The Sports Bar-Hour 1 12/1/17-Scott Kacsmar

The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia starts today with the guys discussing Capelli Sport Stadium as a cause for the Rhinos financial issues. Next Scott Kacsmar of Football Outsiders joins us to break down Bills-Pats. Finally, a round of "I'll Drink To That" including Jimbo Fisher's exit from Florida State.


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Those sports bar would be dangerous for exactly the mindset and minds of the football team is important at all stages of disease. And as we continue to grow bill here. There has to be a mindset that we continue to develop as an organization. Stay success while we kept. Mike danger where you stand on respecting the process as we go to patriots and I think Andy's repeat debacle even if your brain. Has anything invested in them then you should have thought bubbles that are just applied across somebody came exactly. Parade each time Sunday. Came hi Drew Bledsoe. Become the winningest quarterback. Thad Ralph Wilson slash new airfield in the air in front of the drop your 2000. Once and the bill the bird have a chance to win even in buffalo on barbaric. Are gonna have to part ways to get creative with scoring. Rochester sports leader 957. Yes yes good afternoon pulled the stolen join us the sports bar is open for this this danger of tightly and appreciate you listening however you may be listening in 950. 957 FM that. ESPN Rochester dot com for the free to download. ESPN Rochester app I am Mike Dietrich hello team exactly and I danger Good Friday afternoon to review my for a Friday afternoon to you. Sir I'm blinded by the light of our blew a treat from Wilbur is the the lights are on their flashing brightly blow whites. Yeah it just kinda happened this way because Wilbur you can go get your tree paint it any color so Brit Waldrop. Thought it might be fun have a Buffalo Bills treatment the only colors we had for whites world where the white one K it's a red lights on this and make it a bill streak has right now it's. Why do you know looks either Toronto Maple Leafs or Indianapolis Colts who looks like it treat chuck O'Donnell would have in his office. Who no wants it that the treaty of the O'Connell true he missed it says Debra L. It's nice look at free music but got a three year thinking Charlie Brown win I won't. This and the tree itself is lovely. Eighties festive. They painted it blue. Which is that nice feature I didn't know you can do that with Christmas trees that Wilbert say they've thought of it all for you. They've they've got a blue the you know they gives the blue Christmas tree it's a great trait a couple people come ministerial act owner for a non that's that's a real trees around trying to not. I thought it was fake when you for sure to me in my equipment that's a real beat duke and yeah so that's remarkable that in school we are so if you wanna go real that you want. Wanna go artsy dead horse does take a picture of the tree at the Donald close to social mean everybody can see our tree of Madonna and I think also. The because it looks so colts like you because you are dubbing it the tree of Don well. I think maybe we take out a light ball for each day that he survives as head coach of that team can add it L. Stick it passes worries about us we just take we take satellite. Bald I I would go to. Make it and hammer streak. I hear outlook outlook debt and a little red in there okay Amy all the alcohol ever step I think it's coming to our holiday party on so it may be you know hey hey guys you know come come decorate the tree Smart and a good camera so ornament on there may be some red lights. The free of Ghana. We just stick elect usually just take a light off for every day that passes that he still ahead coach of that. This is a first I'm tweeting I come on the air danger you told me to do welcome and welcome the club at two worlds out there problem gee do you think. And this is a serious question. You can check the gun was clinically depressed. Well it after seeing their first. Press conference where he forgot we was playing the part of that game the colts get to areas like Sandra says it it's a long season for the men and im just worried about it. Is it better today he is still with the job. Next week or do you want the colts to let him go and have a mean term coach coming to me no and no I don't want want to octagon getting fired. At least not pull the awful well to it. Right yeah I nine and mentality that you were you want to Darnell and the colts all defeated and humble coming in the buffalo so. So here we are patriots week welcome the sports bar with danger tightly all week long we've been doing our best to try and find something anything that leads you to believe. That the bills will pull off an upset in shock the NFL on Sunday at new airfield. I. Know that we've done our jobs. Well. Their people in our office dangers that are totally convinced that the Buffalo Bills are gonna pull this off house Maine new mean. Duffy. Please I they're all saying not you know what it was all kind of the same thing. All the scene where to fuel the ground you know in the patrons are due for a loss here their have you wrapped. That's appealing. Okay and I feel like we do this she walked in a prominent talk about the it was I feel. That we all of us everybody and all of our in our everyday lives not just in how we feel about our teams. The feelings get introduced to wait too often rather than the fact we let emotion ride is rather than data. And that's what they're trying to figure out all week. Where's the data that can support a buffalo bills' victory. On Sunday I want something more tangible. More concrete then. They're due to lose. The best I can come up with danger is that if you took it on the whole the patriot pass defense okay. I don't know now why I don't have any hard magic bullet data that can show you the Buffalo Bills are gonna pull this off. If you want to add we just look into the history of this series with Tom Brady it's pretty bat you know how many times after the month of September Tom Brady is lost in buffalo. I'll tell you. Never have her. All the little times a Brady has lost in buffalo team early in the season