54. ESP it is the phone over the sports bar danger of attack Leah. On ESPN Rochester. It is my round. It's time for post rigs and in the sports. I took Drew Brees is not the way to start to come out against Thursday night football and getting rid of these games gene would be a measure that shows that the NFL. Truly cares about player safety Drew Brees that critical of all of the injuries that occurred last night's game the you'll keep your. Body enough rest and four days that to go back on the field but the sad because this package makes a league a lot of money learning Thursday football is gonna be shocking if it ever happen. While during that it's also noteworthy to me that whenever you hear these stories it's always the player from. Said the losing team that always Richie and not need alluding uncut need all of this week coming up at the bills have won that game. Look here's my solution it's very simple and it AFL actually did this one year AA it back in 93. Too bye weeks start the season Labor Day weekend people would go not for the NFL on Labor Day weekend to buys the second by it would com. The week before you met Atlanta Thursday night to that would give teams enough time to rest and prepare so I'll drink to back. This sounds like a headline from the onion or some other satire sight but he is actually real news. Hope so although all has applied it to become the next president of US soccer yes. Just because you played soccer at the is that exactly make you qualified to run a billion dollar business all of OK Paul should thick by the way let's just kind of point out this is a woman who was arrested. And her conviction was upheld for domestic abuse so I hope. US soccer actually needs a real business person to run the show. Now a mall wart let's hope so let's show the heart solo and there you okay train wreck Waite plays a woman that's life. The woman to please all stop the third. You'd be way better candidates in that dollars diseases of imaging she should get jobs nobody happy then this she's a woman. I said hope souls a woman yes that's what I said. Of soldier could jump that that's why. No come off really honestly. Hope Solo. The pit crew brought up aren't bad news at first it trouble or the person who who beat up a her NFL football playing I was bitten out no boy oh boy for what was he at that time were they America east. Even know they weren't married no actually no there's a next actually and other stores and when he fourteen netted a Stanley function. She'd beat up you know two members of her family. Hey I I can appreciate how Ernie she isn't wanted to do this but note left. Hope you enjoy your retirement don't don't do this solid proof to back. That Jeep the bills. Asking fans to help shovel snow lot of new airfield. To be asking fans that they could play offense but so do the other Rust Belt tee to genuinely curious and asked their fans shovel Mount Snow is this. This is abusive relationship right out on the fan base that is has more asked of them both emotionally now physically in the Buffalo Bills and then you factor what you've invested financially. Were all insane. Danger I hear your same I think you're a little bit off the mark up pass on this one no. All other city gets lake effect on Don I'm like the south towns of buffalo so again the decision to build a stadium in Orchard Park. That was is still on the dumb dumb for many reasons but one of them being that you build it in the city or north of the city you don't get the lake effect like you do in the south that's not Smart. But what are the bill supposed to do here hire temp agency did big amount I think it's actually good PR move you know it's better PR move. Whitney came on Sunday that's good PR move my. Pillow. So I'll drink to that. Rock port on the road tomorrow at defending champion Mary Hardin-Baylor this is how tall order for the Golden Eagles lose now. This is dangerous this is actually the biggest local college sports story to come our town since our rights he made the frozen four point sent. People should tune in to Marty ESP entering absolutely now what's. ESPN three. That who's dreaming today of course I yelled I just think it's it's cute that it's on ESPN but how many people are actually gonna seek it out or even know how to seek it out in the you know I don't know if if you have people your life like I do words. I'd have went at it I don't want to like connect this what do I have our way out there while I. Yes yes and I'm not one of those being current but be eaten adjust to gravity or so I've got YE ST I am greatly. ESPN tool have actually being national championship game called the snack bowl now be coming up on next Friday the fifteenth. So I'll drink to that should have a tiny signs at the LA angels. I learned of the news gene from a bitter and snub yankees fan who tweeted he joy irrelevancy in Anaheim with Saudi. I will drink to that I know they have some players on this team and Rich Donnelly just join as a level rules of skit. Look the angels they're liars. Play in Los Angeles like beat us calling ourselves in Rochester buffalo this or buffalo that hole. No they're not the LA angels who play in Anaheim. Then they're like. The doubles right dale the close to the natural but nobody really pays attention or whites than. LA is that doctors tell the angels are the team without a home I was very disappointed hearing went what reveals what we call ourselves who we are making the pitch to Amazon of the buffalo Rochester cor corridor and Jack it would tweets are branding ourselves is like court or with -- that the the a court or builds the core receivers that would be nice. So I'll drink to that allows it V brown the Marty hired they're G endanger his former chiefs GM John Dorsey areas today that was quick. His loses this time yesterday we're talking about Saatchi brown getting fired. Well here we sit in her hold on hot rounds. Fulfill the Rooney rule. Hope all you dads did reports are today that dog group. What elite inner view for the Cleveland Browns GM job but didn't get it. You mean to tell me danger we work. Is this close to having Mon I dream. Of whales back running an NFL scene comes through all. Only to have it ripped away from me. I'm so sad. Right now this that is Doug Whaley I mean imagine Doug Whaley believing for a second that he was and I actually. Hire him and he wasn't just a token interview for the for the Rooney rule I mean you know. It's sad trombone in heat I mean you know he can't even get somebody get paid more than 550 dollar was at 575. It ended up being seven on both got a December 15. 