once on opening day and the other time in September as well. So. That yell will be cold and snowy so one. So. Want. The only thing I can come up with. And it's pretty flimsy at best is Katie. It's the NFL all weird things happen all the time yeah alone now special teams the patriots are gonna be down three players and special. Does that mean it's pretty it was a me Speedo watch that game last night and tell me this special teams didn't make a difference. Yet one return for us or for the cowboys he had won the fumble on on a punt return for the Redskins and and those two plays change course the game. So I wanna discount special teams because those injuries to their special teams cork. All are significant but these special teams going to be enough even at the bills get a return or a walker or anything you know. The kind of stuff the you don't see every week. To help aid them in Enid and a tentative victory is that going to be enough. How are numb. Now now now the best I can come up with these is the mismatch or a mismatch. Between the patriots lined back in core. And charles' claim the I don't know now him. I know Matthew if there ever has been on the scene all week. Covers bills for the Syracuse post standard eighties server Friday by the way. Fair Bernal join us in the 4 o'clock hour and we will adopt a little bit deeper into what he. Has been seen at the facility all week a loose facility all we can be really at the sense that the it guys hats upon earlier this week at this age owns challenge. We Jenny is good I think that's healthy I think you don't want them loose. Going into him against the patriots out that you want them wound tight. Unhinged I think you want them loose in and free and and then you know get down to business. On Sunday as a team. Osu affair burned in this some questions from earlier this week that I think we should ask her I am curious what you Claussen. Coach richter at their relationship what it means for Sunday's loss and gonna get the stark does that Lawson didn't see it decrease in playing time but is. Is that the sign of things to come for the relationship between chuck Lawson and coach McDermott. The gap was this just a little. Incident did we can ignore and move on from war is this a sign of bigger things up perhaps Matthew server to join us. Couple notes not out of practice today Kelvin Benjamin officially declared Al it's not surprising. I considering that knee injury was shot quite in practice today tanker. I again. General knee soreness is what they're calling it but here's a curious thing not practicing today knee soreness. He isn't going to be list deed on the huge reprieve for itself. Eight he's flying he's blank or in the Buffalo Bills because if he's not then I would think the NFL might have some. A hot issue which does not putting him you know on the injury report so to stay just a general maintenance day offers LeSean McCoy it off today you guys. In that might be actually Smart you don't need to you know give them an extra day arise because it's I'm stating the obvious here if you have any shot in this game. Like you several of those patriot linebackers. It has to be a signature she eighty game. That has to be part of the formula later Knoll its hands were bought the Buffalo Bills are going to need McCoy. I put it this way flu shot record does not Russia 125. The Buffalo Bills have zero chance of winning the. Scare in new lease on her tricky totally arts and a at least in these be that big of a game. Can involve passing and seeking creates mismatches with their linebackers. According Glenn also ruled out already. Mike Tolbert. John Miller. All inactive because of injuries heading its Matthews and clay questionable but I would stick that doubtful for most guys we'll play. Chris Hogan did not practice again and Agassi Hogan out there so. In the spirit of trying to find some statistical data that can support a Buffalo Bills prediction of a win for the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. We're inviting you guess in the sports or danger tag when maybe some of your familiar with the worked at football outsider's view. Jeanne I don't know if you had a chance to peruse their web yeah it's good stuff is so low. You know eight it's the kind of stuff that did you get out like a pro football focus I guess would be comparable thing you know there's there's a lot of grating there's a lot of there's a lot of stats. And one wanna dig into little bit more with them I wanna find out. What if any. Data it is exists that that could support a Buffalo Bills win. On Sunday is there anything you've seen that statistically data wise. That creates a mismatch for either team heading into Sunday. I wanna learn and also what DC EO agents. Hands for this gonna help me be a smarter football person and hopefully use to win as we you we learn this new wage here. Of analytics when it comes to football silk DO way what does that all mean and. GB LA defense adjusted value. Over average. Is what it stands for TVO. And it's what the football outsiders are known for so veiled give us a little explanation on that and how one of them all with us. Scott catch Mars gonna join us here. Just few minutes in sports bar with danger tightly. Yesterday flew right by nature hole has brought out yesterday are really realize that while. That those three hours Wheaton by it felt like fifteen minutes he really did and I think days like yesterday the reason why you when I feel like they fly buys because we you know the next thing you know we're we're talking about local. Impact full stories. For a sports fans and yesterday was was probably one of the if not the biggest. The local story that we've had since we've been a shell I mean the rhinos. Ceasing operations for years of three big local sports story. I would say maybe the red wings. Stadium. You for your field issues that they haven't county was a pretty big deal. That was a big day and of course the news last winter about the hammocks and their lack of the least long term lease. At the blue cross arena while the sabres were. Shopping other venues. From. Yesterday was a big. Axle and and it's sad day and a reminder that it's difficult. To do business with their town 88 blew my mind yesterday danger that as we're talking to the two workings. They tell us there's a statement coming out and there are waiting to hear what the statement is like the rest of us. Are are you serious. Like the CD. Wasn't going to sit down with the Ryan Ellis and talk this through that their opposite ends here. In to read that statement last night. The phrase in this statement that the city teen hair in this stadium. All please. Please you were your patriarch dame began its wrong alarm the original owners into putting that stadium Baird to the point where the original owners. Couldn't make it work there five thereby defaulting thereby eventually leading to that stadium going into your dance. So that's that's quite a spin there then I'm not going to accept the other thing too that's very curious is that. I think where this is headed now the next part of the story is are they going to let the Ryan knows. In days a year of regrouping. Actually try to regroup. Or is this city going to think that they're smarter than everybody might danger. And say you know why part of this lease. With a wave re read is you're not playing soccer here so you know wide tax you're no longer attached. That quote was. With the decision to suspend team operations next year city officials will need to meet with the rhinos management to discuss how their decision fits. Within the existing lease agreement. Jeanne can you give me a translation on that. I'll I'll give it translation when we talk to the the workings yesterday and we said OK so what's gonna happen issue will will host eighteen or two you know with US a soccer. I thought this originally Iranian idealism Nestle. You know okay sold the Harrisburg city islanders will play the Bethlehem steel or whatever in Rochester who that hacked cares and who's gonna go out to that when he people. Wade is sack in years horrible lease agreement. This is why it needs to happen whether it's one game whether it's two games. If the Ryan rose to hold up their end of the bargain they need to host the soccer game and an event that the same level. Nowhere in that soccer game you are in at least as it say Rochester franchise. As long as it's a gamer to the supposedly. So that's what this is coming down to danger is that the CAD. If they want I'm just I'm just I don't know let me ask you this do they want the saints have led. That they have the blue cross arena another words they hire out they outsource the planning if you will. To a third company. To manage the arena. Like the blue cross arena is meant by Geoff Calkins his company is not hammer are managed by the amateur Buffalo Sabres and that's a whole separate discussion but. Is that the city's end game here is that what they would like to see some all their manager calming hand. A rather in the Rochester rhinos well. To me this seems like a danger staying sit down that visited the workings in the city or are gonna have at some point and I don't. It is dating say that the Americans are good for next year then we can assume that they're good for next year's Q you know keep their offices there and try to make it go on when he ninety. It's a ten year lease agreement. This city can back out that yes is essentially what percent. Got. Popped up. I'd love our city. But sometimes I hear our city. Yesterday. We asked David to work and yes you know your way is this how it went. Eugene you said how old. How tough. How tough is it to work with the city how has. Being working with the city Rochester. Are. Always have been working with the city. Adds David to work in nugget owners the perfect answer. Who is the perfect answer up. Eject some other radio select their pain in my ass about wanna be honest with you. They'll our student there ought to be honest there read between the lines yeah yeah well I'm not gonna die I can't put my eight words in the coal but. You can tell by nine collection and by the way I'm not answering your question that Tom when answer question you'll get the point. You were incredulous yesterday danger when when you found out that the city. Data element of the idea that there are fighting up their futures the same time as the rest of us is just maddening to me sir you're gonna find out when we'll find out. Yeah I. Unlike you I'm waiting I mean beat the lap thanks. This crisis on the this city you're gonna find out your future as a tenant in that stadium the same time the rest of us find out. I mean it I guess what I I at least ten years. You know I paid my rent I'm. Concurrent my obligation. I don't know what this city statement is gonna be I didn't even I mean I didn't know that what is Bateman and I bottom line and they it is that you left the statement before the close of business. While. It looked up. Wasn't it the relationship just isn't there are there is no relationship. I. I guess that. Kinda goes both ways but it it certainly feels to be elected workings have been. As proactive as they can beat him this city might be given the state farm because they know that the door kids want some of that hotel tax and they're just not willing to give up. And all know in the fact that Cheryl them off lol in her office put out a statement you know on behalf of the Monroe County taxpayers were not. Hold on we're not talking about. My property taxes or any other taxis were talking about. The hotel taxes paid by outsiders OK so you're not representing Monroe County taxpayers and less. You know. I decide to go see an old Dell down down our that's the only way of you did that would possibly be taxed for months. On defected it's not gonna happen danger. I put this out their last night. There's got to be other options here for the trials right I mean would it be better. In the end of days said OK you know what we can't work with the city. But we're gonna do something that. Section five days. Let's go to Brock for. Its state came out there now while it's not is nice is compelling sports stadium. Aides as big. And park and train. And it would sure it think that the rent would be a heck of a lot less and the folks at SUNY brought port would be easier isn't a good neighborhood gene is a good neighbor of his I want to make sure it's a good neighbor to wanna make sure that when I'm there. Aesthetically pleasing to my ally. Is it good neighborhood. Law of that non objection by isn't a good neighborhood I would say I can't believe this and it. Again the name he won Stanley has been accosted. 