750 up for luck to the whales and then eaten in Gina Ford keep this you know this is this what Paul serial content Aminu we've been following this story for a few days now. You don't know how would end if we don't know if this didn't is gonna come to fruition because it didn't reach them back and that it didn't reach the estimated price value of 25. Hundred dollars I was so disappointed because whoever ran this auction. As soon it was over immediately deleted every and I got didn't happen. Or will we you wanna keep it up there to show that there are bargains and you could hit on this to win here from other great things. I'm I'm guessing that dog might have called up and said they got yanked me. We kind of take that down a little embarrassing that we've we have hardly any bidders for the death it wasn't really great book guy and and you know getting. In interview we don't even know me would we do that interview occur would that it could be occurred a bar over a couple of Beers and meanwhile you know it was a formal interview was just. Cannot point something out here of course. How did John Dorsey because when you take it job like this any job you take worth its greens soft. Do you really. You know is it. Morning hey what are in this case yesterday brown was fired mid day yesterday so you mean to tell me danger. That. The browns in the afternoon called bop made their decision me and off for there was no counteroffer or anything like that you make up. Life altering decision where you gotta go to another market and this was made in less than 2.4 hours John Dorsey yes. The browns are interviewing people all along behind sigh she browns back that's how messed up that organizations Scott tweeting and had ESPN Rochester. This is only know stop listens to the sports bar with danger protect them. Well. Whaley is wailing. How the G tonight because John Dorsey go there in Cleveland gene and we I was wailing at Whaley is Whaley Johnny Hilton you're the sports bar with danger of attack nipple the stool. Not bad jump not where it's ITC hooligans were you know we're degrees warmer us at a town we got no complaints. Right you know your chilled Beers cannot hilarious about the browns. I might believe the with a little less than 24 hours late date figure out how to. Higher and higher at GM but they couldn't figure out how to get the paperwork and I'm pretty prepared trade. Low. Low just a disaster I mean. If your Dorsey at least you know going neatly you've got some some draft capital will work with. But what a disaster of an organization it starts at the top you know would you be shocked if Dorsey he's got within three years I wouldn't be. The home nobody is heading track record I knew we had that owner ultimately he's the guy that makes the decisions you got to answer to me doesn't. Higher football people make football decisions so. I would. He left to assume that the rest of profits of Dorsey comes in gets cleaned out so. That means the baseball stat guy peaked at desk dock to watch the movie money ball. That was Joni hill's character actually that was playing all day but that's that pulpit Modesto both from. Baseball with the Oakland a's and somehow ends up the Cleveland Browns how's that work oh it just analytic that they. We'll gauge shirt while that apparently didn't work out but new front office for the browns. I just get back to the fact of how great would today have been if you had paired inaction dog Whaley with the Cleveland. Browns. So close dangers so so very close. Has a spent some time. Talking in firing off. Certain six foot five. 35 pound second your quarterback at North Dakota State with a blue collar work at the midwestern values. Kobe Bryant spent some time at the Eagles complex they firing up the the Eagles practicing out in advance of the game gets the only ramps rather an LA Kobe made it. A stoppage did little motivational speaking. Hope being. Colby feels like he needs to get some sort of Derek Jeter site type of assignment where he's involved in a in front office or something like that. You don't need Kobe Bryant firing up the team this is. This volley here are thought they they asked Carson Wentz what what he thought of Kobe Bryant speaking to his team and he said look you know he'll be Scobee. Then tweeting in ideas in Rochester the key to interviewing well is going to the interview and having it go well. Ashton wail these words it was the again. We appreciate you pay close attention to the sportswear with danger but thankfully we know you're there. Appreciate that then let's come back god next up are 4 o'clock hour is upon us. It's fair word Friday that he farewell to the Syracuse post candidates to join us here a few minutes were alive. From TC hooligans symbolic three straight former westside cheap feels like home we are a couple of my neighborhood home he's here we're gonna have some fun. Matthew feared for joining turtle that we'll talk more Buffalo Bills. And Indianapolis Colts football all the way next say the sports marked danger and potentially on M 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. When in this business it's about two things. It's about players and way. Really use words of wheeze though it. Egypt having a good weekend. Is having a clue what it's Friday and Saturday today. And having a good weekend.