11 car has been broken into. I'm still waiting for that's. Yes no it doesn't exist and and shouldn't it's fine I don't tell me that I know that that's an objection. The owners know that it's an object that Americans understand that it's an objection they understand that. Suburban families. Have a hard time coming to college sports stadium. Because. Aesthetically. It easy and pleasing to the I not the stadium itself. Not the parking lot the city but the neighborhood. Around the stadium. Wind. There is any single case. Of any negative happening to anybody or their family when going to this state now. You say. Well why have you been down there have you gone there because I've gone there I would there right I've been there before. That's fair if you've seen things happening. You all well. When I'm walking to the stadium I look across the street and I see a drug deal happening. Oh okay aren't any and that affects you how. There's cops everywhere there's security everywhere. You don't feel safe now your highs are tricking your brain into believing that's the because this is an aesthetically pleasing to your eye. That you are not safe if fine. Fine. I get the that it's an objection I would never say that he isn't that I'd be stupid to say it isn't an objection. We hear all the Todd the owners cure all the time. My biggest get over it it shouldn't be an objection. Is there's no statistical data to back up your objection. Zero. I. This. Social media thing danger we got dragged into this. It's funny how it's like a game of telephone we see something in and somebody doesn't hear exactly the way we said it. This side is made its rounds like yesterday here's the comment. The guys on the sports bar at 95 point seven at 430. Said something quite funny last week. They said that the location has nothing to do with fans not coming to the games. I play kick ball the stadium for years the location is awful drugs crime robbery. Really that's what I'll rocks thrown at us on the deal from the streets. So why. Teams posting up in the stands. Eight pounds yet a drug house experienced it firsthand on I've weekly basis would never ate my keys there. Swat teams every week at the stadium breaking up drug bust really every we eighty. Let herself Bronx here by the way to sell Bronx isn't that bad clock. Okay first of ball. Nobody knew we'd never. Sad bit that the location of the stadium was not an issue for people not coming to game the point being that the perception is the reality if your perception is that Derek swat teams and rocks being thrown and robbery and snapped the picture perception. You've got an issue. And obviously the rhino the orders have an issue. Whole leak and by the way. David Ortiz got the mayor of this town. How where is the mayor of this area with the robbery staff rocks thrown from the deal in swat teams posting from the stands. Hope almighty god. Well god I'd like I'd like how our name they ended up on that being you know we never ever said. Matthew the grain. That Matthew wood grain on Twitter tweeting me just now my car was broken into at a rhinos game. But it was when they played a frontier field. I'd get it I understand it I know your eyes are shot at your eyes are telling your brain. You're not safe your eyes are telling your brain just doesn't look like where I live this doesn't look like a neighborhood that I would want to be in I'd get all of that. Yes it's a problem yes it exists. Sure did exist. No we should not exist. You were fine. You were sick if you go looking for trouble that trouble will find you. That I can promise rack Iraq you're looking for trouble trouble will find you me if you if it's a black and white thing. I imagine this of families that live in that neighborhood that see what happens on Sundays at Buffalo Bills parking lots more afraid of you think you are of them. Crazy ass hockey's a quicker claiming card tables. Playing days here. I hate. Well. Ash tag hot take alert Jean and Mike on fire again and run and should thank you Sean. Can write to us on Twitter you can call us but where's the way that first phone call come through that I was robbed yup I was held at gun point at them. You're either got it yes midget twit we need that says it all swat teams breaking up drug busts every week while your flight at all. Yeah it happens all the blame. You right play like I got on out. There are a lot of kick ball game out now did you get law or did somebody asked you for a dollar. Because the handler probably that's an issue throughout the city right like you you're gonna get. Is gonna ask you for dollars and he's got that happens everywhere in the bop. Everywhere never sing it every right at bright receding and if you want that's. If that's your concern if that's what's scaring you away from Gabelli sports it. That's of the then army air should work to clean up if that's really that important everybody on that. Dance I guess that's. What I'm trying to say it. The mayor of ski on this street where the swat team is coming in no it's not true. But she needs to be down there right in front of that. If our I'd be down there. I would've been at that press conference on Tuesday or they're yesterday rather than just trying to wash my hands and telling my PR people put out a statement. I just don't. See the leadership. With our mayor of rolling up her sleeves. And helping people on this regard. Brian tweeting me it's the drum guys in the corner than I'm afraid of yes believe me to the people going to the game or more frightening than the people living in that neighborhood believe me. We've got to move on we can talk about this later we've got just got cash mar football outsiders. Dot com gonna join us next brick doesn't stats look some numbers and try. Try our hardest to find a way that the Buffalo Bills win the game on Sunday gets doing the pictures you're in the sports bar danger of a tightly on ES PM Rochester. It's okay when you go race and don't score many points old grace now an amazing wow so today's college basketball it just it just feels like he's been school for 47. Guys I like seniors they feel like any UH presidentially now of your guide college basketball as these longer than two years so he's basically been married in dog years presidential years however you want to I really feel like you know because they are because until college. It's torture window on eight and 950 and 957 FM sports leader ESPN Rochester. If you want you were on filtered unadulterated. Sports fans come to the right place AM 915 yeah. 57 after the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back. The sports Marwick danger to Ted Leo where read only talk to the best and brightest minds of people that make you smarter. He's just from listening to ESPN Rochester. And a few already familiar with the work that's being done over football outsiders dot com. It's some birdie compelling stuff lots of doubt. So today it wanna get on the football outsiders on with us kind of mix a little bit of the work that they are doing over there dig get a little bit deeper about it. And try to picture statistically. Of what this matchup on Sunday is when it could be and is there anyway that the Buffalo Bills come out of there with W were happy to welcome an assistant editor at football outsiders. Scott cast mark. In the sports bar with danger to tightly hey Scott how Oreo. I'm very it's got to you know globe great things your time today it is for folks not familiar. Explain to everybody or what what you guys do a football outsiders. Yes about sir it is my one of the longest running football analytics like on the net loss in 2003. Spearheaded the movement EC nowadays a lot of stats even from the NFL themselves was Mexicans. Laws well -- more data available now than ever before and you know I think. You know a lot of people know the DV OA that Lee system that we use for efficiency but. Mean we kind of pioneered the gain shorting movement when you watch every way. He's just medium makes statistics based on how often teens lists how many blockers can eat and whoever screamed at what the play action pass. But the quarterback was pressured out for the ball was thrown all these different stats. We kind of started doing back in 2005. Well before I was part of the company but you know it's a project that's been going on for twelve years and you have companies would more manpower and money have to kind of take an over the game turning. Racquet so you know we still do bars each year help. Outcome would you know floor almanac comes in the summer 500 page book the previous season by. He had a lot of data cringing every play and Paul employee efficiency metric. It's got you mentioned DV OA and if you spend any time awful lot siders like Tommy you. You CD VOA mentioned often I think Dave is the other one you see mentioned Dawkins a defense adjusted value. Over average can you just give. The casual fan the person who might not be familiar with the work you're doing. An explanation of TV Ella. And yes indeed the and that he is just went on we're adjusting for in the caliber team plays and basically you're looking at every play in the game offense defense special teams. And you're looking at situations you're looking it was down and distance field position. On the game's scoring margin. And you're looking at how teams do in these situations. And you know that you compared to baseline aperture and I think we that's how we get efficiency and yeah I think it. These VOA it's a very good predictive tool predict future results and yeah I think what the basic principles that because people can agree with you about earlier you know at ten yard pass on third and nine. There's a lot more valuable than a ten yard pass on third when he do. I mean that's kind of the basic concept behind the anyway or looking for efficiency in the plays that are successful. Reverend plays and put a team behind. Well it in for our listeners everybody watches and has a passion for Buffalo Bills football so 11 we applied the deal way. Where the Buffalo Bills. Doing well that would you say Scott. Played currently ranked eight and special teams on the having had the good special teams units over the years. But the 2014. Almost broke the system. On special teams and you know I think offensively as you might imagine they struggle there 24. And the defense which I think is going to be disappointing over the years even going back into the Rex Ryan's tenure they come and eighteen but. Yeah I think that the defense they're very opportunistic and get turnovers so that's something that's been helping them win games. Real quick not to drop which on the spot stop and I'm curious as to rule what your data show is. In terms of Tyrod Taylor you mean the most polarizing. Quarterback I would say ill will could be one more polarizing quarterbacks in the league. We see statistics that aren't sexy they don't really jump off the page. But is he efficient does he dizzy at a value that we don't see his fans because he is as efficient as he can be. Yeah I'm he always one of the more most valuable rushing quarterbacks in the league. And we breakdown passing rushing separately. You always want that ruptures but how they compare him. To a lesser version of Russell Wilson and placed. He just he makes things happen and yet he can overcome a high pressure gradient. Does hold the ball long time. But it does a lot of pressure he's able to make it happen and there has been a decline each year and his stats but I. IP 2015 with a legitimately top ten popped all at the quarterback's season from him but yeah we seen some decline the last two years. He's also gone through a lot of personnel changes instantly Joaquin injuries. And then this year he loses walked in it was as woods you could see some of the big plays they're making and Los Angeles is system. And yet they haven't they Jones at least it's human target but he's only catching 37% of his passes. Which is now on take one of the worst seasons are harder and harder based. I'm going back in the 1989 minutes in and you know they haven't really got Georgia Matt he's going to Kuwait been hurt by it and Carol and Benjamin and they make a big traded he gets hurt you know. It is yeah it definitely changed me Tyrod Taylor with a very vertical passer and only fifteen. We've seen that our paper office they've changed the pieces around him. Going to war with big condone ball control offense. But you know he made it work against Denver early in the season when Deborah wasn't playing terrible. And you know I think you know he's a good quarterback in the I'm surprised the way he had never agree with the Beijing. And they can Peter that didn't make any sense but. Yeah I just think Buffalo's. They're weird eerie traded to waste so many young and you know pieces that you felt before the war and you know I tried to put pirate Taylor does well but obviously. They put them back in the last week. Scott Kazmir diseases in their football outsiders our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN as we look to be deals patriots match up this week. Scott we you know beginning of season we're thinking got especially at that opening night loss while this might be there's different patriot team but. Yet here they are with an opportunity to while lock up the top seed perhaps in the AFC. In their defense is certainly improved over the last couple months what's been the difference in your opinion in New England on that side of the football. Yeah I mean Bill Belichick just always seem to figure out even if you look some the down years as a defense when 20052011. Even in those seasons with defense got better as the season went on. And the I always get mad when people say that defense when he left it was terrible Super Bowl. You know they gave up ten points and Tim Tebow in the same debate again we haven't in the end zone. And it kind of a bad mayor of people bring up and they want to one point sports seventeen point against Eli Manning in the giant. Anyway yeah I think the defense they were giving a lot of blown coverages in the first month. It Cam Newton played fantastic in there Alex Smith on opening night contested games. I know they know the saying that point point to New Orleans has always agreed achieving what went into the breeze and to think that this seven game winning streak. There have allowed more than seventeen point he even there they caught some breaks because there's there's stats are some of the weirdest part database. You know they're 32 in yards per drive while you could move the ball on them. Yet they're still twelfth in points regard loud and others is never been a season like that the closest I've found was. The colts team 2008. They were 27 ignored the weapon and points. It's very ordinary you know they played through the reds. Yeah or should be kicked field goals touchdown. Get turnovers. You know they're getting better getting sacs and turnovers lately I you know it's part do rely on every week I think of an offense. You come out and have a big game against them protect the ball. To give change. Scott Kazmir is the assistant editor football outsiders joining us in the sports bar. King German tightly on ESPN Rochester we are scheduled for the Buffalo Bills as is is. Their first meeting against New England pitchers have to meetings get the patriots to guess the dolphins here to wrap up the final quarter of the season. Scott. How these two teams match up. Yeah I mean is it just seemed like New England always meant to them well buffalo mean Brady. 28 and or since 2001 against buffalo and you look at the only way they've beaten the patriots and at times. Brady threw four interceptions in 2000 during 2011. And yet to when he fourteen it was a playoff arrests game with a call we seventeen. Russia exporters they lost that. And then last year he was suspended. At third stringer Jacoby percent was the quarterback. And misleading. I mean it just seems like he can just. Show up interpret 300 north honesty and then I guess if you wanna be off. Optimistic you know it's Sean McDermott statement that the different system this year you know it's still one that he seemed before he's seen everything all these years. I mean they're always come prepared and have great weapons and offensive lines and playing better so it's a really tough match up that's why I think. Yeah you kinda have Steve page. The underdog role on I mean it's a surprise onside kick her and go for a fourth down. You don't pick a tweet or York don't participate in the way I'm. Go for it on fourth down and how much are on McDermott that kinda coach yet and yet some. Yeah it is shaky decision making in the Atlanta game four downs than in more defensive line coach obviously. I think he kind of had to. Throw the ball well against the patriots beat them I don't think we'll you know I don't think you could just expect we'll on the court to run for America to yards and when the game on the ground lightning. It anarchy Kyra Taylor making plays like bishop on Watson did in new England's and acting you know that kind of game but again there's. Album Benjamin interior to compliment yes they have. According blind interviews is a lot of injuries are well. Scott Kessler is the assist in their football outsiders are guest journey as in Rochester so they were just looking at it from a numbers standpoint data that would suggest the Buffalo Bills. I mean I'm look I'm I heard your stat there that the patriots 32 in yards. Her drive while I would think of buffalo can and get seven instead of threes there I mean. As the patriot sea of knowing that sounds like the ultimate bend don't break defense there in New England there's Scott. But I mean you you're going to be able to move the ball but you know infrastructure. Touchdowns in the convert third downs and that's what buffalo us to do and I mean it's not really a big play offense this year again. Vehemently jones' board and ornament is more possession receivers. I mean I think they did at least a plus two. Turnover differential and yet today these white. Seemed like every over we got right about some turnover is involved in rookie corner around the Goodyear near buffalo Ivan one this year when they're plus two. Or when they have at least two takeaways should I'm I think you know that's something that you always have to do knowing when they're not gonna beat them. You know 3431. Cue ball float gonna have to be. 24. When he tied the game so get to keep the offense down and keep your often on the field. So Scott Baio for selfish reasons I wanted to invite to a to see if there was a picture that could be painted. Where you see the Buffalo Bills winning a game on Sunday and it sounds to me like you know there are some. Fundamental almost cliche things need to happen for the bills to win the need to win the turnover battle it probably need to. Run the ball ensure the game for Tom Brady is there any data that suggest that that we haven't discussed. Would that the bills would even have a remote chance of winning on Sunday. I mean think about territory and get some degree get tipped interception near term there's a lot of tipped interception around the league this year. And you don't have to go right to AJ green when the bills play them and got those that stop loss that interest Tyrod Taylor really struggled and won by. Yeah I mean. I think to win last week with little unexpected. And actually urged Myanmar not my idea how come the last week at Kansas City well and I gained ten point favorite but. I think it some more up to move would be succeed him very much up for grabs. Not a huge Gainer home and I mean you know if you get a finally knock off the team I don't know a better chance I gonna have and that's one. Scott were put John spot here's a wrap it up here because we follow all the teams just like you. Give me a team in the NFL today. That when you look at the numbers you say. My gosh this is a really I mean we know wing wind's going but he is there another team out there that football stands. Should keep an ion as now we had to the post season. I go to Minnesota. Honestly I think you know Mike Zimmer doesn't get enough credit for the good coach is you know eight when three years and wrote three different quarterback. You know I think we see. Eight are we see Gary dauphin Carson once every one their top two picks in the draft last year everyone wants to make them start really go to the rams and Eagles but. I distinctive vikings play fundamental football on both sides of the ball they're good players to have the UN step on day two great receivers. I've received Griffin out there and sack leaders. It Xavier road pop Warner began up against we have Jones on Sunday I think they really do have a good balance and you know Super Bowl being in Minnesota. The heck of a story but you know I think that's a team that doesn't get enough credit risk is. Sixteen room you know hasn't really been a good quarterback and his career by he's number one and he VOA. On quarterbacks right now is hard to believe and we're past Thanksgiving so you know it's starting to get a sample size that's you know this guy is actually pretty decent. It's pretty it's got we appreciate you giving us some me time Scott Kazmir. Assistant editor football outside as you can read hill's work it put up football outsiders dot com your time is valuable Scott we appreciate you. Carving outside sometime for us and hope you enjoy the rest your weekend. Our program all right thanks Scott football outsiders the do good work can nine DP oh a yeah writing meets the new wage here and it helps to become better football fan and I think that that stat and willingly and allows. The most yards. Per drive. Dangers say if we stay see a lot of Stephen hatch get this week did bills and not gonna win this game there dissect correct. Now he and and you know this be a test for Sean McDermott not only his first time going up against the patriots but will you have the stones. To be aggressively you have the stones to make. Kind of an aggressive play call it got going for and a fourth down or. Far as an onside kick when you're not expecting it and now and you catch New England sleeping. Those are the kind of plays and and you know as a guy who watches every play I think Scott would be the guy that would you know deal the spot when that. Is we be able to predict when that might actually happen. If if if something like that happens on Sunday. Would at least you know McDermott eight just bowing down to the great Bill Belichick in the New England patriot. Here's what I would look for. If it's fourth and two at the new wing and 45. Gulf war. Gold for yet if you're gonna marry you you need to extend drives a viewer if it if you're gonna punt it away I think back now know there are some bills fans and know exactly where I'm going with this. Greg claimed his first big test against Bill Belichick acting Drew Bledsoe when that team punted at the 32 yard line at a weight I was 32 Cadillac. Still not over that. Yeah I know this is the new age of its fourth and two it may feel coals for its. Use this in from Asia and this is the new wage extend your drives you for the bills let it all hang out this week. Gulf war. If you miss our conversation with Scott from. Football outsiders like come lavatory on demand shortly. At the only ESPN Rochester dot com next in the sports bar we play I'll drink to that gives a compelling thoughts from around the world of sports or agree or disagree with in your always welcomed at. Pull up a stool and join us here in the sports part 454 ESP and that's 4543776. Object that is next in the sports Barbara first. The spot to Del Monte holiday you know what you give your loved ones the gift card to the spot Del Monte let them indulge in one of the signature spot treatments like massage. Spot facial body tribute or visit their full service along. With state of the art hair and nail care turn your holiday memories into traditions and purchaser gift card to spot by calling 4193000. Or instantly online at Del Monte spot dot com. Yeah. I forgot to play defense and a pickup game I can't relate I don't know what that feeling despite this the play happened and no one likes that god gives afterwards scenario where Africa and has always regret did you see them the least we get on Brady's backups over the years on how to decide normal thing to talk about competitive he has about one point to that point about the guy who plays defense and pick up game. They're playing a basketball game against local firemen in in Foxboro and they were losing Tom Brady called timeout and got the he movers and we are not. Bleeping losing to chastising those firemen pulled it out scored like twenty points in the final item and store it all just focusing on just redistributed in Asia south through their bodies may throw it literally a personal shot up into twelfth. I'm co quicker function there's nothing about him. It's going to win go on AM 950 and 957 FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester. It is not right no yeah. It's time for poultry. In the sports. It's. So it's December happy holidays are Christmas tree is up here in the studio danger. Thank you will efforts and look down. My friend my danger you know libel down in my friend Mike. We don't make a big deal of it you make a big deal out of we just put the curb and we let it we now if I'm guilty of anything last year. Yeah I did I did post about it the most about it. Do that this year you'll get that there is no big deal being made we just go about our business continue happy I know I just. To me it's like the greens out here I am I to meet the Christmas spirit goes throughout the month but I think judging the judges to okay what Jackie Judd. Let wobble danger that I have a point my store okay. Florida State football coach Jim both Fisher. That the people staking out his house today because they think he's going to leave. Fisher this morning. Crawley how he's Christmas tree in the curve. 00 thing garbage there's been Jambo this year tree. All my optimism going around social media what does this mean this means he's believing that it that it of that. Guess what happened last hours. He's going to Texas and and now danger there is somebody Jimoh measure who'd just won. Death he did December 1 elected to be able to be that that side impossible pitch. But it is we are we drug the tree was only had a for less than a week. What we're we're on the New Year's freedom group yet. I've been neatly solved drink to that yeah the NFL. You may have noticed the last night if you're watching the resident football they've to alleviate. The color rush experiment optional. Less that the Redskins ditch their color rushed uniforms earlier this year the Eagles of the dolphins that likewise. There will however require that the painting jerseys be the same color which to me. He's a bigger problem than the color rosters he's regardless of color of the lack of contrast. Is what my eyes just cannot adjust we're watching these games. So yeah I will agree with that because it brings me to mock I will drink to that Mike danger. Because when you bring it back to the buffalo this I'll drink to that Buffalo Bills are wearing the all blue uniforms against the patriotic. The following week the bills here where the all read it uniforms against. Sorry red jerseys that's going when that's Kansas City that should not be Warren and emea buffalo. Vital way. I don't like the Buffalo Bills looking like the buttress Merv this week well what it tells me Jean is that the holidays are here. And you need to get your hands Johnson color rush Buffalo Bills merchandise now yeah I now Hillary and a scholar. Read journeys the holiday season let's get those color rushed uniforms are guys. That's got we got the jerseys to sell songs to bring it back from World Cup groups have been released Jeanne. And you really excited we can't talk about team USA's dropped hope Switzerland we get out of my blazer on. We can't talk about the host nations draw though Russia the lowest ranked team in the draw has a fairly easy draw a group failure way. Egypt and Saudi Arabia how can this have it oh yeah sides because fifa is corrupt more corrupt people are boxing publicity. Now it's beef up its I know it's not people of corn to jail if he thought and so they still exist but that. And it okay what would this happen I don't know maybe they wanted to sell more. Tickets. Should make more what is the currency in Russia Johnny no rule of what is it what I what I wanna make Marc Boyd in Russia RNC is a loaf of bread and half solved. Drink to that. Mike quade. Mike Quade will not be back as manager the Rochester red wings and demand is gonna stay with the twins organization as a roving instructor now. I personally am not surprised you read between the lines people listen carefully we knew this is the way it might go. He was great to deal with danger. Pretty good managers who they're considering. All record number of pitching changes for the Rochester revenues last year. It came down the final they think about that the job that Mike Quade did you Rochester. Might hold the fish are biting for you were wishing you the fact yeah he was a good guy. And dove onto greener pastures. Nice I get there are probably the give that he wants it is and structure for the organization. Mike Quade moving on and we will all wait. To see who the new Rochester red wings manager will be moving four for the Tony eighteenth season altering to that they brought you by Firestone complete auto care. Maybe keeping cars nor longer since 1926. Firestone complete auto care whatever you drive drive a Firestone the route they really. Don't have an idea I over just across the way I would work Qaeda that we're just two blocks away from the stadium here in the high calls that are really they don't know the remnants offices all those decisions. Are made out of Minnesota so talking to somebody from the red wings that I made they don't have any clue in the desert being actually really don't know. Who might be mean name the manager of the rock just ramblings but whoever it is I hope that dot is somebody that appreciates the tradition here Rochester and it to them not want this team to reach the postseason texture. I feel like we're short changed done this year with the format. So while hopefully Rochester I can get the post season next year. Mike tweeting just saw swat helicopter as I drove by the stadium. Oh wait it was just a bird my god. Yeah okay we can continue that conversation if you are also got dumb after burn of Syracuse post standard and join us here. Just a few minutes as we continued talk Buffalo Bills suing the patriots you can hear all the action. For bills patriots Sunday. Starting igniting with a pregame stay in the sports part danger and the tag Leo on ES PM Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and expert. Just do the best. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. From an EN 950 and 957 MM a sports league.